My hopes for writing an original Tarzan novel based on the skeleton in armor incident in TARZAN THE UNTAMED have been blown away. It's evident that the Ballantine editors are looking for stories to tie in with the TV Tarzan series, which will be science-fictional and futuristic. My novel would take place in 1918, would be traditional, and would, I had hoped, sum up the Tarzan mythos and the Tarzan character. Also, since I've been reading the Tarzan books since 1928 and believe, in a sense, that Tarzan really exists, I'd hoped to add some insight into the persona of the Lord of the Jungle. But it's not to be.
    Attached is a horoscope of Tarzan's birth chart, sent in by Francois Christophe who came over from Paris to interview me for a documentary on Burroughs and Tarzan. I guess I'll have to write and ask him for an explanation of the chart, though. He claims that Tarzan is under the influence of Leo.

          Philip Josť Farmer
          Peoria, Illinois