Dear George: If you care to, and I hope you will, please advertisein the BB that the softcover editions of the Fokker D-LXIX issues of A FEAST UNKNOWN with the Corben illustrations are for sale. If desired, I will inscribe them personally. The price is $21. Sorry I don't have time to write that reviewI promised you, but I have to get my current novel, RED ORC'S RAGE, to the publisher by August 15th, and I can't do that unless I work 7 days a week untilthen. I'll be lucky to make that date. I doubt I'll be able to make the Dum-Dum,though I really want to, so will have to decide, cast the die, cross the Tiber, etc., very soon. Please drop me a card, and many thanks for your care and labor. Best,

          Philip Josť Farmer
          Peoria, Illinois