I'm way behind in my novel writing and correspondence, having broken and displaced my left upper arm bone, so I have no time to write articles or short stories for anybody, although I've been asked to do so and would like to. A pin and screw were inserted in the bone, and I'm doing exercises to get the arm back to normal. Also my wife fell and broke her pelvis in three places and nearly died from iatrogenic causes at the hospital. But we are renewing our subscription to the BB and wish all the best to our many friends at the Bibliofiles.

          Philip Josť Farmer
          Peoria, Illinois

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The author of TARZAN ALIVE has fallen on hard times, so we hope some of you will send him a get-well card to improve his frame of mind: 346 E. High PointRd., Peoria, IL, 61614-3039).