Collaborations with Philip José Farmer

The following list contains articles, stories and novels written by Philip José Farmer with another writer. In some cases they worked on the story at the same time, in some cases Farmer started it and someone else finished it.
Unpublished, early 1950s
Based on a song of the same name by pulp writer Charlie Tanner, this novel by Farmer and Garrett was about a space pirate. It was sold to Startling Stories but the magazine folded before serializing the story. The manuscript was sent out again and subsequently lost.
Osiris on Crutches with Leo Queequeg Tincrowder
First appeared in: NEW DIMENSIONS 6, Harper, 1976 hardcover
Also appeared in: NEW DIMENSIONS 6, Gollancz (UK), 1976, hardcover
Also appeared in: STATIONS OF THE NIGHTMARE, 1982
Also appeared in: RIDERS OF THE PURPLE WAGE, 1992
Also appeared in: VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL AND OTHERS, Subterranean Press, 2008 hardcover
A humorous story about the god Osiris and a meeting with Leo Queequeg Tincdrowder.
The Remarkable Adventure with Beverly Friend
First appeared in: SCIENCE FICTION: CONTEMPORARY MYTHOLOGY, 1978 (hardcover)
First appeared in: SCIENCE FICTION: CONTEMPORARY MYTHOLOGY, 1978 (paperback)
In this long article they discuss how many adventure stories are centered around a journey and how science fiction novels more than other contemporary stories are similar to the ancient epics like THE ODYSSEY.

THE CATERPILLAR'S QUESTION with Piers Anthony thumbs  reviews
Publisher's letter, Berkley, 1992
uncorrected proof, Ace, 1992
hardcover, Ace, 1992 first printing {Romas}
paperback, Ace, 1993 first printing {Romas}
Written with Piers Anthony. They alternated writing sections, mailing them back and forth. I cannot tell where one writer ends and the other begins. Some scenes feel like Farmer's work but the book as a whole does not. Not to say that is bad, the book is very good.

publisher's letter, Mayfly Productions, 1998
order form, Mayfly Productions, 1998
chapter one, appeared in Accent magazine, January 20, 1998
trade paperback, Mayfly Productions, 1998 first printing {Roland Millington}
This round-robin mystery novel was written by thirteen Central-Illinois authors. Procedes from the sale of the book went to the Peoria Public Library. Contributers are:
Chapter 1 Naked Came The Farmer by Philip José Farmer
Chapter 2 Seeing Red by Bill Knight
Chapter 3 Mad Mux by David Everson
Chapter 4 Lagoon Interlude by Jerry Klein
Chapter 5 The Bridges of McClean County by Julie Kistler
Chapter 6 Friends in Low Places by Nancy Atherton
Chapter 7 Prairie Dawgs by Steven Burgauer
Chapter 8 Get Your Motor Running by Joel Steinfeldt
Chapter 9 Morris The Explainer by Joseph Flynn
Chapter 10 Extra-Cellular Communications by Terry Bibo
Chapter 11 Off The Beaten Path by Gary Moore
Chapter 12 Porklips Nocturne by Tracy Knight
Chapter 13 Oh, Brother! by Dorothy Cannell

THE CITY BEYOND PLAY with Danny Adams thumbs  reviews
An excerpt appeared in Farmerphile #7, January 2007
hardcover PS Publishing, 2007 {Dominic Harman}
ebook PS Publishing, 2012 Buy from PS Publishing
Have you ever heard of the The Society for Creative Anachronism or perhaps been to a Renaissance Festival? Imagine a future where the SCA owns a large valley in California. If you choose to live there you step back in time to the middle ages, not the way they were, but the way they should have been (indoor plumbing for starters). A murderer on the run from the police gets fake id papers and joins the community. Will he be able to climb the social ladder without giving himself away?

Phil Farmer began this novel in the early 1970s, writing the first chapters and an outline of the remainder, and his grand-nephew Danny Adams finished writing the story in 2005.

Getting Ready to Write with Paul Spiteri
First appeared in: Farmerphile 13, July 2008
This polytropical paramyth was started by Farmer, mostly likely in the 1970s, and completed by Spiteri for Farmerphile: The Magazine of Philip José Farmer. The protagonist is a writer, who descends to his basement office to write, but is continually distracted by one thing after another, each obstacle more fanciful than the rest.
THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE with Win Scott Eckert thumbs
hardcover Subterranean Press, 2009 {Glen Orbik}
trade paperback Meteor House, 2014 {Glen Orbik} Buy from Meteor House
Start with your typical "Girl running from Castle" Gothic novel, add in the literary pedigree of Jane Austen, action worthy of the greatest heroes in the Wold Newton family, and color it all erotic. Not since A FEAST UNKNOWN has Phil turned a convention on its ear like this.

Phil Farmer began this novel in the early 1970s, writing the first chapters and an outline of the remainder, and Wold Newton expert Win Scott Eckert finished writing the story in 2008.

Kwasin and the Bear God with Christopher Paul Carey
First appeared in: THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 2: Of Dust and Soul, Meteor House, 2011 trade paperback Buy from Meteor House
After completing the novel THE SONG OF KWASIN, from Philip José Farmer's outline for the third volume in the Khokarsa series, co-author Christopher Paul Carey discovered a second, alternate outline. While it was similar to the one he had already used, it did include a side adventure, which became the novella, Kwasin and the Bear God.
THE SONG OF KWASIN with Christopher Paul Carey
hardcover in GODS OF OPAR omnibus Subterranean Press, 2012 {Bob Eggleton}
trade paperback Meteor House, 2015 {Bob Eggleton} Buy from Meteor House
hardcover limited edition Meteor House, 2015 {Bob Eggleton} Buy from Meteor House
The concluding volume to the Khokarsa series (which began with HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR and FLIGHT TO OPAR), co-written with Christopher Paul Carey. This third volume shifts the series from Hadon to his anti-hero cousin, the exiled Giant Kwasin. We follow Kwasin as he tries to redeem himself and help save an empire.

trade paperback Meteor House, 2016 {Keith Howell} Buy from Meteor House
hardcover limited edition Meteor House, 2016 {Keith Howell} Buy from Meteor House
Begun by Farmer and completed by Danny Adams. Set some time before the events in the original trilogy, the novel nonetheless has direct links to the acclaimed series, exploring the developing world and antecedent characters who vigorously challenge the life in which they find themselves trapped.

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