Forthcoming Events

Farmercon 90

WHERE: The Lakeview Branch of the Peoria Public Library.

WHEN: Saturday July 26th, from 11:00am to 4:00pm (possibly longer if programming dictates).

PROGRAMMING:This is still to be determined to a large degree. However, Farmercon 90 is going to be a very fan friendly event with hopefully a lot of fan participation.

Wold Newton Panel - Several Wold Newton scholars will give a presentation on one or more of their favorite WN topics. The current line up includes: Win Scott Eckert, Christoher Paul Carey, Dennis E. Power, Rick Lai, and John Small.

Mystery Panel??? - Well, we know what it is, and who is on it, but if you want to find out, you'll have to come to Farmercon 90 and be there for the big announcement!

First Encounters - We are looking for fans who would like to get up in front of the audience and give a short (5 minute or less) talk about their first encounter with Phil. Whether it be the first time you heard of him, the first time you read his works, the first time you met him, or any other "first" you can think of. If you would like to participate, please contact Mike to be added to the list of speakers which currently includes: Michael Croteau, Wanda Phillips, David Lars Chamberlain, Roger Crombie, Rick Beaulieu, Art Sippo John Small, Gary K. Wolfe, & Tracy Knight.

Wold Newton Award - This award will be given for achievement in Wold Newton studies.

Farmerphile Awards - Check out the Award Nomination page to vote on your favorite articles and artwork from the last year (issues 9 - 12 of Farmerphile).

This information is subject to change frequently so please check back often!

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