TODAY'S MY 67th Birthday (Jan 26th), but I'm busier than I have ever been what with four book contracts, overwhelming fan and business correspondence, and just living. Plus putting in a little time now and then on an Esperanto translation of TARZAN OF THE APES, a latin translation of "The God of Tarzan", and a Muchkin translation of THE WIZARD OF OZ.
     During my genealogical research, going on for six years now, I've discovered that President George Washington was a direct descendant of the Barons of Greystoke. Just recently I've found out that President Abraham Lincoln and his mother, Nancy Hanks, were direct descendants of the early lord of Greystoke. And so am I. I'll be happy to send a chart if you're interested in publishing it along with an article. Rather, charts. I figure there are 36 generations from my grandchildren to Forne, the earliest recorded Greystoke.
     In fact, there must be over fifty million people in the U.S.A. alone who are descended from the early Greystokes. But most of them can't prove it or, alas, aren't interested in doing so.
     When I was in England last July, I saw a taped film ofa British film-documentary, THE MAKING OF GREYSTOKE. Someday, maybe, it'll be on PBS here. Ian Johnstone, a British TV reporter-editor, flew to Peoria to interview me, and some of that is in the film. It's certainly gratifying, though unexpected, to see the skyline of Peoria, Illinois in a film made about the filming of the movie. Johnstone had read my biography of Lord Greystoke, so he did the documentary on the assumption that Tarzan was a real person. Did you know that Tarzan's father's oil portrait hangs in the National Gallery in London?

           PHILIP JOSE FARMER (Peoria, Il)