Farmerphile Awards

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At this year's Farmercon we will be giving out awards for the best article about Phil and/or his work and the best artwork relating to Phil and/or his work. For our purposes, so we can get the voting in before this year's convention, we are calling a "year" from May 2007 to April 2008, which corresponds with issues 9 - 12 of Farmerphile.

In order that as many people may get to vote as possible, we are not just limiting this to those who have read these issues of Farmerphile. But instead we are putting the nominees online here to be viewed and read by anyone who is interested in voting.

Nominees for the best article about Philip Josť Farmer:
Bibliophile on Time's Last Gift by Paul Spiteri (Farmerphile #9, July 2007)
The Archaeology of Khokarsa, by Christopher Paul Carey (Farmerphile #9, July 2007)
White-Skinned, Grey-Eyed God, by Dennis E. Power (Farmerphile #9, July 2007)
The Farmerian Holmes, by Win Scott Eckert (Farmerphile #12, April 2008)
The Lure of the Emergency Shelf, by Michael Carroll (Farmerphile #12, April 2008)

Nominees for the best Farmer related artwork:
Cover of Farmerphile #9, July 2007 by Charles Berlin
Cover of Farmerphile #11, January 2008 by Joey Van Massenhoven
Cover of Farmerphile #12, April 2008 by Keith Howell
A Peoria Night, Farmerphile #10, October 2007, illustration by Charles Berlin
Sherlock Holmes & Sufism, Farmerphile #12, April 2008, illustration by Charles Berlin
Some notes on the above. The articles are shown exactly as they appear in the magazine. Michael Carroll's article starts with a short bio because this is his first contribution to Farmerphile. Paul Spiteri's article is actually one of his regular "Bibliophile" essays and Win Scott Eckert's entry is one of his regular "Creative Mythography" columns.

Conversely the artwork is not shown exactly as it appeared but instead has had the text and other graphics removed so you can see the full image better.

To vote simply send Mike an email telling him which article and artwork you feel are the best.

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