Phil has made himself available to both pro and fan magazines for interviews all through out his long career.
Philip José Farmer: An Interview
First appeared in: Luna Monthly #54, September 1974.
Also appeared in: SPEAKING OF SCIENCE FICTION by Paul Walker, 1978
Conducted by Paul Walker this interesting interview is mostly about Farmer's seemingly favorite topics, sex, violence and religion. Also a discussion of his use of literary figures as characters in his books.
Philip José Farmer an Informal Conversation - read it here
First appeared in: Tangent #2, May 1975
This interview was conducted by Paul McGuire, Jerry Rauth and David Truesdale at MINICON 10 in Minneapolis on April 19th, 1975. The date is significant because through most of the interview the interviewers keep coming back to one question, "did you write VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL?" There is also an editorial in this issue of Tangent where David Truesdale talks about Phil's cover being blown by the New York Times and that he called Phil May 8th to confirm that he was Trout.
SFR Interviews Philip José Farmer
First appeared in: Science Fiction Review 14, August 1975
Subtitled "The Inside Story of Kilgore Trout & Venus on the Half-Shell", the first part of the interview was conducted at the Mid-America Con I in Kansas City, June 1972 by David Kraft and Mitch Scheele. This is followed by some comments by Phil and more questions from Richard E. Geis, on June 6 1975. The first part of the interview covers a large portion of Farmer's topics, sex in scifi, pornography, World of Tiers, Riverworld, upcoming books and which series he may continue and complaints about publishers. A large part of the later section is about Kilgore Trout.
Philip José Farmer
First appeared in: Vector #81, June 1977
This interview was conducted by David Pringle on June 14th, 1976. After the usual questions about Phil's early career much of the interview is about his Tarzan and Doc Savage books.
An Interview: Philip José Farmer
First appeared in: Bakka Magazine No. 6, Fall 1977
This interview was conducted at the Summercon in Toronto July 30, 1977 by Chris Steinbrunner, Peter Gill, Jay Kay Klein and Charles McKee. This very long interview mostly talks about the fun Phil has had with his pastiches of Tarzan, Doc Savage, Sherlock Holmes and Kilgore Trout.
A Talk with Philip José Farmer
First appeared in: Whizzard #10, Fall 1977
A nice long interview by Marty Klug that contains the usual questions about background, how Phil got into science fiction, the Tarzan and Doc bios, hollywood, and when will the next Riverworld book be out!
Interview with Philip José Farmer
First appeared in: Alpha Log 6, March/April 1978
An interesting interview by Chris Landry mostly about science fiction literature, tv, and movies. Alphalog 6 was a Space:1999 fanzine, you can read the whole issue online here.
An Interview with Philip José Farmer
First appeared in: Xenophile, June/July 1979.
Contains an interview by Philip A. Shreffler. They discuss Riverworld (especially when will the next book come out!), Kilgore Trout, fandom, pastiches and pulps. There is also an article called The Up-Dated Farmer by These Ven. It takes Farmer's theory that The Spider, G-8 and The Shadow are the same person, corrects it and expands on it greatly.
Interview with Philip José Farmer
First Appeared in: Pulsar, Summer 1979
Conducted by Jim Purviance, this typical interview talks about Farmer's early career and influences and recurring themes and subject in his books.
Philip José Farmer
First appeared in: DREAM MAKERS, 1980
This very interesting book contains 29 interviews of science fiction authors by Charles Platt. The Farmer interview talks about his early career and his writing influences. There is also an interview with Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and he mentions Phil and VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL.
Interview: Philip José Farmer
First appeared in: Fantasy Newsletter #50, August 1982
Contains an interview by E.E. Gilpatrick. The interview talks a lot about fantasy as opposed to science fiction.
Interview with Philip José Farmer
First appeared in: The Baum Bugle, Spring 1983.
Contains an interview by Michael Korolenko and Katherine Neville. They talk about A BARNSTORMER IN OZ and Baum's influence on Farmer. There are also two reviews of the book in this issue of the magazine.
Philip José Farmer: Riverworld, God and Insect Lovers
First appeared in: Amazing, November 1984
Also appeared in: Midnight Zoo Vol. #1 Issue #4
Also appeared in: The Bulletin No. 150, Summer 2001
This interview by Darrell Schweitzer starts off with Farmer's early career asks about Farmer's habit of writing about the characters he read about in his youth. The interview mentions the fact that the Opar series was going to be 12 books, then 7, then 5 (only two have been written) and it also talks about the upcoming DAYWORLD novel. When reprinted in 2001 a couple of additional questions and answers were appended to the end of the interview.
Philip José Farmer
First appeared in: THE SOUND OF WONDER Vol 2, 1985
This book is full of transcripts of radio interviews of science fiction authors. This interview of Farmer talks about The Lovers, Night of Light, Riverworld, Tarzan, Kilgore Trout, A Barnstormer in Oz, Essex House, Love Song and even As you Desire.
Chasing the Golden Glow
First appeared in: Locus #353, April 1990
Sort of an interview where Farmer discusses; his Tarzan and Doc Savage biographies, DAYWORLD BREAKUP, THE CATERPILLAR'S QUESTION, RED ORC'S RAGE and his hope to write a novel about a private eye.
Philip José Farmer His Apocalyptic Life part 1
First appeared in: Starlog #155, June 1990
Contains part one of an interview with Philip Jos Farmer. It mostly covers his writings about Tarzan and Doc Savage including a treatment he did for a Doc Savage movie. Part two promises to look the scripts he wrote for Star Trek in 1966.
Philip José Farmer His Apocalyptic Life part 2
First appeared in: Starlog #156, July 1990
Part two of this interview talks about the two stories he had intended for Star Trek, "The Shadow of Space" and "Sketches in the Ruins of My Mind." He also talks about movie rights that he has sold for both Riverworld and Dayworld.
Pilgrmige to Peoria
First appeared on: The Unofficial Philip Jos Farmer Home Page, September 1997
An interview conducted by Michael Croteau and Craig Kimber. Farmer's two new forthcoming books, NOTHING BURNS IN HELL and THE DARK HEART OF TIME, were discussed at some length.
A Conversation with Philip José Farmer conducted by Terry Bibo
First appeared in: Peoria Journal Star, January 1999
Also appeared: online
This very interesting interview focuses on Phil's life in Peoria. I don't know what webpage Terry is referring to when she says "that your Web site says you were born in Peoria" but it wasn't this one!
Interview by Tracy Knight
First appeared in: Mystery Scene #66, January 2000
This interview mostly talks about Phil's first Mystery novel NOTHING BURNS IN HELL.
A Novel is a Novel
First appeared on: Intempol, September 2004
An interesting short interview, conducted through this website, and published on a Brazilian science fiction website.
At Play in the Fields of a Lord
Farmerphile interviews Danny Adams & Philip José Farmer-
read it here
First appeared in: Farmerphile #13, January 2007
The two authors are interviewed about their collaboration on the novel THE CITY BEYOND PLAY. This novel was begun as early as 1970 but never completed by Farmer. His grand-nephew Danny Adams finished the novel based on the remaining outline and notes. He did such a good job of it that two small-press publishers bid for the book and PS Publishing will be bringing it out in mid-2007.
An Inhabitant of Khokarsa
Farmerphile Interviews Christopher Paul Carey
First appeared in: Farmerphile #13, July 2008
Chris is interviewed about the process of completing THE SONG OF KWASIN, the third novel in Phil's Khokarsa Cycle. Phil began this sequel to HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR and FLIGHT TO OPAR in the 1970s but never completed the project.
The Adventure of the Woman of Bronze
Farmerphile Interviews Win Scott Eckert
First appeared in: Farmerphile #14, October 2008
Win answers questions about not only finishing Phil's novel about Doc Wildman's daughter, THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE, but also making sure the events sync up with later books set in the Wold Newton Universe.
Not Your Father's Western
Farmerphile Interviews Tracy Knight
First appeared in: Farmerphile #15, January 2009
Tracy discusses the process of working with Phil's unfinished manuscript, THE COUGAR BY THE TAIL, and how Phil came to be writing a Western novel.
Bordering on the Absurd
First appeared in: THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 1: Protean Dimensions, Meteor House, 2010 trade paperback
This interview, conducted by Danny Adams, took place in 1997 but appears in its entirety for the first time. Danny asked Phil not only the usual questions expected in an interview, but since he's part of the family they also talked about topics that don't normally come up in interviews.