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The God Business
Original 134 page manuscript (about 20,000 words). With a signed note from Farmer stating: "This is the authentic copy of the Ms of The God Business". Typed pages on thin "tracing paper" with some penciled corrections. In unbelievably good condition for a manuscript sitting around since 1954.

Available for $1800

The Adventure of the Three Madmen
introduction 6p - manuscript 113p - notes 8p
The notes are three legal-sized lined pages, hand written on both sides. One legal-sized page, written on one side and one page typed. The six page introduction has several corrections written in. Most of the 114 page manuscript is photocopies of two page spreads from the paperback printing of THE PEERLESS PEER, while some pages are typed. Most of the photocopied pages have words or sections cut out, names changed and words inserted.

While this is Farmer's only copy of this manuscript, it is a photocopy of the original edited pages. The original seems to be lost.

For those of you not familiar with this story, it is a shorter version of THE PEERLESS PEER. As Farmer explains in his introduction, the Burroughs estate objected to Lord Greystoke being in PEER so Farmer wrote him out and put Mowgli in his place.

Available for $1500

JESUS ON MARS: unused abridgement
Wow, what an interesting collection here. Those of you who have a copy of RIVERWORD WAR, are familiar with the story behind this. Before the novel JESUS ON MARS was released there was supposed to be an abridged version printed in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. Because of various delays, the novel was published before the abridgement was printed. The abridgement was later printed in RIVERWORLD WAR. Here is what we have:

We start with a photocopy of the original 272 page manuscript of JESUS ON MARS with lots of notes and corrections written in red, orange, green, blue and black ink and even some pencil.

Next we have a 93 page abridged typed manuscript with many pencil corrections. There is also a cover page saying it is reduced from 75,000 to 25,000 words and that some parts have been altered.

One page with green IASFM letterhead with the editor's introduction to the story.

One page letter from Larry T. Shaw to George Scithers followed by four sections he recommends possibly reinserting into the story. These four sections are 6, 6, 4 and 7 pages long. Also has another 69 pages that were cut.

Something you do not see everyday, the galley (1st proofs), 47 double pages as they would appear in the magazine (as they would appear except that each line is numbered with the numbers starting over for each section).

Finally, large blown up versions of the galleys so that each page is on one legal sized piece of paper. But, where the two page spread pages, have about 40 lines each, these pages have about 65 lines each. There are three versions like this, each one with different corrections.

Available for $2000

Photocopies of a later more polished version of this manuscript are available for $125 each. What we have here is the first working copy with MANY changes and lots of stuff on the backs. A photocopy of the later, easier to read, version will be included with this manuscript.

Available for $1500

Doc Savage Movie Items
Doc Savage screen treatment by Joseph Morhaim 71p
Doc Savage screenplay by George Pal 121p
When director George Pal asked Phil to write a screen treatment for a sequel to his movie; Doc Savage The Man of Bronze, he sent Phil a copy of the MOB screen treatment by Joseph Morhaim and a copy of the final screenplay by George Pal. These are Phil's personal copies of these two items which he studied before writing his sequel. A photocopy of Phil's screen treatment for the sequel will be included.

Available for $1500

This is not a manuscript but since it is a one (or at least very few) of a kind item, this is probably the best page to list it on. Here is a very rare publisher's goof. A large folded flyer from Granada Paperback with cover picture of THE MAGIC LABYRINTH text but with the wrong artwork (actually from the cover of Michael Moorcock's SAILOR ON THE SEAS OF FATE).

A scan of this will be online shortly.

Available for $500

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