Parodies of Philip Josť Farmer's Work

As Philip Josť Farmer has used the characters of so many other authors in his work, it is only fitting that some do the same to him. This section is surprisingly small and if there is any work out there that parodies Farmer's that we don't know of, please let us know!
To Your Battered Scotties Go or Grail, Grail, The Gang's All Here by Walt Liebscher
First appeared in: Moebius Trip 16, January 1973
Also appeared in: Farmerphile No. 7, January 2007
In this parody of the first Riverworld novel, The Maquis De Sade wakes up pre-ressurection and sees himself floating in a sea of naked bodies. He also parodies A FEAST UNKNOWN as Doctor Sauvage battles Tarzun of the Rapes. Since the stream where everyone is being resurrected is only two miles long, and there are 37 billion bodies, things are very choatic.
The Fabulous Showboat or I've Been Working on the Grail Road by Walt Liebscher
First appeared in: Moebius Trip 20, June 1974
Also appeared in: Farmerphile No. 7, January 2007
In this installment of the Riverworld spoof, Mark Twain is resurrected along the banks of the creek with a bunch of famous performers so they build a showboat. They have battle after battle after battle (each one getting a chapter) with many famous people. They do say to keep subscribing to Moebius Trip so you won't miss the next installment but I don't know if there were any.
STAR WARPED by E.C. "Doc" Lisic
trade paperback, Infinity, 2000
At first glance this appears to be an R-rated spoof of Star Wars and Star Trek. With characters like Nuke Slybanger and Capt. James T. Jerk, it certainly is. But sprinkled throughout the book are references to dozens of other science fiction authors and their characters and/or worlds. Fortunately, E.C. "Doc" Lisic is not just a fan of science fiction movies and television, he is obviously widely read in both science fiction and fantasy. One character outside of the movies who keeps popping up is Philip Jose Finnegan, also known as, Kicka-ass. And there are other Farmerian references in the book; how would you like to beam down in a red shirt and meet the same fate as Richard Stagg in FLESH? You can read a sample chapter of the book and if you are interested, order the book from Buy Books on the web.