Riders of the Purple Wage - The Play


What is the play

The play is based on Philip Josť Farmer's Hugo Award winning Novella Riders of the Purple Wage.

The show will be about two hours long. While it is open to all ages, please note that Viewer Discretion is Advised.

The ticket price will be $15. Watch this space for information on ordering tickets.

Where is the play

The Apollo Theater, 313 Main St in downtown Peoria. This is from sogonow's Top 5 Things to Do in Peoria:

The Apollo Fine Arts & Entertainment Center is another wonderful place to see a production. Located in downtown Peoria, the Apollo theater has been around since 1914 and was restored in 1991. This theater is a non-profit organization. The theater is small, seating only about 100 people, and most of the productions are likewise small. You won't find a musical here with a cast of hundreds. But the intimate setting creates a warm and personal atmosphere. You actually feel close to the actors and to the play itself. Plus, the historical aspects in the theater make it a one-of-a-kind experience.

(Actually the theater holds about 150 people)

When is the play

Friday June 15th
Saturday June 16th
Sunday June 17th (matinee)

Thursday June 21st
Friday June 22nd
Saturday June 23rd
Sunday June 24th (matinee)

Advertise in the program

The cut-off date for advertising is June 1st. Ad space is available for:

$90 for two page
$50 for full page
$30 for half page
$15 for quarter page
$10 for imprint

Current Advertisers include Farmerphile, PS Publishing and Ramble House.

Audition for the play

Auditions will be held April 28 and 29th at Unity Church on Avalon. Contact Zach ahead of time if you want to try out.


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