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For far too long, there has been a lack of information concerning the role of Africans and African-Americans in the Wold Newton history of the universe. In the following essay, the essential roles and contribution will be spelled out.

The story begins approximately 6.0 million years ago. Recent archaeological studies of the Pliocene Era suggest a forced emigration of political dissidents and reactionaries from a possible future of c.2110 AD. According to artifacts and records obtained throughout the European continent, evidence suggests an alien civilization known only as the Tanu colonizing the region(1). Confirmation of this was made through a thorough study of the Banza of the Congo, whose records stretch back 1,234,500 generations(2).

In 3,689,878 BC, Tractite aliens attempted an invasion of the region in order to prevent the human species(3).  Approximately 3.0 million years ago, the Tanu were suddenly almost completely wiped out when a series of meteors bombarded the African continent (e.g. the most remnant being the "Blessing Stone")(4).

Approximately 3.0 million years ago, on the planet Mars, the twin races of the Kaldanes and the Rykors emerged. It should be noted that during this same period, on the planet Earth, Australopithecus were attacked by an alien race of telepathic parasites, known only as "the Scourge"(5).

2,579,868 BC, Jacob Hynes, time traveler, launched a failed attempt to spread a prionoid-based plague, in order to wipe out all mammals on the planet(6).

Approximately 2.0 million years ago, the Kaldanes telepathically controlled the Rykors. Approximately 1.5 million years ago the Rykors evolved microcephalic attributes, allowing control of other species.

1.0 million BC, the Neolithic beginnings of "Barsoom" civilization had emerged. Within 100,000 years, the city of Horz was established by the Orovar. This would lead to the foundation of other cities such as Aanthor and Thark, over the next 100,000 years.

700,000BC there was an unfortunate violent split between the black and yellow civilizations of Barsoom. Although coexistence was assured, the era was tense, rife with tension.

600,000 BC the lifespans of the Barsoomian civilization had expanded to 1,000 years.

500,000 BC, To make matters worse, the Martian oceans were beginning to recede.

400,000 BC the Orovar civilization , centered at Otz, was in decline, facing the threat of red-skinned Barsoomians.

300,000 BC, many of the Orovar cities were being abandoned, facing the threat of both red and green-skinned Barsoomians. B

200,000 BC, the City of Okar was established, which along with the cities of Dor and Omean, served as the basis of black civilization. Using technology of the Orovars, the black civilization of Barsoom began to power itself, using the crystals at the Tree of Life. From these crystals objects such as the "Blessing Stone"(7), "Continuum Transducer"(8), "the Jewels of Opar", "the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skulls(9)" were created. Unfortunately, this was not to last. Within 50,000 years the civilization was in collapse. As such, reverted to the ways of desert nomads, while others escaped into space(10).

145,500BC, approximate 4,500 colonists escaped to the planet Earth(11). Finding a genetically compatible race in the descendants of the Pliocene Era exiles, the Barsoomians began to establish a home on Earth. According to some records, all was not well. A well-knit network of slave-driven economies, were established throughout the solar system. The Bodia colony, on what is now the lunar surface, was notorious towards its inhumane practices towards its white slaves(12).

81,000 BC the Elder Gods, known to the Nyubani nations as "Mashataan" (a.k.a. Cthulu deities) entered our dimension after discovering the "dimensional veil between worlds"(13).

Approximately 32,570 BC, our solar system experienced a great stellar event in the form of a rogue star and its attending planets passing through our solar system(14). In the aftermath many slaves led a revolt, from which only 30,000 survived. The remaining blacks and white slaves evacuated to the planet Earth(15).

Approximately 30,070 BC, after redeveloping anti-gravity technology, the Lunarians began a systematic exploration and study of the planet Earth(16). On one such expedition to the region known as Maple White's Land in South America, explorer hunted the tyrannosaurs(17).

Approximately 21,000BC, the Watu-Wa -Kwanza, the First Tribes waged a failed rebellion against the "Mashataan", transforming the unlucky survivors into the half-stone golems known as the Mangabaan(18). Those Lunarians who remained free of Mashataan control remained on the moon and were subsequently dubbed "Cloud People" by the Nyumbani(19).

In 11,500 BC, the shape of the African continent was drastically altered by the sudden invasion of Atlan rebels, guided by the Cult of Yugg-Thuggathoth, against the Nyambani nations, instigating the Mizingu War(20). Evidence of this is event, is supported by the establishment of Khokarsa (Opar) by the Khoklem, Atlan rebel colonists(21). Within 50 years of the African continent had been overrun by the Atlan forces. Atlan forces were soon dubbed by the Nyumbani "Those Without Mercy" or the Mizingu. The Atlan would bring genetically altered creatures in their wake such as the Mangabaan, the Hibi (Sea-Dwellers), the Irimu (Leonine Demons), the Unthlatu (Reptilian Humanoids), and the dreaded Azuths (Minotaurs).

11,450 BC, the tide of the war was turned by a Kush scientist by the name of Thutanas. Through his biological experiments, the tide of th ewar was turned. He would create such life forms such as the legendary Black Lions, the Gunkwas (war-beasts), and the Ykenga (horse-sized antelopes).

11,000 BC the warrior Hadon of Opar, amongst the Mizingu remnants, would begin his own series of adventures on the African continent(22).

10,850, the Atlantean forces realized that they were fighting a losing war. Vorstos would establish the city of Yahammis in order to form a redoubt for future Atlantean reinforcements.

10,800 BC According to Plato, the island civilization of Atlantis was destroyed.(23)  As such, those nations that collaborated with the Mizingu or Atlantean forces were driven from the surface, such as the Bana-Gui(24).

9,800 BC, the Lunarians, a.k.a. "The Cloud People" began their own breeding program in order to retake the planet. Experiments were conducted in the Mahali-ya Desert, giving rise to the warrior known as Imaro(25).

 8000 BC, the Goa'uld warlord Ra seized control of the region of Egypt, enslaving the people of the Nyambani nations(26). During this same period, a bizarre "Breeding Cult" was established, providing the warriors and sages of leaders from Egypt to Angkor Wat from the remains of the Mizingu cult members. Guided by their prophecy, "When the shroud of death covers the earth, the one whose power is hidden will deliver the helpless", the Slayers were formed(27). There are rumors that the role of the Slayers was founded as a marriage of convenience. The warrior tradition of the Slayer, suggest the work of the Makalolo, a tribe of matriarchal warriors in central Africa, wherein the men had no real power. Travelers to the region have often commented on their military prowess, their usage of armored ostriches and giraffes, and their elaborate combat regalia(28). The other group cited as part of the lineage of the slayer is the Hausa Sleepless City in northern Nigeria. The people of the region have no conception of sleep, often mistaking foreigners at rest as dead, often burying them in elaborate ceremonies(29). Another group that has been suggested is the Alali of the Great Thorn Forest, who form a matriarchal warrior society, wherein women are separated from their families a few months after birth, to search for food. Men of the Alai are traditionally killed by bludgeons, kept as slaves or used for mirthless procreation(30).

3000 BC the Nommo, an alien species also known as "the Shining Ones" arrived in Nigeria bringing machinery from "beyond the veil". According to one published report, the timeline was surreptitiously altered at this point. Apparently, if the timeline had gone according to plan, in 1284 AD, the steam engine was to have been invented in Timbuktu, Africa. Furthermore, in 1305 AD, Ethiopian explorers were to have encountered the white race while exploring the Americas, forcing them into slavery. Apparently white slaves from this alternate timeline's 1963 AD, traveled to the year 3000BC and made changes to the timestream(31). It must be noted that within this particular timeframe, Akasha and Enkil, were placed in a deep paralysis(32).

2050 BC until 1786 BC, the System Lord known as Sobek ruled over the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. Among many weapons left behind was the Zone of Silence, a region in Libya, near the River Zaire, surrounded by a huge grove of strange and poisonous plants, wherein all sound is inaudible(33). That was until a resistance led by the Slayer overthrew him in battle(34).

1780BC, Pharoah Kah-To-Bey came to power in the aftermath, seizing control of the Goa'uld resurrection chambers in order to insure immortality(35).

1720 BC, the Goa'uld warlords Anyanwu and Doro took up residence in the Kush region of Africa This came after the mysterious encounter of the boy king, Tutankhamen, with a strange boy who called himself "Charles Tuttle"(36).

1479 BC, Queen Hatusu, soon to be crowned as Queen Hatshepsut, was forced to deal with a series of murders that were meant to anger the Goa'uld warlord, Horus(37).

1478 BC, a similar spate of murders took place after the victory over the Mitanni tribes, targeted at angering the Goa'uld warlord Anubis(38).

1450 BC, time traveler, Phineas Bogg, was reported to have aided in the rescue of a child from drowning in the Nile River by the name of Moses(39).(40).

1356 BC, Nefertitti, a Goa'uld system lord, came to power in Egypt(41). This would spell the beginning of the collapse of Goa'uld power.

1075 BC the Order of the Cruciform Sword would be formed in an effort to crush the remnants of Goa'uld forces(42).

1043 BC Ptah Hotep was using the promise of immortality for the sole purpose to secure his power base(43).

667-663 BC, Goa'uld remnants and vampiric creations escaped to the area of the Bayowda Steppe in the Nubian Desert, between the south of Egypt and north of the Sudan(44).

347 BC, the philosopher Plato discovered the City of Immortals, near the Arabian peninsula, site of Goa'uld immortality experiments. While it didn't provide complete immortality, the philosopher was granted the ability to live until 1929, AD, under the guise of Joseph Cartaphilus of Smyrna, Greece(45).

Approximately 13 BC, the rogue system lord, Ayesha escaped to the central east African city of Kor. With a sarcophagus called the "Fire of Life", Ayesha held absolute power over the Amahagger people, free to conduct her biological experiments(46).

6 BC, Nefertitti had grown tired of the collapsing power of the Egyptian state, severing her ties with Demetrius Constantine, a fellow immortal(47).

61AD, the Nubian warrior Mamawi rescued and protected the life of Queen Boudicca, after her initial capture by Roman slavers(48).

c.100 AD, the disciples of Paul of Tarsus, marched through the desert into a small valley beyond the Ghenzi Mountains. It is there, with a devout Christian fanaticism, the Watcher's Council was founded(49).

485 AD, members of the Brotherhood of the Lamb, a sect of the Watcher's Council nearly assassinated immortal Casca Loginus in North Africa(50).

800 AD, the Watcher's Council established a headquarters, at the base of the Red Sea. Often called the Polygots, they were often the subject of great curiousity and fear, due to their war against a race of men who were "fifteen feet tall, marble-white skinned bodies, and bat-wing ears"(51).

During the early part of the Second Millenium, the continent of Europe found itself diplomatically and politically, as part of the effort to contain the genetic threat contained within

1056 In the summer, King Tenkamenin of Ghana was warned by a strange time-traveler, at his court in Kumbi Selah, about the threat of "Old Gods"(52).

1191, during the reign of Richard I, a group of Crusaders was marched south of the Mediterranean coast, and divided into two parties. One party, claiming to hold the relics of the Holy Sepulchre, founded the city of Nimmir. The second group of Crusaders, fearing that cowardice would cause the men to abandon their mission, took camp at the opposite bank of the valley, killing any who would attempt to leave(53).

1348, On December 23, Brother Wynkyn de Worde was ordered by the Vatican to prevent the leakage of "demons" from an area known as "the Cleft" from erupting into the European continent. The fact that this was done during the height of the Black Plague suggests an urgency of supreme danger.

1378, The fact that on April 7, Thomas Neville, an English nobleman and priest was sent to contain the threat suggests a failure by Brother Wynkyn de Worde(54).

1379, The fact that Thomas Neville was knighted Duke of Hereford, does not cover up the fact that by August 29, there were reports of rampant demonic invasion of Europe(55).

1430, the last Lunar expedition, launched by the Bodia colony was sent to Earth, revealed a world with rampant savagery and violence(56).

1500s, Throughout this century, the Goa'uld conducted secret experiments, that often horrified the many officials within the Watcher's Council. One of the most shocking is the settlement of London-On-Thames, a simian parody of the English capital. The simians of the region have the personages and memories of such persons as King Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Ann Boelyn, and Cardinal Wolsey. It is believed the apes of the region were the subject of an experiment to find a perfect host for the Goa'uld(57). The mysterious character of "Doctor Turner", a minor figure in Elizabethan occult circles, was reported to have worked on these experiments, in exchange for "Elixir Stones" which granted him near-immortality(58).

1516, the Watcher's Council made a failed attempt to seize the capital of Nubia in Ethiopia. It is believed that the Senapho people were led towards the fortified positions of the Mountains of the Moon. With a force equipped with camels, elephants and infantry, it was believed that the Watcher's Council would finally crush the "vampire menace". Unfortunately, the vampires were ready. Using chemical weapons and smoke to blind enemy troops, killing 100,000 men. If it was not for the work of the French knight Astolpho, it is believed that the Senapho and the Watcher's Council would have perished(59).

During the harsh and brutal period known only as "the Middle Passage", many African-Americans sought comfort in stories that were spread through rumors and underground networks.

Throughout the Caribbean, the story of revolt on the Isle de Chevaliers, became a source of inspiration(60). But for the most part, the story of African-Americans, and those of the Diaspora are quite disarming.

1700, the immortal known as Kurgan began a reign of terror in North Africa(61).

1710, a team of French explorers led by Jacques Masse discovered the headquarters of an apparent alien biological laboratory near South Africa, discovering many supposedly extinct creatures in the process(62).

1723, Reverend Desmond Kane, believed to be a descendant of Solomon Kane, was murdered, along with the all of the residents of the Sharpeville, South Africa colony during "the Ascension"(63).

1756, On May 25, the Watchers' Council would lose track of Kurgan in Africa(64). That same year, French explorers would report the existence of an "albino country" in central Africa. Based on the description of the explorers, researchers believe they may have discovered a nest of vampires or Ongas(65).

1760, another team of French explorers discovered a group of genetically altered "supermen" who called themselves the "Giphantie"(66). This would spark great curiosity and concern regarding the Continent.

1765, Sir Wade Jermyn was placed in an insane asylum after returning from an expedition into the Congo to explore claims of a white civilization(67).

1775, Sunda Kustagir, one of the founders of the Seven Days organization would participate in the Battle of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania(68).

1781, Sir Philip Jermyn would mysteriously disappear after performing "weird feats of strength"(69). In 1783, several Goa'uld were surreptitiously transported to the North American continent. In South Carolina, many of the Creole called these aliens "Gullah", spirits who could assume the shape or form of any person or creature they desired(70).

1794, vampires (e.g. Lestat and Louis Point du Lac) were driven by slaves from the plantation estate of Point du Lac, Louisiana(71).

1800, Gabriel Prosser led a slave rebellion in the Richmond, Virginia area(72). It should be noted that according to records of the Watchers' Council, the Slayer was recognized as a Virgina African-American slave, thus leading to speculation that Gabriel Prosser was the son of the Slayer(73).

1815, Alice Greenwood, the slave of Rufus Weylin, began to channel the spirit of her 20th-century descendant, Dana Franklin(74). At the time it was considered a form of madness, attributed to yellow fever. It was only later that it was realized to be a form of chronal-dissonance, a form of astral projection into the time-space continuum (for more information on this phenomena, please see the records for Bennie Russell, Abbyssinia Jackson, and Abraham Blackman).

1815, Sir Robert Jermyn would begin his first of several failed expeditions of the African continent(75).

1817 until 1842, the slave known only as Clotel was sold into a life of sexual abuse and extreme hardship. The trait that makes her story particularly devastating was the fact that she was the illegitimate daughter of former President Thomas Jefferson(76).

1819, on a Bakanda plantation, it was reported that Watcher Simon Peter and a local named, Taba killed a vampire who terrorized the region(77).

1833, Benjamin January a New Orleans Creole physician began an investigation into the mysterious ritualistic death of singer, Angelique Crozat(78).

1834, Benjamin January was forced to drop his investigations into the strange ritualistic murders occurring in New Orleans, after his sister, Olympe January was accused of murder on the most circumstantial evidence(79).

1835, Stephen Bishop, an escaped slave, with the aid of P. T. Barnum associate Riley Steen uncovered in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, a Mesoamerican spirit (i.e. a possible Goa'uld weapon of mass destruction) that came close to ravaging civilization(80).

1839, French explorers discovered the remains of a Goa'uld base in Antarctica, symbolized by the prominent display of a sphinx(81). Archaeological interest in the unknown resources of the African continent, were further popularized with the publication of the seminal text Unaussprochlichen Kulten in Dusseldorf, that same year(82).

1840, the Goa'uld warlords Anywanu and Doro were reported to have arrived in the New York state area(83).

1844, Mr. John John Forrest Welkin recorded the grisly experiments of Dr. Martin Hesselsius on African-American slaves for the purpose of exploring "the reaches of the human soul"(84).

1847, Dessa Rose fomented a slave rebellion on the Vaugham plantation in northern Alabama(85). That same year, time traveler, Phineas Bogg, would liberate Harriet Tubman from a slave market in Missouri(86).

1849, Nevil Jermyn, son of Sir Robert Jermyn, had earned a scandalous reputation with his "brutish behavior and harsh temper". This would lead to a horrible tragedy.

1852 On October 19, Samuel Seaton reported to Sir Robert Jermyn the discovery of the white civilization of the Ongas in the Congo. While there are no transcripts of what was said, within hours of the conversation, Sir Robert Jermyn had brutally murdered Samuel Seaton and the members of the Jermyn household(87).

1854, in the woods outside of Chaneysville, Pennsylvania, Brobdinag C.K. Washington led a failed escape of 12 slaves into the North. When slave catchers made escape impossible, the group committed suicide, rather than return to slavery(88).

1854, after taking into advisement the journals of Doctor Martin Hesselius, Madame Delphine La Laurine conducted grisly medical experiments in New Orleans.

1855, the immortal beings "Nick", "La Croix", and "Janette" terrorized escaped slaves in South Carolina(89). It must be noted that the name "La Croix" would turn up again in 1862 after the Battle of Bull Run, as a fiend who would feed on the injured(90).

Throughout the latter half of the Nineteenth century, the African community began to develop an information network and a network of protective communities, known as "the Seven Days", dedicated to act as avengers against the deaths of innocent African-Americans(91).

With the freedom of the Reconstruction Era, many African Americans found many opportunities to achieve greatness. During Reconstruction, throughout the South, female leaders such as Iola Leroy went throughout the South proclaiming the ideals of "racial uplift"(92).

1872, John Henry began work on the C&O Railroad beginnning a lifetime of hard work that would become a claim to fame(93). By 1880, John Henry was working on the Curzee Mountain Tunnel in Holly Springs, Mississippi. When John Henry died in 1881 it was established that John Henry had become an American icon(94).

1873, an alien being naming himself "Bozz" was reported to be in the company of known prostitute, Amanda Chanelle Flynn and Salem Hewkshaw" (a.k.a. "Quentin Collins"(95)), The character named "Bozz" was linked to the disappearence of British African explorer, Colonel Alex Carruthers and some "unpleasant business" in German Southwest Africa, according to records by Inspector Colin Fitzroy of Scotland Yard, CID(96).

1874, the town of Rock Ridge, Arizona; was successfully defended by Sheriff Black Bart against a mob of Ku Klux Klan members, Hell's Angels, German mercenaries, and cattle rustlers who had "run cattle through the Vatican"(97).

1875, "the Seven Days" recorded the events of "Sethe" a.k.a. Margaret Garner of Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting in 1864 until 1875, Margaret Garner was haunted by the ghosts of her children that she lost in a failed escape attempt from Sweet House, Kentucky (1853)(98).

1879, Connor Macleod of the British Army's 17th Lancers, although captured by Cetaywayo's troops at the Battle of Rorke's Drift, Sunda Kastagir was able to negotiate for his safe release(99). That same year the Seven Days organization received disturbing information regarding an incident in Clear Creek, Colorado after members of the Brown Town mining settlement uncovered a copy of El Libro de los Norme de los Perdidos (1579) translated by Miguel de Cervantes. Reports describe the paranormal discovery of "Yog Sothoth" sending waves of fear through the miners(100).

1880s, Throughout this decade 158 Freedmen, led by the Old Fathers, the leadership of "the Seven Days" left their states of Mississippi and Louisiana to settle the area of the Oklahoma Territory(101).

1882, Traquier, the faithful aide to Oscar Wilde, escorted Wilde in his travels across the North American continent(102).

1883, Miss Guinan burst onto the socialite scene, preaching messages of equality and voicing optimism about the future. It was said that she was a bright counterpoint to the grim statements of Mark Twain(103). It must be noted that according to preliminary evidence, aliens, possibly Devidians, were reported to have planted a nuclear weapon at Khartoum, at the same time events were taking place in San Francisco(104).

1894, Rosa Coleman, a former slave was able to tap into secret reserves of psychic power to defend herself and her family in the wilds of Alaska, earning her a place among the Seven Days organization(105). Unfortunately that same year, Doctor Marcus Schuler would emigrate to the United States from Germany to investigate these strange claims(106).

1895, members of the Seven Days organization received reports about plans for the potential campaign of genocide against African-Americans through the political manifesto, "The King in Yellow"(107).

With the dawn of the Twentieth Century, many opportunities and threats began to make themselves known; unfortunately they were not to be reaped by the African Diaspora members themselves.

1900, according to military officials, cult worship of "Mashataan" deities Nyarlathotep and Athu was conducted in the Belgian Congo by nationalist rebels(108). In 1903, fishermen near Hermanus, South Africa reported the presence of a sea serpent(109).

1907 On November 01, members of the Cthulu cult were violently gunned down during a raid in New Orleans(110).

1909 In July and August, Ambatolampy experienced a severe outbreak of poltergeist activity(111).

1913 On August 09, Sir Arthur Jermyn would commit after it was finally revealed that his family, stretching as far back as Sir Wade Jermyn in 1765, were the descendants of humanoid apes. This leads many to the conclusion that many of the members of the Wold-Newton family (see Tarzan of Greystoke, Sheena, and Kazar ) may all be descendants of the White Apes of the Onga region. This is further supported by evidence that from February until March 1907, Tarzan of Greystoke engaged in relations with a female great ape by the name of Teeka(112).

1914, Arsene Lupin, under the alias "Don Luis Perenna", began espionage and intelligence operations in colonial Africa. His first mission secured the steady flow of gold from the colonies, back to France(113).

1915, residents of the Wango Wango Jungle, complained that Tarzan of the Greystoke clan, with his son Artuk, had sexually assaulted many of the women of the region(114).

1917 On April 06,the Goa'uld starship Aton was witnessed by thousands of people in Fatima, Portugal.

1918, Arsene Lupin scored another coup for the French government by admittedly stealing the radioactive "godstone" of French Saharan tribal peoples(115).

1919, The actions of Lieutenants Morhange and Saint-Avit resulted in the "accidental" of Goa'uld system lord Queen Aylinea in the French Sahara(116). This awakening also triggered the "awakening" of the warlord "Kahotep" who set forth to restart his longevity experiments into immortality, using apprentices such as Aleister Crowley and Doctor Joseph Mengele as pawns(117).

By the 1920s, a renewed sense of Black Pride had brought about a new self-identity and a sensibility built on empowerment of the community, but this was tempered by the presence of the unknown.

1921 In September and October Blaauwulei, South Africa experienced a severe poltergeist outbreak(118).

1924, the murder of a female archaeologist in Egypt would be mysteriously linked to immortal being "Nick" and "Thomas"(119). That same year, Edith Manning and Frederick Harper-Seaton stole the mystical artifact, the "Hand of Destiny", from Papa Skat, informal ruler of Harlem, New York(120).

1925 In March witnesses reported the raining of frogs and fishes in Uitenhage, South Africa(121).

1927, the Seven Days organization served in covert operations to protect the African-American community. This was exemplified in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma protection of NAACP lawyer, Richard Reaves, during a series of brutal lynchings(122). That same year, Seven Days operatives investigated reports by famous singer, Lydia Redmond on the presence of vampirism in Chicago, Illinois(123). Further reports also state that a woman claiming to be Cleopatra was seen in the company of mobster Lucky Luciano(124).

1928, In the summer Special Agent Taine of the United States Secret Service began a racially motivated war on the Seven Days organization. Under the pay of the First National Bank of New York City, Secret Agent Taine linked racially white criminals, killed during criminal heists, to African-American financiers trying to buy property in Harlem and other parts of Manhattan(125).

1929, Jules de Grandin began to report on "supernatural" occurrences in the French colonies of Asia and Africa(126).

1929, In the springSecret Service Agent Taine, using "blackface" and the false alias of "N. Gerome" massacred leaders of the Seven Days organization in their headquarters in Manhattan(127).

In the 1930s a series of events attracted the concern of the African Diaspora.

1930, in the town of Derry, Maine, the Black Spot, a local African-American social club, was torched by the Maine Legion of Decency, killing dozens of people(128).

That same year in Shantyville, Florida, near Loon Marsh, an unidentified alien object crashed. The object began to mutate plants and animals in the local vicinity, before it disappeared(129).

That same year it was also reported that community leaders Count Sebastian, Ebony Kate, Professor Semon, and Marcus were arrested after "trying to contaminate the Croton Water Reservoir" in New York(130).

1931, In January, Van Puyster, a local Boston, Massachusetts artist, became homicidal and attacked black people after receiving an organ transplant, from Dr. Evans(131).

1931, From May until July the city of Roehampton, Jamaica reported a massive poltergeist outbreak.

1932, Garry Connell, a local date farmer near Mount Sentinel, California, discovered the revived forms of Goa'uld forces under the command of Horab and Luhra(132).

That same year, many local Haitian griots were unfairly blamed for the actions of Murdere Legendre in the "White Zombie" murders(133).

1933, the savage killings of Bigger Thomas shocked and terrified the Chicago, Illinois area(134).

Furthermore, that same year, "the Gullah" had revealed themselves to members of the African-American community, with the false promise of immortality(135). That same year, it was revealed that the Greystoke clan, led by Tarzan had obtained sample of the Javuru immortality drug(136). In 1934, 500 people "fell to their knees" and died in the all-African American community of Haven, Oklahoma(137).

1934 On March 03,racist reporter Brant Emerson, Live Wire magazine, claimed to have traveled through time through a time machine created by a Professor Lestrange that based on his trip to the year 2034, "blacks were hellbent on taking over the world"(138).

Further concerns were aroused when on October 31, 1934 Doctor Marcus Schuler, head of the World Eugenics League, formerly a resident of Germany, announced his plans to develop an American eugenics plan(139).

1936, Boo Radley was unjustly accused of murder in the state of Mississippi; it would take the efforts of Atticus Finch to prevent his conviction(140).

1937 In July in Lansdowne, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa suffered an outbreak of poltergeist activity(141).

1939 On September 02, a mysterious African-American figure identifying himself as "Doctor Thomas Placide" was arrested in Berlin, Germany after claiming to have worked on a time travel project(142).
On September 03,  the S.S. Queen Anne disappeared mysteriously off the coast of Bermuda, after German SS officers had reported boarding the vessel, in search of "Thor's Hammer" inciting many Jamaican and Bermudan officers to rebel(143).

Although the 1940s are often remembered with fond nostalgia, there was much to be concerned about.

1941 On December 13, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued Executive Order # 8389 (Trading With the Enemy Act), after being briefed on the presence of Goa'uld warlord "Kahotep" and his involvement with the Axis(144).

1942, Josh Exley of Macon, Georgia mysteriously disappeared without a trace from his home(145).

1942, In June, contrary to reports of a ammunition depot explosion, Camp Cathcart, Louisiana was the site of grisly medical experiments by Doctor Josef Reinstein(146). Compounding upon this tragedy was the fact that this was a military operation overseen by Colonel Walker Price and Lieutenant Phillip Merritt. Further reports suggest that the survivors of these grisly experiments (Maurice Canfield, Isaiah Bradley, and Sergeant Lucas Evans) were placed into military operations behind enemy lines as cannon fodder (e.g. the Black Forest, Germany Campaign).

1943, another tragedy compounded matters. That year 1,200 members of the 364th Infantry Unit, an African-American unit, were systematically slaughtered, by white officers at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi(147).

1947 On July 01, passengers on the Llandway Castle witnessed a large UFO in the Straits of Madagascar, just one week before the Roswell, New Mexico crash(148). Six days later, Josh Exley, was found murdered in Roswell, New Mexico after an altercation with Ku Klux Klan members who mysteriously stabbed him in the back of the neck(149).

In the 1950s, there was a series of events that attracted the attention of the African-American community.

In 1950, the new community leaders of Haven, Oklahoma and founded the town of Ruby, Oklahoma(150).

1951 On October 04, an Air Force officer witnessed a UFO near Tessalt, Mali(151).

1952 From January until February  MI6 agent, James Bond and CIA agent, Felix Leiter would conduct covert operations in the Carribean meant at shattering the Seven Days organization, and their links to SMERSH(152).

1952 On November 22, 8 men near Bocaranga, Central African Republic observed UFOs for over hour.

1953, Benny Russell, author of "Far Beyond the Stars" was driven mad after handling the Jewel of Opar(153). Under the influence of the jewel, he reported channeling the identities of "Gabriel Bell of San Francisco Sanctuary District; Captain Benjamin Sisko, of the United Federation of Planets; Rydra Wong, famed interstellar poet and linguist(154); Rat Konga, last survivor of the planet, Rhyonan(155)". This sudden madness of Benny Russell would force detectives Coffin Ed Johnson and Gravedigger Jones to leave the NYPD, to become private detectives(156).

That same year, retired French military officer Major Robert "Bob" Morant began conducting secret operations around the world, including operations meant at destabilizing African nations(157).

1954 On October 11,  2 truck drivers reported chasing a UFO near Lavarande Oran, Algeria.
On October 12, French engineers witnessed the takeoff of a UFO in the Mamoro Desert in Morocco.
On October 20, 1954, a UFO was reported flashing yellow and blue lights near Jean Mermoz, Algeria.
On October 24, 1954, witnesses in Ain-El-Turck, Algeria reported the presence of a "small man with glowing eyes".
On November 03,1954, a UFO was tracked by a truck driver near Oved Beth, Morocco(158).

1955, the immortal Casca Loginus freed the daughter of a munitions manufacturer from Berber rebels, severely weakening the independence movement(159). In 1956, a strange "fireball-like object" appeared within the interior of a home in Katsina, Nigeria.

1957 On March 02,  Professor Dale Convey reported strange paranormal experiences after uncovering the tomb of the pharaoh Ptah Hotep(160).

1959, many people in the African-American community were shocked at the sheer brutality and savagery displayed in the attempted Christian conversion and CIA-directed coups launched in the Congo(161).

By the 1960s, the pressures and threats of the Cold War and the Supernatural became inescapable.

1961 On September 19,  Barney and Betty Hill, an interracial couple from North Salem, New Hampshire reported being abducted by a UFO, near Pease AFB(162).

1962 On June 15,  witnesses reported the discovery of 2 brown football-sized objects of unknown origin in Kimberly, South Africa that shrank and turned white over the course of 3 days(163).

1963, according to agents of "The Seven Days", Macon "Milkman" Dead reportedly spread his arms and flew near Lake Superior(164). On December 25, 1963, fishermen near Libreville, Gabon reported the presence of a UFO(165).

1964, a bizarre series of racially motivated murders took place in the city of New York City, targeting African-American males who rode the subway system(166). The failure of law enforcement authorities baffled the community, but it forced an awareness of African-Americans in law enforcement.

1965, the Johnson administration assigned CIA agents, Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott to work with each other.

August 05, 3 civil rights workers disappeared in Mississippi after reporting bizarre alien "Hive" activity(167). This would cause members of the Majestic-12 group to investigate the African-American community more deeply.

Three days later, on August 08, a mysterious blue shaft of light struck the area of the Oakland Hills of the California Bay Area. The event has been described by many witnesses as, "the Coming of the Light" "the Blue Light"(168). What can't be denied is the fact that the event was similar in effect to the 18th century Wold Newton event in England. Almost immediately it was noticed that there were strange paranormal events striking the community. Almost immediately French scientists Giles Novak and Regine Veran began receiving reports of strange activities worldwide(169).

On August 11,medical student Ray Harper of Watts, California reported becoming possessed by time traveler "Sam Beckett"(170).

On August 13, agents of the Majestic-12 organization would report "Hive" alien activity in Watts, California during the urban riots(171).

On August 14, FBI agents Alan Ward and Rupert Anderson would utilize the resources of the Seven Days organization to capture and interrogate suspects in the disappearance of civil rights workers(172).

1967, a young white-skinned hustler by the name of "Trick Baby" began the process of swindling the African-American community in the south side of Chicago(173).

That same year, NYPD officer Foxy Cleopatra met with British MI5 agent, Austin Powers to fight Doctor Evil(174).

1968, Coffin Ed Johnson and Gravedigger Jones reportedly killed each other a dispute into the direction of the Seven Days organization(175).
Furthermore, that same year, Project TIC-TOC officials reported a nuclear threat that caused the temporary evacuation of the Arizona facility(176).

In the 1970s, the African-American community began to develop a powerful network. This began with a war against organized crime and the police.

1971, male prostitute, Sweet Sweetback, began a one-man war against what he perceived as brutality against the community(177).
Detective John Shaft waged a war against the Mob, bringing down mobster Victor Androzzi(178).

1972, in New York, New York, African-American robbers dressed as police officers attacked the financial holdings of the Don Gennaro crime family(179). Similarly, it was revealed that Slaughter, a former Green Beret was waging war against the Mafia in California(180).

1974, the Brotherhood supported the one man war of Black Belt Jones, bringing down reputed Mafia figures such as "Pinky", after the death of community figure, Poppa Byrd(181).

1976, the Brotherhood was backing the one-man war of Jessie Taylor the crime family of Don Jimmy Colluci(182).

Soon it was revealed that the para-militaristic method which these crimes had been executed was the result of Dan Freeman, former CIA clerk, who had trained agents nationwide(183). Further leadership has been determined to have come from Colonel Abraham Blackman, who, while injured during a routine reconnaisance patrol in Vietnam, was placed into a state of chronal dissonance. It is because of the visions he apparently received that the Brotherhood has been able to more fully infiltrate the power structures of the United States(184).Another member of the organization was Lieutenant Herbert "Magic" Williams, who while in Vietnam reported becoming possessed by time traveler "Sam Beckett" after rescuing his platoon(185). Former African-American exiles (Count Sebastian, Semon, Marcus, and Ebony Kate )were called to serve as advisors to the Brotherhood by Doctor Abraham Flandings(186). Under their leadership, the Brotherhood was formed, dedicated to the ideals of "Truth, Justice, and the Afro-American Way"(187). Unfortunately, there was a darker reason for the creation of the Brotherhood, besides the stated ideals. According to Max Reddick, an expatriate author, the United States government, in coordination with the governments of Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, et al., had created the King Alfred Plan. The plan initiated in the last days of the Eisenhower administration and initially killed by the Kennedy administration in 1963, called for the creation of concentration camps for African-American dissent(188). According to Dan Freeman, not only were these rumors confirmed, but as of 1970 they were in full bloom(189).

It is during this period that the organization was forced to deal with supernatural elements.

1971, the predictions of Abbysinia Jackson of Ponca City, Oklahoma came to the attention of the Old Fathers in Haven, Oklahoma. Her psychic visions became a major source of intelligence for the Brotherhood(190).

1972, in Los Angeles, California an African-descended vampire, dubbed "Blacula" terrorized the population(191).
Detective John Shaft was called to Jerusalem on a mysterious case(192). In horrifying conditions, similar to the Tuskegee Experiments, prisoners across the United States were subjected to illegal drug experiments, including subject, Luke Cage(193).
On April 22,Freddy Miller would report being abducted and experimented upon by UFOs after being found in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic(194).

1973, Detective John Shaft was called on a mission to the African continent(195).

Through the research of Dr. Hess Green, it was discovered that pre-Egyptian vampire tribes were spreading into Nigeria(196).

1974, under the leadership of Reverend Deke O' Malley it was revealed that the Watcher Council had planned to use the urban ghetto as a dumping ground for supernatural creatures and threats(197).

1975 In the Summer the vampire known only as "Le Banc" began an effort to control the flow of drugs and prostitution into New York City. Through the efforts of the Slayer, "Le Banc" was killed in Bermuda, in June 1975(198).

On July 21, a farmer in Lokton, South Africa was probed by a mysterious beam of light, after witnessing a UFO(199).

1976, a vampire by the name of "Spike" killed the African-American slayer in a subway(200). In response, the Brotherhood began an effort to recruit Eric Brooks a.k.a. "Blade" and former Watcher Council member, Whistler(201). In 1977, Brotherhood members tested a formula, highly derivative of the Erskine drug(202) on members of a black radical motorcycle gang(203).

During this period, a vast Pacific Rim crime network was discovered by agents of the Brotherhood.

1971, it was discovered that former war criminal, Dietricht Baeder was developing an operation that included the abduction of women throughout the Pacific Rim(204).

1972, its purpose as a genetic breeding effort for a self-proclaimed revolution was revealed(205).

That same year, reports of human hunts began in earnest, with the arrival of the Spiros(206).

1973, the Brotherhood helped sponsor a mission to undermine the slave programs organized by Chinese crime lord Han(207). That same year Brotherhood agents uncovered the network's links to organized crime in Europe and Japan(208). This presumption was forwarded to a greater degree when Jefferson Bolt, with the assistance of an MI5 agent, encountered the deadly assassin Dominique Kwan, under the command of Japanese crime lord, Kumundu(209).

1976, liberation of all female prisoners under the Syndicate was achieved(210).

The late 1970s were far from pleasant for the members of the Brotherhood, pushing them to the verge of collapse.

1975, NYPD detective, Foxy Cleopatra disappeared after searching for Dutch crime lord, Goldmember(211).
That same year, self-proclaimed "General" Ahmed began building up a paramilitary force that terrorized Watts, California on a regular basis(212). 1976 Doctor Henry Pride became a violent white criminal using the name of "Mr. Hyde", terrorizing Watts, California.

1977, rumors were spread that Cleopatra Jones, although a member of the Brotherhood, had married a Jewish rabbi in the Bronx, this lead to anti-Semitic insults such as "Cleopatra Schwartz"(214). Many members of the Brotherhood believe that this sudden reversal of fortune was caused by the ruthless actions of Largo Winch, seizing control of the "Group W"(215).

1978, LAPD Lieutenant John Ash was attacked by Oddjob a.k.a. "Santavacino", while attempting to prevent the detonation of a "freeze bomb" in the city of Los Angeles, California(216). That same year, CIA agent, Mark Lucas, was forced to recover the stolen North Pole Star Diamond a.k.a. the Jewel of Opar from Chinese Triad officers in Hong Kong(217).

1979, youth gang-leader, Cyrus was assassinated in New York City, New York during an illegal rally(218).

That same year Jimmy Bones, infamous racketeer and gangster was killed by police officers(219). It was only through the timely funding of 30-year old entrepreneur and St.Louis, Missouri resident Navin Johnson, (after years of fighting against the rampant practice of Mexican cat juggling) that the Brotherhood was able to maintain financial security(220).

In the 1980s, the Brotherhood almost collapsed due to threats internal and external.

1981, members of the group Force Five fought in Southeast Asia against warlord Rev. Rhee and his "Maze of Death"(221).

1983, the federal government began Project THOR for the express purpose of controlling unrest in the ghetto. It wasn't until LAPD officers Frank Murphy and posthumously, Officer Richard Lymangood released to the press a secret meeting between Colonel F.E. Cochrane and Los Angeles City Council members that the program was cancelled(222).

1984, the Jewel of Opar, lost since 1978 was located in Los Angeles, by car reposition services(223).

April 06, Unfortunately, President Ronald Reagan approved Operation REX84, which established 23 detention camps across the United States to hold "suspect aliens" and "subversive elements"(224).

The one bright note for that year was on the campus of Adams College in California, wherein members of the Brotherhood-affiliated fraternity, "Lambda Lambda Lambda" a.k.a. "Tri-Lambda" helped defend the rights of intellectuals on the campus(225). This has led to greater access to technical and financial networks.

It should also be noted for the record, that contrary to reports by Emmett Fitz-Hume and Austin Milbarge of the State Department, that Colonel Rhumbus personally lead an armed patrol that prevented General Miegs and General Sline from instigating a full-scale nuclear war against the Soviet Union(226).

1985, the African-American community fell under the thrall of the martial arts expert and crime lord, Sho'nuff who fed on the life-force energy of others, via the Jewel of Opar, known only as "the Glow"(227). It is believed that the crime lord, Sho'Nuff would not have come to power were it not for the fact that the United States military. Under the leadership of Colonel Matt Hunter, officials were over zealous in its attempt to root out the agents of Mikhail Rostov from the inner cities of America(228).

That year also saw the untimely death of boxer, Apollo Creed at the hands of Soviet boxer, Ivan Dragov(229).

On April 01, Sunda Kustagir , one of the primary founders of the Seven Days organization and the Brotherhood was found beheaded in a New York City alley(230).

1986, the archaeological relic known only as "the Armor of God" was stolen from the Brotherhood, and its network of female bodyguards, by a lone archaeologist known as Asian Hawk(231).

This disappointment was mitigated by the actions of Colonel "Chappy" Sinclair, who led a rescue mission into Libya, to recover a lost Americcan pilot(232).

987, agents of the Brotherhood began to notice that there was an epidemic in the African-American community. Too many members were lacking "Soul" or as the British would later term, "Mojo". This event led to a national campaign to build awareness and find a cure to this affliction(233). In 1988, agents of the Brotherhood began a policy of "pre-emptive" strikes. This began with the assassination of drug kingpin Nino Brown outside the Manhattan courtroom he had been acquitted(234).

That same year, General "Chappy" Sinclair led an elite squadron of Russian and American pilots in a pre-emptive strike on Saddam Hussein's Iraqi Supergun project(235).

In Detroit, Michigan, much to the displeasure of the White House, Sergeant Jericho Jackson of the Detroit Police Department was able to undermine the plans of industrialist and political powerhouse, Peter Dellaplane(236).

Also that same year, the operations of "Mr.Big" were eliminated from the city of Any Ghetto, U.S.A. by the work of Brotherhood agents, Jack Slade, John Shaft, Superfly, and Hammer(237).

1989, Brotherhood leader LAPD Sgt. Roger Murtaugh, assassinated South African ambassador, Arjen "Aryan" Rudd(238).

In the 1990s, the Brotherhood was faced several crisis, but it would also be the catalyst for the finest hour of the organization.

1992, private security expert, John Cutter prevented the hijacking and escape of international terrorist, Charles Rane(239).

That same year, former CIA agent and Brotherhood operative, Donald Crease was able to obtain the "Black Box" which is able to crack any known computer code encryption. As a test of their ability they transferred $3 million dollars from the Republican National Party fund to the NAACP(240).
1992 On May 01,  the Brotherhood watched in horror as the Crips and the Bloods were forced to sign a peace agreement with the "New World Order"(241).

1994, the Brotherhood was able to undermine the gubernatorial campaign of white supremacist, Duke Metzger in Louisiana with the help of Voodoo priestesses(242).

That same year, "savant" Romulus Ledbetter, resident of New York City's Inwood Park, was able to expose the murderous activities of "Cornelius Gould Stuyvesant"(243). It was this same "savant" who on December 1994 announced the cryptic message "The Empire Has Not Ended!" With the sudden death of conspiracy investigator Mohammed Khan by NYPD, Brotherhood agent "Boy" discovered that Operation REX84 was in effect. It is unfortunate to note that the life of Brotherhood agent Eezy-D was sacrificed in order to obtain this information(244).

1995, the Brotherhood utilized the priestesses as reciprocity against LAPD officers in the murder of community leader, Martin Morehouse.(245) Voodoo was again utilized on July 1995, by "Papa Guedhe" (a. k. a. "Jim Crow") in an effort to prevent the Unitol Corporation from distributing a lethal new version of crack cocaine. NYPD were shocked to discover members of the Unitol Board of Directors in blackface, eating the CEO of the company(246). That same year, Miami police officers, Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery prevented the shipment of illegal narcotics into the city of Miami by the Fouchet French crime network(247).

1996, FBI Agent Piper, of the Brotherhood, was able to undermine the Russian Mafia in Miami, Florida with the help of a hacker(248).

Unfortunately that same year, on August 07, 1996, Josephine Morales of Brooklyn, New York reported that she had been abducted and violated by the Davenport Institute of Genetics in Long Island, claiming furthermore, that her child had been kidnapped by the agency(249). On August 20, 1996, Josephine Morales was found murdered in her Brooklyn apartment; NYPD was unable to determine a suspect(250).

1998, USMC member and Brotherhood agent, Mark J. Sheridan a.k.a. "Mark Warren" a.k.a. "Mark Roberts" was charged with conspiracy to pass secrets to the Chinese government(251).

That same year, Precious Ramotswe established "The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency" in Gabavone, Bostwana(252).

The Twenty-first century offers a new set of challenges and promises for the members of the Brotherhood.

2000, Early in this year, Japanese Yakuza member, Aniki Yamamoto found himself exiled to Los Angeles, California(253). In an effort to establish a power role for himself, he waged a gang war that caused much bloodshed for the area.

On May 9, 2000, in the direct aftermath, Charles Gunn, led a private war against vampires in the local Los Angeles, California region(254). In Oakland, California, efforts by Trish O'Day and Han Sing prevented Sing/O'Day gang war between the Chinese Triads and the Brotherhood(255). In 2001, Augustus Gibbons, agent of the Brotherhood was confirmed as head of the National Security Agency(256).

Furthermore, General Abraham Blackman, one of the founders of the Brotherhood, was appointed to the Joint Chiefs of Staff(257). Also that same year, national security advisor Richard Whelan was credited with averting the Indo-Pakistani conflict from turning nuclear(258). Unfortunately that same year, United Nations intelligence agent, Neil Shaw was framed for the murder of Chinese industrialist, David Chan, in an effort to push the United States and China to war(259). Further temperance of the future was brought about by the apocalyptic cult of Eugene Debs Hartke of Tarkington College in Conestoga Valley, Pennsylvania(260).


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