1871. March-July Head off on the Vengeance Trail

1871 July- August 6, 1874 RYAN'S PSALM. The well deserved if horrible demise of Donegal Ryan.

1871 July "Black Rain" a Hopi folk tale, (Forthcoming)

1871 September and 1886-April "Head Man Tames the Crows" An Apache Folktale.

1872 October "Head Man Breaks the Iron Horse" A Navaho folk tale. El Head wrecks a train trespassing on Navaho lands and obtains some gold being shipped back east. (Forthcoming)

1874 April "The Gay Vaqueros Last Fandango" Tale of two ruthless homosexual vaqueros whose rumpage of terror is stopped by El Murceilago, The Bat.

1874-1875 September to 1875 January BAKED RUSSIAN SURPRISE The merited, if grotesque demise of Davidovich. (Forthcoming)

1874 October Untitled Story about Emperor Norton in San Francisco.(Forthcoming)

1874.December "Vengeance of El Diablo Cabeza" (Vengeance of the Devil Head) A Hispanic folktale set in Nevada. (Forthcoming)

1874 December "Land Pirates" El Murceilago fights against a fleet of marauders who have shaped their wagons to resemble pirate ships. (Forthcoming)

1875 January "Medicine Head Man". An Apache Folk tale (Forthcoming)

1875 January Untitled Story about Davidovich and El Head in Virginia City, Nevada. (Forthcoming)

1875 January "Sheik Down in the Desert" A Western tale about a Lost Arabian Prince in the Great American Desert. (Forthcoming)

1875 January to October BATTER'S UP! BATTER'S DEAD!! The brutal, yet poetic justice of Ross Irving (Forthcoming).

1875 February "Caballeros De La Cabeza" (Riders of the Head) A Hispanic folk tale detailing the exploits of the riders of El Head. (Forthcoming)

1875 September "El Jefe and the Cabelllo Diablo" (The Head and the Devil Rider) A Hispanic Folktale(Forthcoming).

1875 "The Last Conquistadore: A tale of El Murcielago"

1875-1876 January to March 1876. UNMASKED The Unnecessary, but satisfying demise of Bear Marks.(Forthcoming)

1875 (Months unknown) "El Head and the Morning Star" El Head has some trouble with the Custer boys. (Forthcoming)

1875 January ""The Horseless Head Man" A Renegade Headsman steals El Head's Horse and leaves him in the Desert.(Forthcoming)

1875 March "El Head and the Red Ghost" A Western tale. A camel from the Camel Corps is found and tamed by El Head.(Forthcoming)

1876 March " El Muerte Dello Murceilago" (The Death of the Bat) (Forthcoming)

1876 July "El Head and the Greasy Grass" El Head's Revenge upon the Custer Boys.(Forthcoming)

1877 Month unknown "Screaming Headlines" One of El Head's Hunters goes renegade and becomes a serial killer. El Head tracks him down.(Forthcoming)

1879 Month Unknown "Head and M at the Pass" Story of El Head's infiltration of British Intelligence and his role in the Battle of Rorkesdrift.(Forthcoming)

1880 Late March "Head Busting On the Circle K". El Head acquires the famed Circle K ranch by terrorizing the owners. El Head's Men pose as masked night riders. El Head offers to drive away the marauders by using his Headsmen as a security force. (Forthcoming)

1880 May "Circle K Squeeze Out" Once in place El Head's security forces drive Missy Karan and her elderly Father Rance away from the ranch. Missy Karan swears revenge.(Forthcoming)

1877-81 September "El Head and the Brooklyn Cowboy" El Head's encounter with Henry McCarty .(Forthcoming)

1881 Month Unknown "Head Strong Indians" El Head's ruthless acquisition of land soon ran him against the Indians. El Head was forced to do personal combat with the Hikowa champion, a half German named War Lance Schmiddner. El Head used many advanced technological tricks to defeat his foe (Forthcoming)

1882 April "Broken Arrow Head Man" A Hopi folk tale. El Head recovers in a Hopi pueblo after receiving an arrow through his skull.(Forthcoming)

1882 Month unknown "El Head's Stones" Upon acquiring the Circle K, El Head becomes a ruthless land baron, acquiring ever increasing plots of land, usually by terrorism and forced buy outs. He becomes a law unto himself and spends much of his time tinkering with various and sundry inventions. (Forthcoming)

1883 Month Unknown "Head Full of Steam" Details El Head's most inventive period, including his improvements on the Babbage Analytical Engine and a steam driven automobile (Forthcoming)

1884 Month Unknown "Frankenstein, the Wolfman, Dracula, The Hunchback and El Head Share a Campfire One Night in Arizona.(Forthcoming)

1884 Month unknown "El Head and the High Yellow Rots of Texas or the Zombie King from Down Galveston Way." (Forthcoming)

1887 May "Body Thief Revenge" An Apache Folk tale. While experimenting with refrigeration, El Head has his body stolen. He uses ruthless means to recover it. El Head's downfall in the late eighties is attributed to the thievery of his body which weakened him considerably, although most of it was recovered.(Forthcoming)

1888 Months Unknown "Shrinking Head Hunters" Head's Hunters begin deserting him and finding other employment.(Forthcoming)

1888 Months Unknown."Fight For the Head Lands" El Head is ousted from the Circle K by a band of Marshals at the behest of Missy Karan.(Forthcoming)

1889 Months Unknown." A Hundred Bucks A Head" El Head flees from bounty hunters among which are many former Head Hunters.(Forthcoming)

1889 Months Unknown." A Price on the Head" El Head the fugitive.(Forthcoming)

1889 Months Unknown. "Head Hunter" The story of one persistent bounty hunter one of El Heads top Hunters (Forthcoming)

1890 Months Unknown "Fuego Lagarto y El Jefe" A Hispanic folktale. This is the final El Head story according to his chronicler Lizard Boy. El Head apparently finds some method of destroying himself but as is later revealed the death scene was an illusion created by El Head. His reason was to cut ties with Lizard Boy so that Dio could have a chance at a normal life (Forthcoming)


1900 August "The Bugle Crows Thrice"

1902 Months Unknown "Second Louis Blues" El Head takes control of a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army stationed in the Philippines. This Second Lieutenant one day becomes Army Chief of Staff and President of the United States.(Forthcoming)

1913 Months Unknown "El Head, King of the Jungle" El Head has a run in with a man claiming to be the Lord of the Jungle.(Forthcoming)

1920 Months Unknown "Piracy, Head Hunting and other Recreations." (Forthcoming)

1945 August "El Head, the Bugle Man, the Little Boy and the Big Lizard"




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