KILGORE TROUT SAYS:                          4 OCT 1974

The enclosed letter more or less speaks for itself. I decided to send you a copy because friend said Mr. Offut might not send my letter to the SFWA Forum right away. He has lots of work to do for the organ & and besides he drinks a lot. Also the letter has to get to you before October 15th to be in the next Forum. And so on.

                          October 4, 1974
                          Kilgore Trout
                          c/o Ted Chichak
                          Scott Meredith Literary Agency
                          580 Fifth Avenue
                          New York, N.Y.
andy offut
funny farm
haldeman, ky

dear mr offut:

a friend of mine recently told me about the sfwa and all the great fun you people have. he said it would benefit me in many ways to belong to a science fiction writers' organ. so i'm writing you thru my agent since I move around a lot.

as you may know, ive been writing science fiction a long time, my friend says before most of your members were leaping around in their fathers testicles. but i havent had much published recently until i got some publicity from mr vonnegut and then dell publications decided to reprint my novel venus on the half-shell. i also sold a very abridged version to mr ed ferman of the magazine of fantasy 7 science fiction. its coming out october 30 in the december issue. so i think im qualified to join the sfwa as an active member.

would you please send me an application blank, and ill fill it out and send you a check at once. I never was one to join organs, but since ive become respectable ive decided that it wouldnt hurt me to become more gregarious.

the next point has nothing to do with the sfwa, but im looking for a place to live. the ex-friend i was living with lived on a farm and he gave me sleeping quarters in his barn. but he kicked me out when his mare got pregnant.

my friend, hes well-known among science fiction writers, told me you were very hospitable and liked to help other writers. would you have a place for me at the funny farm. my friend says you like kentucky bourbon and tho youre a southerner you have no prejudice against negroes or science fiction writers. he says youre kinda horny but that i wont need to worry about that. i don't want any more to do with barns tho.

If you want to publish this letter in sfwa its ok with me. I didnt use to answer my correspondence, which wasnt very big anyway. but in the sunset of my life i kind of like the idea of having pen pals.

if you need character references write david harris of dell. dont write to mr vonnegut. he never answers his mail.

Kilgore Trout