What's New Eleventh Year Archive

September 12th
Just a short update to let everyone know that we have not fallen off the face of the earth. Most of June, all of July, and the first part of August were all taken up by getting two new books, THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 3: Portraits of a Trickster and EXILES OF KHO published in time for FarmerCon/PulpFest.

The week after FarmerCon was spent shipping most of those books and then some how it's three weeks later. On the agenda for the rest September is updating the Forthcoming Books, Short Stories, Articles, Articles About, Reivews and Conventions webpages, and probably a few more we've forgotten to list here.

There are two things you need to know about before we wrap up this update. The first is that EXILES OF KHO, the prequel/origins story to Farmer's HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR, FLIGHT TO OPAR and THE SONG OF KWASIN (co-authored with Christopher Paul Carey) which is by Carey, is a Signed Limited Edition novella of only 200 copies, and there are only about 20 copies left for sale. All of the comments we've seen on this book have been very positive, such as this review by Brad Mengel and a used copy has already popped up on amazon for $39.99, nearly three times the cover price! Get your copy while you can.

Speaking of HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR, FLIGHT TO OPAR and THE SONG OF KWASIN, all three of these novels were published together in the collection GODS OF OPAR: Tales of Lost Khokarsa. As most of you know, this was the first publication of THE SONG OF KWASIN anywhere. GODS OF OPAR was published by Subterranean Press in two editions, a $65 signed (by Carey) numbered edition and a $45 trade edition. Left over from FarmerCon, we have several copies of the $45 trade edition that are signed by Christopher Paul Carey. These are available for the $45 trade edition price (plus shipping), no extra charge for the signature! To place an order, send an email to mike @ pjfarmer.com.

Ok, that is it for this update, hopefully the whole website will be up to date by the end of the month.

June 23rd
The summer of Philip José Farmer rolls on! It seems like there is news about a new book every week. First Meteor House announced that if you preorder a copy of the limited edition novella, EXILES OF KHO, your name will appear in the book on the acknowledgements page. Then there was Titan Books' reprint of THE OTHER LOG OF PHILEAS FOGG. This was followed by the highly anticipated release of GODS OF OPAR: Tales of Lost Khokarsa, (the signed limited edition sold out before it shipped, and the trade edition is moving briskly). Then Titan's reprint of TIME'S LAST GIFT hit the bookstore shelves. We have a lot of new reviews of these books to link to, but that will have to wait for another update later in the week. Also, if you have missed any of this news, please like us on facebook, where the news is updated more often.

And just two days ago Meteor House announced the stellar line up for THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 3: Portraits of a Trickster. As with the first two volumes, there is fiction and nonfiction, new material and old, all by or about Philip José Farmer and including new stories based on his works. There is nonfiction by Frederik Pohl, Michael Bailey, Steven Connelly, Bruce Sterling, Chris Garcia, Tom Wode Bellman, Jonathan Swift Somers III, David M. Harris, Leo Queequeg Tincrowdor, and Rick Lai. There is also fiction by Charlotte Corday-Marat, Win Scott Eckert, Heidi Ruby Miller, Octavio Aragão & Carlos Orsi, and S.M. Stirling. Finally, of course, there are stories, speeches, and letters, most of it never published before, by Philip José Farmer himself!

To learn more details about the contents of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 3, and the bonus materials in Titan's reprint series, give a listen to Art's Reviews Episode 3: Philip Jose Farmer Renaissance 2012. Art Sippo interviews Win Scott Eckert, Paul Spiteri and Michael Croteau and gets the inside scoop on these projects and more. This podcast is guaranteed to be the most interesting hour of your day, or your money back.

So what will be the next milestone in this event-filled summer? We're glad you asked, because here it is: you have the opportunity to be Tuckerized in a story—and not just any story, but a mind-blowingly-awesome story that Farmer fandom will still be talking about decades from now—in THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 3. That's right, a character in a story will have your name. One person chosen at random will win this prize and there are three ways you can enter the contest:

1. Here is the easy one. Preorder a copy of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 3. If you have already ordered a copy, you are already entered.

2. This will require a little more effort on your part, but it gives you another chance to win. If you already own a copy of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 1: Protean Dimensons, follow that link to Amazon and post a review of the book. It doesn't have to be a 5 star review, we want your honest assessment of the book, but it must be a minimum of 50 words, not just, "Loved the book, I recommend it!"

3. If you've already done the second one, this won't be any harder. Assuming you own and have read THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 2: Of Dust and Soul follow that link to Amazon and post a review. Same conditions, it doesn't have to be a glowing review, we really want your opinions, but please put a little effort into it and write 50 words or more.

There you have it, three chances to win a one-of-a-kind prize, and do Meteor House a favor in the process. If you enjoy their books, entering the contest by any of the three methods is a great way to say thank you. However, you only have a week to enter as the deadline is midnight eastern on June 30th. On July 1st, the winner will be chosen and notified.

May 30th
Well, don't say we didn't warn you. GODS OF OPAR: Tales of Lost Khokarsa, the Khokarsian omnibus, hasn't even shipped from the publisher and the signed, numbered, limited edition with bonus materials is sold out (the book is signed by SONG OF KWASIN co-author Christopher Paul Carey, not Philip José Farmer). There are still unsigned trade copies left, but who can say for how long? Subterranean Press' Farmer titles have sold out before publication in the past. And the chances of a second printing are slim. To date, of the eight Farmer volumes they have published, only one, PEARLS FROM PEORIA, has had a second printing (and, that is sold out too now). So, if you are still sitting on the fence about picking up this book, don't wait any longer. THE SONG OF KWASIN is an epic conclusion to the trilogy and well worth the price of the whole collection if you already own the first two books, HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR and FLIGHT TO OPAR.

But here is some good news. It's not too late to get a signed copy of the book. Just buy an unsigned trade edition (and save $20 in the process), and then come to FarmerCon VII and get your copy signed by Christopher Paul Carey in person.

May 16th
There is a lot of buzz right now about Titan Books' edition of THE OTHER LOG OF PHILEAS FOGG and other "Wold Newton" reprints that are coming soon. First, just to whet your appetite, you can read Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4 online. Then we highly recommend you check out what Win Scott Eckert has to say about Titan's "Wold Newton Series" at SF Signal at Titan's Book Blog. As we were saying, when a thiry-nine year old book is getting new reviews, like these at Fantasy Matters, Giant Freakin Robot, Slacker Heroes, and Geek Life. Then, to top it all off, there is a Book Cave Podcast with Art Sippo, Paul Spiteri, and Win about the series. Listening to this feels like you're sitting around talking about your favorite books with your close friends.

May 10th
Let's knock out a little website business before we get to the big stuff. First, Zacharias, webmaster of the International Bibliography, as he has done many times over the years, has sent us some content for the website. The first is a review of THE LOVERS from 1962 (you have to love the vintage stuff) while the second is a letter Phil wrote to Starlog magazine in 1991. For those of you who don't know, Phil gave us permission years ago to put online any letters he wrote to magazines and fanzines over the years. Reading a letter written by Phil for the first time, on any topic, reminds us how much we miss him.

A timeline and geneology enthusiast named Jonathan Glassow was kind enough to supply us with the two addresses where Phil lived that we did not have on the timeline. One was when he and Bette lived with his parents and one was when they lived with her parents. We also added the address of the last house Phil and Bette bought, in 2000.

Ok, so the big news this week is the first of Titan's "Wold Newton Novels," THE OTHER LOG OF PHILEAS FOGG, is out. It can be found in bookstores, or you can order it as a trade paperback or ebook, from amazon.com. This is just the first of many reprints Titan has lined up. But remember, how many books they decide to bring out depends on how well these first books sell. So if you have someone you've been thinking about turning on to Farmer, these Titan reprints are the perfect place to start. All the bonus materials showing the connections to his other books are sure to keep them reading.

While on the subject of Titan's reprints, some have speculated that since Titan announced HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR among their titles, that the rest of the series: FLIGHT TO OPAR and THE SONG OF KWASIN, are soon to follow. However, this is definitely not the case. So far Titan has not purchased the reprint rights to these two books. So the only way you can read THE SONG OF KWASIN (the epic long awaited conclusion to the series) is by ordering GODS OF OPAR: Tales of Lost Khokarsa. This omnibus is at the printer now and looks to be shipping in early June. Our prediction is that it will be sold out by August.

April 13th
Yesterday Christopher Paul Carey and Michael Croteau were guests on the Book Cave doing a podcast all about the ancient civilization of Khokarsa. Give it a listen if you haven't already. If you are not familiar with the Book Cave, hosts Rick Croxton and Art Sippo do a terrific job interviewing a wide variety of people regarding genre fiction, pulps, movies, tv, you know, all that entertainment we love.

In the podcast Chris and Mike mostly talk about the new webpage they created, Explore the World of Lost Khokarsa for the series, and the soon to be released, GODS OF OPAR: Tales of Lost Khokarsa. In case you've been living in a cave we'll point out that this volume contains three novels: HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR, FLIGHT TO OPAR, and the brand new conclusion to the series, THE SONG OF KWASIN. The latter title being a collaboration between Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey.

But, then the interview took a turn for the unexpected with the announcement of another brand-new book set in Khokarsa. If there is one complaint many people have about the Khokarsa novels, it is that the Gray-Eyed God, Sahhindar, does not show up enough. Seriously, anyone who has read TIME'S LAST GIFT knows who Sahhindar is, and we want to spend more time with him. A lot more time in fact. Farmer really took the old adage, "leave them wanting more," a little too far in this case. That is one of the reasons Christopher Paul Carey's novella, EXILES OF KHO, has us so excited. Not only is it an origin story, but Sahhindar plays a prominent role!

If that doesn't get you excited, how about this: artist extraordinaire Mike Hoffman not only supplies the gorgeous cover art, but interior illustrations as well. It gets even better, read on if you dare... The signed limited edition novella will be published in the late summer or early fall of 2012 (hopefully in time for FarmerCon VII where Chris will be a guest). You can preorder the book now for $15 plus shipping and there are two very compelling reasons why you need to do this. First, if you preorder by June 30th, your name will appear in the book on the acknowledgments page. Second, only a small number of copies will be printed beyond the number preordered. So if you don't preorder the book, there is a very good chance you will miss out on the tale of how Sahhindar significantly influenced the course of events in the ancient civilization of Khokarsa.

April 8th
We have more news from Win Scott Eckert about Titan's reprints; they are bringing out THE WIND WHALES OF ISHMAEL as part of their Grandmaster Series, but not until March 2013. We suppose this means these are all their titles for 2012: THE OTHER LOG OF PHILEAS FOGG (May), TIME'S LAST GIFT (June), LORD TYGER (July), A FEAST UNKNOWN (October), and LORD OF THE TREES (November). Not a bad lineup by any means!

Also, Titan has released the artwork for another great cover, this one for their reprint of A FEAST UNKNOWN. As previously reported, this edition will include an afterword by Farmer/Pulp/Doc Savage expert Art Sippo. Also mentioned before is the fact that Art's afterword is an expansion of the talk he gave FarmerCon VI in 2011. Now, here is something to consider, the following people have written new material for Titan's reprints: Win Scott Eckert, Christopher Paul Carey, Art Sippo, Paul Spiteri, Dennis E. Power and Joe R. Lansdale. To date we know that Win, Chris, Art, and Paul will all be at FarmerCon VII.

One more note, in case you missed it on our facebook page, there is a one of a kind book up for auction right now. The very first copy of VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL signed by Kilgore Trout. The book in inscribed to Farmer's long time friend:

To Jack Cordes, with / gratitude for bailing me out / of the Pekin calaboose / that fateful night / from / Kilgore Trout* / *This is a first-edition autograph, / the first time I ever signed my name to a book" .
If you'd like to purchase the book and donate it to this website, please note the auction ends on April 11th...

March 31st
More big news from Win Scott Eckert about Titan's wonderful series of reprints. First, the cover art for LORD OF THE TREES has been revealed. We can't say enough about how great all of these books are going to look together on your book shelves. As nice as that is, much more importantly Win has confirmed there will be bonus materials in LORD TYGER:

Joe R. Lansdale is eminently suited to contribute a new introduction to this Burroughsian-flavored novel, as he is one of the few (along with Philip José Farmer himself!) to write an authorized Tarzan novel.

And Paul Spiteri, a Farmerian expert and the editor of the critically acclaimed Farmer collection PEARLS FROM PEORIA (Subterranean Press) has written a fine foreword.

Let's face it, if you already own a copy (or several) of any of these titles, the bonus materials are why you are buying these books. The real key will be if new readers are attracted to the books and buy them (yea again for the great covers). If so, these bonus materials, most with an emphasis on the Wold Newton Universe and how the books are related to each other, should help make it so new readers don't stop at just one. How about this: Do Phil's memory a big favor and buy at least one of these titles just to give it to someone who has never read Farmer. See if you can't set the hook and reel them in. You know you would be doing them a great favor in the long run.

As always, keep an eye on the forthcoming books page for more details, cover art, and further reprint news and more than one announcement coming soon from Meteor House.

March 25th
To celebrate Subterranean Press' new Farmer collection due out next month, GODS OF OPAR: Tales of Lost Khokarsa, we have a special treat for you. First, just in case you've been living in a cave; this new collection contains Farmer's classic adventure novels, HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR and FLIGHT TO OPAR, and the long awaited conclusion to the series, THE SONG OF KWASIN, by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey.

With the extensive help of Chris Carey, we've set up a new website dedicated to the Khokarsa series. Some of the highlights include: a primer of terms from the series, the complete Chronology of Khokarsa by Phil, the first-time unveiling anywhere of the Khokarsan glyphs and syllabary from Phil's notes, and maps of Khokarsa, including some hand-drawn by Phil himself, and more.

We've said this before and we'll probably say it again if we get the chance, if not, then we'll just be saying, "We told you so. Again!" All of Farmer's Subterrarean Press titles sell out (right now the only Farmer book they still have in stock is the $300 deluxe lettered traycased edition of THE OTHER IN THE MIRROR). Every copy of the other six Farmer novels and collections have sold out. So don't wait, don't hope someone will buy it for you for Christmas, the book will be long gone by then. Preorder your copy now before the buzz on this book hits and they all get snatched up.

March 19th:
Win Scott Eckert first broke the news on his blog that Titan Books has announced the next two Farmer titles to be reprinted: A FEAST UNKNOWN (October 2012) and LORD OF THE TREES (November 2012). The two books are part of a new "sub-series," Secrets of the Nine: Parallel Universe.

But the news gets even better—A FEAST UNKNOWN will contain an all new afterword by Farmer/Pulp/Doc Savage expert Art Sippo. In fact, Art's afterword is an expansion of the talk he gave about this controversial book at FarmerCon VI in 2011. See folks, we keep telling you that you need to come to FarmerCon, and the quality of Art's presentation is just one prime example. The same night Art gave his speech we were trying to figure out the best place to print it, in the Worlds of Philip José Farmer series, or somewhere else. Make no mistake, if Titan didn't want it, Meteor House did.

Not to be outdone, LORD OF THE TREES will contain a foreword by Win Scott Eckert which will compare and contrast the universe of Lord Grandrith/Doc Caliban and the Wold Newton Universe. This will be an especially welcome essay as it can be hard to keep straight the origin of these two pulp heroes as Farmer laid it out in A FEAST UNKNOWN, as compared the two biographies he wrote of their parallels TARZAN ALIVE and DOC SAVAGE: HIS APOCALYPTIC LIFE.

Be sure to keep an eye on the forthcoming books page for more details, cover art, and further reprint news.

One of Farmer's classic stories, After King Kong Fell, is being reprinted in THE APES OF WRATH, edited by Richard Klaw. This collection of "ape literature" also includes classic stories and new essays by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Franz Kafka, Gustave Flaubert, Robert E. Howard, Karen Joy Fowler, Joe R. Lansdale, Howard Waldrop, Steven Utley, Mary Robinette Kowal, Pat Murphy, Leigh Kennedy, James P. Blaylock, Clark Ashton Smith, Aesop, Hugh B. Cave, Jess Nevins, Scott Cupp, Mark Finn, and an introduction by Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt.

March 11th:
We have more news about GODS OF OPAR: Tales of Lost Khokarsa. Publisher's weekly has reviewed the collection and has some nice things to say about it, including this about the all new third volume, THE SONG OF KWASIN:
True to its roots, the latest entry is fast-paced, often violent (Kwasin's enormous battle-ax is a major character), and filled with pulp tropes. Fans of Farmer's original series will appreciate this repackaging and enjoy the finale, both in tone and because of the closure it provides. Likewise, fans of Burroughs, H. Rider Haggard, and other pulp authors will find the entire collection an accessible and enjoyable throwback.

As Christopher Paul Carey talks about in this interview he specifically wrote THE SONG OF KWASIN as if he was writing it in 1976, so it would feel continuous with the first two books: HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR and FLIGHT TO OPAR. The fact that the reviewer seems to have picked up on this, calling the book a "throwback," seems to indicate that Chris pulled this off quite well.

Of course you have preordered your copy because with fans waiting over twenty-five years for the conclusion to this series, we all know this book will sell out quickly. The book is due out sometime in April, but there is a way you can get a sneak peak. Chris will be a guest at Norwescon 35 in Seatac, Washington on April 7th and 8th. Not only will he participate on two panels, he will also be reading from THE SONG OF KWASIN (maybe Chris will send us a video of this to post online). He would be doing a book signing as well, but the book probably won't be available until a few weeks after the convention. However, April is right around the corner, don't let this book slip away, get your copy now.

February 19th:
Subterranean Press has put the cover art for the forthcoming GODS OF OPAR: Tales of Lost Khokarsa, online. Just in case you've been living in a cave: this omnibus contains the complete Khokarsa series collected together for the first time, and the first time any of these titles have appeared in hardcover. So, if you loved HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR when it came out in the 70s, if you spent the early 80s scouring used books stores trying to find out what happens after FLIGHT TO OPAR, your long wait is nearly over. THE SONG OF KWASIN, by Philip José Farmer & Christopher Paul Carey, published here for the first time, is the exciting conclusion to this epic series.

We all know cover art helps to sell books, so we're sure Subpress will get a nice surge in pre-orders from posting this cover online. As we've repeatedly said in the past, Subpress' Farmer titles often sell out very quickly. We know of a couple of fans who didn't pre-order UP FROM THE BOTTOMLESS PIT AND OTHER STORIES and when it sold out on publication, they were left out in the cold. One of them did end up buying a copy from the Estate Sale, but they paid a good deal more than cover price to get it.

Make no mistake, GODS OF OPAR: Tales of Lost Khokarsa is the publishing event of the year as far as we're concerned. Also keep in mind, if the price of the signed limited edition seems a bit steep, you can buy an unsigned copy, bring it with you to FarmerCon VII and get it signed by Christopher Paul Carey in person. Chris will be one of the guess speakers at FarmerCon and we're sure he'll have a lot to tell us about writing THE SONG OF KWASIN.

January 26th:
The International Bibliography has declared today to be Philip José Farmer Day in celebration of what would have been Phil's 94th birthday. To help make this day special, we have a few exciting things tell you about.

We've previously stated what a great job Titan books is doing with their reprint series of Farmer titles, many of them specifically "Wold Newton" novels. It's just recently been announced the first two reprints, THE OTHER LOG OF PHILEAS FOGG and TIME'S LAST GIFT, will also include all new bonus material! Now, this gets us excited. This gives fans and collectors a reason to buy a book that they already own. Both of these titles include an Afterword and a Timeline by Wold Newton experts that will undoubtedly enrich your enjoyment of these classic titles. Keep watching the forthcoming books for further details.

For those of you who have visited Phil in Peoria, during a FarmerCon or any other time, there's a good chance you met Phil's (very) long time friend Jack Cordes. To give you an idea who Jack is, and how close they were, when Phil wrote DOC SAVAGE: HIS APOCALYPTIC LIFE, Jack loaned Phil his complete collection of Doc Savage pulps. Phil dedicated both THE MAD GOBLIN and BEHIND THE WALLS OF TERRA to him. You can read more about Jack and his collection here.

So, why are we telling you this? Because Jack is selling off his books, magazines, art, letters, and who knows what else, through Heritage Auctions. The collection is so large, they estimate it will be sold in batches over the next year to year and a half! The first batch, #6064 is currently online and features signed first editions by Farmer, Otis Adelbert Kline, Lester del Rey, L. Ron Hubbard, Ayn Rand, Richard Matheson, Murray Leinster, L. Sprague de Camp, John W. Campbell, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, E. E. Smith, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., A. E. van Vogt, Talbot Mundy, August Derleth, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, and Edgar Rice Burroughs! This auction ends on February 8, 2012, but you can bid online now. Be sure to visit the website and see how the online bidding works, along with the live bidding that will happen on the 8th. You need to register ahead of time, so don't wait until the 8th to check this out.

It's hard to imagine that is only the first auction of many. Additionally, some of Jack's books will be listed in the "weekly auctions." The one starting February 2nd, has 37 of his books listed. We will let you know when other lots are put online to preview and bid on. In fact, in the left hand column of this page, just above the PulpFest/FarmerCon graphic, you will see the heading, Jack Cordes Auctions. We will keep links to all of the auctions here.

While we have your mind reeling at the thought of all those books, and pulps, still to come, this seems like a good time to point out that you can now Register for PulpFest / FarmerCon VII. Even though PulpFest has moved to a larger and nicer venue, it still only costs $30 for a three day membership. It's worth that just to get into the dealer room, let alone all the great programming they line up like Mike Resnick being the Guest of Honor this year.

One final happy thought to leave you with: Meteor House will have a major announcement in the next couple of weeks about a Farmer related book you won't want to miss.

January 19th:
Once again Meteor House is stepping up and donating to a good cause, but once again they need your help to do so.

The tragic passing of pulp writer and editor Howard Hopkins at the age of 50, has been made even worse by the further misfortune of an insurance screw up:

Please forward the following as you see fit; it is copied from a post on the Yahoo “Flearun” and “Golden Perils” groups:

At the request of Howard’s wife, Dominique, Chuck Juzek contacted me and asked me to pass the following info along to the pulp fan community. Due to a mistake by their insurance agent 6 months ago that Dominique only became aware of after Howard’s death, Howard’s life insurance had lapsed at the time of his death. As a result, in addition to everything else that his passing means to her, she’s now scrambling in order to find the funds to pay for his funeral expenses. If you have the ability, she’s accepting donations to help pay for those expenses; at her request, I’m giving her address for anyone that wishes to contribute.

Dominique Hopkins
2 McKee Drive
Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064

So here’s the deal:

Give to a good cause and get something for yourself. The first $100 worth of orders that come in to Meteor House between now and midnight January 20, 2012, you get the books, and Dominique Hopkins gets the money.

For those of you who have a copy of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 1: Protean Dimensions, but have not yet ordered your matching numbered copy of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 2: Of Dust and Soul, there’s no time like the present. And if you haven’t yet bought either book, make sure you take advantage of our Combo Deal that will save you at least $10 off your order.

Some of us at Meteor House have worked with Howard and learned a lot from him. He cared about the craft of writing and was generous with his time, he will be sorely missed. Therefore we’d like to do this little thing for Howard’s family. The rest is up to you. Of course you don’t have to buy our books, especially if you already have them. If you already have both, you can just drop a little check in the mail to the address above, or paypal a small amount to sales @ meteorhousepress.com (by midnight January 20th) and we’ll add it to the total we’re sending.

January 16th:
And here we go...you can now book your room at the Hyatt Regency Columbus for PulpFest & FarmerCon. Make your reservation at the special convention rate of $109 per night, a considerable savings off the normal $189 per night rate for this very spacious and comfortable hotel. You can also book a room by calling 1-614-463-1234. Please be sure to mention PulpFest in order to get the special convention rate.

In case you missed the news, PulpFest has outgrown the facility it started with in 2009. The new hotel is a bigger and better venue for a con that has been growing by ten percent a year. Size, location, affordability, and availability were just a few of the many factors that were taken into consideration selecting a venue. The Hyatt Regency not only meets PulpFest and FarmerCon's current needs but is large enough to accommodate the continued growth both gatherings anticipate.

The new downtown location is ideal for out-of-town attendees lacking rental cars; the hotel sits in the middle of the active Short North Arts District and is just a few minutes walk from the trendy Arena District. There are shops and restaurants galore right outside the hotel’s entrance and various tourist attractions are easily accessible, offering numerous entertainment options for FarmerCon members accompanied by their families.

While FarmerCon is free, you do need to purchase a membership to PulpFest. As soon as you are able to order memberships we will post that information here. In the meantime, be sure to let us know if you are coming, especially you authors who might want to possibly take part in the FarmerCon and/or PulpFest programming. 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of Edgar Rice Burrough's "Under the Moons of Mars" and "Tarzan of the Apes." What better way to celebrate these centennials than with your friends at PulpFest and FarmerCon!

January 5th:
Big news for book collectors! You may recall the sale we had on items from the Estate back in November where we gave you discounts for the following:
Like pjfarmer.com on facebook - and save another 10% off any Estate Sale purchase.
Purchase a copy of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 1: Protean Dimensions - and save another 10%
Purchase a copy of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 2: Of Dust and Soul - and save another 10%
Of course if you already own copies of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER, you get those discounts, you don't have to buy the books again. This was a fabulous deal for fans who had already purchased a lot of books from the estate. Adding the volume discounts to these, they were able to save up to 60% off.

We're doing this sale again, but with a twist. We're suspending the volume discounts that are normally available, and instead simply marking everything 20% off. So, let's do the math and add up the savings: If you like us on facebook, you can save 30%. If you own a copy of WORLDS 1 or WORLDS 2, you can save 40%. If you own both volumes of WORLDS, you can save 50% off any purchases from the estate—buy one book, or buy a dozen, save 50% off your entire order!

December 13th:
Happy Wold Newton Day! Just in time to celebrate our favorite holiday, Christopher Paul Carey discovered a tribute to Phil on the Sherlock Peoria website that we had somehow missed: Peoria’s Proto-fanboy Heads Upriver. While many of the tributes you will find on the remembrances page allude to Phil "waking up on the great river," this is definitely our favorite.

We always seem to miss Phil more today than any other day of the year, even his birthday. So, while we have linked to some of these articles on the Sherlock Peoria website in the past, let's take this opportunity to go down memory lane and read a few: Philip Jose Farmer and the Pre-historic Hansoms of John Clayton. . . about the founding of Peoria’s Sherlock Holmes society, the tongue-in-cheek The Sherlock Peoria Walking Tour . . ., In Defense of the Peerless Peer a review of Farmer's Holmes/Tarzan pastiche, and Farmerphiles and Hansoms a review of Farmerphile #12. Interestingly, all of these excellent articles are by the same author, Peorian Brad Keefauver.

Here's a quick update on the Magick 4 Terri benefit auctions. To date they have raised over $50,000 and there are now over 440 items to choose from. Last week we upped the ante, and now we're raising: not only is the Estate donating 25% from any purchases made through December 15th to Magick 4 Terri, but the volume discounts have been temporarily canceled and everything is now on sale for 20% off! It's not everyday you get to save money for a good cause and we can't think of a better way to spend Wold Newton Day than scrolling through the Estate Sale listings and dreaming of adding (another) one of Phil's books to our own collection.

December 9th:
Last week the Philip José Farmer Estate donated four books to the Magick 4 Terri benefit for Terri Windling. Since then Magick 4 Terri has become a phenomenon. As we posted below, these books were about the 130th item to be donated. As of today there are nearly 400 items available for auction; most of them science fiction or fantasy related. It is a one stop shop for unique Christmas gift items.

Today we have decided to up the ante—but we're not donating any more items to be auctioned off. Instead we are putting the entire Estate Sale at Magick 4 Terri's disposal. For any items purchased from the Estate between now and December 15, 2011, 25% of the purchase price will go to Magick 4 Terri. So, get in the holiday spirit, buy some great books, even unique one-of-a-kind association copies, and give some money to a good cause.

December 1st:
The Philip José Farmer International Bibliography has published online a long indepth interview with Christopher Paul Carey about writing THE SONG OF KWASIN, the concluding novel in Farmer's Khoharsa series. Even though Chris was interviewed here at pjfarmer.com back in June, Zacharias does a great job of asking new questions. The interview is fascinating, in places you can almost feel Chris' excitement; from first meeting Phil in 1998, all the way through process of finishing the novel. Additionally, the pictures shown are a great compliment and add just the right amount of detail.

Don't forget to preorder your copy of THE SONG OF KWASIN sooner rather than later. Subterranean Press' Farmer books have a habit of selling out, sometimes quickly and sometimes even before the books are released.

November 29th:
One of the things we love about the science fiction and fantasy community, is that is a community. Editor, artist and writer Terri Windling and her family have been coping with health and legal issues and are in need of help. So her friends put together Magick 4 Terri, a collection of items donated to be auctioned off with the proceeds to benefit Terri and her family.

The most amazing part of this however, is that the auction is open for anyone to donate items and it is growing quickly. On Monday Meteor House donated a matched numbered set of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOS FARMER and there were 83 items up for grabs at that time. This morning the Estate donated a collection of four reprints of classic Farmer titles: STRANGE RELATIONS, THE UNREASONING MASK, DARE, and TWO HAWKS FROM EARTH and there are now 130 items available to bid on. Most of the auctions are running up to the end date of December 15th.

So, please do your part, take a look and see if there is anything you want to bid on a lot of the items available would make wonderful, unique, gifts. Or better yet, really participate and donate an item to the auction.

November 23rd:
We are very excited to report news first broken yesterday by Win Scott Eckert. While we already had three titles listed on the forthcoming books page as future reprints by Titan Books, we didn't have two important pieces of information about them. The first is that all of the books have gorgeous covers not just the artwork but the uniform design as well. Titan is to be congratulated on a job well done here.

The second, and much bigger, news is that two of the three currently scheduled reprints are for the first time being packaged as part of a Wold Newton series. With more titles to come! This is HUGE. This is important. This means that Titan Books has done their research and they are willing to look at old titles in a new light. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for, what we have described elsewhere on this site as perhaps Phil's most enduring creation, the Wold Newton Family and its expansion into the Wold Newton Universe.

November 16th:
Long time visitors to this website may possibly recall an update I (Mike) did in 2004. Ok, probably not, but maybe this will ring a bell: I took my then nine-year-old daughter out of school early so we could drive three hours to Birmingham, Alabama to go a book signing. You can read the details about it here. I'm bringing this up because yesterday I took my ten-year-old son out of school early so we could drive three hours to Birmingham, Alabama to go to the same book store for a signing by the same author, Christopher Paolini.

In 2004, Paolini did a tour for his first book, ERAGON. This time around the tour is for INHERITANCE, the fourth and concluding novel in his epic fantasy cycle. Last time I commented on how impressed I was with him personally, especially how poised in public he was for someone so young. If anything I was more impressed this time. He told the crowd that while he does plan to someday return to the world of Alagaesia, before that, he wants to write science fiction. In listing some of his favorite authors: Ursula K. Le Guin, Frank Herbert, Mervyn Peak, E.R. Eddison, Octavia Butler, among others, I was struck by the number of classic authors he has read. Hours later, when we made it to the front of the line and got our books signed, I told him I was glad to hear he wanted to write science fiction and that he had read so many classic authors. He said that he's also read Bradbury, Vance, and several others. You know, of course, I had to ask him if he had read Farmer. His face lit up and he said he had read many of Phil's books. So, we'll definitely be on the look out, and have high hopes, for his forays into science fiction.

Someone, who was standing about three feet in front of my son and I, recorded all of Christopher Paolini's pre-signing talk and posted it on youtube. This video of him discussing his favorite fantasy authors is also pretty interesting.

November 3rd:
Great news Farmer fans: We now have the dates for FarmerCon VII and PulpFest: August 9 12, 2012. So now you can make your vacation plans for next summer. PulpFest is moving to a nicer facility, the beautiful downtown Columbus Hyatt. Seriously, click on that link at look at that building. PulpFest and the hotel are not yet taking registrations, but we wanted to get this news out to you as soon as possible so you can block off that weekend and make your plans to attend.

In case you somehow missed our reports on FarmerCon VI; how accommodating PulpFest was, how we blended right in with complimentary programming, how the dealer room is what some of us believe Heaven looks like . . . you can read about it here. When you think about how well FarmerCon VI went considering we only had a few months to plan for it and we had no idea what to expect from PulpFest it's exciting to think how much better FarmerCon VII could be. One thing we really want to improve on is the attendance, but hey, that's not on us, that's on you.

One final note: Be sure to like our new pjfarmer facebook page so you will be notified any time this website is updated including letting you know when you can register for PulpFest and make your hotel reservation.

October 30th:
Once again, as we head into the holiday season, we are having a sale on books from Philip Jos Farmer's Estate. This year however, the discounts are bigger than ever. As you probably know, these discounts already apply for buying multiple items from the sale:

Order 3 to 6 books and save 15%
Order 7 to 10 books and save 20%
Order 11 or more and save 25%
Order 16 or more and save 30%

Previous orders from the Estate Sale count towards your total number of books. So if you bought five books last year, buying two now means seven total and gets you into the 20% off bracket. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Now through Thanksgiving, the following discounts also apply:

Like pjfarmer.com on facebook - and save another 10% off any Estate Sale purchase.
Purchase a copy of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOS FARMER 1: Protean Dimensions - and save another 10%
Purchase a copy of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOS FARMER 2: Of Dust and Soul - and save another 10%
Liking pjfarmer.com on facebook is certainly an easy way to save another 10%. Previous purchases and likes apply so it doesn't matter if you bought your copies of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOS FARMER when they came out, or if you buy them now, you will save another 10 or 20% off any purchase from the Estate Sale. Add these up and even if you have never purchased a thing from the Estate, you could get 30% off just from doing these three things. Add in the volume discounts and you could save up to 60% off your order.

Many of the books in the Estate Sale are signed. Except where noted, every book was owned by Phil Farmer (the exceptions are newer books that have been sent to his estate by his publishers). More than half of the books we started with have been sold, but there are still over forty signed Farmer titles, over forty signed anthologies, and nearly forty books signed by other authors, many of them association copies inscribed to Farmer by his peers. There are also unsigned Farmer titles, a few audio books, a couple of items left from Farmer's Edgar Rice Burroughs collection, a sampling of some of the antiquarian books Farmer owned and a Sir Richard Francis Burton collection that will knock your socks off.

October 24th:
When we said last Thursday there would soon be an announcement regarding THE SONG OF KWASIN, we didn't know it would be just four days later! So here it is; more than three years after an excerpt from the newly completed novel, THE SONG OF KWASIN (by Philip Jos Farmer & Christopher Paul Carey), first appeared in Farmerphile #13, Subterranean Press has announced, GODS OF OPAR: Tales of Lost Khokarsa. This omnibus contains the complete Khokarsa series collected together for the first time, and the first time any of these titles have appeared in hardcover: HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR, FLIGHT TO OPAR, and THE SONG OF KWASIN.

As with most Subterranean Press titles, there is both a trade edition and a limited edition. The latter is 250 signed (by co-author Christopher Paul Carey), numbered copies which contain a plethora of additional material: The Song of Kwasin Outline, The Khokarsan Language, Khokarsan Glossary, The Khokarsan Calendar, and The Plants of Khokarsa. Expect the limited edition to sell out within a week or two, and the trade edition by the end of the year. Since 2006 Subterranean has published seven outstanding Farmer collections and novels. Five titles are sold out completely while one only has the $300 lettered edition left and another was fortunate enough to have a rare second printing of the trade edition. We can't even remember how many times the limited edition, if not the trade edition, has sold out before publication. So, don't blame us if you delay and miss out, do the smart thing and PREORDER your copy today.

Keep an eye on the forthcoming books page for more details, such as the revealing of the cover art by Bob Eggleton. But, if the thought of waiting until April 2012 to read about Hadon, Kwasin, and their companions, is too much to bear rejoice, we have good news for you. "A Kick in the Side" a short story by Carey set during the events of FLIGHT TO OPAR, and "Kwasin and the Bear God," a novella by Farmer & Carey from any alternative outline to the third Khokarsa novel, are available now in THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOS FARMER, volumes 1 and 2. Each volume of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOS FARMER is also a numbered limited edition, and there is even a discount for buying a matching set of numbers.

October 20th:
There are two big publishing projects on the horizon. The first is that Titan Books is reprinting many of Farmer's more popular novels (outside of his major series like Riverworld, Dayworld, and the World of Tiers). Titan's edition of THE PEERLESS PEER (with an all-new Afterword by Win Scott Eckert) is currently out, and they are now taking pre-orders for THE OTHER LOG OF PHILEAS FOGG, TIME'S LAST GIFT, and LORD TYGER. And more titles will be added to this list!

The second is there will soon be an announcement regarding THE SONG OF KWASIN, the very long awaited third and concluding volume to the Khokarsa series. Begun in 1974 with HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR, and followed up with FLIGHT TO OPAR in 1976 this series about a civilization spread across the shores of an African inland sea 12,000 years ago was quite popular. It went through multiple US printings and foreign editions over the next decade. All three novels will be published together in a hardcover omnibus edition. You can read about the writing of this novel in an interview with the co-author, Christopher Paul Carey.

You might as well just go ahead and bookmark forthcoming books as we expect it to be the most frequently updated webpage at the site for some time to come.

October 13th:
We've added a new page to the website, this one focusing on collaborations between Phil and other writers. To do this we've had to shuffle things around a bit, moving: "The Remarkable Adventure" from the articles page, "Osiris on Crutches," "Getting Ready to Write," and "Kwasin and the Bear God" from the short stories page, and THE CATERPILLAR'S QUESTION, NAKED CAME THE FARMER, THE CITY BEYOND PLAY, and THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE from the books page. There is also a listing for a lost collaboration; a novel written with Randall Garrett that was never published, and exciting news about a forthcoming novel collaboration.
October 9th:
It hardly seems possible, but today is the 10th Anniversary of www.pjfarmer.com becoming Philip Jos Farmer's Official Website. First we'd like to say thank you again to Phil and Bette Farmer for agreeing to this way back when, and to their family who has let us continue on with this labor of love since Phil and Bette passed away in 2009. We also owe a big thanks to the man behind the curtain, Rick Beaulieu, the silent partner in this venture who pays all the bills.

After a decade of monthly updates, we've decided to make a change to the website. Instead of updating the site throughout the month (yea right, like 90% of it didn't get done the day before anyway...) and then telling you about everything on the 9th of the month, we're going to a more blog-like update (which was how it was done from 1996 to 2001 when this was still the unofficial site). This means more frequent updates, but in smaller chunks of information. This being how the world works these days, these updates will be mirrored on our new Facebook page. Like us over in the left hand column, or on Facebook, and you'll be alerted whenever something happens around here.

Getting into the swing of things, we're only going to tell you about one thing today (besides everything you just read above). In any normal month this would have been our lead off story; we now have a fourth interview online with an author influenced by Philip Jos Farmer. This time around we're proud to have a discussion with Charles R. Saunders. Read all about how Charles has become one of the busiest writers around, even venturing into new genres.