The Lineages


Mark K. Brown

This page is very much under construction. It is designed as an aid to those people who do not have a copy of Philip Josť Farmer's Tarzan Alive and Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life. These two books, which are essential to an understanding of the Wold Newton Family concept, are unfortunately out of print. The information on these pages are being compiled from these books, as well as additional sources of Wold Newton material not available on the internet and written by Farmer and other authors, such as J.T. Edson, H.W. Starr, Baring-Gould, and Rick Lai.

It is my hope and intention that these pages be used by my fellow researchers, in order to present evidence without long paragraphs of recap. Feel free to link to them.

Failure on my part to include material by other authors does not indicate a dissatisfaction or rejection on my part of that material. Although I have occasionally used material by myself and other members of the Wold Newton Meteoritics Society in the following pages, my intent has been to restrict myself to Farmer's works and other sources not available on the internet.

In their current stage of construction these pages are extremely dry. I am aware of the fact that I have borrowed the bones of Farmer's works, without presenting his lines of reasoning, or the flavor of his prose. I hope to fix this eventually.

The lineages included here are:

The Claytons and their ancestors, the Grebsons.

The Descendants of William Clayton.

The Rutherfords.

The Drummonds.

The Delagardies.

The Holmeses.

The Noels.

The Blakeneys.

The Chauvelins.

The Clarkes.

The Wildmans.

Miscellaneous lines described by Philip Josť Farmer in the course of his works.

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