Oh where, tell me where, is your Highland laddie gone?
Oh where, tell me where, is your Highland laddie gone?
He's gone wi' streaming banners where noble deeds are done,

Where is Your Highland Laddie Gone?

Nae greater joy I'll e'er pretend
Than that his love prove true and steady
Like mine to him which ne'er shall end
While heaven preserves my Highland Laddie
-The Highland Laddie

Special thanks to Chris Wike for the use of these images from his Connor MacLeod Image Gallery

In London of 1820 Leon Silas visited the establishment of Hamilton Kopp, a dealer in rare books. Silas immediately noted that Kopp was another Immortal, he sensed him…strongly. To make matters even more odd, Kopp sensed him as well and reached under his counter for pistol and sword which he held out of sight.

Leon Silas held his hands and arms outstretched to show he meant no harm.

Knowing there was little use at pretense, Silas remarked that it was unusual for anyone to sense him.

Kopp nodded and remarked that his teacher had told him he had an unusually strong quickening. Kopp also told him that his teacher had said there were secret Immortals that could not be sensed by ordinary mortals but by and large these silent ones stayed out of the Game.

Silas nodded. He browsed the shop and returned with a exceedingly rare book, a notebook of Leonardo da Vinci's. Kopp complimented him on his taste but frowned when Silas told him it was a forgery. Kopp assured him that the document had been authenticated as coming from Leonardo's workshop.

Silas smiled and said that much might be true but Leonardo did not sketch the drawings or write the notes. It was his apprentice Salai who created the notebook and had tried to pass it off as Leonardo's work after Leonardo had died.

Smiling wryly Kopp muttered something about "Damned Amanda", and asked Silas if he had known Leonardo.

Silas laughed and replied, " I was Leonardo".

The longtime friendship of Hamilton Kopp a.k.a. Connor MacLeod and Leon Silas a.k.a. Flint began.

Flint stayed out of the Game completely and Conner only played when someone forced his hand, which unfortunately seemed to be quite often. Flint realized that in a way Conner MacLeod was much like him, in that he could access, although unconsciously, the memories, thoughts, sensations, emotions and knowledge of those lives he absorbed. Connor's powerful quickening made him stronger, faster and deadlier than most other Immortals yet it also caused him to be the most miserable. The weight of all those lives, all the continued loneliness wore on him. The constant fighting and being forced to kill or be killed destroyed his spirit.

Flint had a marked influence on Connor MacLeod and this influence will help to explain the seemingly disjointed continuity of the four Highlander films. For more see on Flint see The Eternal Shard of Time: Flint the Immortal

In the films and television series Conner and Duncan MacLeod met a large number of Immortals and it often seemed that the Immortal population was very large and very prolific. However this is not the case, the MacLeods met a disproportionate number of Immortals for the reason that they were often targeted. Although this was never discussed in the films or the television series because the Watcher leak, who gave the  producers their information, knew better than to bring that particular bit of information up. According to Highlander Immortal mythology, one of the MacLeods had absorbed the "soul" of the First, either through a direct quickening- that is by directly killing the First, or by absorbing the soul of the Immortal who had previously absorbed the First.

The First was the First of the Immortals, he who had created the Game, set up the Rules and prophesized the Gathering and the achievement of the Prize. It was the First who had said, "There Can Be Only One!" According to mythology he who possesses the First at the Gathering will win the Prize, for it is also said, "He Who Will be First, will Also Be Last."

Flint saw Conner over the centuries and saw that as time passed Conner seemed ever more world-weary and ever more tired of being alive.

Flint knew that Conner found some joy in the little girl he rescued from Poland in 1938 and whom he adopted, yet as she aged from a little girl into a mature woman while he remained the same age the feeling became bittersweet.

In 1985, The Kurgan one of the oldest, deadliest and most insane of the Immortals became convinced that the Gathering was near and went on a killing spree, going specifically after Conner Macleod's friends. Other Immortals believing that perhaps the Kurgan was correct began playing the Game harder and increased the challenges for heads.

The Kurgan is the one who started the rumor about Connor MacLeod having absorbed the First. He had believed Conner's teacher, Ta-Ket, the old Egyptian Immortal who had gone by the name of Ramirez had possessed it but when The Kurgan had taken Ramirez head, the First was not among the many lives in Ramirez ' energy matrix. The Kurgan then believed that MacLeod had it, which is why Ramirez had traveled a great distance to teach this neophyte Immortal.

According to the first Highlander film, this was indeed the Gathering and Macleod won the Prize. The Prize was to become mortal and understand all the knowledge collected by all of the Immortals over the millennia. Connor married Brenda Wyatt, a female police forensic scientist involved in investigating the so called Head Hunter murders. Brenda had become intrigued by him as mysterious figure on the edges of the investigation. After she had discovered several anomalies about his past and the property he own on Hudson street, He revealed his past to her and this did not scare her away.

The second film, Highlander II: The Quickening (1991) takes place in the year 2025. The Earth's ozone layer has long been depleted. In 2010 Connor MacLeod had led a team of scientists in creating the Shield, a energy barrier that surrounded the Earth and kept it safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Unfortunately it also left the skies permanently overcast. Conner MacLeod having won the prize had become mortal yet even his mortal life was not a happy one because only after a few years of marriage Brenda had been killed in an auto accident.

By 2025 a group of scientists had come to believe that the ozone layer had repaired itself and that the Shield was no longer needed. The company that ran the Shield literally ran the world for it not only received payment from the various nations of the world it influenced policy. The Shield Corporation was also the main power provider for the planet. It was a protection racket that actually did provide some protection. The company that owned the shield suppressed all efforts to study ozone replenishment, suppressed them rather violently. A group of radicals convinced that they ozone had been replenished were determined to sabotage the Shield's main power grid and bring it down.

One of these radicals, Louise Marcus attempted to convince the aged Connor MacLeod of the correctness of their position.

It was at this time some killers from the planet Zeist arrive. It seems that the Immortals are originally from the planet Zeist. They have been sent to kill Connor MacLeod. Their arrival on the planet triggered MacLeold's latent immortality and he was once again rejuvenated and immortal. After killing the Immortals from the planet Zeist Connor became convinced of Louise Marcus beliefs about the Shield and agreed to help her. Since he needed help, Connor magically summoned his old teacher Ramirez back from the dead. Together Ramirez and Connor attacked the main Shield complex. Although Ramirez was once again killed Connor and Louise defeated General Katana and the other Immortals from the planet Zeist, they also shut down the shield.

The Third film Highlander III: The Final Dimension takes place in 1993 so it is a prequel to the second and a sequel to the first. Connor was mortal having won the Prize but had lost his wife Brenda in an automobile accident a year after their marriage. Before Brenda's death they had adopted a child. Connor chose to live in Morocco because both the United States and Scotland hold bad memories for him. The United States was where most of his Immortal friends had been killed in the days of the Gathering and Scotland was where his wives had died.

After the death of his first wife Connor had wandered the world searching for answers. He ended up in Japan at the cave the Sorcerer Nakano . Nakano was an old Immortal who had known Ramirez. Nakano had learned to use his connection with the electromagnetic field of the earth to do magic; that is, he could manipulate matter and energy. Nakano taught Connor many of his secrets. Nakano informed Connor that an evil Immortal named Kane was coming to take Nakano and Macleod's heads. Nakano wished for Connor to take his head but when Connor refused to do so Nakano told him to run from Kane.

Kane took Nakano's head surprisingly easy. Nakano had set up his cave so that his quickening would seal the cave and trap whoever was in it. Kane and his two minions were sealed for four hundred years.

They were freed when the cave was opened during excavation for construction. Kane told one of his minions to get MacLeod.

In Morocco Conner suddenly realized that he was no longer mortal. He had to go to the site of the Gathering and discover where this other Immortal had come from.

Upon his return to New York Connor was shot during a mugging and sent to the ER. He awoke attacking the doctors and was placed in the psychiatric ward. MacLeod escaped from the Psych Ward with Napoleon's help. Kane's minion had traveled to New York still in his 400 year old garb, tracked MacLeod to the hospital and attacked him in the hospital basement. Connor disarmed the minion and took his head.

The headless corpse was immediately thought to be the work of Russell Nash who had disappeared eight years before.

Kane travels to New York seemingly through teleportation, part of the legacy of Nakano's memories and powers. The female archaeologist from the Japanese site is also stationed in New York. Both seek MacLeod.

In the course of events which follows Connor falls in love with Alex Johnson the archaeologist, who reminds him of a woman he had known in 1798. Kane lures John, Connor's adopted son to New York and kidnaps him forcing Connor to fight him. Connor defeats Kane and once again receives the Prize. He, Alex and John go to live in Scotland… happily ever after.


Highlander VI: Endgame This takes place in 2000 or 1999. Connor Macleod has been in the Sanctuary for ten years. The Sanctuary is a place for mortals who had tired of their immortal lives yet cannot bring themselves to end it. They are placed in drug induced comas and intravenously fed. The Sanctuary was on holy ground and so they were free from attack.

Connor gone into the Sanctuary when Rachel, the little girl he had adopted in 1935 was killed in an explosion that also destroyed his antique store.

Connor has been sought by Jacob Kell, an immortal from the same village as Macleod from the same time as Connor. When Connor was cast out of his village for not dying, Jacob Kell the cleric was behind it. When he discovered that Connor's mother had kept in contact with Connor he arranged to have Connor's mother burned at the stake. When Connor came to rescue her, he was forced to kill Kell. Kell was revealed as an Immortal and he too was cast out.

Kell had taken over 650 heads by 1999 becoming one of the most powerful immortal of all time. He felt powerful enough to go after Connor Macleod and his living kinsman Duncan. Kell and his people attacked the Sanctuary killing all of the sleeping Immortals save Connor Macleod. MacLeod escaped.

Duncan and Connor MacLeod met up with one another to go after Kell. Kell was too powerful to be taken by just one of them. Connor was tired of living and knew that Kell would probably defeat him because of that fact. However if Duncan all of the memories and abilities that Connor possessed he could defeat Kell and make certain that Kell became no more powerful. Connor maneuvered Duncan into fighting and being placed in a position where he had to take Connor's head or die himself. Convinced that Connor truly was tired of life and that this was for the best, Duncan killed Connor MacLeod and became everyone that Connor had absorbed.

Shortly thereafter Jacob Kell no longer was a threat to the world, although Duncan also had to absorb his Kell and all his victims as well.

Let me state first off that my speculations will probably not be accepted by most Highlander fans and may in fact irritate them although it may not irritate them as much as Highlander II: The Quickening.

To recap in a short timeline

In 1985 the Kurgan come to New York believing it was the Gathering. Connor defeated the Kurgan and supposedly received the Prize, a major component of which was to become mortal. He and Brenda were to live happily ever after. They adopted an infant boy. Shortly thereafter Brenda was killed in an auto accident leaving Connor to raise the boy alone.

In 1989 Connor went to the Sanctuary and stayed there for ten years. (Highland IV: Endgame

In 1992 Connor visited his cousin Duncan (Highlander TV series)

Yet in 1994 the events of the Highlander III occurred (Highlander III)

In 1999 Connor is removed from the Sanctuary and eventually dies. Highlander IV

2025 Connor MacLeod is once again made immortal by the appearance of General Katana and the other Immortals from the Planet Zeist. ) Highlander II: The Gathering)

How do we explain these discrepancies, certainly the easiest method would just be say it was bad writing and leave it at that, but that is now how we do things in the Wold Newton Universe, we must find explanations.

Another route to go would be to state that each incarnation was an alternate universe, that is certainly a viable theory and possibly a correct one.

I believe that although they contained elements of truth; the last part of the first film, almost the entirety of the second film and much of the third Highlander film were fantasy. Notice I did not say fictional but rather fantasy. I believe that they were dream fantasies of Connor MacLeod.

What probably happened was something like this.

1985 The Kurgan came to New York convinced that it was the mythical Gathering, other Immortals were also convinced and a rash of beheadings took place. Because many believed that Connor held the First inside him, Connor was a target for many of these attacks. Many of Connor's oldest friends died in that bloody month of 1985. Brenda Wyatt's investigation of the Head Hunter murders led the police to Russell Nash, which was the current identity of Connor MacLeod. Connor fell in love with Brenda Wyatt and defeated the Kurgan as shown in the film. They left for Scotland because Nash was suspected by the police for the Head Hunter killings. The constant surveillance was something that Connor MacLeod could do without.

Connor and Brenda decided to start a family and adopted a little boy named John. Shortly after they received the five year old Brenda was killed in a car crash which Connor walked away from "without a scratch". This is mentioned in Highlander III as having mentioned a year after Brenda and Connor had left New York having won the Prize. If this was so why wasn't the then mortal Connor also killed, chance perhaps, but undoubtedly because he had not won the mythical Prize after all.

In 1989 Connor MacLeod was living in Morocco with John his adopted son. A news item startled him. A female archaeologist from the New York Museum of Natural History was being interviewed. She was part of a team of archaeologists brought into to examine a construction site for artifacts. She speculated that the legendary cave of Nakano the Sorcerer might have been found.

Connor Macleod had gone to be taught by Nakano after his first wife Blossom had died. He and Nakano had been attacked by an old evil immortal. The Immortal's name was Khan not Kane as portrayed in the film. Khan had wanted to kill MacLeod specifically. Nakano had been killed and Khan and his two minions had been entombed. Khan had not been seen since so it seemed certain he had been stuck in the cavern.

The Alex Johnson mentioned some of the odd articles that they had found in the cavern, a piece of tartan cloth possibly from a Celtic mystic studying with Nakano and several Asian and European weapons. Connor knew that if Khan were free from the tomb, he would be coming after him.

Connor decided to put distance between Khan and his new home and his adopted son. He also wished to talk to Alex Johnson about what they had found in the cavern. Connor went back to New York hoping that the Head Hunter case would be long forgotten. As misfortune would have it Connor was mugged shortly after arriving in New York. He was shot and left for dead in an alley. Taken to a hospital emergency room he was discovered to be unwounded. When he awoke he thought the doctors were attacking him and fought back. Sedated he was sent to the Psychiatric Ward.

Khan and his two minions had been freed from the sealed cavern by construction work. However they were forced to flee the area without their weapons. This happened a couple of weeks before Alex Johnson had the press conference that MacLeod saw. Although Khan and his minions had no idea how much time had gone by, Khan and one of his minions soon adjusted to the new time period although certainly not as fast as had happened in the film. They acquired modern garb and money through thievery. One of the minions could not adjust to the time change and Khan took his head with a stolen sword. They were determined to retrieve their weapons and a special sword that Nakano had forged but discovered that these items had been taken to New York.

Khan and his minion flew to New York. Unlike the film version, Khan did not master Nakano's knowledge so quickly. They flew in a plane. They arrived in New York about the same time as MacLeod arrived from Morocco. Spotting him at the airport they saw him getting into a taxi. Khan sent his minion to kill MacLeod, obviously planning to kill the minion later and get MacLeod's quickening in that fashion. The minion was a few moments behind MacLeod at every step and this is how he managed to track him to hospital.

Connor MacLeod sensed the other Immortal tracking him as he lay in the psychiatric ward. He convinced an inmate who believed himself to be Napoleon to free him. Napoleon created a diversion and MacLeod escaped from the Psychiatric Ward. Wanting to escape from the hospital and avoid security he went down to the basement. Khan's minion followed him into the basement. Connor disarmed and beheaded the Immortal and then escaped from the Hospital basement.

One of the Detectives on the case remembered the Head Hunter Killer and when the description of the man who had escaped from the psych ward matched that of Russell Nash, he was certain Nash had returned and was killing again.

Khan found Times Square and immersed himself in all of the sordid activities that the 20th Century had to offer.

You may be wondering why the film's version of the villain's name was Kane. There was some confusion involved, You see there was a Kane involved and he was an Immortal however he was not a Highlander type Immortal, he was Kane the Damned also known in some circles as Vandal Savage or The Man with No Name.

Kane had also seen the broadcast that Alex Johnson had made about the discovery of the Sorcerer Nakano's cavern. Kane had known Nakano who had been a very old Immortal, he known him and had killed him once. Yet Nakano had returned to defeat Kane with powerful magics. Kane was determined to discover if Nakano had left any magical artifacts in the cavern. He was head of a powerful international corporation and had been in London for a meeting when he saw the newscast. He too traveled to New York. In the film version of Highlander III Dr. Alex Johnson is visited by Kane the Immortal from the cavern and intimidated by him. He learns that a descendent of Duncan MacLeod lives in New York.

Actually this was Kane the Damned who visited Alex Johnson and intimidated her. Looking over the artifacts that had been uncovered Kane did not see any magical artifacts just a few old weapons. He learned that MacLeod tartan had been discovered in Nakano's cavern and that a descendent of Duncan MacLeod had been living in New York until recently. Kane was aware of the Highlander Immortals and their silly Game. He was aware that they had the ability to absorb the memories and life force of those Immortals who were beheaded in their presence. Kane had almost certainly attempted this with a captured Immortal but the experiment had been unsuccessful. Kane was also aware of the often sought MacLeod brothers or cousins who were supposed to possess something special. Kane the Damned assumed that this something special was the memories and possibly powers of Nakano. He became determined to possess these powers to extract them from Connor MacLeod by any means possible.

Kane followed Dr. Johnson as she followed the man Kane believed to be Connor MacLeod. MacLeod entered a dojo. Kane watched as MacLeod practiced various sword fighting techniques. He found several weaknesses and noted them. After MacLeod finished his practice Dr. Johnson asked him about Connor MacLeod. Kane chose at that time to attack hoping to catch MacLeod offguard. MacLeod sensed the attack a split second before Kane's blade descended. Kane planned to incapacitate and capture MacLeod and wring his secrets out.

MacLeod remarked that they could not fight here, this was a shrine, a holy place. Kane laughed at that and pressed his attack. Kane discovered that MacLeod had been holding back in his practice. He maneuvered Kane into slashing his blade into a voltage box. MacLeod's sword shattered and Kane was shocked into near insensibility. Debilitated he ran to a window and crashed through it. MacLeod did not give chase.

When Kane tried to renew his attack on MacLeod, he discovered that MacLeod had fled to Scotland followed shortly afterwards by Dr. Johnson. When Kane broke into the home of Russell Nash, he discovered a man already there breaking priceless antiques. Kane knew the man to be an enemy of MacLeod and offered to form an alliance to destroy him. The man laughed at Kane's suggestion. He asked Kane why he should ally with a mortal when he had great power at his command. The man shifted his form into a likeness of Kane. Kane realized he had erred, MacLeod did not possess the power of Nakano this person did; however he did not know how to use the power very well. Kane formed a new stratagem. He felt that the one wo held Nakano's secrets would be too intractable even under torture to give up any secrets nor could he be manipulated into giving up those secrets through threats over another person as MacLeod might be.

Kane replied in ancient Assyrian that he was one of them but not one of them. He made his left hand a blazing torch for a few seconds. This minor illusion was enough to convince the man in the shop that Kane was a threat and he attacked Kane. Kane outfought him and pressed his sword against the man's throat, telling him he could take his head but it would not profit him to do so.

The man who called himself Khan agreed that it might be best to work together.

Kane found the key to his plan sitting on Macleod's desk, the picture of a small boy. Pretending to be MacLeod Kane made arrangements for John to fly into New York. Khan using an illusion of MacLeod would pick the boy up and bring him to Kane. They could then lure MacLeod into a place of their choosing. Kane's ultimate plan was for Khan to fight MacLeod while Kane held the boy. Kane believed that MacLeod would take Khan's head and gain Nakano's memories. The boy would be held as hostage until MacLeod divulged Nakano's secrets.

The plan went smoothly until the airport. The police had been alerted that Russell Nash would be flying into the airport. They laid in wait for MacLeod. Khan picked up John at the airport disguised as MacLeod. He saw the actual MacLeod spot him and run towards him. He saw MacLeod chased and brought to heel by several shotgun wielding police officers. Believing that Kane had doublecrossed him he took the boy to a different location than planned.

MacLeod was released without being charged. Khan contacted MacLeod and told him where to meet him.

MacLeod and Khan met, clashed, fought and Khan was soon short a head. John was safe and sound.

MacLeod was tired of the police attempting to pin the Head Hunter Killer title on him. This time he made certain there was not a body or a head to be found.

Although the end of the film showed Connor, Alex and John moving to Scotland this is not how the story ended. Despite her strong feelings for MacLeod, Alex Johnson was not about to give up her plum position at the Museum of Natural History. Macleod decided to stay in New York instead. He reopened Nash Antiquities and induced Rachel back to run the place.

This was a decision he would live to regret.

Over the next year Kane used all sorts of pressure to get MacLeod to divulge the secrets of Nakano. He used pleasant ones overtures at first ,monetary or property. He then moved up to making threats. Because MacLeod now truly did have the secrets of Nakano he was able to thwart Kane's planes.

Kane was forced to once again use a third party. Investigating MacLeod's background thoroughly he came up with a name Jacob Kell. Kane found Kell's whereabouts and told him of his plan to destroy MacLeod. Kell was the most powerful immortal that Kane had met because he killed methodically and ruthlessly but when it came to MacLeod he was very unconfident about defeating him. Kane believed this was because MacLeod had been the one to originally kill Kell Kane also sensed that despite Kell's great desire to kill, to utterly destroy MacLeod, Kell was reluctant to do so because the desire for vengeance and the hatred for MacLeod gave his life purpose.

Kane convinced Kell that gaining the Prize was a worthier goal that revenge on MacLeod. He alluded that the power of the Prize might allow Kell to resurrect MacLeod so that he could be killed again and again. Kell became intrigued by this.

Kell planned the attack on MacLeod with some pertinent suggestions by Kane. They would draw him from his fortress like home/business and attack it. They would bomb the building, kill one of his family, probably the old woman and take his woman and his boy hostage. Kane planned to use the hostages to make MacLeod give up the secrets of Nakano.

Kell's underlings became too enthusiastic. They blew up MacLeod's residence and killed everyone inside, Rachel, Dr. Alex Johnson and John MacLeod.

Seeing the destruction and the corpses. Connor MacLeod literally vanished from sight. Kane knew he used Nakano's illusionary powers to make him invisible. There was no word of the whereabouts of Connor MacLeod for ten years.

When his family was killed, his home with all of his memorabilia destroyed Connor MacLeod's desire to live vanished. Yet he could not take his own life. He contacted his old friend Flint and asked him to send him to the Sanctuary.

Although the film has the Sanctuary set up as a Watcher institution, it was it was truly begun by Flint in the early 1800, shortly after he had met Connor MacLeod. He knew of several Immortals who were tired of their existences, tired of the constant battle, of living while all their friends died. Flint designed a humane way for the Immortals to be out of the game, continue living but be at peace. At first it consisted of a few Nuns administering constant doses of morphine but as pharmaceutical knowledge grew and as the patient list grew longer, Flint could no longer maintain the operation under his own means.

Flint approached his assigned Watcher and asked to meet with the Watcher council. At first they were reluctant but he finally convinced them to listen to his reasoning. The Watchers took over the Sanctuary, which was on the site of an ancient Greek temple.

Flint used his influence to get MacLeod in the Sanctuary program. The Watchers were not happy with this at first since they believed Connor MacLeod to be a pivotal individual in the Game.

Connor went into the Sanctuary and dreamed. He dreamed of the past, of the of the present of the future.

Connor's dreaming was unique in because of the powers of Nakano and because he actually did possess the First. His dreaming transcended the boundaries of time and space; it casually slipped over the minds of mortals and fired the imaginations of some.

A dream about the incident with the Kurgan was very realistic and hewed closely to reality until the end. He dreamed it truly was the Gathering because that would have been the perfect time to end the endless battle, the endless years of suffering. Being his dream Connor naturally won the Prize and being his dream the Prize was what he most desired to live life as a normal man and to live out his span of life with a woman he loved. In the dream he and Brenda lived happily ever after.

Yet… even in dreams the subconscious intrudes and in the dream he knew that Brenda was dead yet the dreaming of her death would lead directly into recent events of so painful memory of the deaths of Alex, John and Rachel. The pain was still too great for that and his dreams slipped on past that incident. He dreamed of the future a fantastic future in which he was the hero and he had saved the world from destruction because he had won the Prize. Yet Brenda was dead and this cast a pall on the dream and the dream cast a pall on the world.

Connor Macleod dreamed of the far future where he had saved the world from fiery destruction by constructing energy shield to cover the Earth. Yet because he realized Brenda was dead, he had aged alone without her. The world of his dream was dark and dreary; there was not any sunshine because everyone he loved was dead.

The dream idea of the machine to repair or replace the Ozone shield had come about because of Connor's close friendship with Flint. He knew of Flint's identity as Dr. Wilson Evergreen who had constructed the secret Da Vinci project in 1984. The Da Vinci project was designed to repair the Ozone layer. Dr. Evergreen had been talked out of using the machine and destroying his notes for its creation by Gary Seven. Mankind would not learn from its abuses if the Ozone layer were repaired for them and the military powers could use the device for a weapon of mass destruction.

Flint's influence in the dream however slight was enough to have Connor think of Flint. His thoughts followed Flint through the past and through the future. He received indistinct impressions of Flint's future of aliens, of immortality lost and regained but only on Earth. Connor was able to perceive what Flint did not realize for years once off of the Earth a Highlander type Immortal becomes mortal because of lost contact with the Earth's magnetic fields yet returning to the Earth will rekindle the power rejuvenate.

The dream made these dim impressions of the future into a fantastic story of alien Immortals from the Planet Zeist, combining cheap science fiction and future history. Connor dreamed that he had become mortal only to once again regain immortality yet at the same time he learned that the Ozone layer had repaired itself making his achievement transitory, as was everything to an Immortal.

Not wishing to go through an Immortal life alone, even in a dream state Connor resurrected his friend Ramirez. Together they fought the evil Aliens and defeated those who had corrupted Connor's great achievement. And of course there was a girl to win and love. A blond girl, a scientist. ….

Connor finally dreamed of Alex and John and Rachel. In the dream he had won the prize and again received his hearts desire to be mortal but the evil Kane had been revived and had rekindled Connor's Immortality. He had fought against Kane and won. Everyone lived happily ever after in Scotland.

Kane could not find Connor MacLeod for ten years. Jacob Kell had the notion to go after Duncan MacLeod and perhaps draw Connor out or cause Duncan to lead them to Connor.

The plan worked better than Kane had hoped. Duncan unknowingly led them to the Sanctuary. Kell and his men would not touch the place at first. They believed the old wives tale that if two Immortals fought on a sacred place terrible things would happen. They cited Pompeii as an example or Thera. Kane demonstrated that the idea was poppycock. Of course since he was not a Highlander type immortal he was not bound by the Rules. Kane killed the guards and walked among the sleeping Immortals. He recognized a couple of old friends and a few old enemies. He began decapitating the Immortals. Kell and his crew were filled with the life forces of the Immortals, who ever happened to be closest to the decapitated Immortal. Filled with the quickenings, Kell and his crew lost their inhibitions and began a whole sale slaughter. Lightning danced in the air as electrical current filled the room and shattered the structures in the room.

Kane screamed in frustration when he reached Connor Macleod's chair. He had awakened during the slaughter and escaped.

Connor had been jerked out of his relatively pleasant dreams by wholesale murder. The brought home the fact that he could ever escape the bloodshed while he lived. He knew that Kell and Kane had to be stopped but that he was not in any condition to do so yet Duncan did not have the skill or experience to do so.

Finding Duncan he convinced them that they had to take out Kell and Kane but that Duncan had to make certain that the knowledge that Connor had did not fall into either Kell or Kane's hands even if it meant Duncan had to kill Connor. Duncan did not agree to this. Yet when the time came and Connor knew that unless Duncan had the skills that Connor had inside him all would be lost, he forced Duncan to take his head.

Connor MacLeod sacrificed himself to keep Kane and Kell from gaining knowledge that could have doomed humanity or place it under a reign of eternal evil, Connor's body died but his spirit and the spirits of those he had absorbed lived on with their brothers and sisters, forever immortal inside Duncan MacLeod.

According to the mythos of the Immortals, In the end there can be only One. If this is so, May it be Duncan MacLeod, of the Clan MacLeod.


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