The Lethal Luthors:
A Deceptive Brilliance

by Dennis E. Power


The Lethal Luthors Chronology


This is the story of a family directly descended from those directly affected by the Wold Newton Event. Like their fellow Wold Newton family members they were given great gifts of intellect and sometime physical prowess. As did their cousins, the Moriarty’s they generally used these gifts for personal gain often to the detriment of society as a whole.

The Luthor name was rather notorious because of “Lex Luthor” Superman's greatest foe, yet while many of the Luthor’s shared the nature of Lex Luthor, they did not use the Luthor name. In some cases this is because they were born under different names and in other cases they chose aliases more fitting to their self image.

Although the articles can be read in any order, I would suggest starting with the Paul Finglemore article. Paul Finglemore was the father of the extended Luthor clan.  shed names and identities like other people shed clothing. He was a superlative con man and master of disguise. Under the name of John Clay he was apprehended by Sherlock Holmes, a few years later under the name of Paul Finglemore, he used a variety of disguises to bilk the fortune of a certain South African Millionaire. In addition to being a conman extraordinaire, he was also a bigamist. After he was out of prison he continued this practice, with the consent and aid of one of his wives. He had two families by two different wives.

Paul Fingelmore used the name the Reverend Thomas Wainwright and with his wife Margot Picardot had three sons, Henry, Alexander and John.

They are the Luthors by nature if not by name.

Henry Roi Wainwright 1892-1985  also known as Henry King, The Brainwave

Alexander Wainwright 1894-1990 also known as Lex Luthor II (The "Silver Age Luthor"

Jonathan "Odd John" Wainwright 1910-1933(?) sometimes known as Professor X



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While using the name Paul Luthor and posing as a salesman, although it seems he was a grifter. Paul Finglemore met and married Sally Finn, never mentioning he already had a family. She gave him a set of quadruplets. These are the secret four. Of these four, three became three of the worst criminal master minds in the history of mankind. Of these three one also became one of the most renown crime fighters of the twentieth century, so redemption was not beyond the ability of these men. One of these brothers was neither evil nor virtuous, just a good businessman who combined elements of both natures.

The Secret Four are

Lawrence Luthor 1903-1999, the Ultra-Humanite

David Luthor 1903-2000 also known as David Douglas Warburton (Daddy Warbucks)

William Luthor 1903-1965 also known as the Scorpion

Alexander Luthor 1903-? (Lex Luthor I) and Prince Zarkon

Austin Powers and Dr. Evil

Scott Evil


The larger images contain links to the various articles on the Luthor family.


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