Lethal Luthors Chronology

331 BC. Scott Evil/Per Degaton uses Professor Zeeís Time Machine to change history and defeat Alexander the Great with modern weapons. He is defeated by the Green Lantern and a couple of other costumed vigilantes who had been in parts of the city unchanged by the time paradox.

1856 (1862?) Birth of Jean-Paul Balsamo-Clayton
1857 Adoption of Paul Balsamo-Clayton by Finglemore family

1882 Paul Finglemore  studied at various universities quickly picking material but not having the discipline to finish one course of study. Because of his prolifigate ways and over spending his allowance, he becomes a grifter to supplement his income. His grifting catches the notices of Professor Moriarty. After Paul had bilked a family friend, his parents revealed his true origins. He begins using his birth name of John Clayton.
1883 Professor Moriarty builds a new crime network. John Clay (ton) is seduced by Urania. Birth of Dr. Caber. 
1885 Adam Morgan is seduced by Urania Moriaty on the orders of her father. She bears a son. "What name she gave him remains unknown. It is unlikely that she had a great role in his upbringing, entrusting him as she had his elder half-brother (and as she would his younger half-brother) to a series of nannies and later boarding  schools. From a young age he displayed a precocious intellect and a talent for the sciences, as well as an amoral nature. When he left for university, he adopted the name he would bear for the rest of his life -- Mark C. DuQuesne. The pun no doubt amused him a great deal, and the middle initial may stand for Caber. " From Ad Astra: Some Inquiries into the Genealogy of the Kinnison Family  by C. Richard Davies
1887 John Clay is arrested in connection with the Red-Headed League.
1888 After breaking out of prison, John Clay emigrates to France.
1889 Birth of Carl Peterson., son of Paul Finglemore and Urania Moriarty
1891-1892 Events of The African Millionaire at the end of which Paul Finglemore is sentenced to 14 years in prison. His wives vow to wait. But they do not wait for long.
1893 Paul Finglemore escapes from prison by assuming the identity of a guard.
1893 Paul secretly establishes the identity of Dr. Thomas Wainwright in England his wife Margot poses as an English woman origin. Birth of Henri Roi Wainwright Henry King (Brainwave)
1894 Birth of Alexander Wainwright (Lex Luthor II)
1899 In the wake of the War of the Worlds James Moriarty becomes fascinated with the beings who must have great minds and forms the Circle of Life which plans to co- rule the world with the monsters. Horrified by this John Clay cuts all ties with the Moriarty's organization. A contract is put on his life. Discovering the whereabouts of Heather, one of John Clay's wives, Urania has her killed.
1899 Paul Finglemore/John Clay and his wife Margot flee to America. Paul establishes the Wainwright name and family in Kansas. After which he leaves to establish a secondary identity of  Paul Luthor. He hopes to draw any possible pursuers away from his family. During this journey he meets and falls in love with Sally Finn. She believes him to be a traveling salesman. He marries Sally Finn and begins to divide his time between his two families, although the Luthors get the short end of the stick. To explain his absences from the Wainwright family, Dr. Thomas Wainwright claims to do charity work traveling in rural areas giving medical attention to families in need.
1903 Birth of the Luthor quads; Lawrence (The Ultrahumanite) Alexander (Alexi Luthor/Prince Zarkon) William (The Scorpion) David (David Warburton/Daddy Warbucks)

1909 Thomas Wainwright is contacted by a solicitor in England. He is entreated to come to England to help establish if he is entitled to the estate of Lord Wainwright. Paul and Suzette travel to England believing they can con the fortune away. They fail to secure the estate and are spotted by Krafthaus agents.
1910 Birth of "Odd John" Wainwright the baby is deformed and not expected to live. Krafthaus thugs recognize Paul Finglemore. He and  Suzette take shelter in a seedy hotel in Londoní East End. Krafthaus thugs attack them and kill Suzette. Paul kills one of the assassins and takes his identity. He flees to America. Dr. Thomas Wainwright and his family adopt Paul and Suzetteís baby.

1916 Alexander Wainwright while a student at Columbia had an affair with the wife of a professor. Mrs. Harmon gave birth to child, Damien.

1916 Lawrence Luthor attempts to evolve into a perfect future man by using meteorite rocks in a chemical formula. The only discernible effect is to age him prematurely from 13 to 33. He has to flee his home after no one believes the older man is actually Lawrence Luthor but a madman who had something to do with the boy's disappearance. 1917  In Indianapolis, Indiana he takes a job at the Lamb Glue factory.

1918 Lawrence Luthor He becomes involved with Alice Adams.

Angry that Lamb has stolen his patents and Alice Adams rejected him, Lawrence Luthor burns down the Lamb Glue factory and flees town. Lawrence Luthor defends himself against a hobo and is forced to kill him. He takes on the hobo's identity of Bill Dunn.

1918 Odd John Wainwright kills a constable.

1919 Alice Adams gives birth to twins in a Sanitarium. She had been driven into a depressive state by the loss of her fiancee who broke off the engagement simply because she was pregnant by another man. The boy infant is adopted by a family named Fisk. The girl becomes a ward of the state.

1919 In Philadelphia Lawrence Luthor used the name William Dunn. He worked as a custodian at a bank/stock exchange soaking up knowledge of the stock market. He also met a young female teller with whom he became romantically involved. He married her before the year was out.

1920 Bill Dunn (Lawrence Luthor) lost his meager fortune on stock market speculation. He abandoned his family on the pretext of looking for work.

1921 Bill Dunn (Lawrence Luthor)  is standing on a breadline when he is offered a job by Professor Smalley. Dunn was treated with an unknown chemical derived from a meteorite. Dunn gained vast mental powers and super strength. William Dunn accumulated great wealth through gambling and the manipulation of the stock market. Dunn reasoned "that the chaos of war and all that it entailed would be instrumental in helping him to gain control of the planet as its ruler. Dunn thus used his mental powers to disrupt a post-World War I peace conference, but just before he could accomplish any lasting damage"

1922 with a modest fortune Bill Dunn returned to his family once his mental powers had faded. His body however began to suffer from what he believed was the strain of using his mental powers and began weakening.

1924 As an associate Professor Alexander Wainwright had an affair with one of his students who is also the wife of one of his teaching instructors. The affair results in the child Theodopolous Kojak  born this year.

1925 Events of Robin and the Seven Hoods

1926 After Lawrence Luthor/Bill Dunn's marriage fell apart he underwent a period of great stress. His mental powers began to awaken.

1928 Odd John Wainwright and other mutants like himself form the Colony by taking over an inhabited island and forcing the natives to commit suicide.

1930 Lawrence Luthor broke his brother Alexander from the Kansas State Penitentiary and allowed him to become his junior partner. Lawrence believed that his body's wasted state was happening because his brain was growing larger and independent of the body, he was finally evolving to the ultimate human form. He thus named himself the Ultrahumanite.

1931 The Ultrahumanite and Alexi Luthor set up the Cab Protective League.

1932 Alexander Wainwright learns from Nathaniel Roberts about the alien life form found at the arctic. He also learns that Dr. Savage has a tissue sample of this creature. Dr. Wainwright persists in asking to study the sample only to be denied.

1932 David Douglas Warburton marries Diedre O'Hara. The marriage is very short lived. She returns to England 1933 Diedre O'Hara  bears two twins, Austin David O'Hara and Douglas Scott O'Hara. Diedre marries Nigel Powers who adopts the boys. Austin is renamed Austin Dangerfield Powers and Douglas is named Douglas Powers.

1934 Diedre O'Hara Powers  is killed in a car bomb explosion. For years Douglas Powers was also thought to have been killed. He was however found by a Belgian couple who raised him to be evil.

1933 A four year affair that Alexander Wainwright had with one of his students ended when the girl became pregnant. Rather than force Wainwright to marry her, she married a boy of her own age named Thorsen. She gives birth Lena Thorsen. Oddly enough this one of the two children for whom Alexander Wainwright feels any connection at all.

Dec. 15, 1933 Odd John' Colony is apparently destroyed with the loss of all the colonists.

1934 Jan-Feb "Cab Protective League" Action Comics #13 (June 1939): UH

1934 March Superman Meets the Ultra-Humanite Action Comics #14 (July 1939): [The Shoddy Subway Scheme] UH

1934 Early June Action Comics #17 (October 1939): [The Sabotage of the Clarion] UH

December 1934 through January 1935 Action Comics #19 (December 1939): [The Purple Plague] UH

Early June 1935 The Men who Smiled No More UH and Lex

July 1935 Lawrence and Alexi Luthor come into contact with their brother William who is an international arms deal and broker. They begin a limited partnership with him.

1935 Clifford Devoe the former District Attorney for Keystone City is taken over by the Brainiac.

1935 Part of Luthor's Under Sea City the floating city and prehistoric monster parts.

Jan 1938 Man Made Monster/The Powerstone Action Comics #47 (April 1942): UH and Lex control Dan McCormick the Electrical man. 

August 1938 World's Fair Goblin at World's Fair. UH and Alexi

December 1938 War between Toron and Calbia begins.

1938 Wishing to destroy his father or prevent him from becoming the leader of a world wide evil organization, Scott Evil arrives in 1938. Because there is not a time portal in 1938, Scott is trapped here. Knowing that Scott Evil is a weird and recognizable name, Scott created a new name for himself from his favorite designer and favorite video game, Perry Degaton. Perry for Perry Ellis and Degaton for Degaton the Destroyer.  Upon realizing that he was stuck in 1938 that he had done a very stupid thing especially since he had not the slightest clue as to how to find his father. He strove to learn as much as he could in the next two years and to hook up with scientists working on time travel.

Unknown 1939 Alexander Wainwright broke into Monk Mayfair's Queens laboratory and stole the alien tissue sample. He converted an old warehouse into a laboratory and began attempting to regrow the specimen.

Mid-1939  A criminal escaping from the police broke into Alexander Wainwrights laboratory and accidentally started fire which seemingly destroyed the alien tissue sample. The criminal was contaminated by the alien tissue and became known as Plastic Man.

April 1939 Generations incident at World's Fair UH and Lex

May 1939 With the aid of Brainiac, the Ultrahumanite begins the process of creating a permanent, immortal cybernetic body for his superior brain to inhabit.

1939 Dr. Henry King projects his consciousness into the Dreamlands where in an dreamland version of urban America he establishes the persona of Dr. Sivana a brilliant yet evil criminal genius.

May 1939 Lex in London

June-August. 1939 Lex in Toron and Calbia Talon-Galonia" Action Comics #23 (April 1940) Lex Luthor

June 1939 Lawrence Luthor has his brain transplanted into the body of Dolores Winters.

July  1939 Ultrahumanite holds an ocean the passengers on a yacht for ransom. Action Comics #20 (January 1940): [Superman in Hollywood]

August 1939 "Dolores Winters seduces Terry Curtis (Rodney Prescott)  and forces him to work for her.  Action Comics #21 (February 1940): [The Atomic Disintegrator]

August 1939 Professor Alexander Wainwright begins working for Alexi Luthor.

September 1939 Superman Vol. 1 #4 (spring 1940): [The Challenge of Luthor]

October 1939 Superman Vol. 1 #4/2 (spring 1940): [Luthor's Undersea City]

December 1939 Superman Vol. 1 #5/3 (summer 1940): [Luthor's Incense Menace] 

1940 Scott Evil as Perry Degaton becomes the laboratory assistant to Dr. Malachi Zee, as part of the

Feb-March 1940 Superman Vol. 1 #12/4 (September-October 1941): [The Beasts of Luthor] .  Luthor creates giant mutant animals and paralyzes Superman with a mysterious green ray

June 1940  Superman Vol. 1 #13 (November-December 1941): [The Machinations of the Light] 

May 1940 Dolores Winters gives birth to a baby girl, the daughter of Rodney Prescott

November 1940 Superman Vol. 1 #10 (May-June 1941): [The Invisible Luthor] - Luthor steal Metropolis's water supply using an invisible helicopter

1941 The scientists of the Time Trust create the Time Ray which allows them to peer into the future or as it seemed the futures since the future seemed to be in constant state of flux. They used his time ray to follow the construction of a force field that would protect United States armaments. However it was flawed and two of the scientists from the Time Trust died in the resulting explosion.

1941 Dr. Henry King establishes the identity of  Dr. Forest Malone, a psychiatrist. He uses his projective telepathy to disguise his true appearance. He marries a young woman named Marva. During this period he develops the power to shape ectoplasm or dreamstuff into physical forms. He uses this new power with Marva as his unwilling assistant to commit depredations against women, becoming a sexual psychopath.

1941 Per Degaton Time Track 2 Per Degaton/Scott Evil attempts to change the course of history by having the Japanese attack the West Coast of the United States, hoping to have the United States attack Japan first instead of Nazi dominated Europe. He sends several Asian actors back in time from 1947 to have them bomb Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  Per Degaton is defeated by Carter Hall and Doc Savage.

June 1941 Dr. Henry King mind controls Dr. Elba (All Star Comics 8 1/42)

April  1941 Superman Vol. 1 #17/4 (July-August 1942): "When Titans Clash" Luthor uses the Power stone to become as strong as Superman.

February 1942 Superman Vol. 1 #18/2 (September-October 1942): "The Heat Horror" Luthor tries to fry Metropolis with a giant heat ray

February 1942 Dr. Henry King attempts to control the minds of  the ALSTR Squad. All Star 11 7/42

March 1942  Alexi Luthor is sent to Doc Savages Crime College for rehabilitation.

March 1942 The Ultrahumanite in Dolores Winters body tries to gather several objects of power to dominate the world. All Star Squadron 22-26 June-Oct. 1983

1942 Perry Degaton acquires the head of Rotwangís female robot who had been dubbed Mekanique by the press.

1942 Perry Degaton/Scott Evil is arrested and convicted of a jewel robbery. He was innocent of this crime but the evidence was rock solid.

Perry Degaton/Scott Evil time track 4 Batman uses Dr. Nichols method of time travel via hypnosis. He travels back from 1984 to inhabit his 1942 body. He uses a sniper rifle to shoot Per Degaton as he exited the time machine in 1942 and prevented him from planting the nuclear weapons. Shot Per Degaton stumbled back into the time machine which was already powered up. The time field split him into two versions of Per Degaton. One was dying of a gunshot wound and traveled forward to 1984, the other was stuck in 1942 and caught up in a temporal paradox that trapped him in a hellish existence as a time wraith for five years.

1942 Perry Degaton/Scott Evil time track 3 Using nuclear weapons stolen from 1961, Per Degaton tries to blackmail the nations of the world to accept him as the only ruler. He destroys London,  Washington, D.C. and Berlin. Some nations accept his rule, others must be subjugated.

July 1942 Dr. Henry King's national criminal organization is set upon by various costumed vigilantes who have traced it back to a central point of origination. All Star 15 February-March 1943

August 1942 The daughter he bore while in the body of Dolores Winters is put up for adoption. Ultrahumanite flees to Nazi Germany.

August 1942 The Black Beller in the body of Clifford Devoe takes over the rackets of Hunk Norvock. Devoe becomes publicly known criminal dubbed The Thinker.

October 1942 Having been defeated by the costumed vigilante's Dr. Henry King is out for revenge All Star 17 June-July 1943

October 1942 Alexander Wainwright Luthor takes over Alexi Luthor's organization and becomes Lex Luthor

December 1942 Dr. Henry King as Dr. Psycho is captured by Wonder Woman and sent to prison Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #5 (June-July 1943) "Battle for Womanhood"

January 1943 Dr. Henry King as Dr. Psycho escapes prison Vol. 1 #5 (June-July 1943) Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #5/3 The Return of Dr. Psycho

January 1943 Alexi Luthor graduates from the Crime College bereft of memories and given the new identity of Archimedes Goodman. His first task is to infiltrate Lutha and to rescue the royal family and help Lutha escape from the Nazi yoke.

March 1943 Dr. King as Dr. Psycho confronts Wonder Woman at a carnival and beats her in a contest.  Wonder Woman 160 February 1966)

June 1943 Dr. Henry King as Dr. Psycho uses Paula Dupree the Ape-Woman to confront Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman No. 163 July 1966)

1943-1944 Luthan resistance fighter Archimedes Goodman acquires the name Zarcon.

January 1944 Dr. Henry King as Dr. Psycho steals a copper stature made from the donated pennies of Wonder Woman's fans. He offers to return it at price. Wonder Woman No. 165 October 1966

Feb 1944 Alexander Wainwright Luthor has his first solo encounter with Superman Superman Vol. 1 #31 (November-December 1944): "Tune Up Time for Crime

June 1944 Dr. Psycho (Dr. Henry King) tries to discredit Steve Trevor by having physical duplicates for Treveor, created by plastic surgery, commit a series of heinous crimes.

1945 Archimedes Goodman aka Zarcon is made Prince of Novenia and made Regent by King Barney of Lutha.

Feb 1946 Dr. Henry King while working for the Oss subjects the ALSTR squad to mind control techniques.

? 1946  Alexeander Wainwright/Lex Luthor impregnated his laboratory assistant Nadine Dillon. She bore a child whom she named Maxwell Dillon. Nadine died in an unfortunate accident and Alexander took the child and placed it with some trustworthy people named Arlene and Jules Luther.  His organization forged documents. A birth certificate which stated Maxwell Dillon had died in birth. Another forged birth certificate named Jules and Arlene Luther as the parents of Alexis Luther.

1947 Per Degaton time track 1 Per Degaton/ Scott Evil shot Professor Zee but failed to kill him. Using Professor Zeeís time machine he traveled back to 331 BC and gave the Persians modern weapons to defeat Alexander the great. He was defeated by the Green Lantern and a couple of other costumed vigilantes who had escaped the time change.

1947 Per Degaton time track 2 Per Degaton/Scott Evil attempts to change the course of history by having the Japanese attack the West Coast of  the United States, hoping to have the United States attack Japan first instead of Nazi dominated Europe. He sends several Asian actors back in time to have them bomb Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  Per Degaton is defeated by Carter Hall and Doc Savage. Per Degaton is imprisoned for espionage on Doc Savageís word.

1947 Per Degaton time track 5 The Per Degaton/Scott Evil who had become a time wraith in 1942, merged with his 1947 self as the time stream resolved. The 1947 version of Scott Evil had dreams that Professor Zee had constantly thwarted his attempts to forge an empire using the time machine that Zee had created. He confronted Zee and told him that he was going to kill him and steal the machine. Although shot Professor Zee started the time machine and vanished. Per Degaton was charged with suspicion over the death of Dr. Zee. While he was in jail awaiting trial, he was broken out of jail. He was given the opportunity to work with some criminals to destroy the costumed vigilantes that plagued mankind. Scott Evil accepted the offer. (All Star Comics 37). Captured Per Degaton/Scott Evil spent 12 years in jail.

March 1947 Dr. Henry King along with several other criminals try to destroy the costumed vigilantes plaguing the country. Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #168 (February 1967): "Three Hands On the Magic Lasso"/All Star 37 (October-November 1947):

June 1947 Dr. Henry King sent to prison. After four years in solitary he is drafted by the CIA.

? 1948 Alexander Luthor owns a television station which he uses the broadcast towers to hide his dematerializer weapon. Superman Vs the Atom Man. It is about this time that Alexander Wainwright Luthor was contacted by the Nine. As one of the servants of the Nine he is given access to the elixir that extends his life.

? 1949 Clifford Devoe The Thinker acquires the intelligence enhancing helmet called the Thinking Cap.

1950 Clifford Devoe has a run in against the  Spider and flees town.

1950 Dolores Winters returns to America with the intention of replacing her aging female body. His choice is to implant his brain into the body of Bruce Wayne and take over the Wayne fortune. This plan is foiled by the intervention of Lois Kent and Superman. Superman Family #201

1950 Dolores Winters/Lawrence Luthor is sent to jail.

1952 Jules Luther invest most of his steel manufacturing firms assets behind a new process designed to combine plastic and steel. Young Alexis Luther warns Jules that the process is flawed and will not work.

1953 Having lost most of his steel manufacturing firmís assets on a failed process to create a new type of steel, Jules Luther tries to recoup his losses by gambling and borrowing from loansharks. Unable to repay the bookies or loansharks, Jules and Arlene Luther flee their palatial estate to hide in the tenements of Suicide Slum. Both the adult Luthers take to drink, work menial jobs to survive and blame their reduced circumstances on their adopted son, Alexis Luther.

1954 Dolores Winters dies in jail. The body is stolen by henchmen of the Ultrahumanite and implanted into a cybernetic body resembling a giant insect. In this body the Ultrahumanite attacks superman.

1954 While traveling around the world Prince Zarkon's yacht is sunk, he is believed lost at sea. He was actually taken into the far future and altered by the Great Brains of Polarion.

1955 Alexis Luther works out a deal with two men to beat up two ten year old bullies who were tormenting him.

1955 Dr. Henry King begins Symbion as a part of the MK Ultra program. Disguised as a recovery program Symbion used alcoholics, drug addicts and the mentally disturbed as subjects in brainwashing techniques.

1955 Mike Andrews and Lex Luthor invade the Fortress of Solitude.

1955 Prince Zarcon is found alive and well on a deserted island.

1955 The Ultrahumanite's brain is transplanted into the body of John Corben a reporter for the Daily Planet.

1956 When John Corben's frail physical form is killed in a car crash, the Ultrahumanite is transplanted into an artificial body resembling Corbens. This is a metallic robotic body that was articulated like a human body and covered with a flesh covered plastic.

1956 Alexis Luther wins a school chess competition by killing the dog of his rival and placing the corpse in his rivalís locker the morning of the chess match.

1956 Prince Zarkon establishes a base of operations in New York city and begins collecting people to help him in his task to prevent the dystopic future of the Great Brains of Polarion.

1957 Merry Pemberton entered the Symbion program and quickly fell for Dr. Henry King's illusionary form.

1958 Austin Powers and Dr. Rene Amal attend school to become intelligence agents for the British Ministry of Defense. Upon graduating Dr. Amal tries to sell secrets to THRUSH. He was caught by Powers and jailed.

Jan 1958 Clifford Devoe the Thinker steals the cybernetically enhanced clone of Lawrence Luthor and downloads his consciousness into it. He implants the Ultrahumanite's brain into the body of a giant white ape which he gives to a rural Mexican zoo.

May-June 1958 Lex Luthor takes part in Goldfinger's Fort Knox robbery.

1959 Dr. Rene Amal escapes from prison and joins SPECTRE

1959 Jules and Arlene Luther die in a car crash. Their recently purchased insurance policy makes their 12 year old son fairly wealthy, however the money is held in a trust and he is unable to get to it until he is twenty-one. He is relegated to a foster family. His foster father Casey Griggs was an abusive drunk

1959 Per Degaton/Scott Evil time track 5. Released from jail after his conviction for crimes committed in 1947, (All Star Comics 37)  He spent the next few years trying to create a time machine but to no avail. He assaulted Dr. Nichols and was sent to Bellevue for several years. He was in and out of mental institutions for several years.

1960 Lois Lane discovers the truth about Lena Thorsen but does not print it.

1960 Alexander Wainwright/Lex Luthor captured Lead of the Metal Men and learns how to built two similar robots, a Diamond Man and a Kyptonite Man. Action Comics No. 292 September 1962 and Action Comics No. 294 November 1962, The Army of Living Kryptonite Men (Superboy No. 86 January 1961)

1961 Posing as George Litton, Due Nombre tries to get his hands on the Lugashi Ruby. (The Pink Panther)

1961 Dr. Rene Amal has his face slashed by flying glass when James Bond and the Union Corse assault Blofeld's clinic at Piri Gloria. The scar will be permanent and will cause his eye to permanently droop.

1962 Alexander Wainwright Luthor blackmails Superman into finding a suitable world for them to fight on using the interdimensional scanner. On the planet Lexor, Alexander Wainwright Luthor throws the contest realizing that a group of people on this world could use his help. He may have also wanted to check out the ruins of an advanced civilization without molestation from Superman. There was also a kryptonite like substance that occurred on this planet that interested Luthor. He agreed to exile on this planet.

April 1962 Lena Thorsen receives a degree in criminology and tries out for the FBI Action Comics No. 295 December 1962

1963 After Blofeld's is killed by James Bond and Irma Blunt arrested by Japanese authorities, Dr. Amal seizes a portion of SPECTRE's organization. He plans for big operations to be run under the SPECTRE name and smaller operations to be run under his own personal organization. He begins using the name Dr. Evil.

May 1963 While searching for a dimensional portal to Earth Alexander Wainwright Luthor discovers the universe in which Braniac had been imprisoned. They team up to destroy Superman. Superman Vol. 1 #167 (February 1964): "The Team of Luthor and Brainiac"

December 1963  Alexander Wainwright Luthor lures Superman to Lexor.

1963 .Alexis Lutherís foster father Casey Griggs tried to convince another foster child, Lena to help steal Alexis money when Alexis came of age. She refused and Griggs killed her in a drunken rage but successfully blamed the death on an accident. Alexis Luther left his foster family and embarked on a criminal career of creating designer drugs, working for a man named Wong who was the head of the Cartel. The funds that he made would allow him to gain enough money to enter the college of  his choice prior to receiving his trust fund money.

January 1964 As an FBI liaison to the CIA Lena Thorsen goes undercover in Africa and an American circus. Action Comics No. 313 June 1964

March 1964 Alexander Wainwright Luthor returned to Earth with a plan to reshape the American coastline by triggering massive earthquakes. Superman refuses to allow Alexander Wainwright Luthor to return to Lexor. He is instead relegated to jail.

June 1964 Lena Thorsen marries Jeff Colby a CIA agent.

1964 While attending ? University Alexis Luther meets associate Professor Sydney Happersan. Happersan is immediately entranced by the young man, realizing that he possesses a charisma and intellect far above those of most men. Happersan would become Alexis Lutherís mentor and then his most devoted underling.

1965 Zarkon and the Omega Men first encounter Zandor Sinestro/Alexander Wainwright Luthor

June 1965 Zandor Sinestro dies in prison, although not really

August 1965 Alexander Wainwright Luthor threatens Metropolis with artificial glaciers created by liquid nitrogen. Action Comics No. 333  February 1966

1966 Dr. Evil's SPECTRE organization carries out its first operation. It is thwarted by James Bond.  You Only Live Twice film. He immediately began planning for a bigger and better scheme that will take several years to accomplish.

1966 Recently released from prison, Per Degaton creates a time machine of his own design. It travels not only through time but interdimensionally. In the Phantom Zone he encounters three imprisoned super villains with whom he makes a deal, their freedom for help in conquering the world. These criminals are the Syndicate which had attempted to conquer the earth in 1963.

1967 During one of his periodic jail escapes, Lex Luthor/Zandor Lampe infiltrates the Brotherhood of Lemuria and rise up to take it over. He uses it as a money making scam and also uses the cult as a means of gaining control over prominent people foolish enough to join the cult. Also by using various chemical concoctions created by Ching he was able to persuade people to join the Brotherhood.

1967 Austin Powers and New York city detective Foxy Cleopatra break up the New York operation of Dr. Evil's Marseilles based drug ring.

1967 Bored with the long process of creating his ultimate scheme to rule the world, Dr. Evil decides to have himself cryogenically frozen for a few years until the project is ready. Due to a problem with the orbiting ship, he was frozen for thirty years.

1967 Austin Powers has himself cryogenically frozen so he can deal with Dr. Evil in the future.

1967 Probable date for Prince Zarkon and the Omega Men case dealing with the Swamp Monster of Okenoffee.

1967 Receiving instructions from the Dr. Evil based in 1997, Number Two builds a time portal and begins receiving material from the future. He uses it to build a moonbase.

1967 Alexis Luther uses the proceeds from his trust fund to create Lexcorp. His first base of operations is in a small office in the Daily Planet building. Most of his trust fund goes into designing and building a prototype plane. To promote the plane design, Alexis Luther embarks on a around the world flight. This makes him famous in the same fashion that a similar stunt had made Howard Hughes and Jonas Cord famous. After being awarded his first government contract, Alexis Luther bought the Daily Planet and the building it was located. He used the Daily Planet to get information on his rivals.

1967 Jonas Cord dies of a heart attack. Howard Hughes moves quickly to acquire Cord Industries by seducing Jo-Anne Cord Parrish. Rather than let Hughes take over Cord Industries, Alexis Luther moves to take over Cord Industries, locking horns with Jonas Cord III. Ultimately Lexcorp will acquire Cordís technological and industrial base while Hughes will acquire the Entertainment sector of the Cord holdings.

1968 Veteran reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane retire from the Daily Planet but are allowed to name their replacements, distant, younger cousins also named Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

1968 While becoming the friend and supporter of politicians and philanthropists Alexis Luther also began to create a criminal organization known as Inter-Gang.

1968 Alexis Luther creates Lexxon Oil.

February 1968 Alexander Wainwright Luthor infects Superman with Virus X. Superman travels various parallel worlds seeking a cure. While Superman had been gone, Alexander Wainwright Luthor had conned some people into believing that he had sold them the deceased Superman's organs.

1968 in an odd twist of fate, Prince Zarkon poses as Lex Luthor to help Superman capture some Phantom Zone escapees.

May 1969 Alexander Wainwright Luthor broke out of jail to observe his daughter on her birthday. He discovers that her son Val has inherited psionic abilities. He kidnaps the child intending to use him as a weapon against Superman.

1969 Prince Zarkon has an adventure in Cambodia that involves writer Lin Carter.

1969 Dr. Evil travels back in time from 1999 to carry out his Alan Parson Project, the threat of the destruction of the Earth from a Moonbase by use of a giant ďlaserĒ In a romantic interlude with the 1969 Frau Farbissina,  Scott Evil is conceived.  Shortly thereafter the adult Scott Evil travels back from 1999 to be with his father. Austin Powers and Felicity Shagwell travel back to 1969 to thwart Dr. Evilís plan. The Moonbase is destroyed but many people escape the destruction via the time portal on the moonbase. The adult Scott Evil, Dr. Evil, Mini-Me and Fat Bastard  and the 1969 versions of Frau Farbissina and Number Two all end up in 1999. Frau Farbissina was sent back to 1974 to make arrangements for Dr. Evil next nefarious plot.. The I969 Number Two returned to 1969. Dr. Evil and Mini-Me traveled ahead one year to 2000.

Late 1969 The Schemer works to take down the Kingpinís organization. Alexis Luther gave the Schemer aid in this venture.

1970 Since the Kingpin left New York, Alexis Luther (through proxies) becomes the pre-eminent crimelord in New York. This will bring his organization into direct confrontation with Superman. Finding Supermanís interruption of capital flow from his criminal enterprises to be annoying, Alexis Luther tries to make Superman his employee after Superman successfully thwarts an FLQ terrorist attack on Lutherís yacht. Luther was charged with reckless endangerment when it was revealed that he had known about the impending attack.

1970 Some naturalist spotted the giant white ape which contained the brain of the Ultrahumanite. The ape was sent back to Africa.

1970 Dr. Evilís Killer Satellite with the Diamond Laser Death Ray plan was thwarted by James Bond (Diamonds are Forever film) Due to Blofeld figurehead Dr. Evilís involvement remains unknown.

Feb 1970 Nasthalia (Nasty) Luthor begins to pester Powergirl/Supergirl which she shall do for the next two years.

August 1970 The Nemesis of Evil (Prince Zarkon)

September 1970 The Invisible Death (Prince Zarkon)

1970 Dr. King's CIA superiors were alarmed at how much the Symbion organization had grown. King was order to shut it down. He refused and the CIA cut funding. King declared Symbion a religious organization.

November 1970 Prince Zarkon adventure The Doom Goblet (unpublished) Facts still undisclosed. This may be the case referred to in The Volcano Ogre about the Omega Team's visit to South America to help some poor villagers destroy a man killing monster. Zarkon and his men discovered an ancient city of Mayans.

December 1970-Feb 1971 Prince Zarkon Adventure The Media Master (unpublished) Facts still undisclosed

March 1971 Prince Zarkon adventure The Green Shadow (unpublished) Facts still undisclosed

April 1971 The Volcano Ogre (Prince Zarkon)

1971 Alexis Luther unleashes a LMD (pod duplicate) of Superman on Metropolis.

1971 Alexis Luther has his employee Robert Dubois hypoconditioned to kill Superman and arms him with kryptonite bullets.

late 1971 Alexis Luther attempt to use a research satellite geared to convert sunlight into energy to make Supermanís solar based powers to become uncontrollable. This brings Iron Man and Superman into conflict with Lexxon employee the Sunturion.

September 1971 Prince Zarkon investigates the mysterious Dr. Hess Green and his wife Ganja and discovers they have been cursed with vampirism. They are sent to the Crime College for a possible cure.

June 1971 Alexander Wainwright Luthor channels cosmic energy into one of the monsters created by the Frankenstein method and sends him after Superman Superman 248 (February 1972):
1971 The Ultrahumanite in his ape body discovers a group of great apes that spoke English.  They introduced him to an organization known as the Council which was based in the mountains of Uganda.

1971 Alexis Luther creates a new Metallo by using the robotic body of the original Metallo and the head of Brainiac.

October 1972 Alexander Wainwright Luthor manipulates the mysteryman Thor into attacking Superman Action Comics #423 (April 1973): "Luthor's Hammer of Hate"

1972 To protect Symbion from outside forces Dr. King forms the Imperial Marines. A more radical splinter group the Symbionese Liberation Army is disavowed by Dr. King.

1972 Alexis Luther sends Brainiac/Metallo to convince Caulder Logistics to sell out to Lexcorp. In the resultant fight Brainiac is destroyed and the neural net possesses a man named Milton Fine. Fine is a mutant with psionic abilities. The neural net anchors in his brain heighten Fineís psionic abilities.

June 1973 Alexander Wainwright Luthor hires several men to undergo plastic surgery to look like Jimmy Olsen. Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen No. 162 December 1973 / January 1974

1974 Prince Zarkon investigates the mysterious Anton Keram and his cult with the help of Anton Zarnak

1974 Captain America and Power Girl raid a Symbionese Liberation Army outpost and rescue the captured Kane heiress. Information is uncovered that points to the leader of Symbion not only having had contact with the SLA but directing their actions. The Symbionese headquarters are raided. Dr. King eluded capture. Many of his followers had chosen to depart life rather than be taken by the government. They drank poisoned grape juice. Among these victims was purportedly Merry King.

1974 The Ultrahumanite at the Council's order creates a mercenary army to wipe out costumed vigilantes. Basis for the comic book Secret Society of Supervillains and story arc in Justice League of  America. 195-197 October-December 1981

October 1974 Alexander Wainwright Luthor joins forces with Superman to defeat the Parasite. For this he is granted a parole and brings his wife from Lexor to live on Earth. Superman No. 286 April 1975

Feb 1975 Superman A henchman of Luthor's uses a device to make Superman lose control of his powers. This is seen as a violation of Luthor's parole and he is returned to Jail. Superman  No. 302  August 1976

June 1975 Dr. King joins forces with Per Degaton to wreak havoc on the world. All Star Squad (January-February 1976)

1975 In Louisiana,  Prince Zarkon and Anton Zarnak investigate killer Zombies directed by Diana "Sugar" Hill.

1975 Per Degaton Time track 5 A newspaper article about Foxy Cleopatra jogs Scott Evilís memory. His mother had been sent back to 1974 to set up the Midas Touch project.  He visited his mother and explained how he had ruined his life by attempting to destroy his father. He wished now to make amends. His sympathetic mother gave her son a chance to redeem himself and gave him access to Virtucon. He used the access to fund his research, he also had cosmetic surgery to recapture his lost youth and he dyed his hair. He was contacted by his old crime companion Henry King  in June of this year. He agreed to bankrollís Henry Kingís schemes because he believed that it would bring heat on Virtucon and the removal of Number Two. However King failed in his schemes and turned Scott Evil in as his accomplice. He was tried and sentenced to ten years in prison.

January 1976 The Super sons are tricked into helping Alexander Wainwright Luthor escape from jail and return to Lexor. A plague is devastating Lexor but Superman refuses to lend any Kryptonian science, Luthor had tried that ploy before. Luthor's hatred for Superman flames anew. The Super sons leave him exiled on Lexor. Lex is on Lexor for the next few years studying ancient machines he had discovered.  WORLD'S FINEST 238 - June 1976

1976-1981 Members of Alexander Wainwright Luthor's gang pose as him as well as some imitators. He is actually on Lexor

Feb 1976 Dr. King joins forces with the Wizard but is defeated by Power Girl and Prince Zarkon

?1976 Hiding his true form, The Ultrahumanite works for his grandson Daniel Clampett. He uses his powers of mental persuasion to influence his grandson to pursue unethical business practices and pursue semi-legitimate business ventures. 

August 1976 Prince Zarkon and the Omega crew investigate instances of gigantism in Canada

December 1976 Prince Zarkon and the Omega crew investigate gigantism in Florida and encounter a man who may have been Gary Seven

January 1977 Prince Zarkon and the Omega crew investigate the possible manifestation of pod people in San Francisco.

September 1977 Dr. King made the city of Kansas City disappear.

1977 Prince Zarkon persuades Gwen Stacy to pose as Sylvia Sablinovia, the slain princess of Symkaria's

Oct 1977- April 1978 The Frozen Time Terror A Prince Zarkon Adventure (unpublished) Prince Zarkon encounters Justin Power, Cleopatra Jones, Robert Sand

June 1978 The Earth Shaker (Prince Zarkon)

Unknown 1979 The body of Marva Malone  is discovered hidden the walls of one of the former residences of Dr. Henry King. The body had been preserved in formaldehyde.

Unknown 1979 Dr. King joins forces with the Ultrahumanite to cause several costumed vigilantes to become amoral and ruthless

1979 Horror Wears Blue (Prince Zarkon)

?1980 The Ultrahumanite's brain is transplanted into the body of homeless man. He begins using the created identity of Dr. Cather, a genetic researcher working at a fertility clinic in Clamp Tower.

1980 The Moon Menace, A Prince Zarkon adventure (unpublished)

March 1981 As Dr. Psycho Dr. King confronts Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #288 (February 1982): "Swan Song", Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #289 (March 1982): "His Name Is Psycho"

Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #290 (April 1982): "Panic Over Pennsylvania Avenue"

November 1981 Alexander Wainwright Luthor induces Superman to come to Lexor to watch a demonstration of machinery that could be beneficial to the Earth. Having monitored Luthor's behavior on Lexor, Superman believed that Luthor had changed for the better. He was wrong. Lexor is destroyed. Superman returns to Earth with Luthor had returns him to jail.

April 1982 Alexander Wainwright Luthor escapes from jail.

Dec 1982 Alexander Wainwright Luthor attempts to make Superman go insane by projecting images of him that only Superman can see.

1982 Per Degaton/Scott Evil strands his erstwhile helpers the Syndicate in this era, expecting them to be erased wjem the timeline changed.

1983 Per Degaton Time track 5 Having served seven years of a ten year sentence, Scott Evil was in the mood for payback. When he learned of the so called Batman Diary case, he offered to testify as a hostile witness against the costumed vigilantes. His damning testimony was however made bogus when he was arrested for having assaulted an elderly man. The man was Dr. Malachai Zee who had been found wandering the streets in a daze from a concussion courtesy of a bullet crease to his skull. Despite having no physical evidence or even a witness, Zee had disappeared from the hospital a few days later, a judge sentenced Per Degaton/Scott Evil to serve out the rest of his sentence.

Jan 1983 Again subjecting Superman to psychological torture Alexander Wainwright Luthor uses a gas to make Superman believe that he is the lone survivor on Earth.

Feb 1983 Luthor Kidnaps Lois Lane. After Superman rescues her, Luthor distributed photos of Lois Lane, (Mrs. Clark Kent)  embracing Superman as if he were her lover to various tabloids.

March 1984 Clark Kent was fired from his dual job as a television anchorman and newspaper reporter for having plagiarized several stories and also having filed many false stories. Although Kent proved his innocence of the false stories he did not return to "WGBS" because "Morgan Edge" had refused to stand by him. Superman No. 410 August 1985

November 1984 Clark Kent begins to once more work for the Daily Planet.

1985 Alexis Luther begins his doomsday plan. The Joker captures Robin (Jason Todd) and Robinís mother and holds a telethon for their lives. Batman is forced to hurry through the city to stop vials of Joker gas from being released. He returns the television studio in time to see Robin blown up.

Unknown 1985 D.D. Warburton and his daughter buy the Daily Planet and turn it into a tabloid. Alexander Wainwright and his "nephew" create an artificial man designed to kill Superman. Although it is apparently successful, Superman revives, destroys the creature and recaptures Alexander Wainwright Luthor. The Luthor "Nephew' escapes all blame. This is part of Alexis Lutherís Doomsday plan.

Unknown 1985 Dr. Henry King mentally controls a cybernetic killing monster which kills Supergirl, Power girl and Superman.  He is imprisoned in the Phantom Zone after this crime. This is part of Alexis Lutherís Doomsday plan.

1985-1987 Doomsday plan continues Knightfall/Dark Knight Returns storyline

1985 Doomsday plan; Luther manipulates the Fisk family and Daredevil into destroying one another. Daredevil loses his secret identity, his home and his public and secret careers.

1986 A genetic experiment goes awry in the genetic laboratory in Clamp Tower. A mutated life form wreaks death and destruction. The Ultrahumanite's current body of Dr.Cather is so badly wounded that he uses an automatic brain transplant of his own design to place his brain into the body of one of the laboratory assistants. Using resources skimmed from Clampcorp, the Ultrahumanite goes into  partnership with Nu-Genesis and starts up a company named Ultra-Gen.

1987-1988 Doomsday aftermath No Manís Land/Reign of the Supermen

1987 Per Degaton time track 5. Released from prison after serving out the remainder of his ten year conviction of 1975, months tacked on, Scott Evil/Per Degaton decided to devote himself to the science of robotics, hoping to fix the robot Mekanique. Scott Evil realized that Rottwang had been like him, a time traveler who had been trapped in the past, when Mekanique had claimed to have circuitry to time travel, she may have been telling the truth. Per Degaton/Scott Evil had been hired by Heywood Industries to with the promise of having a free hand in research. However he soon discovered that Haywood had hired him to make him into a man of steel, to replace his natural skeleton with a metal skeleton. Blackmailed into carrying out the operation, it was a success due to the uncanny resilience of Haywoodís body. However Haywood began to slowly die when the operation was complete. Without bone marrow most of his immune system was compromised. Without knowing this, the aged Haywood embarked on a short lived career as a costumed vigilante with a ďsuperheroĒ team created from teenagers living in the Detroit area.

While Haywood was playing hero, Per Degaton/Scott Evil continued to work at Haywood and use its facilities to rebuild Mekanique. He learned of the work of Dr. Dolenz and made a raid on his laboratory. Dolenz was the true creator of the fembots. Dolenz sent a squad of  robots to attack Haywood Industries. Haywood and his heroes were severely injured in the attack.

Having repaired Mekanique as best as he could, she told him that although her time traveling circuitry was not fully functional, she could probably use the chroniton discharge of time machine to jump start her temporal traveling capability. She would have to know the exact time and location of a time machineís arrival or departure. Scott Evil was able to boost her sensory apparatus so that she could pinpoint such a chronotron discharge. She sensed one in California within a year or so.

1988 Per Degaton time track 5  Per Degaton/Scott Evil and Mekanique travel to California so she can better locate the chronotron discharge that will allow them to travel in time. Scott becomes involved in the drug trade for income. One of his drug deals is stopped by the costumed vigilantes Wildcat and Mr. Bones. Mekanique defends him from them as he runs away. He is hit by a car escaping. Scott Evil and Wild Cat end up in the same hospital. Scott is pronounced dead on arrival but Mekanique uses some of her energy to resuscitate him. She carries him from the hospital and towards the imminent chronotron discharge. The concussed Wildcat followed them.

Per Degaton/Scott Evil witnesses the arrival of his dying temporal twin. When the younger dying man grabbed onto his older self a sort of chain reaction occurred and both began to disappear. Mekanique used all of her remaining energy to stop this from happing. A temporal implosion occurred and  Mekanique and the time booth disappeared. Scott Evil was torn asunder and remade. Scott Evil was younger than he had been and although authorities discounted Wildcatís story of doubles, time machines and robots as part of concussion delirium, the evidence against Per Degaton was enough to convict him of drug dealing. He spent another ten years in prison.

Jan 1990 Alexander Wainwright Luthor dies in prison of cancer.

Jan 1991 Several old costumed vigilantes successfully stop the Ultrahumanite plan to use the Ultra-Gen corporation to dump toxic drugs among the American poor and third world countries. The Ultrahumanite survives and hires assassins to kill those who had thwarted him.

1994 Al Pratt and Rex Tyler were killed by a hired assassin known only as Extant. Pratt and Tyler were struck by darts containing a genetic virus containing a tweaked version of progeria syndrome.

1994 Johnny Thunder was also hit with a dart containing the progeria but his stabilized after a few months.

1994 An unknown marksman shot Ted Grant in the back, paralyzing him.

1995 Johnny Chambers was killed by a middle eastern assassin named Savitar. He was beheaded.

1998 Per Degaton Time Track 5 Scott Evil/Per Degaton is released from prison. This time he decided that he would accept the inevitable and rejoin his fatherís organization. Once again with his sympathetic motherís help he insinuated his way into Virtucon. This time he went out of his way to please his father with the express purpose of making himself the dutiful son and heir.

1999 Believing that he can gain access of an extradimensional being or a mythical genie, The Ultrahumanite has his brain transplanted into the body of the aged Johnny Thunder. It had been Thunder's mental powers which had kept his progeria in check, without it the virus rapidly affected the Ultrahumanite's mind. He spend the rest of his life in a senile dementia imagining he had reshaped the world to his desires.

1999 Dr. Evil announces his return and reinterates his design to rule the world as a surprise guest on The Jerry Springer show.

1999 Dr. Evil establishes a headquarters in Seattle in the Space Needle. From here he would launch his plan to circumvent fate by time traveling to 1969 and holding the world hostage from a moon base.

2000 Dr. Evil and Mini-Me and Fat Bastard all arrive via Time Portal from 1999.

2000 Dr. Evil and several of his minions are arrested at his Hollywood Lair as they plan Operation Midas Touch. Dr. Evil is sentenced by the World Court to life imprisonment.

2001 Austin Powers is given an award by the Queen. (in the film he was knighted but this was probably not the case)

2001 Nigel Powers is kidnapped off of his yacht. He was taken back in time to 1975 to Johan Van der Smutís Studio 69 and held captive. Austin Powers travels back in time to rescue Nigel Powers. Using Nigel Powers as a hostage Van Der Smut uses the Time Portal to escape to 2002. Austin returns to 2002 accompanied by 1975 era FBI agent Foxxy Cleopatra.

2001 Austin Powers makes a deal with Dr. Evil. If Dr. Evil gives him information about his father Austin will use influence to have Dr. Evil placed in a regular prison.

2001 Sometime in this year Scott Evil decides to use the Time Portal to travel back in time and destroy his father. He is not certain of the date and travels back to 1938. Since there is not a time portal in that era, Scott is trapped in the past.

2002 Dr. Evil and Mini-Me escape from prison in Georgia. Dr. Evil starts the final phases of Operation Midas Touch. Scott Evil, now suddenly older and balding reconciles with his father. Mini-Me is rejected by Dr. Evil and begins working for MOD. Nigel Powers, Foxxy Cleopatra, Austin Powers and turncoat Mini-Me thwart the plans of Dr. Evil and Johan van Der Smut. Austin Powers and Dr. Evil are revealed to be twin brothers. Dr. Evil becomes good. Scott Evil, now totally bald vows revenge.




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