Shaken but not Stirred:
Unblended Bonds
An examination of the Cinematic Adventures

of James Bond


By Dennis E. Power


CASINO ROYALE (1954 and 1967)

VT Deal the Blood Red Death*

    Although the first James Bond film was Dr. No, the first book was Casino Royale.  As it happens the first film to take place in our discussion is also Casino Royale, both versions. First let me state that although these film versions Casino Royale (1954) and Casino Royale (1967) contain elements of the Fleming novel they have little connection with the events or characters of the novel. The James Bond in both film versions is a different James Bond  than 007 although these versions make it into our study because they are related to James Bond, 007.

    The James Bond genealogical chart provided in Win Eckert's James Bond Chronology, was derived in part from information given to John Pearson in the James Bond, Authorized Biography of 007, information taken from Role of Honor and Ice Breaker by John Gardner and from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore. However the Bond family genealogy given to Mr. Pearson is neither complete nor entirely accurate. Commander Bond was not entirely forthcoming to John Pearson about his family due to some ignorance of relationships, for personal reasons due to estrangement from his relatives and also due to the needs of national security. The Bonds had been in Secret Service for longer than James Bond let on.

    James Bond's great uncle Campion Bond was a highly placed agent working directly under one of the current M's during the later part of the Nineteenth and first part of the Twentieth Century. Like his nephew Great Nephew Campion Bond often did rather despicable acts for the sake of King and Country. However unlike 007, Campion enjoyed the intrigue and duplicity that came with working in the shadow wars. This is not surprising considered that his superior, the M in charge of his section was Professor James Moriarty. Moriarty had been recruited by the black section of the BSS when in his late twenties after the murder of his mistress Emily Caber and two of their children. Initially he was recruited by what he believed was he British Secret Service to undergo a mission that would also bring vengeance to the killers of his family. James Moriarty infiltrated an international operation, which was building a fleet of submersible vessels and even lent his genius to their design. It was not until he and some of his hand picked henchmen had successfully destroyed the ship building facility, destroyed all of the plans to create the vessels engines, sunk all of the partially completed submersibles, sabotaged the first completed vessel and escaped in the Nautilus, the submersible with his design,  that he learned that he had been recruited by group of extra-terrestrials. (1)

    At their behest and in return for a thousand years of life, he played a crucial role in their quest to bring about an end to war by using the stolen submersible to attack ships of war from 1866. In 1868 an agent from a rival extraterrestrial group sank the submersible and Nemo and part of his crew barely managed to escape with their lives. Between 1868 and 1870 he carried out several missions for the extraterrestrials, who were also working hand in hand with several of the Secret Services in the world, among them the British Secret Service. At the behest of the BSS and his extraterrestrial sponsors, Moriarty carried out a mission for them in India, Afghanistan and Russia. He was forced to flee to Siberia. A fleeting acquaintance with a Siberian lady resulted in a child named Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. (2)

    In 1870, James Moriarty returned to England and established himself as a Professor once more. He also remained an active agent of the Capelleans and the BSS. It was the latter's idea that he would use his vast organizational skills to establish an underworld empire for the good of the nation. The monies garnered from the underworld operation would be used to fund various operations which the Crown could not or would not knowingly fund. The underworld contacts would also provide a source of manpower, the sort who would carry out any sort of task for monetary gain.

    In 1873, his Capellean superiors once again was set James Moriarty on a mission which would thwart the plans of the Eridaneans once and for all. This once again placed him in direct opposition to the man who had sunk his beloved submersible. The episode ended with a stalemate and Moriarty was informed that he was the new Head of the Capellean organization. (3)

    So while a sitting Professor, James Moriarty became M of Section Black of the BSS, the head of an extraterrestrial cabal and also became the Napoleon of Crime. His rival in the BSS was a man who while a pragmatist also felt that certain acts were uncivilized and criminal. This man was Mycroft Holmes, one of his former students. Moriarty was plagued by another Holmes who continually attempted to stop his "criminal" plans. Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes met in a fatal clash at the Reichenbach Falls in 1891. (4) Before 1891, Moriarty never had any offices in any official British building and operated out of his home on Russell Square, as seen in The Great Game (as well as many more secret lairs) as related in the March-April 1891 entry of the Wold Newton Crossover Chronology  Before 1891, he was both a criminal mastermind and in charge of the British black ops group.  After 1894, Moriarty moved into the offices at Whitehall (seen in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and his activities became more open, so that by 1898, Mycroft Holmes knew of Moriarty's role in the Secret Service, although he was powerless to do anything about it.

    To thwart the early efforts of the Devil Doctor, James Moriarty had Campion Bond recruit some bizarre personages whom could be considered expendable. These were John Hawley Griffin- the psychotic invisible man, Mina Murray -the victim of a vampiric rape, Allan Quatermain-a washed up game hunter and explorer, Dr. Henry Jekyll- a man who changed into his bestial half, and Moriarty's old enemy, Prince Dakkar. (5)  Although the mission was successful, at the end of it Moriarty disappeared  for a time and was believed dead. Campion Bond was placed in temporary charge of the Black branch. Ultimately Mycroft Holmes' section absorbed the Black section branch and he became the next M. Mycroft had lost much of his idealism of his youth and became convinced that brutal, barbaric acts were sometimes needed to preserve the Empire's interests.

    Campion Bond was sent to America for an extended tour of duty. This was in essence an exile. He married a redheaded woman named Alicia Fagin. (6) They had a son named James in 1909. He was called Jimmy Bond. Although was highly intelligent and had a great desire to follow his father in the espionage business, he was rather inept at it. His first mission was to befriend an oily young French gambler named Emil Artoff. The BSS thought that Artoff's constant travels through Europe would make him a good candidate to be a courier or information source. Jimmy however became entranced by a female player and to show off he used the system they had set up to help Artoff win against him. Jimmy wiped  Artoff out. Jimmy Bond later claimed that before Jimmy allowed Artoff to win he wanted to instill in Artoff a friendly rivalry which would create a great desire to beat Bond. He failed. Jimmy also slept with the female player, who turned out to be Artoff's wife.

    Instead of having feelings of amenity towards the British, Artoff despised them. This incident took place in 1939, in Monte Carlo. (7) Jimmy Bond was working for the BSS despite his American birth. Because his father had been an agent and regarded by some as a brilliant one, Jimmy was given a great deal of leeway although he was considered a bit inferior, being an American and a bungling one at that.

    Jimmy's next assignment took him to Spain where he was gathering information on the possibility that the Third Reich would launch an offensive toward Britain and the United States from there. A victorious Francisco Franco demonstrated his strength by rounding up important dissidents. Jimmy Bond managed to get captured and shot by a firing squad.

    Reports surfaced in mid-1942 however that Jimmy Bond had survived the firing squad and was being held a captive in Lyons or Marseilles in Vichy France.

    Since the war was in full swing, most of the BSS agents were involved in many more important projects than investigating the reports that one of their more inept agents was still alive. Since however there was a personal connection which involved one of the BSS' former top agents the current M, Angus McTarry, visited Sir James Bond at his home in Southern England. (8)

    The history of Sir James Bond is thus. Although he did not become Sir James Bond until 1925, I will call him this to distinguish him from James Bond 007. Sir James Bond was the nephew of Campion Bond and the son of Ian Bond. He was the cousin of Andrew Bond and therefore was an older second cousin of the James Bond that Ian Fleming wrote about. He was born in 1880. Sir James Bond had attended Eton and Cambridge. Sir James Bond, although he was not a Sir as of yet, had shed most of his Scottish upbringing had become to all appearances an upper-class English gentlemen. The only remnant of his background was that when excited or agitated his Scottish burr crept into his speech. Sir James quickly learned to cover this with a supposed stammer. (9)

    In Cambridge Sir James studied zoology, botany and music. He became adept at the latter, almost skilled enough to become a concert pianist. Yet zoology and botany were his true passions. His first zoological trip, while actually still attending Cambridge but on a field trip was to South Africa in 1899. He got caught up in the Boer War and was trapped in the village of Mafeking with Colonel Baden-Powell. He became great friends with Baden-Powell.(10) His facility with language and his studied knowledge of the the local flora and fauna were instrumental in helping to keep the besieged village from falling into the enemy  hands. In three of the major skirmishes, Sir James distinguished himself in combat, twice braving enemy fire to rescue fallen comrades. After Mafeking had been relieved and the siege broke, Sir James continued his way to the West Coast. Within a month he was once again caught up in an armed conflict, the Ashanti War of 1900. Once again he distinguished himself in combat and was able to use his language and social skills to bring about a swift conclusion to the uprising. (11)

    After Sir James returned to England he finished his studies and after graduating he traveled the world seeking to catalog unknown species of flora and fauna in British Colonies for a series of scientific books he had planned entitled Flora and Fauna of the British Colonies. In India he became acquainted with a young trader named Kimball O'Hara. O'Hara was a Colonial born and raised in India. After Kimball helped Sir James out of a jam concerning a misunderstanding of the caste system, Sir James did not mind doing favors for O'Hara. These favors consisted of Sir James using his keen sense of observation to keep an eye for foreign traders that might cut into O'Hara's business as Sir James traveled about the countryside.

    On one of his travels, Sir James fell afoul of some Russian traders who tried to take him captive, or failing that, to kill him. Sir James killed his would be captors and extricated himself from the situation. O'Hara had not thought that Sir James would be in any danger. O'Hara revealed that he was a member of the British Secret Service. He was in fact the person upon whom Kipling had based his novel Kim. (12)

    Sir James became an agent-at-large of the British Secret Service. Although James eventually found a position as a zoologist with the British Museum of Natural History, this was also part of his cover as well as a true employment. His assignment with the British Museum of Natural History was to undertake a survey of how the recent rapid industrialization and urban growth in Europe had affected plant and animal life. In the course of his work he visited all of the major European capitals for extensive periods of time. He became fluent in most European languages.

    In 1912 he received a belated Victoria Cross for his actions during the Siege of Mafeking. Sir Baden-Powell had lobbied long and hard for Sir James to receive one. Finally it had not gone unnnoted.

    While in France he met and befriended the famed dancer and courtesan Mata Hari. (13) They had a mutual interest in music, Hindu philosophy and... each other. The two became great friends and lovers. Their love affair began in 1910 in Paris. In 1914 When James had to move to Berlin to begin making his zoological survey there she contrived to follow him. In Berlin however her act was deemed lewd and the German police arrested her. It was shortly after this that she disappeared from James life for a couple of years.

    Mata Hari was given the choice of becoming the lover of Berlin's Chief of Police or having her British boyfriend retained indefinitely. She chose the former to keep James out of the clutches of the German police. Having seen how pliable she was the German Secret Service extorted Mata into becoming a spy for them They promised that they would give her the one thing in the world she truly wished. This was her daughter Non, who was held in the custody of Mata Hari's former husband, Rudolph Macleod. (14)

    Mata Hari was sent to a notorious German spy school and given the code name of H-21. Mata Hari  became swept up in a morass of espionage in which she was extorted and victimized by three competing espionage organizations, the Germans, Russians and French.  Whereas Sydney Reilly learned how to the play the game easily and played all of his employers against one another, Mata Hari became like a bone tossed about by curs. Russia managed to get incriminating evidence that she was spying for Germany and forced her to work for them. They set her up as the lover of a young Russian soldier named Vladmir Masloff, called Vadim. He was her contact. France became suspicious of her activities with German and Russian citizens and offered her a chance to spy for them against Germany. Mata Hari tried to play each of her "sponsors" against each other but each move she made seemed to work against her. All she really wished to do was to be free of these competing forces, get custody of her daughter and be with Sir James.

    While traveling to Brussels on a mission for the French, Mata Hari needed to stop over in Britain, taking a circuitous route because of the war. The British forced her to return to Spain. The British became interested in Mata Hari and sent an agent with a known connection to her to investigate. The agent was Sir James Bond. He followed Mata Hari to Spain. They rekindled their passionate affair for a short time in Madrid until Sir James was given information that proved Mata Hari was meeting with  Lieutenant Wilhelm Canaris  of the German Secret Service. (15) According to the French, Mata was also the lover of a German Major Arnold Kalle. Jealous and feeling betrayed Sir James left her to her own devices and let the British know she was a definitely an agent for the Germans. He did not know that at the time she was pregnant with his child.

    Her German "lover" Arnold Kalle however was, like Vladmir Masloff, more of an espionage contact rather than an actual lover. Kalle believed that Mata was a French agent. He began planting misinformation with her and mentioned her in his reports using a code that the Germans knew that the French had already broken. Mata Hari gave birth to a child in Madrid. This child was placed with friends of Mata Hari who lived in Belgium. After the birth of her child Mata Hari returned to Paris. Depressed and short of cash, she drifted into affairs with several men. One of short term affairs of the heart was a young Belgian soldier Henri Defense. This was the nom de guerre of Indiana Jones. Despite his efforts he could not extricate Mata Hari from the web of suspicion and duplicity that swirled around her.

    When Mata Hari returned to France she tried to use the information she had gathered in Madrid but Georges Ladoux said it was outdated and refused to pay her. The French believed that the false information that Mata Hari had given them along with the mention of her in German messages proved that she was an active German agent pretending to be a French agent. She was arrested in 1917 by French authorities.

    The couple taking care of Mata Hari's and James Bond's daughter was almost immediately placed under "protective custody" by the German Secret Service, in effect making the child a hostage. Mata Hari tried to play the innocent and denied any German connections. Her silence saved her child's life but cost her life. She was executed by firing squad on October 15, 1917. James Bond had visited her the day before. She revealed all to him including the birth of and location of their daughter, Margrete Bond.

    It was not until the end of the war that Sir James was able to get to Brussels by this time the couple taking care of the child had left. Using his cover identity and actual occupation of a zoologist, James Bond traveled to Malaysia, India, Tibet, Afghanistan and other regions on East Asia on the trail of his daughter and her foster parents. He was never able to catch up with them.

    After Mata Hari's death much of the excitement and thrill of working for the British Secret Service died in Sir James Bond. Yet he stayed connect to them because his government contacts made it easier for him to travel and obtain information about possible leads concerning his daughter. While traveling about in some of the poorest and disease ridden areas of the Empire Sir James discovered a deeper commitment to humanity. He started organizations that aided and educated lower class British Colonials and natives of the various colonies he visited.

    Sir James was knighted in 1925 for various charitable acts he had undertaken in his travels through India and Afghanistan but mainly for his secret efforts in preventing a Soviet inspired Second Indian Mutiny.

    In 1926, Sir James Bond retired from the British Secret Service to a small estate he purchased in Southern England. He spent the time between 1926 and 1941 writing several books and treatise on botanical and zoological matters. He fenced off his estate and created various designs for zoological parks which had more naturalistic environments for the animals to live. He had large cats and various other animals roaming in large fenced in tracts of his estate. Sir James also had a hot house in which he tried gardening and breeding varieties of high protein vegetables and cereals that would grow in arid environments. He practiced his concert piano every day from dusk to dark. (16)

    His former superiors at the British Secret Service were scandalized that an agent of his talents was wasting his time puttering around in his garden.

    When Angus McTarry, the current M approached Sir James Bond about the possibility of him investigating Jimmy Bond's disappearance Sir James at first refused. Despite McTarry's urging for him to reconsider, Sir James remained steadfast. As McTarry's car drove away from Sir James estate, it exploded and damaged the front of the house. Sir James took an active role in the case. The interim M (Sir Henry Merrivale) sent Sir James to attend McTarry's funeral and see if clues to the assassination could be found. The counter espionage section was uncertain as to whether the target of the assassination had been McTarry, McTarry and Bond or just Bond with McTarry as being incidental. They were also uncertain if it had something to do with the Jimmy Bond case. (17)

    At McTarry's funeral a sniper shot at Sir James Bond. Although he escaped harm he remained alert yet not alert enough to escape a jet of knock out gas squirted from a bagpipe. Sir James awakened in what was purported to be McTarry's castle. In a episode worthy of Malory, all of the serving staff were attractive and scantily clad young women purportedly McTarry's daughters, although they all had atrocious Scottish accents. Presiding over them was a beautiful mature woman who called herself Lady Fiona McTarry and claimed to be McTarry's widow.

    The castle staff went to considerable effort to charm, cajole or seduce information out of Sir James. They suffered from the disbelief that Sir James knew more about the current British Secret Service and its operations that he actually did. Despite the great temptation, Sir James resisted their attentions, which only made them redouble their efforts. He hoped that by challenging them and resisting them and yet remaining flirtatious he could gather information from them.

    Sir James discovered by various slips of the tongue, over heard conversations and eavesdropping that the castle was not McTarry Castle but rather the infamous Boleskine House owned by the occultist Aleister Crowley. Crowley was a long time Teutonophile. He had been soundly rebuked for his pro-German stance during the Great War. It was well known that he considered Adolf Hitler as something of a protege of his. Yet when the war broke out, Aleister Crowley suddenly became very anti-German.

    Sir James allowed himself to be seduced by Lady McTarry under the guise of consoling the widow. During the throes of passion she revealed that her native tongue was French.

    Sir James confronted her about the slip when their tryst had ended. Lady McTarry revealed that she was a Vichy agent named Mimi. She claimed that he had kindled a passion in her for him and she wished to help him escape. Although he doubted her story, he played along. They escaped from Boleskine Castle. Although they had a head start, they were pursued. Sir James was not certain if the pursuit was real or staged.

    Mimi said she had become part of the Vichy espionage force because she had been forced. The Nazi's had threatened her parents' lives. Mimi had been an actress prior to her new profession. She further revealed that she believed that Sir James provided the best means of escape from her situation. Although she loved her parents she had severe qualms about her work in espionage and about the super weapon that Dr. Noah was creating. The Nazi's believed it would give them a swift and certain victory. The Nazis and Vichy were after Sir James because they wanted to know to how much he knew about the Jimmy Bond and Dr. Noah connection.

    As they were making their way across the Scottish border, sniper hit Sir James in the side, cracking a rib. Mimi was hit directly in the chest and killed immediately. Sir James played dead and killed the sniper when he came to check on his work. (18)

    In London Sir James met with Sir Henry Merrivale and a man named Maddox. Maddox shook Sir James hand enthusiastically. Maddox told Sir James  he had helped to carry on the great tradition of the Bond family in the Intelligence service by bringing Sir James younger cousin into the organization. Sir James was a bit confused at first thinking Maddox was referring to Jimmy Bond but Maddox was instead talking about Sir James' cousin Andrew's son. Whom to be honest, Sir James knew nothing about until that very moment. The Bonds were not a tightly knit family. (19)

    Sir James Bond and Sir Merrivale decided that it might be best for Sir James to follow up on some information that Agent Mimi had disclosed to him. The disappearance and reappearance of Jimmy Bond and his connection to the mysterious Dr. Noah was taking on sinister proportions.

    Sir James entered Occupied France incognito posing as a French naturalist named Evrard Tremblent. (20) He traveled to Paris and began making discreet inquiries as to the whereabouts of either Jimmy Bond or Dr. Noah. A person answering Jimmy Bond's description was a rather well known frequenter of various casinos, nightclubs, cabarets and brothels.

    Sir James compiled a list of places Jimmy Bond was rumored to frequent and began visiting them. At one of the nightclubs on the list he spotted a woman entertainer who did an exotic strip tease. Her stage name was Tani Hari; Daughter of the Sun. Tani was a dead ringer for Margaretha Zelle, the infamous Mata Hari. After her performance, he saw her chatting socially with Nazi officers and also some well dressed French men who were probably Vichy politicos of some sort. Sir James also realized that she communicated clandestinely to members in the audience in quick whispers.

    When the nightclub closed, she begged off an assignation with a Nazi officer. Sir James followed her to a small house next to a park. The house was surrounded by a stone fence  He wondered if she had chosen the site because it gave her a wide view of the surrounding area.

    Steeling himself, he knocked on her door. A spy hole opened and a voice asked who he was in French. He replied that he was Bond, Sir James Bond. He wanted to talk about her mother and about his cousin.

    Sir James was granted entrance. The door opened into a large dance studio, along the sides were practice bars and mats. On the walls were racks of swords and exotic eastern weapons from India, Malaysia and the Philippines.

    Sir James was met with a slap to the face, followed through by a kick to the groin.

    Forced to defend himself, he managed to hold his own despite her youth and athleticism. Unable to physically overpower him, she dove to the side and snatched a sword from the rack and held it to his throat.

    She asked him who he thought her mother was and who his cousin was.

    He said Mata Hari and Jimmy Bond. He explained how he knew Mata Hari and why he was looked for Jimmy Bond.

    Tani lowered the sword and replaced it on the wall rack. Leaving the room she returned in a moment with an old, much worn photograph. Gazing intently at the photograph and at him, she frowned.

    Finally she asked if this is what it took for him to find his own daughter.

    Sir James was shocked to realize that although Tani looked remarkably like Margaretha, she also had the Bond jaw.

    Sir James told her how he had looked for her for years, all through India, Tibet, Nepal and Malaysia and Thailand.

    Tani smiled and said she knew. Her foster parents had thought he was an agent of the Kaiser or the Nazis come to kill them. They had traveled all over the world and finally ended up in the Netherlands. Margrete had gone to the University of Amsterdam and received degrees in Anthropology and Linguistics. She returned to Tibet  and Nepal to gather material for her doctorate. While in Tibet she ran into some Nazi's searching for the Holy Grail. Over their cups in a small tavern in Nepal, they told her of the Fuhrer's plan for Europe.

    Tani hurried back to the Netherlands. Despite the Nazi's claims there was no apparent danger until the German's invaded in 1940. While many of the Dutch fled to England, Tani fled to France only to once again have the Germans invade. The Germans knew her identity and they considered an honorary citizen of the Third Reich, due to her mother's sacrifice for the German people. Since she started out with good terms with the Nazi conquerors, Tani decided to use this to an advantage. Contacting the fledgling elements of the French Resistance she played the dangerous game of double agent. She often needed to give the German's useful information to keep her credibility. Fortunately she had only been forced to disclose the identities of two people who were subsequently killed by the Nazis. The Resistance believed them to have been blackmarketeers and so expendible.

    Tani had heard of Jimmy Bond and his connection with Dr. Noah but she did not know what it was. She knew that Jimmy Bond had been in Spain gathering information on the possibility that the Third Reich would launch an offensive toward Britain and the United States from there. The Nationalist Secret Police had discovered who Jimmy Bond was and whom he was working for. After the Spanish had interrogated him, they turned him over to the Germans. They wrung everything they could get out of him. A woman named Buena Muslos nursed him back to health. (21) She had also turned him, nursing his resentment against England, which had always treated him as a foreigner and towards his family who had treated him as an outsider.

    Jimmy Bond became a National Socialist and worked with Dr. Noah on a weapon that would bring victory to the third Reich. Jimmy was chosen to work with Dr. Noah because of his background as a biologist. Also because the pure Aryans wished to have nothing to do with Dr. Noah.

    Margrete, to use Tani's real name, arranged for Sir James to meet with an important contact with the French Resistance who used the code-name Vous pouvez me voir si prêt or Vouspret for short. Sir James is taken to the Ritz hotel where the contact has a suite. Vouspret was immediately attracted to Sir James. Vouspret arranged for Sir James to meet with a man named Coopère. He was a liaison between many factions of the French Resistance which although in its infancy was growing. (22)

    Coopère said that a gambler named Emil Artoff knew a great deal about Dr. Noah and Jimmy Bond. He hated the latter with a great intensity. Emil Artoff was a trade union treasurer but also gambler and a procurer. He worked with the French Resistance and was a loyal member of the French Socialist party. It was said however that he also spied for the Russians and had been rumored to sell information to anyone with the right price.

    Although Sir James met with Emil Artoff under his alias of Evrard Tremblent , Emil Artoff recognized him and refused to divulge any information. He hated Jimmy Bond and would not aid one of his relatives. Sir James played against Emil at Baccarat. As Emil lost steadily he became quite agitated and chain-smoked. Sir James broke Emil. Emil was desperate to get the money back. Emil had previously played baccarat against a Nazi officer. When the officer lost a substantial sum, the S.S. man had him arrested for gambling. Emil had to pay back all of the S.S. Officer's losses as half of a fine. Emil had to pay the other half of the fine or suffer bodily harm.

    Sir James told Emil Artoff he would get the money back when he told what he knew about Jimmy Bond and Dr. Noah. Telling Sir James would have been the easiest and wisest course.  Emil Artoff thought he could get himself out of trouble and get some added vengeance on the Bond family as well. He hired some apache thugs to waylay Sir James and bring him to Artoff's office.

    The apache's coshed Sir James and carried him to Artoff's. Although Artoff recovered the money immediately,  Artoff still tied Sir James to a chair and tortured him with razor blades. He told Sir James that since he could not touch Jimmy Bond he would cut up Jimmy's relative using the razors that Emil's wife had used to kill herself after having been seduced by Jimmy Bond.

    As Emil made cuts on Sir James legs and arms, he told Sir James how Jimmy Bond had stolen a fortune from him by cheating at cards. Bond had then seduced Artoff's wife. Artoff's wife had killed herself in shame for succumbing to passion in a fit of pique against her husband. Artoff had seen Jimmy Bond in Spain. He had turned him into the Fascists and visited Jimmy in prison and gloated over it. After Jimmy Bond had recovered from his tortures and had become a turncoat, he had sought out and found Emil Artoff. Artoff had been running a small illicit casino/bordello in Madrid. The Fascists arrested Emil Artoff and destroyed his casino. After being severely beaten, Artoff was sent to a labor camp. He escaped and made his way across the Pyrenees. He had made his way to Paris and worked himself up to become the treasurer of trade union when the Nazis invaded France.

    In early 1941 Jimmy Bond had spotted Emil Artoff at a Paris casino and sat down to talk to him. Jimmy knew that Emil was a procurer as well as a gambler. He told Emil that if he would provide a steady stream of clean girls, Jimmy would leave his operation alone. Emil spat in his face. Jimmy left. The next day Emil's prize businesses had been confiscated for Lebensborn. This was a foundation which placed racially pure women with racially pure men most of whom were in the S.S. Emil's business had been a large brothel inside an abandoned convent. The S.S. at Jimmy Bond's suggestion had confiscated the business under the pretense of the Lebensborn program but ran it as a state sponsored brothel.

    As Emil was about to start making deep marring cuts on Sir James' face when an insistent knocking came at his door. Emil went to answer it, making certain Sir James was kept from view. Emil was arrested by the S.S. officer he owed money. He paid the officer off but was still arrested. He protested and was knocked unconscious.

    Shortly after Emil had been taken away, Vouspret stole inside Artoff's office and freed Sir James. She took him to her suite and treated his wounds. He told her what Artoff had told him. Vouspret passed the information onto to Margrete Bond.

    Margrete Bond correlated the information that Artoff had told Sir James with the information that the late Agent Mimi had told Sir James about a spy school where girls were trained to be seducers. She convinced one of her Nazi officer contacts that if such a spy school existed, the techniques that her mother and she had learned might be useful knowledge for the girls of this school.

    The Nazi officer agreed for if nothing else it would be an excuse to visit the brothel.

    Margrete Bond met with Frau Hoffner the schools superintendent. Margrete learned that the school had been the idea of Dr. Noah. He had conceived of having girls taught to behave as if they were native English, Scottish, Americans or Russians. They would then infiltrate these nations and begin corrupting, seducing and extorting the important leaders. They would also commit acts of sabotage.  Although he was secluded and working on an important project, Dr. Noah often had girls from the school sent to him for private tutoring sessions. (23)

    As Margrete toured the school with Frau Hoffner, a group of Nazi officers arrived with a prisoner. Margrete recognized the prisoner as Emil Artoff. The officers asked Frau Hoffner to allow Emil Artoff access to the school, he had something to retrieve. Having once owned this brothel. Emil Artoff knew ways to get into it without being seen and often used the school as a storage center. Escorted by the Nazi officers, Emil went to the library. Frau Hoffner and Margrete followed. Emil removed a packet from behind a shelf. Emil took a group of photographs out of the packet. He had bargained with the officers who had arrested him promising to give them some compromising photographs of some fellow officers and important Vichy political figures. The photos showed the subjects in various compromising situations, including same sex trysts or other acts declared perverse by National Socialist law. Through swift talking, charm and by playing on the greed of the officers, Emil managed to alter merely turning over the photos into an impromptu auction. Emil sought not only his freedom but to recoup his gambling losses.

    As the bidding rose, Emil Artoff's eyes lit with greed. He glanced at Margrete and said that once this auction was closed he had another item he could bargain with. Fearing that he would compromise herself or some other member of the Resistance, Margrete strode up to Emil and snatched photos from his hands. She tossed them into the fireplace. When Emil and officers protested Margrete berated them for trying to sell out the principles of National Socialism for a few francs or marks. She said that Emil was a part Jew pimp who knew nothing but would say anything to save his skin. (24)

    Emil countered by calling her a double agent. Although he sowed a seed of doubt, he made one fatal error. He turned to one of the officers and grabbed his arm. He whispered that he had duplicates of the photo with him in it. The officer hit Emil on the side of the head with his nightstick and kicked him once. When the other officers were going to follow suit, the officer held them back. He said he wanted Emil alive so he could go to a nice country vacation spot called Dachau. There a Doctor named Rascher would cure Emil of his gambling problem. (25)

    Having learned where Dr. Noah was located and that he occasionally sent for girls from the school, Margrete wanted to leave. She believed Sir James was in danger. One of the photos she had glanced at prior to burning them seemed to indicate that a person they trusted might be a double agent or a collaborator.

    Sir James only immediate danger was of being drained to a husk by the voracious, man hungry Vouspret. While she slept he slipped away from her suite.

    When Margrete returned she contacted Sir James and Coopère with what she had learned. Coopère spread the world that Vouspret might be a double agent. Vouspret caught wind that her fortunes had changed and took up with a Nazi officer to provide her with protection. (26)

    Coopère had Dr. Noah's compound watched. It was heavily guarded. When they received word that a group of girls from the school were being taken to Dr. Noah. Coopère, Sir James and Margrete and a few other Resistance members such as Foreign Legionnaire incognito and representing Free France and some very tough street hoodlums known as apaches joined them. (27) They intercepted the truck and made the guards give them the correct code words to gain entrance. The compound was merely an underground concrete base with some living quarters, a kitchen and a laboratory.

    Upon gaining entrance, they sent a female agent to distract Dr. Noah while they neutralized the guards and tried to determine what kind of work was going on. Even after studying the notebooks, Sir James and Margrete and Coopère were not certain what type of work was being done but felt that it was no good. An Apache began smashing test tubes until Coopère curtly told him to cease. They did not know what effect that would have.  While the assault team sealed off the small compound, Dr. Noah discovered that the girl who had been sent to detain him did not know the secondary passwords. He realized the compound had been infiltrated by the French Resistance. He placed a capsule in her drink. The capsule contained a particular virulent and fast acting strain of the virus they had created. The wily female agent distracted him by taking off all of her clothes. She drained her glass in one gulp and began to kiss his chest. He drained his glass in one gulp. She pulled a gun on him from the pile of clothing and took him prisoner.

    At gunpoint they exited his room and joined the others in the laboratory. A tall, distinguished man looked at Dr. Noah askance. The man looked like a younger and much thinner version of his father. Sir James Bond!

    Margrete looked at her father and at Dr. Noah. So Dr. Noah was Jimmy Bond.

    Coopère pointed a rifle at Jimmy Bond and demanded to know what was going on in the laboratory.

    Jimmy Bond explained. He was Dr. Noe but he had been sent to be the hands of Dr. No. Coopère raised his gun at this double talk and Jimmy hurried with his explanation.

    Dr. No was a scientist who was the son of a Germany missionary and a Chinese woman. Jimmy was surprised to discover he knew Dr. No from America. Before he had called himself Dr. No Julius Von Herder had run an opium den for a Tong in New York City's Chinatown. During a brutal tong war in 1929, Dr. No had his hands cut off when he refused to divulge the location of a money cache. He had been shot through the heart and left for dead. His heart however was on his right side and he recovered from the severe wounds. He had disappeared shortly thereafter. Between 1929 and 1939, Julius No had attended medical school. Since he despised the Chinese for having treating him so shabbily, he leaned towards his father's ancestry. He even had his spine stretched and wore contacts to look more Caucasian. He broached a official in the Third Reich with an idea. He wanted to recreate the viral formula created and lost by Von Bork during WWI, only this time instead of foods the formula would be tailored for specific peoples. The virus would make Asians, Africans and the like sick but not Germans. At the time, Julius had rejected his Chinese half and considered himself German. (28)

    The official with whom Dr. No met liked the idea but wanted to take it a step further, instead of making the inferior races sick, it would kill them and leave the land cleared for the Aryan lebensraum. Although even Dr. No balked at such mass murder he soon discovered that he did not have a choice in the matter the Nazi's would not allow him to resign. Dr. No and Jimmy soon began working on the virus. When Jimmy Bond became convinced of the righteousness of the Third Reich's cause, he worked with Dr. No by becoming the good Dr. hands. They soon discovered that despite Nazi ideology there really was not much biological difference between the various "races". The best solution that they could devise was to have the virus target the amounts of melanin in the body. Unfortunately this was harder than it first seemed since even tanned Aryans would succumb to the virus. Dr. No's sponsor had also wished the viral infection's physical manifestations to the body to be horrific so as to drive terror into the minds of the lesser races. Why Rosenberg wanted to do this when the virus would effectively wipe out their enemies out was unknown.

    Despite their diligent efforts Dr. No and Jimmy Bond were unable to devise a version of the formula that was safe for Aryans. They were told to do the second best thing, create an antidote. Dr. No disappeared in early 1941 and eluded his Nazi captors. He had realized that once his usefulness was gone, the Nazi's would kill him without a second thought. He also had so little confidence in Jimmy's abilities that he knew he would never devise an antidote. Jimmy laughed at that. He was wrong. Jimmy had devised an antidote. He realized that the virus was too powerful, too dangerous to be given to the Nazi's so he stalled while he worked on refining the virus to tailor it to target for specific gender traits. He wanted only men and ugly women to be killed (29)

    Jimmy Bond began calling himself Dr. Noe, which was near enough to Dr. No to fool the Nazis. It was also French for Noah. Jimmy would be the Noah of the New Age, when most of humanity would be wiped out and he would seize the reins of power.

    Sir James and the others realized that Jimmy Bond was insane.

    Coopère aimed his rifle at Jimmy who snickered. He said they would not shoot him, not unless they wanted the girl to die. He had slipped a live virus into her drink. She would die in agony in a couple of hours and infect all of the French. Jimmy claimed that she had already infected the persons in this facility.

    The insidious virus that Dr. Noah's sponsor wanted rapidly infected the lungs, heart and blood causing a high fever. It became highly contagious airborne virus within a half an hour, although it needed human tissue to thrive or it died in moments. The victim experienced a great deal of pain as the body tissues swelled, organs, tissue and muscles became engorged with fluid and the skin broke out in large thin skinned pustules. The patient's eyes welled up blood and the patient perspired blood, a highly infectious blood as was the fluid leaking from the pustules. Gas built up in the victim's gastro-intestinal system causing severe cramps and bloating. The patient would experience great pain for days as his tissues were converted into gas and fluid. Once the patient died usually of heart failure, the virus continued to work on the tissues of the body aided by the decomposition process of the body. Gas became produced at a great rate and the body would swell until it popped or was deflated. The exploded body would send infected tissue and fluids over a fair distance, like a plant sending out spores. (30)

    The girl who had been with Jimmy Bond calmly informed him that he was the one who had drunk the virus. She had switched glasses.

    Sir James asked if Jimmy were still contagious despite having taken a vaccine against the virus. Jimmy began sweating heavily. He told them that there was not a vaccine, that was one of the things they were still trying to accomplish. They had derived an antidote, which if taken within the first few hours of exposure killed the virus. Jimmy hurried to the lab followed by the others. Seeing the broken glassware he squealed and shouted that they had destroyed the antidote. His eyes alighted on one vial and grabbed for it. Sir James shot him in the back.

Jimmy turned and told him that he was an idiot, like all the Brits. That was only enough for one dose. Without Dr. Noe to make more, only one could live.

Sir James replied that he would not trust Dr. Noe to create a cure for them anyway. Better to let this whole facility perish than imperil the world.

Sir James calmly informed the rest of the assault team that they were all infected with the virus Dr. Noe had described. They had to destroy this facility and most would perish doing so. One of the Apache members of the Resistance group panicked and bolted for the door. Coopère shot him down.

It was decided that Coopère would be the one to take the antidote. Only he could manage to gather together an outside assault team from the various members of the French Resistance with enough munitions or incendiaries to destroy the facility before the Nazi or Vichy authorities became aware that it had been compromised.

Coopère was injected with the antidote. They waited to see if it were effective. The next three days were horrifying. Jimmy's Bond's corpse did indeed swell and burst. The rest of the people in the facility experienced the symptoms he had described. Coopère however did not. He left to gather an assault team to destroy the facility.

Of the six people who were left, one committed suicide, another was shot by Sir James while attempting to escape. One died of a heart attack while in the throes of a high fever. The remaining three stoically waited and allowed the disease to run its course. Sir James watched, numb with fever and sickness as the girl known as the Detainer succumbed and then as his daughter faded away.

Sir James knew nothing for a long time. Freezing from a deep fever, he barely noticed the sharp smell of petrol fumes as the liquid splashed around him. The bright light of the sudden flame stung and blinded his swollen and blood encrusted eyes. The warmth as the flames engulfed him however felt very nice.

The film Casino Royale used part of the story above to tell the story of the first BSS agent James Bond but chose to ignore most of the true dramatic elements and go in another way. Instead of presenting the story of the heroic sacrifice that Sir James and others made to literally save thew the world, the producers of the 1967 film took the James Bond cinematic myth and turned it into Sixties camp kitsch. The film had a number of directors and any linear story line became lost in a multitude of comic visions. We have a series of comic skits loosely connected to a narrative. Although the film is amusing in places it is more like the Monty Python version of the Arthurian mythos than a legitimate effort to present a James Bond film. At least now the truth behind the film can be told.

*For those films that differ substantially from the novel upon which their titles were based I will provide a varient title which is more appropriate to the film's plotline or the plotline of the actual case which inspired the film's storyline.


1. The story of James Moriarty's involvement with Emily Caber, his recruitment by the Capelleans and his guise as Captain Nemo or one of them is told in various sections of The Malevolent Moriartys, or, Who’s Going to Take Over the World When I’m Gone? by Win Eckert, The Secret History of Captain Nemo by Rick Lai and The Other Log of Phileas Fogg by Philip Jose Farmer.
2, Rasputin's parentage is discussed in the novel Rasputin's Revenge by John T. Lescroat. The powerful Russian monk had encounters with many other Wold Newtonian Luminaries, such as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and Nero Wolfe in Rasputin's Revenge, with Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Vlad Dracula in Séance for a Vampire by Fred Saberhagen. Several years after his supposed death, Rasputin also encountered the Shadow. See the Wold Newton Crossover Chronolgy entries for Part III July 1903, October 1916 - January 1917, Wold Newton Crossover Chronology part IV March 1935
3. This episode in the secret war between the Capelleans and Eridaneans is disclosed in The Other Log of Phileas Fogg by Philip Jose Farmer. At the end of the tale, Nemo is informed that the last of the Capellean "Old Ones" had died and that he was now head of the small organization. This report should be taken with a grain of salt, if the two alien organizations were large enough to have infiltrated many national governments at various levels and had agents scattered throughout the world,  Britain, America, France, India that we know for certain, it was not likely to be so small that one of its infrequent members would catapult to the head of the organization. Also since both sets of the humanoid aliens promised a thousand years of life, yet according to the history they had told Moriarty and others had only been there for little over two hundred years, why were so few left? Even if the actual aliens had all been killed off thorugh the secret war, why was a person of Moriarty's so recent induction to the ranks of the society made Head over the older agents of at least a century of service. Consider this, Moriarty continued to age until he got hold of  life extension formula in his late middle age. Therefore it is unlikely that he was actually given the life extension formula touted by the Capelleans.  Moriarty had been used from his earliest contact with the Capelleans. Although brilliant and talented his ambition and massive ego pegged him as possible liability for the secret Capellean organization. They thought that he could be a loose cannon that could be turned against the organization that sponsored him. Moriarty was never a real member of the Capellean Hierarchy and he was never given the life extension treatment. He had been told that the organization was smaller than it was to keep him away from the real Hierarchy. His fiasco with Fogg was the last straw. The Capellean hierarchy cut him loose by telling him that all the Elders had died and he was chosen to lead the remnants of the organization. His ego never allowed him to see that this was a ruse.

4.Professor James Moriarty's duel to the "death" with the pestering Holmes who threatened to expose the operations of the Black Section by his dogged determination to bring Moriarty to justice was detailed in The Final Problem by Arthur Conan Doyle. Both Moriarty and Holmes disappeared for a while after this fight, although Moriarty once again resumed his place in the shadow court of Espionage

5. The source of the Moriarty-Dakkar feud can be found in Rick Lai's The Secret History of Captain Nemo. The tale of the odd assortment of characters collected by Campion Bond  is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics or graphic novel.

6. Alice Fagin was an American branch of the Fagin family descended from the master of thieves portrayed in Charles Dickens Oliver Twist. Jimmy Bond physically resembled his mother rather than his father, being small, thin and having reddish hair.

7. Part of Jimmy Bond's exploit made it into the 1954 American television film Casino Royale. This film also used elements from the Fleming novel of James Bond-007's meeting and defeat of Le Chiffre at the Casino. It also used elements of James Bond-007's 1938 exposure of a Romanian card sharp ring operating in Monte Carlo.

8. As with his younger cousin Sir James Bond cut himself off from his rather contentious Highland clan of the Glencoe Bonds. He did not keep in touch with his relatives and so was quite unaware of the existence of two younger cousins also named James. He made a concerted effort to appear to be an English gentleman and discarded his Scottish ancestry.

9. The 1967 film Casino Royale made much of Sir James Bond's stammer but chose to make the stammer related to an embarrassment about sexual matters. His old fashioned views on sexual matters made him a marked contrast from his younger replacement.

10. One of the few statements about Sir James Bond that the 1967 film makes is that he won the Victoria Cross for his actions at Mafeking and he was the hero of the Ashanti Uprising. The leader of the troops in Mafeking was as stated Colonel Baden-Powell. Lord Robert Baden-Powell is perhaps now best known for having formed the Boy Scouts. Yet during his lifetime he was a celebrated military hero, naturalist and espionage agent. His adventures as a spy make for fascinating reading and are on line at this location. How appropriate is it that the first James Bond who was involved in espionage was trained in the art by one of the premier spies of the age.  Here is an account of Mafeking written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

11. Although there were several Ashanti uprisings or Wars, the one in which Sir James Bond took part was the Ashanti Uprising 1900
The Ashanti briefly reasserted their independence and besieged the British Governor in a fort in Kumasi, after he tried to take possession of the Golden Stool
the symbol of Ashanti power and independence, defended by his escort with machine guns.

A force was sent out to lift the siege but proved to be to small after some firefights 800 fought their into the fort. This proved to be to many people for their
supplies so the governor left a small force to hold the fort and led a break out that fought it's way to friendly territory. A larger force was sent out to relive the
fort and after severe fighting broke through to Kumasi. At Aboasa they clashed with the Ashanti, who abandoning their skirmishing ways rushed headlong into
the British machine guns.

In April 1900, the Asante reacted to these attempts by launching an armed rebellion and by laying siege to the Kumasi fort, where the British governor and his party had sought refuge. The British eventually defeated the Asante, both capturing and exiling the rebellion's leader, Yaa Asantewaa, and fifteen of her closest advisers. The conclusion of the last Anglo-Asante war resulted in the formal annexation of the Asante empire as a British possession.

12. Kimball O'Hara was first portrayed in the novel Kim (1901) by Rudyard Kipling. He continued to work for her Majesties and His Majesties Secret Service as shown in Imperial Agent and the Last Victory by Timeri N. Murari. He also appeared fighting Martians in SOLDIER OF THE QUEEN  A short story edited by Barbara Hambly, from a manuscript by Rudyard Kipling, in the anthology War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches, Bantam, 1996, Kevin J. Anderson, ed. See Wold Newton Crossover Chronology entry  August 1898 Wold Newtonian researcher Jess Nevins also has an appearance by Kim in Jewel in the Crown. Kim also appears briefly in The Lethal Luthors.  It is likely given Sir James friendship with Lord Baden-Powell that he knew what Kim's profession actually was but was too discreet to mention it.

13. Mata Hari was born Margaretha Zelle on August 7, 1876 in Leeuwarden, Holland. In a family and society known for fair-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed folk, the pretty M’greet was noticeable for her thick black hair, black eyes, and easily tanned olive complexion. Neighbors thought she had either Jewish or Javanese blood.. She married Rudolph Macleod a career soldier several years her senior. He was a drunkard and a wife beater. He was stationed in the Java, where besides being a good housewife and mother, Margaretha was also fascinated by the Javanese culture. On one night of horror, her children were poisoned, probably by a dismissed native servant. Her daughter recovered but her son died. The death of her son tore the fragile marriage apart. Margaretha sued for divorce and won the custody of her daughter along with an annual payment. Macleod gave her the daughter but refused to pay for support. Without funds, Margaretha was forced to return Non to Macleod. To provide an income for herself she went to Paris and created the character of Mata Hari using Hindu and Javanese mythology as a base. As she aged and her dancing days waned she became a well known Courtesan, using her beauty to attract rich consorts. For a more detailed version of Mata Hari's life please visit Denise Noe's excellent All About Mata Hari. From which this entry is based.

14. So far as I know Rudolph Macleod does not have any relationship to either Duncan or Connor Macleod of the Highlander series. A direct descent is ruled out by the sad fact that Immortals are sterile once their Immortality has been activated. Both Connor and Duncan were very young when they were quickened so an unknown offspring is unlikely. However given the fact that both traveled throughout Europe it is possible that Rudolph Macleod might be a descendant of a child one of the two Immortals adopted.

15. Wilhelm Canaris became an early supporter of Adolph Hitler. In 1932 he became head of the German Military Intelligence Service. In 1945, he was executed when it was discovered he had been working against Hitler since 1938 and had often leaked intelligence to the Allies.

16. The 1967 film Casino Royale made use of Sir James activities during his retirement to make him seem like an eccentric lost in time. This would of course would have some element of truth if things were as they were presented during the film. It is important to remember that the actual time frame was the early 1940's and not the late 1960's. In the 1940's these activities would not have seen so out of place. Nor did the film bother to place the activities of Sir James or the presence of the wild animals such as the lions and tigers in the right context.

17. Despite some intensive research I still have not found any information on Angus McTarry other than he was indeed a Scottish Laird, he did work as a British civil servant. He was a member of the Diogenes Club and a founding Member of Imperial British Exportation Inc. Sir Henry Merrivale's career on the other hand is well known and documented in twenty odd biographical novelizatons by Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr) Merrivale was holder of one of the oldest baronetcies in England, physician, barrister, head of military intelligence for the war office in England. Speculation that he was one of the holders of the title of M is in Brad Mengel's article Keeping Secrets.

18. Agent Mimi's identity also has not been discovered, although many leads point to her having been of either the Chauvelin or Charbonneau families. The 1967 film Casino Royale allowed the character of Mimi to live despite being shot. She admits that under the control of a Berlin organization called the International Mothers' Help. As will be seen, she was in fact under direct control of the S.S. sponsored organization Lebensborn, which aided German women who carried the children of S.S. members with a place to bear the child, help in child rearing and fining gainful employment. Lebensborn was also used as a front to create a cadre of female spies.

19. To say that the British Bonds were not a very close family is an understatement. James Bond practically dismissed his Highland relatives as a pack of tight fisted drunkards in his interviews with John Pearson. To James his only redeeming relative was his Aunt Charmaine who took him in after his parents were killed. Much of the animosity came from Andrew Bond's leaving the family holdings to marry a foreigner who they considered a trollop. James Bond as written by Ian Fleming did not mention much of his home life, not that Fleming did not know about it but rather kept those details out of the books. His concerns were of course security concerns for the Bond family and also he wished to make Bond to seem more mysterious with a rather oblique past. It appears that the Bond family had a history of considering any of their family who would live or work among the British as black sheep of the family and regarded them with a mixture of contempt and pity.

The protégé of Maddox was James Bond 007, whose early career is related in John Pearson's James Bond: The Authorized Biography of 007. The 1967 film of course alluded to the three James Bonds currently working for the British Secret Service as part of a plot to confuse the enemy. While confusing it may have been, it was merely an odd coincidence. The film probably got the idea from the little kept secret that the Ian Fleming novels and the films had been utilized by the British Secret Service to convince the public at large and Britain's enemies that 007 was in fact fictional.

    What was also confusing was despite being 62 in 1942,  Sir James Bond looked and acted at least a decade younger. This may have been because as one of the characters in the film slipped out, Sir James ate Royal Jelly and practised yoga. How effective the yoga was, one cannot know. However the royal jelly may have been a contributing factor to his slowness in aging. Although it was not as effective as nor did it have the rejuvenating effect of the royal jelly derivative developed by Sherlock Holmes which was later given to the BSS by Mycroft Holmes. See the Original Wold Newton Crossover Chronology Part and the James Bond Chronology

20. The 1967 film changed the name to Evelyn Tremble, making him an English expert on Baccarat who was recruited to by the BSS and was given the confusing code name of James Bond. Tremble's task was to defeat the evil Le Chiffre at cards. This event was borrowed elements from the later Casino Royale case of 007 even if the character of Tremble is not.

21.. The name of Buena Muslos was borrowed by the 1967 and altered into Miss Goodthighs. In the film she was an agent of Dr. Noah who seduced Evelyn Tremble into taking a knockout drug. The actual woman was a Spaniard who became Jimmy Bond's mistress and turned him towards Fascism. Her activity after Jimmy Bond left Spain remains unknown.

22. The character of Coopère also makes it into the 1967 film although in a drastically different form. In the film version he was yet another one of the agents recruited to take the name and number of James Bond 007. One of the producers jokes was that he was played by an actor named Cooper. The story was also given that he had been hired to fill in for scenes which Peter Sellers the actor playing Evelyn Tremble did not wish to do. Coopère is French for Cooperate and was a code name given to a man able to be a liaison to many different factions of the nascent French Resistance. Although his identity remains unknown, a likely candidate is Rene Mathis, the friend of James Bond 007 and a member of the French Deuxieme Bureau.

23. Here we see that the idea of using the Lebensborn organization as a cover for training young women to become espionage agents was the idea of Jimmy Bond or Dr. Noe. The organization made its way into the film as the Berlin controlled International Mother's Helpers. The film used the concept of the spy school as a visual tribute to German expressionist film. It also made a jibe about the espionage game in general as being both futile and self serving. The school in the film trained American agents to work in Russia and Russians to work in America. The school also provided Dr. Noah with his female staff.

24. The 1967 film also had an auction for compromising photos broken up by Mata Bond. The auction in the film was conducted by a preprentatatve for Le Chiffre. The auction here was conducted by Le Chiffre as will be explained in the next note.

25. Emil Artoff was the grandson of Baccarat (Jeanne Charmet, Countess Artoff) and Rocambole. Emil Artoff was sent to the camp of Dachau, which was the first of the Nazi prison camps. It was originally for political dissidents and other sorts of like criminals. It was a labor camp and was slated to be an extermination camp by the end of the war. Although many of its prisoners perished from starvation, overwork and brutality, its gas chamber was never used. There was however an example of Nazi evil in the form of Dr. Siegmund Rascher. He performed gruesome medical experiments involving freezing people in cold water or air, then trying to warm them up with hot water. He also subjected people to high altitude simulations until they died. Emil Artoff was subjected to several of the experiments of Dr. Rascher but he managed to live. The combination of the experiments or the psychological horrors of his experiences in this camp wiped away most of his memories. He still retained his skills but his name and his former life were a mystery, a cipher to him. He retained a fondness for games of chance and high mathematical skills. He continued to carry razors, although he did not remember why. He retained a bent for working for a trade union and a belief in socialism. He also continued with the desire to be a procurer which lead to disastrous results. His previous interactions with the Bond family had left him with a deep hatred for them, so that when he met James Bond 007, he hated him on sight. He was rescued from Dachau by the Allied forces in 1945. Unable to remember his name he chose the name Le Chiffre.

26. The identity of Vous pouvez me voir si prêt. <You can see me when Ready> Or with the Flemingesque nickname, Vousprêt <You Ready?> is a rather delicate matter. There is no evidence of the person in question having any dealings, so far as I could ascertain, with the French Resistance. There are the historical facts however that during the Nazi Occupation, she was known to make anti-Semitic and homophobic statement. She took as her lover a Nazi officer named. Hans Gunther von Dincklage, a Nazi officer whose favors included permission to reside in her beloved Ritz Hotel. The person in question is Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. In the 1967 version of the film, the character is called Vesper Lynd, which is a borrowing from the Fleming novel Casino Royale. Vesper is an agent of the BSS who turns out to be a double agent and comes to a bad end. In the 1967 film version, Vesper runs an international business and she is a former agent who is called upon to seduce Evelyn Tremble and convince him to work for the BSS. She also turns out to be a double agent. The name Vesper in the original novel may have been influenced in part by Fleming's knowledge of this earlier adventure and a desire to tweak Coco's nose a bit. Consider this it would be unlikely for Fleming to use the real name of a double agent, if only to prevent from being sued by relatives of the woman. In creating a pseudonym for his character he remembered the tale of Vouspret and used that name. His memory may have been jogged by the fact that in 1953 Coco Chanel was once again in the news, paving a publicity path for her comeback in 1954. She had been living in exile in Switzerland up to that time. The character of Vesper may have been a signal to Coco Chanel that not everyone had forgotten about Vousprêt.

27. Apparently a misunderstanding or a deliberate misuse of the term apache was translated into the film version rather literally. Instead of French criminals however the film producers had Native American Indians joining the fracas at the end of the film. Ha, Ha. I cannot account for the apparance of the cowboys, except perhaps that the producers felt that if they had Indians they also had to have cowboys.

28. Dr. No was of course one of James Bond 007's most formidable enemies. More information about his ancestry can be found in the article The Malevolent Moriartys, or, Who’s Going to Take Over the World When I’m Gone? by Win Eckert. Dr. No omitted this episode when he related his history to 007. He escaped from the Nazis and bought an island named Crab Key in the Caribbean. He was not content to become rich in the guano business and became greedy. This lead to his downfall. The reference to the virus carried by Von Bork during WWI is a reference to the Adventure of the Peerless Peer and the Adventure of Three Madmen, both by Philip Jose Farmer. Same case, different perspectives. See the article Jungle Brothers for a further explanation.  The case had Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Tarzan and Mowgli hunting down Von Bork, one of Holmes greatest enemies. Von Bork had devised a virus that would eat certain foodstuffs such as rice or bread. It would only eat those items but could be tailored to each just about any foodstuff. A younger Sir Henry Merrivale was also aware of this case.

29. This virus was the main focus of Dr. Noah's plan in the 1967 film version of these events, although the film has Jimmy Bond becoming a evil super villain because of sexual inadequacies and an inferior complex stemming from a combined hero worship and hatred for Sir James Bond. Jimmy Bond only knew of Sir James Bond slightly. His sexual inadequacies and inferiority complex were the root cause for his insanity and desire to purge the planet of most of humanity but they no doubt sprang from his upbringing from Campion Bond and Alice Fagin. The combination of seduction and torture by the Nazi probably did not have a beneficial effect on his mental state either. Although Jimmy may have had some sexual inadequecies, he may have had at least one offspring from his frequent trysts with the girl spies in training.  One of these was stationed in America and shortly after arrival found herself pregnant. Instead of carrying out the mission, she claimed to be the wife of an American serivce man named Bond. Her son John Bond made a fortune in computer technology. Enamoured of the Ian Fleming books, he named his son James Bond.  Jimmy Bond, became an all American athlete, if a bit dim witted. He became involved with the conspiracy investigator/publishers of The Lone Gunman and funded its publication (See the Lone Gunman television series) which was a spin off the the X-Files
UPDATE--Since this article was first written, an episode of the X-Files demonstrated a very odd parallel with the scenario in this article. In the episode entitled "Jump the Shark" Doggett and Scully find themselves working with ex-Area 51 employee Morris Fletcher to track down Yves Harlow. To this end, the agents seek the help of the Lone Gunmen. Yves is attempting to neutralize two bio-terrorists who are carrying a virulent virus inside their bodies encased on a artificial gland composed of shark cartilage. The cartilage decays at a measured rate so the terrorist can easily place himself in a densely populated area when it hits his system.
    The X-Files agents and the Lone Gunmen track the bio-terrorist to a hotel in Washington D.C and chased him to the hotel basement. It is nearly too late however and the virus become active in the carrier.  Rather than let the population of D.C. become infected, the Lone Gun pulled a fire alarm sealing themselves and the bio-terrorist behind air tight firedoors. Jimmy Bond watches in horror as his friends are infected with this incurable disease. If he had known about the plans of his Grandfather and the sacrifice of his great Uncle, this scene may have been all the more horrifying as history replayed itself.

30. The 1967 film has Jimmy Bond swallowing a time release capsule which caused him to turn into a living nuclear bomb and eventually explode killing everyone around him. The effects of this virus were the inspiration for this bit in the film. The reality of the virus is more horrific than the film version. The effects of that the virus would have had on the population of the world had it gotten released can be seen in the novel '48 by James Herbert. This is an alternate universe tale in which as a scorched earth policy the Nazi's released a virus, which seems to have been derived from the one created by Dr. Noe. Only ten percent of the population, those with a rare blood type survived. This insidious virus showed up in 2000 in a different form, attached to an influenza virus. Its major effects were blunted but the virulence of its infection was kept. The new virus was called the Chimera virus and only through the diligent efforts of IMF agents Ethan Hunt and Luther Stickell was a worldwide calamity avoided as seen in Mission Impossible II


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