In the  Wold Newton Universe: A Secret History  you will  find articles that compliment and expand on the site An Expansion of Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Universe,  which I term the Unofficial Official Wold Newton Universe created by fellow New Wold Newton Meteoritics Society member, Win Eckert

Other articles will be primarily my work although inspired by and using concepts created by the premier Wold
Newton Universal Historians, Philip Jose Farmer and Win Eckert.

I would like to say at this juncture that I would readily accept submissions for any articles, speculations, commentaries or expansions of the Wold Newton Universe: A Secret History or the Wold Newton Universe in general  Wold Newton Universe as defined by Mr. Farmer and Mr. Eckert. Articles that you believe are mainstream should be submitted to Mr. Eckert .

  For a look at some of the early Wold Newton scholarship see the Wold Atlas located at the Wold Newton Chronicles website

Also if I get any submissions I will add a section of fanfic to my site. The fanfics can be about any of the can be about any of the vast assortment of characters in the Wold Newton Universe. The only stipulation that I have is that there cannot be any pornography or abundant use of "foul language" or racial invectives.  They would not necessarily offend me but my webpage server does not allow them.

 I  take full responsibility for any controversies, errors or inconsistencies that may occur within the Wold Newton Universe: A Secret History pages so, if you have comment or complaint about them, do not bother the other gentlemen (who are hard at work furthering our knowledge of the Wold Newton Universe), please contact me at

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