Now that this web page has been up for a while I feel I can  reveal the truth about the Secret History of the Wold Newton Universe. The Secret History is primarily the work of a man on the run. Whether he is in truth running from secret, powerful enemies or is merely running from reality, I leave for the reader to decide.

    It all began some months ago when I received a message by email. It simply said, "The Other Log of Phileas Fogg is a fraud. We have been lied to by the Aliens Among us!. (signed) David Vincent." Having recently posted an article Asian Detectives in the Wold Newton Universe on the Wold Newton Universe web site,  a web site dedicated to expanding the ideas that  Philip Jose Farmer had begun in Tarzan Alive and Doc Savage: An Apocalyptic Life, I assumed that it was a reader of the article pulling my leg a bit.

    A few days later I received another message from the mysterious Mr. Vincent, yet from a different domain name.

    The message was while still rambling and somewhat disjointed was more detailed.

    David Vincent was hiding from Aliens. He had information that these aliens were working in concert with various national governments via ultra secret organizations.  OOOOKay!

    The joke was getting more elaborate. Or else I was dealing with a madman.

    David Vincent in further communication, from yet another domain name, detailed that he was carrying on his father's work. His father had been an architect who had discovered the secret plan of the Aliens had spent his life exposing it. It was then that his name clicked. David Vincent was the main character of the Sixties television series THE INVADERS.

    Playing along I told him he had convinced me that part of his story was true.
    He then suggested that he send me a copy of the journal he had compiled, asking for my home address. I was reluctant to give out my home address but suggested he send it to a Post office box. He agreed. So a few days later. He emailed and said the package should be in the box.

    Trusting that the postal workers would spot any incendiary or explosive devices, I opened the fat manila envelope I found in the box. Inside was a normal looking spiral notebook with a yellow cover. On the outside in faded stencil read the Secret History of our Universe!

    The inside was however covered in tiny script or rather scripts for there were three distinct forms of writing. On looked like an odd combination of cyrillic and chinese characters, another looked like linear b cuneiform interspersed with runes. The last looked like Gregg shorthand composed of Arabic lettering.

    David Vincent contacted me shortly after I returned home with the notebook.  He claimed the note book was written in Capellean, Eridanean and Thoan as substitution code for English.

    He sent me the first cryptographic key.

        The tale that emerged was not the history of "Our Universe" but rather of another Universe. A Universe where Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Zorro, Nero Wolfe, and a host of other characters from popular literature were not only living breathing human beings but were related to one another.

    It is the Universe known as the Wold Newton Universe, and David Vincent jr. claimed to be from there. He also claimed in a later conversation that his father's uncle was Harry Vincent who was a known associate of the mysteryman known as the Shadow.

    David Vincent jr. claimed that the story was too detailed to go into at the moment but that he had managed to find an operating Orb and had opened a gateway to our universe. He had hoped that they would not be able to find him but They had somehow tracked him and so he was once more on the run.

    I asked how he had come to pick me of all people. His reply shocked me to say the least. David Vincent said he had known me, at least until my death. He had taken the off chance that I was still alive in this universe. Doing a web search with my name in conjunction with Philip Jose Farmer's he had discovered my email address.

    David Vincent said that if I was anything like the Dennis Power of his universe I would report his tale in an unbiased manner as I had in the book that had lead to my death.

    It appears that in the Wold Newton Universe I had become a historian as I almost had in this Universe. I had also collaborated with the premier historian of the Wold Newton Universe, Philip Jose Farmer. Apparently in the Wold Newton Universe, Philip Jose Farmer is a well regarded, (until recently) linguist, anthropologist, paleontologist and archeologist.

    As far as historians go his name is up there with Edward Gibbons, Arnold Toynbee, John De Mandeville and Will Durant.
    He sent me a partial list of his most important Works.

    The Oparian Tablets- A translation of the tablets that were among the artifacts donated to the British Museum by Lord Greystoke.
    Dynamics of a Meteorite: A study in mutant genealogy. This was the volume that popularized his name, tracing several families back several generations to one common defining event. The fall of the Wold Newton Meteorite in 1795.
    Tarzan-A biography of John Clayton, Lord Greystoke
    Doc Savage -A biography of James Clarke Wildman jr.
    The Other Log of Phileas Fogg -edited and annotated by Philip Jose Farmer. Which is only half the story  Farmer actually re-translated the book using  the Eridanean's Primer as well as a few other Eridanean documents that surfaced in the past few years.
    Ironcastle- biography of  An Adventurer. Yet it also contained much information on the rather secretive Baltimore Gun Club.
    From the Seas to the Skies -Story of the illustrious and not so illustrious Silver family.
    Three Families of Virginia -Carters, Porters and Lees
    Times Traveler -The Lives of Bruce Clarke Wildman
    Never Say Die -The Long and Lusty Life of William Clayton
    Thoan -The life of Paul Janus Finnegan (up to 1968 when Finnegan disappeared)
    Spy with the Glass Eye -aka The Von Bork Affair. A historical account of the espionage mission of Sherlock Holmes and Lord Greystoke
    Garbage Out Time -An examination of anomalous objects in light of the statements of Bruce Wildman and Lord Greystoke
    Cronos Last Gift - A scientific speculation concerning the Immortal Tarzan.
    Escape From Loki and other World War One Adventures of James Clarke Wildman jr.
    Indo-European linguistic roots of the Eridanean and Capellean languages
    Lord Tyger- An examination of the feral human myth as well as an account of an obsessive madness.
    Rounding up the Maverick Genes: An examination of the Wold Newton mutations on the development of the American West co-authored with the late Dennis Power
    Extraterrestrial Influences on Human culture: An examination of Acturian, Sirian, Capellean, Eridanean and Sarmak influences on Human culture from prehistory to the Present day. co-authored with the late Dennis Power

    He did not provide any sort of publishing history.

    After a few months of communication, David Vincent's messages stopped coming. He had said he was adjusting to this new world and was starting to relax. One can only hope this is true.

    I have tried to translate as much of the Secret History as I could  and as best as I could. filling the gaps with speculations put forth by other interested parties. I will be honest and say that mistranslations will occur and so some information will be updated as better translations occur. Also there is quite a bit of conflicting information in the Secret History and so reconciling the differences may incur changes as well.

    Is David Vincent really from another universe or is he a delusional paranoid? I do not think it is my place to state my views upon this matter, rather I will provide a medium for his work and let the reader be the judge.

    If all that he claims is correct, have I put you in danger by allowing you to view these pages?
     I will say that ever since putting them on---
    I have heard  a faint clicking noise every time pick up the phone receiver.
    My mail appears to have been opened and resealed.
    There have been a series of odd vehicles parked on the street down from my house. Under close scrutiny the vehicle will drive off and the next day an different one will be parked in the same place.
    While out in public I often feel as though I am being followed and closely watched.
    Are these all just weird coincidences or perhaps I have been affected by David Vincent's paranoia.

 Then again perhaps not.