Children of the Night

A timeline concerning major events and people from the files of M*O*N*S*T*A*A*H (Maximum Observation and/or Nullification of Supernatural Terrors, Autonomous Agents Headquarters, formerly known as L*O*A*D. The League of Anti-Diabolists.)
Compiled By Prof. Charles Loridans, of M.O.N.S.T.A.A.H.’S Bonaport LA. branch.

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Since the formation of M.O.N.S.T.A.A.H. earlier this year, it has fallen upon my shoulders, as the group's chief historian, to create a timeline for important events concerning our efforts to keep the world safe from supernatural menaces.

Shortly before her death Professor Maggie Walsh deleted all computer data  which may have incriminated her. Unfortunately the archives of  the League of Anti-Diabolists were part of this purge.

Reconstructing the work of decades has not been an easy task. I have spent many days and hours pouring through the hard copy files in the basement of our secret Bonaport, branch headquarters. The following report merely scratches the surface of a long history of humanity's struggle with werewolves, vampire and undead menaces in general. We realize that some important, events are not referred to in this time line, such as a myriad of occasions, where, what we refer to as Creature Convergences, occurred (Such as recorded in the report A NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER, by Roger Zelazny) Further research will delve deeper into this topic.

There are also many other Demon hunters, of note, not mentioned in this report, such as Captain Kronos, Prof. Abronsius, Dokter Rotmann, Dr. Natalie Lambert, Anita Blake and Carl Kolchak. Though these fearless crusaders deserve recognition, they have not figured directly (To my knowledge) into the events described. Others mentioned briefly, such as Blade, and the mysterious Order of Slayers, we have little or no further information on. (Indeed, in the case of the Order of Slayers, despite a lengthy association with the Order, we have been denied any direct information so our information is sketchy and second hand) I will be making updates, when new information is revealed to me. Any reports from my colleagues will be appreciated. We are always looking for new recruits. We require strength--you must have a strong sense of right and wrong, a strong will to live, a strong heart and a strong stomach.

This report would not have been possible without information and feedback from Professors Power, Carbis, Baugh, Eckert, Small, Lofficier and Mengel. Prof. Brown’s article THE HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, provided the template for this research. Prof. Lofficier's original research concerning members of the van Helsing family was also invaluable. Prof. Power was with me almost every step of the way with a tremendous amount of research and suggestions. Thank you gentlemen, everyone of you has helped in the fight against Evil by participating in this project.
    Prof. Charles Loridans of M.O.N.S.T.A.A.H.’S Bonaport, LA. branch.

Dracula’s (Vlad Tepes) human years, provided by Prof. Matthew Baugh

1428- Dracula’s older brother Prince Mircea is born

1431- Dracula’s father Vlad is inducted into the Order of the Dragon which is a Catholic order of knights. To acknowledge this honor, his supporters begin to refer to him as Vlad the Dragon or Vlad Dracul. Later that year Vlad Dracula (Son of the Dragon) is born.

    New information, brought to my attention by Prof. Power, shows that Vlad’s mother was a gypsy woman, and not Princess Cneajna. Vlad’s real mother not only had Gypsy blood, but was also a witch. She was burned to death for revealing to Vlad that she was indeed his true mother.

1435- Dracula’s younger brother Radu the Handsome is born.

1436- Vlad Dracul becomes Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia

1440-A gypsy girl visits young Vlad in his dreams and tells him that she will one day become his bride.

1442- Vlad Dracul and his sons Radu and Vlad Dracula visit Gallipoli to pay tribute to the Ottoman Sultan Murad. The Sultan seizes them. Prince Mircea rules Wallachia in his father's absence.

1443- Dracul is released but his sons remain hostages.

1444- Dracul participates in an anti-Turkish crusade alongside the Hungarian, John Hunyadi. Against expectations the Sultan allows Dracula and Radu to live.

1447-Radu succumbs to the Sultan's heir Muhmed and becomes his minion and lover. November Hunyadi forms an alliance with Vladislav II, a member of the Danesti clan who are Dracul's enemies. Mircea is tortured and buried alive and Vlad is killed attempting to escape his capital city.

1448- Murad releases Dracula and gives him the support he needs to rule Wallachia as the Sultans minion. Dracula rules for two months but is forced to flee the country when Hunyadi regains the advantage.

1449- Dracula spends several years living in Moldavia.

1451- Sultan Murad dies and is succeeded by the much more militant Muhmed.

1453- Mehmed's forces sack Constantinople bringing the Byzantine Empire to an end.

1456- Fearing the Sultan will invade Hungary next, Hunyadi allows Dracula to come out of exile as his vassal. Dracula’s knowledge of the Turks proves invaluable but Hunyadi dies of illness during the campaign. Dracula avenges himself on Vladislav II (now an ally of the Turks.)
By August 22 Dracula is again Prince of Wallachia.

1457-  Easter Dracula seized all the nobles who collaborated in the death of his father and brother. The strong he presses into brutal forced labor in building the walls of Castle Dracula, the infirm he has impaled This is Dracula’s favorite form of execution and it earns him the name Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler).

    New information from Prof. Power reveals that when Vlad took over Wallachia, he heard tales that his father and brother had been cursed by gypsies to wander the world as the undead. He believed the story when Vlad Dracul returned to drink his son's blood. Vlad was rescued by the young Gypsy woman of his dreams. According to this report, witches have power to control vampires or just certain types of vampires. She summons a Strigoi, a demon or gargoyle that carried Vlad Dracul, Mircea and Mircea's wife to Scholomance.

    Tzigane, the young gypsy woman became Vlad's lover and his teacher in occult matters. She told him that Witches worship the Devil, who is not evil but is rather the savior of mankind, it is the so called False God that will lead mankind to ruination. This must be the event where Vlad is introduced to Rasalom. Rasalom is Satan or at least is whom Vlad refers to as Satan. Rasalom is merely one of the many beings who pretended to be the Devil using their occult powers to attract deluded worshippers. While still pretending to be the Devil, Rasalom would also pretend to be one of Vlad's vassals.

    Vlad Dracula means son of the Dragon; it also means Son of the Devil. Vlad is prophesied to be Satan's King on Earth meaning Rasalom’s chief agent in Earthly matters.

1458- Dracula consolidates his power by wholesale executions of nobles, towns or villages suspected of disloyalty.

1459- In his best known retributive action Dracula sets up a table near the base of Timpu Hill and dines as he watches thousands of people impaled or otherwise tortured to death. He is said to have dipped his bread in the blood of his victims, believing it would give him vitality.

1460- Dracula responds to Pope Pius II’s call for a crusade. He also overcomes another rival for power named Dan III and personally beheads him.

1461- Dracula wins an impressive string of victories over the Turks.

1462- Sultan Mehmed and Radu the Handsome invade Wallachia with an army three times the size of Dracula’s. Dracula fights a defensive war using scorched earth and guerrilla tactics. On June 17, he leads a daring raid that almost succeeds in killing the Sultan. When Mehmed's army gives chase they run into a psychological warfare surprise. Dracula has set up a veritable forest of stakes on which he has impaled 20,000 prisoners. The Sultan eventually withdraws, having failed to capture Wallachia.

    However Prince Radu incited the people and nobles to rebel against Dracula. They do and he is forced to flee to Hungary, where he is promptly arrested by King Matthias and held for a number of years in a comfortable house arrest. Having no real power, Dracula amuses himself during these years by torturing and impaling mice and small birds. Radu becomes Prince of Wallachia with Mehmed's backing.

    New information shows that when Vladislav or Hunyadi returns to Wallachia, Tzigane and Vlad flee, going to the Vale of Flowers and Fog wherein lies the Scholomance (Devil's School).

    Tzigane reveals that the valley had been formed upon the Devil's (Rasalom) arrival on Earth. According to this source, the Devil had originally come to earth on a falling star (meteorite). Rasalom may have borrowed this origin story as well as his identity as the Devil.  Inside the valley was a lake wherein lives a dragon, it only appears every once in a while and appears when Vlad stands near the lake. The valley was also inhabited by vampires. There are apparently two types of vampires. The first type are nearly mindless predators caring about little but their own appetites, these are those made into vampires without any previous training. The second type of vampire are those who receive occult training and mental preparations prior to becoming vampires. Once they become a vampire they have vast powers.

    At Scholomance, Tzigane reveals that she is going to become a vampire. Vlad balks at first but eventually goes along with the ceremony. She is able to use her increased powers to enhance his occult teachings. After leaving Scholomance and traveling to Moldavia, they approach the ancient castle built for Satan's King on Earth, it is known as Castle Dracula. It is here that Vlad accepts his destiny to be Satan's Heir and takes the dark kiss from Tzigane so that should he fall in battle or die of disease he will become a vampire.

1475- Radu dies of syphilis. Dracula demonstrates that he is now loyal to Matthias be converting to Catholicism and marrying the Hungarian princess Ilona Szigali.

1476- Dracula is appointed one of the captains of an anti-Turkish crusade and uses his tactics of terror to reclaim Wallachia. By November he is again the regions ruler. One of his first actions is to hide a vast treasure in a river and have all laborers and other witnesses to this act impaled.

According to the notes of Prof. Damien Harmon, as edited by Robert Lory, the true reason Vlad was amassing this horde of gold was for a time when this gold would be used as a weapon against the Old Ones. Whether or not this was speaking of a battle alongside or against Rasalom, Prof. Harmon was never able to ascertain.

Research conducted as a collaboration between members of the League of Anti-Diabolists and the Wilmarth Foundation have been unable to find any new clues in this matter.

The beginning of the Monster Era

1476- Recorded death of Vlad Tepes. This is most likely merely the date upon which the vampire faked his death. Vlad Tepes completes transaction with Rasalom. (For more information on this unspeakable, evil force consult the writings of F. Paul Wilson)

Rasalom grants Vlad the eternal powers and weaknesses of a vampire. Vlad's family ring is replaced by another, a gift from Rasalom. This new ring is emblazoned with his new crest, a shield with a D at its very center, proclaiming him Dracula. Adding to this prize, Dracula is given a leather pouch containing a second ring which has a much larger crest but which seems to be fashioned for a feminine hand. The pouch also holds small metal bolts and a broken scepter boasting a fierce looking wolf's head as its hilt. The broken wooden rod was either comprised of ash or oak, accounts are uncertain. According to the studies of Professor Lorrimar van Helsing, the rings, bolts and wolf's head were all carved from a meteorite, that my colleague, Prof. D. Power, refers to as a Star Stone. All of these objects will become powerful tools enabling Dracula to rule his fellow creatures of darkness.

Keeping the information, from "I AM DRACULA" in mind, it is possible, that this Star Stone, was indeed, the meteor, which according to the Gypsy lore taught to Tzigane, was the vehicle which brought the demon Rasalom to our world. Since Rasalom is unexplainable this could also refer to some other malevolent entity whose powers and identity Rasalom subsumed.

1477- A headless body, identified as Dracula’s, is found in the marshes near the Snagov Monastery. A head, said to be Dracula’s, is taken to Constantinople by Turkish agents and displayed on a pike. The body is interred in the Monastery  but modern archaeologists have never been able to find it. It is said that a huge windstorm follows the interment that topples a significant part of the Monastery into Snagov Lake.

1479-Dracula encounters Nimrod-Lothos, who has been the reigning king of the vampires. Dracula destroys him and takes his rule.

1570- Transylvania. Dracula begins his plan to rule the world. He creates soul clones by exchanging blood with a human and putting his own psyche and powers into him (as seen in Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires) Dracula sends a clone to the Mayans and Aztecs in Central America. Dracula’s clone creates a tribe of Aztec Vampire women and transforms a British explorer, named Rex Rufus, into a werewolf. Thus begins his reign of terror of Mexico.

1572-Mexico. Dracula’s Mexican clone is destroyed by Cristaldi the Magician (from El Santo and Blue demon versus Dracula and the Wolfman) but his tribe of Vampire Women maintain a telepathic link with their master, Dracula-prime.

1574-Transylvania. Dracula-prime, finds himself at odds with a Puritan warrior named Solomon Kane (See Roy Thomas’ file "CASTLE OF THE UNDEAD")

1587-Transylvania. Dracula-prime again clashes with Solomon Kane ( See file "RETRIBUTION IN BLOOD")

1661-Mexico. The Vampire Women of Mexico transform Spanish Nobleman, Baron Brachial, into a vampire to serve as a figurehead, in their master's physical absence.

1700’s-Transylvania. In the early part of the century, Dracula works with the mysterious alchemist, known as Dr. Praetorious, to create a new kind of soul clone. The result is not only an identical twin of Dracula’s, but also the hideous vampire known as Orlock. (See Prof. Power's article "BEST FANGS FORWARD")

1744-Transylvania. Dracula-Prime, feeling his powers weakening, immerses himself in his secret tomb. Before he does so, he transforms a Hungarian, who sought his aid in a vengeful plot, into a soul clone. Dracula names this clone, Lejos and creates for him the alias of Count Lejos Zeleska.
    Lejos is given Dracula’s ring. As Dracula begins his forty-year sleep his psyche and powers, enter the soul clone. Lejos is the first of the soul clones, most of which given names to mock the former king of the vampires, Nimrod-Lothos. Lejos not only operates under the name Count Lejos Zeleska, he also creates the identity of Romanian Scholar, Armand Tesla and as him authors several books on the occult in order to draw followers.

1765-Mexico. El Caballero En Mascarado De Plata (The Silver Masked Horseman) tangles with Baron Brakola. The Masked hero slays several of Brakola’s vampire minions, but Brakola escapes.

1770's- Austria. Countess Dolingen Graz, summons the Un-dead aristocracy. The Karnsteins of Styria, Princess Vajda, Count Iorga, Count Von Krolock, Saint-Germain of France, Countess Bathory, Villanueva of Spain, Duval from Mexico (possibly Baron Brakola), and Dracula-prime. Dracula proposes a Vampire Crusade to subjugate humanity under his standard. He is ignored (From " Red Reign" By Kim Newman)

1770- Birth of Sir Martin Talbot, Lord of Talbot Castle in Llanwely, Wales.

1772- Birth of Victor Frankenstein, first son of Baron Alphonse Frankenstein and his wife Caroline Beaufort, in Geneva Switzerland.

1776- Dracula-Prime, buys Marya Island in the West Indies, creating another base of operations.

1778- Birth of Ernest Frankenstein, second son of Alphonse and Caroline.

1779- Birth of Peter Talbot, younger brother of Sir Martin.

1780-Transylvania. Dracula-Prime summons the Lejos clone back to his castle. Dracula absorbs the energy from the ring and his true body arises. The Lejos clone is cached away to slumber with the others of his ilk, till he is needed once more. Shortly after Dracula awakens,  a young Frenchman, spoiled and plump,  travels to Transylvania simply asking to become a vampire. Dracula grants his wish, turning the obnoxious youth into a soul clone. As before the clone is assigned a name to humiliate, Nimrod-Lothos, he is named Lestat. The Lestat clone’s original psyche however is hard for Dracula-prime to control as it seems to be in a constant, overwhelming desire for fornication, both with females and males. Dracula-prime becomes weary of this clone and releases it to its own devices.

(Reports show that this former soul clone eventually made its way to New Orleans, Louisiana. In the 1970’s a hack romance novelist  took the homeless vampire in to her home and in exchange for room and board, the vampire, told the writer exaggerated tales of his wretched life. The writer turned these tales into a series of best selling semi-pornographic novels. The Lestat clone, according to our sources was destroyed, in Sunnydale, CA. by the latest incarnation, of the mysterious Order of Slayers, in the year 1999.)

1786- Birth of William Frankenstein, third son of Alphonse and Caroline Frankenstein.

1790-Geneva. Baron Victor Frankenstein creates a living man form dead body parts, then rejects it. The Creature takes its revenge by killing all the Baron loves. Of the Baron's family only Ernest Frankenstein survives. The Baron tracks his creation across the globe.

1795-Hamburg. While pursuing the monster, Victor Frankenstein I has a brief affair with a young woman. He then abandons her, not knowing that she was pregnant. (The date 1799 as given in the Journals of Victor Frankenstein II, as edited by Robert Myers must be incorrect)

Victor dies soon after finding his creation. The creation lives (From the Journals of Robert Walton, as edited by Mary Shelly)

1796- Victor Saville is born; he is the son of Victor Frankenstein I and the unnamed tavern girl. He is found in Hamburg by Captain Robert Walton and raised in London by the Captains sister Margaret Saville. During this time Victor Frankenstein’s creation is reported traveling through an Arctic polar opening, possibly leading to the Earth’s core.

1798- Germany.
Ernest Frankenstein leaves Geneva and founds the village of Frankenstein, Germany. On the hills overlooking this village, Castle Frankenstein is built.

1802- Birth of William Frankenstein to Baron Ernest Frankenstein (Ernest reclaimed the family title) and the daughter of Lothar von Harben.

1804- Transylvania. A Chinese wizard named Kai, travels to Castle Dracula to seek Dracula-prime’s help in reviving 7 Chinese vampires. Dracula turns him into soul clone, places the Starstone ring on his finger and sends him to China where he rules the vampires (See file "Legend of the 7 golden vampires'')

1809-Spain and France.
The masked man known as Zorro battles Dracula-prime. (See report by Don McGregor, entitled DRACULA VS. ZORRO and related information concerning this event in the report KISS OF THE VAMPIRE by Prof. John A. Small)

1810- Birth of the gypsy woman, Melava Blasko

1815- Transylvania.
Seeking to create a soul clone to rule Africa, Dracula-prime welcomes Prince Mamuwalde to his castle. Prince Mamuwalde has come seeking aid to end the slave trade. Dracula finds Mamuwalde’s will to be too strong for his purposes. Flying into a rage, he insults Mamuwalde’s wife, kills her and turns Mamuwalde into a vampire, cursing him with the name Blackula and entombing him in castle Dracula.

1816-London. Victor Saville is told of his Frankenstein heritage, shortly before he attends Eton.

1819- Victor Frankenstein I’s monster emerges from the Earth’s core, to the  Mountains of Madness, in the Antarctic. (See agents Utley and Waldrop’s  report "BLACK AS THE PIT, FROM POLE TO POLE")

Dracula-prime, seeking to create human progeny, Re-animates the Lejos soul clone (Sans ring), and returns once more to hibernation. The Lejos-clone searches until he encounters Melava Blasko, the Gypsy. She turns out be a mate of superior stock capable, of breeding with the Lord of the undead. (There is possibility that Melava is connected with the immortal Ayesha- She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed and the cult of Isis)

1828- Virginia, U.S.A.
Victor Saville, while seeking to obtain his father's notebook detailing the secrets of life and death, encounters, and foils the plans of Victor I’s monstrous creation. However in the end, the monster, escapes with the notebook, and Saville’s fiancée, Felicia dies in this conflict. (See file THE CROSS OF FRANKENSTEIN by Robert J. Walton)

1829-Birth of Abraham van Helsing, known variously as Herr Doktor van Helsing of the University of Leyden. Professor van Helsing of Trinity College, Oxford University and Baron van Helsing of Bistritz.

New York. Victor Saville, who for various reasons, was now going under the name Frankenstein, (from this point on we shall refer to him as Victor II, as does Prof. Mark Brown, in his HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN file) marries Constance Bundy, daughter of American, C. Silas Bundy.

Birth of Ygor to Dracula-Lejos and Melava. Since Ygor was the first product of the mating between a soul clone and a human the child was born with the deformity known as a hunchback. Dracula took measures to assure that this would not happen in future couplings. Ygor’s malformed appearance does however inspire Dracula to make his first born’s mission, when he becomes an adult, to infiltrate the Frankenstein family, learn their secrets and use this knowledge to one day create an army of monsters akin to Victor Frankenstein I’s creation. Dracula will provide Ygor with a leather pouch of bolts, made from the same star stone that is a part of his ring.

1834-Birth of Lawrence Milo Talbot to Sir Martin and Elizabeth Talbot.

1835- Birth of Abraham’s brother, Hendrik van Helsing, author of "Hollow Dark Places" (Published 1885)

1836-Birth of Alphonse Victor to Baron William Frankenstein and Madeleine Delacroix.

1837-Llanwelly, England. Upon the death of Sir Martin Talbot, his son Lawrence Milo Talbot is raised by his Uncle Peter.

1838-Bremen, Germany. Dracula-prime's hideous clone Graf Orlock arrives in Bremen to quench his thirst for blood. Fortunately he is thwarted by Waldemer Hutter and Prof. Hans Bulwar. (See report by Frederich W. Murnau entitled NOSFERATU, and for more information on Graf Orlock, consult Prof. Power's BEST FANGS FORWARD)

1839-Birth of Victor III to Victor II and Constance Frankenstein.

1840-Birth of Victoria Marie to Victor II and Constance Frankenstein. Constance dies soon after from an epidemic fever.

1843- New York, U.S.A.
Felicia born to Victor Frankenstein II and a woman whose identity is not known at this point. This information  was not mentioned in Victor II’s journals, as edited by Robert J. Myers. It must have been a brief marriage that ended in divorce or death.

To protect them, Victor II sends his oldest children, Victor III and Victoria Marie to live at Frankenstein Castle with Baron William Frankenstein and his son Alphonse Victor. Felicia however will grow up in New York, near her father, under the last name Saville. There seems to be evidence that Victor II lavished more love and attention on his daughter Felicia than on his elder children. Perhaps that is why he made no mention of her in his journals thus preventing his father's creation ever finding about her existence and making her a target in his continual crusade of vengeance on the Frankenstein family. That Victor II might have been neglectful of Victor III and Victoria Marie is evidenced by their uncaring actions toward humanity in their adult lives.

1845- Birth of Countess Marya Zeleska to Dracula-Lejos, and Maleva. Dracula’s plans are to one day make Marya, the leader of an army of vampires, second only to him. She is given the second Star stone ring.

This year also marks the death of Elizabeth Talbot.

1847- Abraham van Helsing marries Elizabeth Rutherford Daughter of the 11th Baron Tennington

1849-Castle Frankenstein, Frankenstein village.
Alphonse Victor develops a strong dislike for his cousins when he discovers that Victor III and Victoria Marie exhumed his recently expired, beloved hound and dissected her. Their odd behavior combined with his father, the Baron's tendency to drink and engage in improper liaisons with the young house maids, prompts young Alphonse Victor to make a trip to New York where he visits Victor Frankenstein II and his daughter Felicia. He decides to live there.

Victor III uses Alphonse Victor's departure to manipulate the Baron, to adopt him as his son and to bequeath upon him the future title of Baron. He also convinces the Baron to send Victoria Marie to an exclusive boarding school in Vienna. Apparently Victor III discovered the dark heritage of his family and became obsessed with the secrets of life and death. His sister, Victoria Marie, developed this same passion  but she refused to be her brother's mere helper which annoyed Victor III  so he convinces the Baron to send Victoria Marie to an exclusive boarding school in Vienna. Victor III was then free to experiment in the dark.

1850-Birth of Lawrence van Helsing, to Abraham and Elizabeth van Helsing.

1851- China.
American fortune seeker Thomas Caine, who was traveling through China, encounters Dracula-Kai who sends him to Transylvania to return the Starstone ring to Dracula-prime. Once he has returned the ring, Caine makes the mistake of asking Dracula-prime for a favor (what this favor is the report does not say) Dracula turns Caine into a soul Clone, who the Prince of Darkness names Latos. Dracula places the ring on the newly named Latos' finger and sends him to America.

1852- Arizona, America. Dracula (Latos) using the name and title, Baron Latos Margulak, founds a secret city of Vampires called Purgatory. The goal is to create an army of vampires to invade North America from within.

1853- Birth of Maria van Helsing to Abraham and Elizabeth van Helsing .

1857-Frankenstein Village.
Victor Frankenstein III arranges for his foster father Baron William Frankenstein to be killed in a hunting accident. Victor III becomes Baron Frankenstein. With his new wealth he attends the University of Vienna. His attendance at this higher school of learning is ended when he impregnates the Deans daughter. What became of the product of their union, is not known.

Victor III and his schoolmate Wilhelm Kessman decide to spend the summer at Castle Frankenstein. Victor III creates his first monster. Many who are close to the young Baron try to interfere with his plans resulting in their deaths at the hands of Victor III or his creature.

When all the investigations by the local authorities end however, Victor III is found innocent and the monster appears destroyed. (See agent Sangsters' file THE HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN)

1858-New York. Alphonse Victor Frankenstein marries his distant cousin, Felicia Saville. The two of them make their home in New York.

1859-Virginia, U.S.A.
Victor Frankenstein II, while trying to rescue slave revolt leader, John Brown, once again crosses paths with his father's monster. (See Robert Myer's edited journals of Victor Frankenstein II, titled "THE SLAVE OF FRANKENSTEIN")

Victor II’s daughter, Victoria Marie, is mentioned in the journals as living in the U.S.A. and working with abolitionist groups. New evidence shows that she was helping runaway slaves directly into her laboratory for fiendish experiments. Eventually, the real abolitionists catch on to her deeds and she flees back to Germany.

1860-Castle Frankenstein.
Victor Frankenstein III, with the unwilling assistance of Paul Krempe, creates his second monster. This time however, Victor III’s crimes are discovered and he is sentenced to the guillotine. Fortunately for Victor III, and unfortunately for the world, he arranges to escape, leaving someone else to die in his place. Believed to be dead, Victor III is now able to move in the shadows and tamper with life and death as he sees fit. Victor III, makes his new home in Karlsbruck, and begins practice under the name Dr. Stein.

(See report THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN by agent Sangster, elements of the file seem to be inconsistent with that of Sangsters' later report THE HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN. Sangster when writing the "CURSE" file was using Victor III"s journals some of which was a total fabrication. The truth was revealed to Sangster, when researching the "HORROR" file)

Alphonse Victor and Felicia Frankenstein, upon hearing of Victor III’s execution return to Castle Frankenstein. Alphonse Victor becomes the new Baron.

Henry Frankenstein is born to Baron Alphonse Victor and Baroness Felicia Frankenstein.

Bela Blasco, is born to Dracula-Lejos, and Melava. Dracula’s plans are to make Bela, the leader of a pack of werewolves. When Bela reaches a certain age, he is given the Wolf's head scepter. The rod is made of ordinary wood, but the head of the wolf is made of a mixture of Silver, melded with bits of the star stone. This scepter, is believed to give one control of lycanthropes, even at their most beast like state.

1863- Karlsbruck
Under the name Dr. Stein, Victor Frankenstein III creates a new, very human appearing creature. When his true identity and horrific project are discovered by the townsfolk of Karlsbruck, Victor III, is killed. Victor III’s assistant transfers the former Barons brain into the creature’s body and they make their way to London. Victor III sets up practice under the name Dr. Franck.

1865-Transylvania. Dracula-prime creates another disappointing soul-clone. This time the victim  is an elderly Englishman named Cobblepot, whom Dracula re-names Grimpod. when choosing this subject, the Dark Prince was unaware of his incompetence, and like Lestat before him is released to the world. This soul-clone however continues to believe that he is Dracula-Prime

1867-Llanwelly, Wales.
Lawrence Milo Talbot and his friend Albert La Forge Graduate "Summa Cum Laude" from the University of Paris. Lawrence Milo returns to Llanwely and opens a medical practice, but finds many of the villagers put more faith in superstition. One of the causes of the villagers fear is a gypsy named Vorcla, (who is really Dracula-Lejos son, Bela who plans on founding a town of werewolves by isolating Llanwely from the rest of England by terrorizing the town and nearby environs. Talbot exposes Vorcla’s plans. Vorcla (Bela) curses Talbot with lycanthropy. When Talbot and his fiancée, Ann (also called Lyana) and his friend Albert believe they have killed Vorcla, they reason that the curse is over. Lawrence and Ann soon marry. Bela flees Llanwely in haste, leaving the Wolf's Head scepter behind. (Information derived mostly from agent Dells "THE WOLFMAN" file. Not to be confused with agents Siodmak and Dreadstone’s reports of the same title.)

1868-Transylvania. Bela returns to Castle Dracula in defeat and reports his Failure to his father. Dracula-Lejos is so enraged that he thrashes both Bela and Maleva. Bela tries to defend his mother and attacks Dracula. For this defiance Dracula curses Bela with uncontrollable lycanthropy. Bela is now one of those hapless souls that it had once been his birthright to rule. Maleva flees with her son and they rejoin the Gypsy tribe that Dracula had taken her from. Dracula-Lejos seems to take the attitude of good riddance.

Dracula-prime awakens to feed and to check on the progress of his various plans. The Lejos clone is retired and put in storage. Dracula-prime is not at full power still awaiting the return of the star stone ring, (Which is in the possession of the Latos Soul clone in the U.S.A.) but a weak Dracula is still very powerful by human standards.

Dracula is also not at full mental capacity, as he is dividing his mind between the Latos clone in North America, and the Kai clone in China. Never the less, the Prince of Darkness begins to terrorize Europe in its shadows and dark corners.

Germany. Victor Frankenstein III returns to Castle Frankenstein though he does not enter or re-new relationships with his cousin Baron Alphonse Frankenstein. Victor III does however stumble upon the remains of his first creation in an area near the castle.The monster is revived but as soon as the villagers become aware of another monster-making Frankenstein in their midst, Victor III’s plans are once again brought to a crashing halt. I have been following a line of research that hints of Victor I’s monster finding this poor, younger brother, as it were, of his. The Original monster then takes Victor III’s creation to the area of the Arctic where he himself had trod and mercifully freeze the younger creation so that he will suffer no more. (It is my belief that this is the monster found by Dr. Burt Winslow, in 1981 as reported by Prof. Donald F. Glut, in the report entitled "FRANKENSTEIN LIVES AGAIN". As Prof. Glut’s follow up reports become available to me, I will make updates on this subject.)

1872-Altenburg, Switzerland.
Taking a break from conducting brain transplants Victor III viscously rapes Anna Spengler, the fiancée, of his assistant, Dr. Karl Holtz. (See agent Sangsters file FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED)

New information shows that Anna survived this event and became pregnant with Victor III’s child. To ask for assistance from Victor III is out of the question, so she seeks the aid of Baron Alphonse Frankenstein and his wife Felicia. The Baron and Baroness send Anna to the U.S.A. to live with friends of theirs in New York city. Anna starts a new life giving her newborn son her own last name. A descendant of Anna’s resides in  present day New York city and as of the early 1980s has been a member of a group similar in many ways to the League of Anti-Diabolists but focusing more on the ecto horrors of the spirit world.

To gain recruits Dracula-Latos leaves the town called Purgatory in the hands of his second in command, a vampire named Ethan Jefferson, who came to the U.S.A. on the Mayflower.

Dracula-Latos travels the west using the name and guise of Reverend Serenity Johnson recruiting disciples by appealing to those who are seeking higher spirituality. In order to operate in the daylight, Latos, is sent a chemical created by Dr. Praetorious which can protect a vampire from the deadly affects of sunlight when applied to the skin. The drawback is that while it permits survival in the daytime world it does not prevent the sun's rays from draining the powers of a vampire. Latos, as Rev. Johnson, must rely on his natural gift of Persuasion to attract his disciples. The supply of the chemical lasts Latos for three years after that, Dr. Praetorious moves onto other projects and cannot be troubled to make more. The Latos clone eventually makes his way to Texas, where founds a second community of vampires, in the small town of Chaney.

Victoria Marie, becomes the apprentice of Dr. Praetorious and Ygor, son of Dracula-Lejos. The three spend months attempting to unravel the secrets of Victor Frankenstein I.

The atrocities committed by this unholy trio are unknown at this time, we do know however that Victoria Marie emerged from this hellish workshop with an artificial brain created by Dr. Praetorious.

1875- Lawrence van Helsing marries Mary Waldman.

1876- Transylvania
Abraham and Elizabeth van Helsing are traveling through Transylvania. Dracula-prime turns Elizabeth van Helsing into a vampire. Abraham must Slay and behead her thus begins the van Helsing- Dracula war. (from "I was once a gentle Man" from the van Helsing papers, translated by Prof. C. Clairmont, and presented in File marked " DRACULA LIVES #3")

1877- Birth of Leyland van Helsing son of Lawrence and Mary van Helsing.

U.S.A. Victoria Marie Frankenstein, and her Cousin Rudolph flee Europe and make their way to Texas and begin to experiment on the locals.

1878-Birth of Sir John Talbot to Lawrence Milo and Anne Talbot. Soon after his son's birth, Lawrence Milo Talbot’s lycanthropy returns. Unlike his namesake Grandson, who will be afflicted with the same curse, Talbot does not try to end his life. To protect his loved ones he hunts Vorcla (Bela) having heard he was still alive. When Talbot  finds that Vorcla (Bela) was the son of Dracula he hunts the Lord of the Vampires as well. Talbot battles Dracula at some point, the details of which are unknown. It is confirmed however that Talbot traveled to the United States to seek a cure from his curse from a tribe of native Americans who were rumored to be Lycanthropes.

    There was a Larry Talbot who was seen in very interesting company during a particular Lonesome October in England  but I have been unable to confirm at this point whether or not this Talbot was Lawrence Milo.

(The Lonesome October incident Is being looked into by a few historian colleagues of mine studying the report by the late Roger Zelazny. I look forward to studying their findings.)

1879- Transylvania. Countess Marya Zeleska seeking to create a soul-clone of her own but lacking the power to do so develops her own method. She summons the abandoned soul-clone Grimpod and selects a human mate for him. The result is a daughter whom Marya names Lilith. The Countess rejects Lilith however when she becomes jealous of Grimpod showing fatherly affection to his daughter. (Something Marya never had) Grimpod raises Lilith in one of Dracula-prime’s lesser castles.

1880- Texas, U.S.A.
The Latos soul clone after establishing Chaney, Texas, as his second vampire community travels further south to seek more recruits for his vampire legion.
He finds himself on the receiving end of Billy the Kid's six guns. (See report by William Beaudine, entitled BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA)

The ashes and ring of the Latos soul clone are returned to Transylvania. Dracula-prime absorbs the energy that the ring absorbed and prepares for his return to the world in his original body.

Elsewhere in Texas, not long after these events, Jesse James encounters Maria (Victoria Marie) Frankenstein. Maria falls in love with Jesse and becomes pregnant. Maria transforms Jesse’s cohort Hank into a monster, but Jesse foils her plans (by shooting Hank). Maria flees to Mexico and has her child, whom she names Irving. (From the file JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN’S DAUGHTER by William Beaudine.)

Henry Frankenstein attends the University of Vienna, one of his teachers is Dr. Praetorious. (Who through mysterious connections obtained a tenure) Praetorious, directs young Henrys thoughts to discovering the secrets of life and death.

1885- Castle Frankenstein.
Henry Frankenstein, continues the obsession, which seems to be a curse, upon his families very name. Much to the unhappiness, of his fiancée Elisabeth, Henry creates his own, undying monster. (See agent James Whales report FRANKENSTEIN, THE MAN WHO MADE A MONSTER and Prof. Mark Browns "HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN")

Henry is aided in his experiments by Ygor. (In Whale's report the hunchbacked assistant is called Fritz, but in Dreadstone’s follow-up report, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, it is revealed that he was indeed Ygor) Ygor provides Henry Frankenstein with two of the neck bolts, fashioned from the star stone, that are attached to the monster. The bolts provide the conduit with which the creature receives its life giving, electricity. (And in the years to come the second purpose of the bolts will be revealed) The report by Whale, states that Fritz (Ygor) was slain by the monster but this appears to not to be the case as later reports will show.)

1886-Castle Frankenstein.
Henry Frankenstein works with Dr. Praetorious to create a bride for the monster. Frankenstein’s assistant this time is Karl Niemann. (See the reports by agents, Whale and Dreadstone, both titled THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN)

During these events, Henry Frankenstein’s monster takes refuge with an old blind hermit who shows him compassion and teaches him how to speak.

The monster's first friendship is ended however when a traveler whom we believe to be a temporarily revived, Dracula-Latos appears at the doorway of the old hermit’s hovel. This was most likely Dracula’s first attempt to gain control of this monster, it fails however.

The end of these reports show the destruction of The Monster, the Bride, and Dr. Preatorius, and as this was Whales last report on the Frankenstein family, it is probable that he believed this to be true. Soon after these events, Henry and Elisabeth Frankenstein move to England.

Dracula-prime, now at full strength, sets his new plans of ruling the world in motion. He summons real estate solicitor, Jonathan Harker, to Castle Dracula. Dracul purchases Carfax Abby in London as a new base of operations. The Prince of Darkness comes close to achieving his goals but his plans are halted thanks to efforts, by Harker, Mina Murray, Dr. John Seward, Quincy Morris, Lord Goldaming, Prof. Abraham van Helsing and Sherlock Holmes. (See the memoirs, written by many of the parties involved, as edited by Bram Stoker, entitled simply "Dracula" and the follow up report by Dr. John Watson MD. edited by Loren Estleman, entitled "SHERLOCK HOLMES VS. DRACULA")
According to these reports, Dracula was destroyed, in his Transylvanian castle, by being impaled by the knives of Jonathon Harker, and Quincy Morris. New information, however, reveals that this action did not destroy Dracula, or even return him to his death like state. Dracula merely turned to mist, then reformed himself, when he believed his foes gone. Mina Murray, felt faint on the road back to Biritz, and van Helsing and Co. realized that the task was not complete. They returned to the castle, and this time used a proper wooden stake.

That same year, Maria van Helsing, daughter of Abraham van Helsing marries Prof. Armitage H. Porter.

This year also marks the birth of Wolf Frankenstein to Henry and Elizabeth Frankenstein.

The stake is removed from Dracula-prime’s heart by villagers guided by Dracula’s mind.
Dracula in a very weak state makes plans to hibernate once more. He instructs his Vampire women to lure a young British gentleman who happened to be traveling through Transylvania. With the beauty of the three women, who are referred to as Dracula’s brides, as bait, Dracula has little difficulty getting the Englishman to ask a boon.(A night of ecstasy, with the Brides) After payment has been tendered Dracula turns him into a soul clone and assigns him the name Denrom, once again to mock Nimrod-Lothos. The Starstone ring is given to Denrom and Dracula-prime returns to rest in his secret crypt.

This year also marks the birth of Ludwig Frankenstein to Henry and Elizabeth

1889-Birth of Jonathan Quincy, and Lucy Harker to Jonathan and Mina Harker.
(See Prof. Power's article, Best Fangs Forward)

Lawrence van Helsing sends Paul Harker, a cousin of Jonathan Harker's, to Castle Dracula after hearing rumors that the Count was indeed not destroyed. The agent gains employment as Dracula’s librarian. Dracula-Denrom discovers the agent's ruse and turns him into a vampire. Lawrence van Helsing journeys to Transylvania when he receives a letter from Paul. Van Helsing discovers that Paul has been turned and mercifully destroys him. Dracula and van Helsing battle until van Helsing turns to Dracula to ashes by exposing him to sunlight. (When this report, entitled THE HORROR OF DRACULA, was written by agent Sangster. As before with his Frankenstein files, he did not have the full story, so he embellished the report, with elements from the memoirs, edited by Bram Stoker. Sangster also mistakenly gave the date of this event as 1885 This was corrected by a member of the van Helsing family)

1896- Transylvania
Lawrence van Helsing battles Baron Meinster, a young nobleman, who was turned into a vampire by Dracula-Denrom (See agent Sangsters report entitled THE BRIDES OF DRACULA)

Now divorced from her husband, Mina Murray (formerly Harker) joins the League of Extraordinary Gentleman and battles the villains known as Prof. Moriarty and Fu Manchu. ( See file, written by historian, Alan Moore entitled "THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN", generously donated, by Prof. Carbis)

This group is a completely separate entity from the League of Anti-Diabolists, though both groups have shared members and information from time to time)

1900-Llanwelly. Sir John Talbot’s wife dies in childbirth with the child being stillborn.

Transylvania. That same year Sir John’s father, Lawrence Milo Talbot, in werewolf form slays the wife and child of Dr. Anton Zarnak. Zarnak tracks Talbot down and slays him. At this point we do not know if Talbot was permanently killed or is wandering around even today.

1902- Birth of John and Lawrence Stewart Talbot, twins to Sir John Talbot and Cleva Creihton Tull (Sir John’s mistress, an actress from California) in Llanwely, Wales.

1903- Death of Baron Henry Frankenstein. The cause of his death is unknown but his granddaughter, Elsa Frankenstein, once stated that it was because of his tampering with forces beyond his control. Henry’s widow Elizabeth, remains in London.

This year also marks the marriage of Baron Wolf Frankenstein to Elsa Muller

1904- China
Lawrence Van Helsing and his son Leyland team up with eight mighty martial artists, Hsi Ching, his six brothers and sister, Mei Kwei, to fight Dracula’s soul clone Kai and his minions (See file entitled LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES)

Soon after these events, Leyland van Helsing marries Mei Kwei.

1905- Europe.
Dracula-Denrom revives time and time again to terrorize and feed building up more energy for Dracula-Prime. ( See Sangsters report DRACULA, PRINCE OF DARKNESS. Below are the dates, matching the various reports, by Sangster, chronicling, the exploits of the Denrom, soul clone.)


This year also marks the birth of Elsa Frankenstein to Ludwig Frankenstein and a women whose identity is unknown, leading us to believe that she might have died in child birth. Elsa was named after her Uncle Wolfs bride. (See Prof. Mark Brown’s article, "THE HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN" for more light on why Ludwig chose this name.)

1908-The events of TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA.

1909-The events of SCARS OF DRACULA.

That same year. Lorrimar van Helsing, son of Leyland van Helsing and Mei Kwei is born.

1910- England
Dracula-Denrom has final battle with Lawrence Van Helsing. Van Helsing triumphs and the Denrom soul clone is reduced to ashes. A servant of Dracula's secretly bears away the ashes and Dracula’s ring. Lawrence Van Helsing soon dies of heart failure. (See prolog to Agent Sangsters report Dracula 1972 A.D.)

New York. The monster created by Victor Frankenstein I, travels to the U.S.A. from a monastery in Rijeka, Croatia. With the assistance of John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Nikola Tesla, the creature thwarts an evil scheme hatched by Thomas Edison. The monster at last destroys the note book of Victor I. (See report "THE MODERN PROMETHEUS", by Lovern Kindziersky.)

Dracula-prime reanimates and enters the Latos soul clone and sends him out under the name Count Lajos Czuczron, to join the Balkan allies against the Turks.

Visaria, Visaria.
Ludwig Frankenstein, having recently obtained his degree in studies of the mind, opens a new practice in the country and village both called Visaria, located somewhere near the border of Switzerland and Bavaria. Ludwig brings his young daughter Elsa with him. She quickly learns to love her new home.

1914-Birth of Peter Frederick Frankenstein to Baron Wolf and Elsa Frankenstein

1918- Transylvania
The Latos clone returns to Transylvania and encounters a young adventurer named Henry Jones Jr. The two battle and the Latos clone is destroyed only to be taken to the secret cache within the bowels of the Castle Dracula where the soul clones are kept when not active.

Dracula revives the Lejos-clone, who is given the ring and dispatched to London to take his revenge on the Harkers. Once in London, the Lejos clone turns a hapless derelict, named Andreas into a werewolf to serve as his minion. Before he sets his plan of revenge into motion, he begins to build up his strength by feeding on the inhabitants of London. He is thwarted and staked by Lady Jane Ainsley and Prof. Walter Sanders. Ainsley and Sanders bury Lejos' remains in unmarked grave in London.

1919-Frankenstein, Germany.
Baron Wolf Frankenstein, his wife Elsa and their young son Peter Frederick move to their ancestral estate, Castle Frankenstein much to the fear of the villagers. The Baron soon makes the acquaintance his fathers assistant Ygor (At this point Ygor had been hanged, shot and suffered so many beatings by the villagers, that his indestructible body was more misshapen then ever). Ygor had been hiding Henry Frankenstein’s monstrosity all these years using him for his devilish purposes. Playing on Wolf's sympathy Ygor persuades Wolf to bring the creature to its full strength. (Ygor was planning to deliver the fully charged creature to his dark sire, Dracula.)

Wolf is caught in his endeavors by Inspector Krogh, who as a boy, had one of his arms ripped from its socket, by the rampaging Monster. Krogh shows Wolf the error of his ways and the two work together to destroy Ygor and the Monster. The Monster is thrown into a pit of lava and Ygor is shot repeatedly but as is proved over and over; you cannot kill the undead.

The Baron decides to leave the Frankenstein estate to the villagers in order to make up for the damage he, and his ancestors were responsible for. Before Wolf and his family take their leave, the Baron constructs a new arm for Inspector Krogh to replace the wooden appendage he lost during this horrid affair.

This new arm is a thing of mechanical wonder possessing many devices that Krogh will find useful as a law enforcer.

1920- Baron Wolf Frankenstein, and his family move to New York city to be with their American cousins.

Ygor and Henry Frankenstein’s monster travel to the laboratory and home of Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein, hoping Ludwig will finish the job of recharging the Monster that his older brother, Wolf had begun. Once there Ygor gets a new idea, or dare I say, changes his mind, when he convinces Ludwig’s assistant, Dr. Bohmer, to transfer Ygor’s own diabolical brain and heart into Henry Frankenstein’s monster. (This was obviously not part of Dracula’s master plan, but Ygor’s twisted reasoning must have thought it best.) This was accomplished resulting in the death of Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein and the destruction of his house and laboratory. The Monster/Ygor seems to have perished with Ludwig in the inferno of the laboratory, later evidence however shows that he fell through the burning floors into the frozen Alpine caverns below. Elsa Frankenstein, Ludwig’s daughter, moves to Vienna after these tragic events. Dr. Bohmer, who during these events, received a severe electric shock, goes quite mad. Bohmer takes the brain and heart that were removed from Henry Frankenstein’s monster and flees.

1923- London
The Dracula-Lejos, clone is revived, by a descendent of R.N. Renfield. He begins his revenge against old foes by seeking out Jon Quincy Harker and his sister Lucy Weston (nee Harker, the surviving Harkers refuse at this point to inform the League of the details of Lucy’s husband) the children of Jonathan and Mina Harker. Jon Quincy, happens to be engaged to Dr. Seward’s daughter Mina, named after his friend and old flame.

Jon Quincy and Mina Seward were never told of their parent's horrific tribulations. Dr. Seward is mesmerized by Dracula-Lejos into forgetting his previous encounter with Dracula prime. Dracula-Lejos turns Lucy into a full vampire, (See Prof. Power's article, BEST FANGS FORWARD, for more light on how Lucy was part vampire from birth) Prof. Leyland Van Helsing journeys to England to assist Quincy. Together they stake the Prince of Darkness and believe him destroyed. Lucy Weston was last seen wandering, through the London night and her current whereabouts are unknown. (See File DRACULA, THE UNIVERSAL by agent Garret Fort. Like agent Sangster, Fort added elements from Stoker's report to fill in the gaps he had no knowledge of)

Not long after these events, Countess Marya Zeleska, leaves Castle Dracula and journeys to London to find the corpse of the Lejos-clone. Marya wishes to make London her home. She reduces to ashes the body of her fathers soul clone so that she can exist with out her Dark Sire's scrutiny. Her accompanying minion Sandor, however, was given instructions by Dracula prime to return the Lejos corpse to the unmarked grave, where he was buried in 1918 by Prof. Sanders and Lady Jane Ainsley. Sandor transforms the ashes back into a corpse and carries out his true master's wishes. The ring is later returned to Transylvania. Soon Marya and Sandor find themselves in a battle with Professor Leyland Van Helsing and Dr. Jeffrey Garth, which is waged from the streets of London all the way back to Castle Dracula. ( See Agent Forts file DRACULA'S DAUGHTER )

A year after defeating Count Dracula-Lejos and Countess Marya Zaleska, Prof. Leyland van Helsing, Dr. John Seward, Jon Quincy Harker and Dr. Jeffrey Garth form the League of Anti-Diabolists. They are soon joined by Prof. Emil Lazlo and Maxwell and Helena Porter Summers.

1926- Inspector Krogh with his marvelous gadget arm joins the League of Anti-Diabolists. Soon after joining he meets falls in love with and marries an American woman named Amy Parish (Parish might not be her real surname but for one reason or another the van Helsing family will not reveal who her parents were.)

1927- Harrisonville, New Jersey.
The Latos-clone is revived and travels to Harrisonville with plans to form an alliance with a vampire-witch known only as Sarah and then for the two of them to make their way to the vampire colony Purgatory in Arizona. Dracula-Latos uses the guise of Count Czerny during this mission but is thwarted by detective, Jules de Grandon. De Grandin discovers a file on one of Dracula-Latos’ other alias Count Lajos Czucron, and makes the connection to Czerny.

De Grandin destroys both Dracula-Latos, and the witch Sarah. (See file "THE MAN WHO CASTE NO SHADOW" by Seabury Quinn, donated to the League’s archive’s by Prof. M. Baugh)
De Grandin, would not make the connection, of this case to Dracula, till years later, when conferring, with the van Helsings. The corpse of Dracula-Latos was of course secretly sent back to Castle Dracula, it’s mission failed put back into storage.

That same year marks the birth of Matthew van Helsing to Lorrimar van Helsing and ?

1929-Transylvania. Young detectives Frank and Joe Hardy encounter a being who might be Dracula, or one of his soul clones. (reports of this event are sketchy at this time but Prof. Matthew Baugh, is researching into this matter, and may provide details at a later date)

1930- Birth of Conrad van Helsing to Lorrimar van Helsing and ?

1931- Birth of Kurt van Helsing to Lorrimar van Helsing and ?

1933- Llanwely.
Upon the death of his twin brother John Talbot Jr, Lawrence Stewart Talbot, returns to Talbot Castle in Llanwely, Wales. Talbot purchases the Wolf's head scepter that somehow winds up in a small Llanwelian shop. Having no idea of its purpose he uses it as a novelty cane. Later he is bitten by and slays Bela Blasko. Talbot becomes a werewolf. He finds a friend in Melava the gypsy who seeks to help him, but in the end is apparently slain by his own father who uses the Wolf's head scepter as the instrument of death. John Talbot dies of grief soon after. (See agent Kurt Siodmak’s report THE WOLFMAN and for additional information, see Agent Carl Dreadstone’s follow up report with the same title)

During these events, the body of John Talbot Jr. is exhumed, from the Talbot family tomb, by agents of Dracula and transported to Castle Dracula. Dracula-prime turns John Jr. into a soul clone named Grodimn, and bestows upon him the Star-stone ring. (Recent evidence shows that John Talbot Jr. was himself a werewolf and was originally killed when shot by hunters mistaking him for an animal. This fact shows that Dracula-prime, might have had an easier time, making a soul-clone out of a creature already tainted with Un-dead blood.)

It must be noted that it has been a closely guarded secret that Lawrence Stewart Talbot, was not the first, nor the last member of this family to be afflicted with the werewolf curse but certain textual references provide clues to the connection between the Talbots and yycanthropy.

One such example is found in an excerpt from well known skeptic, Prof. Summerlee’s twenty volume set ‘Poppycock, Twaddle and Balderdash’ (Published 1889) Which reads thusly......

"Werewolfism (Lycanthropy) A disease of the mind in which human beings imagine they are wolf-men. According to an old LEGEND which persist in certain localities, the victims assume the physical characteristics of the animal. There is a small village near Talbot castle which still claims to have had gruesome experiences with this supernatural creature."

The werewolves in this article focus mainly on the those found in the Talbot family but I am researching a link from the Talbots to other werewolves in our files. Most reports of werewolves show a human who transforms completely into a wolf but the Talbot’s seem to be unique by the fact that after Rex Rufus they were the first examples of Lycanthropy to remain human in shape. I have recently opened a file which tells of the resurrection of an Aztec Mummy in Mexico, circa 1950. The mummy, not only bore a striking resemblance to members of the Talbot family, but also suffered from Lycanthropy.

A future report, that I am gathering research on will show the connections between the Talbots, Rex Rufus, the Aztec Werewolf Mummy, Leon Carrida, Anthony Rivers, Wilfrid Glendon, Randy Wallace, Count Inre Wolfstein, Waldamer Daninsky, and Lajos-Dracula’s servant Andreas.

1935-Bonaport, La.

Dracula-Grodimn, travels to Dark Oaks plantation using the alias Count Alucard. His goal is to create a colony of vampires, hidden in the swamp lands of North Louisiana (Preferring to avoid the annoying reject, soul clone Lestat, further south) Dracula-Grodimn’s failure in this endeavor comes from two sources.

First, the intervention of Dr. Harold Brewster and League of Anti-Diabolists member, Prof. Emil Lazlo. Secondly, his goal is diverted by carnal lust for Katherine Caldwell. She is one of the two lovely daughters of Col. Caldwell, the owner of Dark Oaks plantations. Dracula-Grodimn is destroyed in the swamps by the rising sun. The ash remains and the ring are retrieved by Dracula-primes minions and returned to castle Dracula.

Soon after these events, Dr. Harold Brewster, with the help of Prof., Emil Lazlo, found the Bonaport, La. Chapter of the League of Anti-Diabolists then headquartered in Dark Oaks, as there were reports, that vampires created by Dracula-Grodimn were still lurking about. (And still are today)

Later that year Dracula-prime has his minion, gypsies sell the skeletal remains, of the Latos clone (With ring), to a traveling sideshow run by Professor Lampini. The gypsies assure Lampini that this is the actual skeleton of Count Dracula and that he must never remove the stake which is carefully placed where the heart would be. Lampini takes this story lightly but knows a good attraction when he sees one so he takes the skeleton, coffin, stake and all to feature in his traveling show. Since all is going according to his plans to have the Latos-clone locate Henry Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula-prime returns to sleep.

1937- Llanwely.
Lawrence Stewart Talbot is revived when grave looters open his tomb as the full moon arises. Talbot awakens in a London hospital with a horrible realization; he cannot die! Talbot escapes the hospital seeks out and finds Maleva. Talbot asks Maleva for one simple thing, to help him end his wretched life. The two of them end up journeying to Visaria, seeking the aid of Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein. Instead they end up encountering Ludwig’s daughter Elsa and Henry Frankenstein’s monster. (with Ygor’s brain). Talbot, as the Wolfman, fights with the Monster until the castle laboratory crumbles around them. (See agent Siodmak’s report FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN)

1940- Visaria.
Dr. Gustav Niemann, the younger brother of the late Henry Frankenstein’s assistant Karl, escapes from prison with aid of a pitiful hunchback named Daniel. Dr. Niemann was imprisoned fifteen years prior for conducting blasphemous experiments using some of Henry Frankenstein’s notes as a template. The two fugitives encounter Prof. Lampini and his sideshow wagon on the road. Daniel the hunchback at Nieman’s bidding strangles Prof. Lampini. They steal his sideshow and it to Visaria. Once in Visaria, Dr. Niemann revives Dracula-Latos and unleashes him on the men who sent Niemann to prison.

Dracula-Latos however meets an untimely end due to the sunrise. Dr. Niemann continues his quest by traveling to the remains of the late Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein’s laboratory. In the caverns below he discovers the frozen bodies of Lawrence Stewart Talbot (In Wolfman form) and Henry Frankenstein’s monster (With Ygor’s brain) Niemann revives both, and takes them to his old lab in the outskirts of Visaria.

Dr. Niemann's plans to fully charge the Monster, are spoiled when the hunchback Daniel becomes jealous over a gypsy girl he fancies love for Talbot.

Chaos erupts. Talbot is shot with a silver bullet fired by the hand of one who loves him. (A legendary way to kill a werewolf-- which has never proven to be true) and Dr. Niemann and the Monster seem to meet their fate as they sink into a swamp. (See agent Siodmak’s report HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN not to be confused with Prof. Mark Brown's article with the same title.)

Later reports show that the remains of Dracula-Latos were brought back to Transylvania by the Undead Lord's dark servants. Dracula-prime did not consider this to be a wasted mission as, thanks to Dr. Niemann discussing his plans in earshot of the Latos-clone, he now had a clue as to the whereabouts of Henry Frankenstein’s monster. With this knowledge he sets a new plan in motion.

There have been question as to how the second World War, seems to have little impact on these small European areas, where these events take place.

Supernatural events historian, Donald F. Glut postulates that Hitler, being obsessed with the occult might have found it prudent to avoid places where beings such as Dracula, werewolves and undead monsters trod.

1942- Lawrence Stewart Talbot is revived, (At this time, how this happened is unknown) he moves to a flat in London, still hoping to find a way to permanently die. Dr. Peter Drury contacts Talbot saying he wants to cure him, but really wants samples of Talbot's blood, to make super soldiers. (Drury would later work with the blood of Frank Griffen, AKA the Invisible Agent) (From Agent Jeff Rovin’s report THE RETURN OF THE WOLFMAN)

1944- London
The Lejos clone is revived when a war time bomb shell disturbs his unmarked grave. Two grave keepers innocently pull the stake out of the re-surfaced body.

Lejos, sans ring, attacks the family of Lady Jane Ainsley. Ainsley makes the connection between this vampire and the 16th century Romanian scholar, Armand Tesla (Tesla, a semi-anagram of Lejos). Ainsley uses information from Tesla’s (Lejos) own ancient writings to destroy him. (See file THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE) The report for some reason leaves out the contribution by Dr. Anton Zarnak to this case. Ainsley consulted heavily with Zarnak and he was there in the shadows making sure Ainsley’s crusade against Tesla (Lejos)succeeded. Soon after his destruction the remains of the Lejos clone are returned to Castle Dracula and the Latos clone is revived.(With ring)

Lady Jane Ainsley joins the League of Anti-Diabolists and compares notes with van Helsing and Harker. Zarnak declines membership but lets them know that he always stands ready to assist.

Other’s like Dr. Zarnak who never officially join but lend their expertise when needed include such luminaries as Dr. Carnaki, Titus Crow, Dr. Henry Vincent , Jules de Grandin, Judge Pursuivant and John Thunstone.

Berlin. Dr. Bohmer, who was at that time using the alias of Dr. Riesendorf, is interrupted in his continuing experiments with the brain and heart of Henry Frankenstein's monster by members of Hitlers SS. The SS. officers confiscate the monsters heart and send it to a lab in Hiroshima Japan. Exactly what became of this bizarre organ after that point is unknown.

Lawrence Stewart Talbot, travels once more to Visaria seeking a cure from Dr. Franz Edelmann, Edelmann was a craniologist who moved his practice to Visaria to be near the home of the man who inspired him, the late Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein.

Dracula (Latos) also arrives claiming to seek a cure from Vampirism. As the events unfold Talbot is seemingly cured and he falls in love with Miliza Morelle, Dr. Edelmann’s beautiful assistant. Dracula-Latos also had taken a fancy to Miss Morelle but his attentions were not reciprocated. This romantic rivalry furthered the Vampire Lord's hatred for the Talbot family.

Later Henry Frankenstein’s monster is revived and Dracula-Latos turns Dr. Edelmann, into a semi-soul clone of a soul clone. (See agent Siodmak’s report HOUSE OF DRACULA)
The method used by Dracula-Latos, to turn Dr. Edelmann, into a soul-clone was actually done with Edelmann’s unwitting cooperation. Dr. Edelmann’s theory for curing a vampire consisted of transferring his own blood and essence into the patient. Dracula-Latos during one of these procedures merely reversed the process.

Unknown to Dracula-Latos, he received, in the first transfusions from Dr. Edelmann, a remnant of the Doctors own soul. This would have a profound affect on the Latos-clone many years later.

New information exposes Dracula-Latos reason for turning Dr. Edelmann into a soul clone of himself. Knowing that Edelmann’s scientific knowledge would be retained the doctor was merely a pawn of Dracula in the quest to get the monster of Henry Frankenstein to full strength.

Dracula-Latos shortly after turning Dr. Edelmann into a soul clone copy.

Soon after the events of this report, Dracula-prime, awakens the Lejos-clone.

Dracula-Lejos travels to Visaria locates the remains of Dracula-Latos and transfers the star stone ring to his own finger. The body of Dracula-Latos is shipped back to Castle Dracula and Dracula-Lejos takes control of Henry Frankenstein’s monster. (Which ironically, has the brain of Dracula-Lejos, son Ygor)

Larry Talbot marries Miliza, and they live happily for 2 months 'till his lycanthropy returns and he kills her. (This is according to agent Jeff Rovin's reports.) New information obtained by Prof. Baugh and myself reveals that Miliza was not killed although Talbot believed she was.

New findings show that the wedding of Lawrence Stewart Talbot and Miliza Morelle was attended by Melava Blasko, one of the few people Talbot considered a true friend. Melava’s heightened senses told her that not only was Talbot not permanently cured, but that Miliza was pregnant. Melava planned ahead for the night when she knew Talbot would once again revert to his beast like state and secreted Miliza away to safety. Talbot was lead to believe that he had killed Miliza so that he would not go searching for her.

That same year while attending an opera Jon Quincy and his wife, Elizabeth Mina Harker, are savagely attacked by Dracula-Lejos. Quincy Harker’s legs are rendered completely useless and his wife, Elizabeth Mina almost dies from blood loss and suffers severe trauma. Quincy Harker travels to New York City for physical therapy. He is helped in his endeavors by Prof. Damien Harmon, who had lost the use of his own
legs, in 1938. Harmon who had achieved doctorate degrees in ancient literature, medieval philosophy and a masters degree in physics before he reached his mid-twenties (As well as having at the time latent telepathic abilities) Professor Harmon was once a special assistant to New York City police commissioner Ralph Weston, As a consultant he used his vast knowledge in the then-new science of criminology.

What started out as desk job and late night discussions of theories with friends like Richard Wentworth turned into disaster, when Harmon, against Weston's orders took his ideas to the streets and met his fate when a thug bashed his head and spine with a lead pipe. Harmon along having a metal plate inserted in his skull was left a cripple. Having dealt with his handicap through strenuous exercise building up his upper body strength he became a perfect mentor for Quincy Harker.

Harker met Harmon, through fellow, League of Anti-Diabolists, member, Dr. Jeffrey Garth, whose younger brother, Atwood Garth, was an old friend of Prof. Harmon.

While going through therapy, Harker, Harmon and another wheelchair bound scientist, named Dr. Everette Scott, become good friends. After many nights discussing there various fields of expertise, Harker invites both men to join him in the League of Anti-Diabolists. Harmon declines, but Dr. Scott accepts and becomes the newest member.

1946- Birth of John Lawrence Talbot , son of Lawrence Stewart Talbot and Miliza Morelle.

After being taken to a safe place, Miliza is comforted by Baron Ivor Russoff, a kind man introduced to her by Melava . The two marry and Baron Russoff adopts John Lawrence.

A month or so later, Lawrence Stewart Talbot, in Werewolf form is near the home of Baron Russoff. The Wolfman catches the scent of his former wife in her bed room, he crashes through her window and mates with her, purely through instinct. (wolves chose one mate for life) whether or not the Wolfman would have killed Miliza is unknow, because as soon as the seed was planted Baron Russoff entered the room with a rifle, firing at the manbeast. The Wolfman leaped out of the window fleeing to the woods beyond. When Talbot awoke the next morning human once more, he of course had no memory of the event. Talbot at the time was on the trail of Dracula, who was near by so it is quite possible that the Lord of the Undead himself, manipulated these events.

18 months after the birth of her older brother, John Lawrence, Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russoff is born. She is the daughter of Miliza Russoff and Lawrence Stewart Talbot. At Melava’s suggestion Baron Russoff moves his wife and two adopted children, to the U.S.A.

In the States, Russoff changes his last name to Russell.

During childhood young John Lawrence becomes attached to the family dog. His young mind is impressed that the breed name (Jack Russell Terrier) is similar to his own and starts calling himself "Jack"

Meanwhile Jack's true father, Lawrence Stewart Talbot travels the globe in pursuit of Dracula. Talbot believes that destroying the Vampire King might make up for some of the evil that he himself has done. If he can succeed in this mission, he can then try to fulfill his fondest wish; to die.

New York. In order to have an army of monsters, like the creature he now controls, Dracula-prime sends Marya’s clone, Lilith to the U.S.A. to spy on and influence Dr. Peter Frederick Frankenstein. To achieve this, Lilith uses the name Elizabeth and begins a romance with young Dr. Frankenstein. The two are soon engaged.

1948-LaMirada, Florida
Lawrence Stewart Talbot, tracks Dracula (Lejos) all the way to North America. Dracula, is in the company of Henry Frankenstein’s Monster, (Still housing the brain of Dracula’s son Ygor) and is in league with Dr. Sandra Mornay, a descendent of Dr. Moreau. Dracula and Mornay also have possession of Henry Frankenstein’s notebook.

Dracula’s plan is to replace Ygor’s brain with that of a bumbling, easily controlled shipping clerk. (Ygor’s will proved to be harder to control even with the Star-stone ring working in concert with the creature's neck bolts made from the same stone.) Dracula and Talbot meet on La Viuda Island just off the coast of LaMirada. Talbot has encountered both the Latos and the Lejos soul clones so he is not fooled by Dracula calling himself Dr. Lejos. Talbot foils Dracula’s plan, and Dracula, barely escapes.

Talbot with the assistance, of an understanding woman, named Joan Raymond, impales himself with a shard of silver, returning him to his deathlike hibernation and entombs him in the bowels of the ancient castle that stands on La Viuda island. Unknown to both of them, the monster of Henry Frankenstein, also slumbers there. (See the strangely titled file ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN and agent Jeff Rovin's report "THE RETURN OF THE WOLF MAN")

This year also marks the passing of Baroness Elizabeth Frankenstein, widow of the late Baron Henry Frankenstein.

Frankenstein, Germany. Upon the death of his grandmother, Dr. Peter Frederick Frankenstein, inherits Frankenstein Castle. Though reluctant at first he eventually succumbs to the curse of his familyand decides to create his own monster. With the assistance of a lovely village girl named Inga and a hunch-back named Eye-gor, (As of this report, we do not know the story behind Eye-gor) he succeeds in stitching together and giving life to a monster of his own. ( See agent Wilder’s report co-written, with C.O.N.T.R.O.L. agent Brooks entitled YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN)

It is best to read the report for yourself, but suffice it to say, the end result is that if Dracula-Prime was expecting an army of monsters from this source, he was disappointed. Dr. Peter Frederick Frankenstein, makes friends with his creation. The Dr. winds up marrying his assistant Inga, and the monster winds up marrying Frankenstein’s ex-fiancee, Elizabeth (Lillith).

1949-Birth of Jaime Summers to James and Anna Summers.

That same year, Kurt van Helsing marries Anna Abronsius.

1950- Conrad van Helsing marries Ruth Parrish Krogh, one of the lovely daughters of Inspector Krogh and his wife Amy.

That same year marks the birth of Rachel van Helsing, to Kurt and Anna van Helsing.

1952- Birth of Adam van Helsing to Conrad and Ruth van Helsing.

1956-birth of Jessica van Helsing to Kurt and Anna van Helsing.

1957-Birth of Hank Summers to James and Anna Summers

1958- Birth of Robert van Helsing to Conrad and Ruth van Helsing.

1962- Mexico. El Santo (the latest in a long, family tradition of silver masked heroes) thwarts the plans of Dracula’s Mexican vampire Women (See file SANTO CONTRA LAS MUJERES VAMPIROS or its English translation, SAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN)

That same year the birth of Vanessa to Kurt and Anna van Helsing.

1964-U.S.A. The League of Anti-Diabolists makes it’s first attempt at rehabilitating the creatures we observe. The League makes a family unit out of Dr. Peter Frederick Frankenstein’s monster, his wife Lilith, Lilith’s father Grimpod and an orphan boy named Edmond Glendon who had the curse of Lycanthropy. League member Dr. Marilyn Krogh, acted more or less, as a live in social worker, to help them assimilate, and to keep them from the clutches of Dracula-prime. Dr. Krogh is eventually accepted as a loved, member of the family. This project was deemed successful by most standards.

1965-Mexico. Baron Brakola is destroyed by El Santo the descendent of his old foe El Caballero En Mascarado De Plata ( The Silver Masked Horseman)

Los Angeles, California. Antique collectors bring from Castle Dracula several furnishings bought from Zoltan Dracula, a human descendant of the Count's. Among these items is the coffin of Prince Mamuwalde. Mamuwalde, awakens form his sleep and terrorizes, the LA. community. (See William Crane’s report’s BLACKULA and SCREAM BLACKULA SCREAM)

Agents from the criminal organization known as T.H.R.U.S.H stage an operation in Castle Dracula, they are foiled in their plans by L.O.A.D. agent Forest J. Ackerman, Zoltan Dracula, and two agents from the spy agency known as U.N.C.L.E. Our first report of this event came from agent Ackerman himself. Later it was revealed in a file donated from U.N.C.L.E. (See file labeled "THE VAMPIRE AFFAIR") that the two U.N.C.L.E. agents Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuriakin actually received a communiqué from Dracula-prime, himself. Dracula had obviously been awoken from his hibernation by the goings on in his castle. It was also learned from the U.N.C.L.E. report that the two agents had stumbled upon Dracula-primes secret
resting place. If L.O.A.D. agent Ackerman had known this at the time he could have learned the location, and destroyed the Dark Prince, perhaps once and for all. Unfortunately Solo and Kuriakin were not aware that Ackerman was an agent of L.O.A.D. so they saw no reason to debrief him.

That same year James and Anna Summers are killed in what is reported as a car accident. However an agent of L.O.A.D. with the knowledge that James was a member of the van Helsing family, investigated the corpses and found the unmistakable marks, of a vampires fangs.

Their daughter Jaime was in the automobile with them but whatever she witnessed traumatized her to such an extant, that she blanked out most of her memory. The amnesia appears to have been selective wiping out, fortunately for her how her parents died, yet it also tragically removed her memories of the existence of her younger brother Hank. (Who thankfully was at the Summers, Ojai, CA. residence with a sitter) The van Helsing family, in order to protect the children, decide that keeping them separated might insure their safety, and sent Jaime to live with Jim and Helen Elgin, friends of James and Anna. The location of where Hank Summers was sent is still a secret. Jaime and Hank's existence were also kept from each other.

1968-Death of Kurt and Anna van Helsing. Their remains are found in a plane wreck along with their very frightened daughters by Kurt’s brother Conrad van Helsing. Puncture marks are found on the necks of the two corpses.

The three van Helsing sisters are for the most part physically unharmed. However, Vanessa is so traumatized by witnessing this event, she is committed to an asylum. Rachel, becomes the ward of Quincy Harker, and Jessica, goes to live with her grandfather Lorrimer.

Conrad, is mislead with false clues that a female vampire with the unlikely name of Vampirella is responsible for his brother’s death and with the help of his oldest son Adam begins a quest to track down the vampiress. (See Professor Small's KISS OF THE VAMPIRE )

One of the League's investigator’s later uncovered more clues that it was actually vampire minions of Dracula, himself that caused this brutal murder and that it is connected to the 1966 slaying of James and Anna Summers.

1969-Rachel van Helsing joins her guardian Quincy Harker in his war against Dracula’s minions.
She becomes an expert with a crossbow. In one her adventures she saves the life of Taj Nital, a native of India. Taj becomes Rachel’s loyal friend and ally fighting always by her side.

1970- London.
The Dracula-Denrom clone ashes and the Star-stone ring are brought to England by Johnny Alucard. Alucard, one of Dracula’s minions who has become the leader of a group of rebellious, trouble seeking teens. Alucard leads the youths in a ceremony that revives the Dracula-Denrom clone who after resurrection begins to feast on the citizens of modern day England.

One of Alucard’s young disciples happens to be Jessica van Helsing. Jessica’s grandfather and guardian, Prof. Lorrimer van Helsing soon catches wind and promptly dispatches Dracula-Denrom. (See agent Alan Gibson’s file misleading title Dracula A.D. 1972 Why this date was given to this file is unknown at this time, but our records definitely show the date of this event as 1970)

Soon after the Dark Prince's minions revive Dracula-Denrom once more. Dracula-Denrom uses his dark connections and some of the vast gold hidden beneath Castle Dracula to become a Howard Hughes-type property tycoon, using the name D.D Denham. As Denham, Dracula-Denrom, begins a new fiendish plan.

That same year, Conrad and Adam van Helsing finally have their encounter with Vampirella.
Vampirella, relates to Adam how it was not her but a minion of Dracula’s called Father Jonas, who was responsible for Kurt and Anna’s death convincing, Adam of her innocence. Conrad, however, does not believe her. Adam and Vampirella decide to work together as a team fighting the minions of Dracula and other supernatural menaces.

Father Johnson is eventually tracked down and the truth is revealed.

Conrad is still suspicious of Vampirella until League of Anti-Diabolists agent Ackerman vouches for her.

New York City.
Prof. Damien Harmon has been waging a secret war against evil using his vast wealth, knowledge and evolving telepathic abilities. To aid him in his endeavors he has used a variety of agents including a former circus strong man to do his foot work. Each agent is lost in the line of duty.

Harmon uses his connections to free from prison, a former New York city cop, named Cameron Sanchez. Sanchez who was framed, for a crime he didn’t commit, becomes Prof. Harmon’s trusted ally, possessing great strength and a keen mind.

1971-Mexico. El Santo defeats the plans of Dr. Freda Frankenstein, (The Daughter of Dr. Irving Frankenstein) and her assistant, Dr. Yanco. Freda constructed a creature out of different corpses (Whom she names Ursus) and hoped to bring it to life. Another of her creations, Truxon, a half-man, half-gorilla, who eats raw meat and is kept under control by Freda's hypnotic powers. El Santo makes friends with the creature Ursus and together they defeat Freda Frankenstein, Dr. Yanco and Truxon. Ursus sacrifices his life to help El Santo.
( See file "SANTO VS. LA HIJA DE FRANKESTEIN" or it’s english translation

Dracula-Denrom, as D.D. Denham, finds his plot to release a deadly new Bubonic plague virus on the world is halted by Lorrimer and Jessica van Helsing.

The Denrom-clone, is as far as our reports show, destroyed once and for all.

(See agent Alan Gibson’s report THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA) In a follow up report, Lorrimer van Helsing, stated that he believed the Denrom clone must have at some point during his recent resurrection, lost Dracula-primes mental hold, and the plan to kill all life through a plague was an insane way of gradually ending the clones own life through lack of fodder.

That same year, Rachel van Helsing having breezed through college receives her doctorate in parapsychology.

John Lawrence ‘Jack’ Russell. (John Lawrence Talbot) turns 25 and discovers that he has inherited the curse of lycanthropy. After his first change, his mother, Milliza reveals the truth, about his real father.
Seeking to find a cure for himself and for his younger sister Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russell, whose 25th birthday, is less then a year after his and might suffer from the same curse, ‘Jack’ Russell embarks on a journey filled with horrific adventure.

1972-Mexico. Dracula’s Mexican soul clone and his servant Rex Rufus, The Werewolf are resurrected by an evil Hunchback, named Eric. Fortunately, El Santo and his crime fighting partner Blue Demon are on hand to destroy him. Unfortunately, the destruction of another soul clone returns more power to Dracula-Prime.

Later that year Frank Drake revives Dracula prime who is now at full power. Drake enlists the aid of Jon Quincy Harker, who founds a new League of Anti-Diabolists, comprised of Drake, Dr. Rachel van Helsing, Taj Nital, detective Hannibal King, and the once solo vampire hunter known only as Blade. This core group tracks Dracula-prime all over the globe thwarting him and his evil plans at every turn (See files marked as "THE TOMB OF DRACULA" by Harold H. Harold, edited by R. Thomas, and M. Wolfman) When reading these reports, keep in mind that Mr. Harold, who chronicled these events, was basically a groupie of van Helsing and co. and as he did with reports of John Lawrence Talbot substituted popular comic book heroes in place of some of the real people involved.)

1973-Mexico. El Santo and Blue Demon foil the plot of 113 year old Dr. Irving Frankenstein. (son of Victoria Marie Frankenstein, and Jesse James) who has been transplanting the brains of women into the skulls of another women and vice versa. The operations fail but instead of disposing of the bodies secretly Frankenstein reanimates them and sends them out into the street. Thank God for El Santo and Blue Demon.(from "Santo y Blue Demon contra el Dr. Frankenstein")

New York city.
Prof. Damien Harmon, and Cameron Sanchez are visited, in their headquarters by a mysterious woman named Ktara, who entices them to journey to Transylvania and resurrect her master, Dracula-Latos, from his crypt and to use him as a tool in their battle against evil. Harmon and Sanchez begin preparations constructing several complex devices, and converting Harmon's West Hampton mansion, to their needs.

Ktara leads Prof. Harmon and Sanchez to their goal deep in the bowels of Castle Dracula the stake impaled body of the Latos soul-clone.

Harmon before removing the stake cuts a sliver from it and attaches it to a previously constructed device, which is surgically implanted next to the heart of Dracula-Latos. he stake is then removed from the Soul-clone, and he awakens.

It is explained to the angry vampire that Harmon can use his telepathic abilities to trigger the implanted device to insert the wooden sliver into the Count’s Undead heart at will rendering him lifeless. If Harmon is killed, the device will automatically insert the sliver. Dracula-Latos, unwillingly becomes Prof. Harmon’s weapon in missions against Mob activities and supernatural menaces.

Harmon also develops a form of synthetic blood which the Latos-clone begrudgingly drinks to survive. (See Prof. Harmon's files, as edited by Robert Lory, starting with "DRACULA RETURNS")
It is obvious from these reports that the Latos-clone believes himself to be Dracula-prime, this is due to two factors.

First, as Dracula-prime is at this point walking the Earth engaged in his nefarious schemes and battling the League of Anti-Diabolists he is no longer controlling the Latos-clone. (As he is so preoccupied, it is possible that he is unaware of the clones revival)

Second, the woman Ktara, who claims to have been Dracula’s servant for centuries. There are still many un-answered questions about this woman. She not only has the ability to transform herself into a cat but is an immensely powerful telepath. It is possible that she controlled much of the Latos-clones thoughts, even planting the idea that Dracula, existed long before the historical birth of Vlad Tepes. The truth about Ktara, her origins and her reasons for giving the Latos-clone false memories are still being researched.

Another significant event that year occurs when John Lawrence ‘Jack’ Talbot battles Dracula-prime over the possession of an accent tome called the ‘Darkhold’. To Dracula prime this book merely means more power, but to John Lawrence it means a possible cure to his curse. (See Harold H. Harold’s files "TOMB OF DRACULA" and "WEREWOLF BY NIGHT" as edited by M. Wolfman and D. Moench.)

Even after the battle, John Lawrence Talbot does not end his curse. To protect his sister, Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russell, (even though, the curse seems to have skipped her) Talbot uses methods he learned from the Darkhold to place her into suspended animation. John Lawrence, like his father before him eventually becomes jaded and depressed, giving up hope of ever finding a cure.

1974-U.S.A. League of Anti-Diabolists member, Dr. Everette Scott investigates rumors we received, about a cult engaging in Frankenstein like experiments, in a small town. Dr. Scott took the case because a family member of his was involved. When Dr. Scott returned he never filed a report, refused to discuss the matter and retired from the League soon after. We may never know what transpired there.

1975-New York.
After completing numerous missions for Prof. Damien Harmon the Latos-clone seems to have under gone a tremendous attitude change. The contributing factor, as Prof. Harmon explained, were the good acts performed by the vampire nurtured the remnants of Dr. Edelmann’s soul that he received in 1945.
Ktara, dislikes this change in the Latos-clone, and soon departs.

Away from Ktara’s influence Latos comes to the realization the he is but a Clone of Dracula-Prime’s. He then willingly lets Prof. Harmon put him under hypnosis and much is learned. The reports Prof. Harmon wrote, derived from this hypnosis session, provide much of the information included in this article, filling in the gaps that were previously unknown, including not only the basis for my Animus Klonos Theorem, but also details relating to the Star-stone artifacts and Dracula and Melava’s children.

When Prof. Harmon is completely convinced of the Latos-clones rehabilitation he removes the implant, and allows the vampire to leave providing him with a large supply and the formula for the synth-blood.

1977-New York city.
Dracula-Prime, somehow regains control of the Latos-clone, and has him slay, then take the place of elderly actor Loren Belasco (Known for his screen portrayals of Count Dracula).

As Belasco the vampire claims several victims 'till he is thwarted by Marshall Sam McCloud. McCloud witnesses Belasco plunge into the Hudson river after a swarm of bats fails to protect him.
Later after he regains control of his own mind the Latos-clone returns to Prof. Harmon and relates the whole story to him. Harmon’s theory is that Dracula-prime was outraged when he learned of the Latos-clone's independence and caused him to commit evil out of spite.

The Latos-clone once more takes his leave of Prof. Harmon and hints that he might return to the secret city of Purgatory. He would teach the citizens of the vampire colony his new way of life, ween them off of human blood with Prof. Harmon’s synth-blood and work towards a day when vampires may co-exist peacefully with humans. This is the last we hear of the Latos-clone.

1979- Transylvania.
Dracula-prime and the core members of the League of Anti-Diabolists have a final conflict, near Castle Dracula.

Quincy Harker stabs Count Dracula with a silver spoke from his wheel chair then follows through with a silver knife and just to make sure the job is completed, detonates explosives hidden in his wheel chair. His act of martyrdom buries them both under tons of stone.

When the League uncovers the remains they discover that not only is Harker dead but the threat of Dracula, seems to be ended forever. Their main goal accomplished the core group go their separate ways.
Blade, King and Drake continue their battles through solo efforts. Dr. Rachel van Helsing opens a Psychiatry practice in a San Francisco hospital and marries a man named Patrick Corrigan. Prof. Damien Harmon takes over as the head of the League of Anti-Diabolists moving the main headquarters to his West Hampton estate in New York.

John Lawrence ‘Jack’ Talbot, frees his sister from her suspended animation.

Once they are sure that she does not share the family curse, Melissa (Lissa) Maureen Russell goes on to live a normal life, eventually getting married to a nice, normal man named Kevin Osbourne. At last report they had a son named Jordan in 1992 and seems to be happy.

John Lawrence however, seems to sadly accept his fate,and takes up the trade as a claims adjuster,and moves from town to town always keeping one step ahead of our group and other monster hunting organizations. Many members of the League whose path’s have crossed with members of the Talbot family have regretted the fact, that they are dedicated to destroying them, if they carry the curse of lycanthropy.
Hopes persist that a cure may someday be found.

1985- Birth of Connor Corrigan to Patrick and Rachel (van Helsing) Corrigan.

1988- Birth of Katherine Corrigan to Patrick and Rachel (van Helsing) Corrigan.

1996- After her husband Patrick, and son Connor, are killed in a car wreck (and we have our suspicions as to who orchestrated this tragedy) Dr. Rachel van Helsing-Corrigan, becomes a member of the group known as the Legacy, a group in many way’s like that of the League of Anti-Diabolists.

1997-A member of the League of Anti-Diabolists observes an episode of the Jerry Springer show which features the alleged, ‘Mother of a werewolf baby’. The League sends an agent to investigate and discovers that this woman was briefly married to John Lawrence Talbot and that the infant, named Luke is Talbot’s son.
The child is removed from his uncaring mother and sent to live with League members Cameron and Jenny Harmon Sanchez, in New York city.

1998- June- La Mirada Fla. Lawrence Stewart Talbot is revived and finds himself fighting Dracula, (Lejos) and Henry Frankenstein’s monster once more. He seemingly destroys Dracula. Later he convinces his friend, Caroline Cook to impale him with silver once more putting him into his semi death. Cook buries Talbot in the grounds of her castle, hoping one day to find a cure for his condition. (See agent Jeff Rovin’s report, RETURN OF THE WOLFMAN)

(There is a follow up report by David Jacobs entitled THE DEVIL’S BROOD, which relates some of the events that took place, soon after, involving Countess Marya Zeleska, and others, but the report is sketchy and seemingly incomplete. Hopefully Agent Rovin will file a new report filling us in with more details)

Soon after these events, the United States government is informed of the LaMirada incident. This, combined with the appearances in the Amazon jungle of the Gill-Man in 1997 (See "NOTES ON THE GILL-MAN OF THE UPPER AMAZON" by Prof. Michael D. Winkle) the re-emergence of Godzilla in Tokyo, (See Mike Cerasini’s report GODZILLA RETURNS) and general fear of the encroaching millennium provokes certain government officials to take control of the League of Anti-Diabolists Their first action is the removal of Prof. Damien Harmon as the leader and replacing him with Prof. Margaret Walsh, a long time member of several Black Ops organizations.

    Walsh moves the main Headquarters from New York city to Sunnydale CA.(a location where many horrifying, supernatural events seem to occur) The organizations name is changed to 'The Initiative' and elderly experienced scholars and the rag-tag dedicated monster hunting misfits, are replaced with cold unfeeling scientists and youthful, unquestioning soldiers. (Physically enhanced by Walsh, and her scientist, using similar methods to those developed in the 1940’s by Dr. Reinstein and Dr. Peter Drury.)

2000-The world. After the shattering events of this fateful year, (See reports GODZILLA 2000, by M. Cerasini, NIGHT WORLD by F. Paul Wilson, BURIAL, by Graham Masterton and other file’s dealing with numerous catastrophes that plagued our world), remaining ex-members of the League of Anti-Diabolists, reform and start anew creating M.O.N.S.T.A.A.H. We have re-dedicated ourselves to our Herculean task of saving the world from the Monstrous Spawn of Evil.

We are still waiting for reports from Agent Rovin and possible new information from Matthew van Helsing concerning Dracula.

There is also a rumor that Dracula or one of his soul-clones was spotted in Sunnydale California. Knowing that a member of the van Helsing family resides in that town worries us despite the fact that Sunnydale also appears to be the base of operations of the latest incarnation of the Order of Slayers. As new information is revealed this report will be updated.


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