Before the Enterprise

By Jose Ricardo G. Bondoc

2004- Project Manticore cleared to begin X-6 project. (Dark Angel, TV series)

2004-The Seventh Doctor and Ace become trapped between the political machinations of the New Britannia Party and the terrorist activities of United Front while on the trail of the entity known as the Fearmonger (Doctor Who, TV series)

2004-well financed industrialists independent of any nation, exploit seas. Drug runners and traders use sub surface vessels for smuggling. US government forms the Pacific Confederation. (Seaquest, TV series)

2005- Pacific Community, established by the initiative of Japan, forms the basis for political alliance in the Pacific Rim (A Short History of the Future by W. Warren Wagar, novel)

2005-Researchers at the University of Johannesburg make remarkable discoveries in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology (Mutants Amok by Mark Grant, novel; Dark Angel, TV series)

2006-Colonel Sean Jeffrey Christopher commands first manned Earth-Saturn probe, in a DY-100 class sleeper ship. (Star Trek, TV series)

2006-Indian forces invade Kashmir, resulting in war between India and Pakistan. (Seaquest DSV, TV series and A Short History of the Future by W. Warren Wagar, novel)

2006-Earthquake devastates western coastal Mexico (Futureland by Walter Mosley, novel)

2006- Worldwide Staphlococcus Epidemic erupts; 40 million people killed (Killing Time by Caleb Carr, novel)

2007-Release of Charlie's Angels III: The Legend of Charlie's Gold (Futurama, TV series)

2007-2010- Ultraman Dyna, fights against alien “kaiju”, gigantic monsters throughout the Pacific Rim, as observed by United Nations officials (Ultraman, TV series)

2009-12 X-5’s escape Project Manticore (Dark Angel, TV series)

2009-Terrorist bomb “pulse” exploding above West Coast, sending U.S.A. into financial straits. Martial law implemented (Dark Angel, TV series)

2010-The Crystal Lake Research Facility (built to house and study Jason) is reduced to a skeleton crew in anticipation of the cryogenic suspension of its subject. Jason nearly escapes, but is frozen by Project Leader Rowan (who is trapped in the cryogenic chamber as well) (Jason X, film)

2011-World Bank declares bankruptcy. Global Economy collapses, unification of Earth begins. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is disbanded 62 years after its foundation. (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2011-Tikonov Accords signed, Oleg Tikonov assassinated, Second Russian Civil War begins (Battletech, RPG)

2012-UN Constitution Ratified. The world has its first united government although all states keep their national sovereignty. The UN also ratifies a treaty of United Earth Forces (UEF), all national armed forces of Earth are joined together under one general command staff pertaining of high ranking officers of all nations. (Space : Above and Beyond, TV series)

2013-The Russians are involved in some sort of Totalitarian governmental coup. (Babylon 5, TV series)

2013-The ESC (European Space Corps) is founded under Taskforce Phoenix under Colonel Wilfred Banger, incorporating all European armed forces under one general command which is also part of the UEF command staff. (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series; Dan Dare by Edmund Hamilton, comic series)

2014-The Earth's overpopulation and corresponding shortage of resources are recognized as a problem requiring drastic measures. The international orbital elevator plan is announced. The elevator will create a permanent link between an orbiting space station and the surface of the earth, making the transportation of people and material into space far more efficient. (Z.O.E.: Zone of Enders , anime series)

2014-Dr. Light seals X away to run diagnostic tests, knowing he won't survive long enough to do them himself. The diagnostics must last at least 30 years. (Mega Man X, video game)

2015-Arno Stark, CEO of Stark International takes on the role of Iron Man, sparking concern within the city of New York City, after the apparent death of Tony Stark (Iron Man, comic book)

2015-Rick Gordon (descendant of Flash Gordon), Lothar a.k.a. “L.J.” (descendant of Lothar, Mandrake the Magician’s assistant), Jedda Walker (the latest incarnation of the Phantom) and Kshin (student of the mystical arts) join together to combat the attacks of Ming the Merciless on Earth (Defenders of the Earth, TV series)

2017- Sir Hubert Guest, Controller for the International Space Fleet (ISF) of the European Space Corps (ESC), resigns from his commission after serving a distinguished term (Dan Dare by Edmund Hamilton, comic series; Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2017- Great South African Rebellion; South African government officials spark international concern after unleashing sentient mutants for military purposes to quell civil unrest in the country (Mutants Amok by Mark Grant, novel; Dark Angel, TV series)

2019-Captain Marvel Jr. meets himself in the future, at which point the aged hero has 

retired (Shazam, comic book)

2019-U.S. Congress passes legislation outlawing the cloning of deceased persons without prior consent or without the that of the estate (Futureland by Walter Mosley, novel)

2019- Rakhati alien signals are captured by Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico, sparking international curiosity ( The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, novel)

2019-Mutant fighting creatures are reported throughout the Third World, many are created and developed by the South African government; Intelligence reports point to mutant fighting creatures being developed by all major military super powers, including South Africa, the People’s Republic of China, Russia, and the United States (Mutants Amok by Mark Grant, novel;  Dark Angel, TV series)

2020-Project Manticore destroyed and many escape. Renfro killed and new person brought in to kill all X soldiers that escaped (Dark Angel, TV series)

2020- Wonder Woman and Etta Candy take some water from the spring 
of eternal youth on Paradise Island and isolate the Life Vitamin L-3, which 
is the substance that keeps the Amazons young. They make L-3 available to 
everyone on Earth, thus ending aging. Hence they all would stay young 
throughout the centuries (but it doesn't explain why Diana would be content 
to stay General Darnell's secretary for 1062 years). There's no reference to 
exactly when this happened, except to say that it is "many years in the future" 
from the 1944 date of the story, and Etta's mother is 82 and dying, which is 
why Etta and WW found L-3. (Wonder Woman, comic)


2020-The reinvigoration of space exploration results in the construction of the first permanent base on the moon. (Z.O.E.: Zone of Enders , anime series)


2020-assassination of American President Emily Forrester shocks the nation (Killing Time by Caleb Carr, novel)


2020- Android Zelda, Imperial Queen of the Planet Guk attacks human settlements on the planet Mars for mysterious purposes; United Nations High Command forms the elite “Terrahawks” under the command of clone Doctor “Tiger” Ninestein in South America, in an effort to combat the threat of Zelda’s forces (Terrahawks, TV series)


2021- Project Manticore subjects establish a rebellion in Seattle, Washington, causing the imposition of martial law (Dark Angel, TV series)


2021-Project Manticore subject, “Chuck Simon” escapes from a government facility outside of San Francisco, California, sparking a military manhunt (Psi-Man by Peter David, book series)


2021-Will Bucko (a.k.a. “Eagleheart”), United States Federal Air Corps, launches “punitive actions” against mutant populations after his father is killed in San Jose , California, sparking international controversy (Eagleheart: Silver Wings & Leather Jackets by Lit Westcott, novel)


2021-Outbreak of E. Coli virus damages the American supply for meat (Killing Time by Caleb Carr, novel)


2022-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere formed (Battletech, RPG)


2023-After the end of the Volgan War against the Eastern Bloc countries, work starts on building a vast Mega-City centered around New York, in an attempt to cope with the rapidly soaring population of the East Coast states. It is initially intended to house three to four million people; America's population at the time is rapidly approaching a thousand million. (Judge Dredd, comic)


2023-Rex Cosmos, Professor Shanley, his daughter Joan and the wimpy Axel Yoke
become the Super-Police.  They travel via an all-purpose vehicle called
the Hi-Lo that could go into space, underwater, etc.  Their first foe is

Captain Kiddlawo, the wizard-pirate (More Fun, comic)


2024-Ireland and Northern Ireland are unified after decades of terrorism against the British government in Northern Ireland (Star Trek: The Next Generation, TV series)


2024- Terrorist attack on the Shield Corporation (TSC) by immortals Connor Macleod, Ramirez, and General Katana in Great Britain, sparks worldwide civil unrest (Highlander 2: The Quickening, film)


2024- Mars Mission Disaster; astronauts die due to “alien biological contamination” (Parable of the Sower series by Octavia E. Butler, novels)


2025-The Iraqis are involved in some sort of Totalitarian governmental coup (Babylon 5, TV series)


2025-The New Australia confederation elects Alexander Bourne as their new president. (Seaquest, DSV , TV series)


2026- Major Pierre Lafayette of Bordeaux, France is appointed the Deputy Controller of the International Space Fleet (ISC) of the European Space Corps (ESC) (Dan Dare by Edmund Hamilton, comic series & Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)


2027-The anchor satellite for the orbital elevator is completed, and construction of the elevator itself continues apace. (Z.O.E.: Zone of Enders , anime series)

The Beginning of the Temporian War

2028-“European Atomic War”, also known as the “War of European Integration” erupts (Fireball XL5, TV series and Fall Revolution series by Ken Macleod)


2029-Temporians, a secret society of cryogenically frozen people led by Vitellian Bavalius, begin plans for the restructuring of society under their benign rule (Centurion’s Empire by Sean McMullen, novel)


2030-A group of genetically engineered vampires, simply known as the 'Family' emerge from Redoubt 47 located in the heart of the Louisiana bayou. They move into a gothic mansion on the outskirts of a village known as Brampton, and use it as a feeding ground. (Outlanders series by James Axler, novels)


2031- Doctor Axel Bel-Nan breaks with the Church of Life Everlasting (CLE) after privately espousing controversial views regarding the nature of cloning and resurrection (Futureland by Walter Mosley, novel)


2031-The enormous metropolis is nearing completion. Such a vast structure needs a special form of government, and so a new form of policing system is introduced to cope with the problems posed by such a concentrated mass of humanity. The Judges are hand-picked, at first, from the ranks of the regular police forces, but are soon established as a separate entity, with recruits trained from a very early age. They have a more senior status than the regular police, and are respected and feared on the streets for their grim impartiality. The first Chief Judge, Judge Fargo (known to later generations as 'The Father of Justice'), is responsible only to the president himself. (Judge Dredd, comic)


2032- The Confederation of States (CS) is formed , uniting militarily and diplomatically the nations of the Southern Hemisphere, in direct opposition to the United Nations organization, which is seen as a source of “American imperialism” (The Jupiter War edited by Bill Fawcett and Gregory Benford, anthology; The Fall Revolution by Ken Macleod, novels)


2033- Mysterious traveler/adventurer, named “The Gypsy”, sparks civil unrest in London and Paris, sparking international concern for the region (“Quest of the Gypsy”, Weird Heroes, by Ron Goulart, short story)


2034- Earthquake devastates the city of Los Angeles, California (“The Road Not Taken” by Harry Turtledove, short story)


2035-Chilean War in Antarctica (Babylon 5, TV series)


2036- The Atlanta Uprisings; Race riots erupt over the perceived failures of American social policies (Silence Descends by George Case, novel; Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler, book series)


2037- The assassination of civil rights leader Luther Brown T*R in Atlanta, Georgia by federal agents sparks extreme civil unrest and violence throughout the country (Silence Descends by George Case, novel)


2037-Vo Tran Quoc is elected the head of the Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, bringing 12 nations (including, newly independent Tibet) into the economic/political alliance; Svarotis Perum comes to power as head of the Shahar Shallim comes to power as head of the New Mahgreb (“Discovery of the Ghooric Zone” by Richard A. Lupoff, short story and Battletech, RPG)


2037-Macronesia absorbs the Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere nations. Alexander Bourne now effectively controls the Pacific and Indian Oceans. (Seaquest , DSV , TV series)


2038- Asteroid Belt Rush;  Confederation of States (CS) and United Nations (UN) nations begin active space exploration programs in an effort to claim the moons of Jupiter (The Jupiter War edited by Bill Fawcett and Gregory Benford, anthology)


2039- “Helter Skelter” (a.k.a. the Second American Civil War) ends, with the sudden onset of economic isolationism by the United States, the European Community, the Russian Republic, Australia, and the Latin American Union (Silence Descends by George Case, novel)

2039-The success of Mega-City One inspires other areas to build Mega-Cities, and plans are drawn up for Mega-City Two, to run down the whole of the Western seaboard, and Mega City Three, centred around Texas and the other Southern states. Each is designed to accommodate around two hundred million citizens. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2039- Sino-Indian Nuclear Exchange; Shanghai and New Delhi are destroyed, killing over 2 million people,  after Chinese Premier Zhao and Prime Minister Singh launch nuclear strikes against each other, despite the diplomatic intervention of Vo Tran Quoc (Silence Descends by George Case, novel;  “ The Discovery of the Ghooric Zone” by Richard A. Lupoff, short story)

2039-Hokka Roxolan vessels, under the command of Captain Togram, attempt a raid on the city of Los Angeles, California.  Information gathered will lead to the development of the warp engine and knowledge of the inhabited regions of space (“The Road Not Taken” by Harry Turtledove, short story)

2040-Finished in 2047, Mega-Cities Two and Three are built; on the streets of all three Mega-Cities, the Judges have replaced the traditional policeman, as violence and crime escalate under the already crowded conditions. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2040-An unmanned explorer probe discovers a mysterious plain on the Jovian satellite Callisto. This is later found to be the source of the material known as "Metatron." (Z.O.E.: Zone of Enders , anime series)

2040- American manned deep space vessel, The Event Horizon disappears with all crew members aboard, near the orbit of Neptune; It is the worst space disaster recorded up to this point in history (Event Horizon, film)

2040- Marine Mars Expeditionary Force, under the leadership of General Montgomery Warhurst, USMC, lands at Olympus Mons discovering during initial reconnaissance missions “mysterious alien artifacts” (The Heritage Trilogy by Ian Douglas, book series)

2040-Macronesian forces assemble in the western Pacific, in preparation for an assault on UEO Headquarters. (Seaquest DSV , TV series)

2041-Mysterious destruction of the UNSS Johnny Greene in the Jovian region of the Asteroid Belt, sparks international concern about violence between members of the Northern Hemisphere (represented by the United Nations) and the Southern Hemisphere (represented by the Confederation of States) (The Jupiter War edited by Bill Fawcett and Gregory Benford, anthology)

2043- “Pacific Catastrophe”;  seismic event spreads disaster over a one month period over the region killing close to 21 million people, stretching from the Philippines,  the People’s Republic of China, Peru, the Russian Republic, and the United States (Silence Descends by George Case, novel)

2043- President James B. Griffin is assassinated in Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois sparking nationwide civil unrest and violence; leading to the virtual collapse of the world economy (Chung-Kuo by David Wingrove, book series; Sacred and Profane by Dean Motter and Ken Steacy, graphic novel)

2043- Archbishop Evan Franklin of Boston, Massachusetts inspires many Catholics through a neo-evangelical message to pursue the dream of space colonization (Sacred and Profane by Dean Motter and Ken Steacy, graphic novel)

2043-Rhodan's most cherished companion, Thora, dies. Two years later Khrest dies while protecting humanity (Perry Rhodan, book series)

2045-The orbital elevator is completed. Colonization and mining on the lunar surface rapidly increase - this is considered the beginning of the real space age. The first-generation LEV, or Laborious Extra-Orbital Vehicle, is completed, a manned robot that prefigures the later orbital frame (Z.O.E.: Zone of Enders , anime series)

The First Collapse of the Temporian Conspiracy

2045- Fall Revolution; Collapse of American and United Nations hegemony due to the rise of insurgency in Western Europe (Fall Revolution series by Ken Macleod, novels)

2045-Catholic Interstellar Crusade (CIC) is established by the Vatican in an effort to “spread the Word of God” throughout interstellar space.  The Pope announces the missions code-named: St. Catherine, St. Thomas, and St. Mark (Sacred and Profane by Dean Motter and Ken Steacy, graphic novel)

2046-Construction of Space City and Marineville - the early Drummond Stingray test-bed craft; Great Britain’s membership in the World Government established (Stingray, comic book and TV series)

2046-TBSA “Fools’ Gate” Mass Driver Disaster; Thousands are killed; astronomers announce the discovery of data from the disaster at the Phobos Observatory (“The Death of Captain Future” by Allan Steele, short story )

2047-AI War begins. Silicatronics performs internal witch-hunt, and finds that Ken Stranahan had created the “Take a Chance “virus, infecting the majority of AIs and sparking off the violence. Before formal charges can be laid, Dr Stranahan apparently commits suicide. The UEF comes into duty and to the overall surprise, the different generals work together as one team. (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2047-Natural Born losses so heavy that InVitroes are released from their indentured servitude and drafted into the Armed Forces (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2047-Saint Catherine’s Mission launched , 215 crew personnel are listed, as part of the Catholic Interstellar Crusade under Pope John XXX (Sacred and Profane by Dean Motter and Ken Steacy, graphic novel)

2047-The events that occur in the film Event Horizon (Event Horizon, film)

2048-Construction of space colonies at Earth's L4 and L5 points begins (Z.O.E.: Zone of Enders , anime series)


2048-Captain Ezra Gurney and Doctor Webster Kelso establish the “Space Rangers” program, in an effort to protect newly arrived colonists and workers from attacks by pirates, terrorists and criminal organizations (Captain Future, TV series)


2049-United Nations officials report the reappearance of Ultraman Tiga near the Japanese Archipelago region, sparking international concern (Ultraman Tiga, TV series)

2050-Harlem Heroes Aeroball team is decimated in a road-liner crash (Giant, Slim, Hairy & Louis being the only survivors) but reforms to win the World Aeroball Championship (Harlem Heroes, comic)

2050-While returning to their own era from Superboy's time, a group of Legionnaires briefly appears in the 21st century (Legion of Super Heroes, comic book series)

2050-With the large discussion over genetic engineering, a group of scientists decide to create a species completely in a lab. (Godzilla, movie series)

2050-Batman & Robin travel from 1950 and assist Gotham City Police Chief Rokej(descendent of the Joker) in exposing Erkham, an industrial saboteur. (Batman, comic)

2051-Judge Soloman reluctantly takes over as Chief Judge on the death of Judge Fargo, at the insistence of the other members of the Council of Judges, the ruling body of the Justice Department of which the Chief Judge is head. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2051-A 20th century villain, Prof. Toz, takes over the city of New Metropolo 
and erases all mention of Wonder Woman, who arrives from 1951 to investigate and takes Toz into custody. (Wonder Woman, comic)

2052-Nuclear fusion generators become a viable source of power, leading to rapid advances in all areas of human endeavor. The first manned bases and terraforming stations on Mars are constructed (Z.O.E.: Zone of Enders , anime series)

2052- Saint Catherine’s and Saint Mark’s Missions of the Catholic Interstellar Crusade (CIC) are lost, sparking concerns about the viability of interstellar travel; Catholic Interstellar Crusade is subsequently disbanded by the Vatican (Sacred and Profane by Dean Motter and Ken Steacy, graphic novel)

2052- American criminal private-detective, Mike Danger is revived in New-2 area of New York City, New York, sparking international concern.  Reports of 20th Century underworld criminals in the 21st Century become common (Mike Danger , comic book series)

2053- Judge Dredge battles criminals Death’s Head and Doctor Evelyn Necker in New York City, New York (Death’s Head, comic book)

2054-Ho Chi Min City Convention on Silicate POWs is established. They are considered to have the same rights as human POWs have according to the Geneva Convention. (Space : Above and Beyond, TV series)


2054- “Peace Festivals” are established by governments within the United Nations (UN) and the Confederation of States (CS) as a means of political and military displays of force, often compared by historians to Soviet military parades. (The Jupiter War edited by Bill Fawcett and Gregory Benford, anthology; Space : Above and Beyond , TV series)


2054-Rocky Jones and his elite unit of “Space Rangers” is assigned to protect the vast regions of human inhabited space.  Missions include offensive actions against a hostile alien being by the name of Queen Cleolanthe of Ophiuchi (Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, TV series)


2055-“Third-Eye” neural implants become popular, sparked partially by the needs of the war effort.  This fad also has the unintended consequence of damaging the market for hats. (Futureland by Walter Mosley, novel)


2055- Battle of Three Orbits; United Nations (UN) forces launch attacks on Confederation of States (CS) settlements in the Asteroid Belt in the war against the Silicates (The Jupiter War edited by Bill Fawcett and Gregory Benford; Space: Above and Beyond, TV series; Silence Descends by George Case, novel)


2055-Rip Hunter’s colleague Bonnie Baxter stays here, to help the remnants of the Iluminati rebuild civilization (Time Masters , comic book)

2056-Berlin Riots; Riots sparked by the sudden emigration of industrialist Otto Kurtz to Mars, devastating the local economy (Jovian Chronicles, RPG)
2056- Civil unrest and violence erupt on the Jupiter Station, formerly considered neutral territory by the members of the Confederation of States (CS) and United Nations (UN) forces (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series; Jovian Chronicles, RPG; and The Jupiter War edited by Bill Fawcett and Gregory Benford, anthology)
2057-Silicates steal military space assets and flee into space, ending the AI War (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2058-Soloman steps down, in favor of Judge Goodman, and returns to the streets where he is happiest. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2058- Kalingemala Lopare is elected Pope Elasius III, the first African pope since the fifth century, with promises of reform and expansion for the Catholic Church (The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, novel)

2058-InVitro platoons disbanded. IVA Director Marilyn Stevens disappears along with most of her research staff and equipment. (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2058- Jupiter Two Mission Disaster; Deep Space Exploration Mission by NASA/ Silicon Graphics Joint Venture ends in disaster when the space capsule is lost due to failure in the navigation and the misfire in the FTL hyper-drive system, evidence points heavily to Sedition terrorists (Lost in Space, film)

2059-Great Britain and the former European Community disband indentured servitude to get rid of IV ghettos after several rallies of the IV Rights Movements had ended in riots. The IVs get full first citizen membership. (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2059- Father Emilio Sandoz, sole survivor of the Stella Maris expedition sponsored by the Vatican Party, return to Earth, discrediting the Catholic Interstellar Crusade (CIC) after reporting the massacre of colonists on Rakhat (The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, novel)

2059-Genetic scientists are killed in terrorist bombings. (Godzilla, movie series and Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2059-By this time Britain has been involved in a war with Norway, in which parts of London are lost (Doctor Who, TV series)

2059- Galactic Core “Tracs” appear in the Solar System, refusing all forms of communication, and launch attacks on Mars colonies (Star Voyager Academy by William R. Forstchen, novel)

2062- Chinese leader Tsao Ch’un declares war against Japan, launching nuclear weapons at Honshu Island, especially Kyoto and Tokyo, in an effort to “ethnically cleanse” the region (Chung-Kuo by David Wingrove, book series)

2062- United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping Forces under the command of PKF Sgt. Mohammed Vance launches a massive police crackdown on an alleged “cult plot” at the Chandler Complex, killing 240 telepathic children, sending a “psychic backlash” on ¼ of the population in the process (The Last Dancer by Daniel Key Moran, novel)

2063-After years of hard work, the creature, dubbed “dorat,” is finally created.
Dorat s soon becomes a household word, and people begin adopting them as pets.
Soon, people everywhere want dorats for pets.  The scientists make billions in initial revenue. (Godzilla, movie series)

2063-Fossil fuels become a thing of the past, eclipsed by fusion power. The United Nations turns its attention towards development in the Jovian sphere. (Z.O.E.: Zone of Enders , anime series)

2063-United Nations ban indentured servitude after several sovereign states like Great Britain had disbanded it earlier on in 2059. (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2063-Unknown to history, a Borg scout ship appears from the future and bombards the Montana compound where Zefram Cochrane's team is preparing to launch the first human warp drive spacecraft. The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701E also appears from the future and destroys the Borg ship. At the last second, a contingent of Borg beams to an Enterprise lower deck and begins assimilating the ship and crew. They also begin building a communications device capable of reaching the Borg of 2063 to summon them to Earth. Data creates a computer encryption code that prevents the Borg from using the Enterprise computer. A task force from the USS Enterprise assists Cochrane's team to repair Cochrane's ship, the USS Phoenix. (Star Trek: First Contact, film)

2063-Giant blocks of ice start being dropped in the ocean to cool down the Earth as a Human-Vulcan group venture (Futurama, TV series)

2063-Fireball XL5, part of a World Space Fleet based at Space City, an island in the Pacific Ocean, run by Commander Zero and Lieutenant Ninety established. It's mission to patrol sector 25 of the universe, beyond the solar system in the first political cooperative project with the Vulcan Science Ministry. (Fireball XL5 , TV series)

2063-Tellus and Vesta Colonies attacked, sparking the Chig War. (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2063-Sacred Temple of the Radiant Dawn (a.k.a. “Tem”) begins investigating crimes in Marseille, France, secretly using psychic powers to aid investigations (The Bullet from Nowhere by Roland Wagner, novel)

2064-Cpt. Shane Vansen, Lt. Vanssa Damphousse and Lt. Paul Wang supposedly KIC over celestial body 2063 Yankee, planet Anvil. (Space: Above and Beyond, TV series)

2065-World Security Council President Nikita Bandranaik elected in the aftermath of “First Contact” (see Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, and Stingray TV series and comic book series)

2065- Galactic Core “Tracs” make a secondary attack on human space colonies in the regions of Jupiter and Saturn, sparking international concern about the United Nations Space Command (Star Voyager Academy by William R. Fortschen, novel) 

2066-A new process of accelerated cloning, coupled with Genetic Control screening for probable Judge material, means that trainees are able to become full Judges in record time. The legendary Judge Dredd is one of the first children to benefit from this new technique. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2066-United Nations Space Command manages to salvage a Galactic Core “Tracs” vessel after it is captured by military forces under the command of Colonel Thorssen (Star Voyager Academy by William R. Fortschen, novel) 

2068-a manned expedition led by Captain Black of Spectrum lands on Mars; investigating the planet surface in an exploration vehicle, the crew discover a futuristic alien city. Its inhabitants, the invisible Mysterons, decide to make friendly contact the approaching vehicle and train their cameras upon it, but this act is misinterpreted by Captain Black as an act of aggression, and he orders the destruction of the city. This sparks a long series of terrorist strikes against Earth, including assassination attempts on President Nikita Bandranaik and the attempted destruction of London (Captain Scarlet, TV series)

2068—J.P.C. Blieder, English scientist, after 61 years of intense research develops a cheap FTL propulsion system, sparking immediate controversy (Conqueror Universe, comic books series)

2069- Titan Plague; Herschel Explorer Expedition to the Jovian System ends in disaster after the crew becomes contaminated by an unknown viral agent, killing most of the crew and damaging the space program (“The Death of Captain Future” by Allen Steele, short story)

2070-Caught in a maze of diplomatic wrangling, President Robert L Booth of the USA starts the Atomic Wars, which rapidly devastate most of the USA, Russia and Europe. Many believe that corporations had replaced nations as the dominant powers. Charles Dore, head of Omni Broadcasting and Entertainment Systems (OBES), the biggest corporation in the world, watched over a line of Grendel-related products. His opposition withing OBES was Harold White, who wanted the world's governments and their intervention eliminated. Misunderstandings ensued under these strains and nuclear war broke out. The Mideast and its oil was annihilated and irradiated. Shocked by such an abuse of power, the citizens of America rise up and depose President Booth; he still has many loyal followers, however, and control over the country's robotic Mek-troop army, and a bloody civil war starts. The citizens petition the Judges to take over the running of the country. (Judge Dredd, Grendel comic book series)

2070- First prototype Blieder-Drive Powered Spacecraft is launched from Southwest England, making space travel more accessible for commercial development (Conqueror Universe, comic book series)

2070-Prior to the collapse of the government of President Robert L. Booth, the Blieder-Drive prototype vessel URSS Alabama is hijacked by Captain Robert E. Lee and its crew, near Cape Canaveral, Florida (Coyote by Allen Steele, novel)

2071-In the heart of the Cursed Earth, a vast irradiated wasteland formed in the wars, Booth's Presidential Guard in finally defeated at the Battle of Armageddon, but only at the cost of the lives of a hundred thousand Judges and Mek-troops. Acting in his temporary position as Grand Judge for all three Mega-Cities, Judge Soloman pronounces his famous 'Judgement of Soloman', which states that the deposed Booth should be put into suspended animation, and entombed in Fort Knox for one hundred years. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2072-A steady inflow of homeless refugees from the ruins of the Cursed Earth swells the post-war populations of the Mega-Cities; MC-1 has 550 millions, MC-2 has 350 millions, and MC-3 has 260 millions. More and more blocks are built, but demand fast outstrips the supply of housing and many citizens form shanty-towns outside the walls of the Mega-Cities. Gradually, the problem is eased by new fast construction techniques, but space in the Mega-Cities is becoming tight. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2073-The Earth Sentinels, a militant environmentalist group, split up after their campaigns prove largely unsuccessful. Grimesby Roylott quarrels with his friend Horace Chapman's plans to preserve nature by creating new species which adapt to present conditions, while Chapman was offended by the imprisonment of animals in the London Zoo, which Roylott took over (Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century TV series)

2073-Curtis Nelson, a.k.a. “Bo McKinnon” and “Erich Furland”(a.k.a. “Captain Future”) dies under mysterious circumstances, near the Jovian system (“The Death of Captain Future” by Allen Steele, short story)

2074- New Harmony Incident; United Nations Space Command utilized to contain rebellion within the Martian colony, sparking immediate international concern (Star Voyager Academy by William R. Fortschen, novel)

2076- Tri-centennial Riots; Throughout Occupied America, United Nations peacekeeping forces are overwhelmed by civil unrest and rioting led by the telepaths David and Denise Castanaveros and Immortal, Sedan (claiming to be 50,000 years old) (The Last Dancer by Daniel Keys Moran, novel; Highlander, TV/movie series)

2079-Joe and Rico Dredd graduated with honors to become full Judges. A few months after leaving the Academy, Judge Joe Dredd arrests his clone-brother Rico for the crimes of taking bribes, vice and murder. Rico is sentenced to twenty years on the penal colony of Titan. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2077-A meteor crashes into the Mediterranean Sea devastating the area. To avoid similar disasters Space Defense is established (Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, novel)

2079-a prison transport shuttle headed for the lunar penal colony is hijacked by the prisoners, who abandon the shuttle and its crew to drift. Nobody knows how it was done or what happened to the escapees (Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, TV series)

2079- Axel Starker, a.k.a. “Star Hawkins”, has a successful career as a detective, aided by his robot helper Ilda. (Strange Adventures, comic book)

2080-Interstellar travel is considered economically and philosophically interesting. Stasis booths are also invented around this time (Red Dwarf, TV series)

2080- Dr. Sequoyah Blues, computer scientist uncovers a plot by several immortals (including one who claims to be Captain Nemo), to trigger a “evolutionary event” by sabotaging the Extro computer system, sparking international chaos.  Contrary to popular belief the effort was successful (Computer Connection by Alfred E. Bester, novel)

2080- The Houses of Reid and Kato declare war against each other in a violent gang war (Green Hornet, comic book series)

2081- Nuclear Exchange kills of 98% of the human population in the American Southwest and Mexico (Twilight by Howard Chaykin, graphic novel)

2081-Rillutian government officials begin a campaign of covert economic warfare, aimed at destroying Earth’s political capability (The Crash of 2086 by Morris Hershman, novel)

2083-After years of wrangling over independence and government, civil war breaks out between Mega-Cities One and Three. The latter does not feel it is getting a fair deal, being governed as it is by people in the other Mega-Cities, and that its individual identity is being submerged. The other two cities oppose the idea in the interests of unity, however, and (probably more importantly) the highly valuable resources controlled by Mega-City Three. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2083-New Commonwealth; Power bloc consisting of Great Britain, the Netherlands, the West Indies, New Zealand, and several colonial states is established, becoming one of the powerful political blocs , commissioning the development and building of the H.M.S. Copenhagen as a deep-space exploration military vessel (Conqueror Universe, comic book series)

2083- U.N.S. vessel Celstina under the command of Jethro Tazrul is launched from Mars Orbital Station, marking a new era in scientific and military space exploration (Midshipman’s Hope by David Fentuch, book series)

2085- Burgen, paramilitary leader threatens world domination from his South American fortress, until the untimely appearance of the bounty-hunter Death’s Head (Death’s Head, comic book)

2086-The war ends in stalemate, however, and, deciding that further conflict would simply be a waste of time, Mega-City One allows Three to secede and declare its independence. Mega-City Three adopts the name Texas City; the other two form closer links with each other and form 'The Union'. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2086- Rillutian attempts to undermine the Earth economy are revealed through covert intelligence operations, sparking massive civil unrest and violence (The Crash of 2086 by Morris Hershman, novel)

2087-Earth Alliance is established in the aftermath of the war. It does not, as yet, comprise the entire globe (Babylon 5, TV series ; Battletech, RPG)

2087- Chinese leader Tsao Ch’un is killed after a rebellion amongst the Council of Seven overthrows him, with the aid of Northern European mercenaries, insuring peace within the Earth Alliance (Chung Kuo by David Wingrove, book series)

2088-Luna-1 moon base is established by all three Mega-Cities. Although it is hailed as a great scientific achievement, it is seen by many as a diplomatic exercise, designed to renew and cement relations with Texas City. Government of the colony is divided initially between all three cities, with a senior Judge being sent every six months to take over as Chief Judge. (Judge Dredd, comic book series)

2093-Experiment 389X4 fails, and Biotech scientist Victor Morris suffers permanent genetic damage due to sabotage. Tech Saboteur founder Dr. Joseph Dunsmere dissolves his terrorist group dedicated to stopping the integration of automatons (robots) into society, then disappears along with his brother Elias and a cyber-nest of micro-ticks (Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, TV series)

2095-“The Defenders” led by Chan Coray, lead an effort to overthrow the rule of the megacorps, through attacks on the United Nations, the U.S. Senate and sites throughout Europe. (F.A.U.S.T. by Serge Lehman, novel)

2096- S.E. Brett has his employment with Ridton Corp suspended after flying high-speed cargo vehicles through the Iranistan war zone. (Alien, film)

2099-William "Whitey" Logan murders Judge Alvin while holed up in the old Empire State Building. Whitey is apprehended by Dredd and sentenced to life on "Devil's Island", surrounded by speeding traffic. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2099-The people of Mega-City One unveil the gigantic Statue of Judgement in honor of the Judges. The city's population has risen to a staggering eight hundred million, and many people are homeless. Some enterprising citizens take to the road in ever-moving mobile homes, and all of a sudden there are 18 million of them, perpetually driving the roadways of the city. A robot rebellion, led by renegade droid Call-me-Kenneth, brings about widespread destruction before it is finally quashed; anti-robot lobbies gain much support. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2099-Judge Giant, son of John 'Giant' Clay of the Harlem Heroes graduates as a full judge (Judge Dredd, comic)

2099-Rico Dredd returns to Mega-City One, and is killed by Judge Dredd while attempting to take his revenge. (Judge Dredd, comic)

The Second Rise of the Temporian Conspiracy

2099-Miguel O'Hara, a scientist at one of Alchemax is given an addictive drug that bonds with his DNA and ensures that he will have to take it forever in order to survive, and the only way he could get it was by remaining with Alchemax. Miguel isn't too happy with this and ends up trying to use one of his inventions to revert his DNA back to its original state. Unfortunately, the whole process went wrong and he ends up getting his DNA mixed with that of a spider. He got the standard Spider-Man powers package, with the addition of claws that allowed him to climb as opposed to just sticky hands and venom packed fangs. Shortly after he reluctantly became the Spider-Man of the year 2099, fighting off the evil Alchemax (Spiderman 2099, comic)

2099- Jake Gallows, after the death of his girlfriend Kelly Dowenn, and discovering the lost journals of vigilante Frank Castle, in an abandoned tenement, takes on the persona of the Punisher (Punisher 2099, comic book)

2099-Judge Dredd becomes temporary marshal of the moon colony. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2099-DoctorJohn Dee, Kelly Edwards, and Morgan d’Winter are awakened from suspended animation in Venice, Italy in an effort to promote the efforts of the Temporians (Merchant Prince by Armin Simerman, novel series)

2099-Colony on Mira Ceti 4 is overrun by Aliens. (Alien, movie franchise)

2100-Judge Dredd returns to Mega-City One (Judge Dredd, comic)

2100-The events of The Sleeper Awakens occur; massive civil unrest and economic unrest occur as the “Sleeper” awakens in London, Great Britain (The Sleeper Awakens by H. G. Wells, novel)

2100-the villainous Mezarek sends French superhero, Nyctalope's wife and son to the future year of 2100 (Belzebuth by Jean de La Hire, novel)

2100-Mega-City Two falls prey to the deadly viral disease, 2T(FRU)T, which threatens the very existence of the city. An overland mission finally reaches the Mega-City with the antidote after a long and dangerous trek across the Cursed Earth. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2101-Judge Dredd was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 20 years on Titan. However, it was later discovered that this was a plot to discredit him, involving an android look-alike (Judge Dredd, comic)

2101-Chief Judge Goodman is murdered on the orders of the mad Judge Cal, who takes control of the Mega-City for a hundred day reign of terror, during which time he makes a goldfish his second-in-command and sentences the whole city to death!  The resistance movement, led by Judges Griffin and Dredd, finally rises against Cal and his alien mercenaries the Kleggs, and the tyrant plummets to his death from the top of the Statue of Judgment whilst proving his ability to fly! Griffin takes over as Chief Judge, and the Mega-City gets back to 'normal' in the spring of 2102. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2101- Trizirium Crystals are discovered, sparking a scientific and exploratory revolution (Power Rangers , TV series)

2101-United States Colonial Marine Corps is formed (Alien, movie franchise)

2102-Judge Death arrives in Mega-City One. Declaring all life a crime, the supernatural creature slaughters dozens of citizens, until his body is destroyed by Judge Dredd. When the creature possesses Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson, she sacrifices herself by allowing herself to be sealed in the "miracle plastic" Boing(tm), trapping Death's spirit with her. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2102-On his death bed, Psi-Judge Feyy predicts doom for Mega-City One in 2120 unless the Judge Child, destined to be the Chief Judge, can be found. Dredd goes in search of the Child, who was abducted by the Angel Gang. After tracking down and executing the gang on a distant planet, Dredd rejects the Judge Child as evil and returns to the City. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2102-Tucson resident Kelsey James' parents die in the Shuttle 2000 Tragedy. Elsie Cubbitt leaves the lunar rebels because she feels they are too violent. She flees the Moon, changes her name and fakes her past, then meets and marries Hilton Cubbitt of Cubbitt Farms. (Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century , TV series)

2103-Judge Death is freed by his compatriots, Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis. When the Dark Judges seal off Billy Carter Block and begin murdering its population, Judge Dredd and the revived Anderson enter the block and force the un-killable things to retreat across the dimension span to their own dead world. Anderson and Dredd follow the creatures, and Anderson channels the wrath of the lost souls on Deadworld to exorcise the Dark Judges.

2103-A series of Block Wars accelerate into Block Mania, under the influence of Orlok the Assassin, a Russian agent who has been putting drugs in the water supply. The Mega-City erupts into chaos, with neighbor fighting neighbor, and even Judges being affected by the drug. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2103-After Cardiff's tragic death Perry Rhodan receives a Cell Activator adjusted to his individual impulses and along with it acquires relative immortality (Perry Rhodan, book series)

2103-Effort to Uplift Chimpanzees begins (Uplift by David Brin, book series)

2103- Tommy Tomorrow forms the Planeteers, a xenophobic organization dedicated to the “protection and defense of a pure humanity” (Twilight by Howard Chaykin, graphic novel)

2103-Lestrade persuades Nobel-winning biologist Sir Evan Hargreaves to revive Holmes, begins Holmes' remedial studies, blackmails Chief Inspector Grayson into accepting Holmes' aid, formally introduces Holmes to Watson the compudroid, and instructs Watson to study his namesake's journals. Holmes and Lestrade follow a crypnotized subject, narrowly escape a car accident, and battle Moriarty but fail to prevent his escape. Also, the Galileo City Resort opens (Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, TV series)

2104-Supreme Judge Bulgarin of East-Meg One launches an all-out nuclear strike on the already-weakened Mega-City One, and the Apocalypse War begins. Prolonged fighting devastates both the Mega-City One and Sov sides, but a daring raid into Sov territory results in the obliteration of East-Meg One by its own missiles, and the invaders finally surrender. Chief Judge Griffin has died in the war, along with over four hundred million other citizens and Judges. Most of Mega-City One is in ruins, and millions are homeless, setting up more makeshift shanty towns in and outside the walls. Judge McGruder, head of the SJS, takes over as Chief Judge.  United Americas is formed (Judge Dredd, comic and Alien, movie franchise)

2105-The city is gradually rebuilt over the next 2 years, but many parts still lie in ruins, and irradiated Sectors (or Rad-pits) are dotted around the city. Disease is a common hazard, and pollution is not diminished by tough laws. Unemployment is nearly 90%, and many bored citizens turn to crime, often just for something to do. A wave of insane crazes sweep the city, inspired by controversial vid shows and renegade Juve gangs, and the Judges are ever-more hard pressed to keep the peace. They are strong, though, stronger than ever, and they have The Law on their side! (Judge Dredd, comic)

2105- Mega City-One suffers a major infestation of “extraterrestrial parasites” of an unknown variety.  Judge Dredd contains the threat as political extremists attempt to exploit the situation by spreading the infestations to the Halls of Justice (Judge Dredd v. Aliens: Incubus, comic book mini series)

2106-Tek Division produces the Proteus, a prototype time machine. The machine is used by Judges Anderson and Dredd to travel forward to 2120, in order to discover the truth of Judge Feyy's final prediction. In 2120 they discover the ruined Mega-City, ruled over by the Mutant, a vastly powerful psionic being created from the cloned tissue of Owen Krysler, the Judge Child. Dredd loses his eyes in combat, and battles his undead future self. The Judges return to 2106 with "Zombie Dredd", and Chief Judge McGruder orders the termination of the Grunwalder and the destruction of his castle in an attempt to prevent the calamity from taking place. The inactive "Zombie Dredd" is placed in the Black Museum, and Judge Dredd is fitted with bionic eyes. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2106- Time warp accident causes the 20th Century vigilante Batman to appear in Mega-City One.  It is only through the timely intercession of Psi Judge Anderson was Batman returned to his proper time in the continuum, but not before a fight had erupted between the two men. (Judgment on Gotham by Simon Bisley, graphic novel)

2106-2108-Torin Prime Civil War occurs in Outer Rim Territories; Lieutenant A.J. Dallas serves in United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet (UAORD) as a pilot on UAS Leviathan (out of Liberty Echo) and receives Sunburst Medal of Honor. Parker is captured by J'har Rebels during the conflict and imprisoned at Concentration Camp GR-161 (1/8/07). He escapes during the liberation of Torin Prime by constructing an EEV out of scrap (21/2/08). Following the liberation, Dallas is promoted to Captain, and Parker receives an honorable discharge and returns to Earth; Robert W. Steader, colonist on the way to the Hope Nation colony is killed during the initial eruption of the conflict (Alien, film franchise; Midshipman’s Hope by David Fentuch, book series)

2107-Judge Anderson is lured to Deadworld and duped into reviving the Dark Judges, and is left for dead by them when they return to Mega-City One. The Dark Judges use their Dimension Jump technology to teleport across the city, always one step ahead of the Judges and killing thousands. Eventually Psi-Division manages to predict their arrival point and the Dark Judges are trapped in limbo through the use of a prototype Dimension Jump device. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2107- The Dark Judges, led by Judge Death , through the use of a time machine, are able to lure the 20th Century villain, the Joker in order to spread massive chaos and violence throughout Mega-City.  With the help of 20th Century Vigilante Batman, the Joker, along with Dark Judges are quickly contained. (Judge Dredd/ Batman: Die Laughing, graphic novel)

2107-United Nations is dissolved (Babylon 5, TV series)

2108-After a error in judgment results in widespread destruction, McGruder resigns as Chief Judge and takes the Long Walk. Judge Silver assumes the office. The Democratic movement in the City gains momentum. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2108-The Exploding Man incident (Judge Dredd, comic)

2108- Democratic Tendency take over Channel 48 breakfast show (Judge Dredd, comic)

2109-Judge Dredd breaks up the Democratic Charter March, but has doubts that his actions were justified. (Judge Dredd, comic)

2110-The Program of Unification begins (Outlanders series by James Axler, novels)

2110-2120-The bloody years of the unification program where people who had even a inkling of the COG or Mat Trans units or the Totality Concept programs are hunted down and killed. This includes the Baron Blasters, groups of people who actively and savagely fight against the unification program. During this ten year period, the nine villages are built by slave labor and Magistrate Divisions are created (Outlanders series by James Axler, novels)

2113- Psychotic shape-changer Hayden Glass murders hundreds as the "Justice League Killer," until apprehended by a time-stranded Walker Gabriel (Chronos, comic book)

2113-General Graham Adams, Taylor Henstell and a privateer named Long Johnson set sail from England with a fleet to conquer Ireland. An enclave of the Priory of Awen on Ireland invokes an ancient treaty with the selkies - the "sea peoples" - to destroy the fleet. Not one ship or one man returns.Until the establishment of Imperium Britannia, all of England shuns the whole Irish Sea as a region accursed (Otlanders series by James Axler, novels)

2114-Dr. Cain discovers X while searching for fossilized plant life. Cain holds conversation with X and finds him intriuging. (Mega Man X, video game)

2114- Captain Hugo Ian Walther, U.N.S. Neil Armstrong is destroyed in a terrorist attack aimed against the Unification Program (Midshipman’s Hope by David Fentuch, book series)

2115-Perry Rhodan is elected First Administrator of the newly-founded United Stars Organization, precursor to the Federation (Perry Rhodan, book series)

2115-An article is published in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggesting the proof of telepathy.  The Earth Alliance government establishes a Committee on Metasensory Regulation, headed by Senator Lee Crawford, to oversee the Telepath situation (Babylon 5, TV series)

2116- Jake Cardigan, LAPD, is falsely convicted of illegal trade in the narcotic Tek, in the Greater Los Angeles area, California, sentenced to an orbital cryogenic colony (Tek War by William Shatner, book series) 

2116-Dr. Lucien Keitel finds traces of xenomorphs 1.6 billion years old in Australia's Great Desert (Alien, movie franchise)

2119= Yakuza “kamikaze bombings” by hitmen in the Malibu Sector of the Greater Los Angeles, California region (Tek War by William Shatner, book series)

2119- Scientists at the Centre Mondiale de la Computation in Lyons, France create AI artificial personalities, based on fictional and historical characters, starting with the character of Don Quixiote (Team Timegate edited by Robert Silverberg, anthology)

2120-Intermitant skirmishes on Mars (Jovian Chronicles RPG)

2120- Jake Cardigan, after 4 years of incarceration is formally hired by the Cosmos Detective Agency in an effort to combat the growing illicit Tek narcotic trade in the Greater Los Angeles, California region(Tek War by William Shatner, book series)

2120-Earth Space Navy created (Battletech, RPG)

2122-EAS Charger launched (Battletech, RPG)

2122- Immortals Yukiko, Tu Shan, Aliyat, Macandal, and Patulius disappear form Earth after obtaining the spacecraft Pytheas after trying to guide humanity towards a path of technology (Boat of a Million Years  by Poul Anderson, novel)

2122-Events depicted in Alien occur (Alien, film)

2125-30 “First Revealed Jihad” erupts in North Africa, killing 23% of the world’s population after the discovery of a “mutant strain” of virus (Conqueror Universe, comic book series)

2126- Controversial Uplift experiments begin for dolphins begin (Uplift by David Brin, book series)

2128-Liberator misjumps, Colonization Procedure Referendum passed (Battletech, RPG)

2129-A Perseid mentoring mission contacts humans (Andromeda, TV series)

2129- The Just War; The barons of the post-Unification Program villes encourage a return to the ancient god-king system, where the subjects believe their rulers to be semi-divine. It is at this time that the human barons in the baronial hierarchy are replaced by hybrid stock possessing a mixture of genetic material, although few are aware of this. A secret society known as the Trust is formed in each village, to serve as a liaison between humanity and the unseen barons. (Time Trax, TV series; Outlanders series by James Axler, novels)

2130-Astronauts try to reintegrate into society and try to cope with the fact they are 50 years younger than their own children. This led to curious generation gaps problems, of which the Greeting Card industry took full advantage of (Red Dwarf, TV series)

2130- Cartex reports the revival of a twentieth-century “inurbane” person appearing in the New York, New York region, sparking international government concern (“The Cubic City” by Louis Tucker, short story)

2130-Francisco Pizarro AI program gains self-sustained sentience, sparking international concern (Team Timegate edited by Robert Silverberg, anthology)

2130-A barge en route from an alien controlled planet goes derelict in Earth orbit (Alien, movie franchise)

2132-Dread kidnaps Jonathan. Dr. Stuart Gordon Power is killed at Volcania. The first power-suit is successfully activated by Hawk. (Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, TV series)

2135-One of the Martian colonies is struck by a dangerous bacterial infection. A quarantine line is enforced between Mars and Earth (Jovian Chronicles, RPG)

2135- AI representations of Czar Nicholas I and Marcus Tullius Cicero aid in the escape of AI Michael Bakunin, laying the grounds for an underground AI political movement (Team Timegate edited by Robert Silverberg, anthology)

2137-Christopher Columbus Ambler begins a career of exploration as Kris-KL99. (Strange Adventures, comic book)

2137-Death of Vo Tran Quoc, head of the Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, sparking an international succession crisis throughout the alliance; Vidya Devi, comes to power as head of the New Khmer Empire; Tanit Shadrapha, “healer of Ishtar” achieves international recognition of her works; and Empress Fortuna Pales I, monarch of the Slavic Empire is crowned (“Discovery of the Ghooric Zone” by Richard A. Lupoff, short story and Battletech, RPG)

2138- Grant McIvor, University of Edinburgh successfully develops a method of “Corporeal Transmission Method” sparking international concern and interest ( Silence Descends by George Case, novel; Star Trek, TV series)

2140-Space colonies are gradually abandoned due to the collapse of economy (Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, novel)

2140- AI Niccolo Machiavelli and AI Friedrich der Grosse are utilized in the corporate wars between European corporations and those of Brazil (Team Timegate edited by Robert Silverberg, anthology)

2142- NuDawn, interstellar human colony is established within the region known as “the Ash”, sparking concern amongst the Elder Races (Uplift by David Brin, book series)

2144-Benita Garcia organizes a rescue party for the last group arriving home from Mars. (Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, novel)

2145-A virus on board the USS Emerson starts killing the adult crew (Alien, movie franchise)

2145-Earth makes official contact with the Hokka, a primitive alien ursine species with extreme imitative natures (Earthman’s Burden by Gordon K. Dickson, novel)

2145- Teleportation Center Staging Bases established in Tucson , Arizona; Casablanca, Morocco; and Singapore, People’s Republic of China (Silence Descends by George Case, novel; Star Trek, TV series)

2145- AI Joan d’Arc and AI Francois Marie Voltaire revolt against humanity during the Paris “Faith versus Reason Debates”, sparking international concern (Team Timegate edited by Robert Silverberg, anthology)

2147-Dread attacks the Power base. Pilot is killed trying to save the power-suits and Mentor. (Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, TV series)

2148-Caven and his space pirates begins raiding argonite mining ships and taking their cargo. Milo Clancy is one of the hardest hit. (Doctor Who, TV series)

2148- The Program of Unification has reached a certain level of progression, and a number of cryogenically frozen people - "freezies" - are revived to aid in the final shaping of the village governments and help stabilize the unification of the baronies. They are consultants, with one freezie serving in at least one division of every village. Doctor Mohandas Lakesh Singh is revived from cryonic suspension in the Anthill complex. During the medical examination following resuscitation, Lakesh's major organs are replaced - his heart is repaired and equipped with a pacemaker, his lungs are replaced, and he receives new eyes and several prosthetic joints including polyethylene knee joints. With the amount of reconstructive and invasive surgery performed, Lakesh develops a high tolerance for pain. Despite the appearance of his skin, his physiology is that of a fifty-year-old man's. Lakesh is given the responsibility of determining which redoubts and gateways are still operable or repairable. With access to the Totality Concept redoubts, Lakesh takes what he thinks he might need from them. Having a certain fondness for Redoubt Bravo in Montana (the Project Cerberus base) he lists it as condemned and alters the modulation frequencies of the matter-stream carrier wave of the redoubt's gateway, so that it is slightly out of phase with the other units, rendering the gateway untraceable. Lakesh eventually re-equips the redoubt with weapons and supplies from the Anthill complex. (Outlanders series by James Axler, novels)

2149- Kirby Mohan authorizes through legislation the creation of World Transmission Lanes and Standard Sending Rates (SSR) for teleportation devices (Silence Descends by George Case, novel; Star Trek: Enterprise, TV series)

2149- Captain Video and his elite unit of Space Rangers (a.k.a. “Video Rangers”) patrol the known Solar System in an effort to crackdown on human criminals and terrorists throughout the region (Captain Video , TV series)

2150-San Diego, California destroyed by nuclear terrorists (Babylon 5, TV series)

2150-Astra, Girl of the Future has first public case as ace telecaster for 
Transworld News, often accompanied by her traveling companion Professor Rockwell (Sensation, comic book)

2150-United Earth Joint Service commissions Captain Metis and the Bellerophon (Andromeda, TV series)