Watching the Detectives

The Family Tree of Sherlock Holmes

by Brad Mengel


The purpose of this article is to collect all of the available information about the family of Sherlock Holmes. Wherever possible I have given correct names but it has been necessary to fill in gaps. Also a number of names occur a number of times so most have been given numbers to designate them in further discussion. I should also mention that not every work about Sherlock Holmes is true and a number of Holmes' relatives have had their identities used to mock the Great Detective. It is also possible that some of the people who claim to be descended from Sherlock Holmes may be lying.

The obvious place to start is at the Wold Newton meteor strike present were Dr Siger (1) Holmes and his wife Violet (1) Clarke (a descendant of Micah Clarke). As far as I have been able to determine the couple had only one child Mycroft (1) Holmes who married Violet (2) Vernet. Mycroft appears to have had five children, Mycroft (2), Siger (2), Henry, Dorothy and Mary. (Farmer TARZAN ALIVE)

Mycroft (2) married Violet (3) Sherrinford, daughter of Sir Eric Sherrinford. It appears that Baring Gould with all of the Violet Holmes in the family mistakenly married her to Siger. Mycroft (2) apparently died childless and the family estate passed in the hands of Siger (2). (Baring Gould SHERLOCK HOLMES and Farmer TARZAN ALIVE)

Siger (2) married Violet (4) Rutherford. There appears to be eight definite children from the union. The children are Shirley (1), Sherrinford, Mycroft (3), Sherlock, Rutherford, Charlotte, Sigerson and Sigrina.

Shirley (1) married Charles Jones after her much fictionalised adventure titled"The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes Dumber Sister in the Case of the Mislaid Pussy"(in GAME magazine July 1976). Charles was the younger brother of the Henry Jones Snr. [1] They had one son named Fetlock Jones and a daughter Laura Jones. A fictionalised account of a meeting between Fetlock and his uncle Sherlock was written by Mark Twain titled A DOUBLE BARRELLED DETECTIVE STORY.

Fetlock had two sons and a daughter. The first son named his son, Jupiter, after statement about his uncle Mycroft by Sherlock Holmes recorded in THE ADVENTURE OF THE BRUCE PARTINGTON PLANS. Unfortunately, Jupiter's parents died when he was very young and his Uncle Titus Jones and his wife Mathilda raised him. Jupiter started his own detective agency with two of his friends called the THREE INVESTIGATORS, which has to date solved fifty-four cases. He has displayed several of the family traits. Alfred Hitchcock introduces about half of the group's cases and he says that "Jupiter is known for his remarkable powers of observation and deduction" and that he is "stocky, muscular and a bit roly poly" Jupiter was also a gifted child actor. Farmer in TARZAN ALIVE pointed out that one of the male types of the Wold Newton Family is the "tall and obese but very strong" Certainly Jupiter ably fills these qualities and when reading the cases it feels like reading about a young Nero Wolfe or Mycroft Holmes. Jupiter lives in Rocky Beach just near Hollywood and like his relative Doc Savage has been granted special privileges by the Rocky Beach Police to investigate crimes.

Thanks to the researches of Dennis Power and Denny Hager the following information is available. Fetlock Jones’ daughter Charlotte married a man named Peerless Jones. Peerless Jones first came to the World’s attention when he helped Professor George Edward Challenger. [2] Peerless Jones traced his ancestry back to the foundling known as Tom Jones, who kept his name even after discovering his true parentage. Charlotte and Peerless had three sons Barnaby, Darwin and David. (“When the World Screamed” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and TOM JONES by Jonathon Fielding)

David went on to have a career as an operative for U.N.D.E.R.S.E.A. (The United Nations Department of Experiment and Research Systems Established at Atlantis) which was established by Professor Weston. [3] Davy later married a member of UNDERSEA’s covert ops team the Sea Devils, Judith Walton and they had three children, Martin (Merlin), Frederick and Ellie. Merlin Jones’ inventive genius was able to save his college from financial ruin. Freddy joined a group of occult investigators Mystery Inc. and Ellie became an investigator for Frank Cisco’s Total Security private investigation firm. [4]

Darwin Jones went on to become a noted scientific investigator. Darwin Jones’ son Jebediah Romano (J.R.) went to work for his uncle Barnaby.

Barnaby Jones had a long and successful career as an investigator and when he retired his son Harold took over his father’s business. But on his first case Harold was murdered and Barnaby came out of retirement to assist his cousin Frank Cannon to solve the crime.

Fetlock’s sister, Laura Jones, married Lord Hamish Croft and the couple had two sons, William and Jason.

William married and had two sons Richard and Henshingly Croft. Richard and his wife had one daughter Lara. But with the early death of Richard’s wife and Richard’s disappearance in 1981, the new Lord Henshingly Croft adopted his niece Lara. Henshingly tried to raise Lara to be a lady and forget about the adventures she went on with her father. This plan appeared to work and Lara eventually became engaged. It was on a plane trip with her adopted parents and fiance that she discovered her true destiny, the plane crashed and Lara had to use her nearly forgotten skills to survive. On her return to civilisation she became a Tomb Raider. (Tomb Raider comics and movie)

Jason Croft astral projected to the planet Palos, where he possessed the body of a native. Much like John Carter before him, he had many adventures and married a princess. His son, Jason Jnr was born of that union (PALOS OF THE DOG STAR PACK, THE MOUTHPIECE OF ZITU and JASON, SON OF JASON by J. U. Geisy)

Sherrinford Holmes was named after his aunt's father, which led to the confusion with Baring Gould. Sherrinford after the death of his father became the squire and had three children. [5]

Richard Holmes was fathered by Sherrinford whilst he was travelling in Germany. Richard's mother was from a wealthy German Jewish family. Richard went to university in Nuremberg later moving to New York became a police Inspector but he did not do so under his own name instead he changed his last name and the name of his two sons to Queen. His first son Ellery assisted his father on the first ten cases attributed to Ellery Queen. Ellery then retired, married and had two sons Ellery Jnr and Gullivar Queen. Ellery's younger brother Dan then stepped in and took over the remainder of the cases attributed to his brother. Gulliver whilst visiting Dan has had three adventures. The Queen family has many things to recommend them they have grey eyes, the deductive ability and the tall lanky build of the Holmes family. Dan in "The Adventure of the House of Darkness" made reference to his father telling him the Queen (Holmes) clan is made of the stuff of heroes. (Julian Symons THE GREAT DETECTIVES, Ellery Queen THE ROMAN HAT MYSTERY, Ellery Queen Jnr the GULLIVER QUEEN series.)

The second son of Sherrinford Holmes became the new squire and his descendants are still the squires.

According to my research the squire’s second son, Stuart, eventually became the owner of the GLOBAL newspaper and in 1960 financed George Edward Challenger III on his expedition to Maple White Land. However, Stuart did so on the condition that his two children Jenny and David are able to come along. (THE LOST WORLD 1960 FILM)

The third son Sebastian married a woman named Peggy. They had one son Robert who married Joanna. Robert works as a diplomat for Great Britain in Canada. His daughter Shirley (3) has shown the family flair for mystery work solving 39 cases as well as for acting and disguise. (It should be noted here that Sebastian inherited a puzzle chest from his Uncle Sherlock. Inside the Chest is a note to the solver of the puzzle in which Sherlock states that he has left no heir. Sherlock left the chest with Sherrinford before he left for the events of THE FINAL PROBLEM. At that time Sherlock had only Raffles Holmes as a son and he did not hold great hope for the boy) (SHIRLEY HOLMES Television program)

Mycroft (3) Holmes married twice briefly. His first marriage had two children Andrew and Isabella Holmes. (THE CURSE OF THE NEIBLUNG by Marcel D’Agneau and “The Affair of the Midnight Midget” by Ardath Mayhar)

His second marriage gave him another daughter "Shrinking" Violet (6). She married Charles Beauregard but has a son to James Bond, Clive Reston. [6]

Sherlock Holmes appears to have eight children with the rumour that there may be at least two more. These eight children are Raffles Holmes, Nero Wolfe and Marco Vukcic, Shirley (2) Holmes, Minerva Holmes, Sherlock Holmes II and Abraham Moth.

Raffles Holmes is also the grandson of A. J. Raffles and he has one son Creighton Holmes. (Arthur Kendrick Bangs R. HOLMES & CO and Ned Hubble THE ADVENTURES OF CREIGHTON HOLMES) In R. HOLMES & CO, the first chapter set in 1883 deals with Sherlock Holmes chasing A. J. Raffles. Sherlock then falls in love with Raffles’ daughter Marjorie. Further research by Chris Davies has shown that in 1883 it would be impossible for Raffles to have a daughter old enough to marry. So it appears that Raffles, impersonating an elderly gentleman, had his youngest sister Marjorie in this caper. This appears to Marjorie's one exploit in crime and after marrying Holmes she died in childbirth later that year. Sherlock was unaware of the true relationship between Marjorie and A. J., and told the one son from that union, Raffles Holmes, that A. J Raffles was his grandfather.

Raffles Holmes, after World War One, succumbed to drug abuse, but before he left for the war he married a woman by the last name of Mannering, sister of Terry Mannering better known as X ESQUIRE (see X ESQUIRE by Leslie Charteris. This woman divorced Raffles and returned to her maiden name as she did for their one child, John Mannering. Mannering later adopted the guise of The Baron and became a daring jewel thief (when his reputation spread to the US, for some reason his assumed name was changed to The Blue Mask). After his marriage to Laura Fauntley, he reformed (The Baron was the hero of a series of novels by Anthony Morton (John Creasy). The one child of this union, a daughter, became a noted actress and married an Anglo-Asian former bishop turned high tech entrepreneur. The couple had one son. His parents died in a theatre fire when he was three and he was placed in an orphanage and given the name John Rossi. Later in life he was to adopt the name Simon Templar and the alias of The Saint. In theory, the boy half remember tales of a gentleman adventurer in his family and fixated on the original Saint as this forebear. (THE SAINT 1997 film)

According to my research, in 1993 John Rossi Templar (so named to avoid confusion) adopted the alias of J. T. Barker to assist and learn from expert cat burglar Karen McCoy (THE REAL MCCOY)

Sherlock Holmes had three children to Irene Adler [7] The first Mycroft Adler Norton was conceived during ‘A Scandal in Bohemia” and was assumed to be the son of Geoffrey Norton. Twins John Hamish and Scott Adler were conceived in Montenegro in 1892 (see THE CANARY TRAINER by Nicholas Meyer and IRENE, GOOD NIGHT by R. D. Benson)

Mycroft Adler Norton had one son Mycroft Adler Norton Jnr (see A MATTER OF TIME by James P. O’Neill) His son James Norton turned to a life of crime. James’ daughter Lillian “Silicon Lil” Norton also turned to crime but assisted her Great Great Grandfather in capturing a number of criminals in “The Curious Computer” by Peter Lovesy.

Nero Wolfe, birth name John Hamish Adler, has one son Spenser Holmes and an adopted daughter Carla Luvchen. (Baring Gould NERO WOLFE and Denny Martin Flynn SPENSER HOLMES series)

Marco Vukcic (twin to Wolfe, birth name Scott Adler) had affairs with many women and so far several children have been identified. Marko had an affair with Leslie Goodwin of Ohio, who was the sister of Scott McGee who fathered Travis McGee; this resulted in the birth of Archie Goodwin.

He also fathered Private Detective Frank Cannon (CANNON TV series) and District Attorney J. L. McCabe (JAKE AND THE FATMAN TV series) to sisters Erica and Emily Russell, grand daughters of Marshall Matt Dillon and Kitty Russell (for more information see the forthcoming NO MISSION TOO IMPOSSIBLE by Tom Kane)

One of Marko’s last conquests before his death was Michele Wiseman. Michele bore a son Michael Wiseman. Michael grew to be tall and obese like many members of his family; he had the grey eyes of his grandfather and a disinterest in adventure from his father. But after Michael was pushed under a train in 1999, his brain as transplanted to a synthetic body and he was given the new identity of Michael Newman. [8] (NOW AND AGAIN TV series)

I recently discover the Marko had a legitimate child from his second marriage. This son was raised under the surname of Adler by relatives after the death of this wife. This son had a daughter Diana Irene Adler. (See “The Adventure of the Gowanus Abduction by Joyce Harrington)

With Miss Falkland, Sherlock had two children Shirley (2) and Sherlock (2) Holmes.

Shirley (2) married a man named Robinson. Their grandson Dan Robinson established his own Baker Street Irregulars who have solve ten cases to date. Dan is constantly being referred to as looking like Sherlock Holmes without the Hat and Pipe (on one occasion Dan's father looks at his son and thinks that people may be right in thinking that Sherlock is not dead, a subtle reference to the Holmes Blood in the Family) nor is the resemblance physical but also mental. (It appears that Dan was raised on tales of his famous family members as he refers to Sherlock Holmes, Nero Wolfe, Richard Hannay, Fagin and Fu Manchu.) (Basil Mitchell's HOLMESES OF BAKER STREET Stage play and Terrance Dicks BAKER STREET IRREGULARS series)

Sherlock (2) Holmes had two children Sherlock (3) Holmes and Richard Holmes (for More information on Sherlock Jnr see THE END OF SHERLOCK HOLMES by A. E. P. and “The Curious Case of the Dead Drunk Driver” by Richard Givan, for more information on Sherlock III see SHERLOCK’S LOGIC by William Neblett, for more on Richard Holmes see DROP DEAD by George Bagby (Aaron Marc Stein))

Richard had one daughter Shelley Holmes (see DEAD MAN’S CONFESSION by Cass Lewis)

From his affair with Vivian S. La Graine Holmes had two daughters Minerva Holmes and Alice “Boomer” La Graine (see THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES' DAUGHTER by Ian McTavish for more on Minerva Holmes and THE SECRET OF SHERLOCK HOLMES by Gary F. Boothe for more on Alice La Graine)

Alice married a Frenchman by the name of Loquot and had a son Solomon Holmes Loquot (THE EXECUTION OF NEWCOME BOWLES by Alan D. Mickle)

Abraham Moth is the father of Arthur Sherlock Holmes. Arthur’s mother was Jane Sherlock, a buyer for a department store and amateur detective. It appears that when Jane Sherlock met Abraham Moth she found him to be a better companion that her fiance (and boss’ son) Peter Blossom. Recently Arthur Sherlock Holmes, joined Q Branch of the British Secret Service where he was given the code name “R”


There are rumours of two other daughters to Sherlock but these may be references to Shirley and Minerva. (Ms HOLMES OF BAKER STREET by C. Alan Bradley, "Sherlock Holmes' Daughter" by H. H. Ballard (in THE BROWN BOOK OF BOSTON Apr 1905) and "Sherlock's Bastard Daughter" by David Maleh (in ADAM magazine Sep 1976) respectively)

In THE HOLMES DRACULA FILE by Fred Saberhagen, it is revealed that Sherlock Holmes had a twin brother Rutherford Holmes and that Rutherford was a vampire. The reason for this is that a member of the Dracula family [9] bit Violet Rutherford. Rutherford on occasion stepped in for his twin brother, when Sherlock had to be away unknown to the criminal community (see Geoffrey Landis’ “A Quiet Evening in the Gaslight” in ALTERNATE OUTLAWS ed. Mike Resnick). Later in life, Rutherford started a detective agency of his own under the name Cardula (see the series of Short Stories by Jack Ritchie)

Charlotte Holmes has one son Alexander from a Morganic Marriage to Prince Rupert of Kravonia. It appears that Rupert is descended from Sophie of Kravonia (See SOPHIE OF KRAVONIA by Anthony Hope) (A morganic marriage means that Charlotte will never be Queen of Kravonia nor will any of her Heirs) (Hilary Bailey THE ADVENTURES OF CHARLOTTE HOLMES)

Sigerson Holmes had his one meeting with Moriarty turned into a farce by Gene Wilder but most of the facts in the case are accurate and Sigerson Holmes did marry Jenny Hill, who is a descendant of Fanny Hill, a member of the first LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. They had a daughter who married a Weston and had one son Geoffrey Weston. Geoffrey calls himself the world's greatest Christian detective and in THE CASE OF THE HIGH JACKED MOON he is described as lanky and sporting a goatee (he must resemble Holmes in his disguise as Altamont see "His Last Bow") and is told by his partner's, John Taylor, fiance tells him that he has to tidy up as "not even {his} great uncle Sherlock would be able to find anything in this Pigsty." (THE ADVENTURE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES' SMARTER BROTHER movie and Thomas Brace Haughey's GEOFFREY WESTON series)

Sigrina married John Vansittart Smith and had three children, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, John Smith and a daughter.

Sir Denis was first married to Joan Blakeney, the great great granddaughter of Sir Percy Blakeney and together they had two sons, George (later Sir George) and Horatio Smith. Horatio’s adventures were chronicled in the film PIMPERNEL SMITH.

Sir Denis had another son John "Hannibal" Smith. Hannibal is the leader of the A-Team and shows a flair for disguise. It has also been noted that he bears a resemblance to his cousin Archie Goodwin. I am grateful to Win Eckert for the revelation that Hannibal Smith’s mother was Fah Lo Suee, daughter of Fu Manchu. This Chinese Heritage explains why one of Hannibal’s favourite disguises was of Mr Lee, elderly Chinese man. (A-TEAM TV show)

Win also reveals that that Hannibal had a daughter, Leiko Smith. It appears that Leiko’s mother left Hannibal whilst he was serving in Vietnam. Leiko had three encounters with Mike Shayne Jnr (“The Black Lotus“, “Death from the Sky“, and “Doomsday Island” short stories in MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE)

Sigrina and John Vansittart’s other son, John appeared to have died on the Titanic, but thanks to Win Eckert it has been discovered that John Smith was the man known as the Continental Op. Later in life, he was known as Brad Runyon, The Fat Man. (THE CONTINENTAL OP stories and FAT MAN Radio series by Dashiell Hammett)

The daughter, Violet, married a man named Sneed and had son Lancaster who became the villain Shockwave (Farmer TARZAN ALIVE and MASTER OF KUNG FU) [10]

The third son of Mycroft (2) Holmes is Henry Holmes. He had one son Jonathon Holmes. Jonathon was a scholar of the occult and had a case referred from his cousin Sherlock in THE RETURN OF THE WEREWOLF by Les Martin.

The fourth child was Dorothy Holmes. (In confusion with another Aunt Dorothy of Sherlock Holmes, Baring Gould accidentally made her the mother of Prof Challenger) Dorothy did in fact have son. This son in fact did so resemble his cousin Mycroft Holmes that J. Randolph Cox in his article "Mycroft Holmes: Private Detective" (reprinted in Peter Haining's SHERLOCK HOLMES COMPENDIUM) mistook him for Mycroft. I am referring to Martin Hewitt. Hewitt operated prior to Holmes but his cases were edited by Arthur Morrison and published in the STRAND at the same time as his more famous cousin.

Dorothy also had two daughters. The first Honoria married firstly James Gayle, the son of Rev. and Mrs Gayle, who unfortunately died shortly after the wedding.

It was whilst staying with her in laws that Honoria met the eighth Baronet, Henry St John Merrivale and had two children Henry and Kitty. (All rumours of an affair between Honoria and her cousin Mycroft are slanderous). (From Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr) SEEING IS BELIEVING)

Sir Henry Merrivale followed his second cousin into the field of espionage where he was nicknamed Mycroft due to the physical and mental resemblance but Sir Henry, who was determined to make it on his own hated and rejected the nickname (from John Dickson Carr's THE PLAGUE COURT MURDERS). Sir Henry has one daughter Lydia.

The second child Kitty married an American named Bennett, who is high up in Washington, and their son James Boyton Bennett helped his uncle solve THE WHITE PRIORY MURDERS. [11]

The second daughter of Dorothy, Elizabeth, married a Fell and had one son Gideon Fell. Fell certainly resembles his Uncle Martin Hewitt and his cousins Sir Henry, Nero Wolfe and Mycroft Holmes in bulk and intellect.

The final daughter of Mycroft (2) Holmes married a McIvor and had one daughter Roberta and a son Richard.

Roberta married Asenath Pons and they had two sons Bancroft and Solar Pons. Bancroft and Solar bear such an incredible resemblance to Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes respectively that there can be little doubt that there is a family connection. [12]

Richard McIvor immigrated to America where, either through a clerical error or deliberate effort, his last name was changed to MacGyver. Richard then married Edwina Pratt, daughter of Ernest Pratt. Pratt was the author of the Nicodemus Legend Dime Novels and was frequently confused with his fictional creation. In these cases Pratt used the inventions of Professor Eugene Bartok, to uphold Legend’s reputation as a scientific investigator (LEGEND TV series) Richard and Edwina had two children, James and Stacey.

James married Ellen Jackson and the couple had one son Angus MacGyver. Angus, or Mac, as he prefers to be called, is a former demolitions expert and SEAL in Vietnam, but an incident in 1985, which recalled a childhood trauma, left him with an aversion to guns. During his time in Nam, his grandfather would send him ’Nicodemus Legend” dime novels which inspired him to create his own gadgets. Whilst Mac resembles Ernest Pratt, he has the Holmes intellect and is able to rapidly create gadgets out of almost anything (MACGYVER TV series) [13]

Stacy MacGyver married Herbert Schwarz and had one son Herman Schwarz. Herman was interested in electronics from an early age and during his time in Vietnam was given the nickname “Gadgets”. After returning to America he joined Mack Bolan in his infamous Death Squad. Later, he and fellow Death Squad survivor Rosario “Pol” Blancanales, formed Able Investigations and later were joined by ex cop Carl Lyons to fight Terrorist attacks against America as The Able Team.


[1] Thanks to the researches of Mike Winkle the following information is available.

Fetlock Jones’ father Charles was the brother of Andrew Jones. Andrew Jones was the father of Henry Jones Snr. Andrew and Charles’ grandmother was Violet Yvonne Blakeney who married a descendant of Tom Jones.

Andrew married Branwen Marias, the daughter of Allan Quatermain and his first wife Marie, and had two children, Henry and Marie Jones.

Henry Jones married Caroline the daughter of a wealthy Virginian family (It is still under investigation if this is the Carter family) and they had two children Henry Jones Jnr and Sara. Unfortunately, Sara passed away shortly after birth due to yellow fever (YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES China March 1910)

At some point after 1950 Henry Jones Jnr, better known as Indiana Jones, married Dawn Sandberg and had at least two children, Henry III and a daughter.

Henry III had two children, nuclear physicist Dr Christmas Jones and a son Henry IV “Harry“. The daughter had two children “Spike” and Lucy.

Dawn’s sister Naomi Sandberg had a son, Blair, out of wedlock. Indy became a father figure to the boy and inspired him to an anthropologist. Blair’s greatest work was the study of “The Sentinel” a phenomenon recorded by Richard Burton (a very distant relative). Blair was able to study the first urban sentinel Det. James Ellison of Cascade Police department (THE SENTINEL TV series)

[2] Challenger’s experiment to prove the Earth was a living organism through drilling was successful on that occasion, but like the cold fusion experiment of Dr Emma Russell in 1997; it has never been able to be repeated.

[3] Scooby Doolittle the grandson of Dr John Doolittle assisted Davy Jones.

[4] for more information see Dennis Power’s MYSTERY INC. article

[5] Sherrinford reportedly died in 1887 during the case recorded as THE ALL-CONSUMING FIRE by John H. Watson and Prof. Bernice Summerfield edited by Andy Lane (Well kinda, in the book Sherrinford, and the elder god he worshipped, Azathoth, were transported to the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake where they died, but as far we are concerned they effectively died in 1887.) but this book in fact suggests this was not the case. After Watson’s description of the death of Sherrinford we find this quote by Prof Summerfield “A lot of facts have been changed, mind you. I don’t remember half of these things happening.” (p302) This suggests that Sherrinford did not die but was in fact saved.

Baring -Gould reports that in 1896, Sherrinford was involved with black magic rituals and murder which his brother Sherlock had to save him from. Also Anthony Boucher reported that it was not Sherlock Holmes but rather Sherrinford who solved the post hiatus cases (see “Was the later Holmes an Impostor?” by Anthony Boucher in PROFILE BY GASLIGHT).

The truth is Sherrinford did not die and after some recuperation began his own career as a detective but not a consulting detective like Sherlock but rather as an occult investigator. According to my research his cousin Doctor Verner who had bought Dr Watson’s practice aided him. (Verner had his own adventure recorded by Anthony Boucher “The Adventure of the Empty man”) It appears that when Dr Verner’s records of these cases they were altered by their editors to be about Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

[6] For more information see the MASTER OF KUNG FU Chronology by Matthew Baugh.

[7] Irene Adler also had two children to her husband Godfrey Norton, Christine Norton and Irene Norton, Irene Norton was also known as Nina Vassilevna.

[8] See my SUPER SOLDIERS article for more information

[9] An explanation of vampire “births” is in order here. According to Fred Saberhagen, when a vampire bites a woman his/her DNA is integrated into the ova of the woman. When this ovum is fertilised it then splits into twins and one will be a normal human and the other will bear vampiric traits. In effect these twins have three parents.

[10] For more information on the Smiths and some of their other relatives please see Win Eckert’s THE DYNASTY OF FU MANCHU.

[11] Though slightly outside of the scope of this article I should mention some other members of the Merrivale Clan. Sir Henry's father had two younger brothers, elder of these joined Scotland Yard and became a friend of Sherlock Holmes as seen in "The Adventure of the Shoscombe Old Place" although Watson did spell his name as Merivale. The other younger brother moved to America with his wife and had two sons Richard and Francis. Unfortunately both he and his wife were killed and the boys were for some reason placed in separate orphanages and a clerical error recorded their last name as Merriwell. Frank Merriwell was later reunited with Dick and married Inza Burrage and they had a son Frank Jnr and a daughter.

[12] Indeed some theorists have speculated that Solar Pons and Sir Denis Nayland Smith shared the same father. Both men share the habit of pulling on their ears whilst thinking. The truth is the Smiths and Pons were quite close and lived on neighbouring estates.

[13] As an aside, the other side of Mac’s family is equally interesting.

His maternal grandmother was Celia Rush sister of Click Rush, The Gadget Man,

His maternal grandfather, Harry Jackson was the middle child of three boys.

Harry’s older brother was Reginald Jackson who assisted Richard Wentworth, The Spider, in his battle against injustice.

Harry’s younger brother is the grandfather of SG1 team member and archaeologist, Daniel Jackson, Reginald was married to Marie Jones’s daughter, Bronwyn (Marie Jones is the sister of Henry Jones Snr)

© 2002 by Brad Mengel

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Win Eckert for the Raffles Holmes Creighton Holmes and Nero Wolfe Spenser Holmes Connections and the co-creation of “Shrinking “ Violet Holmes.

Matthew Baugh for the Master of Kung Fu info and the co-creation of “Shrinking “ Violet Holmes.

Dennis Power for the Merrivale family members and some Jones Information

Dennis Hager for additional Jones Family information and suggesting the mother of Arthur Sherlock Holmes.

Mike Winkle for suggesting the family connections of Indiana Jones

Rick Lai for correcting the information on the parentage of Sir Henry Merrivale

Kevin Breen for suggesting a link between Indiana Jones and Blair Sandberg and Lara Croft/Jason Croft Connection.

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