It Never Ends: Transformers vs. Omni

By Jason Trenner


It is no secret that man has/is to evolute into energy beings. The has/is is because at one point that future was the only one. Then too many of those energy beings time traveled to the big bang and created many, many futures. 


However there is more to this tale that meets the eye.  The big bang was quite the beginning of the universe. It was the rebirth of the universe. Or was it...


 One can guess Primus and Unicron were definitely not run of the mill beings. However it is very possible that Unicron was not the eater of the last universe. What he was is one of those energy beings, who had made himself a massive transformable body (perhaps with the help of an alien scientist called Primacon). It is possible Unicron's likeness was used in the making of the planet eating anti-Borg weapons of an ancient alien race. Then again perhaps not, given that the anti-Borg weapons were rectangular in shape, and Unicron looked like moon or planet.


Primus was also a human who evolved into an energy being (and perhaps a bit of a renegade).  Primus inhabited something, be it asteroid or inhabited planet. It is possible another the Omni later called Oracle helped Primus, but Primus more likely than not did it on his own. 


 It is unknown how long before Cybertron was visited by races willing to use it. One such race, which would become infamous, was the Sarmaks.


At first the Sarmaks made organic beings that were cyborgs. They were called Transorganics. However they were unsuccessful, in that they were uncontrolable and tried to kill the Sarmaks. They were put in stasis and keep deep in Cybertron.


The Sarmaks then created domestic and military robots. These robots were used in trade for organic beings the Sarmaks fed off of. Then Primus stepped in, giving life and sentience to the robots. These robots were his children.


Perhaps this is why other groups like the Vok disliked the Transformers. To them they were what Primus created should they fail to evolve humans to energy beings. They would be the beings that would live on, and perhaps figure out how to become energy beings themselves. Perhaps those Transformers would replace the humans as energy beings.   It is also entirely possible they were correct. One Transformer, named Starscream, became an immortal energy being able to cross time and space.  He had no real control over where and when he’d end up, but perhaps in time he would.


Of course the Transformers ability to stick their noses and fight their never ending war where they shouldn't also played a role in their being disliked.


A group of time traveling Maximals and Predacons wage their war on Earth in the past. There they messed up the plans of a faction of Omni, called the Vok.


Another group of Maximals and Predacons (who still seemed to follow the old Cybertron and Destron names as well) on another planet with a mysterious energy (later revealed to be Unicron's energy...or really those of the same faction as his) and a gate that was able to bring forth anything or anyone from time and space (and was used to bring in Optimus Primal and Galvatron's ultimate warship Majin Zarak). That gate and that planet were blown up.


And those were the time lost descendants of the Autobots/Cybertrons and Decepticons/Destrons.


There was also the "second generation" offshoot of the Decepticons, which formed the Cybertronian Empire. Those Transformers created a massive empire by cyberforming many, many planets into replicas of Cybertron across the cosmos. Some of those planets were of course Preserver planets that were part of the Omni's plans.


Those however were nothing compared to what the Autobots were able to do with the matrix.


The Matrix was the ultimate weapon Primus gave the transformers. It had stored wisdom and the essence of Primus himself. It either destroyed or nearly killed Unicron (it is unknown exactly which version happened).


That is what really scared the many Omni factions, that the Transformers could take them out, as is right now.


That is why the Vok tried to speed up human evolution. They wanted humanity to be able to fight the Transformers on equal ground. As said before, the Beast Wars (as the Maximals and Predacons called their war on Earth...and on that other planet) messed up those plans.



One attempt to destroy the Transformers has been through secretly giving the Transformers power enhancing beings called Minicons. The plan was to have the Transformers fight over the minicons like dogs over a steak and destroy themselves. It however didn't entirely work as they planned. Most of the Minicons left Cybertron and founded their own social order on a planet they called Master (as in master of their own fate). However another group of minicons which left ended up crashing onto Earth (something Transformers have become infamous for doing). 


Another of the Omni (called Devil Z) launched a few battles with the Decepticon Pretenders on Earth vs. the Autobot Pretenders when the Autobot and Decepticon armies were off Earth. He also created “transecptors” which were based off the Headmasters and Powermasters.  It is unknown who exactly used those units, but probably not little kids. 


Later one of the Omni called Dark Nova tried his hand at destroying the Transformers. He used Galvatron (which he turned to Super Megatron, and later Ultra Megatron).  Megatron kept being defeated, and in desperation, Dark Nova merged with Megatron to form Star Giant.  He was defeated for keeps by Star Convoy/Optimus Prime.



The Earth group of Minicons came to the attention of the Transformers. Much to the chagrin of the Omni and their transformer “agent” Sideways, it did not destroy the transformers.


In the Minicon conflict some Transformers did become like what the Omni intended. They became Minicon “junkies” needing their power, which also corrupted them. They also intended for the Minicons themselves to become corrupted so they could use all their abilities.  However, a group of minicons (who were trying to stay out of the Autobot/ Decepticon conflict), discovered someone corrupting them.  The force behind it was of course Unicron or his faction.  They were able to learn to tap into their full power without corruption and reverse the corruption of an Autobot (of the Dinobot subgroup) named Swoop.


One of the Omni (who probably took the form of Unicron or is Unicron) will be weakened and forced to ally themself with the Decepticons.  Of course at that point the Autobots had abandoned using the minicons and were into finding better ways to improve their combinder technology and energon powered abilities. The Transformers: Energon story isn’t entirely true when it says Earth was full of energon. It had been at one point, but that was destroyed in a gambit by the Vok millions of years before.  However Transformers could use Earth fuels to make energon.



Another attempt on the Transformers was in using two of them (Big Convoy and Magmatron) to gather the energy (beings) that were a part of the planet that was destroyed in the second Beast Wars. It started a new Beast Wars, one that ended with those energy being taking the form of Unicron (or perhaps one was the mortally injuried Unicron recharged). 


Unicron took over Cybertron and attempted to kill the Transformers. He (they?) was defeated.



It is unknown if factions of the Omni will be able to keep the Transformers from taking Humanity's place, but as Optimus Prime has said "It never ends".




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