Luthors meet the Frankensteins in Shermer, Illinois

by Dawn M. Burge

Anne Luthor and her husband Daniel Clampett did not only have Daniel Lionel Clampett but they had a daughter as well who was Daniel L. Clampett's twin sister, Ms. Clampett [1]. This Ms. Clampett lived with D. D. Warburton with her brother after her parents disappeared. Unlike the rest of her family, she was not avaricious. She was surrounded by wealth and was extremely bored with it. Unlike Anne who ran away jut to be caught, she purposefully left to find a simpler life, but took enough money with her to start a life in whatever fashion she chose. She found it when she met Jack Walsh in a suburb outside of Chicago. She was married to him for a few years before becoming pregnant. She was surprised to find out that she was going to have triplets. That worried her, since the red hair common to her family would more than likely show through. Another concern was that her family might try to use her children, so she wanted to hide them. She made up a story for her husband and went away for the length of her pregnancy. At that time her husband was between jobs, so that made it easier to convince him that her staying with her family while he looked for work was a good thing to do.

In reality she went to the opposite side of Chicago and rented a house that would have made her husband wonder where she got the money. During her time there, she chose two families who were to raise two of her children. They were the Bakers and the Standishes. When it was close to the time, she went to a private clinic to be delivered. After the delivery she saw the tufts of red hair on her daughters' heads and knew that she was doing the right thing by hiding at least two of them. The Bakers named their new daughter Samantha [2], and the Standishes named their new daughter Clair[3].

She then took her first born daughter home to her husband Jack and named her Andrea, though her nickname was Andie [4]. When she got word of the wrangling between her brother and adoptive grandfather, in actually her great-uncle, she precipitously left her husband and daughter to fend for themselves with no explanation.

When things settled down between her brother and great-uncle years later, she was going to return to her family. She looked in on them to find that her husband had started drinking and daughter was angry because of the abandonment. She could not go back. She went to check in on her other daughters, and what she found both puzzled and angered her...

Dr. Peter Frederick Frankenstein [5] and his wife Inga (last name unknown) had a daughter who they named Sarah[6]. Knowing her lineage from living most of her young life in Castle Frankenstein, Sarah wanted nothing to do with it. She made arrangements to move to the United States with her parents' blessing. She was to move into her father's house in New York. As flying was still rather new at the time, she took a ship from Emden Germany to New York. She did not arrive in New York. The ship started to go down off of the coast of Maine, and the passengers and crew were placed into lifeboats to get to the shore. Sarah had enough money with her to make it to New York. On her trip to New York, she stayed in a small town for a few days. During those few days, she met a man named John Smith. She liked him, so instead of living in New York, she stayed in Maine. When she broke off the relationship with John, she married Walter Hazlett. She still had strong feelings for John which brought about the affair from which she got pregnant. Shortly thereafter John went into a coma. She was sure that she could convince her husband that the child was his, but the pregnancy started to show earlier than she expected. Having a doctor for a father was what led her to the conclusion that she had a multiple birth pregnancy. She did not know how she could hide it, but she knew she had to find a way quickly. She decided to go away until the children were born. Opening a map of the country, she closed her eyes and pointed to the town of Shermer, Illinois outside of Chicago.

She did not know that the town is already being watched by groups following the Luthor family nor that she was also being watched. When she was delivered of quadruplets, three of her four sons are adopted by various families in Shermer. Two of them are currently known; the Johnsons and the Wallaces. The Johnsons named their son Brian [7], and the Wallaces named their son Gary [8]. The third son is simply known as Ted [9], and Farmer Ted by his classmates.

When Ms. Clampett found that she could not go home again, she decided to check up on her other two daughters. Using her family's money, she obtained forged documents that allowed her to get a substitute teaching position at Shermer High School. Samantha and Clair were doing well, not great, but they didn't seem to have the initiative that is associated with the Luthor family. At first she did not notice anything out of the ordinary until she saw her daughters walking down the hallway towards each other. At first Ms. Clampett thought that they would at least say hello to each other, but they just ignored each other. It was not simple disinterest. Their eyes seemed to go distant and unfocused at they got near each other. The other children in the school also seemed to have the same affliction. The only other oddity happened when they actually passed each other. They seemed to relax as if they subconsciously knew they were being controlled. She noticed the same behavior in three boys in the school.

Ms. Clampett looked into this using a lot of money in the process. She followed Samantha's movements for a few days, even going so far as getting invited to her adoptive sister's wedding. She got a considerable jolt when she saw the groom. Rudy Ryszczyk was none other than Carl, the custodian at Shermer High School. Now, she really wanted to know what why her daughters were ignoring each other, and how was this affected.

She was able to corner Ruby/Carl when Ginny was busy doing something else while on his honeymoon. He was extremely evasive, but she didn't stop poking at every little hole in his story. She finally got the story; he was there to watch three boys, descendents of the Frankenstein heritage. He really wanted to know who she was. She tried to be just as evasive, but finally gave into his demands for information. When she revealed that she was not pleased at his modifications to her daughters and to whom they are related, he flinched. The money that could be brought to bear was deadly. She told him that she would use it as a last resort. She joined him on his watch of those three boys while making sure that her daughters were not put in any serious jeopardy.

Ted did not seem to have the traits of either side of his heritage. His only thoughts were on wooing Samantha, though he helps get her together with Jake Ryan. He finally got intimate with Caroline Mulford when Jake had him drive her home.

Brian was a great student who could be a problem with the pressures that his adoptive parents put upon him. He finally snapped and brought a flair gun to school. It was Carl who rigged it to go off in his locker. He was giving Saturday detention, and while there made some very secret friends, Clair being one of them.

The one that they had not suspected was the one that they should have been watching from the beginning. What happened one weekend when Wyatt Donnelly's parents went away drew their attention quickly. Carl was at a bar posing as Dino. He was shocked to see Gary walk in with a beautiful woman whom he had never seen before now. After they left he investigated. He learned that Gary had fallen victim to his Frankenstein heritage. He had created not a monster but a super-being. This sent chills down Carl's spine. If Dracula-Prime [10] found out about this, Gary and Wyatt would be captured to repeat this over and over again. Not only would Dracula-Prime want to get his hands on this, the Luthors would too. Neither an army for Dracula to rule the world nor perfect bodies for the Luthors was palatable for either of the watchers. Wyatt Donnelly may be related to the Lightman's, however this researcher has not found a connection yet.

Before they could do anything about that; Carl was called away, and Ms. Clampett was left to watch alone. Any move she made could potentially lead the Luthors to the boys, and the girls by default. It is uncertain what was done to keep this discovery out of either family's hands.

Carl was called away to be placed in the police department in Toronto Canada as a partner for a vampire who was trying to get released from the curse of vampirism named Nick Knight [11]. He took the name Don Schanke. It is uncertain if he took his wife with him when he left.


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