The Stars are but reflections
mirrored from dark souls.
    by Coyle T. Ravin

The Stars are but reflections
mirrored from dark souls,
tantalizing apparations
forever beyond our touch
They are phantoms, and as such
worthless goals.

Count Bruga, Lost Causmos, 1922

    If you have at all read the information contained on The Secret History of the Wold Newton Universe website, you will have been exposed to the history of the world as explained by one man, David Vincent jr. I am writing to set the record straight. David Vincent Jr. is unfortunately a very ill man and should be returned to custody as soon as possible, before he hurts someone. The elaborate, paranoid fantasies that he has constructed are clear signs of a mental aberration.

    Even if he is not insane, then he is clearly wrong.

    Noted Scholar, Rick Lai, in his masterful articleThe Secret History of Captain Nemo, postulated that the Other Log of Phileas Fogg is a fake. This is true. He believed that it was an elaborate hoax designed to disguise the true parentage of renown Politician Dominick Medina. Also true. Mr. Lai further theorizes that the Other Log of Phileas Foggwas written in a language used by an ancient secret society that had operated in Europe and was attributed to be that of extraterrestrials. Once again true.

    However correct Mr. Lai might be about the Other Log of Phileas Fogg not having been written by extraterrestrials, he is mistaken in his belief that the book was entirely fictional. The events of the  Other Log of Phileas Fogg did take place almost as Farmer had depicted them. The Capellean and Eridaneans may have been Aliens but they were not extraterrestrial.

    The crux of the matter resides in the Fogg family itself. Farmer stated that Phileas Fogg's granddaughter, Philea Jane Fogg married a man named Park Finnegan. This tied the Paul Janus Finnegan aka Kickaha to the Fogg family, using the same Wold Newtonian genealogy as discussed in Tarzan Alive and although slightly revised in Doc Savage: An Apocalyptic Life  This genetic evidence validates the theory that the World of Tiers series and Other Log of Phileas Fogg  take place in the same universe. To further strengthen this hypothesis there also many hints that Kickaha is partially Thoan which is the Lord's name for themselves. This presents us with a conundrum.

    In the books,  A Private Cosmos and Behind the Walls of Terra, Kickaha is informed by Anana, a female Lord and his lover, that the Earth was the first of two pocket universes designed by the Lords. These pocket universes were built as exact copies of the Lord's home universe Gardinzen. What this means in terms of the Earth's cosmology that if you travel three times the distance from Pluto to the Sun outside the solar system, the Universe ends in a force field barrier. The stars are not real. They are sophisticated simulacrum designed to fool even highly advanced and sophisticated astronomical devices.

    If this is true then the story of the Capelleans and Eridaneans coming to Earth from alien space craft is false. It would be very easy to dismiss the Other Log of Phileas Fogg  as a total hoax, yet it contains clues like a puzzle while at the same time attempting to be dismissed as a hoax.

    Let's examine the Capelleans and Eridaneans for a moment. As the story goes the Capelleans landed on earth first in a single scout ship, which contained five Capellean females and an unknown number of males. They were making a survey of whether or not they natives were a threat to Capellea or not. Rather odd that an extensive survey was needed when it should have been quite obvious that in the 1600's mankind did not have the ability to travel to the moon, Mr. Lofficier's article aside (1), much less to extra-solar planets. When the Capelleans were nearly finished with their survey, their mortal enemies the Eridaneans landed. A major battle ensued which left both of this ships damaged beyond repair.

    Stuck on Terra, both the Capelleans and the Eridaneans, with the aid of recruited Terrans, decided to remold the earth into a global society similar to the ones on their home planets which has no war, poverty, disease or crime, and where people are virtulally immortal. Prior to achieving these goals, however the evil other group had to be wiped out.

    By 1872, both groups have agents scattered across the globe, infiltrated into various national governments, police forces, criminal organizations and various stations throughout society. Their human recruits are taught a modicum of the alien technology and have received a treatment, by blood exchange that prolongs their lives to one thousand years. Both the Eridanean and Capellean adoptees work towards the goal of someday creating the utopia on earth where poverty, disease, etc. is eradicated, after the "evil" enemy is wiped out.

    Since the basic ultimate goals of both the Capelleans and Eridaneans are virtually identical as apparently, is their organizational structure, what sets them apart? We are never told by Fogg's Other Log. From interactions between Fogg and his superiors and Fix and his superiors we can glean that human adoptees and agents of both sides are given just enough information to become good soldiers in the war.

    We also know that that the adoptee's are trained from childhood; firstly to hate the enemies and secondly to work towards the utopian goals.

    I do not wish to be harsh to the well meaning but ultimately misguided adoptees of both "alien" races but they were lead by a utopian carrot towards one specific goal. The Capelleans or Eridaneans had no intention of creating the Utopia they described to their followers. Oh, at least one of them may have eliminated war, disease, poverty and crime but then again it is possible that they might not have done anything.

    The true goal of the Eridaneans and Capelleans was simply the elimination of the other group, all the rest was merely flash to pull in the suckers. This almost smacks of the tactics used by Messianic religions or religious cults to recruit their followers. The war between the Capelleans and the Eridaneans also seems like an elaborate chess match or a game with set rules and regulations. Indeed, this was what it was.

    Think not? Well, then lets go over some of the inconsistencies of the Capellean's and Eridanean's stories.

    Both societies had supposedly eliminated war, crime, disease, poverty and hatred. Yet the other group was despised above everything else despite having almost identical goals. Now we may account for their hatreds as ideological in origin but wouldn't such ethically advanced beings as they supposedly were have found a way to work together for their common goals instead of carrying on a secret war?

    Or if they could not work with the other group, couldn't one or the other group have worked at least partially towards creating the society that they claimed they wanted? This would have went a long way to making more recruits and would have simply eliminated the other group through being thoroughly outnumbered or by attrition. Yet, both sides claimed that there could be no advancement without the total elimination of the enemy.

    For peaceful, war hating people this seems very incongruent.

    The Capellean's and Eridaneans had the ability to make sophisticated electronic devices, sophisticated teleportation devices, cameras, etc. yet did not share this information with the world at large. This, despite the fact that such technology would have in many ways increased the number of their followers and made the coffers of their organization very wealthy. The disbursement of this technology would have most likely lead to other technological advances that would have either allowed them to repair their ship or failing that re-build another.

    This is another point what happened to the ships? Why didn't they attempt repairs? If the ships were so badly damaged that they could never be repaired, did they destroy them so completely that no traces of the alien metals or devices were ever found? We simply do not have the answers to these important questions, the adoptees were merely told that the ships were abandoned.

    Why was there no rescue attempt by either side? Even after two hundred years there was still no sign of a rescue mission by either the Eridaneans or Capelleans. Would ethically advanced civilizations, as they were supposedly from, have abandoned their explorers? Let's suppose for a moment that because of the extreme distances of space the vehicles were still enroute. This does not make much sense. First of all, if the distances between the stars could not be traveled within a timely fashion how could a solar system so far away be even remotely construed a threat? Even if the surveyed solar system was more advanced than the surveyors system, the information could not possibly be returned to the surveyor's home system within a timely fashion. If you do not expect your people to return in a timely fashion why even send out a live crew? Sophisticated long-range probes would do the job with much less risk to the crew.

    The very fact that both claimed to be survey ships and had very small complements argues for a FTL capability. Yet as noted no rescue was forthcoming by either side.  Nor did either the Capelleans or Eridaneans dispatch another survey team to replace the lost teams.

    Perhaps as Mr. Vincent theorized, the Eridaneans and Capelleans destroyed themselves in a vast Galactic War and so were unable to dispatch either a rescue mission or a replacement survey team.

    Or is it possible that there was no rescue mission or any replacements because there were not and had never been any ships in the first place?

    The Eridaneans and Capelleans were alien but they were not extraterrestrial. The Capellean and Eridanean identities were merely refinements of a protracted and elaborate yet deadly game played by an alien race who originated on Earth. No, I am not talking about Mr. Vincent's Ancients or Gouald or any of those extra-terrestrial fantasies that he has rounded up and filled out the blank spots of his history. Mr. Vincent I fear has swallowed the Big Lie- hook, line and sinker.

    I mentioned earlier that Kickaha was told that the Earth was one of the first two Universes created by the Lords, which were in essence exact duplicates of the Lord's Universe. The Lord's Home Universe was physically limited,  ending abruptly in a forcefield wall. The stars were fakes, designed to give off the illusion of great distance even to sophisticated astronomical devices.

    If the Earth's universe was an exact duplicate, then there are no stars and therefore the presence of extra-solar beings on our planet is highly improbable. But wait, if there are celestial objects how then could the Wold Newton Meteorite have fallen? The designers of the Lord's original universe had also provided for false comets and a variety of asteroid belts that provided a plethora of meteorites.(2)

    Is it possible that Red Orc or Urthona was lying? Yes, but recall it was Anana who told Kickaha this and she had little reason to lie. Of course she could have been lied to but to what end really? If Red Orc had discovered the real Earth as Mr. Vincent claims would he have really kept quiet about it or been able to hide it so well from Urthona?

    Who then were the Capelleans and the Eridaneans? Is there another alien race connected with the Other Log of Phileas Fogg, albeit, apparently distantly, that possessed longevity, sophisticated technology, teleportation devices. Indeed there was. In fact they made duplicity into an art form and lived out their lives playing cat and mouse games . It is my belief that the Capelleans and Eridaneans were in fact Thoans, specifically Red Orc and Urthona and possibly some of the other Lords that had allied with them and some of their leblabbiy servants.

    The first objection to this theory is that The Other Log of Phileas Fogg specifically states that the Eridaneans and Capelleans were aliens with physical differences from Terrans. What were those supposed differences?

    If examined their bodies would reveal extra-terrestrial origin, that minor surgery made them appear human.

    If the extra-terrestrial origin was false, as I believe it was, then most of what the adoptees were told about Capellean and Eridanean origins were also lies. They did not need minor surgery to look human, because they were human. As for the anatomical differences that could be found by examination, well this may have had a basis in reality. In the World of Tiers stories we are told that most Lords had their bodies biosculpted to produce heavier bones, denser muscle tissue, quicker reflexes. These differences would in all likelihood show up even during a cursory examination. They may have also augmented their muscles and reflexes with tiny bio-chips or bionics. Naturally if found, these would cause an uproar in the scientific communities.

    Their blood was vanadium rather than iron base.
    This I belive was not exactly true, they may have been a slightly higher concentration of vanadium in their bloodstream but this was due to the prescence of the longevity nanites or bacterium.

    There were so few of them because their women could not reproduce because of essential element in the soil.
    In the World of Tiers were never see any pregnant female Lords, despite some of them having been stuck in trap worlds for decades. Most female Lords probably did not even give birth but rather had their eggs harvested and placed in host mothers. Then there is the discomfort of menses, I do not believe that the female Lords were ever depicted as experiencing their cycles during any of the World of Tiers series. The female Lords then most likely underwent a treatment that made them for the most part sterile. Their reproductive cycles would only be activated by certain chemical agents. This would make the female "Capelleans" and "Eridaneans" for all intents and purposes sterile.

    While they could mate with Earth people, they could not produce children.
    This was true in regards to the female Capelleans and Eridaneans but probably not to the males. Although they too probably had alterations to their reproductive cycles which allowed them to choose when or not to be fertile.

    The changes to the Thoan reproductive cycles were probably done when they first achieved longevity because there was a fear that the Thoan home universe would become rapidly overpopulated with extremely long lived individuals. However the Thokina and Beller Wars reduced most of the Thoan population as did the diaspora of the Thoans to their own private universes. By this time the World of Tiers series takes place there are only a few thousand Lords, or so we are told.

    There is another reason why the Capelleans and Eridaneans or rather the Thoans posing as aliens could not have children with Terrans. Simply because they did not want to, the very idea was disgusting to them. The Thoans for the most part regarded the humans on their private cosmos as a combination of sub-human pets, playthings, disposable toys, pawns to used and discarded but not human and certainly not their equal. To them it would be the equivalent of a man or woman taking a gorilla or chimpanzee as a mate. This same attitude is typical of slave societies, as it was in the Antebellum South. Yet even then it did not stop the Masters from taking sexual pleasure with lesser beings.

    The longevity treatment was passed on to Earth people by blood exchange which caused some illness in Terrans because of the differences in alien biochemisty.
    This is probably not due to the alien biochemistry but rather to the method and manner in which the longevity elixir was introduced. There was a period of adjustment as it tailored itself to the new host body. This could cause some illness and discomfort, depending on what modifications were needed.

    We will discuss the differences between the Thoan's longevity treatment and that recorded in the Other Log of Phileas Fogg in more detail a bit further on. Let's now start with what I believe were the true origins of the Capelleans and Eridaneans.

    In Behind the Walls of Terra Kickaha is told by Red Orc that he and Urthona had been fighting for dominion over the Earth for a thousand years. While they do not explicitly state that they are carrying on this battle between themselves by using secret societies, their actions in Behind the Walls of Terra of using criminal organizations and having a vast network of resources at their ready disposal may give credence to this idea.

    Usually in the deadly game that the Lords play a  Lord invades another Lord's universe, locates the local Lord and kills  them and then runs the universe until they get tired of it and move onto another. On Earth however Red Orc and Urthona had apparently played the game differently, using earth's cultures and peoples as pieces in an elaborate chess game. Now this is not to say that they controlled every or even many Earth cultures or vast portions of them. But by controlling key areas, they did impact on history. Why Urthona and Red Orc played the game this way is fairly easy to ascertain. It was new and exciting. The boredom of even playing the deadly game of the Lords had paled over the millennia.

    Earth was however a special case, here humanity had been allowed to start over from scratch to see what would develop.

    Unlike most of the Thoan worlds its cultures were not artificially mandated and kept static by the Lord. So when Urthona arrived on earth circa 960 A.D. the earth had a wide variety of  populations and cultures. He spent quite a few years locating Red Orc. Urthona noticed almost immediately after arriving on Earth that he had begun to age. For a Lord who had already lived many thousands of years and expected to live thousands more this was horrifying to say the least. Earth's natives did not have access to the longevity treatment.

    The Thoan's longevity was probably based on nano-technology or bacteriological, although Farmer stated that it was chemical in nature. Consider this, Jadawin aged when he came to Earth but was rejuvenated to youthfulness when he returned to the World of Tiers and had the replenishing bacteria or nanites reactivated. Vannax also aged while on Earth but rejuvenated on the World of Tiers. Yet when Anana said she had visited earth in the past, she did not mention aging. Red Orc was still physically twenty-five years despite his many years on earth. Theorizing that the gates between the worlds are in part matter transporters, Red Orc probably put some type of filter in his gates that automatically deactivated the longevity nanites or bacteria of uninvited guests.

    Yet Urthona had not aged either. Now we can suppose that he was originally an invited guest or that he somehow acquired the means to reactivate his longevity. Although it is only very sketchy speculation on my part, I think that how Urthona acquired the longevity treatment was related in part by Wolfram Von Eshbach's Parzival and other Grail legends. The Grail legends were couched in mysticism and mythology but the basic story of a Knight searching for the Grail or I should say, a grail, was fairly accurate.

    There are many differing opinions as to what exactly the grail was; the chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper, the Shroud, a stone from heaven, the Holy Lance, a small book said to be Gospel of Jesus or even the living bloodline of Christ (3) , yet all of these have one theme in common, the confering of immortality, whether it be physical immortality or spiritual. This indeed is what Urthona was searching for and this is what he found. Now I am not going to sift through the various grail legends and point out which characters and actions were actually undertaken by Urthona and Red Orc, that would be far too lengthy a dissertation for these pages. Suffice it to say, the grail legends like many legends have a kernel of truth that has blossomed into a forest of allusion, metaphor, mysticism and myth.
There were several grail quests going on about the same time and there has been diffusion and confusion of the identities of the participants and their various locales.

    Urthona having arrived somewhere in Europe and finding himself aging quickly acclimated to the culture and became a wandering knight, searching for the holy grail and grail King, that is the secret of immortality and the king that held it.

    In his first encounter with Red Orc, Urthona did not get the grail, he did however wound Red Orc with a device he had brought with him that left an unhealing wound in Red Orc's side. Not even the science that Red Orc had brought with him nor the longevity treatment could heal the wound.

    Red Orc put out the word that if Urthona could survive a series of tests, then Red Orc would give him the grail, that is reactivate his immortality. Urthona underwent a series of journeys and trials that were variously recorded as happening to Gawain, Percival and Lancelot as well.

    In exchange for immortality however, Red Orc demanded to be cured of his wound.
Urthona did so only after Urthona had re-activated his immortality nanites by transporting him to his castle, which legend calls Terre de Labur. For a while, Urthona was Red Orc's guest having the use of many of the comely Terran females for his use. However, Red Orc had two plans, first to steal the Spear which Urthona owned. This spear was actually a Thoan device, hidden inside the haft of what appeared to be an ordinary spear with a wooden haft and metal head. Over the years it became equated with the Spear of Destiny.

    With Urthona's help, Red Orc examined the Spear. The Spear was the device that had made the unhealing wound on Red Orc. It was of Pre-Beller War origin dating back to when there were still scientists among the Thoan. It had many functions and was designed to be a communications device, a weapon, an emergency travel gate opener and a survival kit, having a limited energy matter conversion capabilities. Red Orc's attempts to duplicate it were limited, his attempts at duplication became the distorters of The Other Log of Phileas Fogg. He was not able to mass produce them because of a certain artificial element which powered it that could not be produced on Earth because of the level of Earth's technological development. The device's matter-conversion functions were blocked from duplicating that particular element. There was however an extra power pack that was cannibalized to make the distorters. (4)

    Red Orc's other plan was to involve Urthona in what could possibly become an interesting game. They would use the leblabbiy of this world in a vast strategic game to destroy the other rather than taking the route of quick gratification followed by centuries of boredom. Although, not truly trusting his brother, he agreed to the game. They swore a blood-oath on it. Red Orc sealed the gates from this world, the ones he knew about anyway making it so that they were attuned to their bodies, they could either leave the planet together or the death of one of them would unseal the exiting lock on the gates. However, it would be amusing to leave them on and have Lords trapped on Earth with the threat of them dying of old age.

    Now some of you will object to the idea that Red Orc would in fact play such a game, since he stated that he was a Scientist who merely observed the progress of Earth history without inteference in the development of the planet. He even stated that he had denied himself children because he did not want to intefere with the development of the planet in anyway. He of course amended that one or two children actually would not have made that much of a difference. All I can say is that Red Orc was lying as he usually did when talking to Kickaha. Not only did he interfere in the course of human events, he manipulated events to ensure that mankind was set on the path of their own destruction. Why? Because it amused him. Also despite his claims to not have any children this too is false. He did not want to acknowledge that Kickaha was partially Thoan.(5)

    There was a section in Behind the Walls of Terra where Red Orc said he had checked up on Kickaha's past and then had remembered something. He was interrupted before he could Kickaha anything, that is if he actually intended to tell him the truth.

    Their truce was however short-lived as the Spear disappeared. It was  stolen by one of of Urthona's men. He had heard that they were trying to duplicate the sacred relic and saved it from the evil wizard. Red Orc blamed Urthona and vice versa.

    So the game began. Urthona and Red Orc found it easier to attract followers from existing organizatons and at first infilrated utopian religious sects, using much the same paradise on earth bebop they would later on.  As Urthona built his organization of leblabbiy game pieces, he also kept his attention bent towards any sign of the Spear, following up any supposed grail or spear rumors.

    Red Orc had departed from his Castle in Spain to return to a kingdom he had once ruled as a living God. Despite its being overrun by the followers of Islam, Red Orc still found some adherents of the Theban mysteries who had worshiped him as Amon-Ra. He managed to combine the elements of the mystery religion with adherents of mystical Islam to create the Assass, The Guardians of a secret knowledge. Red Orc as Hasan I Sabha gathered followers and eventually took over the fortress of Alamut.

    In the guise of Bohemond of Sicily, he was one of the Warrior Kings urging for a Crusade to take the Holy Land away from the paynim. He eventually laid seige to and captured Antioch, he was captured by the paynim under Malik Ghazi. After three years he was released because Malik wished to disobey the orders of Hasan I Sabha, who demanded to take personal custody of Bohemond. Because of his lengthy capture, Bohemond soon found himself out of power in Antioch.

    Bohemond supposedly returned to Italy and died in 1111. However, Urthona was one of the Nine founders of the Order of the Knights of the Temple. It was in Jerusalem, that the Templars did actually find an object of power but it was not the Spear nor was it the Grail. It was possibly the Shroud but it could have been a set of early distorters placed in a matching pair of Ram's head statues, as placed there by Urthona using his Amon-Ra identity. There is also the possibility that it was a device of unknown origin which allowed some limited powers of healing and influence. This particular device may have been in the shape of a anthromorphic hermaphroditic goat, linked to the worship of Shub-Niggurath.(6) It has often been called Baphomet.(7)

    Urthona used the Templars to guard the relic. Red Orc used his influence among the Middle Eastern peoples to drive the Cruaders out of Middle East. When the Templars fled to France, they gained power. Red Orc gained power in France and and in Britain and brought aobut the end of the Templars in France. To the scattered the Templars, using his influence of the King of Scotland he offered sanctuary, hoping to lure them to Scotland and bring with them the object.(8) They brought a cup which may have actually been the cup of the Last Supper but it had no special powers. Red Orc however used this part of the Templar organization as the crux of his new organization, the Scottish Rite Freemasons.

    After the debacle in France Urthona's particular group joined up with and soon controlled the Teutonic Knights. His organization eventually became the foundation of the Bavarian Illuminati.

    Some of the Templars in Scotland realizing that they were becoming dupes of Red Orc departed for Italy becoming the secret organization known as the Carbonari. They would eventually become Capellean dupes.

     By 1666, both Urthona and Red Orc were tiring of the game and met in London for a truce. During their meeting however, the Great Fire of London took place. Each blamed the other for the blaze.(9) It is believed that the Spear which both Urthona and Red Orc sought was destroyed or lost in the Great Fire, as was the statuette of Shubb-Niggaruth.

    To win the strategic battle, Urthona decided to cheat. He recruited a few Thoans that were stuck on Earth. He also recruited a leblabbiy alchemist named Paracelsus  who was said to be immortal. They were able to isolate some of the the nanites or bacterium from Urthona's blood stream and place them in with those from one of the other Thoans. Despite using a variety of methods they could not re-activate the other Thoan's nanites. However Paracelsus was however able to create an elixir that prolonged life but for an inexplicable reason it did not stop the aging process until age forty. Urthona however did not mind that since, it meant that he would have an even more physical edge over his followers. The Thoan who was the test case was able to give the elixir by blood transfusion to other Thoans and to the leblabbiy. Paracelsus' immortality however did not survive his encounter with Urthona.

    It was Paracelsus, whose passion for astronomy, suggested to Urthona that he was from the Heavens. Urthona quickly seized upon this idea and married it to the secrets of the masonic groups that he had sponsored. What was the secret of the highest degree of the order, that there are men from the heavens aiding the nations of earth to become a true paradise. He called the home planet Capella. This is quite interesting for it not only ties the aliens to the ancient secret societies which Urthona had infiltrate through the Zodiac, but it also provides a link for the Templars and others still in contact with hm. Capella, of course, means female goat, which was meant to indicate that the Templar and Shubb-Niggaruth adherents could now be told the true origin of Baphomet. The Thoan's who allied with Urthona were referred to as the Capellean Elders.

    Red Orc got wind of his brother's cheating behavior and captured one of the Capellean Elders. After suitable torture, the Elder told Red Orc everything he wished to know.(10) Red Orc found this to be an interesting twist to the game and decided to duplicate it. Draining the blood of the Capellean Elder, Red Orc had it transfused into a few of the Thoan's who had allied with him. They became the Eridani Elders. Red Orc also chose the name of his supposed alien group to resonate with the the secret societies he had infiltrated, specifically those with the Egyptian origin. Eridani means The River, specifically relating to the Nile or even in some cases the Euphrates. During the time period that he was the Secret Head of the Eridaneans, Red Orc often used the name Lord Riven.

    Thus was born the secret war between the Eridani and Capelleans. The Terrans were inducted into the supposedly alien society with promises of a thousand years of life and the riches of a utopian society.

    By 1873, most of the Thoans who had allied with Urthona and Red Orc had been killed off in this war. They had of course been used by Red Orc and Urthona as buffers between them and the Terran adoptees. After two hundred years of this phase of the game, Red Orc and Urthona were both becoming bored with its progression.

    There was also the danger that technology would soon be catching up with their lies. In the past ten years there had been a sudden burst of technological development which seemed as though it would outstrip Urthona's and Red Orc's abilities to control. There had in fact in 1865 been a rocket launched into outer space by the prestigious Baltimore Gun Club which had orbited the moon and returned to Earth.(11)

    Red Orc and Urthona felt that if the leblabbiy's progress continued at this pace they would soon discover that their universe was artificial. They would then go after their so called creators with a vengeance. Red Orc did not have the wherewithal to destroy this universe or even this world, he could escape to the Second Earth but they would undoubtably track him down. Unbeknownst to his brother, Red Orc removed the exiting block on all gates, so if need be he would have a fast getaway.

    Red Orc and Urthona called for a truce through intermediaries and agreed to end the charade of Eridaneans and Capellean aliens. They would in fact now try to discourage the ideas of space travel and the existance of aliens. However, the organizations that they had created, like most bureaucracies had a life of their own and continued to do work towards their utopian goals with the credo the end justifies the mean. James Moriarity took over the Capellean organization and used it to create several world spanning organizatons. (12)

    They were hard pressed to keep a tight lid  on the information when a small group of so called Martians landed on the Earth with the express purpose of conquest and fine dining. Truth to tell, they were not certain if it was not a hoax perpetrated by Moriarity, after all the man had built a distorter based on a schematic had drawn hundred of years before, using a local power source. Then there was the Cavor incident, a man had discovered a substance  which affected the laws of gravity. Using it he had flown to the moon and someowe stumbled onto Red Orc's base there. He had passed through a gate and believed that he was in the interior of the moon, when he dealt with the Selenites. Red Orc covered this situation by describing it to H.G. Wells as a fictional event. (13)

    Urthona and Red Orc however  worked more on a higher political level, with the express desire to wipe the other out and to cause as much chaos, dissension and population loss to the Terran populations as possible. Through their efforts came the Franco-Prussian War, the Balkan War, the First World War and finally World War II. The space here is too short to go into any detail of their machinations, let's paint with bold strokes and state that Fascism was the outgrowth of Red Orc's Eridaneans and Communism was the spiritual godchild of Capelleanism.

    Despite all their efforts at discouraging the exploration of space, the progress of the planet continued apace. Earth was becoming less of a place to fight over, overpopulation, pollution, etc. Plus despite their continuing efforts to halt it mankind was still hard at work progressing towards space travel. Even the releasing of the so called Other Log of Phileas Fogg did not achieve any great results as most people viewed that volume as pure fiction. By the nineteen sixties, without consulting one another, Red Orc and Urthona had decided to end the game by ignoring the rules and just killing his opponent. Then the remnants of the Black Bellers and Kickaha showed up on Earth in Behind the Walls of Terra

       Red Orc and Urthona found themselves trapped on Urthona's Lavalite world. After a year or so, Red Orc found his way back onto earth. The last book in the World of Tiers series More Than Fire  takes place fifteen years after The Lavalite World. One may ask what was Red Orc doing all that time, besides planning on the destruction of all the universes? Well, he successfully aided Moriarity's Circle of Life organization which debunked alien stories and brought about an abrupt end to outer space exploration. After the few moon shots (and luckily none of those uncovered the Thoan base there) almost all space travel was curtailed.

    Red Orc may have grown to hate this world but rather than have them undergo the massive trauma that the Lords had underwent when they had discovered the artificial nature of their universe, Red Orc wished them to kill themselves over petty squabbles like dogs tearing at each other over a few scraps.

    What do my discoveries portend for the Future of the WNU? Well, I am sorry to say that despite the brilliant and entertaining research done by David Vincent jr, Win Eckert and others there is no place for Star Trek, Babylon Five, Dune, Captain Future, Lensmen etc. in the WNU cosmos. Since there are not any stars to sustain intergalactic travel much less interstellar civilizations. It may be that the nearby planets are inhabited ala Burroughs or Captain Future, but beyond that is the End.

    However if it should prove that the Cochrane Warp Engine or the Mannschenn Drive have the ability to open pathways between the universes then these interstellar futures could be said to be a remote possibility.


1. Lofficier, Jean-Marc From Cyrano To Jean-Luc Picard

2. The presence of meteriorites and asteroids on the pocket universes may have placed there deliberately to study a random pattern of extinctions and re-populations on Earth.

3. Although there is no space for it in this article, in a forthcoming article, I will discuss the bloodline of the grail. Without giving out too much of information, let me state that Mr. Farmer may have knew a bit more than he let on. In the Riverworld short story he has a character named Yeshua, who is purportedly Jesus. The man is portrayed as having reddish hair, as does one of the protaganists of this article.

4. How many of these Red Orc actually made are unknown, We do know that he at first put them in the bases of statuettes, as in Amon-Ra and the Maltese Falcon but later as technology grew more sophisticated he put them in pocket watches and the like. An American built a distorter using the last of the fuel supply. This may have been a young Tom Edison or Frank Reade. Moriarty stole the schematics and built a distorter using an alternate power supply from Terran materials. His plans were destroyed.

5. One of the great unanswered questions of the World of Tiers series is whether or not Kickaha was in fact part Thoan. I believe that he was but he was not Red Orc's or Urthona's son. Rather he was the descendant of William Blake and he was Red Orc's Grandson, Park Joseph Finnegan being his son.

6. Shub-Niggaruth. The Black Goat of the Woods. She with a Thousand Young. It's lore and legended are found in the arcane tomes of the Cthulu Mythos.

7. Baphomet, the idol supposedly worshipped by the Knights Templar. The derivation of the name has been said to have been a corruption of Mahomet or of a Sufi term.

8.We do know that in the Eighteen century, Red Orc was posing as a Scottish Laird named Lord Riven.

9. The Great Fire of London was not started by either party nor was it really begun by the King's Baker. Rather a small Meteorite landing in the stable of a small inn named the Star Inn. You may recognize the name, yes, it is the origin of the infamous Star Inn family.

10. It should come as no great surprise that Red Orc was looking for a method to cheat as well. However his method never amounted to anything during the time he was on Earth. Red Orc had discovered that some Terrans had the ability to use their minds to view other universes. Usually this abiilty drove the person who had it mad. There was one person who Red Orc personally knew that had a very strong ability to do this dimensional peering and that was William Blake. History records that William Blake did not have any progeny. However, Red Orc had several speciman's of his generative fluid put on ice.
    Red Orc began a program of trying to breed a living cross universal gate. Blake's descendents occasionally had this gift intermittantly. The closest example to a living gate having been achieved was by in the person of Jim Grimsun, a boy in psychiatric ward who re-lived Red Orc's earliest days. His abilities may have been given a boost by his grandfather who was a descendant of the Wold Newton Family. His grandfather was man named Ragnar Grimson whom I believe was a toned down and aged Wolf Larson.

11. Verne, Jules, From the Earth to the Moon.

12. Eckert, Win The Malevolent Moriartys

13. Wells, H.G. First Men in the Moon

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