JULY 09,2000


OBTAINED UNDER FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)

Good afternoon, members of the House Subcommittee, my name is Admiral Al Calavicci, current director and head of Project Quantum Leap. I am here on behalf of the members of the project to direct testimony on behalf of Senate Bill 1057, federal funding for tachyon experiments.

As such, I will be direct; currently our country, our world, and even our way of life are under grave threat from powers far beyond our control, primarily from "the future". While we are assured by members of the Time Enforcement Corps (2), under the guise of the Department of Justice, that measures are being taken to insure the safety and security of the timestream , we cannot allow ourselves be secure in these measures. By pointing out two very important historical events I would like to point to threats on national security. Within each of these events careful analysis has found solid evidence of chronal incursions.

EXAMPLE #1 PEARL HARBOR (12/07/1941)

In the course of serious investigation, we have uncovered no less than four incidents of chronal incursion. The most solid lead has been that of the U.S.S. Nimitz, under the command of Captain Matthew Yelland and Commander Warren Lasky (3). According to testimony provided in 1980, the Nimitz encountered a freak "electromagnetic force" which propelled the ship back to the year 1941, just a few days before the Pearl Harbor attack. One incident that is most curious, according to notes created during the initial debriefing, is that of an incident reported on December 06, 1941. Apparently during a recovery and rescue operation involving the "missing" Senator Samuel Chapman, who was apparently fishing in his yacht off the coast of Hawaii, there was an apparent warp of the local time-space continuum. For an unknown period of hours, historical records apparently noted Senator Samuel Chapman as Vice-President in 1944. Although the Nimitz was later returned to its proper place in timestream, it should be noted that it demonstrated the malleable nature of the continuum.

Another incident that warrants attention, on this same day, there are reports of 3 confirmed, possibly 4, separate intrusions, by supposed time travelers. According to the 1966 records from Project Tic-Toc (4), based on the testimony of General Heywood Kirk, Dr. Raymond Swain, and Dr. Ann McGregor, two of the projectís operatives (e.g. Dr. Tony Newman and Dr. Doug Phillips) were within the base facility of Pearl Harbor at the time of the bombing. While they were not able to alter the course of the events of the bombing, they were nonetheless able to interact with the people within the immediate site.

According to base personnel, inconclusive reports, place two other time travelers on the base perimeter. One was an avowed minor of the name, Jeffrey Jones (5), while the other seemed dressed as a pirate, Phineas Bogg. What is strange about this is the fact that Jeffrey Jones is the name of a child who was reported missing in 1982, according to the FBI. Apparently certain medical supplies and a motorcycle were "requisitioned" by these men.

A strange event that must be noted for the record is the murder of Japanese-American singer Pearl Harada, a local lounge-club singer. FBI agents from Honolulu subsequently investigated the murder, with civilian assistance by Edgar Rice Burroughs (6). With the timing of the murder and the elimination of espionage as a motive for the murder, the murder should be investigated further as a possible black operation aimed at historical alteration.

According to Nurse Elsa Kelly, the last and final case is most interesting, for reasons that will become evident momentarily. According to her, she reports meeting a time traveler prior to the bombing of the name, "Admiral James T. Kirk" (7) and a "Commander Will Decker". What makes this name interesting is the link to the 1963 Kennedy assassination, and the 1986 break-in of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

This time travel phenomenon was not limited to the confines of the base and its perimeter. In Owensville, Indiana, graffiti stating, "Remember Pearl Harbor" vandalized the cement outside the local public school! What makes this significant is the fact that this piece of graffiti was written on December 07,1939 (8)According to one FBI report, on December 09,1941, a couple on its way to South Bend, Indiana picked up a hitchhiker on his way to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Along the way, the hitchhiker tells the couple that he is unable to pay them, but as payment, he will answer any question that the driver wishes. Jokingly, the driver asks ,"So when will the war end?". To which the passenger, before leaving the car states, "August 14, 1945".(9)

Evidence points to time travel incursions aimed at altering and/or controlling the fate of the Second World War, with Pearl Harbor as one of the main juncture points. According to notes provided by Dr. Vladimir Penlovski, and testimony provided by his protégé Dr. Wladyslaw Januskaya of Project Scythe in San Bernardino, CA, documents dated January 10,1989 were discovered among Nazi Party Headquarters as late as March 18, 1944 (10). Further reports state that one pro-Nazi faction, listed simply as Overlord, through the person of General Von Scleichen, began the centralization of German power as early as 1933. There is ample evidence to suggest that this "Overlord" faction was responsible for an operation in 1942 to arm German forces with nuclear weapons for the Russian front. It should be further noted that according to files simply listed as Operation: Proteus, starting in August 1938 Winston Churchill and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt received briefings from Captain Harry Ferracini, Commander Gerald Bounder, and Professor Mike "Cowboy" Cassidy, which alerted the Allies to the situation (11). What is strange is the documents within the Proteus Operation, which include letters from President John F. Kennedy dated "November 24, 1974", 11 years after the assassination in Dallas (12). There is another strange Kennedy link to Pearl Harbor. On March 11, 1963, at 20:00Hrs. PST, a UFO was seen above the Hawaiian Islands, hovering shortly above Pearl Harbor, fleet commanders immediately informed Washington of the incident, briefing President Kennedy (13).

Furthermore, according to reports from Dr. Rain Robinson (14), Griffith Observatory, further studies indicate a severe warp in the space-time continuum. Recent NASA surveys show a "Nexus" (15) that passed through our region of the galaxy. This is further supported by the breakdown in the dimensional barrier of Themiscirya, home of the Amazons, by Col. Steve Trevor, USN (16). According to OSS reports filed by Control, within 24 hours of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, an entropic energy field developed around the continent of Europe, powered by an "anti-magic spell". According to officials linked with the All-Star Squadron and the Justice Society of America (JSA), this energy field was successful in preventing the entry of American and Allied metahumans into the European theater of conflict (17). Although Nazi officials claimed that the field was created by a complex combination of mystical elements (e.g. the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny), based on evidence provided by Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. (18) , I can say, with all due authority, that the Holy Grail, and most likely the Spear of Destiny were not involved in the creation of the energy field. There is evidence that suggests that this energy field was created by cosmic forces, rather than supernatural ones, according to notes created by physicist, Ernst Oeming, who mysteriously disappeared from Hunte Castle, Austria (19) . With this in mind, it is reasonable to state that the integrity within this time frame has been severely strained to its limits.


If any event has caused more concern for security within the time-space continuum, it would be the events of the JFK assassination. There are reports of time travel intrusions from almost every corridor.

Starting in 1959, with the Eisenhower administration, there is a pattern of space-time continuum rifts that canít be easily explained away. On December 11, 1959, an unregistered X-20 Interceptor, built to specifications known only to the manufacturers and designers, crashed in the Nevada desert. The flight crew reported to the names and rank of Col. Clegg Korbes, Col. Ed Harrington, and Maj. William Gart. Yet when investigation was made, no record was known of their existence, leading almost immediately to their sudden and abrupt disappearance (20) . On February 05, 1960, a pilot landed in one of our airbases in France, reporting as Flight Lt. William Terrance Decker of the Royal Flying Corps. He landed in a period biplane and seemed to be unaware of his situation. Apparently upon being informed that he had died in 1917, the pilot fought with base personnel and subsequently disappeared (21). On March 11, 1960, actor Arthur Curtis disappeared while performing the role of Jerry Raigan from studios in Hollywood, California. Prior to his disappearance, apparently fellow colleagues saying that he was the fictional character that he portrayed (22) . On February 24, 1961, Global Flight 33 disappeared on a routine flight to New York. No wreckage was ever recovered. Airport officials received no distress call. It was if the plane had simply vanished (23) . On April 16, 1961, Peter Corrigan a local Washington D.C. resident reported being temporarily transported to the date of April 16, 1865, just before the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (24) . On September 1961, a man identifying himself as Christian Horn appeared in New Mexico, claiming it was the year 1847. When local police officials began an investigation into his story, the stranger mysteriously vanished (25) . Later on that month, on September 22, 1961, FAA investigator, Grant Sheckly, reported the appearance of a DC-3, registered as Flight 107, arriving from Buffalo appearing at La Guardia Airport. What is strange about this incident was the fact that the plane disappeared in 1944 (26) . On December 15, 1961, a man identified as Woodward Mulligan apparently disappeared into time warp destined for the year 1890. On March 16, 1962, Bettina Miller and Chris Miller experienced the opening of a fourth-dimensional rift, termed as a tesseract, opened in their own home (27) . A week later, on March 23, 1962, a man identifying himself as David Gurney appeared out in what he claimed was his home. Upon investigation by local officials, no record or evidence could be obtained to verify the nature of his identity. On March 03, 1963, things got even worse. On that day astronaut Major Robert Gaines was launched into orbit, disappearing completely from all sensors (28) . On May 16, 1963, astronaut Major Gordon Cooper witnessed at 20:00Hrs Perth time," a greenish object with red tail exhaust approaching him". This was unfortunately leaked to the press. At which point, at 22:45 Hrs and at 22:55Hrs EST, NBC reported the story until damage control was fully asserted (29) . On October 28, 1963, astronaut Captain Joseph Reardon disappeared from radar screens after reporting witnessing a strange energy pattern outside his spacecraft (30) . On the day of the assassination itself, November 22, 1963, Project Artemis reported the sudden disappearance of its four astronauts, Randall Dowling, William Leather, Jacob Greene, and Kim Suskind (31) .

According to Professor Gordon Bernstein, of the University of California at La Jolla, a steady tachyon-based pulse was transmitted through our solar system during the period of September 25, 1962 until its sudden abrupt end on November 22, 1963 (32) .

Upon further investigation, the warping of the space-time continuum may also be responsible for several mysterious incidents regarding our satellite defenses. On October 1962, Project Anna (AKA "Firefly") ceased to function until it started up again on August 1963. On July 16, 1963, Telestar 2, which had been launched on May 07, 1963, ceased to function until it started up again on August 15, 1963 (33) .

The most dangerous aspect to the assassination of President Kennedy is the facts that many of the "superheroes" that could have changed the course of events were in some way occupied or were diverted elsewhere. According to White House logs, and by the Warren Report investigations, Superman had visited the White House at the request of the President (34) . We have no recordings or tapes of the meeting, but it is troubling that, especially with his connections to the Justice League of America, the League was occupied by the "Earth-One Incident" (35) . The Avengers were also handicapped by the sudden and abrupt resignation of the Incredible Hulk, who disappears from the limelight for several months, only to become the "enemy of humanity" with Prince Namor, Sub-Mariner (36) . At the assassination site itself, Soviet agent, Red Brain, under the guise of Jack Ruby, occupied Ultimate Secret Agent (a.k.a. "US Agent" (37).

American and Allied espionage operations, worldwide seem to have been placed in jeopardy by the events at hand. According to Logan (a.k.a. "Wolverine), a Team X operation in Cuba, consisting of Logan, Sabretooth, Kestrel, Mastadon, and Silver Fox was betrayed to Cuban military by Silver Fox, during an attempt to stop Castro from launching nuclear weapons, left over from the Cuban Missile Crisis (38). According to British MI6, special agent James Bond was occupied by attempts by assassin, Francisco Scaramanga (39). Links to this MI6 debacle are point to special agent, John Drake, linked to Department M9, and British Secret Service, who mysteriously "disappears" in 1966 (40).

Certain personnel who appear at Dealey Plaza must also draw further suspicions. First, Army sniper C.G.E. Spender (son of the notorious traitor, executed in Louisiana in 1941) is unaccounted for by any of the Warren Commission reports (41) . Furthermore, why was mercenary Tom Jefferson, with links to Sam Giancana, is left out of the Warren Report (42) . Other suspicious characters at the scene of the assassination are Wayne Tedrow of the Las Vegas Police Department (43) and Pete Bondurant (44) of the ex-cop for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Some other events that are disturbing are the events occurring around the group, the First Line. According to records of the group, Chimera, a Skrull agent murdered Liberty Girl, the night before the assassination. Also, further breaking up the groupís ranks is the sudden disappearance of the Yankee Clipper, after a short temporal energy wave was reported (45) .

This would seem to indicate an alien/extraterrestrial angle to this situation. This is confirmed by the presence of an alien artifact, nicknamed "Nemesis" passing over the Earth (46) . Further astronomical records of the period also report other strange phenomenon.

On October 29, 1963 and November 27, 1963, astronomers at Lowell Observatory observed strange red lights from the crater Aristarchus, on the moon (47) . An alien spacecraft is seen in an orbit parallel to Earth and Mars (48) . A wormhole soon afterwards opens to Albinex (49) . A few days later, UNIT troops recover an alien shuttlecraft, in the Welsh countryside of Britain. (50) Another artifact that has been recovered from the period has been an object termed an "Outer-Band Individuated Teletracker". The object in question was obtained military officials under the leadership of Captain James Harrison on November 04,1963. It was presented before a Senate Committee, under the chair of Senator Jeremiah Orville. The object appears to be a highly advanced surveillance device of alien origin, furthering suspicions of extraterrestrial origin (51) . Further displays of strange energy phenomena was recorded a week later, on November 11, 1963 when Major Roger Brothers and Dr. James Hamilton apparently switched mental and corporeal identities, a phenomena familiar to those who have worked with Project Quantum Leap (52) .

Suspicions of Soviet involvement in the phenomena are put into question when recent reports from the Soviet Union indicate the disappearance of four cosmonauts, during an attempt to duplicate the Excelsior mission of Doctor Reed Richards (53) . Although Captain Frank Bach of Majestic-12, would later blame the assassination on "Russian sleeper agents" bent on "nuclear terrorism", reports later made by John Loengard will point to the possibility of Kennedy finding about an "alien conspiracy" (54) called "the Hive".

Conflicting crime reports also seem to indicate a "Commander Spock", (e.g. a name linked to the 1986 break-in aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise (55) dressed in blue, and "pointed ears", entering the Dallas Schoolbook Depository the day of the assassination (56) . Further analysis of Warren Report interviews turn up a "Scop", an obvious anagram for "Spock", in several instances. Secret Service logs note the presence of "Scop", causing an incident at the landing of Air Force One, warning the President to "leave Dallas immediately, your life depends on it". Another incident that has been recorded is the harassment of Zapruder, by a man named "Scop", to stop filming during the moment of assassination itself. The name "Scop" appears again in Warren Report interviews, as the "intimate acquaintance" of Elaine Kozciouskos, to remain silent during the assassination (57)

According to Justice Society member, Hourman there are even stranger things at work. According to the testimonies of "Snapper Carr", Epoch, Hourman, and Bethany Lee, a "timepoint", a strange time-space loop, was established by a self-avowed "Lord of Time", exactly five minutes after the assassination (58) . This space-time phenomenon is strangely similar to that experienced by Patrick Thomas McNutty on October 18, 1963, who was found aged rapidly after telling fellow colleagues that he had the ability to "stop time" (59). With the implication of a "Lord of Time", it would seem to confirm and collaborate the claims of journalist, James Stevens, who claims to have made the fatal shot (60) . This seems to be confirmed by the testimony of Francis Cleary, agent of UNIT, who claims to have knocked out Lee Harvey Oswald (61). Further confusion is brought about by the testimony of Professor David Rhodes, who with the aid of Doctor Koopman, claims to have seen neither Francis Cleary nor James Stevens in his attempt to incapacitate Lee Harvey Oswald (62) . Yet this would seem to contradict the testimony that I gave earlier on the topic, and the files and records Dr. Sam Beckett. My guess is that Francis Cleary, David Rhodes and James Stevens have been "influenced" in order to provide false testimony, and to conceal a possible third party.

Even more disturbing are reports that Kennedy was not assassinated at the time in question. According to officials at Parkland Memorial Hospital, nurses describe a woman answering to "Doctor Kate Wang", reportedly was seen stealing the persona; affects of the President. But what is even stranger is that doctors report several of those affects including, a Kennedy silver dollar and a Harvard faculty pass for "Joseph K. Fitzgerald", dated "2163" (63) . Also, according to witnesses who were at "the grassy knoll", a person looking remarkably like Kennedy himself is seen firing a rifle (64).


Although we have heard testimony from Doctor Bradley Talmadge, NSA for Operation Backstep (65) and Chief Eugene Matuzak, Time Enforcement Corps (TEC) (66) , I would be certain in saying that we are not doing enough to ensure the safety and security of the timestream.

According to intelligence reports, we are far from being alone in the field of time travel. According to Basil Exposition of MI6, the United Kingdom has been in the possession of time travel since at least 1968 (67). Based on the report of FBI Director, James Womack, and the capture of SAS member John Patrick Mason in 1968 (68) , we have reason to believe that the British are aware of the "Roswell Incident" (69) , and the implications regarding the Kennedy assassination. TEC reports have also pointed to French involvement in time travel experiments (70) . Furthermore, reports by Doctor Isaac Mentor and Doctor John Ballard have indicated Russia, China, and other possible power blocks have expressed interest in the technology (71) . The 1985 murder attempt and subsequent disappearance of Doctor C. Emmet Brown, renowned physicist from Hill Valley,CA has been linked to several Libyan terrorists (72). Since the 1968-blackmail attempt by Doctor Evil, indicators seem to point to possible terrorist or criminal possession of the technology (73) .

Already, we are seeing an escalating continuum of violence in regards to time travel, some from points not from Earth. There is the case of sabotage of the 1968 orbital nuclear weapons platform in 1968, by "Gary Seven" and "Roberta Lincoln" (74) . There is also the apparent abduction of USAF personnel Colonel Fellini and the Captain John Christopher in 1969 (75) . But more recently, there has been the 1986 break-in of the U.S.S. Enterprise by "Commander Pavel Chekov", under orders from "Admiral James T. Kirk" (76) . This would seem to indicate a time travel link to the JFK assassination and the Pearl Harbor bombing. The 1993 assassination attempt on President Clinton in Honolulu, Hawaii seems to have been the work of a "Mordechai Sahmbi", a man who claims to be from the future, and with vast criminal connections, according to reports by Secret Service Agent, Annie Knox, and FBI Special Agent, Darrien Lambert (77) . Further evidence also points to Sahmbi, in the near resignation of Secretary of State, John Shaw (78) . In 1994, there is the disappearance of Senator Aaron McComb (79) in Washington D.C. and the murder of Doctor Miles Bennett Dyson and bombing of Cyberdyne Systems in Los Angeles, CA (80) . In 1995, there is the disappearance of Professor Maximillian Arturo, Quinn Mallory, and Wade Wells from San Francisco,CA (81) . In 1996, there was the disappearance of Henry Starling, CEO of Chronwerx and the attempted kidnapping of Rain Robinson from Griffith Observatory, both in Los Angeles, CA (82) . In 1997, there are the murders of Doctor Yonechi of Japan and Jason Nichols, and the subsequent murder attempt on Lisa Ianelli, experts in the field of time travel (83) . Most recently, we have the appearance of "Jack T. Dawes" on the premises of Project Backstep (84) . Also, as of 1999, we have the disappearance of Farscape I (85) . As such we are at war with the future. We must prepare ourselves to the best possible degree.

© 2002 by Jose Ricardo G. Bondoc

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