by Jason Tenner


Energon, the source of power for the Transformers.  Yet this source of power is much more. It has caused humans to become much more.  It is commonly called thyophite after the destroyed planet in the solar system.  Or rather thyophite is the crystal form of Energon that has been used by the Transformers.


This substance once covered the Earth and was part of an Omni plan to speed up human evolution as it was used on Thyoph. However most of the energon was blown up in an attempt to destroy the Maximals and Predacons on Earth waging one of the Beast Wars.


The remaining energon and very little of the remains of Thyoph became buried on Earth.  Most of the remains of Thyoph landed on the Moon. A group of Minicons used the Moon as their outpost and used the energon/thyophite on it to power themselves. The energon they were using was later found in a big push by the Autobots to find energon after the Minicon crisis.


Yet there are more effects to Energon than noted. It mutated a genetist into Doctor Demonicus, who became even more brilliant after exposure to a large amount of energon. Yet he also used the Energon make several growing creatures into massive monsters. The monsters were destroyed by the King of all Monsters.


Energon is also in the substance Herakleophorbia. A substance that was first mentioned in Food of the Gods by H.G. Wells. Lex Luthor also used it in his "Omega Ray" to make several creatures large (though it is unknown if Doctor Demonicus had heard of what Lex Luthor had done or not).


In the future a survivor the Euthenics Wars will use Energon in his cloning process. The clones would be the size of Transformers. It appears the Energon was to not only make humans evolve faster, but in certain ways make them much taller. That would make it easier for them to fight the Transformers head on.  


It was by design that the Transformers were made to use Energon and be able to create it from any fuel source. It was another way for the Transformers to throw a wrench into the plans of the Omni (which fueled the feud between them even more so).  A certain type of energon was used by the Omni in their plans to destroy the Transformers. It was an energy that “super charged” them.  They also had a type that would taint a transformer and attempted to use the super charging type in the Minicons.  However the super charging energon only worked with some Transformers, and the Minicons left Cybertron. Later when they were found on Earth the Omni started their plans to taint Minicons and therefore taint the super charging Energon. This plan was stopped by a group of Minicons trying to stay out of the Autobot and Decepticon conflict. 


A floating mountain of that super charging Energon was on Earth, but destroyed in the Beast Wars conflict. The tainted Energon was created and used on the Autobots at one point by the Decepticons.


However this didn't stop at least one of the Unicrons from being powered by Energon as a way to gain power. He also used the cult of Unicron made up of many Decepticons during the rush for Transformers to find Energon and in the conflict that seemed to span the whole universe of Transformers conflict.  On other worlds Energon crystals had been found.


Another object powered by Energon was the Planet Killer Kirk encountered. This device was made by an ancient race to destroy the Borg. The Energon it used however was the same as the Transformers. It could either use the crystals or use other fuels to create energon.  However the Planet Killer had absorbed the planet Nebulos. The problem with that was that they had found a way to taint their fuels so it would be poisonous to Transformers. Now the Planet Killer needed more and more fuel to keep working. A fact the Federation didn't learn since Decker had ignited the Energon within the Planet Killer. And Energon makes an extremely powerful explosive.


Could the meteor at Wold Newton have been made of Energon? Perhaps, perhaps not. In any case Energon is a substance that is more than meets the eye.






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And a special thanks to Nick Crenshaw for writing that Godzilla article. That was a herculean task man and it brought Doctor Demonicus’s origin to my attention. So many thanks.