The Forgotten History of the Tranformers by Jason Trenner



The lack of mention of the Transformers among the various alien races is a strange omission. Yet by looking at the big picture it is possible to figure out what effects the Cybertronians and their offshoots and even cousins have had on the universe.


It all starts a region of space known by many names: the Unknown Territories, and the Delta Quadrant among them. It is here a metal world the size of Saturn orbited a planet. Those that visited it found it was hollow (and why something big and heavy didn't become a black hole).


Some found technology they could use on the planet and left. One group of aliens in particular made the most use of the place. They were fleeing their own Galaxy using a faster than light drive stolen from another race and ended up on this planet. They are called the Sarmaks, and this metal planet was later dubbed Cybertron.


The later events of the Sarmaks and even the Transformers are told, however it is strange a race like the Transformers and their interaction with various races isn't. Races like the Klingons have avoided speaking of the Transformers, given the encounters with them went extremely badly for the Klingons.


Of course the effects of the Transformers happen over millions of years, and their home world wanders of the galaxy until after "The Great War" the Maximals and Predacons speak of.It is then Cybertron is anchored in a star system deep in the Gamma Quadrant. It is far from even the Dominion, who would likely be unsure on what to think of the Transformers.


This however only covers Cybertron. There are various other offshoots of the race that left their homeworld. These groups have been referred to as ďLost TribesĒ. One such group was the Cybertronian Empire. Using assexual reproduction, they went from a small fleet to true empire.


Their empire spread across many worlds and they even tried to cyberform Andoria. The attempt to do so was single handedly stopped by Coop, with his giant robot Megas. That event is strangely absent from the history of the Andorians; however they like the Klingons were probably extremely embarrassed by giant robots beating them and it taking someone else to save them.


Of course there also are the brothers or at least cousins of the Transformers out in the universe.


First there are the Junkions. Their exact origins are unknown and their relationship to the Transformers. It is possible that they are a group of Transformers that got stranded and messed up mentally. It is unknown exactly who started the dumping ground that they were found on. It is possible it was made by the same source as a junk planetoid that Coop destroyed with Megas.


A more direction brother or cousin to the Transformers are a later creation of the Sarmaks known as the Cylons, which became the enemies of a group of humans moved to other worlds, most likely by the Preservers.


Another offshoot group was the Machine Robo/the Gobots. They were nowhere near as destructive as the Transformers, yet some of them hid out on Earth. They were also confused with the Transformers in their Gobot tales. This is also because a small sect of the Transformers are also called the Gobots among other names.


Another possible offshoot might be the Borg. It has been noted there have been several branches of the Borg, with one that might have "assimilated" Megatron. However it is extremely unlikely on the assimilation of Megatron being true. However it is very possible that somehow the Borg did gain some Cybertronian technology. The Delta Quadrant is home of the Borg, and where Cybertron originally was.


There are some worlds and races that the interaction with the Transformers left a definite mark.


The one with the biggest impact was Nebulos. A Preserver world, it was more advanced than Earth. The war between a group of Autobots that had left Cybertron to get out of the "Corrosion of War that does not end" and a group of Decepticons called by the Lord Zarak. They later made a way so their fuels were poisoned to Transformers. It is unknown why this world hasn't shared what it knows with the rest of the universe.


Another race affected by the Transformers was the Hurq. Though the Klingons didnít know it, their driving of the Hurq from their homeworld had much to with the Transformers. The Hurq had come into contact with the Cybertronian Empire and were elminated and their worlds Cyberformed. Only a few frozen bodies on Borleth and some remote outposts remained of their race.


The third race impacted by the Transformers are the Battle Beasts. The Autobots purpose in space is never mentioned in the episode. However what they were doing was Rodimus Prime was personally leading an attempt to find Optimus Prime.Optimus Prime was thought dead but really in a state called stasis lock. This state is confused for death by Transformers without enough medical training. Optimus Prime was placed in a coffin/space ship and sent into space.


What Rodimus Prime and the rest of the group of Autobots found was a race of humanoid animals. They call their planet Beast. They are the Battle Beasts.Their world had been taken over by the Decepticons.The Autobots defeated the Decepticons and the Monsterbots stayed behind to help guard the Battle Beasts from any further Decepticon attack.


The fourth race is a race of giant space amazons. In fact the leadership they had was a female Transformer. At least this robot saw itself as female and in a male dominated world. This was merely their perpection. The Transformers really donít view things in terms of gender.They have no real need to since they donít reproduce in the same manner as humans and most other humanoid lifeforms do. This is why Landmine said his homeworld had no females and no mates to the leader of the group. This planet in a possible future became part of the interstellar community. This future was the one were most of the Wold Newton family was killed.In that time line a space diner was crashed by an inept space captain onto the space amazonís planet. He got himself, his first officer and a Philip J. Fry into a lot of trouble.A bending robot from Earth forged a relationship with the female transformer that was the spiritual leader of the group. He did it to steal her gold and never returned any calls from her.


There are also various Transformers settlements around the Milky Way. Planet Victory is one of them.There is also Planet Master, home of the Minicons. There is Paratron, home a sect of Autobots that escaped their Wars.Finally there is an Autobot settlement world which was destroyed by cosmic rust and has left its name lost in the mists of time.


Among the other Lost Tribes mentioned before are the groups on the planets Speedia and Animatros. Both planets have a Convoy as the title of their leader. If Animatros had ever been discovered by humanoid lifeforms, they would be slaughtered. The place is survival of the fittest even to Transformers.


This is but part of the legacy of the Transformers. Who knows what else they have done.





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