By Jason Trenner



This based of something I noticed. When I was looking at a picture of
a Sarmak (which I saw on Schroeder's Speculations), it reminded me of
the Quintessons (the creators of the Transformers).

Hear me out, the Quintessons (or rather Sarmaks) are a very old race.
Some of their first experiments were in transorganic or rather cyborg
beings. However these beings were uncontrollable and where put in
storage (probably as a last ditch weapon). They then experimented
with robotic beings. These beings were actually very successful, and
where used as their slaves. They were also sold off, perhaps in
exchange for organic beings they could feed off of. After all
Cybertron has an atmosphere breathable to organic beings (something
robots wouldn't need). It was there for the Sarmaks and their
organic slaves/food sources.

Due to the influence of a being called Primus (who was a part or really the life giving device of the Transformers known as Vector Sigma) the Cybertronians revolted. They pushed the Sarmaks off of Cybertron, and had to start taking primitive beings for food, instead of using the Cybertronians to sell for money (or perhaps bartering them). This happens millions of years ago.

The Cybertronains become a bitter memory to the Sarmaks, who start using controllable machines, instead of robots.  Some of them later end up on Barsoom and launch their two infamous Wars on the World. 

But let's go back to Cybertron. After kicking the Sarmaks off the
planet, the robots were lords and masters of their home planet.
However they really couldn't get along. The Consumer line and
military lines had some very different view points on how to rule. So
began what the Transformers called their Great Wars.The faction
that would become known as the Decepticons (and Destrons) would take
control of the planet.

Driven underground the Autobots (and perhaps known as the Cybertrons
which was probably a shortened version of Cybertronians) discovered
the ability to transform.  The Autobots used this ability to their
advantage and took control of Cybertron and ended the First Great
War. There was a time of peace and rebuilding. It probably lasted
hundreds if not thousands of years.  Then the Decepticons struck
back, having the ability to transform as well.

That was the Second Great War. It was during that time that they lost
most of their information on the Sarmaks. This war nearly tore
Cybertron apart. The Autobots won, but it was a rather costly war and
most of Cybertron was in ruins. The only more ruined were the
Decepticons.  They were driven underground with very
small number alive.

The Autobots rebuilt the planet creating a golden age. During this
time the Autobots explored all sorts of science. That included
time travel and the beginnings of their FTL travel which they
called "transwarp". Their transwarp was far different from the kind
in the possible Star Trek future. 

It was then that the Decepticons returned, stronger than before and
probably with a drone army to increase their numbers. This started
the current war. It started 9 million years ago, and was even more
damaging than the Second Great War. Many groups on both sides left
Cybertron, trying to find greener pastures elsewhere.

Five million years into the war, Cybertron was dangerously low on
fuel. The Autobots, lead by Optimus Prime, traveled for resources in
a ship called the Ark.  However the Decepticons, lead by Megatron,
came after in a battleship called the Nemesis.

There was an epic battle in space, with the Decepticons boarding the
Ark and taking the fighting to face to face with the Autobots. The
ships entered the Solar System. In an act of desperation, Optimus
Prime crashed the Ark into the Earth. The Nemesis didn't have a much
smoother landing.

Four million years later, due to some geological force, the Autobots
and Decepticons awakened. However it was not in 1984, it was in the
early 70s.  Their war was much, much more covert than the cartoon or
comic book had them.  However rumors of them were heard or perhaps
leaked to toy maker Takara. The stories of the Micromen and Diaclone
(and several other transforming toylines) were born.

It was during this time that Spiderman had a run-in with the
Transformers. He probably why the Transformers got a deal with Marvel
(and Hasbro) and had them straighten and muddle their story. It was
straightened in that now their true story was told. It was muddled in
multiple versions.  This was done on purpose.  The writer Simon
Furman getting the "inside scoop" on the Transformers, as well as for a certain Freelance Peacekeeping Agent who would cross paths with them.

The US government (plus the UK and Japanese governments) would have to
deal with the Transformers many times. Unlike in the cartoon or
comic, the Autobot and Decepticon starships/main bases were not easy
to find. In fact the Autobots and Decepticons had many bases and
several hidden teams around the globe. They stayed behind whenever
the main Autobot and Decepticon forces left Earth for any reason,
such as they did between 1985-mid1990.  The reason for that was the
menace of Unicron and being brought together by Primus. The transformers also found the Sarmaks and the two races
searched their historical records and rediscovered the other. The
Sarmaks tried to reclaim their "property". The Cybertronians set
aside their differences to wage war on a common enemy.  When the
Sarmaks appeared to be destroyed (or perhaps retreated, it is
unknown), the war started up again.

During 1985- to mid1990 the hidden troops with the Pretender
technology gave what limited information they had on what the rest of
their race was doing.  This was why the stories about the
Transformers got even stranger, as Marvel, Sunbow and Hasbro were
left to their own devices more and more.


However during that time there was an altered and inflated war between some of the Autobot Pretenders and the monstrous Decepticon Pretenders.  It was less a war then a few battles. It is unknown if an energy being called “Devil Z” had anything to do with those battles.  It is known however that the Decepticons did come across notes and devices to make Frankenstein like monsters out of dead humans. Those were the zombies that the Autobot Pretenders battled. The cartoon that was made to fictionalize the battles included several anime elements were added on and the Pretenders were shoved into the background.

In late 1990 the Transformers returned to Earth. The transformers
toys were ended and in 1992 were revamped to Transformers Generation
2. There was no change in the Transformers or their symbols, it was
just something Hasbro did.  Years later Hasbro somehow found out 
about a time travel war the Transformers had, called the Beast Wars.
No one knows exactly who this source is but he is thought to be a

Even today the Transformers war rages, with no end in sight. Yet if
the future of the Maximals and Predacons takes place, there will be