Saddam and gamera (1993)
Produced by: Daiei
Director: Shusuke Kaneko
CAST: Jerry Haleva (Saddam Hussein) Berrin Koper (President Nasset) Lyman Ward (President Bush Clipon) Steven Buscemi (Ben Wiesel) Ayako Fujitani (UN Secretary General Tenneco) Toshiki Nagashima, Akira Onodera, Akira Kubo, Serif Sezer (King of Jordan) Erkan Yüzel
(President of Syria)
Running Time 1:56

SYNOPSIS: In Iraq, A United Nations Arms Inspector from the United States breaks into one of Saddam Hussein’s “Presidential Palaces” and finds a warehouse of chemical, nuclear and bacteriological agents. Discovered by the Presidential Guard he hides among the containers. A trigger happy Iraqi fires and several Guardsmen follow suit.

        The arms inspector is killed and several containers are shattered, punctured and otherwise destroyed. A mixture of contaminants spills onto the warehouse floor. The Presidential Guardsmen flee in panic.
        A clean up crew is sent into clear up the toxic spill. It never comes out.

A second team and a third disappears. A remote camera reveals a huge monster inside. President for Life Saddam Hussein orders the area secured and an immediate news blackout about the incidents.
        Arrangements are made to capture the monster inside the Presidential Palace.

        The next day the Presidential Palace exploded outwards as the monster bursts out of the structure. It was over a hundred feet long and weighed several tons. It was hideous and yet seemed oddly familiar. The Iraqi army was ordered to capture or kill the beast. It seemed impervious to conventional weapons, bullets and artillery were deflected from its hard shell or the damage it took was negligible.

    It plowed a path of destruction through Bagdad, knocking down small building and smashing fences and vehicles.

        Finally it arrived at the city sewage plant which it promptly destroyed to get at the muck below. One among the sewage it began to dine and to roll a gigantic ball of dung. The monster was nothing more than a super, colossal dung beetle. Various insecticides were attempted on it but it seemed completely immune. Yet as long as it was supplied with dung it seemed happy and harmless. By using a caravan of dump trucks filled with dung the Iraqis were able to lead it out of Bagdad. Once there the experimenting began in earnest.

Since the original dung ball contained a giant larvae, the Iraqi’s felt that the first dung beetle was expendable. However it seemed impervious to gas and ballistic attack.

        Iraqi’s Military Intelligence tried an experiment with some rebel Kurds. The Kurd encampment was sprayed with a mist made of dung. The Dung beetle was dropped onto it. It ate everything that was scented of dung, including animals, people and structures.

        Plans were made to make an army of giant insects to unleash upon those countries that had backed the United States embargo on Iraq as well as huge quantities of the dung gas.

        But the assassination attempt came first. A terrorist, probably of Israeli or Iranian or U.S. origin planted a small neutron bomb in a car where Saddam Hussein was supposed to pass. The bomb exploded killing most of his guards and leaving Saddam in a desperate situation. He would slowly die of radiation poisoning.

        Over his Doctor’s objections he demanded and received some of the toxic jelly that had formed the dung beetle. At first there was no reaction but after a few days his radioactivity dropped and finally disappeared.

        Then his size doubled geometrically day by day until he stood well over 300 hundred feet tall. He was clad only in a giant black beret and a pair of giant swimming trunks, even that much material had been expensive to obtain.

        He had obtained the Dung beetles invulnerability and had been given an atomic punch. He could concentrate some of the radioactivity in his body into his fists or feet and release it with explosive force when he punched or kicked.

        Saddam announced that this was a gift from Allah, that he wanted Iraq to assume its former glory. Its ally in this glorious venture would be Egypt as symbolized by the giant Scarab beetle Allah had sent. Iraq would take over Kuwait, Iraq, Syria and destroy the state of Israel. It would then take the battle to the Great Satan, to the United States of America and destroy it.

        First the giant Saddam swam out to the Persian gulf and destroyed the two American Aircraft carriers patrolling there. He used his atomic punch to hull them. In his rage at being fired upon by the aircraft and artillery of the first aircraft carrier, he literally ripped it to shreds with his bare hands.

        He drowned all survivors. These images were carried live to the United States other parts of the world via a variety of television cameras Saddam carried on his person, so as to record Iraq's victories for all of posterity.

        President Nassat of Egypt announced that Egypt would not back Saddam’s mad and barbaric plans. In a rage, Saddam stormed into Egypt destroying the Egyptian army in the process. Using his atomic punch he reduced the great pyramids, the Sphinx and the Valley of Kings to dust. He destroyed the Aswan dam and drowned nearly a million people. These images too were carried on live television.

        He announced Egypt was now a vassal state of Iraq.

        Iran, Kuwait, Syria and Saudi Arabia announced that due to the ferocity and unwarranted attack on Egypt by Iraq a state of war now existed between these nations and Iraq unless the Iraqi army would stand down and unless Saddam Hussein resigned from power and turned himself over to the authorities of any of the above mentioned nations.

        Saddam laughed at their demands. He walked into Syria and began a rampage of destruction.

        In Israel, a young Scientist, Ben Wiesel petitioned the Israeli government and the officers of Mossad the Israeli intelligence agency for funds to build the ultimate weapon against the Arabs. It was a giant robot with a positronic brain, an artificial intelligence capable of human level decision making and human like emotions. The robot would be filled with a bloodthirsty desire for vengeance upon the Arab nations. Wiesel called it the Golem after the legendary artificial man who had defended the Jews of Medieval Europe. Mossad and the Israeli government thought Wiesel’s plan too outlandish.

        The United States, Britain, France, Russia and Japan sent all available aircraft carriers and destroyers to the Persian Gulf.

        The United States lead the nations of the world in calling for nuclear strikes against the giant Saddam Hussein, nicknamed the Beast of Bagdad. However some peaceniks and do-gooders lead by the astrophysicist Carl Sabine began a media blitz campaign against the nuclear strikes, predicting a nuclear holocaust, increased global warming and a nuclear winter. Their arguments were so convincing or their bribes so huge that the United Nations voted to ban a nuclear strike against Saddam.

        The U.S. President Bush Clipon balked at defying the will of the United Nations, he ordered more aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and destroyers to the Persian gulf. Israel however had no problem defying the United Nations and told Iraq that unless the Iraqi army stood down and Saddam surrendered to one of the Moslem nations nearby, it would launch a massive nuclear strike against Iraq.

        The Moslem nations warned Israel that it would not stand by and watch it launch a nuclear strike that retaliation would follow.

        Israel launched a massive air strike against Saddam as he rampaged through Syria. Israeli pilots also targeted known Hamass enclaves. In response enraged Palestinians stormed across the West Bank and rioted in Jerusalem.

        Saddam was apparently immune from conventional warfare it would not kill him but it did hurt. After destroying most of the Israeli Air force, Saddam finished wiping out all of the Syrian military installations he could.

    Saddam turned his rage upon Israel but was knocked off his feet by a series in intense explosions. Kuwait had launched its entire battery of missiles at him. Once again betrayed by a fellow Moslem, Saddam subjected that nation to his wrath. Most of the people had fled prior to the attack. Saddam destroyed all traces of Americanization; fast food places, video arcades, swimming pools and set Kuwait’s oil fields on fire.

        Ben Wiesel sat in his makeshift laboratory watching the rampaging Saddam with a odd elation. He realized that the Israeli government could no longer consider him a madman. That if Israel was seriously hurt in the battle against the Monster Saddam, his dreams could very well come true.

        Saddam walked into Israel intent on destroying it. As he cross the border, Israel launched seven nuclear missiles at Iraq.

        Pakistan, Iran and Turkey announced that it had no choice but send nuclear missiles against Israel once they landed in Iraq.

        Israel’s nukes never hit Iraq. One by one they were destroyed by a huge object that filled radar screens. It was a round object resembling a huge flying saucer. The object moved with incredible speed over Iraq’s airspace. Iraqi jet fighters were scrambled and launched. The first pilots’s to get a visual reported that the object resembled a giant flying boulder or rock with a greenish tinge to it. There were large ports, two to each side from which blue jets of energy fired.

        Iraqi jets fired upon it but the flying disc never wavered in its flight path nor did its outer shell seem to sustain any sort of damage.

        One brave pilot overtook the flying mountain as it seemed to be and swung around to get a close visual. His jet disappeared in a fireball as the giant object flew directly into it, obliterating it without so much as a tremor.

        The giant rock flew into Israeli air space. The Israeli air force keep a wary distance from it. The boulder swooped down and slammed right into the Beast of Bagdad’s chest, knocking him ass over heels into the Dead Sea.

        With an inarticulate roar, Saddam the Beast of Bagdad rose from the Dead Sea, spewing and spraying brackish water. Clasping his hands together he swung his atomic fists at the hovering disk. The disk went flying, tumbling end over end as it arced up and then plummeted to the ground. It landed with a crash that plowed up a mound of earth comprised of sand and housing projects on the Palestinian side of the West Bank. Saddam ran towards it, kicking homes to splinters, crushing vehicles into metal sheets and people and animals into a red paste.

        When Saddam reached the half buried rocky disc, he put his hands together and swung at it. Twin jets of blue energy blasted him in the face, throwing him on his back to slide like some monstrous steamroller across the rest of the West Bank settlements. Rubble and death were all that remained where he passed.

        The rocky disc quivered and from its large open ports burst monstrous arms and legs. Then the top of it widened and a massive reptilian head exited.

        This was of course, Gamera The Guardian of the Earth. The last of a race of Prehistoric Monster Turtles.

While the rest of his species had left the earth, he had remained behind to guard it from any danger that threatened the very existence of the planet. He had not been seen since 1970 when he incinerated the Monster Zigra.

        Gamera waved his thick scaled arms in a threatening fashion at the prostrate Saddam. As Saddam began to rise, Gamera slashed his clawed hands through the air and gave off a piercing shrill roar. Gamera ran towards Saddam, his powerful feet throwing up enough dust and debris to send a dust storm into the still standing parts of Palestine.

        Gamera bowled Saddam over. However the wily Dictator was not done quite yet. He rolled with the blow and once on his back he let loose with an upwards double footed atomic kick.

        Saddam’s soles and the Turtle’s shell met in an explosion of greenish fire.

The rebound propelled Gamera onto his back and his shell hit the ground with such an impact that a pit formed around him, wedging him solidly into the ground. Saddam leapt and began raining blows on Gamera’s exposed plastron. Each blow drove the giant turtle deeper into the earth. Once Saddam had driven Gamera several feet underground, he buried the Turtle under tons of dirt, debris and sand. He felt fatigued. He needed to rest on Iraqi soil. So Saddam trudged across the Red Sea and lay down on Iraqi’s shores.

        As he lay there the combined fleet from the coalition against Saddam arrived. They began shelling Iraq, concentrating on Saddam's  huge mass and on the cities of Iraq. Saddam was so tired that he did not at first realize that he was being shelled. However the constant stinging of missiles woke him and he stood up waving his fists and screaming curses at the fleet.

        Saddam threw huge clods of dirt at the fleet but they fell short, not even the huge waves that were generated swamped the fleet.

        Saddam waded out into the ocean striding for the fleet of U.S., Japanese, British and Russian ships. A tactical retreat was called for, a group of submarines launched a barrage of torpedoes at Saddam’s legs and knees. The combined force of the torpedoes was enough to knock Saddam’s legs from under him. He fell forwards with a great splash. The force of this undertow and the wave that accompanied it, sunk two Russian destroyers and sent three submarines, one American, one Japanese and one English in a uncontrollable dive to the ocean’s bottom.

        The oceans surface rolled with a furious activity, boiling as if it were cooking a Saddam Stew. Like an island being born, Saddam burst from the ocean’s depths, throwing off eddy waves that swamped several more destroyers and sank a few more Submarines.

        Cursing he waded relentlessly for the allied fleet. His knee hit a submarine that was not fast enough to avoid him, his hands plunged beneath the waves and snatched up the submarine like a bear slapping up a fish. It was a Japanese vessel. Saddam took either end in hand and cracked it in the middle, letting all the sailors and crewmen drop hundreds of feet to the water. Their screams were echoed by the sounds of their bodies hitting the waters hard and fast. If there had been any survivors, they were killed when Saddam dropped the empty submarine halves onto the mass of bodies in the waters. Huge splashes sent ripples of debris made from crushed metal and human body parts around Saddam.

        In the distance it appeared as though a volcano burst its lava cap as soil and boulders founted up into the sky. The earth shock sent a tidal wave through the Persian Gulf that nearly swamped several aircraft carriers and almost knocked Saddam onto his backside.

        From the out of the dust storm rose the flying shell of Gamera. All four jets were flaring green fire as he rocketed straight towards Saddam. Saddam prepared an atomic punch that had both of his hands glowing in deep blue clouds of radiation. As the shell screamed down from the sky and slammed into Saddam’s chest he punched it in a pincer like move from his sides. As the atomic punches met the sides of Gamera’s shell, nuclear explosions mushroomed from Saddam’s hands, rebounded off the hard shell and added to the force that hit Saddam in the chest. Saddam was driven underwater. Gamera popped out of his shell and stood up. When Saddam rose from the depths of the Persian gulf he was met with a pair of slashing claws that scored deep gashes on his chest and stomach.

        His atomic punch staggered Gamera, driving him back a few paces but Gamera opened his mouth and poured out radioactive fire. Saddam at first withstood the assault from the burning nuclear breath but a few minutes of constant torching took their toll and even Saddam’s seemingly indestructible body began to char. Saddam screamed and grasped Gamera’s shell with his atomic fingers. As he squeezed, tiny cracks began forming on the prehistoric turtle’s shell.

        Enraged by pain, Gamera’s radioactive fire breath doubled in size and intensity.

        Saddam’s skin burst into bright blue flames and he became a human shaped torch of blue fire. Shrieking with perfect agony, Saddam dropped his grip on Gamera and plunged into the Persian Gulf with a hiss of steam. A vast area of the Persian Gulf disappeared as Saddam swam through it, the waters immediately turned to steam as his very touch. Gamera followed the moving fog bank that was Saddam underwater. He flew, his two rear leg holes firing rockets. Reaching down he grabbed Saddam by the scruff of the neck and tossed him landwards.

        The human shaped torch of blue flame that was Saddam fell like a burning meteorite towards Kuwait. His super hot body plunged into the earth like a red hot knife though a stick of butter. He ignited a vast petroleum and natural gas reserve. The resulting fireball sent him hurtling towards space like an out of control rocket. Gamera stopped Saddam’s journey to space by swinging a thick, scaled arm into Saddam’s throat. Saddam fell again, hurtling towards Iraq. Saddam slammed face forwards into the City of Basra, setting it afire. Gamera landed feet first on Saddam’s back. Bones snapped like the dry twigs, yet Saddam managed to flip Gamera off of him.

        As Gamera went flying, Saddam staggered to his feet. He noticed that he had trouble keeping his balance because the front part of his feet had disappeared, burnt away into a pale red ash.

        Gamera had landed on his feet, he charged Saddam, claws at the ready, blue radioactive flames flickering at the corners of his mouth and the inner rims of his nostrils. With a scream of utter agony and rage, Saddam swung his doubled hands at Gamera concentrating on the biggest atomic punch he could muster. As his hands struck the giant prehistoric turtles shell, they disintegrated into vast clouds of reddish ash.

        The last vestige of humanity in Saddam Hussein vanished and he snarled at Gamera. Saddam’s face darted at the unprotected neck of the turtle and his teeth fastened on the scaly flesh with the tenacity of a pit bull. Gamera’s head was forced back and he was unable to release his atomic fire breath and Saddam was too close for Gamera to leverage him off by means of punching.

        Gamera drew his feet and arms into the shell and rocketed into the sky.

        As he flew into the stratosphere, Gamera shook his head like a dog with a rat attached to it. Saddam’s body of blue fire began to break apart, large chunks of it rained down upon the city of Bagdad. Most of these burning chunks broke apart before they reached the city, dissolving into a noxious red ash that covered the streets and building like a dust storm. A few however remained intact and pummeled the city like an artillery barrage, destroying buildings, setting fires and killing Iraqi’s indiscriminately.

        By the time that Gamera had reached the upper atmosphere all that was left of Saddam Hussein was his head blazing head, still fastened by the teeth to Gamera’s neck. When Gamera entered the vacuum of Space the fires on Saddam Hussein head winked out. Yet Saddam remained alive and still tenaciously clinging to Gamera’s neck. Gamera flew into the asteroid belt and managed to knock Saddam Hussein off of him. Gamera loosened a blast of radioactive breath that sent the still living head of Saddam Hussein for a course directly for the Sun.

        Gamera the protector of the Earth returned to his planet to rest until he was needed again.

        The nations of Egypt and Iraq were placed under direct United Nations protection until stable governments could be formed. Given the massive state of disaster and the tremendous loss of life in both nations this could be some time. United Nations peacekeepers placed Iraq under martial law until all elements of the former Hussein government could be arrested for war crimes.

        The celebrations of the Iraqi people at having gotten rid of the dictator Hussein were tempered by the great many dead and by the fact that one dictator was seemingly replaced by another.

        In the rubble of the city, from the ruins of one of the “Presidential Palaces” climbed a man who bore an uncanny resemblance to Saddam Hussein. Learning of the present situation in Iraq, he knew it would not be long before the good people of Iraq clamored for the good old days of Saddam. Then he would act. He would claim that the monster Saddam was merely a double of his who had volunteered for a military project that had gone awry. Yes, it had in fact been sabotaged by the USA and United Nations. Then he would ride to the crest of power once more.

        In Israel, in the secret laboratories of Mossad, Ben Weisel was finally given the go ahead to create the Golem. For the creature’s artificial intelligence, Ben Weisel decided to use his own thought patterns. As he copied his brain patterns, his foremost thought was that finally he would show those people that had laughed at his theories.

        Sixty million miles away, a small asteroid, a blackened, pitted thing which resembled a bust of a man’s head and face crashed onto the head of a passing comet and was taken out of its trajectory for the sun. This was in fact the head of Saddam Hussein which connected with the comet at its neck. A strange yellow energy suffused the head and the eyes sparked like coruscating blue novas. A smile formed on the blackened, cracked face as the comet’s course altered and headed directly for earth which with its present speed would take him seven years to arrive.