DIRECTOR: Inoshira Honda
SCREENWRITER:    Dennis E. Power

CAST: Albert Dekker (Mengele) Toru Ibuki (Tojo), Takashi Shimura,(Dr. Toshi) Momoko Kochi, (Madame Mysterious) Kumi Mizuno (Reporter Eiko Tanaka) Nick Adams,(Chris Donnolly) James Whitemore,(Ben Peterson) Peter Graves (Dr. Ed Wainwright), Glen Langan (Glenn Manning)
Running Time 1:59

SYNOPSIS: Ever since the defeat of Germany and Japan during the Second World War groups of hardcore militarists from both Germanyís Odessa organization and Japanís Black Dragons have been keeping in touch, planning for their ultimate revenge. On this year, the twentieth since the end of the war they strike!

        Brilliant scientists in both camps have shared knowledge to build their secret weapons, the monsters known as Mengele and Tojokaiju. The monsters were created using tissue samples from Dr. Josef Mengele, head scientist of the German organization and from Hidekei Tojo, former Prime Minister of Japan, combined with tissue samples from Gojira, Moshra, and Rodan and supplemented by some cybernetics. Each monster was 400 feet tall and weighed several hundred tons. Each had radioactive breath, laser eyes and nearly indestructible skins. Mengele was nearly a duplicate of his name sake with the exception of green scaly skin. He even wore a lab smock, white shirt, tie , black pants and black oxfords. The Tojokaiju was built like a 400 hundred tall human but had a lizard head with a scaly human face. His hands ended in cybernetic buzz saws and missile batteries.

     As if  this double threat was not enough each monster had its own zombie army that accompanied them. The armies had been created by using the corpses of dead soldiers, infused with Godzillaís and other monsterís DNA. Mengeleís army all resembled him but were four feet tall with blank unfocused stares. Their hands were radioactive claws and they were dressed in U.S soldier clothing.

        Tojokaijuís army were all miniature clones of him but with the addition of radioactive claws. They wore the same Chinese Red Army uniform as Tojokaiju.

        The plan was simple, on the anniversary of the fall of Berlin, Tojokaiju and his zombie army would sweep out of Dr. Mengeleís compound in Argentina travel north through South America and Central America and attack the United States through its weakly defended desert regions. The goal was to steal or destroy the United States nuclear weapons stockpiles. They wore Chinese Uniforms so the stupid Americans would believe that Red China was behind the plot.

        Mengeleís army would be hidden in a stolen US freighter that would sail into Tokyo Bay.

        All customers inspectors were killed as they searched the ship. Once docked, Mengeleís army swarmed out and secured the harbor while the monster Mengele clambered out the ship. Dressed in U.S army uniforms the zombie Mengele army destroyed and killed anyone in their path. Their goals were to destroy the Japanese Diet, destroy the Japanese Constitution of 1946 and kill all members of the Diet.  They being traitors to the Empire of the Rising Sun. The militarists hoped that the public would believe that this was a sneak attack by the Americans.
        The attacks started off as planned the Tojokaiju and his zombie army made their way through South America and Central America cutting a huge path through the rainforest as they traveled. They destroyed the panama canal as they traveled north, then Mexico City and Houston Texas.

        However the American rallied in a manner that the Black Dragons and Odessa had not counted on. There lived in the United States, Dr. Toshi, a Scientist and biologist who had emigrated from Japan in the early fifties. Seeing the films of the monster attacking South America, he had recognized the Tojokaiju as being a giant copy of Hideki Tojo. Informing the United States Government of its  true origin, he had helped them come up with a plan to stop the invasion. They released a few specimens of the radioactive monsters that they had been keeping under wraps in case of an attack by Godzilla or Rodan or King Ghidrah. The nuclear tests in the United States had spawned giant specimens of Grasshoppers, Tarantulas, Ants, Black Scorpions, Gila Monsters and even an Amazing Colossal Army Colonel.

        The Americans unleashed the giant insects and animals on the zombie army and pretty much decimated it. Tojokaiju and the Amazing Colossal Army Colonel engaged in personal combat. This fight destroys Phoenix Arizona and only ends when Tojokaiju appears to break the Amazing Colossal Colonelís back over a bent knee. He tosses the Colonelís body into the Grand Canyon and roars defiance at the attacking U.S. Armed forces. He stomps the giant insects, U.S. tanks and shakes off artillery fire. He makes his way to Los Alamos, New Mexico where all U.S Atomic Weapons are stockpiled. (At least in this movie)

        As Tojokaiju is about to rip open the gate to all the silos, a roar comes from the sky.
        The monster Rodan streaks down and tears into Tojokaiju. An epic battle carries the two across the Southwest to lower California and the Pacific ocean. Weakened by the constant battles the Tojokaiju drowns in the Pacific ocean as Rodan fries it with lightning. Rodan then carries the body to the North pole where he drops it into an ice mountain.

        Japan has not fared as well as the United States. As soon as the giant Mengele began its attack on Japan, the real Mengele lost control of it. It seems that in magnifying Mengele he also magnified Mengeleís ego. The Monster wanted to become ruler of the world, an Aryan world. Despite Hitlerís claims to the otherwise, Mengele never considered the Japanese to be the Aryans of the East. They were too populous to be a good slave race so the Monster Mengele decided to decimate them by leaving one in ten alive.

        The true Mengele turned upon his Black Dragon hosts by incinerating the Black Dragon compound which was a block of warehouses on the Tokyo harbor. Madam Mysterious, a Japanese woman who was the daughter of one of the Black Dragon leaders was in reality an agent of Japanese Secret Service. She had miscalculated the speed at which the campaign would unfold and had been unable to reach her contact, Nick Donnelly. Donnelly was an American working with the Japanese Secret Service under the guise of Teacher of English at Primary School near the Black Dragon compound. Badly burned she ran to the school, helped Nick save the lives of the children and managed to gasp out the details of the plan before perishing.

        Nick sent a coded message that made the Japanese Royal family go into hiding.

        The Monster Mengele and his zombie Mengele Army embarked on a campaign of whole sale destruction and slaughter. They destroyed Tokyo, Nagasaki and Hiroshima and started on Osaka. They discovered that the Emperor was hiding in Osaka. Monster Mengele announced that he was going to find and eat the Emperor on live televison to demonstrate to the Japanese that they were just fodder. The Monster Mengele and his zombie methodically tore Osaka apart.

        The army of zombie Mengeleís was engaged in tearing down a Temple to one of the Seven Gods of Luck when they were engulfed in blue radioactive fire. They withered into cinders. A bell like roar sounded and the Monster Mengele was also engulfed by blue radioactive fire. His clothing burst into flame, his skin crisped and his hair flared as the Monster Mengele became a living torch.

        With an earth shattering roar he raced at Godzilla and grabbed the reptilian beast in a bear hug.

        Godzilla shrieked as the fire burned him as well as the Monster Mengele. As Godzilla thrashed in agony, fighting against the bear hug, chunks of flaming debris fell off of the Monster Mengele.

        In a few minutes it was obvious that the Monster Mengele was not merely a clone of Dr. Mengele but was also a cyborg. He was Mecho-Mengele!!

        A humanoid steel body with a round head devoid of any features save round red eyes and a grill like slash  instead of mouth were  uncovered when the last of the flesh had fallen from Mecho-Mengeleís body. Dark red beams shot from Mecho-Mengeleís eyes, laser beams searing directly into Godzillaís. With sudden surge of strength, Godzilla broke free of Mecho-Mengeleís grasp but flailed around blindly.

        Mecho-Mengele blasted Godzilla with his own radioactive breath and let loose a hollow metallic laugh as the King of the Monsters was bowled over and lay still. Mecho-Mengele kicked the prostrate body a few times before going back to his search for the Emperor of Japan.

        Mecho-Mengele tore the roof off a building and found a man protecting a woman and a child inside. Mecho-Mengeleís memories were the same as Dr. Mengeleís so he recognized the man as the Emperor. As he reached for him a lightning bolt struck him in the back of the head. Sending his bio-electrical systems into shock. As he re-routed systems the Emperor escaped.

        Mecho-Mengele turned to face his attacker. It was a giant caterpillar, the larval form of Mothra. It quickly succumbed to a joint attack of laser and radioactive breath. It lay still and motionless.

        Something huge and heavy slammed into Mecho-Mengeleís back, flipping him over the caterpillarís body. A bell like roar sounded as reptilian claws tore into the metallic shell of Mecho-Mengele, tearing and shredding the indestructible alloy. Pain convulsed through Mecho-Mengele as bio-circuits were destroyed.

        Mecho-Mengele and Godzilla punched, flipped, clawed, kicked and roared their way through the remains of Osaka. In Osaka bay, Godzilla flung Mecho-Mengele into the ocean. The salt water corroded his already damaged circuitry and Mecho-Mengele began to spasm and convulse uncontrollably. Godzilla ripped the robotís head from its body. A giant human skeleton came out attached to the head. Godzilla ripped these apart and flung them far into the ocean. The metallic body fell over and was swallowed the sea.

        The people of Japan could once again rejoice that monsters had not destroyed their land, that their Emperor was safe and that Mothra still lived. It had not been destroyed but had sheathed itself in a protective cocoon.

        This gem of a film is little seen today because prints are scarce and rather costly because it violates United States Copyright laws. Footage from U.S. films were used in the making of this film without getting permission from the various studios that had produced them. These included the Amazing Colossal Man, Beginning of the End, Black Scorpion, Giant Gila Monster, Them and Tarantula. U.S. Actors were also not paid for their appearances, specifically Peter Graves and James Whitmore since their appearances were edited in from the afore mention films. Only Glenn Lanagan reprising his role as the Amazing Colossal Man had scenes shot for this film. Nick Adams scenes were taken from unreleased footage of Monster Zero.
      For this reason it has never been released in the United States although dubbed versions of it do exist for the European and Hong Kong markets
        Because of its legal difficulties, Toho studio never regarded this film as officially part of the Godzilla cycle of films. (Yet they consider Godzillaís Revenge to? Editorial comment)

©2001 by Dennis E. Power