By Dennis E. Power and Dr. Peter Coogan




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1881 Abednego Danner injects his pregnant wife with a serum he had created to give his unborn child the relative strength of an insect.


1882 Abednego Danner delivered the child himself. Matilda Danner has a difficult birth and she hemorrhages. Danner is forced to rush her to the hospital where she lies in a coma. The baby had been born with a cord around his neck and Danner knows that it may suffer from retardation as a result; it is also undersized and seems no larger than any other baby. While his wife is in a coma Danner goes a little insane. Knowing his wife will ever blame him for their malformed child, Danner decides to put the baby for adoption. He travels by train to Chicago and abandons the child on the steps of an orphanage, leaving a note to please take care of poor baby Hugo.


1884 Baby Hugo is adopted by society banker Preston Harvard . When Preston Harvard and his wife die under mysterious circumstances young Bingham Harvard inherits their fortune. Bingham is placed under the foster care of Sterling Chester, Preston Harvard's best friend and executor of his will and trustee of Bingham's inheritance. For the purposes of this timeline even though Bingham Harvard's real name is Hugo Danner we will refer to him as Bingham Harvard, (although he would eventually adopt the name of Hugo Danner)


1894 Abednego Danner and his wife witness a meteorite, which lands outside their property. They investigate and find the shattered remnants of a ship and a small baby who miraculously survived the crash. Matilda Danner takes this a sign that god had replaced their lost child. The Danners promptly adopt the child and name him after their first child, Hugo, whom Matilda believes to be dead.


1900-1903 Bingham Harvard attends Chicago's Northwestern University studying chemistry and biology. During this time he exhibited feats of super strength often with a collegiate or sophomoric sense of humor. A comic strip based on his escapades made into the Chicago Tribune under the name of Hugo Hercules. When stopped by a cop for carrying a cannon, the cop had asked his name, Bingham had blurted out his birth name, Hugo. A writer named Philip Wylie would remember the Hugo Hercules strip.


1904 At his foster father's insistence, Bingham Harvard studies finance and business management at Harvard's school of business. His first love however is chemistry and biology. In Boston, he comes across a youth being beaten by a gang of toughs and rescues him. In addition to losing one eye, the boy needs an emergency blood transfusion, which Harvard provides. The boy will grow up to a super strong sailor man.


1905 After graduating from Harvard business school Bingham Harvard takes a job in his foster father's New York City based bank. Sterling Chester wants him to work his way to the top, so has Bingham start out as a teller.


1907 Thursday, June 13. One hundred thousand dollars is discovered missing from the Sterling Chester's bank. Almost immediately Detective Rodney Rushton pegs Bingham Harvard as the thief and produces "evidence" to back his claim. Sterling Chester is persuaded that Bingham is the thief. When the police attempt to arrest him, Bingham Harvard's great rage manifests, he escapes, snapping the arms of policemen as he does.


1907-1908 Events of Alias, the Night Wind where Bingham Harvard is a fugitive from justice while trying to discover the real thief. Either his rage is too great or he just has no inkling as to carry out a true investigation and he seems to send most of his time running around the city at night, encountering cops and breaking their limbs. The Chief of Police assigns Detective Kate Maxwell to the case. She and Night Wind encounter one another. She becomes convinced of his innocence and they fall in love. Unable to find justice they leave for England.


1908 Six months after the end of Alias, the Night Wind, the events of The Return of the Night Wind take place. Kate Maxwell returns to investigate the charges and evidence against Bingham Harvard. He also returns but has a lesser role. Rodney Rushton the police detective is discovered to have been the actual embezzler working with several bank employees. Sterling Chester had still been reluctant to believe Bingham was innocent, despite Rushton having put the grift on him for 500 dollars a month.


1911 Arn Munro born to Anna Blake Munro, The Munros have relocated to Denver. Arnold is actually the son of Hugo Danner, who had returned to his home town for a brief visit. Arnold Munro grows up without ever knowing this fact. He has a pretty normal childhood and adolescence, he grows faster than most of his peers, is slightly stronger than most children his age, less likely to get hurt. Although he is stronger than most of his peers he has an aversion to using his physical skills over his mental accomplishments. He is an accomplished scholar and although he played football, he preferred getting a scholarship through his scholastic accomplishments rather than his physical traits.


1911 Events of The Night Wind's Promise.[1] Bingham Harvard is now President of the Bank. Sterling Chester has most likely retired. Bingham Harvard has Rodney Rushton released to help investigate the defrauding of an old friend of Sterling Chester. The con man assumed several identities but is revealed to be the former fiancée of Kate Maxwell. Bingham Harvard has a reversal of attitude about Rodney Rushton, the man who whom he had once hated with such a degree he had intended to kill him slowly and methodically. Rushton had dogged Bingham as fugitive to hide his own guilt and ruined Bingham's good name. Yet Bingham had him released on probation to solve a crime. This was because he discovered that Sterling Chester was not as Sterling a character as he had once believed. Sterling had been involved in some questionable land deals and stock mark manipulations that a woman threatened to expose. Harvard realized that even if Sterling could be tempted by greed so could Rushton, so he offered Rushton a second chance.


1912 Hugo Danner has a short tryst with Iris Carraway. Iris is a party girl and has had multiple sex partners in a short period of time. She does not know who the father of her child is, so she latches onto the richest boy she knows, Christopher Carson. Their son Fred is born later that year.


1912 Hugo Danner becomes involved with Charlotte Linders and they pretend to me man and wife while Hugo works as a carnival strongman under the name Hogarth. Finding herself pregnant Charlotte runs off with an artist named Valentine Mitchell.


1913 Valentine Mitchell abandons Charlotte at a home for unwed mothers. Charlotte dies in childbirth. Her daughter is given the name Leigh Rae Linders.


August 1914- Hugo Danner joins the French Foreign Legion. Weeks later he discovers he is bulletproof.


 Spring 1915 Danner at Blaisencourt.


 Summer 1915 Danner at Aix-au-Dixvaches.


 Winter 1916 Danner has received many medals.


1917 Krypton explodes from a geological instability in its core. Before it explodes three experimental capsules containing children are sent out in the hopes of saving a remnant of Krypton's civilization. The first capsule is an early working model, which had been stolen from Jor-El it contains Kalel Zod, the son of General Zod and destined ruler of the Earth. The second capsule is the first prototype large enough to carry two people however contains Kara Zor-El, the fifteen year old niece of Jor-El, the last capsule contains Kal-El. Kal-El's capsule is the fastest and will arrive years before the others.


1917 Events of The Lady of the Night Wind. Bingham Harvard's appearance is minimal.


Late 1917-1918 Bingham Harvard, his best friend Tom Clancy and Kate Harvard all travel to Europe. Kate is a nurse; Bingham and Tom are officers in the U.S. Expeditionary Forces.


June 1917--Americans arrive in France, Danner transferred to American forces.


June 1918 Bingham Harvard's world is shattered. Tom Clancy is wounded and sent to field hospital where Kate Harvard is one of the attending nurses. Bingham is visiting the hospital when it is shelled. Kate and Tom are among those killed.  All the rage that had been in The Night Wind rises up in Bingham Harvard as hatred against the Germans. Whereas The Night Wind had been restrained by social convention, in a war zone Bingham felt no constraints. He calls himself Hugo Harvard rather than by Bingham since the name Bingham brought to mind painful memories of Kate. Known as Captain Hugo his feats of strength and bloodlust become blended with that of Hugo Danner's, It is in France that Bingham Harvard first becomes aware of a super strong man also known as Hugo.


November 11, 1918 Danner intends to travel to Germany to use his super strength to end the war, when war ends through diplomacy.


1919 After the war Bingham Harvard discovered that Germans had not shelled the field hospital that had killed his wife and best friend. An American artillery commander had mistakenly shelled it. However the propaganda of blaming it on the Germans had been very effective. The commander who had mistakenly shelled the field hospital was not reprimanded but had been decorated for mounting an effective counter strike, which was entirely fictional. Harvard made a stink about this. To shut him up the Army tried to discredit him by bringing up his Night Wind period when he had been a wanted, super strong criminal. When he persisted despite this smear campaign they began to drop hints that since he had been present perhaps he had been responsible for the deaths at the field hospital, perhaps he had snapped, gone insane and killed the people at the hospital. The man who suggested this was the man who had ordered the artillery barrage and was now working for G-2 disseminating propaganda and disinformation. Bingham Harvard met with this man and argued with him. He lashed out at the man and broke his neck. He felt no remorse at all as he hid the body.


1919 Abednego Danner dies. Hugo Danner returns to Indian Creek for the funeral. He runs into Anna Blake Munro. She has an eight-year-old boy that bears a remarkable resemblance to Danner. She reveals to him that Arnold is his child but does not know it and will never know it. He does not have any special abilities so there isn't any reason for him to know John Munro is not his father. This is one of the last straws that breaks Danner's connection to humanity.  He discovers that his father has spent the last few years gathering artifacts from his ship, which had broken up in the atmosphere scattering debris around the country. [2] Among the artifacts are a crystal and an odd device with a glass mirror attached to it. Although its power source had been damaged enough residual power remained for Hugo Danner to converse with the people imprisoned in the Phantom Zone as they termed it although it was also called the Negative Zone or the 8th dimension. Many of these people spoke English and they told Hugo they could reveal his true origins and also demonstrate that he was not alone in terms of power….if he would let them out. The PZ denizens spoke English not from constant observation of Earth but because Togs and Ocs who had been released on Earth and died on Earth found themselves in the PZ


1920 Sterling Chester died of a sudden heart attack. Opening Sterling's secret safes, by brute strength when necessary, Bingham discovered that his foster father Sterling Chester assisted with Bingham Harvard’s frame up  for embezzlement. Chester had later put all of his support behind the unveiling of Rodney Rushton as the true villain because Sterling Chester had been a crook. He had cheated Harvard out of the trust given to him by Harvard adoptive parents, he had used his bank as means of laundering money and he had been a bankroller for various criminal enterprises. Rather than subject his bank to the scandal, Harvard kept quiet about the criminal activities.


1920-21 Post War depression. Bingham Harvard loses much of his fortune in the postwar depression, much of it through stock speculation and commodities futures. He becomes aware that a consortium of blue-blooded Wall Street brokers had manipulated his fortune away from him. They had found Harvard's impugning the reputation of Sterling Chester to be contemptible. They also were repulsed by Harvard’s foundling birth, which at the time was a taken as a certain sign of illegitimacy.  This embitters Bingham Harvard even further. These plutocrats would later turn against the mastermind behind the stock manipulation scheme, William Carpenter, and bilk him of his fortune.


1921-23 Bingham Harvard uses information from his foster father's hidden papers to establish connections with the underworld. He uses his small fortune to bankroll criminal enterprises. With the proceeds from this he and two others revive the recently Crime Club, which had been broken up by the criminal/vigilante Gray Seal. Bingham also creates ties to the burgeoning criminal enterprises bolstered by bootlegging, the Syndicate and the Mafia


1921 Hugo Danner plans to release criminals from the Phantom Zone and create a race of supermen.[3] He is stopped by the intervention of the Legion of the Superheroes who take him to the 30th century. He spends decades in the future undergoing psycho-therapy  and enjoying the company other gifted individuals.  Danner eventually returns to 1921, being told by the LSH that he had a destiny to fulfill. Considering Hugo Danner a dead man he adopts the identity that the Legion had told him he would assume in the future, Clark Kent. Henceforth we will refer to him as Danner/Kent for reasons of clarity despite his adoption of the name Clark Kent.


1922 Towards the end of the year Jimmy Dale comes out of retirement to infiltrate and bring down the Crime Club.


1923 Jimmy Dale succeeds in exposing Bingham Harvard as a criminal financier. Bingham Harvard breaks Dale's back, paralyzing him. He also kills two police officers. He uses his strength to flee police custody. He breaks into his bank at night and breaks open the vault however the police had been waiting for such a event and Harvard is forced to flee a fusillade of gunfire. He is wounded several times and falls into the river. He survives and realizes that taking overt chances like that will only get him killed. Harvard flees to Chicago, where he remembered his collegiate days with a great deal of fondness. He begins using the name Wolf Derek. Wolf because he plans to be a predator rather than a sheep from now on. He also has conceived a serious hatred for costumed vigilantes.


While working for various Chicago bootleggers as muscle and gunmen, he meets other men who are also veterans of the Great War. A few of them recognize him as Captain Hugo. Others dispute that stating that they had known the super strong Captain Hugo. While there was marked resemblance, Captain Hugo had a different last name Banner or Danner or Tanner.  Certain that there is a connection Harvard visits the Chicago orphanage that had arranged for his adoption by the Harvards. They showed him the note that had been left with him. He stole it.


1924 Bingham Harvard learned about the death of Matilda Danner and traveled to Indian Creek. He discovered Professor Danner's journal and also Matilda Danner's diary. This information allowed him to know that he had been abandoned as an infant, that he had a super powered brother who had co-opted his real name.


While in Indian Creek, he meets Anna Blake's younger sister Susannah. He pretends to be Hugo Danner, who he said had faked his own death because he was wanted by the law. Intrigued Susannah begins a love affair with him. Harvard disappears. She marries her college sweetheart an engineer named William Collier. She will bear twin sons Henry and William. Bill Collier will take a job with Ford Werke AG, a German subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company. The family moves to Germany.


1925 Events of John Campbell's "Who Goes There?" Arctic research team uncovers frozen spaceship and thaw out an alien being. The alien being was a Founder or a related species. The newly born protoplasmic shapechanger nearly destroys the facility before he is defeated by a weapon devised by MacReady. Macready was Campbell's name for Clark Wildman Jr. just as Vance Norris was Campbell's name for Nathaniel Roberts. Doc Savage would keep frozen tissue samples of the burnt creature.


1929 The daughter of Danner/Kent Leigh Linders uses super strength and clairvoyance to thwart a murder in progress. She rescues Rodney Prescott. Prescott later rescues her from the headmaster of the orphanage she is in and they run away together. Prescott is studying physics and having a hard time keeping in school due to money problems, although he is an heir to a fortune. While his financial problems continue, Leigh attends college and excels in sports. She supports or attempts to support them both by playing sports, golf and tennis. However these male dominated sports do not take kindly to female interlopers.


1929 Arnold Munro attends Washington University in St. Louis, MO.


1930 Thinking that Speed Dash might be Danner in disguise, Harvard kills him. Richard “Speed” [4] Dash was a detective, but quite different from many of the pulp private eyes. He was a “human fly,” in such good physical shape that he was capable of scaling buildings with no equipment or help. He was in the best physical shape imaginable, able to “crush a raw potato to liquid.” And he led a pure life, never drinking, smoking, or even having impure thoughts about women


1930 In Germany Susannah Blake Collier is bored with her husband who spends all his time at the automotive plant. When her son's playmate disappears, the police interview her. She catches the eye of Inspector Karl Lohmann and the two begin an affair. Lohmann likes the fact that Susannah has two sons, his wife had not been able to give him any. Inspector Karl Lohmann becomes fleetingly famous when he captures the child murderer that had been stalking the streets of Berlin. This is enough to bring him to the attention of Adolf Hitler.


1930 Harvard kills the mysterious crime figure known as the Black Star.[5] This was a commissioned hit, an up and coming crime boss wanted the rival criminal eliminated. That the Black Star was a costumed nut was gravy.


Harvard kills Miller Rand, "the Electrical Man,"[6]


1930 Daxamite Halk Kar's ship takes him to the nearest Kryptonian, Clark Kent. Halk Kar is suffering from partial amnesia due his lead poisoning so when Clark Kent exhibits many of the same powers as he, Halk Kar begins to believe that he is Kent’s older brother. However Halk Kar becomes sicker from the lead content of the air and has to go back into suspended animation. His ship is in a free orbit around Pluto.[7]


1931 Harvard works as a contract killer during the Castellammarese War for control of the New York underworld.


When Joe Maranzano declares himself Boss of Bosses, Harvard supports his claim. When Maranzano is cut down and a general purge of Maranzano supporters begins, Harvard goes into hiding. He contacts Benedict Stark, a rich patron for whom he had done work previously. Stark has a contract for him that would take him out of the country to Germany. He wants Harvard to kill his silent partner Hans Stark. After carrying out the murder of Hans Stark, Harvard is brought to the attention of the criminal element and also to the attention of a political faction.


In Germany of 1931-32 street fights between the Nazis and their various opponents were legion. With the police hard pressed to keep order, some of Germany's few costumed vigilantes took up the slack, which bothered the criminal element, since the determined vigilantes were more effective than the police had been. The police could at least be persuaded on occasion to look the other way. Harvard made it known he would be available for jobs on a case-by-case basis. Schraenker the titular head of crime in Berlin gives Harvard several contracts.


Over the next few months Harvard kills the German vigilantes Jack Nelson of the Tric-Trac-Tric, Harry Pitt.[8].) Hans Stark, Frank Allan. [9]Tom Hypnos[10] (Loke Klingsor[11]. Several times Harvard had to escape from the police and used his strength and powerful leaps to escape. 


In late 1932 German newspapers spoke of a so-called Ubermensch in America, the police began to wonder if perhaps such a being was among them. Also wondering about this was a certain former corporal of the German army who had seen the exploits of the Amerikaner called Captain Hugo first hand. Seeing the Ubermensch in person had inspired him to find purpose in his life and he had joined the nascent political party German Workers Party and through force of will had transformed it into the National Socialist German Workers Party. He sent agents to contact this man and see if he was indeed the famed Captain Danner or Tanner or Banner.


Harvard claimed to be Hugo Danner. Through several meeting with high level Nazi officials Harvard became if not a dedicated Nazi then was persuaded of its political and social philosophy which coincided with his belief that he was the epitome of the superior man.


Harvard spent the rest of the year killing the Nazis’ enemies. After Hitler rose to power he wished for Hugo to create more people such as himself and form an unstoppable army. Caught in his own lies, Harvard knew that the Nazi's would kill him without compunction. Harvard stated that he had the formula in America and that it would take a few years to formulate the serum used to create him. Hitler knew that he would take several years to rebuild Germany before it could establish the Greater German Reich so agreed to let Harvard return to America. He even agreed to furnish Danner with new identity papers so that his enemies in the United States would not be aware that he had returned. Harvard was however to work on the creation of his serum and also promote the Nazi cause in America.


1931 Bill Collier is killed when he is an innocent bystander caught in mob violence between Nazis and Communist bullyboys. Inspector Karl Lohmann immediately moves to have his illicit affair with Susannah Blake Collier into a legal union and marries her. Her two sons are adopted by him and become Heinrich and Wilhelm Lohmann.


1932 Leigh Linders enters the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics as a member of the Brazilian team. using the name Lucinda Regente. She meets Danner/Kent who discovers her uncontrolled powers. The Legion of Super Heroes showed up to take into the future where she can be trained. She returns a few hours after her departure, although to her three years have traversed. She married Rodney Prescott and gives birth to Joseph Rodney Prescott later this year.

In 1921 the Legion of Superheroes had pulled Danner into the future. He spent several decades there and returned with a device to alert the Legion if he needs them. Although this device contains a time modification program to allow it to maintain a constant relationship with the future, once the device is in the past it cannot quite do so as the future shifts constantly. So it can only approximate time synchronicity and may well miscommunicate.


Nothing can be done about this.


The Legion receives Danner's signal in 2971 . They do not know who it is from, but send their time sphere anyway. They arrive and a man with a young woman recognizes them, says their names, and requests that they take her to the future. Not knowing how the man knows them, but aware of the vagaries of time travel, they pretend to know who he is and decide to solve that problem in the future. Once they get to the future, they discover that he is Superman. It seems that during the time they were gone, the future changed and previously lost records suddenly had never been lost. They found a copy of Gladiator, (a partial) copy of Al Schroeder’s Supermania, and random issues of the LSH. They study these records and determine that Superman must have come to the future at some point, especially given his reaction to them. Since he had come in his past, but in their future, they studied the records and determined that the most likely point was at the end of Gladiator. Their comic book resources had issues that claimed Clark Kent came forward as a teenager and ones that claimed he hadn't at all. Gladiator seemed the most reliable, and Leigh Linders vouched for its authenticity. So in 2975 they decided to make the attempt to bring Danner forward and showed up on the mountain top back in 1921.


1932 Danner/Kent begins his career as Superman in August


1932 Joseph Prescott born to Leigh Linders (Danner) and Rodney Prescott


1933 Bingham Harvard returns to the United States with forged documents that state he is James Harper, a former Secret Service agent.  He joins the New York police force. He also adopts the secondary identity of Wolf Derek, hit man for hire. To appease the Nazi's he also created the identity of Wolf Deitrich, a bundist. In order to explain his long absences Harvard convinces his superiors that he is retired from the Secret Service but remains on detached duty and so he could be called away at a moment's notice during a crisis


To infiltrate the ranks of costumed vigilantes, Jim Harper creates the identity of the Guardian. As a cover for this he actually fights crime. He attracts a fan club of Newsboys. One of the Newboys is called Big Words, his real name is Joe Danner. Harper marries and his wife gives birth to a daughter some few months after the marriage.  This girl, Janie Marie, hangs out with the Newsboys and forms an attachment to Big Words, Joe Prescott (Danner.)


1933 Inspector Karl Lohmann joins the Nazi party at first to keep his job but eventually becomes an ardent National Socialist.


1934 Harvard kills Zero the Silent. [12]


1934 Harvard kills Dr. Coffin


1934 Harvard kills The Man in the Silver Mask. [13]


1934 Harvard kills Green Ghost (II) by Johnston McCulley


1934 Harvard kills Moon Man. [14]


1934 Harvard is recalled to Berlin to explain his progress on the superman formula. He claims to be distilling the formula. Impatient, the Nazis take several blood samples from Harvard, intending to distill their own version of the serum from out of his blood. As a "reward" for his "diligence" in his research, he is given two experimental drugs. The immediate effects make him very sick and are accompanied agonizing pain. He later learns that everyone else who had taken it had died. Hitler had believed that "Danner's" superhuman body could withstand the ill effects, if not then he was not truly the ubermensh. The effect of the drugs is to toughen Harvard's skin and bones making his tissue dense, giving him near invulnerability. His bones had been strengthened by chemically enhancing the iron content in them, on an X-ray it would appear as though he had metallic bones.


He was also told he would not be leaving until he had given the Reich the formula. Using the facilities that the Reich provided him Harvard used his knowledge of biochemistry to isolate elements Danner's formula from his bloodstream. He also used Danner's possibly bogus formula from the stolen lab book. He suspected that his body had absorbed most of the ingredients during infancy. He warned the Nazi’s that this formula probably would not work on a full grown human it had to be injected into a pregnant woman and it would take years for it to develop. This did not please Hitler and had Dr. Moreau begin working on a modification of the formula that would create a super soldier.  He allowed Harvard to leave but before the formula was to be used on good Aryan stock he wanted to test it on lesser breeds. Germany had colonies in parts of the world where appropriate testing subjects could be found. Africa or South America would be ideal. The idea of a superhuman black gave Hitler struck Hitler as ludicrous. He waited with anticipation for the Olympics when German athletes would prove just how superior they were to the mongrelized Americans. Danner went to South America in a remote part of Brazil. German soldiers accompanied him. He proved himself a god by his strength and near invulnerability.  He and the soldiers traveled the forests gathering followers. They ruthlessly combined tribes by killing all but a few men and leaving mostly women. Harvard injected all the pregnant women with his version of the superman formula. He also used his godly privilege to bed many of the comelier women.  Harvard and the soldiers then left, vowing to return when the crop would be mature. The soldiers returned to Germany to report on Harvard's efforts and Harvard returned to America.


He had to explain his nearly year-long absence by claiming to have been on a Secret Service assignment. 

The report that Harvard filed with the New York City Police Department was forwarded to the Secret Service. The story Harvard related was that he had been in Mexico preventing an Aztec revival and take over of the Mexican government. The Neo-Aztecs had learned to create a chemical formula that would cause a human being to spontaneously combust turning them into walking bombs. Harvard broke the Neo-Aztecs and destroyed the walking bomb formula.[15]


1935 Arnold Munro accepts a position at the University of Colorado-Boulder as an associate professor of Geology and Engineering .  He is married and his wife also accepts an associate professorship at Boulder College.


1935 Karl Lohmann enrolls Heinrich and Wilhelm Lohmann into the Hitler Youth. Susannah Blake Lohmann protests this and makes noises about taking the boys back to America. Susannah Blake Lohmann is arrested by the Gestapo for alleged ties to Communist agitators. She is sent to Dachau concentration camp for political prisoners and never heard from again.


1936 Inspired by his mother’s tales about the future and other strange realms and stories of Superbaby and Superboy, Joe Prescott tries his hand at writing cartoon strips. They are quite accomplished for a four-year old.  Proud of his grandson's accomplishments, Danner shows Prescott's work to young cartoonist Sheldon Mayer. Mayer created the character of Scribbly the boy cartoonist from Kent's story—Mayer would maintain, however, that he had created the character based on his own experiences.


1936 Having heard tales of a Superman in Cleveland, Clark Kent a reporter for the Chicago Daily Star dons a similar suit and begins his exploits as Superman, although he is more powerful than the original, even to the point of having the power of flight.  Clark Kent is unaware that Hugo Danner is also using the name Clark Kent.


1937 Arnold Munro's mother stumbles and falls into a ravine while out on a family outing . Arnold unthinkingly jumps down after her and then jumps out again with her in his arms. This incident makes the local paper; his feat is attributed to an adrenal rush. One of Arnold's recent graduates who had just become ordained as a priest sent him a copy of Gladiator as a joke. Munro reads it and is stunned by the mention of his mother's maiden name and other persons she had mentioned. She breaks down and revealed that his father was the late Hugo Danner.


1937 Fred Carson, inspired by the exploits of Superman begins his own career as a mystery man. To distinguish himself from Superman he wears a red and yellow suit. He also claims to have gained his powers from a magical ring given to him by a lama in Tibet. (This would later influence Billy Batson when he began his dreamland career as Captain Marvel).


1938 When word began filtering into Boulder about the so-called Superman, Arnold Munro briefly wondered if this was one of Danner's other bastards. He regarded the costumed Superman and all costumed vigilantes as ridiculous, grandstanding show-offs.


1938 Clark Kent and Danner/Kent finally meet when they both battle against the racketeer Wrecker Ross as depicted in Superman 80, Jan/Fed 1953, as "Superman's Lost Brother."


1938 Doc Savage begins to think about setting up a school to train talented youngsters in order to prevent them from going bad.  His battle with John Sunlight inspires this idea as Doc sees Sunlight as a twisted mirror of himself who might have done much good in the world had he been raised as Doc was.  He is also struck by an idea he rejects but some how can’t shake that Sunlight is his son.


1938 Fred Carson, Wonder Man perishes after he successfully repels a Sarmak attack based in Grover Corners, New Jersey, This story is later turned into the Elseworlds comic, Superman:War of Worlds


1938 Leigh Prescott begins traveling back and forth to the 30th Century using the name Laurel Kent in the future. She is an instructor at the Legion of Super Heroes Academy.


1939 Harvard is ordered by the Nazis to establish the Guardian as a super patriotic symbol, this way he could eventually get close enough to important military or political leaders to assassinate them. Rather than jeopardize his Guardian identity, Harvard creates another identity that of Hank Haywood, a biochemist injured in a serious accident that had his life saved by the insertion of a steel skeleton. He calls himself Steel. In 1939 he fought against saboteurs, sometimes staged incidents, in a star-spangled outfit. Since Steel was based in Long Island and Connecticut, Harvard was able to preserve his Jim Harper identity and claim that he was on errands for the Secret Service.


1939 Marriage between Leigh Linders Prescott and Rodney Prescott ends when he has an affair. Leigh begins using the name Laurel Kent, demonstrating her closer relationship with her father Hugo Danner, who was using the Kent name at this time.


The affair that Rodney Prescott had was with Dolores Winters the movie star. He was not aware however Dolores Winters brain had been replaced by that of the Ultrahumanite. The Ultrahumanite forced Rodney Prescott to work for her. Prescott was held as a hostage to make Superman commit crimes.


1939 Criminals break into Monk Mayfair's Queens laboratory. They steal many items including tissue samples of the Thing From Another World. The crooked biologist attempts to re-grow the thing in a vast of electrically charged fluid. The thing revives a bit when it is feed raw meat. Gangster Eel O'Brian is shot committing a robbery. Feeling from the police he stumbles into the laboratory and into the vat containing the creature. Attracted by Eel's blood it begins to feed and melds with Eel's body. He tears it off of him and leaves it on the floor of the warehouse, which he then flees. The DNA exchange affected O'Brian, and he would become the mysteryman known as Plastic Man. A small piece of the Thing was revived by Eel's blood protein. It gained sustenance by ingesting a fly which shape it took on and then a dog and finally it absorbed a person. It had been damaged by its death and by the electrically charged fluid. The exchange of DNA in its weakened state had somehow limited its abilities. At first it had no control over its shape shifting abilities. Seeming at random it would touch and absorb the DNA and RNA of people and duplicate them, also draining enough energy from the person to often kill them. This “rogue” or “parasite” would believe it was the person that it had duplicated and continue that person's life until it once again without conscious effort stole an identity. After several such incarnations something odd began to happen, the duplications were no longer perfect because the previous memories had not been erased. As the memory fragments accumulated a sort of persona emerged that often but not always carried over from identity to identity. This persona seemed to have the ability to sometimes but not always selectively absorb memories or abilities from people.


1940 Harvard kills Mr. Death Mister Death (I).[16]

1940 Harvard kills Cash Gorman the Wizard Wizard[17]


1940 Harper informs his wife and police superiors that he has to take another extended leave of absence for the Secret Service. Actually he had been summoned by the Nazi hierarchy to travel to England. A Nazi defector was attempting to get to Prime Minister Winston Churchill with vital information about the Nazi’s planned offense against Britain. Harvard was to find this person and dispatch them. The defector had unfortunately been part of the super soldier program and so might be difficult for Harvard to kill. Another assassin had been dispatched as his backup. The super soldier defector killed the so-called Black Assassin and was making a bee line for the Prime Minister. Harvard, disguised as Steel, tackled the Nazi defector and killed him. Although he knew it would be easy for him to kill Winston Churchill, he also knew that doing so and getting out England alive would be next to impossible. So he allowed Churchill to think that he had saved his life. In gratitude for having saved his life, Churchill offered Steel the chance to embark on a suicide mission. He wanted Steel to parachute into Germany and kidnap Adolf Hitler. Although Harvard tried to get out of it, Churchill was persistent. Steel agreed and was parachuted out of plane over Nazi Germany. Knowing that Hitler would be upset that he had not taken the opportunity to kill Churchill, Harvard told his Nazi superiors that he was never allowed to become get close to Churchill. Churchill had been afraid of him which is why he had been sent on this crazy mission to get Hitler. Hitler kept many layers of contact between himself and Harvard. He made certain that Harvard was returned to the United States at once and told him not to use the Steel guise any longer.  So that that the Allies would not be suspicious about what had happened to Steel, the story was put out that he was captured and placed in a concentration camp.


1940 Herman and Wilhelm Lohmann volunteer for the Nazi Super Soldier project using Dr. Moreau's version of a super solider serum based on the blood work of Bingham Harvard and stolen papers from the laboratory of Dr. Reinstein. The serum works on both of these two volunteers although it kills everyone else. Heinreich is the more powerful of the two. As a reaction to the serum Heinreich was made completely bald, making him appear years older than he actually was. He was given the name Ubermensch. Wilhelm was less strong than his brother and less durable. He was given the code name Master Man. They helped out the German armed forces, although secretly. Hitler does not want a lot of verdammt foreign Ubermensch in Germany.  Another volunteer also receives enhanced strength to a lesser degree than Ubermensch. However the side effect was to blind him and also cause his facial bones to become distorted. He wore a mask to cover his deformity. The blindness would be a temporary but recurring state. He would become known as Baron Blitzkrieg.


1940 Anne Warburton (Little Orphan Annie) marries Daniel Clampett, adventurer and entrepreneur. Daniel Clampett is the scion of an Arkansas mountain folk whose land was rich in Uranium. They sold their land and made certain their children had more than six grade educations as opposed to their cousins in Bugtussle who seemed content to live in the hardscrabble conditions of Ozark mountain life. Daniel was an archeologist and anthropologist who also invented advances in sonar technology to use in his work.


1941 Supersnipe, Marcoux's magnum opus, debuted in the back pages of Shadow Comics vol. 2 #3 (March, 1942)


1941 Danner and Lois Lane Kent buy a small farm in Connecticut in a town called Smallville to use as a weekend retreat and a summer vacation home. It also gave Joe Prescott Danner a place to practice his powers in seclusion and it also got him away from the street kids he hung around most of the time. Pete Ross and Lana Lang were both kids in this small Connecticut village. Pete Ross and Lana Lang were friends of Joe Prescott Danner. Pete saw him doing Superboy stuff and Lana had a crush on Joe.


1941 November   Arnold Munro and his wife are having a nature hike near the Colorado dam. He was writing a paper on how the dam altered the geology of the area and decided to combine a research trip with a bit of romance.  He hears loud voices speaking in German. They are talking about blowing up the dam. Arnold strains his eyes to see what they are doing and suddenly realizes he can see quite well in the dark and his vision has improved to the point where he can see them quite clearly even at the distance of half a mile. They are already planting the charges.  He tells his wife to stay put and races up the hill towards the dam. He runs faster than he had ever done before and is not winded when he arrives in a few moments at the top of the dam. He plows into the bunch of saboteurs. He is able to fend off their fists and feet and knock their guns from their hands. He hears another car approaching rapidly, a door opens, and a woman shouts. He turns to see his wife running towards him. He also sees a woman throw a stick of dynamite straight at him. The blast kills one of the saboteurs and Arnold Munro's wife. He is knocked several feet away from the saboteurs. His clothes are tattered, he has some trouble hearing and he feels like he has a sunburn all over his body. Other than that he is unhurt, although he is filled with a burning rage. The saboteurs have piled into a car and roared way. Furious Arnold runs after the car, and catches up to it and jumps over it. Knowing that he did not have enough mass to stop the car, he lay down flat rolled over and kicked up as the car passed over him. The car flipped over and went careening down a ravine where it exploded.


Arnold Munro reports the incident to the authorities. He finds himself drafted and placed in Military Intelligence where he is classified. Arnold would often be assigned to work with the OSS's to Auxiliary Logistical and Special Tactical Response Squadron. The ALSTR Squad. On occasion he would work along side Batman and Robin, Namor, Wonder Woman, The Green Arrow.



1942 To make a great propaganda coup and demoralize the American psyche, the Nazi's dispatched a team of assassins to kill prominent costumed vigilantes. These assassins are costumed to represent Nazi versions of existing American mystery men, Ubermensch a Nazi version of Superman, Gudra the Valkyrie a Nazi version of Wonder Woman, The Great Horned Owl and his son Field Mouse, Usil the Archer, and the See-Wulf, who represented Nazi versions of Batman and Robin, The Green Archer and Namor the Sub-Mariner. Their primary objective was to kill their doppelgangers, commit acts of terror and sabotage, and eliminate any other costumed vigilantes.  Ubermensch tried to kill Superman but picked Clark Kent. Superman was stronger, faster and more durable than Ubermensch. Needing to retreat he spotted a news vendor cowering in his newstand. He picked up the elderly man intending to use him as a hostage. However, he grabbed the old man too hard and fast and crushed his trachea. Useless to him, Ubermensch grabbed a kid who was next to the old man. When Superman insisted on pursuing despite the kid hostage, Ubermensch broke the kid's back and made a strategic retreat.  This story was later attributed to Captain Marvel and Captain Nazi by Billy Batson. The young man with the broken back was Freddy Freemen. Ubermensch would shortly after this meet up with Arnold Munro who was more of an even match for him. Yet Munro too would defeat him. Der Grosse Euler and his son would find that their prey Batman was out of the country working on missions for the OSS. They instead tried to kill Robin and Bat-Girl. Their attempt failed and tragically the son of Der Grosse Euler fell to his death, having misjudged distances as he tried to knock Bat-girl off a building.


Usil the Archer did encounter his counterpart and was quickly defeated. Namor was also out of the country so the See-Wulf contented himself with acts of terrorism  such as setting the ocean liner Normandie on fire. The See-Wulf was actually a member of the Daninsky family who had been operated on by Dr. Moreau and been given the ability to breathe or water. His lycanthropic state made him nearly invulnerable. Once his true state was known it was easy to cut him down using silver bullets. Gudra the Valkyrie did not have a flying horse as depicted in the comics. She did dress like a Valkyrie and had a spear with a fatal electrical charge. Rather than carrying out her primary mission she attempted to strike a blow for the Reich by assassinating President Roosevelt.


How she managed to elude the guards is still unknown. She climbed into the Oval office window, overpowered the Secret service men and threw her electrical spear at President Roosevelt. Roosevelt had been giving a mystery man who called himself the Atom a special award for having thwarted a group of bundists from carrying out a bombing. The Atom was merely a short man who had built himself into a muscular powerhouse through weight training and possibly steroids. He took the spear intended for Roosevelt and was electrocuted. The charge in her spear depleted, Gudra bolted. She jumped from the window and ran extremely fast across the mall. However even her enhanced muscles could not escape the bullets of the secret service.

The preceding events, although drastically different, were depicted in All Star Squadron Comics. She was brought down in a hail of gunfire. Although severely wounded she lived, she would recover and eventually attack her primary target, Wonder Woman. She would be confused in the comics with Fausta.


1942 Rodney Prescott, a physicist, works on an early atomic pile project, the core of which would become part of the Manhattan Project. Distracted by his marital woes Rodney Prescott accidentally exposes himself to hard radiation. However, the radiation does not kill Prescott but rather somehow reactivates the powers he had once had for a transitory time. He also gives off a high level of radiation that, however, does cause damage to anyone around him for any time.  He does learn, however, that the use of his increased strength taxes him greatly, putting him on the verge of a fatal collapse each time he used them. Learning of the “living cyclotron,” the Ultra-Humanite kidnaps Prescott and tries to induce him to work for him. When Prescott refuses, the Ultra-Humanite has Prescott's son Joe kidnapped and held for hostage until Prescott would work for him. The U-H kidnapping of young Joe Prescott however backfired, for this made Laurel Kent and Danner come after the UH. Prescott uses the distraction of Laurel and Danner breaking into the UH stronghold, a building in downtown Chicago, to overpower his guards and grab his son.


He flees to the roof of the building thinking he could use his enhanced strength to jump to the safety of another building. Some of UH’s more devoted thugs give chase and begin firing at Prescott and his son. Prescott uses his body to shield his son from the bullets. The great pain of the bullets hitting him makes Prescott lose his concentration, starting an atomic chain reaction. This reaction had been coming for some time the chemical effects of extreme adrenaline jump started it, although the UH’s experiments on him, which attempted to achieve exactly the effect of turning him into an atomic bomb, hurried things along.  It may have just been time for his body to break down, an unfortunate coincidence given what was going on, although his stress levels probably played into it.  Most likely his body began to have an atomic chain reaction because of the stress of saving his son and the injuries.


Danner and Laurel Kent arrived on the roof. Prescott threw Joe Prescott into Laurel's arms and jumped off of the roof hoping to explode harmlessly in mid air. As he plummeted to his death he winked out of existence. (He was taken to participate in the Crisis… for a few seconds)


A few weeks later Laurel Kent would travel into the future for the last time. She would never return. (She died in the Crisis)


Hugo Danner would adopt the boy, but because Joe felt that his mother had abandoned him, he used his grandfather's original name Danner. To overcome his grief over the loss of his parents, he became involved in comics and amassed a huge collection. Danner used his influence with the comic industry to get free copies and even introduced Joe to the writers and artists. He made a bit of a pest of himself and the comic character Supersnipe was created based on his imaginary tales.


1942 Jim Harper (Harvard) is drafted into the army.


1942 Oct Jim Harper takes part in the landing on Guadalcanal.


1942 Harper is assigned to be support infantry for a mission carried out by the OSS A L Special Tactical Response Squadron, which utilizes costumed vigilantes in costume or out. In this particular group are The Clock, who had just come from a successful mission in Casablanca, (JSA: The Liberty File), The Invisible Hood, Miss America, Magno, Neon the Unknown, and the Red Bee. Their mission is to harry the enemy’s main base and with their various abilities.


As part of the Japanese-German alliance, Hitler had sent Baron Blitzkrieg to Guadalcanal to do the same thing for the Axis. (this is based on All Star Squadron 33)  The Clock was a biochemist who had developed a drug based on properties of Hugo Danner's blood. It temporarily gave him great strength, stamina, and increased his muscular density, making him slightly weaker than Harvard. However until he took his pill he was a normal man. Harvard thought that Hitler might like to have the “Uhrmann[ACS1] ” as a present . In German, uhr means both clock and hour.  This usage explains why the Clock was also called “Hourman” in American comics.  Somehow he was first heard about from a German report. Since Uhrmann sounds like Hourman, the name passed the language barrier. This was designed to make Hilter less infuriated about Harvard's failure to provide any super powered soldiers. Knowing that the Clock would not take his pill until they were near their objective. Harvard waited until the Clock was about to pop it and then rabbit punched him. Harvard then killed the rest of the American strike force team.


Under a flag of truce, Harper carried the Clock to the Japanese base in Guadalcanal.  Once Baron Blitzkrieg established Harvard’s bonafides he sent him to Germany via submarine. Harvard brought examples of Hourman's enhancement drug with him however for some reason they were ineffective on anyone other than Uhrmann. Had Baron Blitzkrieg sent the Uhrmann back with Harvard this would not have been a problem but the Baron had kept the Uhrmann. Baron Blitzkrieg had decided to study him first, perhaps learning information that would improve his standing with the Fuhrer. His selfishness cost the Reich a great prize as Regular U.S. Infantry troops attacked the Japanese Base. The Baron underwent one of his periodic bouts of blindness and Hourman was able to swallow one of his pills. Although the pill helped out, Hourman had suffered a concussion, he had been starved and beaten and hung in chains, he also suffered from Miraclo withdrawal. He was not much help to the troops when they arrived and he was sent stateside. Baron Blitzkrieg was captured and also sent to America.


Jim Harper is declared missing in action.  Jim’s friend, police lieutenant Charles Jackson, comforts his wife and they become romantically involved.  Jackson marries Mrs. Harper once Jim Harper is declared dead.  Jackson finds a Guardian costume in a closet and takes up the identity.



1942-43 Children of Dawn Adolf Hitler realizes that the United States entry into the war has meant that the Third Reich is doomed unless the United States military machine can be delayed and its war production slowed. To this end Hitler wants "Danner" (Harvard) to enact the Children of the Dawn project years ahead of time. Danner is to inject the children who had been born of the Indians in South America with modified versions of the super soldier serum that he had been given.  There are about ten surviving children, Harvard suspects that most of them are actually his children and that most of the children who were not his and had been injected with the Harvard's version of Professor Danner's serum had died. Most of the surviving children had small to large birth defects. Also as result of being Harvard's children and also injected with the serum, they had experienced accelerated growth. Although they were physically and emotionally nine years old, they stood as tall as teenagers.  Hitler wants these children trained in sabotage and terrorism and let loose in America. He believed that the Americans would be too sentimentally weak to kill a child, even one as dangerous as these.


The OSS gets wind that the Nazi’s have a secret project not too far from where the legendary Maple White Land is located. They send Arnold Munro and British Intelligence officer Georgina Challenger, a granddaughter of the original explorer of Maple White Land.


"Danner" (Harvard) receives orders to let loose his group of super children on city in Chile to test the power of the children and also demonstrate to Chile it would be in their best interest to ally with the Axis Powers. On the way to Chile, Harvard and his group encounter Arn Munro.  Arnold is slightly stronger than Harvard, however, he believes that Harvard is Hugo Danner and this makes him less effective about fighting back. Harvard captures the two, intending to have a long session slowly killing Hugo Danner's son and believing that Georgina would be good breeding material for his super children, knowing what he does about the Challenger line which bred very strong, very intelligent men, the women were intelligent as well but did not possess the near simian strength of the men. 


Harvard, his children and the two captives make their way to their target city. They devastate the city and place it under the rule of the Third Reich. One of the girl super children has taken a liking to Arnold Munro and frees him. He escapes and gets off a radio message to the United States Navy.


While Harvard and his children wait for Nazi reinforcements, they also scour the area for their captives. Harvard notices with some dismay that his children are becoming ill. Almost every one of them develops a case of measles. This is one disease that the Indians of the deep forests do not have any resistance too and one by one they begin dying. Since the opposition to him has been reduced, Arnold Munro comes out of hiding to capture Hugo Danner. A fight ensues. Harvard loses the fight but breaks away from Arnold Munro he jumps into a chimney of a still standing factory. An explosion follows and “Danner” is believed to have killed himself.


The United States Navy lands and takes Munro, Challenger, and the dead bodies of the super children on board. The story is put out that an earthquake had destroyed the town.


Harvard had been more hurt by the explosion than he had bargained for. He had used stolen grenades to simulate a boiler explosion but had stood too close to the wreckage. Weakened, he knew he would be easy prey for the angry Chileans, so he made his way to the submarine rendezvous point and was taken aboard the Nazi submarine. When word that his mission had failed reached Berlin, he was placed in chains. In Berlin Harvard "volunteers" to lead the German counter attack against the Soviet victories in the Russian territories.  Despite Harvard's strength and near invulnerability, but because of his poor leadership abilities, his troops are overrun and he is captured.


The Soviets subject him to brainwashing which is effective because he sees himself as having nowhere else to go since he cannot return to Germany or the U.S. at the moment, and use him as the basis for their super soldier program. He is given the code name Steel Wolf, Stalnoivolk.


1944 Joe Prescott's powers begin to manifest as he hits puberty. He had sort of a career as Superboy, this being Danner’s training of him.  He would occasionally sneak out in costume and do super deeds.  Janie Marie Jackson begins to manifest powers and sneaks out with him, posing as Tomboy.  The whole thing in Superboy of Jonathan Kent working with Superboy to use his powers wisely was in fact Danner working with Joe Prescott to use his powers wisely.  This bond with his grandfather is why Joe later changed his name to Danner, even though Danner was using the name Clark Kent at the time. He did this to disassociate himself from his mother, Laurel Kent.  As he grew he became resentful at his mother’s going off to the future. This is how he became a chauvinist as set out with Carol Danvers. Afraid that his grandson would grow up as embittered as he had, Danner arranged with the Legion of Super-Heroes to have Joe travel back and forth between the past and future, taking on the role of Super-Boy. In this way Joe was able to interact with his mother in the 30th Century, although he was prevent from consciously knowing that this was in fact his mother. He would in fact not discover this fact until many years later. Learning of his Kryptonian heritage, Joe insisted on getting a Kryptonian name. Danner named him Marv-El.


Marv-el seems to be derived from Canaanite derived Mir-Baal or great warrior. Although, it is entirely possibly that Danner was playing a joke on Joe.  Joe's girlfriend Marie would also travel to the future with him on occasion (she was the Lana Lang of the Legion stories. Marie was the daughter of Jim Harper (Bingham Harvard and Marjorie Kinnison) Marie had found an ancient crystal, which formed a forcefield about her. The forcefield also had the ability to take any form Marie desired. Something of an entomologist, Marie visualized insect forms. Although never proven the crystal was believed to have been an early form of a Lens that had been utilized by an elite guard in Atlantis.


The death of Laurel Kent and Danner’s adoption of Joe leads him to begin to think about a school or academy for gifted youngsters like his daughter and grandson.  He feels that he failed Laurel and wants to prevent the same sort of thing from happening in the future, Danner approaches Doc Savage with this idea and is introduced to X, Odd John Wainwright.


1944 Daniel Lionel Clampett born to Anne Warburton Clampett and Daniel Clampett


1945 Joel Kent born to Clark Kent and Lois Lane.


1947 Doc Savage is put into the Phantom Zone.


1948 Danner begins using Doc Savage's Fortress of Solitude


1948 Joseph Prescott Danner and Janie Marie (Harper) Jackson are married. Despite their apparent chronological age, they are a few years old due to having spent some time in the future.


1948 With Joe Prescott Danner having married, Lois Lane Danner's desire for a child became stronger than ever. Lois had suffered Kryptonite poisoning earlier, which caused some damage to her ovaries. Hugo Danner was a Thyophian whose life spans were normally 1000 years. Since a planet of such a long-lived race would have become over populated if both male and females remained always fertile, nature had provided the Thyophians with a form of natural birth control. The males were highly fertile for a three-year period every thirty years, their sperm motility went very low. The female Thyophians like their earth human ancestors had about the same number of eggs, an average of 360. Their period of fertility was 720 years and they were fertile for a month every two years. This is why children were so treasured on Thyoph. Lois Lane finally wished to see if they could get aid in their fertility problem. They visited the Savage Centre for Genetic Research for aid in conception. Although Savage had gone missing and the Centre has been sold to another company by Savage's estate, the same people were still running it when Danner and Lois Lane visited it. Danner entered into one of his periods of fertility and Lois was able to conceive. The pregnancy was a shaky one however and they were told to go to a place were she would suffer not shocks. They went to the Fortress of Solitude. The Savage Centre was bought by the Nine and they began a close relationship with various secret departments of the government. The Savage Centre was splintered into several groups some would work on the super soldier projects, one would begin and run the Pretender program, another would be the Cadmus/Manticore Project.


1948 Stalnoivok (Harvard) is sent to Berlin to eliminate British and American agents who have acquired knowledge of the Soviet atomic weapons program. Complicating this is an independent agent of an unknown power who is also attempting to gain knowledge of the atomic weapons program. Because of the deaths of their agents, the Americans send in operatives from ALSTR to investigate and halt the Soviet activities. The Americans are Stalnoivolk.'s old "chums" The Clock, The Bat, and Clark Kent.  The unknown agent of an unknown power turns out to be a rogue agent, literally a rogue agent; it is a being which absorbs the memories and personas of people it has contact with yet cannot readily process these memories or personas when it has too much to process at one time. How it ended up in Berlin and what its original purpose in being there were unknown. It is fortunate for Stalnoivolk that the being impersonated him and was accidentally killed by Clark Kent. ( Actually however the being had not been killed. Part of its body detached when it was decapitated and reformed anew. ) Harvard manages to pass himself as an American who had been held captive by the Soviets from the end of the war, he uses the name Wolf Derek. He returns to the United States and escapes from the holding facility. He once again takes up his identity as Wolf Derek the mafia hitman and also carries out jobs for the Soviets.


Although once back in the United States Harvard became increasingly independent of his Soviet superiors and became more of a freelance hitman. While using the name Wolf Derek he hooked up with a woman named Bonnie. As his age had become noticeable he often disguised himself as a younger man giving rise to the notion that he was the son of Wolf Derek. In a fit of humor, he began referring to himself as Supermenace, a parody of his “brother’s” identity.  Bonnie becomes pregnant.  The boy, Joseph, is born in 1949 with a hunchback. Whether this deformity is caused by a bungled delivery or is a birth defect related to all the changes done to Harvard’s body is unknown.  Harvard never bonds with the boy, but Joseph continually tries to gain his father’s approval, unconsciously mimicking Harvard’s feelings about Abednego Danner.


1948 Danner and Lois Lane take leaves of absences from the Daily Planet to write novels. Actually they have decided to use every possible means to conceive a child.


1949 May 22, America’s first Secretary of Defense, James Vincent Forrestal, falls to his death from a small window of the16th floor of the Bethesda Naval Hospital. He was killed by Harvard on the orders of the Soviets.


The Parasite having absorbed some of the consciousness of Bingham Harvard returns to America. For some reason absorption of Harvard seems to have stabilized the personality of the Parasite so that a sense of identity is instilled in the creature. It gains self-awareness and realizes its power which it first uses to fit in with the rest of the world. Absorbing the consciousness and form of a maintenance worker named Maxwell Jensen the Parasite lives as Jensen for several years.


1949 Carol Danner born


1949 Jordan Kent is born to Danner and Lois Lane. Lois Lane's residual Kryptonite poisoning affected immune system of their newborn child and Jordan was forced to remain in isolation for two years until his parents had thoroughly inoculated him against the diseases of the world.


1950 Harvard kills Captain America III


1950 When Joe Prescott was eighteen his powers were in full bloom. Missing the action he had experience in the future, he adopted a mystery man outfit and name in which he called himself Captain Marvel. However due to the problems with that name, namely people yelling Shazam at him when he out in costume, which despite being bright red did not have a cape and it had an comet symbol, a symbol he adapted from one his great-grand father Jor-El had worn that he had learned about in the future, on it rather than a lightning bolt. He called himself Captain Comet instead and to hide his real name said he was Adam Blake, the son of John and Martha Blake. He took the first names of his fictitious parents from those of his "cousin" Clark Kent.


1950 Harvard kills Dr. Mid-Nite. Boxer Joe Murdock adopts Mid-Nite’s eight-year old son, Matthew


1950 Joe Prescott Danner Jr. and Steve Danner born (Super Green Beret)


1951 Joe Prescott Danner was drafted into the Army and would serve in Korea, ending his short lived superheroic career. Joe Prescott Danner went to Korea convinced of the righteousness of the anti-communist crusade. There, like his grandfather in the Great War, he became disillusioned, but for different reasons. The Army knew about his abilities and he followed their orders. The US High Command would not unleash him as they were afraid of escalating the war and bringing in Chinese superhuman (this is an analog to a fear the US had about bringing in the Chinese army). After the war, he went into international espionage with his uncle Arn, but gradually came to see the Cold War as a large game without a true point. It was then that he was recruited into a special operation run by the U.S. Army. They did not know of his abilities but they knew that he was extremely lucky, hard to kill and had great skill in improvising his way out of tight situations. It was rumored as well that he had some experience with time travel.


Prescott was told that in the year 2008 the Soviets would dominate the United States and that the U.S. would only exist as Balkanized Soviet controlled states. (As seen in the Freedom Rangers novels and the miniseries Amerika, the Soviet Invasion as also hinted at in Red Dawn.) The Soviets had achieved this by their injudicious use of time travel and had altered the timeline. A few soldiers from 2008 had come to the past to recruit good men to help fight the Soviets in this time war. Prescott joined Freedom's Rangers and had several campaigns in the past including the Revolutinary War, the Spanish Armada, World War II and the Spanish-American War. His team also clashed a few times with another group of time travelers from America from an alternate universe. These alternate Americans were part of an America of the far future whose society had eliminated war, in their own time. They instead sent soldiers back in time to participate in historical battles. The other nations of this future society would place their soldiers on opposing sides of the conflicts and a complicated series of scoring points determined who won the battles. Eventually however the Time Corps began taking an active opposition to the missions of the Freedom Ranger's claiming that the Freedom Ranger's timeline had become too intertwined with theirs.  On one occasion Joe Prescott Danner used his powers to save President Eisenhower from assassination and did so in a manner that did not reveal them to anyone, including his team.


Action Comics #256.  Dirk Folgar, a "foreign reporter" ostensibly a correspondent for Europe's  World NewsPress, who is in reality Agent X-3, a member of a secret spy ring plotting the assassination of President Eisenhower.  The capture of Folgar and his cohorts by  US Secret Service men in September 1959 [cover date of Action #256) comes as the culmination of an elaborate ruse--devised by Superman in cooperation with the Secret Service and other governmental agencies--in which Superman poses as the Superman of the year 100,000 AD, the so-called Ultra-Superman, in order to force the would-be assassins into the open and thwart the impending assassination.



When his team returned to their own time, Joe Danner found himself plucked from the time stream, hanging in a gray void. A mysterious figure shrouded in either bright light or shadow or a dark robe (his perceptions were either off or the time was in constant fluctuation here) began to speak to him. Joe Danner was told that he had proven himself worthy to become a soldier in an even larger struggle, the struggle for the very existence of the Universe. The temporal war he was fighting against the Soviets was only one of many struggles in a vast Temporal War, which if the wrong side won all of existence would be ended.


The shrouded figure explained: There were the forces of Order and the forces of Chaos. The forces of law were represented by the Arisians and the forces of Chaos by the Eddorian. While it is true that the war ending the Eddorian threat had been successfully fought by the Lensmen in the 27th Century, off shoots of the Eddorians named the Skrulls arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy and conquered vast areas. They were checked and opposed by the Kree Empire. They also had begun using time travel to alter history and extend their domain by altering the past since they could not do so in the present. The Kree also sent agents through out history to thwart the Skrull plans of changing history.


The Kree Empire is in the 75th Century, The Kree Empire is one formed by Andorians and Humans after the fall of the United Planets. The Andorians had discovered a method of altering their need for four sexes into two, which allowed them to intermarry with other species and through genetic diversity keep their species from totally dying out. (According to recent authorized DS9 novels the Andorian have four sexes and all for are need to create one child. Over time this has led to less genetic diversity among the Andorians and with it fertility problems. ) The Andorian hybrids are the Blue Kree and the other Kree are descended from human stock.


Prescott lives in the 75th century and becomes an elite Guardsman. He is given nega-bands, which are psionic amplifiers. They are coded to him and cannot be worn by anyone else. Anyone else that tries, dies.  He fights the Skrull with the Kree in the 75th century and even falls in love with a medic named Una. His commanding officer also loves Una and sends Marv-El on a mission that is certain death. Marv-El survives but is seriously burned. His face is reconstructed. When he awakens he discovers that his features have been altered, and his Thyophian white hair has kicked in. He is told is being promoted and sent to his native time period. There he will impersonate Dr. Walter Lawson, one of the chief scientists at the Cape Canaveral missile complex. Dr. Walter Lawson died of a Skrull-induced heart attack before Kree agents could save him. Lawson is crucial to America's space program and so Prescott must impersonate him. He is to let no one know of his true identity. This becomes very hard when his daughter is assigned to the Cape Canaveral complex.  In Carol Danner’s perception, her father has only been gone for a few months, although he has been in the future for decades.


1951 Charles Xavier is declared missing in action in Korea and presumed dead.  His mother is notified of his death, but is shocked when he turns up a month later alive.  He explains that he had switched dog tags with another soldier just before the battle as a good luck game that soldiers sometimes played (the Grim Reaper could not find them if they wore the wrong dog tags, or so goes the military folkore).  [footnote – a letter to this effect is part of Xavier’s file in the Department of Defense.  The handwriting matches exactly the handwriting on notes about the X-Men’s adventures photocopied from files at Marvel Comics and sent to us by a mole sympathetic to the project of Wold-Newtonry]. He looks and acts a bit different, but claims that he was injured and given plastic surgery and is suffering from battle fatigue.  In fact, this is X, John Wainwright.  Hearing that his nephew has been killed, he unexpectedly suffered pangs of longing for family.  He takes this opportunity to reconnect with his family through his sister and to establish an American identity.


1951 Anne Warburton Clampett and Daniel Clampett disappear while looking for the fabled city of Agartha.  Lionel Daniel Clampett is placed under guardianship D. D. Warburton.


1952 The Parasite living under the name Maxwell Jensen is severely wounded in an electrical accident at the power plant where he works. He severely burned and dying. He unconsciously grabs onto a coworker who is carrying him to safety and drains him of his life force. It is not enough and he searches for more. Jensen's skin had been flash burned and was purplish red with burns. People flee from the flash burned Jensen who has no business walking around. Angered by this he grabs several people and absorbs their life force. Drunk with power Jensen realizes that he will never fit in with these cattle.


Superman answers the call to save people form the monster. This is Clark Kent. The Parasite is surprised by the amount of power he can absorb from Superman. The Parasite continues to draw power from Superman as they battle. As Superman grows weaker, the fight seems to become evenly matched. The Parasite begins to writhe as if in pain, he is exuding energy from his body in an uncontrollable manner. Realizing that the Parasite cannot process all of the energy he has taken from him and is about to undergo some sort of explosive event, Superman carries him up to the stratosphere where the Parasite explodes and is seemingly disintegrated into many pieces. Superman uses his heat vision to flash burn the falling parasite pieces. A few however escape his attention.


A piece of the parasite fell to the earth, in California. The partial and ultimately failed complete absorption of Kent's power had enabled it to survive the heat friction but it had not escaped unscathed. Burnt and nearly dead it absorbed the first type of living matter it came across a bean plant. It drew substance from the earth. Its genetic coding was even more screwed up than before, it sought out intelligent life forms and duplicated them. Like Rogue, this duplication erased the mind and memories of the person who had been duplicated. It was unable however to free itself of the bean plant and so its duplicates emerged from pods. Eventually the people of the neighborhood realized what was going on and destroyed the plants. Jack Finney heard about it and wrote a story called "The Body Snatchers" which he published in Colliers in 1955. Later he turned it into a novel called Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

1953 Peter Ross graduates from college with a degree in geology. Lana Lang graduates from college with a degree in Journalism. They marry.


1954 Super Man confronts Super-Menace (Harvard)


Knowing of his true origins by now, Harvard had grown to hate Superman for usurping his family and name. (like everyone else he thought there was only one Superman) Eventually his path crossed Superman's and Harvard attacked him, using Kryptonite to weaken Superman. Being neither kryptonian nor Thyopthian, Harvard is unaffected by the Kryptonite. Harvard was already unhinged by this time.  He had the notion of replacing Superman by blowing him up once he had been rendered powerless by Kryptonite. The explosion was geared to destroy all evidence of Superman's body. Once Superman was unconscious, Bonnie brought in dynamite to blow superman up. However the dynamite was old and the fuses were not timed well. The dynamite exploded several feet away from superman, killing Bonnie, knocking Supermenace unconscious and blasting the Kryptonite away from Superman. When Superman recovered, he arrested Supermenace. Supermenace broke out of jail and came after Superman's friends. Bonnie and Harvard’s son Joseph was placed into an orphanage.  He is briefly fostered by a family, but returned because of his troubled attitude.  Legally he retains the name Wolf, but grows into a bitter, bitter man.


1954 Birth of Lana and Lisa Ross. Lisa would move to San Francisco and marry Nash Bridges a police officer and a detective. Because Nash's is a workaholic and an alcoholic he is not good husband material. Lisa worked as cook and caterer. Despite have a daughter, Cassidy, the couple separated. In 1996 Lisa has moved to France to be a chef at an exclusive restaurant.


1955 Kara Zor-El arrives on earth.


1955 Danner and Lois return to their jobs at the Daily Planet. Although some scholars speculate that they had to assume different identities, I do not think this is the case. Danner's Thyophian trait of whitening of the hair had manifested on his sides. Both he and Lois were able to age themselves with a judicious use of cosmetics. While it is true that Danner was past sixty and Lois over fifty, back then it was not uncommon for people to work until they were no longer physically able to do so. They were probably hired as senior reporters with editorial positions and commuted from Connecticut. Jordan Kent is entered into Xavier's academy for Exceptional Children.


1956 The Supermen use the construcrystal to build their own Fortress of Solitude.


1956 It was decided by the two Supermen to imprison Supermenace in the Fortress of Solitude given his super strength and his knowledge of their secret identities. (while it is true that they would imprison Dev-em in the Phantom Zone they did not consider doing so for Supermenace because unlike Dev-Em Supermenace did not have the strength and heat vision of a Kryptonian


1957 Using their close contact with Bruce Wayne, they attempted to get Supermenace in the legendary Crime College for "re-education" However due to a lack of funds and a backlash against the use of lobotomies, the brain surgeons were now using Dr. Caliban's technique as an alternative. James Anthony Caliban had continued the Crime College on the grounds of Doc Savage’s former operation, having taken it over when Savage went missing. He had his own limited version of a crime college along with brain surgery to correct criminal tendencies. Caliban agreed to perform the operation, for a fee. Harvard is subjected to cure for his criminal tendencies using Doc Caliban's version of the brain surgery technique. Caliban is not the skilled surgeon of Doc Savage and cause damage to Harvard brain, his speech centers and cognitive ability, and gives him a form of Asperger's syndrome. This botched operation prompts the Supermen to close Caliban’s Crime College.  They turn the facilities over to Charles Xavier, whose Westchester residence is growing a bit small and attracting a bit too much attention.  Xavier maintains the Westchester location as a front for parental visits, but conducts the bulk of his educational mission at the former Crime College campus.  Harvard’s hatred of costumed vigilantes, especially Superman has been transformed into a adulation of Superman. He dresses in a superman costume, his much wrinkled, pasty face giving him an odd, bizarre appearance, particularly in contrast to his dyed black hair, which he insists on in order to make himself appear more like Superman.  This hair-dying is an affectation carried over from his days as Wolf Derek.  His hair had gone white from age in the early 1940s.  He studies Superman comics and wants to be Superman. He is fascinated by the Superman television series for one reason or another, (Caliban was not the surgeon that Doc was, the skull and brain tissue of Harvard made him overcompensate or none of his operations were actually successful) the operation was only semi-successful it had eradicated Harvard's memories, but it had also lessened his intellect and affected his speech center. He was apt to get frustrated and fly into destructive rages. Feeling they had little choice, the supermen imprisoned him in the Fortress.


1957 Supergirl first appears on the public scene


1957 Danner and Lois Lane Kent have another child, Kara-El Kent (Carol Kent) She displays no Thyophian traits.


1958 Harvard escapes from the Fortress and visits the New York offices of DC Comics.  He forces an artistic team to create a story in which he and Superboy are friends.  Harvard leaves the offices before Superman can be contacted.  The artistic team declares Harvard to be a real “bizarro” in imitation hipster talk.  They use the story as the basis for Action #254, the first appearance of Bizarro.


1959 Jordan Kent and Bruce Wayne Jr. meet and become fast friends. (Super Sons storylines)


1959 Death of George Reeves: Bizarro makes his way to actor George Reeves’ house. He leaps into his bedroom window and surprises the actor. Reeves fires a pistol at Bizarro but the bullets bounce off, two lodge in the wall or ceiling, one ricochets and hits Reeves, killing him instantly. Frightened, Bizarro jumps back out the window and runs away.


1961 Lana Lang gets a job on the Daily Planet working with Clark Kent.


1962 Daniel Clampett begins his academic career. He will attend three universities getting degrees in finance, molecular biology and agricultural sciences.


1964 March 27, 1964 Events of Superman the Movie, the events depicting the early life of Clark Kent are of course based on accounts deriving from the comic book histories of Superman's early life. The depiction of this being the first meeting between Lex Luthor and Superman are also of course fictional. The events which occurred in this year are Lex Luthor's scheme to reshape the continental shelf of the United States using earthquakes. He had gotten the idea for this scheme because of the then predictions that California would have a big earthquake very soon. He had also acquired the machine which the terrorist Little White Brother had terrorized Chile in 1933. The machine had the ability to cause earthquakes but only in certain geological regions. For his plan, which was to cause a massive series of earthquakes all along the Western continental shelf of North America, he would also have to trigger fault lines using other methods. Luthor's organization hijacked two atomic missiles… although the film shows him merely changing the launching and destination codes… he could not afford to leave this crucial part of the operation with the possibility that something could go wrong. One missile was a decoy deliberately sent towards a heavily populated area, in the film Hackensack, NJ in actuality New York City. The other was sent towards the San Andreas Fault while Luthor used his earthquake machine on the New Madrid and Cascade faults using sound vibrations created fault instability.


Like most people Luthor did not know that there were two supermen.  Clark Kent intercepted the missile heading towards New York City. Power Girl intercepted the atomic bomb heading for the San Andreas Fault. Hugo Danner destroyed the earthquake machine shaking apart the New Madrid Fault and from there moved onto the Cascades where he destroyed the machine after a quake had started. Power girl and Hugo Danner worked as fast as they could repairing earthquake damages and saving lives when ever possible. They were unaware that the earthquake on the Cascade plate had triggered a large fault instability along the pacific rim which triggered an earthquake of 9.2 magnitude to hit Alaska. The earthquake caused a great deal of damage and 106 deaths in Alaska, 4 in Oregon and 13 in California, the deaths in the latter two states occurred from the resulting tsunami. Given the magnitude of the earthquake there could have been many more deaths, millions if Luthor had successful triggered all of the plates he had planned to trigger. Because it was a holiday, (Good Friday) because it was after 5:30 p.m. and because of Alaska low population density the tragedy was not as profound as it had been.


Hugo Danner did rescue Lois Lane from a crevasse opened by the earthquake in Alaska. He nor Supergirl could not actually fix the earthquake nor reverse the flow of time as depicted in the movie. They could only prevent further tragedies.


Clark Kent captured Lex Luthor giving credence to the legend that Superman could move faster than light.


1965 Supergirl starts calling herself Power-Femme, the press calls her Power-Girl.


1966 Kara Kent becomes Supergirl II


1966 Using falsified documents Steve Danner enlists in the United States Army as Todd Holton. He holds back on his abilities but is in the top of his cadet class. He quickly rises to E-4 and enters the Green Beret training program.


1967 Danner and Lois Lane are promoted to the posts of the Editor-in-Chief and City Editor of the Daily Planet. It has become harder, however, to explain their age despite make-up for their vitality is puzzling. They also need a change of scenery, feeling old beyond their years. Danner discusses the problem with his “brother” Clark who comes up with a solution. Clark and his Lois are feeling stagnated in their professional lives, the Daily Star for which they worked had been bought by a large chain and was gearing more towards a tabloid style, glossy rather cursory coverage of the news, the Kents are looked on as something as dinosaurs. They knew that they would not ever be promoted to editorial positions. Clark Kent and Lois would move to Metropolis (New York) and take over Danner and Lois Lane's positions, since the Danners could hire their replacements. The Danners would then vacation at Clark Kent's cousin's farm in Littleton, Georgia.


1967 Steve Danner as Todd Holton is sent to Viet Nam. Once in combat he no longer holds back and shows his superiors what he can do. He is dropped into battle zones and let loose. Much of the devastation is often blamed on carpet-bombing runs. Word filters back to the United States about the Super Green Beret.


1967 Having graduated with high honors from West Point, Joel Kent is transferred to Military Intelligence under Colonel Hugh North. His first assignment is to investigate and possibly break up a drug ring operating in Viet Nam. Posing as a recruit, Joel is sent into the suspected unit. While in the suspected unit he learns that the officers are working with Viet Cong in the illegal drug trade. Lt. Morgan and Sgt. Joshua suspect a village is a cache for Viet Cong heroin and so take action to capture the village. When no heroin is found, the village is massacred. Joel attempts to stop the massacre but is clubbed and left for dead. Joel Kent is soon captured by the Viet Mihn and spends time in a prison camp. After a few weeks he regains his full strength.  He manages to escape from the camp, freeing many other POWs before the Viet Mihn came to full alert. Joel runs away from the prison camp towards Saigon. He feels two sharp pains in his right side as bullets perforate him. He continues running and falls into a rice field before collapsing from the pain.


After the Viet Mihn patrols have passed Mei-Lai, a young woman about his age, rescues him. Mei-Lai is of Chinese descent, her parents having immigrated to Viet Nam after the Japanese had conquered much of China. Her antecedents are interesting to those who study the Wold Newton Meteorite Family. Mei-Lei was the descendent of one of the two remaining brothers out of ten who had fought against a soul clone of Dracula and Seven Golden Vampires under his command. The brothers were called by the last name Tsi in the film version of these events but their sister is named Mei Kwai. Since the brothers were incognito at the beginning of the film the Tsi surname is probably a pseudonym and their true family name was Mei.


The brothers all exhibited superior strength, speed, stamina and eye hand coordination, which is attributed to mastery in several martial arts. This is probably true, but their training brought out the full potential of their heritage. These brothers were descendents from one of the warriors exposed to the Lu Ming-yueh meteorite of China 616 A.D. In AD 616 it was reported that "a large shooting star like a bushel fell onto the rebel Lu Ming-yueh's  camp. It destroyed his wall-attacking tower and crushed to death more than ten people." 


This makes them distant relatives of Charlie Chan, Kai Lung, Judge Dee, Fu Manchu and others.


Mei-Lei nurses Joel Kent back to health after which she helps him to return to Saigon, where he is finally able to report. He discovers that Lt. Morgan and Sgt. Joshua had blamed the massacre on him. They had been reported as missing in action shortly thereafter. Kent's superior in Military Intelligence had sent a friend of his, Colonel Hugh North, to investigate the killing. He had returned with evidence that exonerated Joel Kent. Colonel North also believed that shortly before their disappearance Sgt. Joshua and Lt. Morgan who were seen talking to a Captain Willard.  Willard subsequently disappeared into Black Ops.


1968 Captain Marv-El assumes the identity Dr. Walter Lawson, one of the chief scientists at the Cape Canaveral missile complex.


1968 Todd Holton, the Super Green Beret, is the only survivor of a Viet Cong attack. He does not like the way the top brass are pursuing the war and so takes matters into his own hands. He begins massacring entire villages of Vietnamese, at first any who might have a connection with the Viet Cong, then any village that could provide aid to the Cong.  Military Intelligence is not certain of Todd Holton's origins; they believe he may be a child of Superman, Hugo Danner or Arn Munro, or some new aberration. Joel Kent is pegged as an expert on supermen and he is sent to accompany a Captain Willard and a PFC named Tom Beckett to bring Holton in or terminate him. Beckett was one of the best marksmen in the Army.


Joel Kent recognizes Todd Holton as Steve Danner and tries to talk him into surrendering. Todd would have none of it. Joel attempts to subdue him. Although Joel is non-super he does have a slightly denser and stronger body than most human beings and quicker reflexes. He is able to outfight the younger man with superior skill, despite taking a beating himself. Holton is weak from lack of food and sleep and so does succumb finally. He is manacled in krypthophite-laced manacles, which weakened him.


When Holton regains consciousness he begins boasting that he will save America despite itself. He will eventually escape from these bonds and take the war to Cambodia, then China and then the Soviet Union.


At dawn Holton slips out his bonds and makes a dash for freedom. Captain Willard orders Beckett to take him out. Using a krypthophite bullet, the sniper Tom Beckett kills Todd Holton with a clean headshot. Officially Todd Holton died in an assault against the Viet Cong, in case it was ever revealed that Todd Holton was actually Steve Danner, Superman's great grandson. Tom Beckett will become one of the Special Forces top snipers (see film The Sniper 1992)


1968 Samuel Kent born to Mei Lei and Joel Kent


1968 Events of Superman II

            While this was based on a true event as with the previous Superman film much of the film is fictionalized and distorted to tell a gripping, exciting story set in an action film. Although it was not rendered entirely accurately the sequence of the three criminals being sentenced to the Phantom Zone is generally true. The original screenplay called for four criminals, General Zod, his sister-lover Ursa, the mentally deficient yet violent Non, and Jak-El. Jak-El was written out of the filmed version. Although the Kryptonians had discovered the Phantom Zone they generally did not sentence their criminals to the Zone but used sleeper ships with subconscious behavior modification. The Kryptonian goal was to rehabilitate not punish…and the Phantom Zone was considered by most on Krypton to be a hellish place. Unlike the comic book descriptions of a gray limbo where those who were imprisoned could gaze longingly upon the physical world the Phantom Zone was a sort of null space between various realities. People who returned described it as a vast chaos of quantum sinkholes, black holes estuaries, floating energy fields and distortions, odd singularities and formless wastes. There were also predatory life forms composed of energy. It took special mental skills to navigate through the Zone. Those people who acquired the ability to move not only themselves but others through the Zone were called Captain or Movers.  Although generally the "phantoms" were converted into an energy state when they entered the Zone and remained unchanged in those forms until released from the Zone sometimes the odd energies of the Phantom Zone did affect the energy forms of those sentenced to the Phantom Zone.


Although the Kryptonians did not generally use the Phantom Zone as a means of punishing criminals, such criminals as General Zod,. Ursa, Non and Jak-el or rather Jax-Ur who were deemed so heinous that justice would only be served by punishment prior to rehabilitation. General Zod and Ursa lead an insurrection on Krypton. Their philosophy was fascist including racial bias against what they called deviations from the pure Kryptonian. When the Children of Zod captured cities they would execute all non pure citizens. One of the main butchers was Non.

Jax-ur was a colleague of Jor-el's who was seduced to the Children of Zod cause. Although Kryp'Tn had been terraformed in its centuries of isolation and forbade interstellar communication or trade,


Kryp'Tn's moons had been transformed into agricultural colonies. Many of the lunar colonists were descendents of Eridaneans and Capelleans who had immigrated to Krypton because of they did not agree with the policies of their own cultures. They were biologically unable to live on Kryp'Tn but could do so on the moons. To prove the commitment to their cause of racial purity Jax-ur designed a missile that wiped out the main city on the moon of Wegthor. For this crime he was sentenced to the Phantom Zone.


Although the Kryptonians did not use the Phantom Zone as a rule, the Eridaneans and Capelleans did, at least more so than the Kryptonians. Circa 6000 years before the present era, during the midst of the Third Capellean/Eridanean war, a clone rebellion broke out. In response to this a violent cult had formed, believing that clones were souless creatures who had broken natural law by rebelling.The cult's response to the rebellion was to destroy all clones. They did this in the most violent and sadistic manner that they could devise. The Capellean Council of Nine was moved to put down the cult and punish the leadership. They voted to remove the Ogs from Capellean society forever. To this end the Ogs were exiled to the Phantom Zone.


During the fourth Capellean/Eridanean war a portion of the Eridanean population was infected with a neural virus courtesy of the Capelleans. The victims become violently addicted to sex. Violently to the extent that if the sexual urge was not immediately satisfied when it arose the carriers of the virus would resort to rape, murder or other violent means to achieve satisfaction. The Eridanean Council of Nine felt that it had no choice but to exile the victims to the Phantom Zone until a cure was found. These Eridaneans and Capelleans made up most of the exiled population of the Phantom Zone.


After nearly two millennia trapped in the Phantom Zone, a good portion of the Tocs and Ogs,  began to listen to a charismatic  Mover who want to travel with him en masse with him through one of the Quantum Sinkholes that permeated the Phantom Zone. He believed that it was an exit from the Phantom Zone and even if it is not, at least a quick death would be better than the existence they had. About two thousand follow him into the Quantum sinkhole. They are twisted, torn and confettied as they pass through the singularity. Their intellects and personalities were destroyed, leaving only pain, rage and a terrible hunger. They emerged in the corridors of Time, following their Movers like mindless pack animals.  They become known as the Hounds of Tindalos.


Although there were less than 900 hundred left several of the Toc and Ogs wondered if the Move had been successful or not. Several of them dove into a quantum sinkhole which exited upon Earth. The odd energies of the quantum singularity affected their energy forms.  Upon being forced into solid physical shapes they discovered that their consciousness had altered their physicality, often giving them bizarre shapes. With their truce at an end upon reaching earth the Capellean Ogs and Eridanean Tocs immediately attacked one another. Half were "killed" out right.


The Tocs and Ogs soon discovered a bizarre phenomenon about themselves. Having passed through the quantum sinkhole in a state of energy (quantum probability) the Tocs and Ogs were sent back into the state of quantum probability upon the death of their physical bodies in a bizarre existence that was even more hellish than the Phantom Zone had been. True phantoms their consciousness became trapped in the Phantom Zone but also remained in the physical universe trapped near the spot of their deaths. This limitation of movement was also manifested in the Phantom Zone.


They also discovered that by feeding or rather absorbing the brain energy that humans gave off when they experienced rage, terror and sexual ecstasy they could eventually gather enough energy to manifest another physical body. As they gathered energy they would gather more of a physical form which psychic researchers called ectoplasm. With more of physical presence in the physical world more of their consciousness also manifested in the physical universe. The division of their consciousness between realms of existence drove many of them insane leading to aberrant behavior when they manifested physically and increasingly bizarre physical manifestations. Those who were fortunate enough to die in populated areas could eventually regain their physical forms. As their consciousness grew stronger in the physical world they could more easily influence humans around them to commit acts of violence of sexuality and so accelerate their manifestation. It became a common practice for the Toc and Ogs to execute each other outside populated areas.


After nearly eight hundred years of their newfound existence of fluctuating between matter and energy the Tocs and Ogs discover that is not necessarily permanent or perfect, for each "death" that an individual experiences makes the transition between states more difficult to enact. Plus, after several years the physical form begins deteriorating, aging and losing cohesion. Some of the Tocs and Ogs become trapped in a state between matter and energy and become mistaken for spirits or ghosts. The Tocs and Ogs, each plan to created a Mover, one of those rare individuals who can navigate the swirling neutrino chaos of the Phantom Zone. They believe that a Mover can use the Phantom Zone to restore them to a permanent yet immortal physical state and use the Zone as a gateway to search through infinite quantum probabilities and discover a universe that is a literal Paradise.


In the film Superman II the villains are released from the Phantom Zone after a nuclear missile explodes near the crystalline cloud in which they had been imprisoned. (although it is never directly stated in the film that the Phantom Zone is supposed to be a crystalline cloud the earlier screenplays of Superman II do make this claim)  Superman had thrown the nuclear bomb into outer space after removing it from the Eiffel Tower. Why would the Phantom Zone be located so close to earth?  In the first film it was shown that it took Clark Kent several years to travel even at warp speed so earth had to be very far away from Krypton. Chances are the Kryptonians would not locate send their most cruel and dangerous criminals to a place so close to an unsophisticated and backward planet. If the PZ was not close to Earth how was it affected by the atomic bomb blast? This is one of the bits added into the film for dramatic purposes but do not bear up under scrutiny. Such as in the first film where the ship carrying the baby passes through a sun unharmed and yet suffers damage when it undergoes entry into the Earth's atmosphere.


The nuclear bomb incident did happen about the same time as the release of the Phantom Zone criminals but it was not the direct cause of their escape.


In May a student protest in Paris had escalated into a general strike. The students had been joined by 10 million workers, half the French labor force, who shut down the economic machinery of France for several weeks. There was no mail, no banking, no transportation, no gas and dwindling food. De Gaulle fled to Germany, leading many French people to wonder if things had gotten completely out of control. The DeGaullist police's attempts to restore order often seemed like brutality to the general population and the DeGaullists were forced to meet with the Communist backed trade unions who controlled the factories. The Soviet Union encouraged these negotiations hoping for a the communists to gain great in roads in what looked to a great realignment of power in a special legislative election in June.


Then socialist terrorists seized the Eiffel tower and held it and the city of Paris hostage with a nuclear bomb.


Clark Kent and Lois Lane were in Paris covering the riots. Lois provided the distraction of the nosy reporter gaining access to an area she was not supposed to be in. As Lois distracted the terrorists Superman grabbed the bomb and flew as fast as he could away from Paris before it detonated. He cleared the stratosphere and tossed it in orbit. He had to return rapidly because his breath was running out.


About the same time as the Paris riots were transpiring a man named Jackson Porter moved into a small home which he bought cheap. The house was supposed to be haunted. It was haunted by one of the Toc's who had been killed there. Since he was in close proximity to him she felt his loneliness for his recently deceased wife and was able to use his sexual dreams of her to form ectoplasm, which she shaped to resemble his wife. Convincing him that she was his dead wife, she convinced him to have relations with her and she used the sexual energy to physically manifest once again.


Her name was Faora Hu-Ul and although she was an Eridanean Toc, during her time in the Phantom Zone and in the time when her consciousness had been split between the Phantom Zone and the physical universe, she had fallen in with the small group of Kryptonians led by General Zod. Faora had fallen in love with Jax-Ur and decided to help him and his three cohorts escape from the Phantom Zone.


She believed that the weak point between the Earth and the Phantom Zone was still there even if the quantum sinkhole through which she and the rest of the Tocs and Ogs had entered had dissipated. In 1923 a scientist named Tesla had accidentally opened a rift between universes when he tried to use a method to broadcast power for the United States Signal Corps. She heard rumors that a few years earlier in the fifties, a scientist named Erdel tried to create a matter transmission device and managed to capture a Martian from another universe. Erdel had died of a heart attack and so the Martian could not be sent back to his home universe or so the Martian claimed…Superman had all of the Phantom Zone projectors locked up in the legendary Fortress of Solitude and Faora Hu-Ul hadn't the slightest idea of how to find the Fortress.


Jax-Ur had worked with Jor El who had made several modifications to the Kryptonian Phantom Zone projector and so had given the knowledge of how to create a Phantom Zone projector however it was her task to convert these plans to Earth technology.


Faora Hu-Ul discovered where Erdel's lab had been and stole his matter transmission device. Examining it she believed that she could convert it to a sort of Phantom Zone projector but she would need to use a weak point between the universes. She traveled with her Phantom Zone projector to Australia. To the point where she and the other Tocs and Ogs and exited upon Earth. The land of upon which the dimensional rift was located was owned by the Micawber family one of the wealthiest families in the world. She briefly wondered if the family fortune was owed in some way to this dimensional rift but discarded that idea as improbable.


The dimensional rift was located on cliff face and appeared to be a petroglyph in the shape of a spiral. When the sun struck it at dusk, noon or twilight the rift opened. Faora Hu-Ul used her stolen and cobbled together Phantom Zone projector to open a passage between the Earth and the Phantom Zone. This took about a week of finding the right signal between the dimensions.


When the four Kryptonians exited from the Phantom Zone they were less than enthused by the barren landscape of Australia. (although the film version has them first landing on the moon and then traveling to Houston the original screen play has them landing in Australia after landing on the moon however the astronauts were both a clue and deliberately misleading misinformation. The incident happened in 1968 which was too early for the moon landing to have taken place… The film depicts a joint Soviet and US. Moon landing which never happened. Also the last moon landing was in 1972 which would have been at least eight years prior to the events of the film)


After destroying a Territorial Police vehicle and killing the officers who had the temerity to talk back to Zod, the four Kryptonians discovered the town of  Wamago, which they immediately conquer as their first kingdom. They are forced to demolish most of the town and kill half its citizens when the stubborn Australians refuse to acknowledge them as their masters.


The Australian Air Force sends some fighter planes against the four Kryptonians. They defeated them and then traveled to Melbourne where they wreaked havoc. Their main goal is travel to Superman's home country, destroy him and then rule the world unopposed. The Kryptonians begin their travel to New York. Although Kryptonians can fly under their own power, this flight is a form of telekinesis. They can fly at near supersonic speeds for a few minutes before becoming fatigued, they can fly at speeds comparable to a single engine jet plane for about three hours before fatigue sets in. So actually it takes nearly a day for them to fly around the world. They flew across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean before landing near Cape Canaveral and destroying a launching pad there. The whole NASA thing in the movie was based on this.


They then flew straight to New York.


The film Superman II contains much filler put in by the writers for dramatic purposes. One of these was a fictionalized version of the romance between Clark Kent and Lois Lane at the end of which Clark gave up his super powers to be with the woman he loved…. Only to be confronted by the dramatic conflict that in doing so he had in fact endangered the world he had come to love.


The truth of the matter is that parts of Clark and Lois' trip to Niagara falls was to investigate Honeymoon scams was true, although they were an older couple who had been married for some time, they were posing as an older pair who had just recently gotten married.


Superman did save a child who fell into the falls. On their return back from the Niagara Falls retreat, Clark and Lois did stop at a roadside dinner where the older Clark was rousted and beat up by a trucker…. He was not actually beat up but only made it appear that way to preserve his Clark Kent identity. While they were in the diner the news about the four Kryptonians who had invaded Australia and attacked Cape Canaveral came onto the television.


Clark and Lois hurried back to New York.


Another piece of filler, which contains some elements of truth, is Lex Luthor's escape from prison using a combination of holograms and a hot air balloon is true. He had heard about the Kryptonians invasion of Australia and so moved his escape plan ahead of schedule. However his visit to the Fortress of Solitude did not occur during this time period but rather a few years earlier circa 1955 although the story would not be told until Action Comics No. 407

December 1971. Luthor's discovery of the Fortress is one of the reasons that the Supermen moved Doc Savage's Fortress and built one of their own.


Lex Luthor intercepts the Kryptonians when they arrived in New York. He is shocked that they had never heard of him. In the film this is played for comedic effect, although he seems to be serious. He was serious because he had heard of them from their previous escapes from the Phantom Zone, although never as a group. Yet they had never heard of him…the greatest criminal mind in the history of mankind. Ursa wants to emasculate and then kill him but Lex claims that he can take away Superman's powers without killing them so Zod and Jax-ur restrain her.  She stops but then turned to Otis and burnt him to a cinder with her heat vision. Luthor is visibly shocked which pleases Ursa.


Before Lex can go into detail about how he can accomplish this, Superman confronts the four villains. Superman engages each of the villains in individual combat. Many people believe that Superman is moving at such a great speed that he appears to be time fuguing. Against General Zod Superman uses beams, which shoot from his hands, a power he had not previously demonstrated. Despite the four to one odds Superman and the four Kryptonian villains are evenly matched. New York suffers a great deal of damage in the super battle until Lex spots Lois Lane on the outskirts of the battle. He mentions to Faora Hu-Ul that Superman's Girlfriend is nearby and she could be used a hostage to end the stalemate.


Faora Hu-Ul takes Lois Lane captive. Superman is to give himself up unless he wants Lois to die. Three of the Super men sudden vanish. The one who had been fighting Zod is the only one of super figures to remain.


General Zod demands that Luthor use his machine to make Superman powerless. Luthor says that he needs the technology inside the Fortress of Solitude to do so. Only Superman knows the location and the way to get inside. Luthor suggests leaving Jax-ur and Faora Hu-Ul to hold New York city hostage and to bring Lois Lane as a hostage to make Superman open the Fortress.


Zod agrees to this stratagem. Inside the Fortress Luthor reveals that the technology was not actually his but that of Jor-El, Lex had discovered it on a previous visit to the Fortress. Zod thought it appropriate that Jor-El would be the instrument of his son's death. They forced Superman to work with Luthor to prepare the molecular reconstructor. Superman whispered to Luthor, that they would dispose of Luthor as soon as Superman was dead. If Luthor helped Superman he would get a light sentence. All he had to do was to convince them that they would be safe from the molecular reconstructor if they stepped into a maneuver them into the crystal cage.


Luthor immediately told Zod Superman was trying to pull a fast one. Zod approved of this since he had heard the whole conversation due to his super-hearing. They put Superman into the chamber he had tried to maneuver them. Luthor gloated that he was finally going to end the career of his greatest enemy. Zod commanded him to stop. He demanded Luthor show him how to work the device and tossed him on the other side of the room with Lois.


Zod worked the controls. The chamber in which Superman was imprisoned glowed a bright red and Superman screamed in agony. Lights began to flash all through the room. Ursa looked around and saw the Luthor and Lois had vanished. The rooms flashed another color. Ursa screamed. General Zod, Ursa and Non were back in the Phantom Zone.


There was not a molecular reconstructor… it was all an elaborate ploy to get the villains back into the Zone without further bloodshed.


"Luthor" and Lois stepped back out into the main chamber as Superman freed himself from the crystal chamber. In a few moments two more Supermen enter the fortress of Solitude carrying a bound Jax-ur and Faora Hu-Ul. These two are also quickly sent into the Phantom Zone. Because Faora Hu-Ul had been physically and wholly sent into the Phantom Zone rather than being "killed" and living a half in and half out existence, she would be unable to exit the Phantom Zone unless physically released.


Although the general public will believe that there was only one superman moving at incredible speed who fought all four kryptonian villains, there were actually four supermen. The identities of the three Supermen are Clark Kent, Hugo Danner, Joseph Prescott Danner and more reluctantly Arn Munro.  Munro had only reluctantly put on the Superman outfit. He was tagged to go after Ursa since she was the weaker of the foursome. Prescott Danner had recently taken on the name of Captain Marvell. Although he dressed as Superman to fight General Zod, Joe Prescott Danner had retained the use of his negabands. Their use explains the odd energy bolts that came from Superman's hands. Actually it had been Joe Prescott Danner who had come up with the plan to lure the Kryptonians away from a populated area after witnessing the damage caused by the four of them passing through Cape Canaveral. He had contacted the others telepathically. It had been Clark Kent's idea to bring about Luthor. Luthor was a Lex Luthor but he was not the Lex Luthor currently in jail. He was better known as Prince Zarkon. Zarkon had been in jail as part of a scheme to have Luthor's henchman Otis take Zarkon to Luthor's hidden weapons caches. He was going to pose as Luthor and dupe the less than brilliant man. When the Kryptonian situation came up, they had used this escape as part of their establishing bonafides with the Kryptonian villains. Zarkon and the others deeply regretted Otis's death…


Luthor's betrayal of Superman was of course all part of the scheme… as Superman would not had made the mistake to trust Luthor or think that he could whisper to Lex without the other Kryptonians hearing him.


1969 Carol Danner is part of a CIALD team assigned to the Cape Canaveral missile complex. According to the Marvel Comics version. She is accidentally dosed with radiation from an advanced device created by the alien Kree race (of which Cap himself was a member), which, unknown to her at the time, gave her all of Cap's super powers (which mostly consisted of awesome strength, a reasonable level of invulnerability, and the ability to fly), plus a sort of super-intuition that they often give to female superheroes. It was only years later that these powers developed, which is why she didn't start combating evil in a female version of Cap's most recent costume until the word "Ms." became trendy.  In fact she has powers the whole time, but only uses them in her duty as a CIALD security officer.


1969 Jordan Kent and Bruce Wayne jr. team up and are known as the Super Sons


1970 Joel Kent takes over the role of the Question


1970 Daniel Clampett uses his inheritance to start up Clampco, ostensibly a firm making agricultural products and improving husbandry, which it does do, but also works with recombinant DNA as a sub-contractor for the U.S. government Project DNA/Manticore. This is also tied to the work done by the Centre and the Nine.


1970 Joe Wolf always suspected that that Superman was involved in his father's disappearance. The Supermen were unaware that Joe Wolf had a child, so they did not seek the boy out and make arrangements for his care. He ended up in an orphanage and bounced around the foster care system. He was adopted at age 11, but the parents relinquished custody of him at 13 as his powers began to manifest and he acted out physically, including killing some animals and injuring classmates in fights. His strength made it easy for him to bully others. He had grown up disliking Superman for all the slights his father attributed to the superhero. In 1970, after he was unable to discover his father's fate or whereabouts, approached Superman (I'm not sure how he did this; maybe he contacted the Daily Planet). The Supermen explained what happened to Harvard and offered to let Joe Wolf visit him as often as he wished and even to live at the Fortress. Joe Wolf took up this offer, hoping to gain his father's elusive approval. A month of Bizarro was all he could take. Writing his father off as a lost cause, he conceives a scheme to discredit Superman and learns as much as he can about Kryptonian history from the limited access he has in the Fortress. He fakes a stone tablet laying out the history of "Kor-El" Superman's brother, and steals a super suit. (By the way, Danner invented his own fabric, whereas Kent used the blankets; this way the comics record is actually correct in its assertions of both stories). He disappears from the Fortress and turns up in Washington as laid out below.


1970 Using the identity of Clark Kent, Hugo Danner takes a job as a news anchor on the fledgling television station in Atlanta owned by Ted Turner. Turner is flamboyant and makes it well known that he intends to turn this small station into a media giant named TBS. The writers of the Superman Comic inflate Ted Turner's grandiose plans into the Galaxy Broadcast System turning Turner into Morgan Edge and TBS into WGBS. The use of the super sandman in the early story arc 233-242 was the writers method of demonstrating that there were still two supermen.


1971 Captain Marv-El exiled to the Phantom Zone. He had managed to leave his nega bands on Earth. Rick Jones discovers them and is compelled to put them on. Jones becomes a vessel for Captain Marv-El.  During his stay in the Phantom Zone, Marv-El talks to survivors of Krypton and Thyoph and gathers stories from their worlds.  Upon his release in 2001 he writes all the stories down and sends the book into the past, where he finds it as a young boy in his Super-Boy identity.  These stories end up as the basis of the portrayals of Krypton.


1971 Joe Wolf using his faked Kryptonian tablet pretends to be Kor-El, Superman's older and abandoned brother. He deceives several highly placed Congressmen and government officials, but the real interest comes from Number One, the leader of a conspiracy that has taken over the White House.  The story he tells weakens the positive view of superheroes in Washington, even after his true identity is exposed.  His attempt to kill Superman lands him in an institution. His disfiguring hunch is fixed.


1971 Lana Lang moves to Atlanta to become a television news anchor with Hugo Danner. Pete Ross and Lana Ross stay in New York for Lana to finish high school.


1973 Lana Ross and Pete Ross move to Atlanta. In the wake of the energy crisis, Pete Ross decides to get a law degree. Lana Ross begins to do VISTA in rural Georgia


1974 Captain America stand-in Joel Kent and Power Girl help raid a Symbionese Liberation Army compound and free their hostage, a newspaper heiress.


1974 Luke Duke and John Beauregard Duke are partners in a stock car/moonshine running business in Hazzard County.


1975 Bruce Wayne Jr. marries Kara Kent


1975 Lyta Trevor becomes Wonder Woman II


1975 First appearance of Ms. Marvel (Carol Danner)


1976 Steven Rogers returns to being Captain America


1977 Lana Wayne born to Bruce Wayne Jr and Kara Kent


1977 Lana Ross does VISTA work in Conyers County and meets Beau Duke


1978 Pete Ross opens his legal practice in Atlanta. Lana Ross moves to Atlanta and gets a job as an intern on TBS. Her sparkling personality soon lands her a spot doing small feature reporting. She catches the eye of sportscaster ex-jock "Steve Lombard" who seduces her.  He not only impregnates her but also leaves her with a case of venereal disease. He also denies any responsibility. Horrified by her predicament she flees to her friends in Hazard County and stays in the Duke home.


1979 Pete Ross is angry that his daughter Lana had fled a promising job to go live with a bunch of hillbillies. He asks his friend Clark Kent to intercede. Kent visits Hazard County using the opportunity to do a feature on Clampco's acid factory.


Luke Duke helps his friends dig a new well. A dowser had told them that there was water on the land. They had to dig deeper than they originally wished to and were about to give up when they struck water. Once the well was built, Luke was allowed to have the first drink. The others followed. Luke felt compelled to return to the well and drink from it every day, and eventually began taking a jug with him. His personality changed and he became amoral.


One of the well drinkers was Brad who worked at a Clampco satellite installation as a maintenance technician, his job was to monitor the computer and make certain the satellite remained functioning. He had been a stockbroker in Atlanta until a few bad decisions had made him unemployed. Angry at the Atlanta business community, he used the Clampco satellite for mischief, uploading a virus which he broadcast to brokerages and financial institutions causing ATMs to spit out money, department stores to print erroneously high bills, stock brokerages to have false readings, and wreaking havoc with stop lights.


Notified of the situation in Atlanta Daniel Clampett sent his computer security expert out to fix the problem. Gus Gorman had become Clampco's computer security when he used a computer program to extract thousands of dollars from the corporation in a loophole of the paycheck program. Gorman faced prison or working for Clampco as a security expert. Gorman trails Brad to a local tavern buys him several drinks. Once Brad is drunk Gus convinces him to show him where he works. Once inside the satellite control room Gus Gorman knocks Brad out and restrains him. Gorman locates the snafus caused by Brad, Clampett instructs him to use the links created by Brad to give a false report on the coffee commodities market so Clampett could corner the market on Colombian coffee. If the irregularity is discovered it will be blamed on Brad.


Brad is ranting and raving about needing his water. Gradually Gorman induces the story out of  Brad of how after drinking the well water he and his friends had felt free of moral restraints. Clampett is extremely interested in this and has Gorman use various satellites to locate and analyze the water from the well. He discovers that the well has tapped into part of an underground river which seems to originate in Colorado (this is where the original source of the Koehaha river is according to All Star 36) The water of the river has a lot of free oxygen, is filled with habis indica and an unknown ingredient.


Clampett is interested in seeing how suggestible those who drink the well water are and to what extent their amorality will extend. He sends a security team out to assist Gorman in commandeering the farm where the well is located and also help restrain Brad and his cohorts and to keep them from drinking the well water.


Clampco has an acid factory in Conyers county which is supposed to operate at a loss.  However the EPA was planning on visiting soon and Clampett knew that the fines would outweigh more than the acceptable loss, plus he did not like the idea of paying fines. When the three men were begging for a drink of well water, Gorman promised they would have some if they set the acid factory on fire. Clampett wanted to torch the building and take the insurance rather than pay the fines to the EPA.


The three men torched the building and got away but Superman happened to be in the area and used his powers to put out the blaze. Clampett was furious about this because the arson investigation would reveal the environmental hazards as well. Something would have to be done about Superman.


Since the three men had torched the factory for a drink of the well water, Clampett wanted one more test. One man had successfully blocked Clampett's attempt to build a fertilizer factory in Hazard County, because he wanted to be 75 % owner of the Clampco fertilizer factory. Boss Hogg as he was called. To break Hogg and to get revenge for the past slight, Gorman had the three men rob Boss Hogg's bank. Once again Superman was there to stop the robbery and he took the three men into custody.


Clampett knew that Superman would either be told about the well or figure it out. He told Gus Gorman to get rid of the security detail and then destroy the well. They could always dig it up again. Superman arrived before Gus could destroy the well. Gus tried to escape by jumping down in the well and into the waters below. Superman followed him. The waters did not affect Gus much because he was pretty much amoral anyway. However Superman was affected and was going to kill Gus. Talking fast, Gus told Superman that if he lured his fellow crime fighters there, they could take over the world. Superman is convinced by this argument, which could mean that the well water also impair judgement. Two of the super friends answered Superman's call to action. These were the current Batman and the retired but still semi-active Wonder Woman. Drinking the well water they too became amoral. Gorman tried to focus their attention on a singular goal but each had their own agenda and split up.


Superman went on a rampage in downtown Atlanta, telling the people of this great metropolis that they would be first to undergo the privilege of being ruled by a superior being. Karen Starr was in town for a computer conference and dressed up in her Power-Girl outfit. She and Superman duked it out before she finally overpowered him. A few years before this superman would not have been much of a match for her since Hugo Danner had not possessed the full powers that she and Clark Kent did but a painful transfusion had between Danner and Kent had caused Danner's body to be rewritten in a more kryptonian mode giving him vision powers and enhanced strength but he was still weaker than Clark Kent.


Wonder Woman broke into several museums searching for a artifact called the rod of Horus which was said to confer immortality. She is confronted and stopped by her daughter, although Steve Trevor is severely wounded in the battle.


Batman had decided to once and for all rid Gotham of its supervillians and plans to kill each and every one, starting with the Joker who had caused his family so much pain. He is stopped by the Huntress and the retired Robin.


Once Superman comes to his senses once more, Powergirl and he use their heat vision to destroy the underground river and dig the farm a new well. Gus Gorman and Powergirl use their computer skills to erase all records of the existence of the river from the memory of the Clampco computers.


The above was a synthesis of the Dukes of Hazard: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke October 5, 1984:, Infinity Inc.1-10 Generations saga March-1984-Jan 1985 and Superman III 1983. The child portrayed in the Superman III film was Lana Ross' son who was as yet unborn when the actual events occurred.


1979 Declared sane Joe Wolf is released from the institution. He takes the identity of Joe Guy, claiming to be the son of Clark Kent, or Superman, and Amelia Earhart.


1980 Lyta Trevor (Wonder Woman II) marries Arnold Munro.


1980 While Luke Duke pursues a career as a country singer, Bo Duke under his real name of John finishes his Agricultural Sciences degree at Duke University. Their cousin Daisy has taken over the family lands. While at the university he meets Lana Martha Ross who is finishing her Business Management degree. They marry and decide to settle down on a farm. Pete Ross is not thrilled with the marriage.


1981 Hugo Danner inherits the Kent farm in Littleton, GA. Not having the time to run he finds a young couple, the Dukes, one of which happens to be the daughter of his friend Pete Ross to run the farm for a percentage of the profit. John "Bo" Duke and Lana Martha Duke begin running the Kent farm in Littleton, Georgia specializing in organic produce.


1982 Events of the Gremlins film.


1985 Events of Gremlins II.  Clamp Towers is shown to have an extensive biological recombinant DNA laboratory hidden inside the innocuous Clamp Towers. After the Clamp Towers incident Daniel Lionel Clampett legally changes his name to Lionel Luthor.


Rick Jones dies of cancer brought on by exposure to the “gamma” bomb and the nega bands.


1985 Phase one of Alexis Luther’s Doomsday plan. The altered Hyde aka Doomsday is sent on a programmed path of destruction throughout Metropolis, the primary goal is to kill as many costumed vigilantes as possible. He succeeds in causing the deaths of apparent deaths Superman (Clark Kent), and Power Girl (Kara Zor-El) and the verified death of Supergirl (Kara Kent Wayne)  He is finally stopped by Wonder Woman, Captain America and others.  His body is buried in a New Jersey wood. Over time his body rejects the cybernetic implants and genetic modifications as he regenerates.


In Atlanta Hugo Danner fights against a creature known as the Nuclear Man. Although Danner defeats the Nuclear Man the effects of the battle will make him ill enough to retire. 


The so-called Reign of the Supermen takes places soon after as four replacements take up the mantle of the fallen Supermen. The Man of Steel (former Iron Man John Henry Irons, The Super Boy (Samuel Kent), the Man of Tomorrow (Joe Danner) and the Last Son of Krypton (Zod).


1985 The Daredevil’s identity becomes publicly known and Matthew Murdock loses his law practice, his fortune and his home. This was part of Alexis Luther’s Doomsday plan.


1985 While suffering from the loss of his wife, Bruce Wayne Jr. must also fight a tremendous as Batman. As part of his Doomsday plan. Alexis Luther has arranged through his lieutenant, Bane to break up and destroy the Batman family. The events of  Knightfall/Cataclysm and No-Man’s Land unfold


1985 Upon retiring Lois Lane and Clark Kent sell the Kent farm to the Dukes. The Dukes keep the "Kent Farms" name because of the reputation the name carries and also because they took over the business. In Littleton, sometimes people get confused. Bo is now going by John and since he owns the Kent Farm, people think his last name is Kent and that Duke is just a nickname.


1986 LuthorCorp in unison with the United States Army launches satellites filled with biological material as an experiment to see how cosmic radiation will affect them. One satellite containing biological matter from the Thing From Another World falls in California...Events of the Blob (1988).  One satellite contains a virus designed to enhance the binding of recombinant DNA. It falls to earth amidst a meteorite shower containing debris from Krypton, which devastates the town of Littleton, Georgia. The ship of Kalel Zod is among the debris. The container with the genetic virus is breached and it spreads through the population of Littleton, GA. Although there are very few immediate effects, most of the town is infected with the genetic virus. This is never made known to the citizens of Littleton. The virus lays dormant in most of the population but manifests suddenly in various individuals rewriting their DNA and mutating. Them Lionel Luthor buys the Rice Farm and opens up a fertilizer factory. John Duke had convinced Rice to sell as part of a bargain with Luthor to help them adopt the foundling child Kalel. The factory, however, is also a genetic laboratory to keep tabs on the population and also experiment with the manifestations of the virus. Most people blame the meteorite rocks for the odd effects. 


Information leaks out, however, and a series of books about an alien virus infecting people and  mutating them , sometimes giving them superpowers comes out (Wild Cards series (1987) Rumors also leak out about a super child living in Littleton. To counter these rumors, LuthorCorp, working in concert with Warburton (Warner Bros.) Entertainment defuses rumors about this superboy by creating the Superboy television series based on previous and thought to be fictional episodes of Superman's life.  This show is continued in different formats, reemerging as Smallville.


Doc Savage released from Phantom Zone


1986 Half of the people in Littleton, GA leave the town after the meteorite storm devastated the town. Luthorcorp begins hiring people from up north, to counter this John Beau Duke induced many of his friends and neighbors from Hazard county to move to Littleton. Hazard had also been hard hit by the meteorite storm but did not have same odd effects from the rocks. Eventually John Beau Duke's  high school buddy Ethan is sheriff and that several other people from Conyers County have moved there for jobs in the Luthor plant , so it's like he knows half the town. Now he's best friends with a sheriff! Who would have expected that?


1987 John Duke and Lana Duke adopt the foundling child whom they name Clark Kent Duke after Lana's godfather Clark Kent (Danner) who had also sold them their home.


Among Clark Duke's friends were Pete Rice who was related to the Rice family of Carson Napier and Edgar Rice Burroughs and Lana Ling. Lana is 1/4 Chinese and her great-grandfather is Shiwan Khan. In Invincible Shiwan Khan and Golden Master Beatrice Chadbury is hypnotized into being Lana Luan. It's not stated, but it can be read that Khan used her for sex .She is pregnant and marries Paul Brent. The child is born in June 1940. Brent accepts the child even though he knows he isn't the father. She marries a half Chinese man and they move to Atlanta to open a Chinese restaurant. Their daughter, Lana's mother, ends up in Littleton and has the affair with John Small. She marries a man of partial Chinese descent with the last name Ling.


Chloe Sullivan is the grand daughter of film director/producer John L. Sulllivan whose early film career is lauded for its depiction of gripping social realism. However he abruptly began making comedies and his career in Hollywood slumped. He ended his days as a producer of news programming in Atlanta.


1999 Antiope Munro becomes Wonder Woman III


2970 Formation of the Legion of Super-Heroes by R J. Brande (Odo)


2971 Leigh Linders brought to the future from the year 1932 and trained to use her powers. Joins Legion under the Code name of Super-Girl and Andromeda. Begins a love affair with Braniac 5.


2973 Leigh Linders returns to 1942


2975 Hugo Danner is brought forward into the future from the year 1921 He under goes extensive therapy and training.


2977 Hugo Danner joins the Legion using the name Ultra. (tentative)  After a few months or so however he begins using the name Superboy at Braniac's insistence.


2980 Halk Kar's ship is found by the Legion near Pluto. He is released from suspended animation and once again begins dying.  Braniac 5 is able to devise a serum that will negate the effects of the lead in his system. Oddly enough this uses true kryptonite, that is mineral fragments from the exploded planet Krypton. Most kryptonite mentioned in the comics is after a combination of thyophite and kryptonite. After adjusting to the new century, Halk Kar joins the Legion using the name Marvel Lad but he then begins using the name given to him by Clark Kent, Mon-El. Having learned from the fragmented histories that the Legion would release a prisoner from the Phantom Zone to become a Legionnaire, Braniac 5 began using a PZ scanner to find a suitable candidate. He finds Dev-Em. Although he had not grown up biologically, he had matured emotionally during his long stint in the PZ.


Released, Dev-Em joins the Legion under the name Ultra-Boy. It is shortly revealed that Ultra-Boy had a criminal past, which he had hidden. Only Tinya believes that he had truly reformed.  Ultra Boy leaves the Legion to join a gang of space pirates. The Legion receives a tip where the space pirates hq is located. They arrive to discover that Ultra Boy had already captured the space-pirates. He had infiltrated the space pirates to demonstrate his reformation and loyalty to the Legion.


2981 Laurel Kent joins the Legion Academy as an instructor, traveling back and forth through time.


2981 Daxamite Laurel Gand joins the Legion and uses the code name Super-Girl/Andromeda. She is able to utilize the anti-lead poisoning serum


2982 Hugo Danner leaves the Legion to finish his academics in the in the 30th century


2983 Joe Prescott Danner joins the Legion of Super-Heroes as Super-Boy. He travels back and forth through time. He is prevented from remembering that Laurel Kent is mother when he returns to the past. Danner had requested that Joe be allowed to visit the Legion where he could be fully trained to use or not use his powers. He finds the book of Krypton stories he wrote as an adult after his release from the Phantom Zone.  He uses these stories to sell comics to DC.


3001 The Crisis!





[1] According to Vanardy that this period was after Madero had deposed Diaz down in Mexico which took place circa 1911

[2] Actually this was not his ship but Clark Kent's ship

[3] In the novel Gladiator he was going to create supermen using his father’s serum. However this Hugo Danner did not have access to his father’s notes.

[4] Dash was created by Erle Stanley Gardner and appeared in Top Notch from 1925 to 1930

[5] The "hooded and caped titan of crime" was created by Johnston McCulley (1883-1958), one of the immortals of pulp fiction, and first appeared in" Rogue for a Day" in the 5 March 1916 issue of Detective Story Magazine. His stories ran in Detective through the end of 1930.

[6] This series was written by Neil R. Jones and was introduced in "The Electrical Man," in the May 1930

[7] Halk Kar first appeared in Superman 80 Jan-Feb 1953. The story would be recycled and told as that of Lar Gand or Mon El. In Superboy 89, June 1961. Halk Kar’s background appears in Krypton Decrypted.

[8] Harry Pitt appeared in Harry Pitt's Abenteuer #1-25, 1927. He was an adventurer whose travels took him to the U.S. and England, where he fought evil masked crime leaders and Satanic cults

[9] Frank Allan, created and written by divers hands, appeared in Frank Allan, der Rächer der Enterbten (Frank Allan, Avenger of the Disinherited) #1-612, 1920-1932, and in another magazine of the same name for 55 issues from 1930-1932.)

[10] . Tom Hypnos appeared in Tom Hypnos, der König der Geheimwissenschaften (Tom Hypnos, the King of the Secret Sciences) #1-13, 1921

[11] . Loke Klingsor, The Man With the Devil's Eyes was a Robert Kraft series written in 1927. Loke Klingsor dressed like, and apparently was a lift from, Dr. Nikola. Klingsor had and had hypnotic powers

[12] Zero the Silent, creator unknown, appeared in Adventure in 1931 and 1932

[13] The Man in the Silver Mask was created by Erle Stanley Gardner and appeared in Detective Fiction Weekly

[14] The most popular and longest-running of the characters in Ten Detective Aces, the Moon Man (created by mystery writer Frederick C. Davis and appearing in 1933 and 1934)

[15] The file became attributed to the exaggerated adventures of Jimmy Christopher, Operator 5 and appeared in the December 1935 issue of Operator 5 magazine as "Raiders of the Red Death"

[16] Mr. Death (I) was created by “G. Wayman Jones” (the pen-name of D.L. Champion) and appeared in Thrilling Detective from 1932 to


[17] The Wizard, Thomas Jefferson "Cash" Gorman, appeared in The Wizard #1-6, from October 1940 to August 1941


 [ACS1]In German, uhr means both clock and hour.  This usage explains why the Clock was also called “Hourman” in American comics.  Somehow he was first heard about from a German report. Since Uhrmann sounds like Hourman, the name passed the language barrier.  Is this Clock the same one as the masked vigilante?  Did he start as a non-powered vigilante and then develop Miraclo? I think he just might have.