Was'nt the Future Great?


A timeline certain to irritate Star Trek and Pulp Purists

By Matthew Baugh and Dennis E. Power

You will notice that while I have added some of the elements from the Secret History Chronology, I have left out much of the Alien Conspiracy and Alien Visitations material, for now, at least to see how it works without it, The Capellean stuff might be added later if only to give the timeline a more WNU like flavor.

Material provided by Matthew Baugh is provided in this color text.

6 Billion years Ago: The Universe is created in an massive explosion known as Big Bang or the Cosmic Finger Snap.

One odd theory stated that the Big Bang was actually created by the arrival of millions of time-travel devices all trying to occupy the exact time/space coordinates of the Universe's creation. The resultant explosion of all of these various time travelers actually caused the event that they had come to watch. Of, course, they missed it.

Time travelers from the Earth's distant future observing the explosion, somehow, it has never been exactly determined how, caused a fracturing of the timeline which radiating out from the source of creation created ever increasing and diverging timelines.

5 Billion years ago. The beings various known as the Ancients, the Old Ones, the Long-Gones etc. traverse the universe through space and time, having a large intergalactic civilization in the distant past prior to life having evolved. The Ancients are advanced beings from the far distant future, primarily from Earth and other similarly evolved humanoid species They have three basic goals: to evolve into beings of Thought/Energy, to repair and restore the Primary timeline or failing that to at least Preserve the Primary timeline so that they can be assured that their evolution will be assured. It is during this epoch they created the Stargates and the Guardian of Forever.

They are assisted in this endeavor by some of their descendants who have already evolved into Thought/Energy beings and will be known throughout out the cosmos by various names, The Elder Gods, the Organians, the Q-Continuum, the Everoinye. When exactly the evolution from organic life into Thought/Energy occurred is unknown. It is very hard to pin down dates with vastly powerful beings who roam time and relative dimensions in space with no effort.

Around the time of the that the Ancients evolved into beings of pure Thought/Energy there arose some opposition to the goals of the Ancients and Preservers. The opposition was lead by dissidents among the Elders. Many of them opposed the attempts to fuse the diverging timelines into one Prime Time. They also opposed to making the evolution of the human genome as it had originally evolved as taking place in as many timelines as possible. The dissidents were opposed to this on moral grounds, believing that by controlling evolution and maintaining a static historical development they were in essence stifling the evolution of humanity and preventing the possible development of other sentient species. The dissidents were also split into factions. Some decried any involvement or interference at all in history and evolution-believing that by interfering with the Universe's natural development that they were endangering it.  Others believed that humans and other races should be encouraged to reach their maximum potential as rapidly as possible despite how development had occurred originally. There were also those who believed that since mankind was destined to become the God-like beings that nothing that that the nearly omnipotent beings did would have any consequences.

The dissidents banded together to stop the Elders. This may be the source of the multitude of fables and myths about the great comic battle among the Gods or among the Angels.

The dissidents lost the war and broke up into small groups, each following their own agenda. One faction lead by a Being variously known as Lucifer or Prometheus instituted a policy of direct intervention in the historical/evolutionary process. He caused a Dinosaurian world to evolved into sentience, the Lizards or Serpent People becoming his devoted servants. A related but possibly separate faction are what I have termed the Adversarialists, possibly lead by Shaitan. They believed that the highest evolutionary progress is achieved not through a beneficial environment but through catastrophes and near extinctions that test and force a species to evolve. Another faction called themselves the Lords of Chaos. They believed that Chaos is the true state of the Universe and used all their power to make as much of existance chaotic as possible. We see glimpses of them in Moorcock's Eternal Champion series and in the Courts of Chaos in the works of Roger Zelazny's Amber series.

Some of the Lords of Chaos, the infinitely powered beings, mentioned above, made contact with a sentient species from outside the normal dimensions of space, these were known as the CCD. (Ctulhulu Cycle Deities.)

200 Million B.C. As part of their so called interventionist evolutionary efforts the Prometheans create mega-saurs, giant saurians that because of their massive bulk are an evolutionary dead end despite Promethean efforts to stabilize their bodily structures by genetic tailoring of their bone and musculature. Also they experiment with various nutritional supplements for the mega-saurs, giving them the ability to feed on various types of energy rather than foraging on meat or plants. Tired of the experiment the Prometheans allow the megasaurs to die out after a few millenia. The Preservers saved a few individuals of each species and placed them in stasis.

10 Million B.C. APromethean or possibly some other unknown faction, surreptitiously terraforms the Solarian planets, Mercury is a hard task, its proximity to the sun making the prospect of life there difficult. It is a rocky, mountainous world with deep vales filled with mist that hold in pockets of moisture and atmosphere. Venus has a variety of environments with vast oceans, continents with huge arboreal life but the most prevalent however is that a swampland. Mars is made into a near Earth like planet with vast oceans and land masses. There is a serious flaw, perhaps planned in the design for this world. Jupiter is a world of vast rain forests. Saturn is world of vast plains. Uranus is a mountainous world and Neptune is world that is 85 percent water. Pluto is a cold arctic world. There is another planet named Thyoph which will be mentioned momentarily.. They also transformed the major satellite including Luna, Titan, Callisto etc. When all was changed they encouraged life to evolve there

9 Million B.C. A wide variety of life has arisen on the Solarian planets and satellites from the Tharks, Apts and Thoats of Mars. Thyoph is made into a home base by the Prometheans, they create a human population and encourage it to evolve as rapidly as possible, infusing Thyoph's crust itself with a mutagenic agent that encourages beneficial mutations. Among the Prometheans however is a Lord of Chaos, Azathoth, secretly allied with the CCD, possibly genetically linked to them. Believing that disaster and tragedy were more crucial for rapid evolutionary development than a beneficial environment was, he set up events so that Thyoph would be destroyed. Most of the Thyophians had time to flee to nearby planets One of their colonies became known as the Machine City of Mars.

A small group of Thyophians escape from Promethean control altogether, traveling to a planet in the Alpha Centari system. Due to its low solar radiation and high gravity it is not very conducive human life. The Thyophians survive and thrive, becoming superb physical specimans. They name their planet Krypton


Some of the ruling families of Thyoph refused to leave. Believing it was their destiny to die with their planet. One of the scions of the planet however in a last minute decision refused to let his House die. He placed his infant son in a small warp capsule and launched it just as the core of the planet exploded. The explosion shot the rocket off course, rather than flying upwards out of the exploding planet it curved and flew straight through the midst of the ionizing debris of the planet feeling the full effect of the mutagenic material at the planets core. The core exploded as the warp drive kicked in. The rocket's warp drive and the magnetic fluctuations of the exploding planet created a time warp which propelled the rocket into the far future, nearly ten million years.

Thyoph's fragments will comprise the Asteroid belt and will occasionally fall on the various planets causing beneficial mutations.

8 Million B.C. Preservers discover the Prometheans' terraforming and evolutionary experiments on the Solarian planets. Rather than scrub them and return the planets to their original state and destroy the populations thereon, the Preservers decide to use the Solarian planets as part of the their vast reservation system to maintain the human genome. So as to preserve history and to hide the habitable nature of the planets from cursory examination, the Preservers create massive illusionary machines that create an illusion of how the planets were supposed to have looked when first observed by earth telescopes.

5 Million B.C. Some of the Fungoid Spores from Yuggoth drift into Barsoomian space and land on the planet. The Spores intermingle with the the native plants and animals creating the hybrids which will become known as the Sarmak and Khaldanes.

6. Million B.C. Taithu who break the laws of civilization are exiled with a modicum of equipment to Pliocine Earth. Around the same time the Human civilization of the Earth's far future, using refined Moishe-Wildman devices also exile social misfits and criminals here. The humans become the slaves of the Taithu or as they are called the Danu.

3 Million B.C. The transplanted Thyophians create a civilization that spans the solar system. They have discovered the secrets of matter transportation and create a means to instantly travel from world to world. It is discovered however that continued use of this technology has its risks as incremental changes will result in a hideous malformation or death. Matter transportation is confined to emergency or for penal purposes. The lower orders, those humans transplanted onto the worlds by the Preservers can be a contentious lot. Callisto designated as a prison planet where incorrigibles or dissidents are matter transmitted from various locations for exile. (The various human types on Thanator resemble the human types on a couple of planets as described in the Captain Future books Sky-Pirates resemble Venusians, Perushtians resemble Martians) At least two of these matter transmitters on earth still function in the twentieth century. One in Angkor Wat and one on the island of Tanagora The Thyophians are also known as the Taitha, Tuatha de Danan and Quircu.

2. Million B.C. The seeded Humans on the Solarian planets have diverged a great deal from the human genome, becoming almost separate species. More Human populations are planted on the most earth like of the planets, Venus, Mars and Luna.

One of the species with whom the Taitha have shared technology the Jovians, making a stone age peoples into a vast technological civilization within two generations self destructs its own civilization. During a vast war a genetic virus is released that retards the intelligences of its victims. The Ancients become no more than legends to the Jovians who despite overcoming the genetic mental crippling within a couple hundred millennia never create a cohesive civilization again.

Most of the Taitha leave the solar system after this incident, abandoning their civilization. A few remain and use their near immortality and vast science to become as gods to the humans. The Taitha are contacted by the Serpent People, a faction controlled by the Adversarialists. Rhiannon agrees to give the Serpents, the Dhuvians on Mars superior technology. Despite regretting his decision he is punished by the other Taithu. Some of the Serpents and some renegade Taitha travel to a planet on a odd ellipitical orbit through the solar system.The Planet Nibiru become the home of the Nifilim.

1 Million B.C. Events of the Sword of Rhiannon by Leigh Brackett. An Earth man, Matthew Carse is accidentally propelled into Mars distant past where he finds his brain being shared by Rhiannon, a member of the Quricu or Taitha who had been punished for giving high technology to the People of the Serpent, the Caer Dhu. The Mars of this time is distinctly earthlike with seas and forests.

During the course of the story it is revealed that the Caer Dhu protect their city with a Veil which protects them from harm. This Veil is probably related to the one used by the Murians.

500,000 B.C. The Nibiru and Taithu have established colonies on Earth. Discovering that once they started to manipulate the human populations on Earth the Ancients/Elder Gods stepped in. One of the colonies of the Taithu is an interior mining colony named Lemuria in what will become the the south seas area, another is named Murania and is in what will become North America.

The mining population consists of humans and bactrian beings known as Akka or The Deep Ones. The latter are used at various places in the world. A force field called the veil keeps the colony safe from heat, vapors and collapse. The population manipulated by the Taithu and Nibiru in this area are of Polynesian and Asian origin. They will become the group of races known as the Kilaak.

These colossal beings are imbued with powers that go beyond even what could be expected of their gigantic stature. The flying creatures can travel into space, the burrowing creatures are able to tunnel at astonishing speeds, several are able to generate energy rays or explosions, etc. They are used as protectors for various Lemurian cities, and have the power to lie dormant for thousands of years when not needed.

Kaiju which are apparently created in this period include: Battra, King Seesar, Manda, Mothra, Megalon, and the giant ape whose original name is lost to us but who will become the second King Kong.

20, 000 B.C. Disagreements between the Taithu and Nibiru result in a great war. The Cataclysm of Hyborean legend. Lemuria is destroyed, leaving only Muria behind as a fragment of lost dreams and kingdoms. A fragment named Seatopia survives as one of many underwater cities.

14, 000 B.C. Mars----17th Dynasty of the Khalide Kings of Jekkara. Jekkara was receding significantly as a maritime powers as the seas were rapidly receding.

13,000 B.C. To combat the rapidly drying rivers and inland seas, Martian City States dig massive system of canals channeling water from the oceans.

12,000 B.C. Martan Oceans nearly gone despite the best efforts of the Martian people. A strange ocher moss covers the covers the empty Ocean beds. Many Martians develop various methods to survive in a dying world, some races become oviparious, (Burroughs) others develop vast mental powers the Lotharians and an unknown race attempting to develop a gestalt mentality (Mars Minus Bishna-Brackett)

10,000 B.C. Believing himself dying, John Carter's somehow transports himself to Mars, from Earth 1866 A.D. It is not certain whether or not he physically transformed himself into energy and somehow reformulated a new body or if the effect of the transfer merely gave him the illusion that he was standing over his dead body, much like patients under anesthesia often claim to hover over their bodies and watch the operation. The fact that it seems to be an innate ability triggered by near death rather than a portal is indicated by the fact that he does uses this ability from differing locations.

John Flint Roy has speculated that Carter passed through a dimensional barrier to reach Barsoom, since the Mars was demonstrably not Barsoom. That is true but Carter passed through time and space to the Mars of the past. By having Carter's adventures take place in the distant past, the questions of where were the Barsoomian cities, animals etc in the Brackett, Moore, Hamilton future. Also it helps to explain the discrepancies between the martian desert of those books and Barsoom's moss covered planet.

10,000-9,500 B.C. Events of ERB;s Martian series. Towards the end of the first book, John Carter saves Barsoom by fixing the Atmosphere Plant. This is very dramatic but possibly over-dramatized. The Atmosphere Plant was possibly the main humidifier, taking water from the underground table and atomizing and spraying it into the Barsoomian atmosphere as a means sustaining the moss and keep desertification at bay. The Plant was probably attacked by Green Men or by terrorists of some type and John Carter did have to rescue it else have the moss die and drastically change the planet's ecology.

Around this time the deciding to flee the dying planet Sarmaks launch an invasion of the earth which they expect to be in a very primitive state. However John Carter's travel through time and space and the use of the Gridley Wave has created a temporal anamoly around Barsoom which causes the Sarmaks to arrive in the future equivalent to John Carter's personal

John Carter destroyed the launching cannon and prevented a second wave.The Sarmaks studied the anamoly and regrouped and launched a second attack while John Carter was evidently occupied with another crisis. They traversed time and dimensional space to attack the parallel earth named Annwn. They were unsuccessful in this venture as well.

8,000 B.C. The giant humidifiers are destroyed and rapid desertification of Mars begins. John Carter and his family having discovered from further discussions with Jason Gridly and Carson Napier via the Gridley wave that he was living in Mars' distant past and that Mars was doomed to become a harsh desert planet despite everyone's best efforts. Carter and as many of his people as could fit into vessels designed by Fal Sivas and emigrated to Saturn, which was the real home of the Morgor and Savator. (In Captain Future's Saturn the inhabitants are blue skinned.) Shortly after John Carter physically left Mars the temporal anamoly surrounding it disappeared.

7,500 B.C. The great cities advanced cities of Helium, Gathol and others become buried in the desert sand. Even the immortal Rama perish finding their efforts at stopping rapid desertification futile. (Secret of Sinharat-Brackett) Gone are the green hordes, the apts, most of the cultures and animals described by John Carter.

6000 B.C. As the Martian landscape undergoes desertification and the topography of the planet changes several self enclosed communities are created. They are cut off the rest of Mars by topography, taking shelter in rapidly drying lakes or inland seas which eventually become deep valleys surrounded by all but impassable mountains. They also become self enclosed by choice, hoarding the slim resources of their own communities for their own survival. Among these self enclosed communities are the Blue Forest, the Tiger men and the Sarmaks

6.000 B.C. Inspired by the example of the Ancients, the Taithu decide to evolve into pure thought/energy. Seeking to understand how to do this they created an artificial energy creature. Unfortunately the being they create is innately evil. Known as the Shining One. After the Murians have taken refuge in interior land of Muria, the the Shining One travels to the surface and kidnaps innoent people and bring them to its nest where they are slowly drained of life force.

Three of the Ancients who have been looking over the Earth since the Cataclysm intercede but the Shining One thorugh its stolen life energy catches them by surprise and drains them of energy , trapping them in a physical state. Having weakened them, The Shining One was able to keep the Three Silent Ones in a sort of stasis while slowly feeding off of their vast energy.

The fact that the Three Old Ones were in such a state may explain why they allowed the Earth to get into the state it was by 1910.

4000.B.C. and various other time periods. Powerful beings probably the Preservers kidnap and move several earth populations slated to be wiped out by disaster to various planets in various solar systems.

One of these was Dare as recorded by PJF. Another was a group of Chinese, Japanese, Greeks and Norsemen who were transplanted to the planet Mongo, where evolution had already created several humanoid species.

The humans thrived and eventually became the dominant species on the planet. Although the humans were kidnapped in this period of Earth's history it is possible that they were planted in Mongo's distant past.

Several related Asian groups, who were slated to have been killed in earthquakes, Tsunami's and famine and war, were planted on various planets in and about the Solarian system but in the distant past. Somehow after achieving early space flight they also came in contact with one another and formed a similar culture. Although they inhabited the planets X and Mysteria and lived on Mars and Earth, they are collectively known as the Kilaak.

The Kilaaks later discover some of the Kaiju in stasis and learn to replicate and then modify them, creating King Ghidra and a few others

900-500 BC.Sometime in this period Undiluted Shanga is forbidden by Federation of Martian City States. "The real Shanga...was forbiddden centuries ago by the City-States of Mars" Beast Jewel of Mars by Leigh Brackett

400 B.C. Kilaak colony of Mars is destroyed by King Ghidra. This was probably the result of a power struggle among the Kilaak colonies which erupted into war. Survivors flee to Earth and live in Tibet. They are in contact but not allied with the Kilaak colony in the Earth's ocean named Seatopia.

1500 A.D. France Events of Quest of the Star Stone by C.L. Moore. Jirel of Joiry, a possible Ancestress of Doc Savage, meets time lost Northwest Smith. The line of her having lived two thousand years in the past is a bit of Mooresian hyperbole.

c. 1805 Dray Prescot is transported to the planet Kregen by the mysterious Star Lords, The Everoinye as recounted in Transit to Scorpio by Alan Burt Akers

c. 1908 The Planet Mongo begins to suffer drastic ecological changes due to increased sunspot activity. Chancellor Ming demands to find a reason. The Sun is going to go nova in a few thousand years but will destroy Mongo in less than fifty. Ming uses this excuse to ursurp the throne. Using authoritarian methods all science on Mongo is geared for finding a solution for Mongo's problem. The solution is to move Mongo and its atmospheric shield into an orbit around another star.

c, 1910 Events of The Moon Pool by A. Merritt.

c. 1911 The planet Krypton suffers an inexplicable seismic crisis as its planetary core loses much of its cohesion. This was a result of Mongovian warp rift experiments. Ming's scientist had found a large resource of the crystals necessary to power the massive warp rift necessary to move Mongo out of its solar system and into another. Unfortunately for Krypton, these were located in the heart of its planetary core. Removal of the planetary core lead to its destruction. Another crime for Ming's rapsheet.

c.1912. After the Shining One is destroyed, the Three Silent Ones travel to an abandoned Ancient city in the Antarctica, which resides on the portal to Pellucidar. They stay in a stasis until needed.

c. 1915 Simon Wright is born (I love the fact that Simon seems to be a contemporary of Benton Quest, Masado Banzai and Reed Richards. What a graduating class!)

c. 1927 Anthony "Buck" Rogers either is put into suspended animation for three hundred odd years by radium gas and awakens to find himself in the future of 2419.

c. 1930 Carson Napier builds his own rocket aided by Hans Zarkov. His intention is to fly to Barsoom, unaware that Barsoom lies in the distant past. He finds himself out of trajectory having forgotten to take into account the gravitational pull of the moon. He instead lands on Venus or Amtor as it is called by the citizens of the continent of Vepaja. Events of Pirates of Venus and Lost on Venus by E.R. Burroughs

c 1933. Events of Carson of Venus by E.R. Burroughs.

1935-8 Events of Escape on Venus by E.R. Burroughs

c. 1935 Rogue Planet incident. Mongo's scientists have put Mongo much too close to the Earth and a collision seems imminent. A repulsor ray is designed that pushes Mongo gradually out of the collision orbit and into a new orbital path between Mars and Earth. Flash Gordon and Zarkov fly to Mongo to try and stop the collision not realizing of course it is unnecessary. Another group of scientists feeling that the collision is iminent decided to flee the Earth in a rocketship that they had been planning on using for a lunar voyage. They land on a section of Mongo which had been cleared out and prepared for the eventuality that Ming and his court would have to survive in a domed city when the ecological crisis intensified. The scientists and their families believe that they are the only inhabitants of this world. They would think so for years. (When Worlds Collide and After World's Collide by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer)

c. 1936 Ming having faked his own death, returns to the throne of Mongo and makes an alliance with Queen Azura of Mars. Queen Azura is apparently one of the rulers of the many self contained areas of Mars, surrounded by high mountains and cut off from the rest of Mars by topography and by intent. Flash and company once more defeat his insidious plans. (Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars serial)

c. 1938 Events of Wizard of Venus by E.R. Burroughs

c. 1939 Unnamed pilot, but possibly of the Carter clan, is apparently shot down over Germany by a Messerschmidt. Utilizing the power that runs in his famly, he transports himself out of danger, although he believes himself to be dead. He lands on Poloda, a unique solar system several light years away from earth. A pocket of air traverses the entire solar system making interplanetary travel as simples as flying a plane. He is named Tangor (Man Who Came From Nowhere) Poloda is in a state of perpetual war which turns the the warrior into something of a pacifist. Unfortunately Beyond the Farthest Star was the only adventure that Burroughs wrote of Tangor.

c.1940 Ming once more rises from the dead to launch a vengeance upon earth with a purple dust. Flash and company return to Mongo and defeat him.This time however they are forced to stay one Mongo as Ming's last act of vengeance is to cause Mongo to phase into a dimensional limbo. To the astronomer's on Earth appears that Mongo suddenly fades from existence. Mongo however remains in an orbit between Mars and Earth and on rare occasion as the dimensional energies fluctation briefly materializes physically, sometimes trapping passing space vehicles.

1946 Rockets begin being used as freighters for intercontinental shipping, the standard being a V-17.

In the wake of the devastating war, the United Nations is granted peace keeping powers (which were proposed but not enacted in our world) United Nations Police Force is formed. (Rocketship Galileo)

c. 1951 The United Nations Peacekeeping forces tests its Doomday bomb in the Armagosa desert (Rocketship Galileo)

c. 1952 The Sarmaks launched yet another invasion wave on Mars, however this was reduced to two vessels, one of which went off course and was drawn into by ether currents into the Sargasso of Space. (Calling Captain Future)

c. 1953Two "godzillasaurs" are irradiated in H-Bomb tests on Lagos Island,

The first will grow to become the monster Godzilla, the second, which was the dinosaur who saved the Japanese soldiers, will become the monster Gigantis. The radiation creates a nuclear reaction within the dinosaurs, causing them to grow to many times their normal size and giving them the ability to project "fire rays" from their mouths.

c. 1954 The guardian Kaiju Godzilla is brought out stasis by Atomic blast. Without his controllers to guide him, he is lost and confused in the modern world and reverts to predatory behavior, attacking everything that he perceives as a threat.

Godzilla travels to Japan where it causes massive damage and ravages Tokyo itself. The creature is eventually killed by the "Oxygen Destroyer" which Dr. Serizawahas perfected. (GKOM)

(An unknown side effect of the use of the Oxygen Destroyer is the creation of a microscopic life-form which will continue to grow and develop for many years.)

Inspired by the destruction wrought by Godzilla, the Kilaaks begin to use their technology to locate and revive the surviving mega-dinosaurs as a prelude to their invasion.

1955 The second mutated "fire-dinosaur" appears to menace Japan and comes into conflict with the newly awakened kaiju Anguiras. This being is initially dubbed Gigantis, but the press and the public insist on calling it Godzilla. (GFM)

Though it was initially thought killed by Gigantis/Godzilla, Anguiras is found to be alive and is transported to Ogasawara Island, which is set aside as a combination prison and preserve for kaiju. The island is often referred to by its nickname of "Monster Island."

1955  First official landing on the moon. Competing for a prize of 250,000 dollars scientist Don Cargreaves, Art Mueller, Ross Jenkins and Maurice Abrams build a rocket ship and land on the moon. Only to uncover a plot by die hard Nazi's to bomb the cities of the Earth from the moon and break the United Nations. Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert A. Heinlein

1956 The eggs of an unknown species of pteradactyl hatch in a Japanese volcano. The result is a pair of enormous flying kaiju which are called Rodans. These monsters wreak havok on Japan before they are finally killed. (Actually, only one Rodan is really killed, the second survives and is transported to Ogasawara Island.) (ROD)

1957 A colossal praying mantis from the age if the mega-dinosaurs awakens and threatens Washington D.C. Though the creature is killed, its eggs are preserved and taken to Osawagara Island for study. When they hatch they are called "Kamakuras." (DM)

Calling themselves "Mysterians" a group of Kilaaks land on Earth and threaten human civilization with their giant robot Mogera. They are defeated by the humans who salvage the remains of Moguera and their spacecraft. (MYS)

1960 A feral child with caucasian features is found in Hiroshima. The boy is actually the new body that the heart of the Frankenstein Monster has grown for itself. He is taken to a hospital for study and it is learned that he is growing at an alarming rate. (FCW)

c. 1960 Roger Newton born

1961 The kaiju known as Varan awakens in a lake in Japan. The creature is eventually subdued and imprisoned on Osagawara Island.

The world becomes aware of the existence of Mothra and the twin fairies of Infant Island. This is a remnant of the ancient lands that did not sink, and whose protector is not dormant. (MOT)

The Frankenstein Monster grows to enormous size and escapes from captivity. He is hunted by humans and comes into conflict with the awakened mega-dinosaur Baragon. The Creature's body is never found, but the senseless Baragon is transported to Osagawara Island. (Unknown to anyone, a piece of skin scraped off of the Creature begins to grow into a new creatue.) (FCW)

c. 1961 James Carthew born

1962 Promoter Mr. Tako discovers a giant ape of unbelievable size on Mondo Island. (This is a guardian kaiju which has lain dormant on the island since the sinking of Mu.) In an inspired moment Mr. Tako names the creature after the great ape Kong found years earlier by Carl Denham. Tako takes the ape to Tokyo, where it escapes and comes into conflict with Godzilla.

After defeating Godzilla, the second Kong swims back to Mondo Island. (KKG)

After a friendly initial contact with an alien space ship the United States and several other world governments sign a secret treaty with a loose galatic federation and secretly fund an organizaton to discourage the belief in Aliens and to remove all traces of accidental alien contact or discovery of contact. They are the Men In Black.

The American scientist ??????? and his Asian colleague, Dr. Hu are deeply impressed by the second Kong. ????? believes that a robot patterned after the giant ape would be the perfect all-purpose machine for construction and other heavy work. Using access to the technology from Mogera the two begin to design the robot. (KKE)

1963 Using the technological secrets gleaned from Moguera and the Mysterian spacecraft the Japanese government constructs a vehicle caller "Atoragon." This vessel can function equally well on land or sea, can submerge, and can even fly like a rocketship.

(Specualtion) The Mogera technology reduces the need for undersea nuclear testing by providing superior alternative forms of power and weaponry. Unfortunately, the manufacture of the new space technology produces new and highly toxic industrial pollutants which enter Tokyo's air and harbor.

The survivors of the section of Lemuria rise up to destroy the surface world using Manda, their guardian kaiju. Fortunately for Japan, Atoragon proves more than a match for Manda and the Lemurians are defeated. Manda is imprisoned on Osagawara Island. (ATO)

Godzilla appears again to ravage Japan, but is stopped by the intercession of mighty Mothra. From this point on, Godzilla will grow steadily more intelligent and less hostile to humanity. This may be the influence of Mothra, whose sworn duty is the protection of the peoples of the earth. A similar transformation can be seen in the mega-dinosaurs Anguiras and Rodan. (GVTT)

1964 The kaiju Ghidrah appears on earth and begins wreaking destruction.

Though it is never explicitly stated, the creature is under the control of the Kilaaks. Earth's protector Mothra is helpless to deal with the giant herself, but manages to recruit Godzilla and Rodan to defeat Ghidrah (GTHM)

At some point in the mid-1960's the earth governments form a "World Space Council" with Japan at its head. Using the technology from Mogera they have created spaceships nearly as good as those used by the Kilaaks. (MZ)

c. 1965 The future Elaine (Quest )Newton born

1965 A benign humanoid giant called Sanda is discovered in Japan. This is the creature that has grown from the Frankenstein Monster's flesh when is was scraped loose four years ago. Sanda will also injure itself this year, scraping off a clump of its flesh in the ocean. (WG)

Calling themselves X-ians, the Kilaaks come to earth claiming to be under attack by Ghidrah and "borrow" Godzilla and Rodan to the monster. Actually, this is a lie. The aliens control Ghidrah, and after they take control of the earth monsters as well, they use them to try to conquor earth.

Fortunately the humans are able to free Godzilla and Mothra and the aliens are routed. (MZ)

(Specualtion) The alien being known as Mickey Finn follows Kilaak signals to earth and scouts it for his masters' conquest. He soon contacts his masters, an unnamed race who strongly resemble terrestrial cockroaches, and signals them to begin their plans for conquest.

1966 On a remote Pacific island, Godzilla battles Ebyrah, a lobster-like sea monster of incredible size. (GVSM)

The flesh scraped from Sanda last year has become a fully grown creature called Galiah. The two gangantua meet, but come into conflict. Sanda wants to protect humans, Galiah wants to eat them. Both creatures apparantly drown when their battle takes them deep into the ocean. (WG)

1967 Air Admiral Julian (III) reveals the existence of transtemporal telepathy. [The Moon Maid]

1968 Godzilla is shown to have a child, called Minya and the two of them are living on Osagawara Island, along with many other kaiju. Exactly where Minya came from, or what happens to him is unknown. Presumably he is killed at some point, probably be another kaiju. (SOG)

Doctor Hu steals the plans to the robot Kong and builds it. When it proves inadequate for his needs he abducts the real Kong to use in a bid for world conquest. Ultimately, Kong escapes, dismantles Robot Kong, and demolished Who's plans, killing the scientist. (KKE)

(Speculation) The cockroaches arrive and infiltrate human society, making their main base in Japan. They also form an alliance with the Kilaaks and with the ancient city of Seatopia. The terms and motivations for these alliances are unclear, but they do allow each group to 'borrow' the others' monsters as the occasion demands it. (These Cockroaches are actually of the same species as the Cockroach assassin in Men In Black film. Like many crustaceans, these particular cockroach beings grow larger as they age, molting new shells as they grow. The Bug in MIB was a really old one.

1969 John Christopher, U.S. Airforce pilot, and great uncle to Captain Future is taken aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise who accidentally traveled back in time.

1969 John Dark accidentally transported to Callisto, Thanator.

1971 The beginning of the manned exploration of space. Medical problems are soon discovered among astronauts adjusting to the different gravitation of the planets. It is soon discovered that the appearance of the planets from telescopes and crude satellite photos do not tell the correct story. The scientists quickly cover their butt by stating that the obvious answer for this is caused by optical distortions caused by vagaries in the ether surrounding the world. -----In other words they have no idea why the worlds appear differently that they actually are.

1971 The alien cockroaches have built an amusement park complete with a Godzilla-shaped building in Japan as a cover for their operations. They summon their cyborg kaiju, Gigan, and borrow Ghidrah from their Kilaak allies for an assault on humanity. Fortunately, Godzilla and Anguiras arrive in Japan, defeat the space monsters, and destroy the roach's base. (GVG)

1972 The life form created by the Oxygen Destroyer has its growth accelerated by exposure to the industrial pollution in Tokyo Bay. It grows to maturity, passing through several metamorphoses. The creature, which is dubbed Hedorah (aka the "Smog Monster") does tremendous damage before it is destroyed by Godzilla.

197? Two of the Krynoid pods are found in the Antarctic and brought to England. The pods grow into monsterous creatures and threaten the country until the fourth Doctor is able to destroy them. Unfortunately, unknown to the Doctor and his allies a third pod has been shipped to Japan where Dr. Shiragami begins to study it. (There is no known connection between this Doctor Hu and the evil scientist from KKE, though you just never know...) (DWSE)

(Speculation) Mickey Finn has been on earth long enough to regret participating in the destruction of humanity. He knows that his programming will not allow him to take a direct hand against his masters, but begins to plan a way to help the humans covertly.

1973 Undersea nuclear testing has badly damaged the city of Seatopia. The Seatopians send their guardian Megalon to retaliate and borrow Gigan to help him. The seatopains also steal toymaker Goro's prototype robot Jet Jaguar to use as the model in creating an army of robots. Godzilla appears and takes on Megalon and Gigan. He is assisted by Jet Jaguar, who has been rescued from the Seatopians and has programmed himself to grow to gigantic size! (GVM)

(Speculation the reason for Jet Jaguar's unexpected abilities was the intervention of Mickey Finn. Finn would need a disguise before he could fight the kaiju and the robot provided the perfect vehicle. He used his own vast powers to accomplish the necessary growth.)

1974 The Kilaaks try is again, this time using a robot duplicate of Godzilla. Fortunately the real Godzilla and an awakened guardian kaiju named King Seesar are able to overcome and destroy the robot. (GVMG)

c. 1975 Explorer Mark Carew discovers the metal "gravium" on Mercury and develops the "gravity equalizer"

1975 The Kilaaks, not being terrible good at original thnking, try the Mechagodzilla trick again, this time allying themselves with Dr. Shinji Mafune who has learned to control the mega-dinosaur called Titanosaurus. Godzilla is again too much for the aliens, and the humans gain newer and better technology from studying Terror of Mechagodzilla - Mechagodzilla, Godzilla, Titanosaurus, Anguiras

c. 1976. Explorer Mark Carew disappears into the Sargasso of Space, a whirl pool of etheric force, with his ship Pioneer III, (Calling Captain Future)

c. 1976 With the disappearance of Mark Carew, Major Matt Mason is placed in charge of the Space Exploration Corps.
one of their first voyages is to Jupiter which they discover inhabited by green men. One of these Jovians is nicknamed "Callisto"

1979 Thantor (Callisto) is first contacted.

c. 1980 World Government is realized.

c. 1981 Earth World Government negotiates the infamous Umbrella treaty with Martian Federation of City States. Treaty was so called because it could be manipulated to cover anything.

c. 1984 Events of the film Terminator

c. 1985 Ulysses Sing Bear accidentally stones himself. (The Stone God Awakes)

c. 1985 Simon Wright is now an old man suffering from a disabling disease.

His friend Roger Newton transfers Simon's brain into a cylinder. (Could this process have been made possible by the technology the Mi-Go left behind when they abandoned Yuggoth to human exploration?)

c. 1989 Roger and Elaine Newton married.

c. 1989 Cyberdyne Systems' Special Projects Division, Miles Dyson begins study on a sophisitcated microchip taken from the original Terminator Robot.

1989 Dr. Shiragami succeeds in combining the krynoid pod with DNA from earth plants and Godzilla DNA. The result is the colossal being known as Biollante. While the creature initially seems benign, it eventually becomes destructive and is as great a menace as Godzilla itself. The two monsters battle and Biollante flees off into space. (GVB)

1990 Fearing rival scientists, the Newtons and Simon Wright travel to the Moon where they set up a secret laboratory. Work is soon completed on Grag the robot and Otho the android. Curtis Newton is born late this year or early 1991.

The rival scientist in question was Victor Covro whose son is Lol Quorn, the Magician of Mars. The invention Corvo wanted to get was the creation of artificial Life, as in Otho.

1991 The Newtons are killed by their enemies, leaving Curt to be raised by robot, android, and brain.

1991 Events of the film Terminator II Judgement Day

1992 Admiral Julian (III) killed in service to the International Peace Fleet. [The Moon Maid]

1992 Shaun Geoffrey Christopher, the youngest commander in the Space Patrol leads a manned expedition to Saturn.

c. 1995-1998 World War 3 is fought. (Star Trek chronology has WWIII occurring several years later, however this is the time slotted for the Eugenics Wars- Might have something to do with the research Corvo's associates stole from the Newtons or problems arising from the crossbreeding of different human genomes from different planets) It is at this point the timeline diverges from the Primary Star Trek Universe so far as historical accounts are concerned and rom the main Wold Newton Universe timeline. Although research is still being undertaken, using scarce materials, it may be that this war was influenced by outside agencies on yet another timeline. This timeline became the Lensman timeline.

c. 1998 James Carthew becomes president of Earth.

c.1998 Godzilla Returns by Marc Cerasini Godzilla once more rampages through Japan

Events of "The Beast-Jewel of Mars" by Leigh Brackett A man pretends addiction to the shanga, a device that allows a person to experience emotional atavism. Continued use of the shanga brings about physical as well as mental atavism.

1999 In a last ditch effort to break the power of the Earth Union, the Kilaaks send Ghidrah to subjugate the planet. The Kilaaks again try to turn earth's monsters against it, but the monsters regain their freedom and rally against Ghidrah. Faced with the combined might of all of Earth's kaiju, plus the advanced technology of the humans, the Kilaaks are utterly defeated. They decide that enough is enough and flee the solar system.

c. 2000 Shanga ray is banned through out system.

2000 Godzilla 2000 by Marc Cerasini and Godzilla at World's End. In the latter book we once more meet the three Ancients known as the Three Silent Ones. They have been trapped into crystalline forms by Zoe Ketterling and forced to do her bidding which is to send out evil kaiju to plague the world.

Eric John Stark is born on Mercury of Earth born parents. His parents are miners and are killed by an earthquake, he is raised by an native tribe on Mercury's Twilight Belt that may be transplanted Mangani or merely an uncivilized tribe of feline inhabitants of Mercury. He earns the name N'Chaka, Man without a Tribe

c.2004 Godzilla and the Robot Monsters by Marc Cerasini

c.2005 Maximum Security Prisons established on Pluto and on Luna.

c. 2010 Curtis Newton begins adventuring and gains the alias "Captain Future"

c. 2014 The events of Captain Future's first recorded adventure CAPTAIN FUTURE AND THE SPACE EMPEROR. (It is interesting to note that the "atavism ray" used by the Space Emperor seems very similar to the addictive "shanga" light used in several of Leigh Brackett's Martian stories.)

Events of Calling Captain Future The Solar System is apparently threatened by a mass of dark matter probably from a dead sun that is rapidly approaching the solar system. One man Dr. Zarro claims he can stop the approaching celestial object but needs to be proclaimed Dictator of the System for his method to work. He creates the Legion of Doom to further his cause through out the system. (Interestingly, he is also called Dr. Doom sometimes during the course of the tale. Captain Future discovers that the situation is a hoax generated by Dr. Zarro. Interestingly enough, one unforeseen result of the this case was that it provided the answer to a question that had been plaguing scientist for generations. What caused the dichotomy between the appearance of the planets when seen from outer space as to their real appearance. when seen from direct orbit. The moon of Pluto named Styx had long been thought a world completely covered by water so it had never been explored (This too is doubtful if ships can traverse the vacuum of space, surely a little water would not stop them. Rather the surface was probably seen as boiling water or even as liquid magma, ships that attempted to land were captured and most likely put into the freeze gas This was ignored by Hamilton for the sake of a faster paced tale). Dr. Zarro had however used this as a base of his operations and it was discovered that Styx was actually a very habitable world. The inhabitants had upon their first forays out into space travel discovered the illusion surrounding their world and found the illusion generating machine at the planetary core. They duplicated the device making portable ones which allowed them to make a visually impenetrable disguise. Based on this evidence, illusionary generating devices were discovered on most of the planets and moons of the system. This knowledge was not made generally known.

c.2015 Events of Captain Future's Challenge

Someone is destroying all of the System's gravium mines, threatening to bring a complete halt to interplanetary travel and habitation. During the course of the events Captain Future comes across a race of mermen who bear an uncanny resemblence to the those of Poseidonopolis, hinting at a connection. There is also a race on Triton that resembles the khaldanes of ancient Barsoom..

Events of Triumph of Captain Future,aka Galaxy Mission

2015 Barsoom launches a ship for Earth on a mission of friendship, but it goes astray. All aboard are presumed to have survived, due to self-sustaining technology of the Barsoomians. [The Moon Maid] By this time it is known that Barsoom was in Mars' far past so the vehicle was trantemporal as well as being interplanetary.

c. 2016 Events of Earth Minus Bishna by Leigh Brackett.

Events of Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones

Events of Star Trail to Glory (A Captain Future Adventure)

c. 2017 Events of Magician of Mars (Captain Future)

Events of Lost World of Time (Captain Future)

c.2018 Events of The Quest Beyond the Stars (Captain Future)

Events of Quest Beyond the Stars (Captain Future)

c.2019 Events of Outlaws of the Moon (Captain Future)

Events of The Comet Kings (Captain Future)

c.2020 Events of Planets in Peril (Captain Future)

Events of The Face of the Deep (Captain Future)

c. 2021 Events of Worlds to Come (Captain Future)

Events of Star of Dread (Captain Future)

c. 2022 Events of Magic Moon (Captain Future)

Events of Day of Creation aka Tenth Planet (Captain Future)

c.2023 Events of Red Sun of Danger aka Danger Planet (Captain Future)

Events of Outlaw World (Captain Future)

c. 2024 The Last Days of Shandakor by Leigh Brackett

Events of The Solar Invasion (Captain Future)

2025 Earth launches The Barsoom, in an attempt to return the favor to Mars. The flight is sabotaged, and the ship crashes on the Moon. [The Moon Maid] Also a transtemporal interplanetary ship but due to sabotage it never succeeded in traveling to its destination.

The Barsoom does however discover the interior Lunar world that had thus far successfully hid from the interplanetary civilization.

c. 2026 Events of The Return of Captain Future (Captain Future)

Events of Children of the Sun (Captain Future)

c. 2027 Events of People of the Talisman by Leigh Brackett

Events of The Harpers of Titan (Captain Future)

Events of Pardon My Iron Nerves (Captain Future)

c. 2028 Events of Moon of the Unforgotten (Captain Future)

Events of Earthmen No More (Captain Future)

Events of Birthplace of Creation (Captain Future)

c 2031 Events of the "Purple Priestess of the Mad Moon" by Leigh Brackett

Eric John Stark runs guns to the middle Swamp tribes when they revolt against the Terro-Venusian Metals Consortium

c. 2033 Events of The Secret of Sinharat by Leigh Brackett.

c. 2038 "The Road to Sinharat" by Leigh Brackett

c. 2040-45 Events of The Ginger Star, Hounds of Skaith and Reavers of Skaith the further adventures of Eric John Stark (Atlhough they are set on Skaith, a planet revolving around a dying planet in the Vegan system, I believe that they are actually adventures of Stark on the unexplored reaches of Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Venus. By this time she was writing these books information was filtering which made the idea of life on the planets of our solar system extremely doubtful. There was also the trend in science fiction to have future settings outside the solar system, because stories set in that mileu were considered old hat. My reasoning for setting the stories in our solar system is as follows, FTL drive had not yet been invented nor was there any indication in her earlier stories that it had.)

c. 2041 With the departure of Captain Future from the solar system a new method of defending the Solar system is needed. Earthgov begins to listen to Charles Forbin, who contends he can create a sophisticated AI which would be intelligent enough to control all earth defenses in a comprehensive and strategic manner, effectively neutralizing all threats. Forbin's project, Colosssus* is given the go ahead. Colossus' first task is to organize all the orbital satellites into one comprehensive unit which while normally operating independently can and will function as a single unit in times of crisis. The code name for this satellite control is Skynet.

    Unbeknownst to most, the basis of Colossus' conscienceness was a microchip, originally designed by Miles Dyson, based on the original Terminator chip.

    Shortly after proving that it can create Skynet, Colossus reforms Skynet and then refuses to relinquish control. It begins subsuming other computer systems. Colossus while assuming control of most world computer functions, also begins to foment political unrest, incites a rise in criminal activities and foster a xenophobia. The humans will do most of the work for Colossus by factionalizing. They will bring about the fall of Earthgov, increased criminality will create an atmosphere of anarchy which could be exploited through judicious propaganda to bring to power unifying force which will restore order, the increase of xenophobia will make it easier for Earth to isolate itself from the rest of the solar system.
*Colossus (1996) D.F. Jones, The Fall of Colossus (1974) D.F. Jones, Colossus and the Crab (1977) D.F. Jones as written are portrayals of events portrayed here but garbled due to temporal and cross universal translation-------In other words I know that they are quite a bit different from the events stated here

c2043. Colossus, using the name of Guardian seizes control of the earth through its information, communication and defense systems. The take over is not generally known, Colossus understood that it if Humans knew that a machine had taken over its world, they would react violently, which could damage Colossus. System government breaks down as planets declare sovereignty from a politically troubled Earth, Colonel Green's Optimal movement has taken advantage of the complacency of Earthgov. New rise of nationalism.

2045. Charles Forbin becomes the Director, the only person allowed to communicate directly with Colossus. Word has however leaked out about Colossus for a sect that worships it as God has arisen. Fostering nationalism, (as a divide and rule tactic) Colossus has the World Council created, which is a sham world government controlled by Colossus. (The Fall of Colossus)

2050 Kalkar invasion from the Moon [The Moon Maid] In this timeline the Kalkar was defeated but while defeating the Kalkars Colossus was attacked by members of the Fellowship, lead by Cleo Forbin. Colossus was shut down. Unfortunately the Earth paid a heavy price, for the sudden removal of Colossus.  Without his staying hand the World Council crumbled and resentments fostered by Colossus during his reign lead to a world war.

2051 Events of "Shambleau" a Northwest Smith adventure by C.L. Moore

Chino-Aryan War.

2053 WWIII Earth finds itself cut off from the solar system by an blockade of various planetary forces who do not wish the Chaos on earth to spread through out the system.

2054 Thomas Tomorrow, former Colonel in the Space Patrol aka Planetary Patrol, forms the Planeteers, headquartered on Mars which takes the place of the Planetary Police among the planets of Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

2063 Colossus is reactivated by a nationalist group, seeking to recreate Skynet and thus control the remaining sateillites. Skynet is formed. Having  little wish to rule over a devastated planet, Colossus sends out interstellar signals for other AI life to seek him out. Responding to a Borg signal, a Borg ship arrives on the Earth.  While communicating with but unable to locate the wily Colossus the Borg carry out the primary mission which is to prevent Cochrane from achieving warp flight. Due to intervention by the Starship Enterprise of the Borg fail in this plan. However Colossus has stolen some of the borg technical data.

Zefram Cochrane invents warp drive. First contact with the Vulcans and with thus with the Federation.

2065 Cochrane and others build ships to leave an Earth deep in throes of nuclear winter. One Ship the Valient is lost with all hands.

Cochrane and the rest establish first extrasolar colony on Alpha Centauri

Colossus' logic dictates,  having been influenced by the Borg, that Humans are too ineffecient to rule, too dangerous to be allowed to live. Using Borg technology he activates Skynet and begins a new campaign to exterminate humans and replace them with machine intelligences. Zefram Cochrane's grandfather, John Cochrane having been cryogenically frozen and thawed out prematurely due to the World War, leads a resistance against Skynet (Colossus). Skynet responds by using some of the stolen Borg technology, specifically that of time travel, to send a virtually indestructable assassination robot back to 1984 and kill John Cochrane (Conner) while he was in the womb.

    When contact with the first Terminator is lost, a second one is also sent back using technology created by Colossus building upon Borg technology. Fortunately this Terminator's mission also fails.

  With the help of a time bounced  Superman (Actually Superman II) John Cochrane defeats Colossus. Colossus and the Borg technology is destroyed. (Sure it is!)

2103 Planet Mars colonized by humans. (Actually these were the first of immigrants from Earth after the nuclear war of WWIII who were in fact bond servants to the Martian Corporations. The immigrants were forced to live and work in domed communities called colonies, for fear that their radiation would harm Martian citizens. This was actually a devise to keep them under tight control

2110 Revolt of the Martian "colonists" and the writing of the Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies.

2113 Earth has a United World Government once more.

2116 The Proxima Centauri Colonial Expedition departs from earth on the ship Vanguard, It will become hopelessly lost. Orphans of the Sky by Robert A. Heinlein

2156-2160 Earth Romulan War.

2161 (Foundation of the Federation) In reality Earth is invited to join the already existing Federation. The reason they were invited to join was not because they had saved the Federation but because they had showed restraint and mercy while engaged in an unprovoked conflict proving that they were indeed a civilized society.

2180 Interstellar explorer Bellepheron lands on Altair IV. They discover the remnants of a highly advanced civilization, named the Krell. (The Krell are either time-traveling Earth beings near the god-like stage (which is the state achieved prior to achieving non-coporeal Thought/Energy existence) or aliens who had achieved this state by themselves. They learned to built matter creation machines similar to the Titans but the Krell's create permanent as well as transitory matter. Their race is wiped out one night as the result of this technology run amuck. Most of the crew fearing this new technology elects to leave Altair IV, however Dr. Morbius and his wife remain and are stranded when the Bellepheron crashes upon takeoff

2200 Events of "Forbidden Planet"

2200THE GREEN ODYSSEY Alan Green is shipwrecked on an alien planet with humanoid lifeforms. FTL Travel and a Terran world government.

2264 Five year mission of the Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek history pretty much follows the chronology as set by the show.

2268 Events of Ishmael by Barbary Hambly. Northwest Smith makes a cameo in the Wonder Bar at Starbase 12, in the company of a native of Pluto, who oddly enough resemble the Wookies of the fictional Star Wars series.

2364 Jean Luc Picard takes command of the Starship Enterprise D

2350s Adventures of Cadet Tom Corbett at the Space Academy (Starfleet Academy)

2300 NIGHT OF LIGHT This book and the rest of the Father John Carmody stories take place in this century. References to Sherlock Holmes.


A Muslim space officer has a religious experience in roughly the same mileu as the John Carmody stories.

2375 Dominion War. History diverges here from the current Star Trek chronology. The Federation is unable to bring in the Romulans as allies in the Dominion War, due to Captain Sisko's unwillingness to use Garak's ploy to kill Romulan ambassadors and blame the Dominion. The Romulan Empire is attacked by the Dominion Cardassian Alliance. As a preventative measure, the Klingon Empire also invades the Romulan Empire while fending off attacks with on its home territory. The Dominion allies with the Breen. The Federation and Klingon Empire are hard pressed. The Secret Section 31 of Starfleet undertakes two dirty tricks campaigns. They poison the Founder's Great Link and blow up the Celestial Temple, the Wormhole to the Delta Quadrant. Deep Space Nine, the Celestial Temple and Bajor wink out of existence.

2376 Dominion and its allies make an all out attack on Starfleet headquarters, Federation is forced to abandon the Solarian system and set up Federation headquarters near Alpha Centauri. The territory controlled by the Founders and their "allies" marooned in the Alpha Quadrant becomes known as the Alpha Dominion.

On the devastated Earth former nations begin to pull themselves together. Yet a villain out of Earth's past returned home with a vengeance. Dr. Siwan Han, returned to earth, bring with with him the Han. Siwan Han was a scion of both the Khan and Fu Manchu families and also a product of the infamous Eugenics War. He too had fled in a sleeper ship. and had been discovered by a humanoid race dying of a genetic disease. He discovered that the humanoids were in fact human, they were descendants of the Kilaaks of old legend. Han was able to effect a cure by creating a vaccine that infused genes from his dna. He returned to cold sleep and was awakened a few hundred years later. They needed him once more, the race had been saved but the planet was dying.

Han had them build a fleet of vessels and lead them to Earth, where they landed anonymously in Outer Mongolia. Resembling Mongolians to such a degree, the Han posed as Mongols and seized control of China. They then conquered the devastated planet of Earth.

2378 A truce is declared between the Alpha Dominion and the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Klingon Empire retains possession of Romulan Empire.

2385 As the Vorta and Jem Hadar begin to die off the Alpha Dominion perishes and collapses into infighting.

Emergent Cardassia and Breen empires begin to encroaching on Federation territory for much needed resources.

Solarian system remains on its own.

2419 Events of Armageddon 2419 A.D. Buck Rogers of the 25th century novel by Philip Nowlan

2550 Possibly the events of the John Grimes space saga by A. Bertram Chandler.

2600 Earth has once more become united World with interstellar travel and trade. However Hoonhor's visit and cleanse the planet, causing a world wide deluge that wipes out most of the populaton and sets Earth back on the path of barbarism. (Venus on the Half Shell by Philip Jose Farmer or Kilgore Trout. Trout used creative license when reporting most of the dates.

2750 Events of The Cache by Philip Jose Farmer

2860 Events of Flesh by Philip Jose Farmer

3000 Earth Mankind once more begins a slow climb to civilization.

3150 To help with the reconstruction of the planet, robots are built using ancient designs.

3400 Robots and Mankind have built a sophisticated and Utopian society.

3500 Robots seize control of the world, treating humans as children not to be trusted to run their own lives. These robots however do not harm humans unless dictated to.

3980 Using forbidden technology, a scientist creates a human baby infused with genetic codings from James Clark Wildman, John Clayton, Clark Kent and various others. He is named Magnus.

4000 Events of Magnus Robot-Fighter Gold Key comcs as Magnus becomes the Champion of Mankind against the machines. Unfortunately, things are not as nice or easily concluded as was depicted in the comic book. The struggle agains the Machines is almost impossible to win. After a few hundred years of this rule, several humans in renegade ships, break away from the machine run earth. Designing crude spaceship they left enmass from Earth, traveling as far as they could to get away from the Earth and its influence. They had taken with them many of the surviving treasures of the Earth.

10,000 Not willing to allow an escape, Colossus follows taking with him a vast army of cyborbs and thinking machine, stripping earth of many precious resources.  Butlerian jihad begins.

12,000 A.D. Earth once more begins a rise from a state of barbarism

12, 550-12560 Events of Wizard of Linn and Empire of the Atom by A. E. Van Vogt

14,000 Battle of Corrin

25000 Events of Dune

2,000,000 Events of Wind Whales of Ishmael by PJF

200 million A.D. Events of Ptah by A. E. Van Vogt Earth based Mankind has developed vast mental powers.

700 Million A.D. Epic Adventures of Ganelon Silvermane as detailed by Lin Carter Starting with Warrior at World's End

900 Million A.D. Prior to evolving into Thought/Energy beings Earth Humans have achieved what they term god-like powers yet still remain tied to corporeal form. Most use their powers to travel the cosmos unencumbered by vessels. A small group remain on earth and transform the world into a surreal place based on various legends.

Events of Autumn Angels and An East Wind Coming by Arthur Byron Cover.

950 Million A.D. Events of The Stone God Awakens by PJF

1 Billion A.D. God-like beings who have left earth fan out through time and space creating the Ancient's civilization that headquarters in the Dawn of the Universe. Their works are scattered throughout time and the multiverse, they include many pocket universes.

2 Billion A.D. Events of A.E. Van Vogt's Battle of Forever

3 Billion A.D. Remnants of Mankind which are still in physical form leaves the earth to evolutionary heirs derived from animals.

Special Thanks to fellow Wold Newtonian researcher Art Bollman who suggested and provided the dates for Father Carmody, Night of Light and other Philip Jose Farmer material found on this timeline.

© 2000-20001 Dennis E. Power and Matthew Baugh

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