The Star Inn Meteorite, London, 1666 A.D.

Although most accounts of the Great Fire of London blame the incident on the King's Baker who accidentally left his oven on overnight, setting afire his house and the houses next to it. A hitherto unknown account recorded by Elezar Fagen, provides the only evidence that not only was the baker blameless but that it the cause of the blaze also led to a burst of beneficial mutation, whose gifts were sadly enough squandered by its recipients.

You will be hard to find many members of the Star Inn "Family" in Burke's Peerage, however you will find a few listed in The Newgate Calender.  Their gifts seem to be a heightened cunning, organizational skills, above average intelligence and in some cases an overactive libido. Although deemed impossible by genetic science it appears that the ionization also reinforced  pre-existing propensities towards dark deeds, bloodthirst and in some cases a yearning for the nautical life. Through intermarriage with other Meteorite "families" including the most famous of them all, The Wold Newton "family" they acquired other traits such as increased stamina, strength and other sundry but minor traits.

The information that follows is derived mostly from genealogical investigation and somewhat from what remains of the handwritten memoirs of Eleazar Fagen and other members of his extended family. Much of the material has unfortunately been lost. The material at hand was only discovered by accident when a mansion in Westchester, New York long abandoned was being rehabbed by a internet entrepeneur. The Mansion was reputed to have belonged to the certain members of the Silver family who had fallen on bad times and were forced to abandon the Mansion. The various papers had been stuffed into the interior wall spaces as insulation material. As a result they were not in any sort of order and much of it had been destroyed or damaged by insect or rodent depridations, other parts were water damaged to illegibility.

Eleazar appears to have written his memoirs in approximately 1686.

September 2, 1666
    "A great crashing awoke me from my night's sleep in the stable's loft. Rushing forth whilst still clad in sleeping clothes, I saw that the home of Thomas Farrinor, Baker to his Majesty, was afire. A large hole 'd been gashed into the side of his home out of which smoke did pour. Giving forth a hue and cry about the fire, I began beating it back with horse blankets. Several of the Inn's guests and the Keeper rushed out to join me in beating back fire.  What appeared to me a large spark fell from the sky and landed in the hayloft. I claim then and I claim always, that said spark came not from the baker's home but fell straight from the sky to land in a haystack near where the  guests and I stood."

    Although my memory has grown dim in the last few years, among those I can recall attempting to put out the blaze were Joseph Silva, Inn Proprietor, his daughters and his slave Cicero,  David Wild --Inn's porter, Captain Ned Drummond Ship's Master (guest) , his Cathayan servants, one boy, one girl, Thomas Kidd, seaman (guest)  Matthew Syn, a student at law (guest)  Willoughby Sykes- Importer (guest). Despite our valient efforts we could not beat back the leaping flames and they soon engulfed the Star Inn, forcing staff and guests to disperse for benefit of their lives. One of the guests, Ned Drummond, was a Ships Master and he hastened to the wharf to free his ship from the inferno which was headed in that direction. Fearing that this was the end of our great city, a few persons from the Inn, myself included, accompanied him upon his vessel.

    ....Captain Ned took me on as a crewman the others , Syn, Sykes and Wild departed from the Ship once at the first port outside of London. Drummond had come to the Star Inn for a purpose destroyed by the Fire.  Sykes and Silva had plans to form with Captain Drummond a smuggler's alliance. This alliance was delayed some ten years by the Great Fire...

The small criminal confederation put together between Captain Drummond and Jose Silva did not survive their deaths however. It was a smuggling operation. Smuggling could be a very lucrative venture it could also be quite dangerous.

In 1614, the export of any wool was made illegal, and so the volumes being exported increased. As time went on and the smuggling became more profitable, so the smugglers were able to bribe more of the port officials, which in turn allowed more smuggling. In 1661 the illegal exporting of wool was made punishable by the death sentence, this meant that the smugglers started to arm themselves, and the only way they could be stopped was by the army. Smugglers became not merely trademen circumventing the law but full fledged pirates.

The temporary alliance and its various intermarriages created a loose confederation of people called the Star Inn Family. The genealogies of the families can see seen in these graphics, The Drummonds, The Fagins, The Moriartys, The Silvers, The Wilds .

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