Time line for Tarzan? Jane?

By Dennis E. Power

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Late 1700s to early 1800's  Brain damaged Tarzan (Tharn) finds his way to the escarpment where he begins to live with two groups of mangani, the great apes who resemble gorillas and the pygmy mangani who resemble chimpanzees.

Late 1880s  Ayesha leaves Kor.

1918 James Parker, Janet Parker and Henry Holt travel to the escarpment, events of Tarzan The Ape Man (Tarzan-2)

1919 Events of Tarzan and His Mate (tharn)

1921 Events of Tarzan Escapes (Tharn)

1922-23 Richard Lansing (Boy) born while Father is studying splinter tribe of Waziri. Richard Lansing keeps a journal.

Late 1926 Lansing and his family return to England and then take off once more for Africa. While flying from Nairobi to Capetown, their plane crashes on the escarpment. Tarzan and Janet adopt the boy.

1928 Plane with aviatrix Gloria James crashes near Blue Valley. Tarzan finds the severely wounded James and carries her to the Blue Valley. He will later tell Janet and Boy of the incident but swears them secrecy.

1929 Events of Tarzan Finds a Son (Tharn)

1931 Events of Tarzan's Secret Treasure (Tharn)

1932 Events of Tarzan's New York Adventure (Tharn)

1934 Events of Tarzan's Hidden Jungle (Tharn)

1935 Events of Tarzan and the Huntress (Tharn)
1937 Events of Tarzan and the Trappers (Tharn)
1939 Jane Travels to London

1940 Events of Tarzan Triumphs (Tharn)

Late 1940 Events of Tarzan's Desert Mystery (Tharn)
November, 1940 while visiting relatives, Janet Parker is among the the thousand killed during the London Blitz.

1941 Events of Tarzan and the Amazons (Tharn)

1943 Events of Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (Tharn)

Late 1943 Boy travels to United States via South America for schooling. During a stop over in Rio he takes a day trip to the jungle. An American film crew sees him swinging through the tress and asks his name, Boy facetiously replies, Bomba the Jungle Boy, referring to a series of books he had enjoyed as a child. Upon returning to Hollywood the films producer begins a series of pictures based on the character of Bomba.

1944 Events of Tarzan's Fight for Life (Tharn)

1945 Non-fictional events of Tarzan and the Mermaids. (Tharn)

1948 Boy returns to Africa, takes over the role of Tarzan
          Events of Tarzan's Magic Fountain (Lansing)
1948 Events of Tarzan Goes to India (Grandrith)
1949 Events of Tarzan and the Slave Girl (Lansing)
1950 Events of Tarzan's Three Challenges (Grandrith)
1950 Events of Tarzan's Peril (Lansing)
          Events of Tarzan's Savage Fury (Lansing)
1952 Events of Tarzan and the She Devil (Lansing)
1955 Events of Tarzan and the Lost Safari (Lansing)
1955 Events of Tarzans Greatest Adventure (Lansing)
1958 Events of Tarzan The Magnificent (Lansing)
1960-1966 Events of Tarzan television series (Lansing)
1964 Events of Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (Grandrith)
1966 Events of Tarzan and the Great River (Grandrith)
1968 Events of Tarzan and the Jungle Boy (Grandrith)