Kane and Gribardsun

or Triple Tarzan Tangle Revisited

by Dennis E. Power

Renown scholar and Wold Newtonry researcher Jess Nevins has previously claimed in his Jewel in the Crown article[1] that the character named John Gribardsun in Time’s Last Gift was not the immortal Tarzan but rather the omnipotent Mr. Am from the Orphan Annie comic strip. Furthermore this being who was John Gribardsun and Mr. AM who was also the powerful being called Kevin Uxbridge as portrayed in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “The Survivors”. Uxbridge was a member of the Douwd; sentient energy beings capable of assuming the appearance of other life-forms. They also possessed great  powers of creation and destruction. Nevins’ theory is intriguing but the preponderance of evidence in Time's Last Gift is that Gribardsun was Tarzan. One wonders why a careful and diligent researcher would make this claim when so many clues point to Gribardsun as being Tarzan. How can we reconcile Jess' theory with the Triple Tarzan Tangle article? I think that perhaps Jess Nevins was wrong about Gribardsun being Mr. Am and Kevin Uxbridge but that he may have been correct that the Douwd that would eventually be known as Kevin Uxbridge was on the H G. Wells expedition to 12,000 BC.

Kevin Uxbridge was a botanist; the botanist on the HG Wells was Rachel Silverstein. She was also trained in genetics and zoology. Rachel Silverstein had an affair with John Gribardsun during their time in the past. When he stayed in 12,000 BC she returned to the 2070.
When an expedition was launched from 2073 to travel to 3500 BC Rachel was one of the crewmembers. Once in 3500 BC she stayed behind to live with Gribardsun; they became Terah and his wife, the parents of Abraham.

Since the Douwd are energy beings it is possible that they do not have genders as we know them and so may assume physical shapes in either gender. However we do know that they are capable of loving corporeal beings such as human beings.

I believed that the being known as Kevin Uxbridge was also Rachel Silverstein and that she had joined the expedition to be with Tarzan. How or why the Douwd had become infatuated with Tarzan is unknown but for some reason it had. HThe Douwd iscovered that Gribardsun was very interested in traveling to the past andeven funded and encouraged what he believed was the most viable method of time travel; the method promulgated by Dr. Jacob Moise. The Douwd then assumed the persona of Rachel Silverstein. It then made certain that Rachel Silverstein was one of the most likely candidates to get onto the H.G. Wells. When it the directors of the expedition would not let an unmarried female accompnay three male members, Rachel Silverstein married Drumond Silverstein.

When it came time for the expedition to be launched, Gribardsun was one of the most likely candidates but not directly in line to become a crew member. He was sixth in line and had only gotten that far "in some unaccountable manner" Then suddenly he was second, one thing or another happened to those in line ahead of him. Sickness, a sudden loss of interest or loss of courage. One man resigned without giving any reasons. Then De Longnors who was supposed to have headed the expedition disappeared and Gribardsun was put in charge.

Dr. Moishe and de Longnors had suspicions about Gribardsun from the start because he was so eager to travel back to the past and investigation by the International Criminal Agency revealed he had a mysterious background, yet they could find no evidence of wrong doing.

While we could imagine Tarzan intimidating or using his wealth to entice people to give up their positions, murder is out of character. Besides murdering seven individuals would have surely left some sort of trail. If Moishe believed that Gribardsun had used criminal or even unethical methods to get rid of  those in front of him why was Gribardsun chosen to lead the expedition? The
ICA could find nothing on Gribardsun probably because he had nothing to hide. The investigation revealed no connection between Gribardsun and any of the seven members people who had dropped out of the expedition. I suggest that the Douwd had used some of its powers to make the path clearer for Gribardsun, causing the others to become ill or lose interest. What it did with de Longnors remains unknown.

In Time's Last Gift, we are shown that Rachel Silverstein was infatuated with Gribardsun from the start. From the first day of arrival in the past we see how she become excited when around Gribardsun, how she touches him a lot and she become jealous of the local women's attraction to Gribardsun. Although it may have been able to influence Tarzan into loving it, the Douwd wanted Tarzan to do so of his own free will.

The Douwd knew that Tarzan was mourning Jane and so had became obsessed with traveling back in time to a simpler time. Tarzan had done this through out his life psychologically. When he suffered a head blow he would undergo a short term relapse to a primitive state. Time travel would be one way to achieve this primitive state on a more permanent basis.

There was one slight problem with the Moishe method of traveling through time. It did not really work with any sort of reliability.

Moishe had limited success with it. One of his more successful experiments caused an explosion in 1850. On the basis of that he was given the go ahead to perfect his method of time travel.

If the time travel method did not work then how did Tarzan and company get back to 12,000 BC, and the other two expeditions get to 8,000 and 3,500 BC?

The answer is the Douwd augmented the ship's time travel devices with his own power. The common denominator of these three expedition is Rachel Silverstein. Consider this; the 3,500 B.C. expedition was the last to arrive in the past, although others were scheduled they did not show up. The 3,500 BC expedition was also the last one that Rachel Silverstein had gone on. (Although it is not specifically stated that Rachel Silverstein was on the expedition to 8, 000 BC. we can surmise that she was in fact on it, possibly as the commander. Von Billman surmised that he would not be on it but we do not know for certain if he did in fact go on it or not)

Gribardsun stated that the 8,000 expedition was searching for him but he successfully hid from them. Rachel Silverstein had probably been caught by surprise when Gribardsun had suddenly decided to stay in 12,000 BC. One wonders why it did not stay in the past with Gribardson. There may be two factors involved. The first was that Rachel realized that since Gribardson had not confided his decision with him or asked her to stay that he had not yet reached the point where they could be together. It could also be that the Douwd had no choice but to travel back to the future. If the Douwd was using its powers to augment the time travel device and the count down had already started, then its powers were somehow connected to the device in a way that could not be extricated without causing it serious pain or even death.

Rachel Silverstein probably went on the 8,000 BC expedition seeking Gribardsun, despite knowing that according to the testament that Gribardsun had left for the 12,000 BC expedition that they would getting together in 3,500 BC. Having failed to find him in 8,000 BC she returned to the future and took part in the 3,500 B.C expedition.

So if the Moishe time travel method really did not work, Gribardsun probably needlessly concerned himself with making certain that his body was not a perfect doppelganger for the John Gribardsun who had lived from 1872 (really-1888)-2070. We have seen from many other sources that time twinned individuals can exist in the same time/space without wreaking havoc on the universe.

If the Moishe time travel method really did not work, then my theory about how the expedition of the H.G. Wells was time twinned with one vessel being send an additional 14,000 years into the past because of a quirk in that time travel method was wrong. I do so concur that I was wrong. Although I concur that I was wrong about the method that the HG. Wells was time twinned I still stand by the theory that the vessel and its occupants were time twinned and that one vessel traveled to 26,000 BC or thereabouts and identical ship traveled to 12,000 BC..  Gribardsun must have later learned that something odd had happened at the original vessel's arrival in 12,000 BC. Gribardsun may have been giving us a clue that something odd when when he stated that the original HG. Wells vessel had never arrived in 12, 000 and had disappeared enroute. This of course is impossible, had it done so he would not have been able to live from 12,000 BC and he would not have had any memories of doing so.

 I theorize that the Douwd used his powers to augment the time travel device on the H G Wells. However his control of that power on the first expedition was inexact. The initial mixture of the Douwd's power and the time travel device caused a chronal instability that nearly destroyed the HG Wells. In its panic not to be wiped out existence, the Douwd overreacted  and exerted much more of his power to be channeled into the vessel and be pushed back to 12,000 BC. In doing so it caused a duplicate HG Wells vessel to be formed and sent another 14,000 years in the past.

The Douwd felt very odd after arriving in 12,000 BC because it had also been time twinned that is two versions of itself were existing simultaneously in 26,000 BC and 12,000 BC. The Douwd who was Rachel Silverstein (26,000 BC) version was also Mr. Am and Kevin Uxbridge.

The Douwd was also Sathonys or at least the person Kane claims was Sathonys in Ric Bergquist's "Talks with Kane". Evidence in the Kane stories by Karl Edward Wagner indicates that Sathonys was an alien humanoid who used science to evolve primitive hominids into human beings. In the Kane’s saga Kane would eventually gain enough power to track down and kill this "God"

Kane’s history does not make him an unbiased source so the story he told to Ric Bergquist might have been a mixture of fact and fiction.

The version Kane's story that was told to Bergquist  stated that when Tarzan traveled back in time he did not find primitive man and so created them in his image. "He came back thru the ages to improve the original stock and didn’t even find that stock. It was a fantasy, an illusion. But did he let that stop him? No. He took those apish men and made them over into his own image, again, with the help of a meteor strike. He made us as much like him as he could! "

 Kane claims that the person who did was " The gray-eyed man with the flowing black hair."  Kane further states that "Though it took millennia, I tracked him down and I slew the lying son-of-a-bitch.

My last memory of that day, his triumphant eyes upon me: I killed John Clayton, Lord Greystoke. God, and Tarzan of the Apes!”

 This sounds very out of character for Tarzan to have done anything remotely like this. He may have tried to use modern medical science to help ensure the survival of the hominids that would become known as the Great Apes but it is unlikely that he would carried out the Moreau-like experiments that Kane describes.


However even if Kane's perceptions of these events were either deliberately misleading or incorrect there might be some element of truth to them however.

Let's consider for a moment that  time twinned versions of John Gribardsun, Rachel Silverstein, Drummond Silverstein and Robert Von Billman arrived in 26,000 BC and were unable to return to the future. This trip to further past was not a mirror of events that occurred in 12, 000 BC. The time travelers  had to live out their lives in the distant past because the Moishe drive would not function and the Douwd's own power was not sufficient to carrry them back to 2070. The stranded time travelers would have either formed a tribe of people by recruiting locals from that time period or they would have joined an existing tribe.

In 26,000 Gribardsun and Rachel Silverstein did not click as a couple to her great dismay. Although the Douwd could have used its powers to make Gribardsun care for it, it chose not to do so. Rather it chose to appear to age like Drummond Silverstein and Robert Von Billman and to appeared to die of old age. It then slipped away from the tribe of people that they were living with.

Still infatuated with Tarzan and having decided to discard the Rachel Silverstein appearance and persona, the Douwd adopted another one. It chose to emulate the object of its affection and looked like Gribardsun. As stated earlier Rachel Silverstein was a geneticist, a zoologist and a botanist.

As the Douwd, looking like Gribardsun, wandered Ancient Europe, it became aware of that the sapient species that would become known as Homo Neanderthal were dying out. The Douwd also discovered that the lack of biodiversity among the existing human populations would cause the human race to suffer from a genetic calamity that would preclude its surviving the coming ice age.  The Douwd's researches concluded that there was a slim chance to save the Neanderthal population and also the human population by combining them. Because of their great genetic differences Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthal were not generally cross fertile. Yet the Douwd discovered a population that had both Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens genetic influences. They called themselves The Blood People, they were lead by a man who called himself Vadar Ang or Kane. The Douwd was allowed to join his tribe by beating Vadar Ang in personal combat. The Douwd told Ang that he was Tarzan of the Apes, since that name would not be known for millennia. When "Tarzan" had proven to Kane that he had some remarkable abilities himself, Kane began to relate his story to him.

Vadar Ang or Kane was an anomaly. He was first and foremost one of those very rare cases of a fertile hybrid between a Homo Neanderthal and a Homo Sapiens. He had been made this way by a God who had come down from the skies in a chariot of fire to create mankind. Vadar Ang already claimed to be countless years old hundreds of thousands of years. The Douwd doubted this story at first since there was little evidence of either population of Homo Neanderthal or Homo Sapiens that far back in history. Kane insisted that the Creator had used sorcery to plant seeds in the bodies of female hominids to create his new race of mankind. The female hominids perished more often than not.

Man was created to be servants of the gods, to till the soil for food, to work in the mines of the gods etc. Kane had been a tiller of the soil but his grain stores were depleted by a lazy Shepard. When Kane failed to make his quota he was punished and the Shepard was rewarded because of the fecundity of his flock, which had been well fed from eating Kane's grain. In anger Kane slew the Shepard and tried to hide the body.

The Creator discovered what Kane had done and so punished Kane. Kane's body was subjected to various magics that re-made him. His speed, strength and stamina were increased and he was given immunity to disease. Finally, he was given glowing blue eyes that allowed him to see in the dark so that everyone could recognize him for who he was. He was made to be the Gods' instrument of punishment, the executioner of those who did not follow the Gods will. Kane claimed that the Creator had removed his soul and conscience. He was made virtually immortal and ageless.

The Gods made other beings from combinations of genetic material of Man and animal, creations that later generations would term monsters.

Kane eventually took part in a civil war among the Gods. The end result of this war was that the Gods left the planet. Using technology left behind by the Gods mankind and other sentient creations of the Gods built cities and created civilizations. These civilizations rose and fell, many of the sentient creatures did not breed true and became extinct. Kane's people disappeared as well as the isolated populations began to become wholly Homo Sapiens or wholly Homo Neanderthal. Yet during all this time Kane survived, forever alone he became convinced that the Gods had cursed him. He saw the rise of fall of Lemuria, of Atlantis, the Great Cataclysm that formed the Hyborian age, the fall of the Hyborian age and the fall of Mankind into the age of stone once more. [2]

 Finally after nearly six hundred thousand years whatever tinkering that the Gods had done to his body began to fail. He began to age, slowly but certainly. Dying of old age he was out for one last hunt. He was giving chase to three men who had poached his kill when a falling star had fallen between him and his prey. Great searing heat and great agony encompassed him when he awoke his years had been burnt away. He was once again a man in his prime, a man condemned to live in immortality.

Hoping that Kane would understand the Douwd tried to demonstrate how the populations of the world had fallen to such low numbers that drastic measures needed to be to save Mankind. By using genetic material from the Blood Tribe He could create a genetic virus that would instill in both the Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens populations a better ability to cross fertilize and allow mankind to flourish. Kane refused to see the Douwd's logic, claiming that he saw  only echoes of Sathonys in this plan. The Douwd was forced to subjugate Kane by sealing him in a cavern while the Douwd carried out his experiments.


After more study on the situation the Douwd realized that Kane had been against it's experiments because Kane was responsible for the low population base of the Human and Neanderthal populations. He was carrying out his own sort of eugenics program, breeding a human race derived from his lineage. He was ruthlessly breeding The Blood people to have the same sorts of physical traits as him, possibly hoping that eventually some would become immortal as well. Since he was a created hybrid of Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens he needed some of the pure stock as breeding stock. Yet Kane also realized that since the Homo Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens were more numerous and more fertile than the Blood People that they could eventually undo his breeding program simply by outproducing the Blood people. If the numbers of the Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthal were not drastically reduced they would inevitably they would regain dominance either by sheer numbers or by absorbing the Blood people into their larger population bases. So Kane was probably systematically killing off both Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthal populations while keeping some alive as breeding stock.


To prevent this evil from being unleashed into the world, the Douwd sealed off the cavern in which Kane was imprisoned

Following Kane's directions the Douwd traveled to the location of the Garden where the Gods had carried out their genetic experiments. Although the site was so ruined as to resemble rubble, the Douwd did find a few remaining facilities. These were so deeply buried that ordinary humans would never have located them. It took him decades to uncover the facilities and what he discovered was of no immediate help, although he did discover what he thought was the delivery system for the genetic viruses that the God's created to make their chimerical creations and their humanity hybrids. He believed that the few samples of fungus were this delivery system.Yet he needed advanced facilities to make certain of his discovery.  [3]

To have the necessary facilities to carry out his work the Douwd had to return to the H.G. Wells and use the on board medical facilities and laboratory. Since the Douwd did not know if Gribardsun was still in the area or not, it adopted another form, looking like a heavy set older man with whiskers. The Douwd had hoped that Gribardsun would help with the experimentation. However Gribardson had already departed from the area. He had apparently left because his prowess in battle, his ability to recover from injury and his lack of aging had caused the tribe to regard him as divine. The called him the Undying God.

The tribe members refused to let the Douwd into the H.G. Wells considering a shrine. The Douwd could have used some of his power to overcome the tribe members but he needed their willing assistance to carry out his work. He left and returned in Tarzan's form and as such the Douwd was greeted as a deity by the members of the Tribe. 

While researching the delivery system that the "Gods" had used for their genetic virus, he began to work on an alternative plan. If the life spans of the various populations were expanded then it was possible that he would not have to create a genetic virus to aid Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthal in cross fertilization. The longer lifespans would allow the humans and neanderthals to have more progeny. The Douwd used the medical laboratory of the H.G. Wells to compare the blood of Tarzan (which was stored in the medical laboratory) and the blood of Kane from samples he had taken. He wondered if there were any similarities. Was there a common factor that allowed them to become immortal? According to Kane's story his creator had cursed him with immortality. According to Tarzan's story he had been granted immortality after saving an old witch doctor. The Witch Doctor had made him drink a variety of concoctions and exchange blood with him. Yet of all of the beings created by the Gods only Kane had immortality. Tarzan also seemed to be the only person to have actually have achieved immortality through the Witch Doctor's method. Even the Witch Doctor that had given Tarzan the treatment aged, although slowly.  The Witch Doctor also needed boosters to keep the aging process in check but Tarzan had only needed one such treatment.

It was only when he had run a molecular scan of the genetic structures of both Kane and Tarzan that he discovered that there was a common factor in their genetic make up, an unknown enzyme that apparently was triggered by the immortality potions or treatments that they had taken. He believed that this was somehow intrinsic to them and that the immortality treatments had merely either triggered or enhanced the anomalous enzyme. He managed to replicate the chemical structure of the enzyme and used the fungus to give the new enzyme to members of the tribe. The enzyme lost effectiveness after one year and the subjects had to be given another dose. There was also an unseen factor that he could not remove, which he believed came from the Kane portion of the formula, some of the people who received the enzyme became violent psychopaths as the enzyme affected certain portions of their brains.

He considered this line of research a failure. He destroyed the remaining batches of the enzyme and the plants that he used to deliver the enzyme. After he had destroyed the plant the Douwd wondered if the Witch Doctor that had given Tarzan an immortality potion had somehow gotten a hold of some of these same plants but could not see how that was possible.

The Douwd then went back to working on his genetic virus to make Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthal cross fertile. Rather than using the slower contact method to deliver his genetic virus, he created an airborne variety

When the Douwd learned that Tarzan had written several books on parchment he read them. They were histories of the world to come, histories of Tarzan's family. The tribe had named them the Books of Tharn. The Douwd tried to explain to the members of the tribe that they had come from the far future. He tried to impress on them the importance of keeping these books safe for future generations.

After finishing his virus Douwd departed this area to make certain that the virus spread and that there weren't any ill effects. He traveled all over the world to ensure that his plan was successful.

When Kane escaped his cavern prison in a few centuries, the Neanderthal population had disappeared as had the Blood Tribe. Most of them had been absorbed by the larger pool of Homo Sapiens, courtesy of the Douwd's genetic virus. During his centuries of isolated imprisonment Kane had conflated Sathonys with the man who had imprisoned him, the man who called himself John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, Tarzan of the Apes. He assumed that this one of the guises put on by his Creator. He vowed to kill him.

After a time the Douwd grew weary of this corporeal existence and once more transformed into a being of energy and traveled the cosmos. Before he left earth he made certain to make certain that the failsafes on the H.G. Wells were activated. These had been installed to ensure that should the ship be unable to travel back in time that it would decay and break down so it would not interfere with the historical record. Even when he revisited the tribe for the final time he was unaware of the evil he had accidentally created.

The Douwd had used a few of the natives from the tribe as laboratory assistants, assigning them menials tasks to carry out. He fell into the trap of equating ignorance with stupidity. He had no idea that the laboratory assistants had any inkling of the longevity enzyme he had created. They had also gained some knowledge of genetics and selective breeding from his experiments. One of the assistants smuggled plants out of the laboratory and grew them in a cavern. She and her family nurtured these plants and used them to create what would become the Elixir. The Douwd's command to keep the Books of Tharn safe took on the form of a commandment as they believed that it was a direct order from the Undying God. Reading the books they understood their purpose, they were to ensure that the events detailed in the Books of Tharn came to pass. They were to ensure that the family histories detailed in the Books of Tharn came to pass. They were to ensure that the Undying God would be born in the future so that the could return to them in the past. Thus was born the Nine, their conspiracy to control the world and their selective breeding program which had the ultimate goal to create the Undying God.

The Douwd visited the Earth in 3,000 BC and felt an odd sensation. It followed the sensation and discovered that a doppelganger of itself existed in 3,000 BC. This doppelganger was in a human form which it had recently adopted. Previously this other Douwd had been using the form of Rachel Silverstein and had become Tarzan's mate. Tarzan had used the name Terah. The Douwd who had been Terah's wife had pretended to age and to eventually die. Having fulfilled its desire to be with Tarzan it no longer felt compelled to do so. However it still enjoyed being humanoid. Adopting another humanoid form it had married another human being named
Lot, one of its grandsons, and taken up residence with him in the city of Sodom. When the two versions of the Douwd came into close proximity they were inexplicably drawn together and merged. The resultant energy released from their two energy forms combining incinerated the humanoid body that the Douwd had constructed and ignited gas fields underneath the city of Sodom. Sodom's twin city was also over a gas pocket that ignited. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.

The Douwd found that the merging to the two versions of itself had weakened it to some degree. It could not take humanoid shape nor could it leave the planet. It found a secluded spot in a mountainous region and hibernated for a time. It had a dream that It's son Abram was about to sacrifice his own son to the God of the Mountain. Somehow it convinced Abram to sacrifice a goat instead of his son.

It continued to hibernate. Its sleep was disturbed once more by a man desiring to know by what code people should live by in life. The Douwd gave the man seven simple rules to live by. (The man added three of his own)

When the Douwd emerged from its hibernation in circa 200 A.D. It was stronger and more powerful than before, possibly as result of merging with its time twinned self.

It took human form again, rather than going through the trouble of pretending to age he formed his new body to look as if it were already aged. He took the shape of a vigorous yet elderly man with a full white beard. His long hibernation on this planet combined with his earlier episode of saving the human race made him feel a sense of obligation to help humanity achieve its potential. (It is unknown whether the Douwd are part of the collection of entities we have termed the Omni-which includes the Q, The Beings, the Organians, The Elder Gods, The Old Ones among others. If he was then he may have been aware that that the ultimate destiny of the human race was to become the Omni.)

The Douwd traveled the world in this form attempting to help the human race. He took positions in society where he could best serve humanity, clerics, medical men, scholars etc. He accumulated wealth only to give it away to help the impoverished. He concentrated much of his time and energy on the world's children, knowing that they were roots of forthcoming generations. Legends and mythology grew up about about him, often the legends were new and often they were myths transmogrified. Although there existed people who had already fulfilled these roles in myth and legend he became associated with the myths surrounding Odin, Merlin and Saint Nicholas. If it furthered his goals he did not deny such an association.[4]

 After a century or so he began to notice disturbing patterns of behavior, of deliberate attempts to circumvent his good works.

He became aware of a well hidden cabal, a cult attempting to steer humanity towards some mysterious purpose, to bring about the incarnation of some god. To gain power and influence to better achieve their goal, this cabal made pacts with some of the amoral beings in the known omniverse, the Old Ones. He was not certain which god they were attempting to resurrect but believed that it was one of the Old Ones. After a century or so of investigation, he learned that they called themselves The Nine. Their influence was vast and even with his great powers, which he needed to use circumspectly so that the pattern of history would not disrupted, he could not defeat them alone. He created a counter organization, which he also named the Nine, partially as a jibe and partially to confuse the agents of the evil Nine- he could possibly influence them to believe that they were carrying out tasks for the evil nine when they were actually carrying them out for his organization.

The Douwd felt great guilt a few centuries later when he learned that the core of the Nine were members of the tribe that had worshipped the Undying God. They had somehow obtained his longevity enzyme and continued to create it, gaining coverts to the cult of the Undying God through the promise of physical immortality. He thought for a long time that they had been deluded by Nyarlathotep who had assumed the guise of Tarzan to guide them into destructive behavior. He later realized that it was comments that he had made to the members of the tribe that had formed the nexus of the Cult of the Undying God. The Nine were attempting to create their god, which was not one of the Old Ones but was Tarzan of the Apes. They were attempting to bring Tarzan into being, yet it was a distorted version of Tarzan created from memories corrupted and a mythology accrued over thousands of years.

The Douwd tried to stop them in this venture, not because he wished to prevent the birth of Tarzan but rather because he believed that the efforts of the Nine were unnecessary and detrimental to humanity as a whole. He believed that the Nine were aiding the Old Ones gain power through their attempts to control society and needed to be stopped for that reason.

In the late nineteenth century the efforts of the evil Nine stepped up as their remembered version of history did not match up with the reality of the world. They felt obligated to reshape the world into that related to them by Tarzan 24,000 years in the past. The Douwd was either using many names or was known by many names during the nineteenth century. The name he used for himself was Mr. Am. He had bases of operation on every continent and at the North Pole. Through no wish of his own, Mr. Am became the physical depiction of Santa Claus-- although Mr. Am never admitted to being him.

His agents in India reported the presence of a feral child. Mr. Am learned that John Clayton, Tarzan's father had recently been to India and investigated. Clayton had returned to England believing that his wife and child had been killed in a tiger attack. Mr. Am determined that the child was still alive and was the feral child in question. The child had a form of low level telepathy that allowed it to "speak" to animals. Mr. Am felt that to "rescue" the child would be wrong, that somehow this was his destiny. He periodically visited the boy using the guise of a bear. In this guise he taught the child how to speak and about human civilization. The child was aware that this bear was not like the other bears but took no exception to it with a child's innocent acceptance of the world. The child became famous when his story was written by Rudyard Kipling.

Even beings of great power such as Mr. Am can make minor misjudgments when it comes to making friends. Mr. Am befriended a young man in India in the year 1920. The young man and his friend had just raided a temple and were being chased by outraged cultists. The young man's friend perished before Mr. Am arrived on the scene. Mr. Am was investigating this temple which had just recently been taken over by a group of Thuggees. Mr. Am chased away the cultists and helped young David Luthor carry his friend and their stolen booty to the nearest city. Mr. Am did not begrudge young Mr. Luthor from having the temple treasure since it was loot stolen from people that the Thuggees had killed. Mr. Luthor was acquainted with one of Mr. Am's agents Kimball O'Hara, who was also fond of the young man. Although he knew that David Luthor a charming rogue with the soul of a con man, Mr. Am could not help but like him. He knew that Luthor would have a hard time staying on a path that was straight and narrow but that generally he would be a good man. Mr. Am did what he could to help Luthor stay on the right side of the path.

Because David Luthor was wanted under that name in his native country he used his newfound wealth to create a new identity using the name of his slain friend. He called himself David Douglas Warburton or more commonly D. D. Warburton. He became a multimillionaire who was on one hand a ruthless businessman and a generous philanthropist, like his contemporaries J. D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. D. D. Warburton eventually became the ward of a young girl and their life together became the basis for the comic strip Little Orphan Annie. Mr. Am became a more frequent visitor to D. D. after he had taken charge of Little Anne in order to give the girl more moral guidance than D.D. could provide. Mr. Am was more amused than angered when the cartoonist took little Anne's stories about her friend Mr. Am and made them even more fantastic than they were in real life.


[2] For the missing years of Kane's life, here may be some clues.

[3] A variety of this fungus would survive but in a mutated form. Fortunately it would only be able to grow in one small section of South America. It would become known as the Kothoga plant See Preston and Child, The Relic


[4] For some of the other possible identities of these individuals see http://users.frii.com/asacat/dr.htm