evil comes in small packages
the loveless brothers

by Dennis E. Power


    One odd fact about the two James West’s is that their mortal enemies, Migelito and Arliss Loveless were not only related to each other but related to them. Ada Augusta Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, gives birth to twins in 1837 both are born deformed. One is clubfooted and the other is a dwarf, she is told that they died at birth Lord Lovelace, urged by his mother in law, reluctantly gives them up for adoption. There is some suspicion that they are illegitimate given her Father's promiscuity. However, no evidence supports this supposition. The boys are sent to a fosterage in America but given a generous endowment. Their names are Michael Lovelace and Arliss Lovelace. Never adopted and raised by rather cold foster parents the boys adopt the names Miguelito Quixote Loveless and Arliss Loveless.

    The boys are set up on a hacienda bought from Richard Lovelace's distant cousin, Cesar De La Vega. The Hacienda is run by Dona Maria Concepicion DeVega, a cousin of sorts of Cesar De la Vega. His grandfather's youngest brother had several natural children spread throughout California and Mexico. Dona Maria was one of the few who pressed for any sort of "inheritance." Dona Maria allowed to live on the hacienda for life, so long as she would raise the two boys.

    Dona Maria always told the boys that she was their mother but the genius level children eventually found out she was lying.

    In 1848, when the boys are 11, they are suddenly destitute. The hacienda and its environs was confiscated by the U.S. Government. This engenders in Arliss a severe hatred of the United States and in Migelito a distrust and hatred of government in general. Dona abandons both boys in separate locations in Texas. Arliss eventually ends up in New Orleans where despite his deformity,  his lack of formal education and his poverty, he acquires wealth, education and the polish manners of a gentleman and a vast engineering background. How he acquired all of these is not known, although, given his amoral nature, a background in crime cannot be ruled out. He fought against James West II, which is how history remembers James Douglas Henry

    Migelito somehow acquired enough wealth to acquire a vast formal education, becoming a world renown chemist and engineer. It is possible although, he would have never admitted it that as a youth he traveled with a Medicine show as an attraction and as a hawker of a patent medicine of his own devising.

    Miguelito's brushes with James West can be seen in the excellent Wild Wild West Chronology.

    Miguelito had at least one child, Miguelito jr. who fought against James West and Artemus Gordon in the late 1880s.

    There is a possibility that Miguelito Loveless jr. may also had a child, whether by marriage or out of wedlock is not certain. I refer of course to Cadwiller Olden of the Doc Savage novel Repel (also titled the Deadly Dwarf)



© 2000 Dennis Power