THE WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE1795 - Wold Newton meteor strike: Eighteen individuals "were riding in two coaches past Wold Newton, Yorkshire.... A meteorite struck only twenty yards from the two coaches.... The bright light and heat and thunderous roar of the meteorite blinded and terrorized the passengers, coachmen, and horses.... They never guessed, being ignorant of ionization, that the fallen star had affected them and their unborn." Tarzan Alive, Addendum 2, pp. 247-248. The meteor strike was "the single cause of this nova of genetic splendor, this outburst of great detectives, scientists, and explorers of exotic worlds, this last efflorescence of true heroes in an otherwise degenerate age." Id., pp.230-231.         Artwork by Lisa Eckert

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Presenting the Wold Newton Universe at the 2004 San Diego Comic Con


July 27, 2004 - Here are my photos from the 2004 Comic Con in San Diego (July 21-25), at which I, Pete Coogan, and Chuck Loridans presented on the Wold Newton Universe at the Comics Arts Conference on Thursday, July 22.

July 31, 2004 - On Thursday, July 22, 2004: 3:00-4:00 Comics Arts Conference Session 2: Literary Archaeology and Parascholarship—Contributors to Creative Mythography: An Expansion of Philip Josť Farmer's Wold Newton Universe,* editor Win Eckert, Pete Coogan (Fontbonne University), and Wold-Newton scholar Chuck Loridans explain the literary archeology of works of parascholarship such as Farmer’s hoax biography Tarzan Alive, Mark Gruenwald’s prozine Omniverse, and James Sturm’s Unstable Molecules. They discuss the theory and methodology of parascholarship and trace the composition of an article from their forthcoming book. Sociologist Clyde McDaniel (University of North Carolina, Wilmington) responds.

*1/14/2005: The book is now entitled Myths for the Modern Age: Philip Josť Farmer's Wold Newton Universe.

Or watch it all right here:


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Tuesday, July 20

On the Embarcadero

Andrew and Lisa Andrew and Win


On the retired carrier Midway

The Midway


Wednesday, July 21

A few Wold Newton moments

Named after Forester's hero Horatio Hornblower Jonathan Hornblower was a real person


The Comic Con is very prominently promoted in San Diego


The HMS Surprise from the film Master and Commander


Thursday, July 22

Lord of the Rings exhibit at the Comic Con

Lisa is a happy camper.... Chuck getting trampled....


Chuck Loridans, Jean-Marc Lofficier, and Win Eckert at JM's Hollywood Comics booth


Comics Arts Conference Session 2: Literary Archaeology and Parascholarship

Pete (seated) and Win)

Chuck, Pete, and Win


Friday, July 23

Win, Chuck, Caveman Robot, and Andrew

In the Caveman Robot comic, in the bottom right hand corner of page 93, it says "This comic book is dedicated to the brilliant Philip Jose Farmer."


MonkeyPunch, the creator of Lupin III

Lisa won a DVD player in a raffle at this panel. MonkeyPunch pulled the winning ticket!


Forrest J. Ackerman(!) and science-fiction writer Greg Bear

Uncle Forry Forry and Greg Bear (author of the Lost World sequel, Dinosaur Summer)


Chuck meets Forry!


I'm Gumby, Dammit!


Saturday, July 24

The amazing Ray Bradbury


Giant robots invade San Diego. Only Sky Captain can save us now!


Win and Forry in an action shot


Pete, Win, and Chuck at the bar


"I'm crushing your head, I'm crushing your head!"


Pete waxing scholarly....


...and Chuck waxing poetic...


Sunday, July 25

At the San Diego Zoo, before heading home

Lisa and Andrew Lisa and Win

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