Callahan's Crosstime Saloon Chronology


compiled by Loki Carbis


Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

(Compiler's Note: This chronology is freely adapted from the one appearing in GURPS Callahan's Crosstime Saloon. It has been slightly revised and updated to reflect events described or revealed in the stories released since the original timeline was written, and the events of the Lady Sally's stories).

5000 BC
  • The Filari establish their first civilisations.
100 BC
  • The Krundai arrive on Earth, and begin manipulating its progress.
37 AD
  • Saul of Tarsus is taken over by a Krundai, and converts to Christianity.
65 AD
  • Saul (now St. Paul) is martyred.
963 AD
  • The birth of Txffu Mpwfs' first child.
999 AD
  • The birth of Txffu Mpwfs' second child.
1000 AD
  • The Filari are destroyed by the Cockroaches. The Cockroaches preserve them all as molecular records. One of them, Txffu Mpwfs, is restored and modified to serve as a scout for the future invasion plans of the Cockroaches.
  • Brood-seven-Sub-Two Raksha is born. He is the youngest Krundai to be born on Earth.
  • Birth of Tomás de Torquemada.
  • Torquemada is appointed Grand High Inquisitor. He has already been replaced by a Krundai at this point.
  • Torquemada dies.
1670 (approx)
  • The Krundai on Earth are ordered to step up production - in short order, the colonization of the Americas and the Industrial Revolution result.
  • Rachel is born, on October 25.
  • Rachel's third husband, and two of her children, die at the battle of Lake Champlain
  • Thomas Edison is born, on February 11. At some point in his life, Edison's spirit will be displaced by that of a Krundai.
  • Nikola Tesla is born in Smiljan, Croatia.
1863 (approx)
  • At some point during the American Civil War, two more of Rachel's children are killed
  • The Krundai on Earth recieve the final command, and begin preparing humanity to destroy itself.
  • Otto Hahn is born, on March 8. At some point in his life, Hahn's spirit will be displaced by that of a Krundai.
  • Tesla comes to America to work with Thomas Edison.
  • Buckingham Rogers Senior born .
  • Attempting to send a message to his friend, Robert Peary, with a new device of his own design, Nikola Tesla overshoots the mark - the myseterious explosion at Tunguska is the result. Stunned and frightened by the device's destructive potential, Tesla spends much of the rest of his life deliberately trying to appear to be a charlatan, so that no one will think to look at his work.
  • Dr Jonathon Crawford is born.
  • "Fast" Eddie Costigan is born.
  • Thomas Edison dies.
  • Philip "Long-Drink" McGonnigle is born.
  • Raymond Sinclair Cardwell, one of the world's richest men, is born.
  • Buckingham Rogers Junior is born.
  • Paul MacDonald is born.
  • Jake Stonebender is born.
  • Lady Sally's opens
  • Paul MacDonald's father remarries.
  • The US government approaches Nikola Tesla to ask for his aid in designing weapons to fight Hitler. They are disappointed when it turns out that although many of his devices may be practical, decades of research will be required to make them work.
  • Jake Stonebender is born.
  • Nikola Tesla fakes his own death with a little help from Lady Sally. The FBI seizes many of his unreleased blueprints.
  • Fast Eddie is brought to Lady Sally's immediately upon his release from juvenile prison. Later that year, he meets Mike Callahan and is rectuited by him to play piano in Mike's new bar. Callahan's Place opens.
  • Raksha begins seeking confidantes to unburden himself to.
  • Big Beef McCafferty is ejected by Mike Callahan. In the process, the solid oak front door is split on his head. It is mended, but poorly.
  • Zoey Berkowitz is born.
  • Jim MacDonald is born
  • Long-Drink McGonnigle kills a man named Jose Rivera in self-defense. Two weeks later, he comes to Callahan's, and becomes a regular.
  • Paul MacDonald becomes an instantaneous echo.
  • Doc Webster serves in Korea, where he meets a man with limited telekinetic abilities.
  • Long-Drink McGonnigle, now a college student and an inveterate prankster, streaks in front of the Town Hall
  • Isidora Brickhill (later known as Bobbi Joy) is born
  • Joe Quigley is born.
  • Sam Webster becomes a practicing Doctor.
  • Paul MacDonald is tested for psychic abilities by "some guys from Duke" - cagily, he conceals his powers from them. Later that year, he finishes high school. He is 15 years old.
  • Mary Hauptmann and her sister Corinne meet for the last time before Mary's fateful visit to Pasala.
  • Doc Webster gets married to Janet.
  • Tommy Janssen is born.
  • Lady Sally installs the massive and beautiful modular iron spiral staircase in her House.
  • John Smiley is catastrophically injured while working. He is brought to St Elegius more dead than alive - and stays that way for long enough to be considered an insult to medical science. His experiences make him deeply philosophical, and he finds within himself a wellspring of pure joy that he shares with all those around him. Before long, he is the most popular patient at the hospital.
  • Doc Webster is divorced by his wife. On the advice of John Smiley, he comes to Callahan's. His first night there, he bests Long-Drink McGonnigle in a punning contest. On the strength of it, Mike innaugrates Punday Night.
  • At age 6, Joe Quigley cannot decide whether to become a cop or a PI.
  • Paul MacDonald psychically "flashes" on his girlfriend, perceiving her entire self, and experiences a servere breakdown. He goes home and confides in his brother Jim. Jim MacDonald also begins to "flash."
  • Science fiction writer Philip José Farmer is recruited by the Time Police of a future era.
  • Paul MacDonald murders his stepmother after "flashing" on her. He is discovered in a catatonic state by his brother Jim, and committed to an institution.
  • Raksha decides that no other Krundai will suffice as a confidante. He begins investigating the possibility of confiding in a human.
  • John Smiley finally dies.
  • In February, Tom Hauptmann and his wife Mary visit Corinne at the hospital where she works, in the tiny Central American banana republic of Pasala. They are caught up in the revolution surrounding the deposition of De Villega and the rise to power of Manuel Conception de Miranda, known as El Supremo. Corinne is raped and murdered by de Miranda, while Tom and Mary are sentenced to ten years' imprisonment.
  • John Smiley's widow, Helen, marries Long-Drink McGonnigle. They have a daughter Anne, and Helen is outlived by her second husband.
  • Maureen is born.
  • Jake Stonebender becomes a musician.
  • Joe Quigley's Uncle Louie dies, and Joe decides to become a Private Investigator. He is thirteen years old.
  • Manuel de Miranda is assassinated by agents of the US State Department, and replaced by a more amenable puppet.
  • Tom Hauptmann, still imprisoned, loses his faith. Mary prays for its return.
  • By this time, Bobbi Joy is "an accomplished whore."
  • Jake purchases the guitar he will later name "Lady Macbeth."
  • Bobby Anders, son of Freddie and Kathy Anders, is born.
  • Otto Hahn dies.
  • On one of the very few occasions that it ever happened, Callahan was forced to give someone a drink for free, when they named one he didn't know. (The drink in question was a "Mother Superior" - a martini with a prune instead of an olive.)
  • Jim MacDonald, now in college, begins to "flash" again. He drops out, and gets a job as a fire lookout in a massive forest in Oregon.
  • Mary Hauptmann contracts malaria. Tom prays for her recovery.
  • Tony Telasco gets drafted. During basic training, he meets Steve McConnell, and the two become close friends. Steve is court-martialled after refusing to accept his rifle at the end of training. Tony completes training, and his first tour in Vietnam begins.
  • Tony's best friend in Vietnam, Sean Reilly, is killed in an humiliating and sadistic manner by the enemy. Tony goes kill crazy.
  • Mary Hauptmann dies from her malaria.
  • Maureen learns armed and unarmed combat from her father.
  • Steve McConnell is murdered in the stockade. When Tony is informed, he goes crazy in a more suicidal fashion. He fails to kill himself, and instead is shipped home and discharged.
  • Ray Cardwell is attacked and nearly killed by a random sniper attack. A broken man, things begin to turn around for him when he meets John Smiley. Starting with St Elegius, he buys 47 hospitals over the next two years, funding them out of his generous fortune.
  • Jake Stonebender starts to work exclusively as a professional musician.
  • Tony Telasco experiments with a variety of drugs, including marijuana and heroin.
  • Tom Hauptmann is released from his imprisonment in Pasala. He is extensively debriefed by the State Department, and meets President Nixon briefly.
  • Unable to decide whether he should or should not confide in a human, Raksha instead decides to look for humans that he could possibly confide in.
  • Tony Telasco gets into Transcendental Meditation, and gets off drugs.
  • Old Man Hennessy is put in hospital by Tommy Janssen after he catches Tommy in the act of stealing money for heroin from his safe. Tommy's father pays off Hennessy and disowns Tommy.
  • Jake performs repairs on his car's brakes. Later that day, the brakes fail, and Jake crashes the car, killing his wife Barbara and daughter Jess.
  • The First Annual Darts Championship of the Universe is held at Callahan's.
  • Cardwell begins to work as a janitor, spending a little time in each of his various hospitals over the next six years, and getting a good idea of how to make each one work better before implementing his changes.
  • Tom Flannery's doctors give him nine months to live. Tom is one of the first people in America to be infected by AIDS.
  • Tony Telasco finds his way to Callahan's, and finds absolution. He becomes and activist fighting against the war in Vietnam.
  • "The Guy With The Eyes" - Tommy Janssen, clean for seven months but sick at heart, comes to Callahan's, and joins the family. Txffu Mpwfs, also arrives at Callahan's, and tells the gang of his true nature. After a great internal struggle, he is able to identify himself to them as Mickey Finn - which they then slip him, preventing the destruction of the Earth by the Cockroaches.
  • The Second Annual Darts Championship of the Universe is held at Callahan's. Doc Webster wins.
  • Dink Fogerty learns how to use his telekinetic abilities.
  • Jim MacDonald "flashes" on a trapped and dying fireman during a large fire. Believing Jim to be an epileptic, his boss sacks him.
  • Maureen's father re-marries, to a woman named Phyllis Langerhut. She and her associate, Alice, have planned for Phyllis to marry Maureen's father for the specific purpose of sexually abusing Maureen.
  • "The Time Traveller" - Tom Hauptmann arrives at Callahan's, trying to rob the place, but actually looking for a way to commit suicide. As a minister with no faith, he lacks a sense of purpose. Callahan hires him to tend bar and look after the place, giving him both a job and a purpose.
  • "The Centipede's Dilemma" - The Third Annual Darts Championship of the Universe is held at Callahan's. Dink Fogerty attempts to cheat using his telekinetic abilities, but runs afoul of Doc Webster's canny intellect.
  • "Two Heads Are Better Than One" - Suicidal and more than a little crazy, Jim McDonald arrives at Callahan's. Forming a telepathic link with Paul McDonald, Jim and the gang return the twins to sanity. Henceforth, they will be Jim/Paul McDonald, one personality in two bodies.
  • Kathy Anders first husband, Freddie abandons her and their son Bobby. Kathy gets herself a job, where she meets Cass Anders.
  • "The Law of Conservation of Pain" - in April, the Meddler arrives to try to prevent the horrific scarring of Bobbi Joy that leads her to become such a terrifyingly depressing singer. The gang manage to come up with a solution that doesn't involve anyone killing anyone else, and succeed in averting that future.
  • Josie, the daughter of Philip José Farmer, blackmails her dad into letting her join the Time Police also. She uses "Bauer", the German translation of her surname as an alias, to help conceal her identity and that of her father.
  • "Just Dessert" - three pranksters come to Callahan's, but leave pretty shortly thereafter, unaware that Doc Webster has dosed them all with Ipecac.
  • In the alternate timeline that the Meddler originates from, Bobbi Joy's first song "The Suicide Song" is released and becomes a massive hit despite having zero promotion. It is frequently banned from airplay due to its tendency to cause more suicides.
  • "Unnatural Causes" - On Halloween, Broodseven-Sub-Two-Raksha comes to Callahan's Place, and reveals the eistence of the alien Krundai and their conspiracy to destroy humanity. He also admits to his dealings using the persona of Adolf Hitler. Raksha commits suicide after Callahan witholds absolution from him. In the weeks that follow, Mickey Finn hunts down and destroys the rest of the Krundai.
  • "The Wonderful Conspiracy" - On New Year's Eve, Jake theorises the existence of something not unlike the Harmonian conspiracy to save Earth. Callahan hints to him that he's right.
  • "Fivesight" - Cass Anders foresees his own death, and takes steps to prevent his wife from getting the blame. Jake intervenes, managing to convince Cathy Anders from blaming herself for the tragedy.
  • Maureen tells her father about the sexual abuse she is receiving at the hands of his second wife and her associate. In the ensuing fight, he and his wife are killed. The associate is dishonourably discharged, and Maureen sent to an asylum in the States.
  • Maureen escapes from the asylum, and meets the Professor. They begin a professional association.
  • "Dog Day Evening" - Ralph Von Wau Wau comes to Callahan's Place. His true nature is revealed, and he admits to being a science fiction author under a number of aliases, including Philip Jose Farmer and Cordwainer Bird. In truth, he is neither of these men. Cordwainer Bird is a friend and former partner of Ralph, while Philip José Farmer is best known as the biographer of Clark Savage Jnr. and Lord Greystoke.
  • Tom Flannery dies of AIDS.
  • "A Voice is Heard in Ramah" - Rachel, an unaging woman, comes to Callahan's. She confesses the horrible secret of her extended life, and the gang try to make her see that it's worth going on.
  • Maureen ends her association with the Professor (Willard Hooker), and becomes a street prostitute.
  • Expanding his range somewhat, Ray Cardwell works as a janitor in every part of his financial empire, getting a feel for it from the ground up.
  • Al Phee, a time-travelling swindler from an undisclosed point in the future, arrives in 1979. One of the first people he meets is Ernie Shea, the Lucky Duck.
  • "Have You Heard The One?" - On July 4th, Al Phee comes to Callahans, and proceeds to try to swindle the gang mercilessly. He is tripped up by Josie Bauer, who reveals herself as a member of the Time Police, and arrests Phee. She also hints at her relationship to Philip José Farmer.
  • "Mirror/rorriM Off The Wall" - An inventor named Robert Trebor creates a device that allows him to access the Mirror Universe. The gang get tangled up in his efforts, since the device is a mirror installed in the bar itself. Before too long, all is restored to normal.
  • "A Very, Very Fine House" - Maureen is discovered by her pimp, Big Travis, to be skimming off him. He stabs her, but she is taken in by Lady Sally. After Big Travis attempts to reclaim her, losing his life in the process, she is taken on as an apprentice.
  • "Pyotr's Story" - Tommy Janssen nearly dies of alcohol poisoning while mourning a friend. Pyotr, a vampire who is a member of the gang, manages to drain enough alcohol from his system to save his life.


  • Maureen, now 18 years old, begins to work as an artist at Lady Sally's.
  • "Revolver" - In late summer, Colt comes to Lady Sally's in search of relief for his problem. Sherry and Sally solve his dilemma and Colt begins to work at the house as an artist.
  • Jim and Paul MacDonald, now studying to be psychiatrists, visit Callahan's again.
  • "The Paranoid" - Diana, a highly trained scientist who has invented an effective mind control device, comes to Lady Sally's to test it. Her rage and disgust at the world lead her to humiliate and degrade others with it terribly, until she is stopped by Maureen and Lady Sally.
  • "Dollars To Donuts" - Willard Hooker, the Professor (the greatest con-man of his day) makes a dangerous error in dealing with Tony Donuts. He comes to Lady Sally's for assistance, and is reunited with Maureen after several years. Together, and with the assistance of Lady Sally, they succeed in outwitting Tony Donuts, who is sent to prison. Willard and Maureen marry, and Willard becomes an artist in Lady Sally's employ.
  • Jim and Paul MacDonald graduate and open a psychiatric practice in Plattsburgh.
  • Shortly before he comes to Lady Sally's, Joe Quigley meets Mick "Crocodile' Dundee in New York. He is greatly impressed by Dundee's knife.
  • "Involuntary Man's Laughter" - Tourette's Syndrome sufferer Billy Walker joins the gang over a modem hookup.
  • Lady Slings the Booze - Simultaneously with this event, Joe Quigley comes to Lady Sally's. He is instrumental in the defeat of Christian Raffali, and later, in the defeat of the Miner. Reginald Jeeves, now working as one of the artists at Lady Sally's, meets with Bertie Wooster for the last time. Bertie informs him that "everyone else" that they knew is now dead.
  • "The Blacksmith's Tale" - After Lady Sally's closes, the massive wrought iron staircase that once graced its hall is installed at Callahan's by Mary Callahan. She has a brief fling with Jake, who falls for her, but falls in love with Mickey Finn, herself.
  • "The Mick of Time" - The Beast - or the Cockroach, Mickey Finn's former master, arrives on Earth intending to destroy it and reclaim Finn. Callahan reveals his mission to the others for the first time, and rallies them all to fight the Cockroach. He is defeated by all of the regulars in telepathic concert, and slain by the detonation of a very small nuclear device. Callahan's Place is destroyed during the battle. Callahan, Lady Sally, Mickey Finn, Mary Callahan-Finn and Josie Bauer return to Harmony in the far future. Jake announces that he will open and operate Mary's Place.
  • In February, Zoey gets pregnant to her soon to be ex-husband.
  • The Callahan Touch - Mary's place opens. Ernie Shea, the Lucky Duck, arrives on opening night. Later that night, Dr. Jonathon Crawford comes to Mary's place, and is relieved of his guilt about AIDS. The following night, Naggeneen the Cluracan arrives. The gang succeed in capturing him, winning three wishes. After wasting the first one, Jake uses the second to summon Mike Callahan, and the third to make the Cluracan pay for his drinks - solving the joint's financial problems once and for all. A week later, a massive jam session is held at the place, and Jake meets Zoey Berkowitz for the first time. They fall in love, but not before world's first self-generated AI reveals itself to all those present. After heated debate, Solace also joins the family, and Jake and Zoey become a couple.
  • "Post Toast" - Spider Robinson visits the gang from his alternate universe, and lets them know about the alt.callahans Usenet group.
  • After he realises that despite the fact he has not been directing his financial empire for a decade, and it yet remains no different, Ray Cardwell goes to his estate in British Columbia to contemplate his next move.
  • Buckingham Rogers Senior dies.
  • Callahan's Legacy - In November, new additions to the group include Acayib Pinsky and Buckingham Rogers. Mary Callahan-Finn and Mickey Finn come to Mary's Place carrying warning that the Cockroach's other servant, the equal of Mickey, is following them. The gang establish a telepathic circuit and succeed in persuading the creature to join their side. At the same time, Zoey gives birth to Erin. Due to running afoul of the city officials, Mary's Place closes.
  • Now a resident of Key West, Doc Webster meets and shortly thereafter marries Mei Ling, who had previously worked at Lady Sally's.
  • Callahan's Key - 14 months after the closure, Doc Webster sends Jake a telegram, inviting him to move to Key West. The whole gang packs up and moves to Key West. They are joined by Nikola Tesla, who fears that a device of his design may destroy the universe. The gang pull together and narrowly avert this catastrophe.
  • "The Magnificent Conspiracy" - Ray Cardwell's enemies send an assassin to kill him, but Cardwell, now running a used car dealership that gives a price which is actually fair, succeeds in turning the assassin to his side.
  • The Meddler journeys back from a possible alternate future to 1976 to in order save Bobbie Joy. He is pursued by his brother, the inventor of the time machine that both use. (Thanks to their efforts, and those of the gang at Callahan's, this alternate timeline is no longer in existence.)
  • The home time of the Time Police that Josie Bauer works for. How far into the future it exists is unclear - however, it is known to be earlier than Harmony.
millions of years in the future:
  • Harmony, the society that produced Mike, Mary and Lady Sally Callahan, exists. Mike invents a time machine, and uses it to make sure that history happens the way it's supposed to have.




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