The Wold Newton Universe site logo1795 - Wold Newton meteor strike: Eighteen individuals "were riding in two coaches past Wold Newton, Yorkshire.... A meteorite struck only twenty yards from the two coaches.... The bright light and heat and thunderous roar of the meteorite blinded and terrorized the passengers, coachmen, and horses.... They never guessed, being ignorant of ionization, that the fallen star had affected them and their unborn." Tarzan Alive, Addendum 2, pp. 247-248. The meteor strike was "the single cause of this nova of genetic splendor, this outburst of great detectives, scientists, and explorers of exotic worlds, this last efflorescence of true heroes in an otherwise degenerate age." Id., pp.230-231.         Artwork by Lisa Eckert


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I hope to have many submissions for this page, so please send me your Wold Newton-related fan art and I'll post it here!  Of course, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the first piece of fan art by my wife, Lisa Hensley Eckert.  It graces most pages on this site and depicts the Wold Newton meteor event of December 1795.

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MANGANI, by Mario Zecca

WNU Trio by Chuck Loridans

The Sh*d*w by Lisa Hensley Eckert


According to Philip Josť Farmer in Tarzan Alive, mangani are "a smaller African variety of ... Yeti or ... Sasquatch," that, or an almost extinct group of "Australopithecus robustus (formerly Paranthropus)." Only some 200 hundred survive in 1909. They share a leg and hip structure closer to humans than other primates. Burroughs notes, "...unlike the chimpanzee and the gorilla, they walk without the aid of their hands quite as readily as with." I drew a preliminary sketch after reading Tarzan Alive many years ago and finished it on the computer.

Mario Zecca 3-1-03


This ultra-cool piece came, featuring The Sp*d*r, Doc, and The Sh*d*w, came from Chuck Loridans. Drop him a note and let him know what you think!


One of my favorite characters, as rendered by my wife, Lisa.

The Wold Newton Meteor, December 13, 1795 by Lisa Hensley Eckert

WNU Montage by Mario Zecca


The first piece of Wold Newton art on this site, by Lisa Hensley Eckert.


Mario Zecca  

Nellie Gray by Chuck Loridans

Doc Savage by Henry Covert

Nellie Gray, Daughter of Tarzan

Another awesome pic by Chuck Loridans.

Doc Savage

Drop Henry Covert a line!

Dracula vs. the Mummy by Chuck Loridans

Greystoke by Henry Covert

Dracula vs. the Mummy!

By Chuck Loridans, first published in Scary Monsters Magazine No. 52, Sept. 2004


Another cool pic by Henry Covert.

Greystoke Family Tree by Chuck Loridans

The Shadow by Henry Covert

Greystoke Family Tree

Featuring Tarzan, Lan, and Modesty by Chuck Loridans.

The Shadow

One more from Henry Covert.


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