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There are several excellent other Wold Newton Universe sites out.
I am sure they would appreciate your checking them out.

Our newest member of Wold Newton Family of sites is site contributor and Monster expert Chuck Loridan's Savage Chuck's Lair. Chuck discusses his interest in the Wold Newton and his many other interests. He has excerpts of his ongoing project on Mu, including some really neat artwork.

The Wold Newton Universe  is the Unofficial Official Wold Newton site. The first, as far as I know, of the Wold Newton sites by pioneer Win Eckert.

The Wold Newton Chronicles is Mark Brown's excellent site, primarily geared towards posting speculative articles and genealogies that further the information of the Wold Newton Universe.

Jess Nevins has a new Wold Newton site that greatly expands on Wold Newtonian genealogy, detailing even the Dogs of the Wold Newton Universe.

Author and researcher, Jean-Marc Lofficier has a page dealing with French Wold Newton characters at the The French Wold Newton Universe

 Al Schroder's Schroeder's Speculations- Wold Newton Articles by Al Schroeder. Al delves into the controversial area of comics mixing them with Wold Newtonian genealogy. So far he has articles on the families Bruce Wayne, The Incredible Hulk, etc and a massive biography of Superman

Another site that examines the full scope of Mr. Farmer's work is Official Philip Josť Farmer Home Page written by Mike Croteau. He also posts articles and fanfic about things Farmerian. Yours truly has two such works on his site.

And for something complete different I have another site which examines the background and influence of the legendary Old West character of El Head, the Disembodied Avenger of the West.
Examined are his presence in folklore, pulp fiction, films and even radio.
Please visit The El Head Homepage

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