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since October 9th 2001.

September 7th: More big news right on the heels of FarmerCon X—Meteor House has announced it is reprinting THE SCARLET JAGUAR as a Signed Limited Edition hardcover.

As you probably know, Meteor House's first Signed Limited Edition novella was EXILES OF KHO. Published in 2012 as a trade paperback, it quickly sold out. Their second Signed Limited Edition novella was THE SCARLET JAGUAR, also published as a trade paperback it too quickly sold out. Their third novella, PHILEAS FOGG AND THE WAR OF SHADOWS was published simultaneously as a Signed Limited Edition trade paperback and hardcover.

After the success of their first hardcover novella, earlier this summer Meteor House brought EXILES OF KHO out in hardcover, and it is already nearly sold out! And now they are taking preorders for hardcover of THE SCARLET JAGUAR, to be printed in November, and most likely to sell out by the end of the year. So, if you missed out on the paperback edition, you need to preorder a copy now!

We also have a couple of interesting additions to the website to report. In 1969 Phil's article, Oft I have Travelled (On Solar Pons) appeared in the fanzine The Pontine Dossier. We just learned that it was reprinted in The Solar Pons Gazette, Vol 1.1 in the summer of 2006. And you can read it online by following that link! A big thank you to Bob Byrne, the editor of the Solar Pons Gazette, for alerting us to the pdf.

Also, we haven't had any updates on the advertising page in a while but Christopher Paul Carey discovered this ad for THE DARK HEART OF TIME in the back pages of a copy of A PRINCESS OF MARS.

Just another reminder that this site will never stop growing!

August 20th: By all accounts, FarmerCon X (held in conjunction with PulpFest) was a great success! Meteor House released three new books: FLIGHT TO OPAR, HADON, KING OF OPAR, and EXILES OF KHO, most of which are now close to selling out.

Jason Scott Aiken, Frank Schildiner, and Chuck Loridans gave an entertaining FarmerCon panel on Philip José Farmer's Weird Tales, and you can listen to it here thanks to Pulp Crazy!

There was also a FarmerCon dinner Friday night, the PulpFest dinner on Saturday night, and lots and lots of time spent hanging out together. If you missed it, checkout this Facebook Photo Album and start making your vacation plans for next year (July 21 - 24, 2016).

June 24th: Time is running out! A week from today is the deadline to preorder HADON, KING OF OPAR by Christopher Paul Carey and have your name appear in the book on the acknowledgments page. This is true for both the Signed Hardcover Limited Edition, and the Signed Trade Paperback Edition. Once the preorder window closes Meteor House will determine the print run of each edition. After the preorders are fulfilled and books are sold at FarmerCon X / PulpFest, there will only be a few copies left to purchase.

The latter is true for the Signed Hardcover Limited Edition of EXILES OF KHO by Christopher Paul Carey as well as for the Signed Hardcover Limited Restored Edition of FLIGHT TO OPAR (signed by the editor Christopher Paul Carey).

If you are still not convinced you need to get HADON, KING OF OPAR, please read this interview with Christopher Paul Carey by Rias at the International Bibliography. Or this Creative Colleagues interview by David Gross. Or listen to this Pulp Crazy interview with Jason Aiken.Or just look at this gorgeous cover art by Bob Eggleton!

If you are still not convinced you need to get the Restored Edition of FLIGHT TO OPAR, please read this message from editor Christopher Paul Carey:

Regarding the Restored Edition of Philip José Farmer's novel FLIGHT TO OPAR that I'm editing, my preface will go into detail about the process of how and why the text was restored and show that the excised portions were not a matter of the original copyeditor "trimming unnecessary fat" from the original manuscript. I am not "undoing" any of the many thousands of generally quite sharp and beneficial edits made by the copyeditor of the 1976 DAW Books edition. What I'm doing is restoring meaningful passages that were cut to meet an arbitrary page count for the first edition of the novel. I think Farmer fans are going to love reading the new material, which only enhances an already excellent novel. I know I did!
That's four different Signed Limited Editions that will be gone not long after FarmerCon.

And speaking of FarmerCon X/PulpFest, back in March we told you to book your room at the Hyatt Regency ASAP because we're sharing downtown Columbus with Matsuricon, a gathering of Japanese anime and pop culture enthusiasts. Rooms at the Hyatt have long since been sold out. However, there are still blocks of rooms available at a discount through Matsuricon. Visit to find a room that is close to the convention. When booking through the Matsuricon site, please be sure to request the Matsuricon group rate.

May 16th: It's now officially the Summer of Opar! Ok, so we're several weeks early for summer, but there is no question we're going to spend most of it in Opar.

Last month we told you about Meteor House's forthcoming Restored Edition of FLIGHT TO OPAR—featuring nearly 4,000 words restored from Farmer's original manuscript and a slew of bonus materials. You can hear editor Christopher Paul Carey discuss the process, and even give some examples of the restored text in this Pulp Crazy interview with Jason Aiken.

This week Meteor House made two more major announcements concerning Opar. First, EXILES OF KHO, by Christopher Paul Carey, their first Signed Limited Edition novella (originally published only in trade paperback and out of print since 2013) is coming out in a Signed Limited Edition hardcover—with all-new cover art by Mark Wheatley!

And second, they are now taking preorders for a brand-new tale in Philip José Farmer’s Khokarsa series from Christopher Paul Carey, HADON, KING OF OPAR! Set fourteen years after the events of THE SONG OF KWASIN (co-written by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey) this new novella will be published in two editions—Signed Limited Edition trade paperback and hardcover—featuring stunning artwork by Bob Eggleton! And as with their earlier novellas, if you preorder the book (by July 1st), your name will be listed in the acknowledgements. How cool is that?

Meteor House also has a Special Package Deal where you can order the hardcover of EXILES OF KHO and HADON, KING OF OPAR, (in trade paperback, hardcover, or both) together and save money!

Lot's of great summer reading on tap for everyone!

April 26th: While the forthcoming books page has been empty for a little while, the first of several entries from Meteor House has just been posted! Meteor House is very excited to announce the release of the never-before-published Restored Edition of Farmer’s classic novel FLIGHT TO OPAR, the second volume of his acclaimed Khokarsa series.

This new edition features nearly 4,000 words that were cut from Farmer’s original manuscript when the novel was published in 1976. This is the first and only publication of the novel ever to include the excised material, which encompasses long passages of narrative, dialogue, and rich world-building details on Ancient Opar and the civilization of Khokarsa that readers have never previously been able to enjoy—until now.

Visit the Meteor House website for the full list of bonus materials by Christopher Paul Carey, S.M. Stirling, and Philip José Farmer himself. Then decide if you want to preorder the limited edition hardcover (signed by the editor Christopher Paul Carey), or the trade paperback edition (signed by Carey if you order before FarmerCon X), or both!

March 15th: Urgent notice for all fans coming to FarmerCon X. This August, PulpFest/FarmerCon will be sharing downtown Columbus with Matsuricon, a gathering of Japanese anime and pop culture enthusiasts. Although many of these fans will be coming for a single day, there will be a good number who will be staying at the Hyatt Regency as well as other hotels in downtown Columbus. Therefore, we are urging all of our members to book their hotel rooms for PulpFest/FarmerCon 2015 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The earlier you place your room reservation for this year’s PulpFest, the greater chance you have of landing a room. Your organizing committee is working with Matsuricon to help both gatherings have a great and fun-filled weekend.

You can reserve a room at the Hyatt Regency at the special convention rate of $116 per night plus tax, which includes one free parking pass and free Wi-Fi, if you do so by July 1, 2015. Additional cars will be charged at the discounted rate of $10 overnight with in/out privileges. Matsuricon members will be paying nearly twenty dollars more for rooms and parking.

There are two ways to place a reservation. You can book a room online by clicking here. You can also call 1-888-421-1442 to book a room by telephone. However, be sure to mention PulpFest 2015 to get the special convention rate. By staying at the Hyatt Regency, you’ll help to ensure the convention’s success.

January 26th: Today would have been Phil's 97th birthday. It's hard to believe it's been almost six years since Phil passed away, it seems like a just a couple of years ago we were visiting him at his house for his birthday, and we were still holding FarmerCons in Peoria, IL in the summers. We still miss him terribly and think about him every day.

Speaking of FarmerCon, what better way to celebrate Phil's birthday than to register for FarmerCon X at PulpFest! If you have never been, FarmerCon is held in conjuction with PulpFest, which is "Summer's Great Pulp Con." PulpFest has a massive dealer's room, lots of interesting programming, including a FarmerCon presentation, an auction, awards, a group dinner, a FarmerCon group dinner, book signings, and lots of hanging out with your friends talking late into the night. If you have never been, come see what you're missing, and come see why most FarmerCon attendees come year after year.

December 13th: Happy Wold Newton Day! In the extremely unlikely event that you are not familiar with Wold Newton Day, please read this article about the Wold Newton Meteorite, and then visit the Wold Newton Universe website, and then, just for good measure, pick up a copy of TALES OF THE WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE.

To celebrate Wold Newton Day this year, we are having an unprecedented sale on items from Philip José Farmer's Estate Sale. Every item for sale from the Estate is 60% off today through December 24th! There are still nearly fifty books signed by Farmer himself for sale, there are over thirty books inscribed to Farmer from other authors, and many more interesting titles.

That's it, this update is short and sweet as promised. Although we will add another reminder to pick up a copy of PHILEAS FOGG AND THE WAR OF SHADOWS, by Josh Reynolds, before they are all gone.

November 14th: Holy cow, how did we manage to go over six months between updates? That's a really good question. Well, first, from the last update on April 30th through August 4th, we were working night and day getting ready for FarmerCon IX. Then, on August 5th we experienced a catastrophic computer crash, the day before we left for Columbus OH for FarmerCon IX (which was a great success, thanks for asking, hopefully more details on that soon). After returning home the computer stuggles continued for several weeks putting us behind in everything. We are now finally, more or less, caught up from that nightmare, and are ready to start updating the website regularly. The plan is to have more frequent, but shorter, updates. That seems to be the way the world works these days.

So, let's conclude this short update with this bit of news: Meteor House's latest Signed Limited Edition Novella (available in both hardcover and paperback editions), PHILEAS FOGG AND THE WAR OF SHADOWS by Josh Reynolds, is pretty close to selling out. You might want to grab yourself a copy while you can.

April 30th: The first bit of big news this month (although rather late here on the website) is: Meteor House has a brand-new Signed Limited Edition Novella coming out! As with their previous two novellas, EXILES OF KHO and THE SCARLET JAGUAR, this third volume, PHILEAS FOGG AND THE WAR OF SHADOWS by Josh Reynolds, is directly connected to Philip José Farmer's work (we're going to assume you can figure out which Farmer novel to which this is a sequel). You can read all about the new novella on the forthcoming books page, and for even more information about the book and it's author, you can read a very interesting interview with Josh Reynolds on the Interviews with Writers Influenced by Philip José Farmer page.

Speaking of those two earlier novellas, here is our second big news item: while the Signed Limited Editions are out of print, both EXILES OF KHO and THE SCARLET JAGUAR are now available as ebooks for only $3.99 each. Just follow those links and you can be reading them on your Kindle in a just a few moments (Nook version coming soon). Now, if you have already purchased and read the novellas, and have no desire to buy the ebooks, please do us a small favor and click on the links anyway. Then do us HUGE favor and leave a review of each book. The more reviews a book has, the more likely it is to come up as a recommendation when readers are searching for similar titles.

While ebook editions of out of print books are exciting news around here, we have a third announcement from Meteor House that is even more exciting to us book collectors: Meteor House is publishing the first trade paperback edition of THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE. The book will be released at FarmerCon IX. While this trade edition is NOT a signed limited edition (as most of their books are), if you preorder by June 30th, your copy will be signed by co-author Win Scott Eckert!

Ok, enough about Meteor House already! (Just kidding, we appreciate all they do to keep Phil's name out there and keep bringing us new books to read.) Here is something really cool, the type of thing we don't see too much of anymore: an in-depth article about some of Farmer's work. The entire two-page issue of the Gridley Wave #370 is an article by Henry G. Franke III about the Khokarsa series.

Speaking of the Gridley Wave, Christopher Paul Carey alerted us to an online archive of the ERB fanzine which contains a slew of Farmer related material: from advertising items for HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR, TARZAN ALIVE, and MOTHER WAS A LOVELY BEAST, to notes that Farmer was a guest at a Dum-Dum we didn't know about, to links to reviews of LORD OF THE TREES, THE ADVENTURE OF THE PEERLESS PEER, HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR. Chris also managed to find two letters Phil wrote that appeared in Erbania 79, and Erbania 83.

To keep up with all this news, in addition following us on Facebook, you can bookmark the Pemberley House website, and follow Meteor House on Twitter.

January 26th: Today would have been Philip José Farmer's 96th birthday! To celebrate, we have added some new content to the website:

Thanks to the googlefu of Christopher Paul Carey we have added some new information to the Programs and Conventions page. Phil and Frederick Pohl were guests at The Science Fiction Space Happenings II in Springfield, MA March 5 1978. At that convention they were both interviewed for a Space:1999 fanzine called Alphalog 6. (The International Bibiliography posted this a few years ago but we somehow missed it). The interview is pretty interesting, but you don't have to take our word for it, you can read it for yourself.

Chris also discovered that Phil was the guest of honor at Icon (Iowa) 15, Coralville, Iowa, September 28-30 1990. We don't have lot of information about this convention other than they performed the following short play: Who Fragged Phil Farmer -- Philip Jose Farmer, ICON 15 writer guest of honor, has been murdered. Deckard must find the killer. Could it be Jessica Rabbit? Spamajello? Tarzan? Or someone else? You never know what you're going to see at a science fiction convention... We haven't done any plays at a FarmerCon to date, but who knows. We've had some pretty awesome dramatic readings by Chuck Loridans. We're not sure if he can top last year's reading of The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod.

Long time Farmer fan and collector Mitch West also sent us a few goodies that we've added to the site. We've long known that Phil was the Guest of Honor at Baycon 1968, in San Francisco when he won his second Hugo Award for Riders of the Purple Wage but we didn't know of this neat little bio that was written for progress report 2. Mitch also sent us an item for one of our favorite pages, our collection of uncorrected proof images. He was kind enough to send us a scan of THE LAVALITE WORLD the fifth oldest known proof.

And finally some news big enough to for Phil's birthday: THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 4: Voyages to Strange Days will be out in the spring and is now available for preorder!

While the first three volumes in the series have focused on unique aspects of Farmer’s career, such as, his disregard for literary boundaries, his penchant for the softer sciences, and his trickster nature, volume 4 focuses on his more “traditional” science fiction—the science fiction of the future (occasionally the really distant future) featuring interstellar travel, aliens, war, scientists, the usual suspects in Golden Age science fiction.

And though the full table of contents is not ready to be announced, Meteor House is proud to announce that the foreword is by science fiction Grand Master Robert Silverberg and is in fact, a much longer version of his Reflections column from the February 2014 issue of Asimov’s.

Go check it out! As Meteor House has done in the past, the first 100 readers to preorder the book will receive a limited edition bookmark with their purchase! As of today there about forty left. So you might want to order yours quick.

December 24th: Happy belated Wold Newton Day, and any other holidays you happen to celebrate around this time of the year! This update should have been posted on December 13th, but was delayed due to circumstances outside our control—computer crashes and human illness.

Let's take a quick moment to appreciate what a good year 2013 was for Farmer fans...


Meteor House published their second signed limited edition Farmer-related novella THE SCARLET JAGUAR (now sold out) and their first hardcover, a reprint of DOC SAVAGE: HIS APOCALYPTIC LIFE, featuring bonus material by Farmer and others. While they did not print the next volume in THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER series, they assure us that announcement about Volume 4 is imminent.

FarmerCon VIII was a great success and plans are already in the works to make FarmerCon IX the best yet.

In addition to another great FarmerCon, 2014 will include some important reprints, new Farmer-related fiction and other books of interest. Stay tuned! Or better yet, follow us on facebook to never miss an announcement.

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