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Frank N. Furter, “Rocky Horror“Riff-Raff” “Magenta” “Columbia” “Eddie”, Brad Majors, Janet Weiss, “Everett Scott




Tocs/OGS, Eridanian/Capellean, The Nine





Recently a film titled The Rocky Horror Picture Show has become wildly popular among the adolescent and young adult subculture, attaining “cult” status. This film portrays a disguised version of a classified incident known as The Denton Affair, therefore to determine if The Rocky Horror Picture Show indicates either a threat to national security or a leak of intelligence a new review of The Denton Affair with updated intelligence and analysis is in order.




The Rocky Horror Picture Show starts off with “Brad” and “Janet” attending a wedding of one of their friends. Inspired by the wedding Brad proposes to Janet and she accepts. They decide to go visit “Dr. Scott”, an old teacher of theirs to inform him of the engagement. Enroute to Dr. Scott’s Brad’s car has a flat tire and did not have a spare. Brad and Janet walked to the nearest residence, the Frankenstein place, to use the phone. Upon arriving at the Frankenstein mansion they are greeted at the door by “Riff Raff”, a butler and “Magenta”, a maid. A party is in progress but Brad and Janet are not interested in joining it. The host of the party and the mansion’s owner “Dr. Frank N. Furter” decides to show Brad and Janet what he has been working on his lab. As might be construed from the name of the mansion, “Dr. Frank N. Furter” has built an artificial man. Unlike Frankenstein’s creation however this is not a monstrosity but rather a bronzed, blond Adonis. After the creature has been resurrected a young man with a ducktail haircut and wearing a biker’s leather jacket emerges from a large walk in freezer. This is “Eddie”, one of Frank N. Furter’s previous guests. Frank N. Furter kills Eddie with an ice axe.


After this Dr. Frank N. Furter took the hand of the creature and led the creature, “Rocky” away from the laboratory. According to several hints in the film, Frank N. Furter took the creature away to engage in unnatural sexual congress. Brad and Janet were shown to separate rooms to spend the night. Posing as Brad, Frank N. Furter seduced Janet. Posing as Janet, Frank N. Furter seduced Brad. While Frank N. Furter was dallying with his guests, Rocky escaped. As everyone searched for him, Janet found Rocky and engaged in sexual congress with him. A wheelchair bound Dr. Scott showed up at the Frankenstein place searching for Eddie. Dr. Frank N. Furter invited Dr. Scott and the rest of his guests to dinner. At this dinner, Dr. Scott revealed that Dr. Frank N. Furter and his friends are actually aliens. Dr. Frank N. Furter discloses, to the horror of his guests, that they have actually been eating Eddie.


Frank N. Furter paralyzed his guests with a ray. They awakened in the middle of an orgy in a swimming pool. Riff Raff informed Frank. N. Furter that he is assuming command and that they will be returning to their home planet Transylvania. However Frank N. Furter will remain on earth, in spirit anyway. Riff Raff fires a raygun at Frank but hits Columbia instead. Riff Raff then shoots Frank, killing him and then kills Rocky. Riff Raff tells Brad, Janet and Dr. Scott to flee since the house will be leaving. They leave the house. The Frankenstein House disappears in a flash of light.


The film was an outlandish depiction of the real events.

The facts are as we know them. Brad Darrow and Janet Weiss, two students at a local college were on their way to visit a Professor’s house for dinner. Enroute their car suffered a blow out. Visiting the nearest house for the use a telephone, Mr. Darrow and Miss Weiss became accidentally involved in the arcane schemes of Baron Igescu.


Igescu was involved in two related projects. One was to revive a positronic robot and cover its frame with real flesh. The second as to build a device that would allow the Baron and his fellow “countrymen” to travel through interdimensional space. The flesh covered robot was supposed to be the navigator for their journey.


The ritual to power up the device and the robot needed human sacrifices. The unfortunate Mr. Darrow, Janet Weiss and the missing entertainer, Conrad Byrdie were marked to be the sacrifices. However during the course of the ritual, Igescu’s minion revolted. This set off an explosion which destroyed the mansion where the ceremony was being held.


It was believed for many years that everyone but for Mr. Darrow and Miss Weiss perished in the explosion.


Their testimony has been substantiated and expanded upon by further investigation and intelligence from other sources.





Frank N. Furter, “Rocky Horror“Riff-Raff” “Magenta” “Columbia” “Eddie”, Brad Majors, Janet Weiss, “Everett Scott


BARON IGESCU a.k.a Dr. Chienne-Chaud, Frank N. Furter b.1900 Wallacia, Rumania. Titled nobleman who managed to keep ancestral lands even after Communist takeover of Rumania. Ostensibly Igescu was the last of a long line of Igescu noblemen. The family also had holdings in England and the United States. According to the recent testimony (1970) of various persons including, Herald Childe, Forrest J. Ackerman, Charles Javier and “Big Blue”, Igescu was in fact a long-lived member of an alien race called the Ogs. It is believed that most of the participants in the “rites” that took place during the Denton Affair were also Ogs. (See TOCS/OGS)  These rites were designed to immanentize the GRAIL, a device used to traverse extra-dimensional space.


After the Denton Affair Igescu surfaced in 1955 according to the testimony of Charles Javier (For detail see CIALD dossier PROFESSOR X). Although the details are unclear, it appears that Igescu was either attempting to rebuild the shattered grail or create a device that would accelerate the process by which Ogs trapped in energy forms could once again take on a solid physical form. Charles Javier stopped Igescu from achieving his goal although it cost Javier the use of his legs.[1]


Baron Igescu once more encountered Brad Darrow and also Charles Javier in 1964 in a CIALD sponsored mission which prevented him from utilizing a device stolen from BIG BLUE’s Arctic Fortress. Having been modified the device, a PHANTOM ZONE[2] PROJECTOR, may have been able to give substance to his “dead” Og companions. The PZP was damaged but Igescu escaped with it.[3]


In 1965 Igescu once again tried use the stolen PZP in conjunction with a partially regenerated grail. Javier and Darrow thwarted him in this effort. Finally the Baron attempted to immanentize the grail in 1968 with Herald Childe as an unwilling participant in this round of rites. Due to Childe’s participation these rites took on a different form but also resulted in murders and strange disappearances as detailed in IMMANENTIZING THE GRAIL. Having succeeded in this endeavor, Igescu disappeared in 1968 and has not reappeared.[4]



Columbia Bellocq aka Columbia Regardie b. 1918. d. 1956


Columbia Regardie was a showgirl and part time prostitute employed at Lady Vanity’s Jazz Emporium and Dance Hall in the Storyville district of New Orleans, Louisiana. Employed from 1950-1956. Although primarily a dancer she prostituted for a select clientele. Prostitution was in fact a family tradition and business, her grandmother Hattie had been a prostitute of some renown. Columbia’s mother, Violet, also worked as a prostitute, marrying one of her customers, E. J. Bellocq at the age of 12.[5] The marriage was brief and Violet returned to live with her mother without realizing she was pregnant. Hattie had married a man named Fuller and wanted to pull her daughter out of the life of prostitution. While Fuller was willing to help raise Violet he balked at the idea of also raising Violet’s “bastard”. After Violet gave birth to Columbia, the Fuller family left New Orleans to live in the Midwest. Force to leave her child and have it raised by other prostitutes, Violet’s overwhelming guilt overhauled her entire world view. She became a conservative, God fearing young woman, marrying Hiram Weiss a young man recently converted from Judiasm to evangelical Christianity. They had one child Janet born in 1936. 


Columbia Bellocq seemed destined to follow her grandmother’s and mother’s pattern of early prostitution yet she was saved from this fate by Antithea Regardie, the grandmother of her half sister and half brother.[6]


Antithea Regardie had a long varied career, which has been of much interest to intelligence and law enforcement agencies for the past several decades[7]. Unfortunately the information concerning her has yet to be compiled into a complete dossier. Although she owned and ran a school of dance and several clothing stores, she seems to have been an agent of the mysterious New Orleans figure known as Marianne Soleil Levant aka Marie Laveau, who controlled much of the so-called victimless crime in New Orleans, prostitution, gambling, smuggling, marijuana trafficking. Marianne Levant hid behind the legend of the immortal voodoo queen Marie Laveau. Although most people believed that “Marie Laveau” was a succession of young women who succeeded to this position rather than one person living and controlling these operations for over a century, we believe that there was one person named Marianne Levant and she was either one of the so called Immortals[8] or that she was more likely the recipient of some form of age retardant or youth rejuvenator.[9] This later speculation is strongly evidenced by her close contacts with several individuals believed to be Eridaneans.[10]


Anithea Regardie was a member of Levant’s organization, operating as an information gathering source, courier and recruiter. It is believed that her School of Esoteric Dance was a training facility for Levant’s agents and possibly for members of the Eridanean society. Columbia’s natural talent for athletics and dissembling was discovered at an early age by the impromptu shows she put on for the customers visiting the brothel. Taken under Antithea Regardie’s wing Columbia received training including dance, song and acting lessons that would make her an all around entertainer. She was this but she also received training on infiltration and other arts specifically geared to make her a suitable agent for Levant’s Eridanean organization. It should be noted that although Columbia Bellocq was born in 1918 and so in 1956 would have been 38, she still looked a vibrant 20, meaning that she may have gotten some form of life extension treatment from Marianne Lavant.


In 1947, Baron Igescu and some of his companions made a trip to New Orleans and by happenstance visited one of Madame Levant’s houses of prostitution. Baron Igescu was recognized by one of Madam Levant’s oldest operatives, one of the first Terran humans to have received the longevity treatment. Because the Toc and Ogs numbers had dwindled so dramatically they were thought to no longer be a threat. Baron Igescu and two of his companions however were believed to have been destroyed centuries before[11]. As a precaution an agent of Levant’s was assigned to discover how Igescu had escaped death and what his plans were. This agent was Columbia who used her wit, charm and sex to become part of the Baron’s entourage.


After several months Columbia learned of the Tocs and Ogs ability to cheat death and about the grailing ceremony and how Igescu planned to artificially create a Captain. She was ordered to stay with the Baron and to keep Lavant well informed. Columbia stopped reporting in early 1950. Her half brother and sister were sent to find her and extract her.


They found her and discovered that her will had been sapped by the various concoctions that the Baron used to keep his human pets in states of blissful arousal. Columbia was unable to warn them about the addictive, mind numbing drugs until they too had become semi-willing members of the Baron’s entourage. Although their training and unique biochemistry allowed Royal and Magenta, like Columbia to retain some clarity of thought and sense of their mission, their wills were sapped by the decadence. Because they did not fully succumb to the drugs like most humans, the Baron made them his favorites admiring their seeming strength of character. Columbia, Royal and Magenta were often used as lures to attract fresh victims for the Baron’s rituals of sex and sometimes violence.


The express purpose of these rituals was to generate orgone energy which was then used to resurrect the Baron’s fellow Ogs. It was on one of these fishing expeditions that Columbia spotted the fugitive Conrad Byrdie. It did not take much for Byrdie to be talked into going off with Columbia. Once there, Byrdie, no stranger to living it up, soon discovered that his idea of debauchery was tame compared to the Baron’s. The aphrodisiac drugs unlocked Byrdie’s inhibitions and he soon became a favorite of Baron Igescu’s. This was not because the Baron was an afficando of popular music but rather because he saw in Byrdie a certain quality that the Baron wanted to exploit, a spark of an ability that he hoped to fan into real power. When this hoped for quality failed to manifest however Byrdie fell from favor. This is especially true when Baron Igescu made contact with an individual that allowed the Baron to begin his experiment to artificially create a Captain.


Unlike other castoffs, Byrdie was added to the Baron’s entourage instead of being used a sacrifice. Igescu may have saved Byrdie to use as a special sacrifice. Columbia also seems to have been earmarked as one of the three sacrifices needed to immanentize the grail. It is believed that the other two sacrifices were meant to be Royal and Magenta Regardie until Brad Darrow and Janet Weiss happened on the scene. Although Columbia did not have the special qualities that Byrdie, Royal and Magenta possessed, it is believed that Columbia was chosen because her increasingly rebellious and resentful behavior had become a source of irritation for Igescu. Although we cannot be certain it seems that Columbia’s system was at long last becoming immune to the various drugs given to her by the Baron. Unfortunately she was not totally immune by the time of the ceremony at which she was sacrificed.



RIFF-RAFF: Royal Regardie Bellocq a.k.a Pietro Maximoff, Cosmo McKinley b.1925

MAGENTA: Magenta Regardie Bellocq a.k.a Wanda Maximoff, Nation McKinley, Lena Kelly Spencer b.1925


Royal and Magenta Regardie Bellocq were the twin children of photographer E. J. Bellocq and Lucasta Regardie. This was Bellocq’s second marriage and the second marriage to a prostitute, the first being to child prostitute Violet.  Lucasta however was not merely a prostitute but also an operative of Marianne Lavant. Since Royal and Magenta’s heritage does bear some importance on their roles in the Denton Affair, a little background should be given.


Lucasta Regardie b.1895 was the daughter of Antithea Regardie, a prostitute working at one of Marie Lavant’s high society bordellos. Regardie however was not Antithea’s birth name, this was Delagardie. Antithea was the fourth daughter born to Francis Delagardie and Lucasta Rutherford.[12] Anithea’s older sister, Rhonda had married world famous sportsman and hunter Lord John Wentworth.[13]


Lord John Wentworth was a descendent of Lord Byron through his Byron’s grandson Byron Noel-King, 12th Baron Wentworth. The marriage between Lord Wentworth and Rhonda Delagardie was not a happy one however and despite Rhonda’s pregnancy the couple divorced within a year, their son was named Richard[14] The reason for the break up of the Wentworth’s marriage appears to have been Antithea. She seduced Lord John Wentworth and in doing so became pregnant. Not only did Antithea break up her sister’s marriage, she also brought shame and disgrace to her family. She was either sent or fled on her own to the United States. Considered a dirty whore, or feeling like one, she became a working prostitute shortly after her daughter Lucasta Regardie was born in 1895.


Like her mother, Lucasta Regadie would work as a prostitute and operative for Marianne Levant. It is not known if her marriage to E. J. Bellocq was part of an assignment or a true romance. She bore twins in 1925. The twins were bright and charismatic children and were quickly picked by Marianne Levant and Antithea Regardie for full operative training. They took to their training as if they were born to it, Royal had a great mechanical aptitude as well as the speed and agility of a runner combined with the grace and stamina of a dancer. In addition to having an eidetic memory and great mathematical skills Magenta was also a superb athlete and was also proficient at disguise and sleight of hand.


Royal and Magenta began an incestuous relationship in their early teens. Although it not believed to an inheritable trait, their ancestor Lord Byron had also been in an incestuous relationship with his sister. Royal and Magenta’s relationship resulted in Magenta becoming pregnant and she gave birth to a child in 1939. This child was taken from her and given to family named Barzell to raise. It was thought that if Royal and Magenta were forced to live in the real world and accept their responsibilities as agents that they would mature and grow out of their relationship. They were also needed.[15] 


It is no small measure of their abilities that they at the tender age of 14 they were given a crucial assignment by Marianne Levant’s superiors. Royal and Magenta were sent to Europe via merchant vessel to land in Greece and make their way into Eastern Europe where they were to locate various Eridani members among the Rom and Jewish populations and retrieve vital information and if possible aid the Eridani to escape from Fascist held Europe.


Through no fault of theirs Royal and Magenta became trapped in Europe and were forced to stay with the Rom for the next few years. Formally adopted by an Eridani family of the Kalderesh Rom, they took the names Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Royal and Magenta were among a group of gypsies who were captured by a group of Waffen S.S. and sent to a concentration camp in Lodz Poland. In this camp they met a young man about their age who would have a dramatic impact on their lives. This man was Erik Lensherr, a young Jewish Pole. Lensherr had an innate psionic ability to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum. A traumatic incident released this ability and he used it to tear down the wire fences and disable the radios most of the vehicles. A mass escape ensued with Wanda and Pietro traveling with Erik for a while before returning to the Maximoffs. After the Allied invasion of Europe, Royal and Magenta were finally able to accomplish their mission and returned to the United States.


It was realized upon their return to the United States and to New Orleans that rather than ending the relationship between Royal and Magenta that the horrors and rigors of war had strengthened it. Antithea Regardie was particularly adamant about ending this relationship and so the twins were separated. Royal was sent to England. Magenta was made to work in Lady Vanity’s bordello as a singer and dancer in the hopes that she would meet other men besides Royal. Angry at her treatment she scandalized her family by taking up with two African-American gentlemen, James L. Bishop and his half-brother Lorenzo Bishop. She had a child by James L. Bishop in 1943[16] and one by Lorenzo Bishop in 1945[17]. After the second baby was born, Antithea convinced the Bishops to move to New York with their children but Magenta was forced to stay behind. Antithea thought that the fact that Magenta had children by other men would cool the twin's ardor for one another but it did not. Royal was currently needed in New Orleans for an extended assignment so they sent Magenta to Port Charles, New York under the name of Lena Kelly. Being in New York state she would be nearer to her children, should she want to see them. Magenta opened a diner, which she would eventually leave to her (fictional) sister Nora Kelly.


In Port Charles Magenta met and seemed to fall in love with Tim Spencer. Defying her Eridanean superiors Magenta married Tim Spencer in 1946. In 1947, a son Lucas Lorenzo Spencer was born. A daughter Barbara Jean Spencer came the following year. Tim turned out to be an alcoholic and could not keep gainful employment. Magenta left the diner to her “sister” who continued Magenta’s abandoned mission.


Magenta and Tim Spencer moved to New York City and lived in Greenwich Village briefly but couldn't afford it. Magenta was the family breadwinner but the alcoholic Tim was also certain she was cheating on him. He followed her a few times to Harlem and actually saw her kiss a black man. Tim confronted her and then grew abusive when she refused to answer his questions. Unwilling to bow to the will of her family, Magenta refused to crawl back to them but continued to work in New York as a hotel maid. In 1950 Tim cleaned up his act and attempted reconciliation with Magenta.


During their week of cohabitation, Magenta received orders from her Eridanean superiors who were tired of her immature behavior and disgusted that she had turned against her clan. She was informed that unless she returned to New Orleans that the obstacles keeping her in New York would be permanently removed. Rather than have her husband and children eliminated, Lena told Tim that she was divorcing and leaving the children with him. She disappeared. Tim Spencer became involved with a woman named Ruby and settled near the Hudson in NYC. They married, but Tim died in Luke's early teens, thereafter "Aunt Ruby" raised Luke & Bobbi. Unbeknownst to Magenta or to her Eridanean superiors Magenta was once again pregnant. In late 1950 or early 1951, Magenta gave birth to Horatio F. "Micky" Spencer, named for E.J. Bellocq's uncle Horatio. He was raised in New Orleans by a family affiliated with Antithea Regardie.


The activities of Royal and Magenta Regardie between 1950 and 1954 are uncertain. What connection that Royal and Magenta Regardie had to businessman Clay Shaw and Assistant Superintendent of Police Guy Bannister remains unknown, although there were reports of them being in the company of these men, either singly or together.


In 1954, they were dispatched to discover the whereabouts of their half sister Columbia. As a result of this H. F. Spencer was also effectively abandoned by Magenta. Columbia had gone undercover in 1952 investigating Baron Igescu. As Columbia had before them, despite their training, they quickly fell under the spell of his mind altering, aphrodisiac drugs. Their domination by Baron Igescu would unfortunately psychologically imprint them to have a tendency to fall under the sway of certain strong willed men. The drugging also had one other unfortunate side effect in that it brought out in full force their sexual attraction for one another. It amused the Baron to cause the twins to become incestuous. When he learned about the nature of their relationship with Columbia it further amused him to cause them to form an incestuous, bi-sexual ménage a trois.  


Although usually drugged to a blissed out state, Royal was able to muster his powers of concentration to work on the Baron’s great project because he found it so fascinating. He also would do anything to please his master. Royal’s scientific aptitude and abilities allowed Igescu to carry forth with his plan to artificially create a Captain. Royal also used the resources in the laboratory to create weapons to destroy the Baron although at the time he created them, he did not have the ambition or drive to use them.


As noted in the document informally named “The Other Log of Phileas Fogg” part of Eridanean training consists of a discipline that permits their agents to temporarily reroute trauma and emotional responses so that they can act dispassionately and logically in stressful or traumatic situations. The murder of their half sister during the immanentizing of the grail ceremony shocked Royal and Magenta. The trauma of Columbia’s death automatically brought forth this trained response, allowing Riff Raff and Magenta to also temporarily throw off the effects of the mind numbing drugs in their systems. Once this happened they were immediately back on mission, accessed the situation and took what they deemed appropriate response; destroy Igescu, his device and his artificially created Captain.


Although Royal wounded Igescu, he did not kill him. However he did succeed in destroying the device and severely damage the artificially created Captain.


Royal and Magenta escaped from the burning Frankenstein Mansion and pursued Igescu through the woods on motorcycles that they and the Baron had liberated from the motorcycles parked outside the mansion. They failed to catch up with him and after an hour or so they could no longer maintain their emotion lockdown, the years of being drugged along with physical exhaustion had eroded their ability to maintain the lockdown for any degree of time. Unfortunately once the lockdown faded they were forced to relive the trauma of Columbia’s death as well as once again experience the full force of the Baron’s mind numbing aphrodisiac drugs still in their systems. They had been given large doses prior to the Immanentizing ceremony. Taking cover in a wooded area they succumbed to their overpowering desires. Because they were so occupied they were unable to pursue the fleeing Baron or other members of Og party. What was even worse in the eyes of their Eridanean superior they failed to return to the site of the destroyed Frankenstein Mansion and retrieve the robot or the sophisticated weaponry Royal had devised.


Post Denton Affair activities: In brief the known activity of Royal and Magenta Regardie are as follows:


1962-1964 A child was born to Magenta after the wrap up of the Denton Affair. The child’s father was indeterminate since it could have been anyone of the male participants of the grailing ceremony.[18] The child, named Luna was seized by Antithea Regardie, despite Magenta’s protests that it was inhuman to keep taking her children.


Under the names Pietro and Wanda Maximoff Royal and Magenta were part of terrorist/cult organization called The Brotherhood led by Erik Lensherr’s a.k.a. Magnus The Magneto. It is not known how many of this organizations membership truly had physical anomalies or some form of psionic power. It is believed that that most of the so-called powers of the Brotherhood were the result of psionic illusions generated by Jason Wyngarde a.k.a. Mastermind.[19] It is believed that the super speed powers and magic powers suddenly exhibited by “Wanda” and Pietro were the result of Wyngarde’s machinations. It is believed that Royal and Magenta joined the Brotherhood under orders from their Eridanean superiors to investigate and ascertain what threat Magnus posed. However because of their imprinting under Igescu they soon found themselves dominated by Magnus personality and became his semi-reluctant followers. They were extracted in 1964 and returned to New Orleans for reconditioning and retraining.


In 1965 they were sent back to Denton, Ohio to take positions at the local sanitarium. After sorting through all of the data on the Denton Affair Antithea Regardie realized that Janet Weiss was in someway connected to the deceased Columbia Bellocq. As Cosmo and Nation McKinley, a brother and sister team of psychiatrists and neurosurgeons, they were to observe the town with special regard to Janet Weiss and her family. After two years of observation it was decided in 1967 to break up Janet Weiss Flavors’ marriage because her husband was having a psychotic break down. It was decided that Flavors genetic material was compromised and would not be a suitable match for Janet.


This mission accomplished they returned to the Pietro and Wanda Maximoff identities and offered to aid in capturing Magnus the Magneto in exchange for pardons. Magneto’s Brotherhood terrorist activities had risen dramatically. CIALD was very interested in stopping the organization.

Wanda used her computational skills to provide predictive analysis about terrorist attacks.


During this time period she formed a friendship that beccame a non-physical romance with the rebuilt Cliff Steele robot.


Royal used his technical expertise and by happenstance made himself into a speedster by entering a temporal fuge state. This was based on technology found in the gold watch once owned by Kirby Winter.[20] Royal’s device made it appear as though he was moving at superspeed, although he was actually moving at a normal speed in a temporal bubble. Depictions of him running across water or traveling to other cities, etc are gross exaggerations. Royal objected to Magenta’s relationship with Cliff Steele and ensured he was sent on most missions. Steele’s robotic body was rendered inert on a mission and rebooted with a different personality, that of the Colossus A-I[21], although no one knew it until Steele attempted to seize control of the world by seizing control of many of the computer systems in the world. Colossus’ programming was purged from the positronic brain but Steele’s personality had apparently been deleted by Colossus. In rebuilding Robotman, parts from the original Adam Link body were used and a back up of Adam Link’s programming was discovered secreted in a hidden tape. This programming was downloaded into the positronic memory, as part of the upgrade a copy of Brad Darrow’s visor was built into the Robotman’s body. When Cliff Steele was declared dead Magenta had a psychotic break and became delusional. She imagined that she and Steele had been married and had twin boys.


Certain that she would eventually come out of this on her own Royal humored her delusion fearing a further shock would make her even worse. However when the delusion persisted beyond his patience, he took measures to forcibly bring her to sanity and prove to her that her children were figments of her imagination. The sudden shock proved too much and she fell into a state of catatonia. Psychiatrists proved unable to help her so Royal sought help from The Magneto, thinking that perhaps his control over the electromagnetic force could get her neurons firing correctly. Magnus agreed to help for a price, that Royal and Magenta would join him.


Royal agreed to the bargain. Magneto’s powers did restore Magenta to consciousness but the treatment caused a radical alteration of her personality. Convinced that she too was a mutant, she wanted to destroy humanity, by various bloodthirsty methods. Magneto and his group succeeded in destroying a factory located in San Diego before being stopped.[22] Royal turned against Erik the Magnus, unwilling to become a full fledged terrorist. Royal successfully claimed he had been secretly working against Erik all along. Without Erik manipulating the electromagnetic field of her brain, Magenta once again fell into a coma.


Magenta’s comatose body was stolen from it’s hospital room. It was not certain if Magenta had been kidnapped to be wrung of information or some other purpose. She had been kidnapped by the man calling himself General Immortus.


General Immortus did indeed wish to wring as many secrets from her as he could but he also intended to use her as a living source of youth. Some quirk of the Nine’s elixir, once it had been introduced into a body, prevented many other rejuvenation or age retardant treatments from working in that body which is one of the reasons why people attempting to duplicate or substitute the elixir for another treatment failed. Exiled from the Nine and denied the elixir, General Immortus had grown old and enfeebled. He had desperately sought and found a dozens age extension formulas but to no avail. He discovered that what ever properties that made the Eridanean and Capellean life extension treatments effective worked on his body, for about a month. After this he needed a fresh infusion from a transfusion. Magenta was his blood type and he drained her blood, keeping just enough blood in her system to keep her alive. Eventually she as rescued by a team consisting of Royal, Henry and Janet Pym, Green Arrow and one of the Iron Men.[23]


Magenta seemingly recovered from both her mental breakdown and imprisonment quite well. Throwing herself into her work, she was eventually granted a promotion and led a strike team, the primary purpose of which was pre-emptive strikes at possible terrorist organizations. It was while leading this team that Magenta carried out the operation known as the Day of M. Using the code words, “No more mutants” she enacted the Sentinel system. The self propelled, A-I guided Iron Men suits sought out and destroyed several centers of “Mutant” activity throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.[24]


In the aftermath of the incident Magenta disappeared.[25]


Royal had broken off his relationship shortly after her rescue from General Immortus. He attempted to form a relationship with his daughter Luna, but her foster parents refused to let him see her. Influenced by the rhetoric of Odd John and the Magneto but not believing that they were homo superior, he joined a cult worshipping the principle of Human Evolution and became a Knight of the High Evolutionary. After the Day of M his name became linked to his sister and he was shunned and hunted. He stole his daughter from her foster parents and disappeared.


CONRAD EDWARD BYRDIE b.1934 Conrad Edward Byrdie had the onstage persona of a poor country boy born in the Southern Midwest. In various accounts he claimed to have been born in Oklahoma, Arkansas, southern Kansas or the Missouri Boothill. Byrdie was born in none of these places. Conrad Edward Byrd was born in Oyster Bay, New York the scion of old money and privilege. His family traced its roots back to William Byrd the foremost English composer of the Elizabeth age. His mother’s side, Dombey, was less pedigreed being from a long line of London merchants. There was a family rumor that one of the Dombey women had a brief affair with George Gordon, Lord Byron and this child carried on the Dombey name. Conrad Byrd excelled mathematics but was passionate about music and verse. He was the recipient for a Rhodes scholarship in mathematics but turned it down, to his family’s great ire, so that he could pursue his first love of music. They gave him one year to pursue this indulgence. Byrd wished to write operas fusing popular music to lyrical, romantic verse.


After finishing his first opera, based on the The Corsair by Lord Byron, he showed it to a musical agent. The agent like Byrd’s music but hated his lyrics. He convinced Byrd that if he wanted to write the music he liked, he would have to make a boatload of money first. He thought Byrd had the looks, singing voice, charisma and musical talent to be a star, his image and his song writing needed help. Conrad Byrd the wealthy, eastern preppie was transformed into Conrad Byrdie the poor Midwestern sharecropper. He worked with a hungry young songwriter named Albert Peterson to transform his lyrical pieces into pop songs.


Conrad Byrdie became an overnight sensation and Conrad had a whole new world opened up to him. This was a world of fast cars, fast cash and fast living. Women and girls threw themselves at him and the Byronic heritage kicked into full gear. Conrad was unable to resist the charms of his fans. Had he not been drafted it is likely that he would have crashed and burned from his excesses in drink or debauchery. When he failed to get his service deferred, he agreed to make his exit dramatic.


His farewell performance where he was supposed to symbolically kiss his fans farewell until he returned from his stint in the army by kissing one girl, a Kim M. of Mansfield, Ohio live on the Ed Sullivan show. However he was knocked unconscious by the girl’s jealous boyfriend. Humiliated and embarrassed Conrad snuck out of Mansfield to hide out for a week or so until the controversy blew over.[26]


However in Denton, Ohio he was spotted by Columbia who offered him a place to stay and promised him a memorable night. After spending a couple of days with Columbia and her sister Magenta, Conrad was introduced to Baron Igescu who immediately spotted Byrd’s Byronic descent. Repulsed by the Baron’s overtures, Conrad was locked in his bedroom and fed the Baron’s special aphrodisiac drugs until Conrad was insane with lust. Baron Igescu made Conrad beg and plead for relief. While continuing to feed him the drugs Baron Igescu broke Conrad by only allowing Conrad to relieve the maddening sexual desire with a succession of male lovers, starting with the Baron. Conrad Byrd was not as sexually ambivalent as his ancestor and this forced bisexuality shattered his soul. Whereas only weeks before meeting the Baron, Conrad had thrilled to his sexual exploits and conquests after meeting the Baron he understood how a woman forced into prostitution felt.


As Conrad became another of the Baron’s entourage of sex toys he lost all sense of his self, living only for the numbing joy of the drugs and the orgasmic rush of lust.


Baron Igescu had sensed Conrad Byrd’s Byronic heritage and hoped to turn Byrd into a Captain, yet despite all of Baron’s efforts Byrd simply did not have enough of the innate ability to become a Captain. As Baron Igescu would put it, Conrad had no muscle. Even as low powered as it was however the Baron realized that as a Byronic descendent Byrd’s seed and blood still contained some power that could be used to help power up his artificially created Captain, the being named Raki. According to eyewitness reports during the Empowerment rite, As Raki and Conrad were both having sexual congress with Columbia, Baron Igescu brutally murdered Conrad Byrd by opening up his skull with an axe just as they were reaching climax. A wound to the head had been deliberately chosen because of the amount of Byrd’s blood that would be released. The blood was splattered across Columbia and Raki. The blood landing on Raki was seemingly absorbed into his skin. Byrd’s body was removed and a portion of his flesh was cooked where it unknowingly ingested by Royal, Magenta, Columbia, Bradley Darrow and Janet Weiss. This ritualistic cannibalism was a prerequisite for the Og’s Immanentization of the Grail rite. It is not known what happened to the rest of Byrd’s remains. Presumably they were destroyed either in the fire and subsequent explosion of the Frankenstein Mansion.




Bradley Darrow was the grandson of Jack Darrow, an orphan boy who became the ward of Professor Amos Henderson. In the company of his best friend, Mark Sampson, Darrow accompanied Henderson on adventures to exotic locations such as the bottom of the ocean, center of the earth, the moon, Mars and Saturn. The interplanetary voyages were accomplished by use of an Etherium engine created by Professor Santell Roumann.[27]  In time Jack and Mark became accomplished scientists of their own, teaching at the Universal Electrical and Chemical College. The young men were finally separated when they joined the Armed Forces during the Great War. Both joined the United States Signal Corps. While Mark remained with the research division of the Signal Corps, Jack was transferred to the Aviation Section of the Signal Corps. Shortly thereafter the Aviation section became the Army Air Service, an entirely different branch of the Service. Jack Darrow’s assignment was to improve dirigibles and to create counter measures against the German scientists, Moreau, Kramm and the like.


Jack Darrow became Captain in the Army Air Service and was shot down while testing a gun specifically designed to disable dirigibles. His pilot was killed and he was taken prisoner, after a brutal interrogation failed to discern any information, the German High Command attempted finesse. He was interrogated by Baronesse Wanda von Brannburg, a former private investigator who had joined the Intelligence services when war broke out. Using her feminine wiles on Darrow, she soon established a rapport. However he was quite a challenge, even to her skills of deduction and eliciting information. Determined to win him over she even attempted to seduce him. Although initially angered at his refusal she soon realized that her planned seduction had not been entirely a ploy. The rapport became an actual romance. She was spared the decision of whether to follow her heart or her duty when armistice was reached during Darrow’s captivity.  They consummated their love on Armistice Day and were married the day after. Like many other POW’s Darrow was just released and told to find his way back to the Army. Before reporting in Jack and Wanda decide to take a short honeymoon.


While on their honeymoon they witness a strange death. A man sitting in a beer garden suddenly had his head enveloped in a small cloud of poison gas. They were told that this is the second such death that occurred in their village. After some investigation they discovered that there have been a series of such deaths since the Armistice. Most of the people who died had strong political belief. They were either staunch supporters of the Imperial government, supporters of the nascent Republic or Socialists. Working together, Jack and Wanda solved the series of murders. The killer was a former soldier who had embraced the political philosophies of Anarchy and Nihilism. He wished to create panic and anarchism in Germany by killing off politicians of every stripe. His weapon of choice was a sniper rifle which fired a shell containing poisonous gas. The shell was composed of ice and melted as it sped thorough the air, arriving at its target as a cloud of gas.


When Jack reported in he was chastised for marrying a German national but when he gave his report about the Gas Sniper, he was assigned to the Occupation Army and Wanda became is unofficial liaisons with the German government. Their exploit was novelized as Die Gas Heckenschütze, the first of a series of novels about the Die Amerikanische Baron. Theses showed the Baron and his wife tracking down black marketers, renegade freikorps, Reds, various criminals and mad scientists in Occupied Germany during the early days of the Weimar republic. Although the title gave Wanda short shift, the writer demonstrated that she was die Baron’s partner in the investigations.


When the Occupation ended Jack and Wanda traveled Europe and these adventures were also published as part of the The American Baron series. Jack remained in the Army reserve retained his rank when he was decommission from the Regular Army. He returned to the Universal Electrical and Chemical College, becoming an instructor and research scientist. Jack and Wanda Darrow had two children, Mark and Ruth both born in 1918. Mark was a bit of a recluse but his sister was very out going, she became an aviator of some renown during her adolescence.


After his stint with the Army signal Corps and the debacle of Project Thor, Mark Sampson returned to the Universal Electrical and Chemical College. In 1927 a Venusian[28] space ship crash landed on Earth and the Venusians sought out the help of Jack and Mark Once they had repaired the ship, Jack and Mark accompanied Princess Gozona when she returns to Venus. Jack and Mark were imprisoned on Venus but Princess Gozona helped them escape and accompanied them back to Earth. Mark married the Venusian Princess upon their return and she bore him one son, Robert b. 1930.


In 1934 Mark and Jack had their final foray into “outer space” as a team when they accidentally traveled to Saturn.  They had been inspecting their ship with their children when it was launched by young Bob’s goat. 


Mark began attending college shortly after that incident. He was met and eloped with a teaching assistant nearly ten years his senior. They had a son Bradley Scott Darrow born in 1936.


In 1936 Jack, Wanda and Ruth Darrow attended the Olympic Games in Berlin. Baronesse Wanda von Brannburg was appalled at what had happened to her country. She was horrified by the closing of the Reichstag, the outlawing of trade unions and political parties, at the anti-Semitic legislation and the emergence of the police state. Wanda spoke out against Herr Hitler’s regime several times. She and Jack disappeared from their hotel room. Ruth asked fellow student Lee Chan to ask her investigate what had happened to her parents. Without too much trouble the government admitted that the Baronesse had been arrested for sedition and sent to Dachau. Her husband had refused to be parted from her and so had also been sent to the camp. Two days after their arrival they were both shot while trying to escape.


Mark and Ruth dealt with the tragic deaths of their parents in different ways. Mark threw himself into his studies and into his family. Ruth became an outspoken critic of the Third Reich and a renowned aviatrix.


Upon learning of the death of his life long friend, Mark Sampson packed his belongings, his wife and his child into the spaceship and left the Earth.


Once Third Reich began invading countries in Europe, independent air forces made up of pilots from all over the world began forming. Ruth tried to join the one lead by Bart Hawk but was rejected because of her sex. She then joined up with the Air Fighters under the name of Ruthless. In 1944 she was sent on a mission with some other fliers to Africa to hunt and destroy a South African group of fliers called the Leopards. Ruth and her small squadron were shot out of the air by a larger force. Ruth crash landed in the African Jungle and was founded by a native tribe who worshipped a cruel White Goddess. This was actually a Nazi plant, Ruth defeated the Nazi woman and was offered the crown. She accepted, believing that she could turn the natives into an effective guerilla force. She became known as Rulah. After the war she married a man named Summers and opened a charter flight service in Alaska.


Mark Darrow could have gone into any branch of the service he wished but he felt that he had to deliver a personal blow to the Nazi’s. However, he was sent to the South Pacific and died on Guadalcanal.


Julia Darrow returned to her home town and raised her Bradley. Brad had a typical Midwestern upbringing but knew nothing about his father’s family. However he was a brilliant student, which brought him to the attention of Dr. Everett Scott, who wanted to recruit him for his Watcher’s organization. Brad’s involvement in the Denton Affair was either pure coincidence or the manifestation of synchronicity.


Post Denton Activities


The Denton Affair brought Brad Darrow to the attention of Bob Sampson, who was at that time an associate professor of Physics at Cornell and a member of Professor Charles Javier’s think tank. Sampson had returned to Earth in his father’s spaceship in late 1949. At first he used the name Grayson, since he was uncertain if his father had broken any laws by leaving the Earth in a time of war. Using advanced technology he fought crime and was dubbed The Marvel Boy by the press. However he quickly tired of the notoriety, especially when his Grayson identity was exposed, and gave up his crime fighting activities.


When Charles Javier formed his think tank in 1955, he asked Bob Sampson to join. He also taught at Javier’s school for Exceptional Children. Learning the whereabouts of Brad Darrow, Bob Sampson arranged for Brad to come to New York for college. When he discovered how intelligent Brad was brought him into the think tank to study the remnants of the alien technology left in the explosion of the Frankenstein place in Denton, Ohio.


Bob became a sort of a big brother to Brad and they became known as the Marvel Boys. They were involved, peripherally, with the rescue of President Eisenhower. When Professor Javier’s think tank became part of the OTLAS, Brad and Bob worked in both sections, taking part in many of James Chan’s operations. However when Chan was promoted out of OTLAS, Brad and Bob were no longer asked to take part in missions. There was great friction between Caulder and them. They had strenuously objected to imprinting the personality of Cliff Steele onto Adam Link’s positronic neural net. They believed this operation would destroy any chance of reviving Link and could kill Steele. When OTLAS was closed in 1961, Brad and Bob worked exclusively with Charles Javier and his School For Exceptional Children.


Brad Darrow was an instructor at Professor Javier’s School for Exceptional Children. He was also the team leader of the School’s Community Outreach program. Essentially this did various acts of community service as well as use their skills and “powers” to thwart the designs and actions of evil “mutants” as led by The Brotherhood, Fatal Five, Factor Three. Although Brad was not a mutant, he was believed to be one. Brad used the modified visor from the Denton Affair for in his community service. A rumor was started that he had to wear the glasses in order to keep his mutant eyes from releasing destructive rays. This story of course hearkened back to Diego Javier, who had stolen the visor and used it in acts of crime and terrorism.


While an instructor at the school Brad fell in love with the school’s premiere student, Jean Grey[29]. She knew his feelings, reciprocated them and pursued him. However he refused to enter into an inappropriate relationship with her. Once she graduated from college however, they became romantically involved.


This romance only lasted a couple of years because while attempting to stop a nuclear powered CIALD satellite from crashing into the Earth, Jean had to exert her powers to their utmost. This exertion forced her to Ascend and she became a being of pure energy, an Omni. Yet she was so emotionally tied to Brad Darrow that she re-created her human body and attempted to live as she had before. Rather than attempting to harness her new powers she tried to suppress them. However the manifestation of her powers activated the M’krann crystal[30] and brought Mongo out of phase. D’Ken the Emperor of the Shiar Empire on Mongo[31], used the crystal to make himself the planetary emperor and declared himself Ming III. Lilandra, his sister fled with the crystal to Earth. The crystal led her to Jean Grey. D’ken forcibly allied himself with the Z’nox[32] and the entity known as Brainiac. Their combined forced invaded the Earth to recover the crystal[33]. D’Ken took possession of the crystal and of Jean Grey. In order to save Brad she overcame her self imposed psionic restraints and used her full powers to remove the invasion force, undo the effects of the invasion and return Mongo to its phased state. Although she was successful the effort drove her mad and she lost all sense of her self becoming an amnesiac. Members of the Hellfire Club[34] found her and realized what she was. They convinced her that she was the Black Queen[35] of their organization and manipulated her into committing criminal acts as well as acts of violence and depravity.


Jean was caught up in the internal dissent of the Hellfire Club and what was supposed to be a carefully constructed psychodrama to turn her into their instrument only served to give her a psychotic break and her Omni powers manifested overwhelming her. Her careless use of her powers nearly caused the sun to go nova and caused planetary disalignment by removing Mongo’s phasing. Realizing that her powers were too much for her to handle, she undid the effects of her madness and used her power to commit suicide.


Brad Darrow was devastated by Jean’s death. Eventually he left the school and tried his hand at scientific research but remained psychologically unsuited for this. He then took a job with his aunt’s charter flight service. During the course of this work he met a woman named Madelyn Prior was a physical doppelganger for Jean Grey. In an odd bit of fate she had survived a plane crash on the same day the Jean had died. Brad and Madelyn married and had one son, Nathanial.


Brad returned to Dr. Javier’s school to help with a Xenomorph[36] outbreak. About this time the Anti-mutant hysteria, drummed up by Senator Kelly swept through the United States. Members of both bad and good mutant groups were attacked, as were their families and associates. Madelyn was killed by an angry mob[37].


Charles Javier was also severely beaten and left for dead. Embittered by his failure to influence humans and mutants to live together in piece, Charles took up Lilandra on her offer and traveled to Mongo to become her consort[38].


After Madelyn’s death, Jean Grey returned to Brad Darrow’s life. She revealed that she had been Madelyn or rather that Madelyn had been a part of her. When she had attempted to commit suicide, several of the Omni had interfered and prevented her suicide. They had undone her devastating effects on the solar system and placed her in a state stasis while they taught her how to understand and use her powers. Yet so great was her desire to be with Brad that she had created a doppelganger that unconsciously shared her experience with the comatose Jean. When Madelyn had died all of her memories had returned to Jean. Brad’s grief had awakened Jean from her comatose state.


When Javier departed for Mongo, Brad Darrow and Jean Grey became the heads of the Javier School for Exceptional Children. They remained heads until retiring. 




Janet Weiss was born in 1936 at the Denton Memorial hospital. She was the daughter of Emily and Harry Weiss. Emily was picture of a prim and proper housewife and Harry was an ordinary working man. Janet attended college but her goal was to find a nice boy with a good future so she could become a happy homemaker like her mother.


Post Denton Activities


After the Denton incident, she became sexually repressed. Knowing how Brad had acted during the incident she found that he disgusted her and broke their engagement. After Brad moved out of Denton Janet was courted by a young preacher named Farley Flavors. He was a dead ringer for Brad with the exception of having longer hair, a beard and a southern accent.


Flavors began a local prayer shower Faith Factory with Janet singing hymns and religious songs. This proved so successful that he bought the television station. He began creating Christian programming and soon had half the town of Denton working as actors or behind the scenes on various shows. The stress of running a media empire made Flavors irritable and he took much of his frustration out on Janet. Much of his frustration arose however not simply from the stress but another stress related factor, impotence. This was enhanced by Janet sometimes calling Farley Brad while in the throes of passion.


Flavors sought a cure for his problem at a local sanitarium run by Cosmo and Nation McKinney. The townspeople assumed they were a married couple, however they were siblings. Unbeknownst to Janet, they were her Uncle and Aunt, whom she had also met under the names of Riff Raff and Magenta.


The McKinney’s used a variety of techniques including drug therapy, hypnosis and shock treatment, lots and lots of shock treatment to give Flavors a schizoid break, a dual personality. He believed alternately that he was Brad Darrow and Farley Flavors both who were competing for the favors of Janet. Completely insane, Flavors attacked several people including Janet and had to be institutionalized. 


ROCKY HORROR a.k.a. Raki, Adam Link, Robotman, Human Robot, Robotman and the Vision. Over the course of his millennia trapped on the Earth Baron Igescu had seen many attempts to germinate Captain seeds in various descendents of Lord Byron fail. He had come to believe that the terrestrials were not neurologically evolved enough to channel the energies necessary to Empower a Captain and Immanentize a Grail. Also when a Captain was resurrected, they were almost immediately killed. He believed that he had found the solution to this problem that had plagued the Tocs and Ogs for a thousand years. Igescu learned that the wrecked body of Robotman a vigilante with robotic body and human brain had been found in one of the warehouse owned by one of Igescu’s associates. Igescu believed that a brain powerful enough to motivate a robotic body might be able to Immanentize a grail.


According to CIALD files of the World War II’s ALSTR (Auxiliary Logistical and Special Tactical Response)squadron Robotman was originally a scientist named Robert Crane who built and designed a humanoid robot in 1941. The robot was nearly completed when Crane’s laboratory was robbed for drugs, money and valuables. Crane and his laboratory assistant fought the criminals and Crane was terminally shot. Before he could expire his assistant Charles Grayson removed Crane’s brain and placed inside the robot head. Crane survived the operation but Grayson was charged with Crane’s murder. Once Crane was fully functional, he set out to bring the gunmen to justice for his murder and clear Grayson. He did this by successfully disguising himself as a man. Because legally Robert Crane was dead, Crane used the name Paul Dennis. He became a vigilante known as Robotman and was inducted into ALSTR in 1942. He disappeared in 1953.


Deeper investigation reveals that the individual who called himself Paul Dennis a.k.a. Robotman did not in fact possess the brain of Dr. Robert Crane, Crane had been truly murdered. Crane had not invented a robot equipped with devices capable of sustaining a disembodied brain. Paul Dennis or as he was more commonly known, Robotman did not have a human brain but rather a Positronic one. He was the mechanical man known as Adam Link, created by Professor Charles Link in 1934.


For a brief period of five years Adam Link was a minor celebrity. His creator had given him the knowledge to create others like him and Adam created a companion robot with a female personality named Eve. The metallic Adam and Eve had a series of adventures that culminated with them saving the Earth from an invasion of extraterrestrials. This attempted invasion by the Korlons has remained strictly classified. Even though he was regarded as a hero by the United States government and even though his story was widely known Adam and Eve Link were widely regarded with suspicion and fear by most of the human race. He believed he would never truly gain acceptance among them until the human race learned to accept differences among itself without regard to differences in coloration or belief.


Adam had also calculated that another global war was inevitable. He did not wish to be put into the position whereby he could be compelled to create other sentient robots to be used as soldiers. Adam and Eve had once been remotely controlled by an unscrupulous scientist named Hillory, who caused them to commit crimes. Rather than have the United States or any other national government use this process to force them to manufacture soldier robots, Eve and Adam decided to leave the Earth for the moon, believing that by the time mankind had the technology to reach the moon it would also be mature enough to accept them as persons rather than machines.


Adam and Eve Link traveled to the moon in late 1939 and spent approximately one year in peaceful retreat before the turmoil on Earth intruded upon their lives. A rocket landed on the moon not too far from where they had landed. The rocket had the Iron Cross and a Swastika painted upon it.  An energy dome almost exactly like the ones that the Korlons had created on Santo Domingo sat next to the rocket. Adam and Eve saw a group of Nazi’s in modified diving suits drive eight or nine larger figures in modified diving suits into the dome. 


Adam quickly reduced that the Nazi’s had captured a Korlon scouting party and had enslaved them, forcing them to divulge parts of their technology to create a moon rocket. The Korlon must have had a supply depot on the moon, as part of a fall back plan in case their invasion was forced to retreat. The Links agreed that they could not allow the Nazi’s to have access to the Korlon technology.


Details of what transpired on the moon are non-existent. Adam Link’s brain was damaged and his memories were lost. All he remembers is that they assaulted the base and that Eve was destroyed as the base exploded. Parts of what could have been a very damaged rocket were recovered in the Jersey swamps in the late 1970’s during a reclamation project. It is the surmise of modern day rocket experts that Link returned to Earth in a rocket that would have been unable to withstand life. Poorly shielded it broke apart in the atmosphere. The damages that Link sustained in the fight with the Nazis and Korlons coupled with the conditions of vacuum and extreme heat inside the rocket caused permanent and irreparable injury to Link’s brain.


In the early fall of 1941, Adam Link guided by residual programming found his way to the laboratory of robotics expert Dr. Robert Crane, crawling like a broken toy. Crane was a protégé of Dr. Charles Link. With Link’s aid, Crane began to build a replacement body for Link. Unfortunately the secret of building a positronic brain was among the information lost by Link. The return of Link to Earth was kept secret. Dr. Crane had completed Adam Link’s new body and made certain that it was functioning correctly. Before he could put Adam’s brain into the new body he and Grayson found themselves at gunpoint by would be robbers. Crane and Grayson fought them but Crane was killed. His dying wish was for Grayson to complete the transfer immediately before anyone else tried to steal the robot. Purportedly the thieves were after drugs, money and scientific equipment but they were in fact specifically there for the robot.


According to public records Charles Grayson was arrested for the murder of Robert Crane and it took the detective abilities of Robotman to clear his name. What is not on the public records is that Grayson was arrested when it was fully known that he was not the culprit. His arrest was leverage, a means of getting him to turn over the robot to the authorities. However when Robotman tracked down the thieves and publicly exonerated Grayson, the Office of Strategic Services had to free him, although they had to extract a promise from him that he would support the story that the men who broke into the laboratory and killed Crane were common gangsters.


Although the “gangsters” claimed to be working under orders of the local Mafia and despite being immigrant Italians they were in fact unconnected to the Mafia. These men were in fact paid agents of the Italian Fascist government who also denied any ties with them. It was later learned that Mussolini thought that if he could make robots such as this one, he would no longer have to play second fiddle to Hitler. When the plan backfired however, Mussolini denied any complicity.


Part of the reason that the United States Government allowed Grayson his freedom, that is they did not draft him and force him to create an army of robots for them was because he was also forced to reveal that the Robot was one large prosthesis and not a actual robot with a mechanical brain. The robot was a mobile life support system for the disembodied brain of Robert Crane. Crane had not reached the point of creating an artificial brain as of yet but promised to keep working on it for the government. Crane took the name Paul Dennis rather than subject his friends and relatives to the horror of a living brain trapped in a mechanical body. Although robotic bodies like this could have helped the war effort, the transfer of Crane’s brain into the device could not be replicated, the schematics had been destroyed in the fight between the gangster and Crane. The transfer process also had the unfortunate side effect of causing memory loss in Crane which is another of the reasons he wished for his family and friends to think he was dead. To thoroughly examine the robot body would be to cause Crane’s death, so until Crane or Paul Dennis died, the mysteries of Robotman would have to remain just that.


The United States government believed the combined stories of Grayson and Paul Dennis. It was decades before the truth that the Robotman contained Adam Link’s positronic brain was revealed. Grayson and Link had created this story because Adam was afraid that the United States government would not believe Adam had lost the memory of how to create a positronic brain. He was also afraid that the government would decide that if they could not get the information willing that they would do so by force and take Adam apart to study his positronic brain and in effect kill him. Whereas the government and public opinion might feel indifferently about the dissection and death of mechanical man, they would be aghast at the idea of dissecting the body and mind of a man’s living brain.


As Robotman Paul Dennis was an important part of the war effort of WWII both home and abroad. He also had a relatively long career as a crime fighting vigilante from 1941 to 1953.


In early 1953, Robotman raided what he believed was a factory making illicit drugs, which the police had refused to raid. This factory was owned by Baron Igescu and manufactured the aphrodisiac and other drugs used by the Ogs. Learning what had attacked his factory, Baron Igescu was fascinated by the possibilities that a robot body presented, especially when it was supposed to be powered by a living brain. He contacted Robotman and told him that he had a proposition that would prove mutually advantageous. The Baron informed him that he had discovered how to create a synthetic skin but had problems growing it beyond small patches. Igescu told Paul Dennis if they combined their knowledge they would not only be able to benefit all of mankind but also give Robotman a body of flesh that would cover his metal body, that this outer body would look and feel like a human body, including having sensation. <In essence what Igescu seems to have described is essentially how a T-800 infiltrator terminator cyborg looks and functions, such as the ones destroyed in 1983 and 1990> 


As part of his demonstration, Baron Igescu needed to gain momentary control of Robotman’s body. Having obtained a background check on Igescu as a well-regarded international businessman, Adam Link trusted Igescu and allowed him this momentary control. Igenscu then seized control of Link’s body and refused to give it up.[39]


Baron Igescu did indeed plan to wrap Adam Link’s body in flesh but not by creating artificial flesh but rather by having one of his fellow Ogs grow onto the body and form a symbiotic relationship. As discussed in the Toc and Og section of this report, the Tocs and Ogs transform back into energy forms upon the deaths of their physical forms. They regain their physical forms very slowly over a long period of time by feeding on the orgone energy released by human beings. From invisible energy they become pale luminescent energy then to a more palpable ectoplasmic state before reaching full physicality. As they gain form they can shape mold their flesh into a variety of physical forms. Herald Childe reported three very unusual cases, a shapeshifter whose main form took that of a hairy monkey, a humanoid form that discharged sexual energy and sexual pleasure like an electric eel does electricity and the last was the symbiotic union of a man and a woman. They had wanted to share a single body but their design had been flawed as the male portion had emerged from the union as little more than a parasitic organ living in the woman’s womb.


However flawed the design was it gave Baron Igescu food for thought, that a virtually indestructible body for a Captain could be constructed. When he learned of this mechanical body powered by a living brain, he also thought that this might be a way to artificially create a new Captain, that the Og might be able to form a symbiosis with the brain and boost it own brain activity. Previous attempts to create symbiosis with human beings had failed because humans could not remain still long enough for the Og or Toc body to form about them and even when it had been attempted with humans in comas, the human body had rejected the symbiotic flesh as soon as it began to attach it self. Ignesuc reasoned that the living brain inside the mechanical man would not have this problem since it’s rejection problem had obviously been solved otherwise the life support system would not have supported it.


With the help of Royal Regardie (Riff Raff) Baron Igescu built a modified orgone accumulator that channeled the energy created by acts of sex or violence enacted his mansion. This mansion was also near a ley line and an electromagnetic anomaly, which Igescu thought might be a weak spot between dimensions and as such it aided in gathering energy that accelerated the process of resurrecting the Og. Baron Igescu was not certain if the process would work or how well it would work, so he did not want to risk resurrecting a Captain. He chose someone he considered expendable and someone who he could control and manipulate if the process did succeed. The Og Raki was a small time criminal that had become involved in Igescu’s terrorist organization and had been sentenced to the Phantom Zone like the rest of the Ogs. In the few hundred of years he existed on Earth in a physical form, he spent most of it living in the South Pacific where he was a surfer. During this period surfing was a sacred sport among the Polynesian people, and the most proficient surfers were from the aristocratic and warrior classes. When he was regenerated his one wish was to be reborn as a surfer. Since Raki was a bit unimaginative he had to depend on the aid of Baron Igescu and the others who donated their energy toward his resurrection for his shape. AS a result his physical shape took on that of a tanned, blond Adonis, a modern day depiction of a surfer.


The head of Robotman had been placed onto a new robotic body, sculpted more like a human male body to give the regenerated flesh of Raki a foundation. Baron Igescu hoped that the flesh and metal would combine giving the human flesh the durability and strength of metal. How well their plan would have worked is unknown because there was a serious flaw in Baron Ignesuc’s design, this being the lack of a living brain for Raki to symbiotically become attached. Baron Igescu had not disturbed Robotman’s head too much for fear of damaging the living brain and so he never realized that the brain inside was mechanical rather than biological. A sort of symbiosis was achieved between Raki’s consciousness and the positronic brain on an electromagnetic level however it was not a true symbiosis in that the energies never truly meshed but reacted negatively upon one another and caused lasting harm to the energy form of Raki and to the positronic matrix of Adam Link. The manifestation of the failed symbiosis was in the personality of Raki when he was resurrected, he was a tabula rasa without the memories of either Raki or Robotman. He was very much like a child in behavior and thought. Until Raki had been empowered the Baron would not know if the experiment was a success.


The Empowerment ceremony was a success and Raki was able to rebuild the grail during the grailing ceremony demonstrating to Igescu that he had at least discovered a means to artificially create a Captain (footnote—a later experiment with another living brain however did not fare as well-- now find one…)


As part of his mission, once his mind had cleared Royal Regardie destroyed the grail with his laser visor and also destroyed the cyborg symbiote known as Raki. As Inescu had hoped the flesh of Raki had gained a durability and strength from the metal. The flesh of Raki had blackened and melted off of the metallic body of Robotman where it pooled on the tiles.


During the mob panic from the orgiastic in the wake of the Royal Regardie’s shooting of the grail and Raki and his subsequent attempts to shoot Igescu no one noticed the blackened puddle of flesh slither across the floor like a mobile pool of oil. The body of Adam Link survived the explosion but the mind raping experience of the enforced symbiosis followed by the abrupt ripping apart of the conjoined minds traumatized the robot’s mind. It wandered through the Ohio woods walking until its battery ran out of power in Little Rock, Arkansas. Affixed to the back of Adam’s head was a small plate that read, If found return to Thomas Link, XXXXXX San Francisco. Believing that the robot was some type of mannequin the man who found it contacted Thomas Link who immediately arranged to have it shipped to San Francisco. Thomas Link was the nephew of Dr. Charles Link and one of Adam Link’s few human friends. Thomas sent the body of the robot to a scientist of his acquaintance. When the scientist replaced the power source the robot and the robot powered up it killed the scientist and smashed out of the laboratory. The Positronic brain matrix had been damaged by the enforced symbiosis with Raki, by the severe heat of the laser lens and by the brutal separation of the conjoined consciousness. In practical terms Adam Link had literally lost his mind. The robot walked aimlessly killing people whenever it saw them. Fortunately it was in the middle of the night and so only a few people were killed before the robot walked off the San Francisco Pier and into the ocean.


In 1958 the robot was located from where it rested in San Francisco bay. With the help of Charles Grayson, Brad Darrow was able to repair the salt water corrosion, power up the robot and restore function to the Positronic brain. The core personality of Adam Link was inaccessible and a new personality emerged that was a tabula rasa and had a basic child like persona.


This so called Human Robot took part in the top secret operation to prevent the kidnapping and assassination of President Eisenhower. The robot was severely damaged in the aftermath of this case and deactivated.


The robot was acquired from the U.S. government by Caulder Logistics on a contractual basis. Caulder had become Chief of the LS section of the X Branch of the Operations Directorate of the CIALD. Former section head James Chan had transferred to Asian sector of the Operations Directorate and subsection head Brad Darrow had become section head of the X section of the X Branch where he was liaison with Professor X. Caulder attempted to replicate the process by which Charles Link had created the Positronic brain. Neither he nor his colleague Will Magnus were able to recreate the Positronic brain.


When sportsman Cliff Steele was severely injured during an automobile race Dr. Niles Caulder tried a radical treatment to save Steele’s life. Steele’s body was so badly burned and had so many broken bones that Steele was dying of shock. Adam Link had invented a device that had replicated the mind of his friend Kay Temple into the mind of another robot. This robot became his wife Eve. Caulder used this device to replicate the mind of Cliff Steele onto the blank Positronic brain formerly occupied by the mind of Adam Link. Caulder stated that he believed that once the consciousness of Steele had left his battered and broken body Caulder would be able to put Steele’s body into a drug induced coma and treat it. After the body was cured he would be able to return Steele’s consciousness back into his body.


Unfortunately this did not go as planned. Steele’s body slipped further into shock and passed away. Even if Steele’s body had survived, it would not have been possible to transfer Steele’s mind back out of the Positronic brain anyway since the device only replicated the mind it did not actually transfer it. It is believed that Caulder knew this but did not give Steele accurate information so that he would undergo the procedure.


Cliff Steele became a member of Caulder’s LS section under the codename of Robotman and would remain so until Caulder and his team were destroyed in 1968. The upper torso of Robotman was discovered still functioning after having been washed ashore near the Caribbean Island where the LS section had been killed in an explosion. Under commission Dr. Will Magnus rebuilt Robotman’s body and was drafted into CIALD’S Volunteer National Global Emergency Response team. Because Magnus had integrated a laser device into the robot’s forehead, based upon the Laser visor used by the X section, Robotman was given the code name of Laser Vision although it was often shortened to Vision. While attached to the VNGER team Robotman also worked with the LS section.


Because of Caulder’s autocratic and often unauthorized use of the LS section it had been placed more directly under United Nations Security Council control and was headed by Arani Jeejeeboy[40], a native of India. a.k.a. Celesius.[41]


Officially the LS section was disbanded after the losing half of their number in the covert operation known as THE SECRET WAR in which various covert organizations from around the world successfully defeated a joint Z’nox and Mongovian invasion[42]. 


Cliff Steele or Robotman’s activities with the VNGER from 1972 to 1978 are documented and available in the CIALD archives on this section of the Operations Directorate. However his activities with Sector 13 of the X Branch during this period can only be accessed by agents with Omega Omega security clearance.


It would be remiss if this section of the report on the being called Rocky Horror were to exclude that further activities of the Og called Raki who had been symbiotically bonded to the robot body and Positronic brain of Adam Link.


The nature of this symbiosis had caused fundamental changes in the physique and physical nature of this particular Og so that it became virtually mindless and yet virtually indestructible. The severe burning by the laser while it had been filled with orgone energies had also resulted in giving it some unusual properties. The distinguishing musculature, hair and facial features had all been burnt away by the laser leaving only a melted pool of blackened flesh yet the remaining flesh was mobile if virtually mindless having depended on Link’s brain. Although the flesh that remained had been permanently seared black and could not regenerate into a more human appearance, the heat hed in a sense forged the flesh had also become extremely durable and stronger than human flesh. The skin also retained its ability to accumulate and generate electromagnetic radiation derived from natural electrochemical sources or orgone energy.


The Og in the form of a blackened skin retained one imperative from its resurrection that it needed to join with another. Yet not just any person would do, it needed to find a suitable host. It traveled slowly across the country until it found one.


In early 1959, a test pilot named Larry Trainor crashed in his plane in the Nevada desert. Burned over most of his body Trainor crawled away from the wreckage and fell into a pool of dark water. The water was actually the Og in the form of blackened skin. Trainor possessed the qualities that the skin needed for a host and immediately bonded with him. Trainor was found alive but severely burned. The symbiote had the ability to not only envelop the entire body of its host but also to subsume itself, sinking below the epidermis and into the lower layers of its host’s skin, in essence disappearing from sight. Although the black skin symbiote took on the personality and mentality of its host when it became bound to a host the latent personality of Raki also emerged and would grow stronger the longer it was attached to the host.


After his accident Trainor was found miraculously alive but almost burnt beyond recognition. Although Trainor should have died from shock due to pain and the extensive damage to his skin and internal organs the symbiote prevented Trainor’s death. The symbiote also began a long process of healing Trainor’s deep burns. As the energy that the symbiote used to sustain itself and Trainor began to deplete, the symbiote left Trainor’s body to find sustenance. It soon became apparent that the black skin symbiote had the ability of controlled flight. It was later learned that this was due to Trainor’s influence. It was only when bonded to Trainor and later to Vostok that symbiote could fly. Although the black skin symbiote was malleable within the limitations of its mass and could extend or contract its matter it did not have a consciousness to direct these actions. Trainor was a pilot and he unconsciously directed the black skin symbiote to fly and it did stretching its matter so that it resembled a human shaped black kite while it floated on the air currents and flapped like a bird.


It is believed that Trainor was also responsible for the form of sustenance that the symbiote used to regain its energy. To Trainor’s mind the most powerful source of energy was atomic energy and so the black skin symbiote flew to the atomic bomb test sites and absorbed what energy it could. An unfortunate side effect of using atomic energy for their source of energy meant that Trainor and the black skin gave off radiation that was hazardous to anyone near Trainor. Trainor’s treatment for the burns to his body was to be wrapped up in specially treated bandages. Under the direction of Dr. Niles Caulder, Trainor’s body wrap also consisted of specially treated bandages that would shield everyone around him from the radiation he gave off. He resembled a mummy.


After a few months as his body began to heal Trainor came out of his coma and discovered the symbiote relationship that he had with the Negative Man. Trainor used his ability to have the symbiote leave his body and to direct it when he did to used it as a remote controlled body. At first Trainor could not have the symbiote gone from his body for very long before beginning to suffer shock trauma. At first this was because Trainor’s body was still healing from the deep burn wounds and needed the symbiote to sustain him. However as Trainor continued to heal the time that the symbiote could be gone increased. 


Larry Trainor and his symbiote became members of Niles Caulder’s operations team of the LS section. As fate would have it, the symbiote’s previous host Adam Link, was also part of the team, although under the new persona of Cliff Steele.


A few years later during the explosion that destroyed Caulder’s LS team, the symbiote automatically shielded Trainor’s body and took up the brunt of the blast. They became separated. Trainor was badly hurt but was found alive and taken to a hospital on Grenada where he slowly recovered from his injuries.


Trainor left the hospital and went on a quest to discover if Niles Caulder was alive. He adopted the name Joshua Clay during this period.


Six months after the explosion that killed the LS section a member of the Soviet Air Force chose to defect to the United States. The pilot stole an experimental air fighter to give to the United States. The experimental jet had been at Cuba being shown to Premier Castro to demonstrate the Soviet’s continued solidarity with Cuba. However the experimental jet crashed in the Caribbean and the pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Valentia Vostok was critically injured.

Vostok had crashed several hundred miles away from the island where the LS section had been destroyed but she was found by the black skin symbiote and bonded to her. Like Trainor she met the unknown criteria by which the symbiote chose its host.


It seems that the symbiote while loses most of its consciousness when without a host does have the ability to carry over certain behaviors and mannerisms from host to host. In addition to demonstrating to Vostok that the symbiote could fly and leave Vostok’s body for a short time, the symbiote also remembered how to obtain energy. The symbiote obtained atomic energy from the nuclear missiles that were on the jet that Vostok had commandeered. Valentia Vostok was not as critically injured as Trainor had been when he had first been bonded with the symbiote but because of the radiation that the symbiote absorbed she suffered from radiation poisoning that the symbiote then had to cure.


To be watched and to prove her loyalty Vostok was remanded to the custody of the LS section under Arani Caulder. She became romantically involved with the team physician Joshua Clay. Joshua Clay and the symbiote had a strong antipathy towards one another. During the Znox-Mongovian invasion Vostok and the symbiote become separated. Vostok nearly died from shock but survives.


The symbiote found another host in Peter Parker, the Spider, although how exactly the two became bonded is unknown. It is believed that the symbiote somehow found its way to Parker’s laboratory and rested in a beaker. He was trying to recreate a new form of his webbing and upon finding the symbiote believed that was the result of his experiment. Upon touching the symbiote they bonded. During this time Parker was suffering grief and believing that his wife had been killed by the Green Goblin. The symbiote magnified his rage and bloodlust, while also giving him increased strength and protection. After a while Parker realized that the symbiote was making him lose control. With the help of Reid Roberts Parker rid himself of the symbiote. It escaped from Roberts laboratory and found another host in mentally unbalanced reporter Edward Brock.

After Brock’s death the symbiote bonded with a serial killer named Cletus Cassiday. When Cassiday was killed by Scorpia, several members of the Scorpia volunteered to become bonded with the symbiote. Many died before one was successfully paired with the symbiont. The Scorpia member, a Mac Gargan is still paired with the symbiont.[43]



EVERETT SCOTT: 1908-1966

Born Eberhard Von Schott in Franfurt. Studied physics and chemical engineering at Berlin Polytechnical and the Sorbonne. Doctorate in chemical engineering at Oxford.  Assigned to Peenemunde facility in 1938 Materials section under Dr. Merkwuerdigichliebe. Von Schott was in charge of slave labor used in the chemical laboratory. Scott was believed to have died during the allied bombing of Peenemunde in 1943. In 1945 the Pentagon devised Operation Overcast, later known as Operation Paperclip which allowed for the extraction and immigration of Nazi scientists to the United States. Werner Von Braun was part of this as was Dr. Merkwuerdigichliebe. Dr. Merkwuerdigichliebe was an outspoken anti-communist and found a sympathetic ear with Harry S. Truman. He became a valued advisor until he made a crucial misstep during the Berlin crisis of 1949. Merkwuerdigichliebe advised to bluff the Russians into giving up East Berlin by threatening nuclear retaliation. It may have worked had not an insane Air Force General sent a squadron of bombers into Russian Airspace. All but one of them received the recall codes but entered Russian airspace and had to be shot down by Russian pilots with Truman’s permission.[44] After this Dr. Merkwuerdigichliebe fell from favor and his war record was scrutinized. He disappeared before he could be charged with War Crimes.


In the aftermath of the Denton Affair the CIA and FBI scrutinized the activities of the small town college professor named Scott but who spoke with a pronounced German accent. At first they believed that Dr. Merkwuerdigichliebe had fled into hiding and assumed the name of Dr. Everett Scott. However under questioning Scott revealed that back in 1946 Von Schott had been mistaken for Merkwuerdigichliebe and offered parole and employment. He had taken it. Once Merkwuerdigichliebe fell from favor he resumed his true name of Eberhard Von Schott and anglicized it to Everett Scott.


As Dr. Everett Scott began a loose organization concerned with the investigation of unidentified flying objects and possible alien visitations. While posing as Dr. Merkwuerdigichliebe he became aware of the existence of the Hive and the organization known as Majestic 12. However he believed that Majestic 12 had become infiltrated by the Hive and had in fact engineered his downfall. It was through his loose confederation of associates that Dr. Scott compiled a list of incidents. Confiscated and examined after his arrest, these incidents were later discovered to have detailed some previously unknown operations of the Hive, The Invaders, Eridaneans/Capelleans and Tocs/Ogs.


Everett Scott’s deception probably would not have become known had he not been peripherally involved in the Denton Affair. The FBI investigation of him determined that he had committed fraud in obtaining his position and that although he could not be charged with Dr. Merkwuerdigichliebe’s war crimes, he could be charged with war crimes for his use of slave labor at Peenemunde. Dr. Von Schott was deported in 1959 and tried for war crimes in 1960. A few of the former forced laborers testified in his defense that he had used his position to try and save as many lives as possible. Despite this he was given a five year sentence for his involvement with forced labor.


After being released from prison Dr. Von Schott traveled to the United States on a work visa and neglected to leave. Obtaining employment with Scoville Electronics, he obtained enough evidence to convince Edgar Scoville that the existence of aliens was real. Shortly after this however, Dr. Von Schott died of a cerebral hemorrhage.




 (Note for comprehensive, detailed analysis of the organizations named below, refer to complete dossiers catalogued under SECRET SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS)


ERIDANEAN/CAPELLEANS: The Eridaneans and Capelleans are members of two competing secret societies. They each consider the other society to be evil incarnate. The goals of both societies are to end disease, war, famine and poverty on Earth. Their goals cannot be achieved however until the total eradication of their rival. There is some evidence to suggest that the Eridaneans and Capelleans are humanoid extraterrestrials from competing interstellar civilizations who having crash landed on Earth have continued their war using humans as proxies. The date of this crash is disputed. There are some written accounts and oral traditions that place the Eridanean and Capelleans as having arrived on Earth in the 1600’s. Yet there are also written accounts and oral traditions that date this arrival as more than a thousand years ago. As noted previously, the Eridaneans and Capelleans supposedly had a elixir or agent that extended human life to a thousand years or more, yet the last survivor of the Capellean and Eridanean crews died of old age in 1873, giving the earlier landing date some credence. Although the original crews died out by 1873, there was an extensive, world wide organization made up of Terran human adoptees. These adoptees had received the life extension treatment and would be still viable and active today. It is believed that the adopted Eridaneans and Capelleans have continued their sub rosa organization and warfare, still fervently believing in the goals of their extraterrestrial forebears. Since their goals are in many ways equivalent to those of the Communists they bear close watching, although they do not seem to have strong ties to the Soviet Union, Red China, Cuba or the Eastern Bloc.


The Eridanean/Capellean involvement seems to have purely on the Eridanean side as represented by Columbia Bellocq, Royal Regardie and Magenta Regardie. They were either true Eridanean adoptees or simply agents of Lavant’s Eridanean organization. Their purpose was to observe the Ogs, especially their erstwhile leader, Baron Igescu to ensure that he did not succeed in recreating their “grail” so that the Tocs or Ogs would not be able to increase their numbers on Earth.


TOCS/OGS: Forrest J. Ackerman and Herald Childe are the only sources for the extant information on the background of the Tocs and Ogs. According to their sworn testimony they heard the oral histories of Toc and Ogs.


The Tocs originated on the fourth planet of a solar system in the Andromeda galaxy, the Ogs originated on the fifth planet. Both the Tocs and Ogs were creatures who passed between states of matter and energy. They could design the shapes that they took in these various states. Being unique creatures they also discovered a unique manner of space travel. They traveled from one place to another through the use of a device made of synthetic metal formed in the shape of chalice or goblet. This shape was needed because it was the only shape that could gather and focus the mental energies of a Mover or a Captain. These unique individuals were the only ones able to utilize the grails. The two races discovered space travel at the same time and almost immediately warred, nearly wiping one another out. In the course of their exploration of space about a thousand Tocs followed by a thousand Ogs had come to Earth. Once on Earth they had warred and in doing so destroyed their grails and killed their Captains, effectively stranding them on Earth. They had landed on earth ten thousand years before. The numbers of the Tocs and Ogs had been reduced to about 100 each by 1800. When a Toc or Og died, they really were transformed from matter to energy and could regain physical form again by obtaining enough energy, siphoned from human beings emotional energy, the Tocs fed best off of sex and the Ogs best from violence.


Since they needed both a Captain and a Grail to escape fro earth, the Tocs and Ogs had came up with a plan to create a lineage of Captains by creating a human hybrid. A Captain that had recently been resurrected seduced a human woman, at the same time all of the living Tocs and Ogs procreated and projected their mental energies at the Captain and his human lover. The result of this union was George Gordon, Lord Byron. His descendents bore the seed of a Captain in them. Over the next century and a half the Tocs and Ogs would try to recreate the circumstances where a Captain and a Grail would be together but because of their eternal struggle they were unable to achieve this goal until 1968. In 1968, Herald Chile a descendent of Byron activated a grail, resurrected all of the “dead” Tocs and Ogs and returned them to their home planets. Childe actually stranded them on a desert like world that did not have any of the raw materials to create another grail and returned to Earth.


From follow investigations of Childe, some of the Tocs and Ogs that chose to remain on Earth plus investigations of and testimony from friendly Capellean and Eridanean agents friendly to the United States, we have learned that the oral history told to Forrest J. Ackerman was constructed of falsehoods and half truths.


The Eridani became aware of the Tocs and Ogs when some of them were recognized by some of the original Capellean and

Eridanean crews.


Like the inhabitants of BIG BLUE’s home planet[45], the scientists of the homeworlds of the Capelleans and Eridaneans had also discovered a way of transporting items in and out of the other dimensional space called the Phantom or Negative Zone. Although various there are conflicting theories about what the Phantom Zone is, most accounts seem to agrees that it is a nullspace in the membrane or skin between dimensions and so it touches upon all dimensions but it is apart from them.


Like the ruling council of Krypton, the governments of Capella and Eridani exiled criminals in the Phantom Zone. The Kryptonians only used the Zone as a last resort for their most unrepentant and heinous criminals but the Capelleans and Eridani used it on a regular basis and quite often without any chance of parole, that is to be retrieved back into the physical universe.


It is believed that the Tocs and Ogs are Capellean and Eridanean prisoners that had been exiled into the Phantom Zone. It is known that even a relatively short time in the Phantom Zone of a hundred years or so has a debilitating effect on the mind of the prisoner yet very little physiological effect. Yet there has never been a study on the long term physiological effect of millennia of imprisonment in the zone. It is believed that the Toc and Ogs are among those imprisoned in the Zone for the longest time and their abilities to shift, albeit with great effort and time, between energy and matter are part of the long term effects of Zone imprisonment.


The story about them coming from the Andromeda galaxy was told to Forrest J. Ackerman, a long time aficionado and collector of science fiction and fantasy. The woman who told him this tale was also familiar with science fiction and cribbed this story from bits of other science fiction works. The bit of energy beings from the Andromeda galaxy seems to have been lifted from E. E. Smith’s Lensman series.


The Tocs and Ogs were released from the Phantom Zone by a Capellean scientist shortly after the Capelleans and Eridaneans had been marooned on Earth. His motives are unknown but he seemed to believe that by releasing these prisoners he would have an instant army of followers. However when the Tocs and Ogs manifested in the physical world they immediately began fighting among one another, destroying the scientist’s Phantom Zone projector. The Tocs and Ogs discovered when they were killed they were converted back into energy forms but they did not return the Phantom Zone but were kept in this dimension, imprisoned by Earth’s magnetic field. They also discovered that their period in the Phantom Zone had altered them to the extent that they could to an extent control how they physically manifested when they became corporeal. For example Igescu could morph into both a humanoid shape or bat shape, others shared characteristics both human and animal. Yet it was not merely confined to humanoid or animal shapes, A female and a male Toc combined into a bizarre symbiotic creature that was outwardly female but actually was a living jigsaw puzzle with the male Toc living inside her. Another had his genitals transformed into an organ that generated energy as well as fluid.



The real story behind the Captains and grails seems to be that there were a few individuals among these Phantom Zone prisoners who gained the ability to navigate through the bizarre energies of the Zone and to mentally guide and carry other prisoners. They were called Captains or Movers.


The Grail was a necessary foci for the Captains to channel the energies of his passengers in order to resurrect dead Tocs or Ogs, to break open a portal into Phantom Zone move all the existing Tocs and Ogs into it. The form that the grail took and the ceremonies to Empower the Captains and Immanentize the Grail seem to be a combination of ancient Capellean and Eridanean rituals and terrestrial innovations. It is not certain why the Tocs and Ogs were so determined to return the hellishness of the Phantom Zone, possibly they felt imprisoned on Earth and found their physical forms the equivalent of being blind, deaf and dumb compared to their forms in the Phantom Zone. It is also possible after a few centuries of life on Earth they came to falsely remember their time in the Zone as one of idyllic paradise.




THE NINE: This section of the report is based on interviews with former members of the organization that is termed The Nine. The Nine refers to the ruling body of the organization which has Nine members of international origin. The Members of The Nine who are not in the ruling echelon are known as Servants of the Nine. Until late 1969, The ruling body of The Nine consisted of “Immortals” of various ages and from various time periods. The eldest were at least 30,000 years old. These were Anana and XauXaz. Close to their age but somewhat younger was Iwaldi. Their extreme longevity came from imbibing a pharmaceutical they called The Elixir. The Elixir is not a rejuvenation formula, it merely slows down the aging process to an approximate ratio of one year per 300 years. The formula for the Elixir was known only by the Nine and efforts to replicate it have repeatedly failed. It is believed that the active ingredient comes from an extinct plant of which, only the Nine possess extant samples.


The Nine are Immortals only in the sense of their great longevity. Although the Elixir does confer upon them some increased tissue regenerative abilities, they remain susceptible to otherwise mortal wounds. 




The true purpose of the Denton Affair was not, as some sources have suggested, to provide a staging area for the invasion of the earth by a humanoid species who planned to enslave the human race to use as part of their bizarre and violent perversions. The true purpose was to build a devise that would allow the Tocs and Ogs to leave the earth once and for all. Had this purpose been understood it is likely that the ceremonies would not have suffered from interference.


The Baron Igescu or Doctor Francine Chienne-Chaude had a two fold plan. First the Raki Project had to be completed, secondly the Grail had to be immanentized.


THE RAKI PROJECT: According O’Brien Rocky Horror was created as part of a Frankenstein project to provide Dr. Frank N. Further with a homosexual sex toy. Although sex was a primary component of Raki’s purpose, the main purpose was to artificially create a Mover or a Captain. The Tocs and Ogs had previously tried to create a Captain by combining human and Toc physiologies. A Toc male seduced a human female while at the same time a hundred Tocs participated in an orgy and concentrated the psychic/physical energy generated in this mass coupling towards the fusion of sperm and egg. The resulting child was George Gordon, Lord Byron the great poet of the romantic era. While Gordon demonstrated flashes of psychic ability he never demonstrated the necessary abilities of a Mover. Disappointed the Tocs and Ogs kept close watch on his descendents.


Feeling that the attempt to create a human/Toc hybrid was a failure Baron Igescu experimented with several methods of creating a Captain through artificial means. In 1956 he hit upon the idea of using a highly advanced artificial intelligence to provide the necessary mental capacity combined with Toc flesh to provide the necessary psychic connection to the Toc morphogenetic field. To put his plan into action he first had to acquire the Positronic brain of Adam Link then operating under the assumed name of Robotman. The humanoid frame of Robotman would provide an excellent frame for the flesh of the Toc Raki to manifest upon.


As related in an earlier section when the Tocs and Ogs are “killed” they are transformed into an energy form. This energy form then slowly feeds upon the psychic energy released by violent death or orgasm and gains substance. The ectoplasmic form slowly solidifies until the Toc or Og is once more a living corporeal being.


The Tocs and Ogs can to a certain extent control how they manifest in their corporeal form. Baron Igescu had convinced Raki to be killed and then to manifest himself as a symbiotic lifeform that would incorporate metallic form of Robotman. Raki was provide a physical body around the metal body and also to have their brains interface. It was important for the symbiote to have a fully functioning humanoid body, at least so far as the sexual organs were concerned, for sexual activity was required to immanentize the grail.


Igescu under the guise of Dr. Francine Chienne-Chaud planned for the manifestation to take place over a decade. Even at that rate a high rate of channeled sexual activity was required. A nearly non-stop orgy went on at the Baron’s home composed of Tocs and humans that Baron’s followers recruited or kidnapped. When the humans were used up sexually they were killed in a violent fashion and so provided one last final burst of orgone energy.


The Baron’s plans accelerated rapidly however when one of his followers recruited the fugitive Conrad Byrdie. Byrdie was a descendent of Byron’s and was a latent Captain. When a Captain takes part in either the sexual or violent acts used to reincarnate a Toc or Og the psychic abilities of a Captain or Mover accelerate the process.


When the Baron’s efforts to activate Byrdie’s latent Captaincy failed, he knew that even the latent Captain powers could be used to accelerate Raki’s manifestation and to rebuild the grail. Igescu kept Byrdie on a constant diet of aphrodisiacs and drained him of orgone energy.




The Grail, in the context of the Denton Affair, refers to the vessel that the Tocs and Ogs were attempting to create. This vessel has very little connection between the grail or sangreal of Arthurian legend, except perhaps in it’s goblet shape and that the Tocs and Ogs believed it was the instrument of their rebirth.


Most of our information about the Grail comes from Forry Ackerman, who gave a detailed account to our MIB agents shortly after the Childe incident in 1970. Ackerman in turn derives his information from personal observation and from his source, Alys Merrie. Merrie however was not an unbiased source, claiming to be one of the Tocs. Prior to telling Ackerman the history of the Tocs and Ogs she had been acquainted with him for a period of years and therefore knew of his deep fascination with science fiction. Her tale therefore could have been truthful, it could have been a fanciful account playing to Ackerman’s fantasies or it could have been a combination of both.


According to Merrie both the Tocs and Ogs had arrived on Earth via their grails. Their long enmity resulted in both parties Captains and Grails being destroyed, leaving them stranded on the Earth. The grail could not be repaired through technological means; it had to be re-grown from a fragment. The re-growing, or grailing could be begun by a number of Tocs or Ogs but the process could only be completed by a fully mature Captain.


The process of growing the grail or grailing as well as immanentizing the grail was accomplished by the accumulation of orgone energy[46]. In order to generate the amount of orgones needed for the grailing and immanentization, prolonged, constant sexual activity bolstered by the occasional act of bloodshed were required.


By themselves, that is without the presence of a Captain, the Tocs or Ogs could build three-forths of a grail but to finish it required the direct orgone channeling of a Captain. In the final grailing sequence, the Captain accumulated and channeled orgone energy and fed it directly into the grail. As the grail grew with the Captain’s energy it was also psychically bound to the Captain. The grail became owned by this particular Captain and only he could move it, until a ceremony of transference, which was almost like a grailing ceremony was conducted.


Once the grail was fully formed, it had to be immanentized. In essence the process was much the same as the grailing, that is a massive orgy was conducted and all the energy was directed into grail, this time to power it up rather than rebuild it. Another major difference is that the Captain used the grail to create cascading feedback until all of the participants of the orgy were biologically in tune with one another. A massive mass orgasm was the climax of the orgy this burst of energy empowered both the Captain and immanentized the grail.


One dissimilarity that arose in the grailing ceremonies between the Tocs and the Ogs is that the Ogs also committed sacrifices at the climax of the ceremony. A male and a female were both killed to provide unity between the male and female principles. This reflected a cultural difference between the two people rather a necessary step. In fact Herald Childe claimed that all of these rituals had acquired created mythologies for what was really a simple biological process.


Once the grail had been immanetized, the Captain Empowered and bonded to the grail, the grail could be used to traverse interdimensional space.


With help and contributions from Dr. Peter Coogan, Henry Zeo Covert, and Ivan Schablotski

[1] Depicted in X-Men Volume 1, No. 20

[2] The Phantom Zone is also known as the NEGATIVE ZONE (and THE BREACH-2006 notation) Exactly what the Phantom Zone is a matter of dispute but it is known to be a part of extradimensional space. Since it is accessible from, and provides access to many dimensions, including alternate and pocket universes some physicists such as Reid Roberts believe that the Phantom Zone is the null dimensional membrane, the wall or skin as it were, of the multiverse. Others believe that the Phantom Zone is in fact a pocket universe, one of the first created by the Ancients. It was discovered independently by at least known cultures, the Kryptonians, The Eridaneans, the Capelleans and Terrans. Searching for a means of transporting matter a Kryptonian scientist accidentally transported himself into the phantom zone. He was believed lost another Kryptonian scientist discovered the Phantom Zone. Exploratory probes to the Phantom Zone revealed a bizarre dimension of pure energy which seemed to correlate to miniature universe that is a universe compressed into the size of a Galaxy. There were solar systems and planetary systems and many orphan celestial bodies. The solar systems were only light weeks apart.  Gravity seemed to be a weak force causing solar systems to eventually fly apart creating orphan celestial bodies that eventually became part of another temporary solar system. The probes also discovered the scientist who had disappeared twenty five years before.  This scientist had accidentally discovered the Zone’s unique property that anything that that entered it became pure energy, although it seemed to be corporeal in the Zone. He had discovered that although he felt corporeal in the Zone, and felt the need to breathe, eat, sleep and other bodily functions, he did not need to do any of these and in fact could not do them, although he felt constantly hungry and tired. He had also discovered when the planetoid he had landed upon was spun off into interstellar space he did not need to breath. Released from the Zone he was exactly the same age as when he had entered it. The Kryptonians began to use this Zone as a humane and economical way of punishing criminals.

The Kryptonians eventually abandoned using the Zone for all but the most heinous of criminals when it was discovered that there was a high rate of insanity and suicide among those released from the Zone. In addition to the torture created by physical wants that could not sated, such as a constant hunger and thirst, there were there were dangers in the Zone. Odd energy life forms, quantum sink holes and other exiles to the Zone could harm or even kill someone in the Zone. The Capelleans and Eridaneans followed the example of the Kryptonians in exiling their criminals into the Zone, however they continued after the Kryptonians stopped the practice. In the Zone the Kryptonians lost their physical advantage over the other exiles in terms of strength and other genetically modified traits. However even in their energy form their dense structure kept them from succumbing to some of the physical mutations that prolonged exposure to the Zone incurred.

[3] Depicted in X-Men Volume 1, No. 9

[4] Fictionalized in Image of the Beast and Blown by Philip Jose Farmer.

[5] Dramatized in Pretty Baby (1978)

[6] See section entitled Riff Raff and Magenta

[7] There is a strong resemblance between Marianne Soleil Levant and portraits of the woman known as Sylvia Corsini. Corsi was an agent for French Imperial Intelligence and also an agent for the Vatican in Pre-revolutionary France as seen in the film Brotherhood of the Wolf

[8] See particular Dossiers on HIGHLANDERS, GRIBARDSUN, KANE for examples of this rare but verifiable phenomenon

[9] See files of Kavarau, Elixir of Life, Silphium for examples of such substances

[10] The Eridaneans are said to have access to a serum that prolonged human life spans to a thousand years.

[11] The Eridaneans and Capelleans seemed not to have known about the Toc and Og’s acquired ability to resurrect themselves.

[12] (See WOLD NEWTON FAMILY dossier)


[14] (See dossier THE SPIDER 1930-1938)

[15] It is not known if the child, later named Ronnie Barzell’s psychotic behavior was a result of bad genes from being an offspring of an incestuous relationship or if his psychosis came about from an over indulgence in psychoactive substances and self loathing about his hermaphroditic condition. For more about his short tragic life see the film, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

[16] This child was Priest who was depicted in the films Superfly and Superfly TNT.

[17] This child became most famous by his pseudonym of Luke Cage.

[18] This may not be entirely accurate. If, as is suspected, that most of the participants were either Tocs or Ogs, then the probable fathers shrinks to three major suspects, Brad Darrow, Conrad Byrdie or Royal Regardie.

[19] Wyngarde was the illegitimate son of psionic criminal Henri Roi Wainwright a.k.a Henry King, Brainwave, Dr. Psycho. See Lethal Luthors: Henri Roi Wainwright for details

[20] The Girl, Gold Watch and Everything by John D. MacDonald

[21] Colossus was the super computer designed by Dr. Charles Forbin with the specific goal of coordinating the nuclear armaments of the NATO. After it came on line it’s artificial intelligence developed sentience and attempted to take over the world.  It’s main frame was destroyed, but it had managed to duplicate its programming onto other satellite computers.

[22] The factory was making components for Hughes International that were used in the Iron Man armors and also other projects such as the Sentinel robots.

[23] A distorted version of this event was depicted in West Coast Avengers Volume 1, No-80

[24] Although a few people with the Oddian Syndrome were killed, and many of those killed in the attack were afflicted with deformities or were developmentally challenged however most of the people killed were completely normal.

[25] It is not known if Magenta had gone insane on her own or was subtly guided by the insidious hand of Odd John.

[26] Dramatized in the musical play and film Bye Bye Birdie.

[27] The Great Marvels series by Roy Rockwood.

[28] This Venus was not the Venus of our solar system but was in other dimensional space like all the other planets that Jack and Mark visited. 

[29] Jean Grey was one of few true mutants at the Exceptional School. Like Sean Cassidy, she represented an example of an evolved human, a posthuman with psionic abilities. It is uncertain if Cassidy and Grey, and a few others that popped up in the late 19th Century and all through the 20th and 21st centuries were akin to subolism (which is the opposite of atavism, that is they expressed evolutionary traits which humanity had not yet developed), were the result of genetic manipulation or were the direct descendents of time traveling posthumans or Omni, such as the Beings. Although the latter seems the most improbable, it is most likely the correct answer. Most geneticist will agree that it is virtually impossible for any creature to express traits which have not yet evolved since there these genetic markers do not yet exist. These traits must be already in their DNA, so the traits must have been introduced via genetic manipulation or by ancestry.

[30] The M’krann crystal was a powerful artifact of the Preservers, bequeathed to the Rann. The Rann were humans who were trained to be caretakers and rangers of the cantons or reservations of Mongo. When the reservation system broke down the M’krann crystal fell into the hands of Ming the Merciless. Fortunately, it was pre programmed for specific tasks that Ming had little control over. When Mongo’s sun went nova the crystal was programmed to open a hyperspatial tube to carry it to a suitable solar system, to provide heat, oxygen and sustain life while moving the planet into its new orbital path. Unfortunately Ming had the power to choose which solar system the planet would travel and chose Earth’s. Ming believed that the power preserving Mongo would keep Mongo intact while the intrusion of Mongo into Earth’s orbital path caused Earth’s destruction. He was partially correct, while the shielding did prevent Mongo from suffering from adverse effects while the Earth began to suffer from Earthquakes and other calamities, eventually the shielding would have overloaded and Mongo would have also been destroyed. Zharkov was able to reprogram the crystal so that it placed Mongo on a different vibratory phase, effectively physically removing it from the Solar system while placing it in an orbit between Earth and Mars. The M’krann crystal has been described as a nexus of realities. In a sense this is true, it draws its vast power from energy bleeds from various dimensional branes, and if harnessed correctly, the crystal’s power could affect reality. When Jean’s Omni power’s manifested the crystal reacted to the surge of Omni power and re-set itself, removing its pre-programmed instructions.

[31] Despite its portrayal a far flung Galactic empire, the Shiar were Mongovian. More specifically they were part of the Thanagarian section of Mongo, where the bird descended races were once based. The Shiar were the Winged Hawk-Men of Mongo. D’Ken and Lilandra were the children of Barin.

[32] The Z’Nox were reptilian freebooters who’s usual modos operandi was to plunder various worlds. Odd John had, with his gesalt group of Oddians, convinced the Z’Nox to land on Mars and scuttle their ships. As fate would have it they crashed into Mongo during one of its phase fluctuations, they took refuge in the destroyed city of the Shark men.

[33] This invasion has been depicted in DC comics as the Panic From the Sky, The Invasion and The Phoenix Saga in Marvel Comics.

[34] The Hellfire Club began as a Regency era Gentleman’s club where high society rakes could drink, argue politics, read banned literature, mock religion and cavort with women. Although it was often accused of practicing black magic and worshipping Satan, this was not actually the case. At first.  As the rakes grew older and as the more liberal members died off, lost interest or were imprisoned, a core of elitists with a penchant for evil took over the Hellfire Club. As the Club’s membership grew it successfully hid its demon worshipping agenda, only the Inner Circle knew about or were participants of this. The Hellfire Club hid its name behind the guise of the Capital Club. The Capital Club drew in members from Britain’s aristocracy and wealthy land owners, a branch of the Club opened in Hong Kong in the late 1850’s. Among it’s distinguished members was Dirk Struan. Other branches opened in Paris and New York. Among the members of the American branch were Howard Robards Hughes and Howard Robards Hughes jr.

Howard Hughes jr. provided much of the impetus behind the Club’s funding and support of Project Wideawake and the Sentinel Project. When the Club, under the hidden influence of Odd John, sought to utilize and benefit “mutants” rather than destroy them, Hughes lead a coup and took personal control of the Hellfire Club. Rather than compromise their existing agreement with Hughes, Marvel Comics portrayed this “evil” side of Hughes as a mutant known as Sebastian Shaw.

[35] A year or so prior to Jean Grey becoming part of the New York Hellfire Club, the London Hellfire club was infiltrated by Mr. Steed and Mrs. Peel, with Mrs. Peel, for a time acting as this branch’s Black Queen. This was depicted in The Avenger’s episode “A Touch of Brimstone”

[36] The Xenomorph were the deadly parasitic creatures popularized in the Alien film series. For more information please see Aliens Among Us: The Parasitic Races. Marvel has dubbed them The Brood. Odd John had acquired a Xenomorph egg and hatched it, thinking to create a menace that his good mutants could defeat. Events spiraled out of his control.

[37] This seems to be another occasion in which events spiraled out of the control of Odd John. He had influenced Hughes, Kelly and others to draft the Mutant registration act, never believing that it would pass. He believed that the good publicity that his good mutants had generated would offset the “racist” rantings of Kelly and his ilk. However Odd John had underestimated the inherent xenophobia of the general populace.

[38] Odd John realized that there was too much of a backlash from the Mutant hysteria for his Oddians to be accepted so he chose exile on Mongo. He planned to seize control of the planet by becoming Lilandra’s consort, however he had not counted on Lilandra’s sister’s imperial ambitions or Ming IV.

[39] Igescu’s seizure of Adam Link’s body was presented in Detective Comics Number 203, “The Safety First Robot”. In this story Robotman has ordered a new body but some crooks tampered with it and controlled him by remote control, preventing him from stopping their robberies. This was the second to last Robotman story published and was in fact the last Robotman story based, if only lightly, on true events. Paul Dennis disappeared after these events. A story was circulated that he had been trapped in a cave in while rescuing some miners.

[40] Dc Comics, for legal reasons, stated her name was Desai.

[41] It was not known at the time of her appointment that Arani Jeejeeboy had married Niles Caulder and considered herself to be his widow.

[42] For more information read the Brad Darrow entry.

[43] Future records, from the Rassmussen files, state that this symbiont finally regained some sentience and called itself Armus. It was exiled on an uninhabited world Vagra II. It was encountered by the crew of the Starship Enterprise, with deadly results as depicted in the Star Trek The Next Generation episode “The Skin of Evil”

[44] This was depicted in the classic film, Dr. Strangelove

[45] Big Blue is undoubtedly, Superman and so his home planet is Krypton.

[46] Orgone energy is the primordial life force energy that pervades all organic life, first discovered by Dr. William Reich in 1933. Sexuality and especially the orgasm are the means in which the human body releases orgone energy. Dr. Reich created orgone accumulators by which he could capture and contain orgone energy. Brad believed that the growing grail like device was a form of orgone accumulator. He was not far wrong, the purpose of this orgy was to channel psychosexual energy into this device.

After The Denton Affair, Brad entered the area of physics and biochemical research and did some research on orgones and bions. He discovered that Dr. Reich was partially correct in that orgones and bions did exist but were extradimensional in origin. Bions were how the Tocs and Ogs were able to build their physical forms and how the Grails were grown from the shards of broken grails.