Aliens Among US!




By Dennis E. Power



Approximately one million to 750,000 years ago a powerful group of beings comprised of various species throughout the nearby galaxies became known as the Preservers. Primarily they strove to achieve what what the Ancient Ones had done, to transcend the flesh and become non-corporeal beings of pure intellect. To this end to this end they sought to understand life and intellect by studying all known sentient races in minute detail by using technology abandoned by the Ancient Ones. In one such experiment they took a small benign parasite and altered its genetic makeup so that it would act as living recording device. By attaching itself to a host, the parasite recorded its host's memories and experiences and stores them. The parasites were long-lived and slow to mature. These parasites were true symbiotes to the effect that if the parasite or host were abruptly killed, both would die.


This parasitic race was benign and genetically tied to a specific humanoid race. The parasite and its humanoid hosts became collectively known as the Trill. The Trill became a peaceful, star traveling civilization with colonies on several solar systems, as was intended. Having achieved success with the Trill, the Preservers created the Goa’uld[1]. The Goa’uld were modified to be universal parasites so they could be successfully seeded on many planets with many differing host species. The Goa’uld parasites were enhanced; they extended longevity to their hosts and increased the host’s vitality and regenerative capabilities.

This was an experiment that went drastically wrong and had dire consequences for the cosmos. These changes to their genome also made the Goa’uld aggressive and predatory but this behavior did not manifest until after they had been seeded upon a few worlds.

The Goa'uld seized control of their hosts and eventually without interference, completely subjugated their host race's home world. After achieving space flight, they discovered and eventually seized control of the stargate transportation system.[2]

Once the Goa’uld had control of the stargate transportation system they were able to discover worlds with high levels of technological achievement which they co-opted. They spread the belief that they had created the stargate system and were responsible for seeding of galaxy with humans of terrestrial origin.


Like the earlier Beings, the Goa’uld found their way to Earth.[3]  Whereas the Beings had used their near Omni powers to acts as deities, the Goa’uld used their technology and their nearly immortal host bodies to pose as terrestrial deities

In approximately 225, 000 years ago the Goa'uld made the acquaintance of the Aesir. The Aesir fought a prolonged war against both the Goa'uld, forming alliances with subject peoples.


About 2, 500 years before the present era the Aesir battled against the Goa'uld in a climatic battle that became known variously as Ragnorak, the Battle of the Titans or other such events in Earth mythology. The epic battle on Earth alerted the Organians and they had the Terran stargates buried. Goa'uld presence on earth was eradicated. Earth and a few other worlds were placed in quarantine. There was to be no contact between alien races and earth races until the earthlings have achieved space flight.


In 1928 Egyptologists discovered and unearthed the Giza stargate. In the early forties it was moved to the United States to keep it out of the hands of the Nazi’s. In 1992 the United States government sent a mission through the stargate and became aware of the existence of the Goa’uld. The United States government began using the stargate as a means of exploring the galaxy for intelligent life while also seeking technology and allies against the Goa’uld. As a consequence of their actions, the Goa’uld once again became aware of the Earth. The people of earth had to sign secret alliances with the Tok’ra, Nox and Aesir to defend themselves from the Goa’uld.


The allies of the Terrans who called themselves the Aesir,[4] were also terrestrial in origin, although this was not readily apparent. As part of the Preserver policy of saving species from becoming extinct, several populations of terrestrial cetaceans were seeded on several planets through the universe. On a planet in the Ida galaxy, certain of these cetaceans evolved into humanoid, gray skinned humanoids. They resemble the classic grays or Roswell Grays of the UFO lore, although as we will explain the Roswell greys were a nearly distinct species.


In addition to encountering the parasitic Goa’uld, the Aesir also fought against the parasitic Hive. The Aesir’s struggle against the Hive inadvertently created two deadly threats to the galaxy.


As stated earlier the early, successful parasitic Trill became a starfaring civilization. One of their colonies was on the planet Kurl and the colonist Trills formed what became renowned as the Kurlan Civilization. The Kurlians believed that an individual person was in fact a community of individuals, each with their own voice. They created highly prized works of art which reflect this belief, the Kurlan naiskos which consisted of a hollow humanoid figurine. Inside the figurine are several hollow figurines each successively small figurine nestled inside the previous.


When the symbionts of Kurlan became ill with a virus the Kurlans used genetic engineering to devise a cure. Not merely content however to cure the disease the Kurlans also modified the symbionts so that they could become independent of their hosts, move from hosts to hosts more easily and have direct contact with the brain of their host. These necessitated changes from the worm like form and insect DNA was used as part of their modifications. The introduction of insect DNA was also to aid the symbionts in creating a communal mind as a reflection of the Kurlan philosophy.


The new symbionts resembled insects more than worms and like insects presented different morphological forms for different life cycles and/or functions. These symbionts evolved a communal mind although it was not what the Kurlans had envisioned. This was a hive mind. When the symbiont took over a host, they left a small protrusion in the back of the neck which acted as small gill. They acquired the name bluegills because of this trait.[5]


The new version of symbionts displayed predatory and aggressive behavior and were considered insane by Trill standards. They infested Kurl and spread through out the Trill colonies and the Trill homeworld.  The Trill’s efforts to wipe out the new symbionts caused the Trill interstellar civilization to collapse and become an isolationist Trill based society. Unwilling to commit total genocide the Trill allowed some of the new symbionts to live, although without host bodies and on uninhabited asteroids. For the most part these populations remained undisturbed. However in 2265 a Starfleet exploration team lead by Christopher Pike explored a comet heading towards Trill and discovered a colony of the bluegill parasites. It infected one of the party a Trill named Vod. The comet was destroyed and the Trill government, with the tacit approval of Starfleet covered up the existence of the bluegill parasites and their genetic relationship to the Trill symbionts. [6]


In 2364 Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise discovered that many of the top officers and personnel in Starfleet had been taken over by some of the bluegill parasites.[7] Although they ended this infestation, the bluegill parasites surfaced once again in 2376. While on a tour of Federation space the Bajoran First minister Shakaar Edon was on a tour of Federation space visited the planet of Minos Korva. He stumbled across a lone bluegill parasite which took the opportunity to take Shakaar as host and traveled with him back to Bajor. Shakar was assassinated by a Trill undercover operative to prevent knowledge of the bluegill parasites from becoming public.[8]


After their exile by the Trill, one population of the bluegill parasites was discovered by the Aesir who took interest noting the similarities between the Goa’uld and this species. Despite their care in handling the bluegill parasites some of the Aesir became infected. Aesir soon found themselves under attack by another parasitic race. The bluegill symbionts retained control of a portion of the Aesir and took over other species as well. Separated from the other bluegill and with hosts among the Aesir and other species the bluegill parasites evolved. They developed a communal mind, although it was nothing like the Kurlans had envisioned. This offshoot species became known as The Hive. The Hive formed a collective mind into which they subsumed their hosts; they had such control of their hosts' bodies that they were able to keep it alive viable for a time, even after physical death had occurred.[9]

The Aesir first attempt to wipe out the Hive through biological weapons caused a further mutation to the symbionts. The mutated Hive symbionts became truly parasitic, in that they consumed their hosts rather than living with them in symbiosis. The parasite slowly dissolved the host body from the inside out, absorbing DNA in order to become a hybrid creature. While the larvae grew inside the body, its waste product was a thick black sludge filled with viral spores that can infect other hosts. Upon maturation hybrid exited the host by burrowing out of the soft adipose tissues, effectively killing its host in a rather a violent and gruesome fashion[10]. After its initial birth the hybrid went through a bestial state as it sought food sources to aid its final physical transformation. Upon maturity it became a duplicate of its host with all its memories. The duplicate’s consciousness however was pure Hive. These mutated versions of the Hive were dubbed Colonists. It is not known if the Colonists were a part of the existing Hive or had created their own Hive.[11]

The second attempt by the Aesir to wipe out the Hive was through purely mechanical means. They created machines to fight the Hive, rather than sending prospective hosts for the Hive. The self-repairing intelligent machines were also programmed to think like the Hive. However the machines also achieved sentience and a communal intelligence which they called the Collective. They formed into two distinct groups, the Borg which assimilated living beings and technology and the Replicators which remained entirely mechanical with an imperative to convert all civilizations and matter into Replicators.[12] 

Although the Aesir also faced the Borg/Replicator menace they were able to drive the Hive from their space. The Hive however, in its diminished capacity began an active campaign to infiltrate and subjugate Earth’s population, starting in 1947 using Hive controlled Aesir or Greys. In one incident in 1947, a time lost Federation shuttle bearing three Ferengi, Quark, Nog and Rom and one shape-shifting Changeling, Odo. Quark’s shuttle accidentally downed a Hive ship. The Ferengi and the Hive controlled Aesir were captured by the United States Military at Roswell, New Mexico. The Ferengi and Odo escaped, the Hive corpses were autopsied.[13]

A ship of the Hive made contact, demanding of President Harry Truman the unconditional surrender the United States to the overwhelming forces of their federation. Truman had the ship shot down. The remaining three aliens were examined and vivisected by scientists.

Top secret organization Majestic 12 was formed to deal with the ongoing alien threat. The Hive learned something that puts a serious crimp in their plans; as a rule humans beings were not susceptible to Hiving, most hosts die immediately, some hosts reject their parasites.[14]

The Hive diligently and patiently infested as many people as they could from 1947 to 1966. In 1966 the Hive threat to Earth was eclipsed by threat even more dire than the Hive. Although the Hive did manage to steadily gain more converts they remained small in numbers. Most of their large plans and acts of terrorism were effectively countered by Majestic 12.

In 1966, a young architect named David Vincent accidentally saw a flying saucer land. While on a road trip Vincent had parked on the side of a rural road to catch up on some sleep and awoke in the middle of the night to see the saucer land. He saw human beings disembarking from the ship. However he soon realized that the human beings were aliens in disguise.

This was depicted in the 1967-69 television series The Invaders. In the series the aliens used massive energy machines to temporarily reshape their alien forms into the semblance of human beings. The duplications were nearly perfect only flaws were malformed fingers, the lack of heart beats or pulses or bloodshed. Vincent was hard pressed to find concrete evidence for what he knew to be true. Upon death the aliens dissipated in a bright burst of energy.  Vincent pursued the alien invaders across the United States striving to find evidence while thwarting their plans.

The depiction of the television show had elements of truth in it, however the full truth is however far more disturbing. The aliens did not use the energy to reshape their bodies into the semblance of human beings but rather the energy served a more sinister purpose. The Invaders were in fact the Colonist form of the Hive. It is unknown if they were working in concert with the other Hive or had launched their own invasion of Earth. As described earlier the Colonist’s implanted embryonic parasites inside a host body. It grew consuming the host body and when mature forced its way out of the host body. Upon reaching maturity it was physical duplicate of its host.

The Colonists who were dubbed The Invaders had learned that they could accelerate their maturation process through high concentrations of energy. The accelerated growth also enabled them to bypass the bestial state it had upon emergence from its host. Outside observer David Vincent saw the maturation chambers where it appeared as though human forms were being bathed in energy and surmised that they had to use this energy to maintain their forms. Actually what he saw was the original human host body being consumed by the accelerated growth of the parasite. The host body was sloughed off and the new Colonist emerged appearing as a duplicate of the original.

This accelerated growth method did have one serious flaw it made the Colonist’s bodies unstable. Whereas most Colonists and Hive members could make their host bodies withstand a great deal of damage The Invaders bodies were very fragile, if the body experienced a serious injury it would go into a state of shock. This would trigger a rapid molecular breakdown and the Colonist would die, collapsing into a foul smelling pile of goo.[15]

One of the more noticeable “flaws” of the Colonists bodies was a malformed finger. Actually the unbending little fingers were not a flaw of the duplication process as David Vincent believed but was a Colonist trait. The fingers held a stingers which injected eggs. Noted in the series one of the Invaders way to kill people was to place a small disc on the back of their neck which caused a cerebral hemorrhage. Actually the disc was a puncture wound from the proboscis. The victims were put into a coma as the parasite rapidly grew.  

David Vincent’s obsession with the alien invasion evidently lead to an more through examination of the subject of alien infiltration and conspiracies in general in the Wold Newton Universe leading him to compile the esoteric A Secret History of Our World. 

This work was continued by his son, David Vincent Jr. Both men died under mysterious circumstances.[16]

As a collorary to this incident, Hive/Colonist alliance while subverting and controlling as many humans as possible also contacted various individuals of wealth and position and told them that in order to save the Human Race from extinction they must find a method of creating a human/alien hybrid. This was a blatant lie designed to make the humans create a medium in which Hiving and Colonization could take place on a large scale. The Consortium acted from a blend of self interest and altruism. This first contact between the "grey" alien colonists and the government, setting in motion the 50+ year-long events of international plots, denials, and cover-ups depicted in the "Conspiracy" episodes of The X-Files.

The Consortium knowingly worked with the extraterrestrials believing it was for the common good. They became masterfully adept at deception but were blind to the knowledge that they had swallowed the Big Lie.

The Xenomorphs are another alien parasitic species that has had sporadic contact with the human race. They are the deadly parasites depicted in the Alien film franchise. Although for many years it was believed that first contact with the xenomorphs was made in the twenty second century, recent evidence has surfaced that previous encounters have been covered up by the Weland-Yutani corporation.

The xenomorphs were created by extreme genetic engineering on the Colonist parasites enacted by the Hirogen. The Hirgogen seem to have originated in the Delta quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy.[17] The Hirogen culture is a predatory warrior culture which reveres the hunt.[18] When they discovered a colony of the Colonist parasites they realized that with a bit of tweaking they could be molded into the perfect quarry for the hunt. They established small xenomorph colonies on various populated worlds, among them Earth. However discovered that the xenomorphs were too efficient a species and often destroyed it host populations and so purposely kept the xenomorph population down, raising up xenomorphs only for special occasions.

They had a breeding facility in pyramid in what is now the Antarctic.[19] According to the hieroglyphics in the pyramid the Hirogen have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. It was they who taught early human civilizations how to build pyramids, and were worshipped as gods. Every 100 years they would visit Earth to take part in a rite of passage in which several humans would sacrifice themselves as hosts for the Aliens, creating the "ultimate prey" for the Predators to hunt. If overwhelmed, the Predators would activate their self-destruct weapons to eliminate the Aliens and themselves.

The film’s claims however have to be taken with a grain of salt for they depict yet another alien species teaching mankind how to become civilized, as if mankind was incapable of having achieved this state upon their own. Most likely that it was the achievement of civilizations such as Angkor Wat, Macchu Picchu, Teotihuacán, Egypt, Sumer and Babylonia that attracted alien visitors who tried to assume the roles of deities.

In addition to using ancient humans to breed their xenomorph prey, the Hirogen have on occasion also hunted humans.

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© 2000-2009 Dennis Power

[1] Considering the basic physical similarities between the Goa’uld parasite and the Trill parasite, both being aquatic dwelling worms or serpents that dwelled in their host within the stomach cavity seems to indicate a common origin.


[2] In the Stargate television series, the Goa’uld were depicted as predatory snakes which developed parasitic abilities. They first took over the primitive humanoids the Unas and after doing so somehow figured out how to operate a Stargate that had been placed on their planet. Having learned to operate the Stargates they gained access to countless worlds. This origin was speculation on the part of Dr. Daniel Jackson who had found primitive Goa’uld and primitive Unas on the planet P3X-888. However the Unas were themselves primitives with only basic tool use and the Goa’uld had no experience with tool use, that the Goa’uld would learn to operate the Stargate defies belief. 

Daniel Jackson was correct in his assumption that the original worms of the  Goa’uld and the Trill did originate on P3x-888 but was incorrect that they evolved their parasitic abilities. These were genetic manipulations created by the Preservers. The parasitic Goa’uld were placed in a small percentage of populations on several humanoid worlds before their predatory natures manifested. On the home world of P3X-888 the more aggressive, modified parasites exterminated the less aggressive original species so that by the time Daniel Jackson visited the world, all that remained were the aggressive predatory Goa’uld.  It is unclear whether the sentient Goa’uld first gained control of the Stargate on a civilized world or gained control of a planet that achieved space flight and landed on a stargate world. In either event once they gained control of the Stargate technology, they rapidly  spread throughout the Galaxy.

Researcher David Vincent Jr. believed that the Goa’uld had first gained access to interstellar vehicles and gained access to the Iconian Empire and learned to duplicate the Iconian stargate technology. However further research has proven this theory unlikely. The Ancients had created stargates long before the rise of the Iconian Empire. It now seems that the Iconinans discovered a stargate and learned to create their own. The Iconian stargates were separate from the Ancient’s stargate system,  on a different ‘circuit” as it were. The Iconian were destroyed by a race called the demons of air and darkness, this may have been the Goa’uld or another unidentified extraterrestrial species.


[3] In the Star Trek Excalibur novels, Being Human and Gods Above it is revealed that Apollo was actually a member of the Beings. The Beings were near-Omni. That is they could transform themselves into non-corporeal forms and had vast powers of control over time, space and matter. However they were unable to make a complete transition to a non-corporeal form of pure energy. If they exhausted their energy they were forced to become corporeal once more. The Beings preceded the presence of the Goa’uld on Earth and like them posed as deities to various Earth populations. The Beings were urged to leave the Earth by the Organians and other Omni. Apollo broke the edict of his people and returned to Earth. Prior to his return he deliberately exhausted most of his energy so that he would not be detected a Being. He discovered the presence of the Goa’uld on Earth and was forced to fight them and in doing so exhausted his energy supply. In corporeal form he was taken by a Goa’uld. By the time he had regained consciousness, the Goa’uld had bonded to him. While Apollo retained his consciousness and was not controlled by the Goa’uld, he could not rid himself of it. Even when Apollo transformed into a non-corporeal state the parasite remained. Fleeing from the Goa’uld on Earth, Apollo feared exposing the rest of the Beings to the Goa’uld. He remained in seclusion on a Pollux IX for thousands of years until found by the Starship Enterprise in 2287 commanded by James T. Kirk. Apollo demonstrates his powers for the Enterprise and takes Lt. Carol Palamas as his consort rather forcibly. The Enterprise rescues her using phaser fire against Apollo. The phasers damage the Goa’uld inside Apollo. Although weakened from a dying host, the Goa'uld still has enough power for some flashy psionic tricks and fool doctor McCoy's tricorder into believing that the parasite was an extra organ in his chest. Learning that the Goa’uld have been extinguished he plans to return to Earth and rule it. However when Lt. Palams rejects him, he commits suicide by turning non-corporeal and dispersing his energy. This was depicted in Star Trek the Original Series, episode Who Mourns for Adonis?" Palamas has been impregnated by Apollo and her grandson Mark McHenry becomes the navigational officer on the Starship Excalibur. Eventually McHenry will encounter Apollo’s side of the family as depicted in the Star Trek New Frontier novels, Being Human and Gods Above by Peter David


[4] In the Stargate series the grays are called the Asgard. However that is a bit of a misnomer since that refers to the home planet of the Aesir and their fellow evolved the Cetaceans, the Vanir and Jotun. They seem to reflect the three major cetacean species, dolphins, purposes and whales. The Aesir, whom terrestrials have had the most contact, were descended from dolphins.


[5] The genetic modifications made by the Kurlan Trills was recounted in “Trill Unjoined” in the novel The Worlds of Star Trek’ Deep Space Nine: Volume 2 (January 2005)


[6] This is recounted in the short story “Sins of the Mother” in The Lives of Dax Pocket books, (December 1999)


[7] This is depicted in the Star Trek” The Next Generation television episode “Conspiracy” May, 1988


[8] The episode this bluegill infestation was depicted in the novels Unity (May, 2003) and A Lesser Evil (November 2002)


[9] The Hive’s activities were revealed on The Dark Skies television series. (1996-1997)


[10] Although totally unrelated to these parasites the lalitha, evolved humanoid insects on Ozagen, undergo a similar process when a giving birth to hybrid. The lalitha are female, resembling human females as part of a evolutionary adaptation. When they conceive a child with a human male, the embryo acts as a parasite, eventually killing the mother.


[11] In the X-Files television series, where this process has been depicted, the emerged parasite has the appearance of an Aesir or Grey. This seems to have been dramatic license on the part of the creators and writers of the X-Files, written for shock value. The creators also created a mythology about the “black oil” inferring that it had been on the Earth for millions of years, hibernating within petroleum deposits. The resemblance of the black oil to crude oil is undoubtedly what brought about that particular notion.


[12] According to the Stargate SG-1 episode “Menace” April 2002, the Replicators were created as toys by an female android with the mind of a child. This was a false story created by the United States government to prevent it from being known that the ally Aesir accidentally created the Replicator menace.


[13] Odo, Rom, Quark and Nog were accidentally sent to Roswell New Mexico in 1947 in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode “Little Green Men”


[14] The Roswell incident and Truman’s involvement in it were revealed on The Dark Skies television series. (1996-1997)


[15] In The Invaders television series the Invaders were show dissolving with a bright burst of light upon their death and leaving behind a black scorch mark. This was dramatic license on the part of the producers of the television series. Having the aliens die in this method was startling enough for Sixties television, having them collapse a black corruptive sludge would never have been able to get past the network censors. The other symptoms of being an Invader, the lack of a pulse or heartbeat and the lack of blood were the result of the parasite re-routing the circulatory system for maximum efficiency. Minor injuries such as cuts healed instantly.


[17] The Hirogen were encountered several times by the Starship Voyager as it traveled throughout the Delta quadrant.


[18] The extraterrestrial species that has been depicted in the Predator films and comics is the same species as the Hirogen. The differences in their appearances can be attributed to the different source materials.


[19] This was revealed in the Alien vs Predator (2004)