Aliens Among US!


By Dennis E. Power


the Omni, ancients and Preservers

Capellean and Eridanean




the parasitic races: trill, Gouald, Bluegill, hive, colonists, The Invaders and Xenomorphs

tocs and ogs




Eddorians/ Martians/The sarmak/tectonese


While experimenting with various methods to repair the time continuum and fuse the ever burgeoning amount of alternate universes, the Ancients discovered a method of creating pocket universes, which are self contained universes created in a null space outside the confines of regular time and space. Using sophisticated matter/energy conversion technologies and technologies based on quantum mechanics, the Ancients created pocket universes that served as laboratories where highly dangerous experiments to could be transacted without endangering the primary universe or the alternate universes formed by the fracturing of the timeline.

The earliest of the artificial universes were scale models of the Ancients’ home planet and its solar system, that is Earth and its solar system.

In their quest for immortality the Ancients created a pocket universe in which artificial energy beings could be created and studied. This is the universe known as the Farmerian Oz Universe. They later abandoned this universe but did not destroy it because it contained sentient life.

As their technique became more sophisticated they created pocket universes based on popular ancient works of fiction, among them were the Burroughs universe, the Baum Oz Universe etc.

Approximately 900, 000 years ago The Preservers discovered a dormant pocket universe created by the Ancients designed to study human evolution and cultural development. The Ancients were after all practically immortal and fascinated by their progenitors, the human species, so this may have been the equivalent of an antfarm.  After switching the artificial universe on, the Preservers left. Although the experiment had been set up so that the human populations would originate in the same areas the culture developed in a quite different manner. The human beings on this version of Earth called themselves the Thoan or the Vaernirn.[1] After a period of internecine war, they formed a homogenous culture.

After three attempts at interstellar travel the Thoan discovered, that they lived in an artificial universe. It shattered their spirit, causing massive trauma throughout their species. A quarter of the population died in the next fifty years through warfare, suicides and dissolute living. Various internecine wars further depopulated the population of the Thoan world. The population was further reduced when a various life extension methods were discovered and procreation was strictly regulated.

The nearly immortal Thoan civilization became quite stagnant and barely changed for nearly five hundred thousand years. They successfully developed systems for terraforming the nearby planets of their solar system, matter-energy transformation, great strides in genetic restructuring and nanotechnology. They created worlds in their solar system and finally while attempting to discover the nature of their universe the Thoan stumbled onto a method of traveling to alternate universes.

For some reason the easiest universes to reach were those that developed radically different from their own universe. They began conquering alternate universes and enslaving alien species. Approximately 25,000 -30,000 years before the present era, they arrived at a reality controlled by The Thokina, another multiverse spanning race. The two species clashed and war broke out. The prolonged multiversal war nearly wiped out both species. [2]

According to the Thoans records, Thokina population was reduced to one individual who was kept imprisoned for millennia and the Thoan were reduced to some 30,000 individuals. That is the official Thoan version of history, in reality the Thokina forced the Thoan to retreat to their home universe and destroyed the Thoan’s technology for traveling to alternate universes. The Thokina left guards behind to insure the Thoan did not regain the ability to travel the multiverse.

A few years after the war the Thoan rose up and killed the Thokina Guards, except for one who was placed in protective custody. Kickaha later met the remaining Thokina Guard Kruuz.

According to the Thoan’s own history, after the war with the Thokkina the Thoan tried to regain the ability to travel the multiverse and in doing so discovered how to create pocket universes.

Approximately 18,000 years before the current era, the Thoan, used all of the remaining technology and science at their command create two pocket universes that were exact copies of theirs.[3] The animals and human populations were bioengineered from living and extinct DNA

Red Orc, the scientist in charge of the project was awarded Guardianship of the two worlds and he became known as the Lord of Two Worlds

Three thousand years later the Thoan embarked on a massive universe building spree. Each Thoan desired to be Lord of their own universe. Although the life expansion techniques worked very well, the Thoan still aged, albeit exceeding slowly. In their quest for absolute immortality, the Thoan accidentally created an artificial intelligence, the Black Bellers.  A group of Thoans calling themselves the Ethicals successfully petitioned for the Black Bellers to be given a chance a sentient life.

The Black Bellers’ consciousnesses were transferred into the minds of artificially created humans whose consciousnesses were never allowed to develop. The Black Bellers eventually rebelled, taking over several pocket universes until they were defeated and shut into a triple walled universe with no entrance or exit.

Shortly after the Black Beller War, many of the Thoan began a complex game that involved conquering other pocket universes and trapping fellow Thoans in worlds designed to endlessly torture captive Thoans. Especially those Ethicals that survived the Black Beller War.

As a final punishment about 11,000 years ago, the last surviving group of Ethicals were placed in a world that consists of small tropical islands surrounded by giant predatory aquatic and amphibian life.

Around 10,000 BCE, Red Orc, Thoan Lord of the Two Earths, discovered the true Earth. After initial exploration, he also discovered traces of extraterrestrial life, specifically the Goa'uld. Not wishing for the Thoans to be exposed to this threat, he kept the location of the true Earth a secret. However, he used resources and peoples from the true Earth for his two worlds. As a social experiment, he guided one of his worlds to follow a path almost identical to the history of the true earth.

Shortly after created his doppelganger Earth Red Orc's parallel earth suffered a virulent plague that killed 90 percent of its population. The plague was caused by his accidental introduction of the Bubonic plague. His ego would not allow for such failure and so quietly began a deception. Since the only access into the parallel earths was through a gate, Red Orc changed the frequency of all the parallel earth's gates to that of the true Earth, passing it off as his creation.

Jadawin built his World of Tiers and populated it with specimens stolen from Red Orc’s two worlds. Fascinated by one of these worlds he stole specimens and copied the cultures on this particular planet. Unbeknownst to him it is the original Earth.

Red Orc was killed by a distant relative of his also known as Orc. This Orc never knew that this planet is the true Earth, Orc was surprised that Red Orc did not allow his leblabbiy to have the life extension treatments. Orc was fascinated by the short life spans and subsequent rapid pace of his newly acquired Earths and so continued with this experiment. He eventually came to believe that he was the creator of both of the Earths and used the name Red Orc

Red Orc allowed his two Earth's to develop naturally, monitoring but not really interfering.  When he heard reports that there were extraterrestrial influences at work in the world, he dismissed them as fantasies (knowing that there were not other worlds beyond the solar system) or as plots by other Lords to wrest control of the Earth from him. He let these run their course as well, enjoying prospect of a game.

When the imposter Red Orc became bored of the Two Earths he started taking over the universes of other Lords

Around 1918, Jadawin was stranded on the true Earth, bereft of memories. The longevity treatments in his system had been neutralized as part of his exile and he aged as a normal human being of Earth. He eventually found his way back to the World of Tiers with the help of an Earthman who had accidentally been transported and stranded on the World of Tiers. Jadawin regained his memory but was a changed man. He was forced to flee from the World of Tiers when the Black Bellers returned and invaded his palace. He returned to Earth and as of 1970 he still resided there.

In 1945, Paul Janus Finnegan. a supposedly native Earthman[4] with strong Wold Newton genetic ties was accidentally transported to the World of Tiers.  Paul Janus Finnegan became renowned through the Thoan Universes as the Slayer of the Black Bellers and the Killer of Lords. He was respected for his trickery and ruthlessness yet despised for being a leblabbiy. After several adventures in which he was able to gain the love of a female Lord, he ended up in a fierce game with Red Orc for control of all of the Thoan Universes.

In the course of this he meets the last Thokina or the last in the Thoan universes anyway. Kruuz was thoroughly conditioned by Red Orc to believe in the Thoan history of the multiversal war and to be a last ditch weapon for Red Orc, to destroy all the Thoan Universes.  However, Kruuz' hatred for Red Orc overcame his conditioning enough to try and kill him prior to destroying all of the Universes.

For more details read, Philip Jose Farmer's Maker of Universes, Gates of Creation, A Private Cosmos, Behind the Walls of Terra, The Lavalite World, Red Orc's Rage and More Than Fire.

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2000-2009 Dennis Power

[1] Generally in the World of Tiers series Jadawin and his fellow Lords simply refer to themselves as Lords and their subject human populations as leblabbiy, which either means slaves or something like vat born or creations. The Lords consider their subject populations as subhuman since many of them were artificially created. The Lords conveniently forget that they too had similar origins. In The Gate of Creation, Jadawin-Wolff refers to his people as the Vaernirn. In Red Orc’s Rage the tern Thoan is used as the name for the Lord’s race.

[2] During the war A squad of Thoan soldiers found themselves stranded on Earth, the true Earth, having followed a Thokina patrol into a decoy gate. The Thoan were equipped with skimmers, beamer weapons and personal e-m converters. They set themselves up as Gods. Among the tribes ruled by the Three, they were considered demons. History remembered them dimly as the Titans.

The Thoan become aware that the Three did not age. To demonstrate their power over them, they capture them and subject them to the rite of abasement. The rite involves castration and cannibalism. The Three and their tribes are enslaved. Although it takes several hundred years, the Three overthrew the Thoans, made them undergo the rite of abasement and killed then them. They adopted the rite of abasement as part of their rites, although to demonstrate their conquest of the gods. In mythology this is related as Zeus deposing Cronos, disemboweling him and castrating him. Zeus or Dyaus may be another name for XauXaz the leader of the Nine.


[3] Some believe that the Thoan did not create the universe building technology but found machines left by the Ancients.


[4] For a discussion of Paul Janus Finnegan’s possible genealogy please read The Conundrums of Kickaha by Dennis E. Power Farmerphile No. 7, January 2007