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Once there was but one universe. Sentient species arose on many planets in many galaxies throughout the universe. Yet one planet was unique. On the third planet of a small solar system consisting of one star and eight planets there arose a special, sentient species called humanity. They evolved from small four-footed mammals to large bipedal mammals which eventually became the dominant species of their planet. This unique planet was called Terra, Tellus or Earth. Physically, and for the most part mentally, humanity remained unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years. Eventually they spread out from their home planet and throughout the galaxy. After being in what they perceived as a stagnant state for millennia, humanity believed that it had reached its evolutionary zenith. Despite a propensity for self destruction, humanity never quite succeeded in destroying itself and continued to exist long after its wisest minds had predicted they would have eradicated one another or been supplanted by a newer species.


Despite appearances to the contrary humanity never stopped evolving but did so slowly. The onset of psionic powers among most of humanity a few millennia after galactic wide space travel had been achieved should have been one indication of their continued evolution.


As their psionic powers grew so did their intelligence. After discovering time travel was possible and that it was impossible to change history, psionically enhanced humanity spread through time as well as the universe. These time traveling humans who traveled to the various epochs of time and the far reaches of the universe have become called by a variety of names. They are the Ancients[1], the Old Ones, the Long-Gones[2]. Yet the transhumans were spread throughout all of time and space, colonizing worlds long before and long after sentient life made its appearance on Earth. These time traveling transhumans who lived in the far past left behind minute traces of their vast and powerful civilization. Among the known artifacts are the Guardian of Forever, the Stargates, Obelisks and a multitude of other objects too numerous to enumerate.


Approximately two million years after their biological creation on Earth the transhuman population experienced a sudden evolutionary leap that has never been explained. While this sudden evolutionary leap did not affect all the transhumans, those it did affect were affected despite what era in which they had chosen to live. Despite their residence in the far distant past, the Ancients were also affected by this evolutionary leap. Psionic powers increased exponentially and matter/energy manipulation became a skill that transhumanity could use as easily as they could manipulate their hands. Ordinary humanity had slowly evolved into transhumanity and transhumanity made an evolutionary leap into posthumanity.


As the posthumans learned to transform the universe around them they also learned to apply this knowledge to their physical forms. The most proficient of these were able to further evolve into beings of pure thought/energy. Some posthumans achieved vast power and could manipulate their physical forms at will but never quite achieved transcending their physical form. The process of becoming pure thought/energy became known as Ascension. All of time and space became open to the senses and power of the Ascended ones. The Ascended are often considered omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent by ordinary mortal beings and so are often called the Omni. Although the Omni often claimed to be omnipotent and omniscient, in fact, they were not.


Just as we know now that human evolution had many divergences and branches before Homo Sapiens Sapiens emerged so it was as the Ancients evolved into the Omni. The differences may have come about through environmental or cultural influences. There were groups of Ancients who never quite achieved the transformation into pure thought/energy although they gained what could be considered near omnipotent power. In their early years of space travel the human race would encounter a few of these post-human species that had yet to evolve into the Omni. One such species so encountered were the Metron[3]


There also appear to be some slight variations of the Omni. There were those who succeeded in achieving a non-corporeal state but never gained full control of their powers either through some sort of physical or psychological inability. In many cases they preferred to remain based near planetary bodies. One of the more common traits of these Omni is that they found returning to a corporeal state difficult. They could create temporary corporeal energy forms, or as seems to be most common, inhabit the body of a sentient being. The Companion[4], Thasians[5], The Prophets, The Pah-Wraiths[6] and the Onayans[7] are among the varieties of Omni in this category.


The process of becoming pure thought/energy became known as Ascension. All of time and space became open to the senses and power of the Ascended ones. The Ascended are often considered omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent by ordinary mortal beings and so are often called the Omni. Although the Omni often claimed to be omnipotent and omniscient, in fact, they were not.


Despite having nearly all of history at their disposal, it remained remained beyond the ability of humans and post-humans to travel to the beginning or to the end of time. There were barriers placed about these epochs that they could not surmount. In their hubris the early Ascended Ones used their nearly omnipotent power to travel beyond the barriers at the beginning and at the end of time. As they breached the barrier it became apparent that the first of the Ascended had created this barrier to prevent catastrophe. Those Ascended who broke through the barrier discovered that time was indeed circular as speculated. They also discovered to their dismay that the principle of observation, that is observation affects reality, disrupted the delicate state of the universe's birth/death. The act of viewing the Creation was enough to alter reality. No longer cyclical, time fractured. The fractures radiated out from the beginning of time and created divergent timelines.


Revealing their true lack of omnipotence and omniscience the Ascended were unable to stop the fracturing of the timeline nor were they able to foresee the ultimate result of the fracturing. Even beings of seemingly limitless power can know fear when their existence is threatened. Many of the timelines created by the fracture had no sentient life in it at all, others did not have the Ascended or Omni in them. Some Ascended began to fear that the fractured timeline might stop diverging and grow back together in a single timeline, but one in which they no longer existed. As if the Universe healed itself by ridding itself of what had damaged it.


Being evolved humans, the Omni retained many human traits, among them stubbornness, selfishness, pride and individuality. Many Omni had strong convictions on how to fix the damage of the timeline and ensure their existence. Of course being evolved humans, the Omni did not agree on how to accomplish this goal.


Some of the Omni decried any involvement or interference at all in history and were opposed the attempts to fuse the diverging timelines into one Prime Time.  They also opposed any interference in the natural and evolution of species.-believing that by interfering with the Universe's natural development that they were endangering it. Some were opposed to this on moral grounds, believing that by controlling evolution and maintaining a static historical development they were in essence stifling the evolution of humanity and preventing the possible development of other sentient species. Among these were the Organians[8] and the Dowd[9],


Some Omni believed that they needed to ensure that evolution of humanity into Omni and to do so in as many timelines as possible. It is these Omni whose presence has become known through out the course of history. They are known by many names the Organians, the Q-Continuum[10], the Everoinye[11] and even the Ascended Ancients[12]. Yet even they do not always agree on now to accomplish their goals. This however does go a long way to explain why the Organians, the Q and other similarly evolved races have always taken a special interest in Earth, adopting strict non-interference policies with regard to it; and yet sometimes themselves meddling in Human affairs.


Collectively these Omni were known as the Preservers, despite whatever subsect of Omni to which they belonged, be it Q, Organian etc. When the original time line had fractured and the multiverse had been created the Omni attempted to use their vast power to restore the Universe. They quickly realized that their attempts to recreate the original time-line further fragmented it. Many resolved to work indirectly or in concert with their direct ancestors, the evolved time traveling humans known as the Ancients. The Ancients who worked in concert with the Preservers also came to be known as Preservers.  


Other Omni were opposed to the goal of ensuring the evolution of the human genome as it had originally evolved. They believed that humanity and other sentient races should be encouraged to reach their maximum evolutionary potential as rapidly as possible, despite how this development had occurred in the original timeline. These Omni were collectively known as the Prometheans. A faction of the Prometheans[13] believed that the highest evolutionary progress was achieved not through a beneficial environment but through catastrophes and near extinctions that tested and forced a species to evolve. They were known as the Adversarialists. The Ancients and ordinary mortals who worked with the Prometheans and Adversarialists were also known by these titles. They strove to achieve their goals by creating planetary disasters or to plunging civilizations into chaos through catastrophe or conflict.


There were also those Omni who believed that since mankind was destined to become the Omni nothing could alter that fact. In fact nothing the Omni did would have any lasting consequences to the history of the Universe. These Omni viewed the multiverse and reality as their playground; to do with as they willed. These often mischievous Omni have visited Earth pretending to be trickster spirits, Djinn or even members of a so-called Fifth Dimension.  Although one of the most famous denizens of the “Fifth Dimension” may have been a member of the Q Continuum.[14]


There were some groups of Omni who desired to be worshipped as Gods. Among these were the beings that have been called the Lords of Chaos[15] and the Elder Gods. Many of these egocentric and often malign beings insist on being worshipped as Gods, perhaps the worst of these are the Cthulhu Cycle entities[16]. They may have never truly achieved the transformation to pure energy but remained stuck in a quasi form composed of elements of both. They caused great deal of mischief and tragedy throughout the cosmos until being imprisoned by the Elder Gods who had before been generally content to let the universe run its course, so long as events followed a general cosmological and evolutionary course that would lead to their ancestor’s development on the planet Earth. Another group of beings that nearly achieved Ascension but never quite made it were known as the Beings. They were worshipped as Gods on various planets including on prehistoric and early historic Earth.[17]


Another group of self styled deities were the Ori.[18]


While experimenting with various methods to repair the time continuum and fuse the ever burgeoning amount of alternate universes, the Ancients discovered a method of creating pocket universes, creating null spaces in the fabric of time and space. Using sophisticated matter/energy conversion technologies and technologies based on quantum mechanics they could shape the created universes as they wished. The Ancients at first created pocket universes that would serve as laboratories for highly dangerous experiments to be carried out without endangering the Primary Universe or the alternate universes. The earliest of the pocket universes were scale models of the Ancients’ home planet and its solar system. In their quest for immortality the Ancients created a pocket universe in which artificial energy beings could be created and studied. This is the Universe known to modern scholars as the Farmerian Oz Universe. They later abandoned this universe but did not destroy it because it contained sentient life.


The Preservers and the Ancients, in concert with the Omni, created pocket universes based on Earth and using genetic material from Earth to populate these ersatz earths. These pocket universes were on the order of preserves where Earth populations could be hidden or kept safe from the fluxes in the timeline.


Just as there were factions of the Omni, so were there factions of the Preservers. Less scrupulous Preservers used the gifts of the Omni for personal gain, such as abusing time travel. To combat time travel abuses by renegade Preservers, a special group of Preservers was initiated on the planet Gallifrey, which had been one of the first humanoid populations transplanted from Earth. They had been transplanted on Gallifrey shortly after the beginning of the Universe. The Gallifreyians had achieved space travel and time travel on their own.[19] Only a few Time Lords are active agents of the Preservers, for the Council of Gallifrey had adopted a policy much like the Prime Directive--never to interfere in the affairs of other cultures. The Preserver Time Lords have extended life spans and the ability to regenerate into younger and different bodies. Their final regeneration is usually into one of the Omni.


One of the other abuses of renegade Preservers was to use the technology to create pocket universes for purposes other than the creation of hidden reserves of humanity. They used the pocket universe technology for scientific experimentation. They also created pocket universes based on ancient works of fiction as a means of entertainment or to create their own hidden kingdoms. When the unauthorized pocket universes were discovered, the malfeasant Preservers were removed from their unauthorized creations, but the pocket universes were allowed continuing to exist on their own [20]


All the Omni become involved in a cosmological war that found its way into the legends of almost sentient species in the Universe. A group of the Omni called the Outer Gods along with the posthumans called the Great Old Ones aided by Lords of Chaos decided to eliminate the multiverse and remake the universe according to their desires using their combined powers. Along with reshaping the universe they planned to abolish any beings including the Omni who would vow obedience to them. The war ranged through all of time and space reverberating through the multiverse. Most religions refer to it as the battle between the original battle between Good and Evil, the war in the heavens. In the end the Lords of Chaos had their power confined to certain portions of the multiverse and many of the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones were imprisoned in pocket universes or inside planets or stars. One being named Azathoth, the leader of the Outer Gods had created several physical avatars of himself. All of these were imprisoned in various part of the multiverse, dividing his power. The leader of the Great Old Ones Cthulhu and several of his followers were imprisoned inside a star named Xoth. Even imprisoned however the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones power could not fully be contained and they were able to indirectly influence other sentient beings.


Although the Omni and the Ancients generally left their home solar system alone and especially Earth alone so that it could develop on its own naturally. This non-interference plan was developed after their Omni’s attempt to repair the fractured timeline had only increased the number of timelines. They believed that leaving Earth alone was the best policy lest some well intentioned interference end disastrously. However not all Omni felt that Earth should be sacrosanct. The Prometheans and Adversarialists believed that the evolution on Earth should be sped up so that Earthlings would evolve into Omni even faster than in the original timeline. Others believed that even though they were descended from Earth born humanity that by Ascending they had transcended their heritage and that as omnipotent beings they could erase their ancestors without ill effect.


One devastating incident prompted the Omni keep a closer watch over the Earth to ensure it’s continued existence and yet not overly interfere with its development.


A young member of the Q continuum was influenced by Azathoth, in his incarnation of 0, to free him from his imprisonment inside an ice planet in one of the pocket universes. The newly freed 0 with Q’s help was able to gather his other incarnations, The One, Gorgan, and (*) pulling them through the reluctant Guardian of Forever. 0 soon discovered that the Omni had placed blocks around his incarnations that prevented them from reintegrating. Rather than act directly and gain the attention of the Omni, before 0 had regained enough strength to confront them, 0 and his avatars worked through the naïve young Q. They had him choose a civilization suitable to be tested for fitness to evolve into non-corporeal life. Q chose the Tkon Empire which existed 600,000 years before the formation of Earth’s first civiliation. At this time the Tkon were currently engaged in their great endeavor which was to replace their dying sun with a sun located in a far distant solar system. They planned to use gigantic matter transporters to move the suns simultaneously. Gorgan, (*) and the One subjected the Tkon Empire to civil war and a series of horrendous natural disasters. Yet the Tkon Empire overcame these adversities and was about to proceed with the exchange of suns when 0 sped up the solar decay in the Tkon’s aged sun so that it went into a supernova prematurely. This eradicated the Tkon civilization. Q then realized that 0 and his counterparts’ true purpose had not been to help primitive species evolve but rather to torture, torment and kill primitive species.


Once the Tkon empire was destroyed however the Q continuum and other members of the Omni became involved. A battle royal ensured between 0 and his companions and the Omni. Gorgan and (*) fled and escaped justice. The One was reduced to his mere consciousness and imprisoned at the center of the galaxy. 0 was forced out of the Galaxy and imprisoned in a barrier around the Milky Way Galaxy. Yet during his battle with the Omni 0 created a great deal of mischief.[21] An asteroid was thrown at a female Q. The Q who had aided Azathoth opened a rift in time and space so that the asteroid would not hit her. The asteroid landed on Earth in 65 million BC and led to the demise of the dinosaurs.  Yet that was not the totality of ruin that 0 brought to Earth’s solar system. A thrown stellar fragment went unnoticed during the battle but it reached eventually Earth solar system and wreaked havoc.

The stellar fragment from the Tkon sun traveled towards the Earth's solar system at near light speed. 600,000 years ago  the stellar fragment entered the Earth’s solar system. At this time there were eleven planets in the solar system--Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Planet X, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Planet Y, and Planet Z. The stellar fragment had immense gravitational fields as well as heat energy and as it passed by Neptune,  it altered the orbits of Neptune's moons Triton and Neriad. The fragment also dragged Pluto out of its orbit from Neptune and put it in an orbit around the sun. Passing close to Uranus, the stellar fragment caused the planet's axial orbit to tilt and possibly pieces of the fragment or of Neptune were broken off and created some of the fifteen moons that circle Uranus. Passing near Saturn, the stellar fragment shattered some of Saturn's moons--causing the rings--sped up Saturn's rotation, and placed the moon Phoebe into a retrograde orbit. Jupiter remained largely unaffected by the fragment either because of its great size or because the collisions with the other planets had placed the fragment on a path that avoided Jupiter and sent it directly into Thyoph, between Jupiter and Mars.[22] The fragment hit Thyoph or passed close enough to it to break it up. The remnants of Thyoph now reside in Kuniper asteroid belt. This planet was destroyed, and the resulting explosion and fragmentation added to the asteroid belt. The Prometheans simply moved Nibiru out of the solar system to avoid its destruction. Having hit Thyoph the stellar fragment rebounded and headed towards Zumor and plunged directly into shattering it and adding part of its mass to the asteroid belt.

When the stellar fragment hit Zumor it did much more than merely shatter Zumor it created a hyperspatial anomaly.[23] Although Zumorians were not human the mutagenic substance that the Prometheans had imbued in Zumor’s substance had not only caused them to evolve in the first place but gave them a variety of mental abilities including prescience. They knew that their world would be destroyed and attempted to escape. Rather than move their entire population, the Zumorians attempted to move their planet by shifting it into an adjacent dimension, another universe and so escape the stellar fragment. They powered their device by their world’s magnetic field and planetary core. The stellar fragment hit Zumor before the phase shift was complete, the stellar fragment’s magnetic field phase locked with Zumor’s and calamity occurred. Zumor was shattered but most of its mass and part of the stellar fragment was shunted into the other dimensional space. A fragment of Zumor, containing part of the phase shifting device and permeated with strange energies, fell to the earth became known as the Mutia Escarpment.

The other dimensional space the Zumorians attempted to reach was the universe we call the Burroughsian universe. Fragment it shifted over and caused cataclysms in this other dimensionall solar system. The major fragments of Zumor were knocked into the planet known as Barsoom. Several fragments hit Barsoom and shifted its orbit and rotation and degraded its core. The new rotation and orbital shift lessened Barsoom's gravity, and an ecological disaster quickly struck the planet. The oceans began to dry up and the forests to die, and with these major oxygen sources compromised the atmosphere of Barsoom, which gradually became toxic to oxygen-breathing life.

A small piece of the stellar fragment shot past Barsoom on an orbit around the solar system carrying several pieces of Zumor and Thyoph in its wake. On its return orbit it passed close to the Burroughsian universe analog of Earth, known as Jasoom by the Barsoomians and Annwn by its own inhabitants. The fragments of Zumor and Thyoph struck the most populated areas of Jasoom, altering the course of civilization. The Western Civilization that arose on Annwn was Celtic derived rather than Greco-Roman. The fragments of Thyoph and Zumor also had a beneficial mutation in raising the psionic ability of the human survivors allowing some of them to do great feats of telekinesis, telepathy, etc.

In the primary Wold Newton Universe, the above scenario was almost exactly duplicated with the exception that Mars did not have a great civilization to destroy, only its oceans were dried up.

On Earth the fragment passed by but not close enough to destroy the planet, but close enough to cause a fantastic light show and to alter the Earth's axial orbit. The sudden orbital shift caused all sorts of world-wide cataclysms including the sinking of Hyperborea.[24] The people fled to the land that would become known as Lemuria, as seen in Lin Carter's Thongor series. The huge gravitational field of the stellar fragment also caused immense waves that flooded many areas previously untouched by such floods. The various geological disruptions led to atmospheric disturbances, rains, and darkness as dust settled in the air. However, due to the axial shift, the particulate matter in the air, and the huge amount of moisture in the air from the floods and rains--combined with the loss of heat from the stellar fragment as it moved away from the Earth--the planet was subject to flash freezing, causing the rapid creation of the Ice Age. Mankind was plummeted from a rather high degree of civilization into the stone age.

Mars was not the target of (*) when he sent the stellar fragment into this solar system, nor was the Earth. Rather it was the planet named Thyoph, identified above as Planet Z, whose people had developed to a high degree of civilization and physical perfection. Thyoph was present in many timelines and in most of them it was destroyed by (*) who was some times associated with Azathoth. Sometimes there were survivors of Thyoph, sometimes there were not.

In the final sequence of events of (*) hurtling the stellar fragment towards Earth's solar system a chunk of nearly pure thyophite fell to the Earth and landed near six men from three different stone age tribes. Irradiating them, they became immortal. One of these men was Vandar Ang who became known as Kane.[25]

In order to ensure that the Humanity was not overly contaminated by Thyophite, that is, contaminated in such a way that it would prevent humanity from evolving into the Omni, the Omni devised several methods to tabulate statistical data on human cultures, genetics and history.

Relatively speaking, a group of Preservers had earlier created data gathering symbionts by altering the DNA of certain benign parasites. The result was a disaster as is covered in the Parasitic Races article.

This time they made benign changes to the DNA of human beings. Their primary recording devices were human beings made practically immortal by being attuned to their planet's electromagnetic field. The recorders’ senses were enhanced to make their records as complete as possible. The recorders began recording from the first few minutes of consciousness and were supposed to achieve their immortality upon reaching physical maturity, unless they suffered a mortal injury or sickness earlier. If so the immortality process engaged and regenerated the body from its mortal injury. A flaw in the process developed after its implementation. The Recorders did not automatically become immortal upon maturity but rather the immortality was dormant until “switched on” by a mortal injury that triggered the first regeneration. The Recorders however did remain at the biological age they had attained when the first regeneration occurred.

These immortals died an actual death only when the central nervous system was completely severed from brain function. When death did occur all of their memories were forcibly uploaded into the nearest Recorder. One recorder could carry the accumulated memories of several recorders. The recording/immortality mutation was random throughout the human population. The Recorders were supposed to have been born sterile however the same flaw that prevented immortality from automatically manifesting upon maturity also allowed the Recorders to remain fertile until they had experienced their first regeneration.  This led to a mutation in the recorder gene that allowed for the occasional human being to become immortal without becoming a recorder. The recorders could sense one another's proximity; so as to be nearby if another recorder should undergo the true death.

The Recorders were depicted in the Highlander movies and television show. The process of downloading another recorder’s memories and the accompanying electrical effects of the process were labeled as taking a head. Not knowing their true origins the Recorders eventually formed a ritualized belief system where they believed that a prize existed for being the last of their kind. The taking of heads and the downloading of memories became an intoxicant to several of the immortals, as did the ruling of mortals.

In addition to ensuring that Earth’s history went as it was supposed to the Ancients also created pocket universes that would replicate Earth’s history and they created several doppelganger Earths in the primary Galaxy, three of which were discovered by the Star Trek Enterprise as seen in Star Trek the Original Series episodes “The Omega Glory", "Bread and Circuses" and "Miri".

The Preservers also had interest in preserving Terran cultures and species, they seeded planets throughout the galaxy with Earth populations that were either replicated, were shunted through the Ancient's system of Stargates or a combination of the two. Although the Goa'uld would claim to have both built the stargate system and to have seeded the galaxy, these claims are quite exaggerated. While Goa'uld might have moved small populations through the stargates, the Goa'uld were true parasites, creating very little. The Preservers also seeded the Counter Earth known as Zillikan[26] or Gor[27].


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© 2000-2009 Dennis Power

Special thanks to fellow Wold Newtonian researcher Matthew Baugh for information about Thyoph.

[1] The Thoan of Philip Jose Farmer’s the World of Tiers series and the Ethicals of the Riverworld series both call the highly advanced species that preceded their existence as the Ancients.  On the Stargate television series, the Ancients are also a highly advanced galaxy spanning race who preceded most sentient species in the Galaxy. The Stargates were originally their creation.  On the Star Trek series the world of the Guardian of Forever was said to have been an artifact of the Ancients.


[2] The Long-Gones are an ancient highly technological race that preceded the arrival of humans onto the Oz plateau in Philip Jose Farmer’s A Barnstormer in Oz.


[3] The Metron were first encountered by the Starship Enterprise in 2267. They transported Captain Kirk and a Gorn captain to a distant planet so they could decide in a trial by combat which species would be allowed to expand into a particular region of space.


[4] The Companion was a single Omni who made its home on a planetoid on the Gamma Canaris region. In 2119 it found Zephraim Cochrane, the creator of the warp drive engine dying of old age and rescued him. It rejuvenated him and was his constant companion. In 2267 When Cochrane became lonely for human companionship the Companion grabbed a shuttle ship from the S.S. Enterprise. Eventually the Companion inhabited the body of Federation Ambassador Nancy Hedford who perished of Sakuro’s disease.


[5] The Thasians are a group of Omni who have chosen to make the planet Thasus their home. In 2256 a Federation ship crashlanded on Thasus and the only survivor was a male human child named Charlie Evans. So that Charlie Evans could survive on Thasus the Thasians used their powers to evolve him into a transhuman, giving him a incredible psionic powers. Evans was rescued by the SS. Antares who happily transferred him to the SS. Enterprise. The teenaged Evans was not emotionally or psychologically equipped to handle his powers and so was retrieved by the Thasians. Star Trek “Charlie X”


[6] The Prophets and the Pah-Wraiths are from the same group of Omni who created and then chose to live in a stable wormhole near the planet Bajor. The Prophets taken an interest in the inhabitants of Bajor and it is believed by some scholars that the Prophets are Omni who evolved from the Bajorans. As part of their interest in Bajor’s evolution, they have also taken some interest in the affairs of Earth, at least in regards to one family, the Russell/Sisko family who they know is vital to the affairs of Bajor. One of the Bajoran Prophets inhabited the body of an Earth woman named and married  Joseph Sisko.  She gave birth to Benjamin Sisko and when he was one year old disappeared. Commander Benjamin Sisko of Starfleet was assigned to command the Federation Starbase Deep Space 9 in 2369. He discovered the stable wormhole and became the Emissary to Bajor’s Prophets. The Pah-Wraiths were cast out of the wormhole for using their powers maliciously and for the most part they were imprisoned in the Fire Caves on Bajor. Although a few escaped and fled, existing as fugitives throughout time and space.


[7]  The Onayan are a group of Omni but without any permanent home base but with a particular mission. They inhabit the bodies of creative people and increase their creativity so that their creative works become works of genius. The cost of this however that the host’s brains cannot handle the increased activity and eventually burn out causing the creative person to die an early death. The Onayan were first catalogued in 2372. Star Trek Deep Space Nine “The Muse”


[8] The Organians were first encountered in 2267 during the first Federation-Klingon war when Organia was considered to be of strategic value for both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Posing as a simple medieval culture the Organians observed the interaction of the Klingons and Federation. Eventually they revealed their abilities and brokered the Treaty of Organia imposing a uneasy peace between the Klingons and Federation. Star Trek: “An Errand of Mercy”


[9] The Douwd first became known in 2366 when one of them encountered the crew of the Starship Enterprise while in the human guise of Kevin Uxbridge. Star Trek The Next Generation “The Survivors


[10] The Q Continuum first became known to the Federation in 2364 Star Trek The Next Generation “Encounter at Far Point” Humanity may have actually encountered the Q much earlier however. In 2267 the original Starship Enterprise encountered a being named Trelane who embodied many of the same powers as the  Q. Star Trek “Squire of Gothos”


[11] The Everoinye also known as the Star Lords are a mysterious race of beings of great power that have taken an interest in the affairs of Earth and the world of Kregan. They have demonstrated the abilities to instanteously transport beings from Earth to Antares or through time. First encountered in Transit to Scorpio Daw books 1972


[12] Although they had been part of the mythology and legends of Earth for millennia the first recorded encounter between Earth humanity and an Ascended Ancient was in 2000 a.d. by the secret military group SG-1 (SG-1 “Maternal Instinct” February 2000


[13] So far as we can tell, the being known as Morgan Primus was an Ancient who achieved a form of ascension as recounted in Star Trek Excalibur series.


[14] The member of the Q continuum who so often bedeviled Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise and Kathryn Janeway of the Starship Voyager. Had been sentenced by the Q Continuum to become a guardian to Earth after he had through carelessness caused the extinction of the dinosaurs as revealed in Q-Strike by Greg Cox, Pocket books. Although the evidence is slim Q may be the same entity who bedeviled Superman as Mr. Mxyzptlk, Batman as the Bat-Mite, Namor (Aquaman) as Qwisp and the Fantastic Four as Impossible Man.


[15] The Lord of Chaos and their interaction with humanity have been depicted in a number of myths and legends. Most notably perhaps by Michael Moorcock in his novels about the various incarnations Eternal Champion and in the Amber novels of Roger Zelazny


[16] The Cthulhu Cycle entities have been worshipped by various cults since the dawn of time. Fiction writer and occultist H. P. Lovecraft wrote about some of these cults and cultists in his fiction. Further researchers expanded upon his initial work. The Cthulhu Cycle entities consist of the Elder Gods, The Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones. Cthulhu is one of the latter.  As portrayed by Lovecraft the Great Old Ones were alien beings of great power beyond the comprehension of mankind. They had little, if any regard for humanity and did not actively involve themselves in human affairs or seek human worshippers. When August Derleth began to expand on Lovecraft’s work, the “Mythos” seemed to have acquired a dualistic cosmology, in which Good and Evil fought an eternal battle, often using humanity as their instruments of war. Many researchers have claimed Dereleth’s corrupted Lovecraft’s original concept by forcing his Roman Catholic values upon a basically atheistic world view. It is possible, but it also possible that Derleth’s researches uncovered more of the true nature of these beings than had H. P Lovecraft,.


[17] One of the Beings was first encountered by the Starship Enterprise in 2267 near Pollux IV in his guise as the god Apollo. Star Trek “Who Mourns for Adonais”  Although this being apparently committed suicide at the end of this Enterprise mission,  other members of the Beings would encounter the crew of the Federation vessel Excalibur a hundred years later. David, Peter, Star Trek Excalibur Being Human, Pocket Books, 2001 and David, Peter, Star Trek Excalibur Gods Above, Pocket Books, 2001


[18] The Ori were first known by name in 2005. Stargate SG-1 Avalon, July 12005


[19] Other cultures also achieved time travel on their own. On many timelines of Earth time travel was discovered on at various time periods. Many times the technology led to abuses. The Preservers often aided but did not take direct action in such temporal police agencies such as the Time Patrol or The Temporal Police, which were often localized to one timeline. Time travel often has led to temporal wars. The crew of the first Enterprise became unwitting pawns in a temporal cold war; in one timeline governments adopted time travel as a means of fighting wars that led to temporal distortions and timeline divergences. This was depicted in Simon Hawke's Time Wars series of novels.


[20] The humans created in one of these latter pocket universes later developed the ability to create pocket universes themselves. They were known as the Thoan. For more information please see Philip Jose Farmer’s World of Tiers series; Maker of Universes,  Gates of  Creation, A Private Cosmos, Behind the Walls of Terra, The Lavalite World, More than Fire


[21] Q’s involvement with 0, The One and Gorgan and their responsibility for the fall of the Tkon Empire were detailed in Greg Cox’s The Q-Continuum

[22] The stellar fragment theory was derived from The Atlantis Enigma by Herbie Brennan

[23] It is possible that the Zumorians merely opened up an existing hyperspatial anomaly. Adventurer Michael Kane used a matter transportation device that accidentally transported him to Ancient Barsoom from Earth. This is seen in Edward P. Bradbury (Michael Moorcock) Kane of Old Mars series.


[24] Hyperborea was chronicled by Clark Asthon Smith. Hyborea was chronicled by Robert E. Howard. Similar names, different eras and places


[25] For more information see Immortal Befuddled.


[26]  The Planet Zillikan is depicted in J. T. Edson’s Bunduki series


[27] The Planet Gor is depicted in the eponymous series by John Norman. Zillikan and Gor may be the same planet, although in different time periods.