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After Longinius did stab Yeshua with his pilium the blood of the new covenant dripped onto the ground.
Where droplets fell there arose rose bushes whose flowers had a most vibrant red center with a outer ring of white petals.
It is said who ever pierced his hands on the thorns of this rose would hear the Angels sing.
Gospel According to Joseph of Arimathaea.

December 13, 1870

The next day's shows were not as crowded but those people who had become addicted to the tonic showed up and stood sweating and shaking through the shows, after being told firmly that the tonic would not be sold until all the shows were finished and that interruptions for its sale would mean automatic ejection from the shows and denial of being sold anymore tonic.

In a change from the first day, the bottle of Sure Fire Cure-All Tonic were brought out before Ryan's sermon. To get their bottles of tonic those in dire need of the tonic were made to sign pledge cards stating that they would come to the final show on the following day. The recipients fairly gulped their bottles down.

The tonic soon took affect and the audience was in a very receptive, highly suggestive state.

Ryan's talk on the second day centered more on the imminent return of the Savior and the preparations one should make for this great event. He also expounded on the theme of the body being a temple and how all human bodies are reflections of the body of Christ

Ryan and Bolane returned to the Leaning Tower of Pissant. Where they learned why it had been named that. The original owner had called the place The Only Saloon in this Pissant Town, which it had been for a while. The foundation had been built on sand and a flood had shifted the sand, causing the building to lean. The new owner had given the saloon its new name.

Ryan visited Maggie the Mouth and once more persuaded her to leave town with his troupe but she once again refused. Bolane and Ryan returned to the show's tents. Or so they let on. Actually they returned to the Leaning Tower of Pissant after closing and crept up into Maggie's room, stuffing a rag filled with chloroform under her nose.

Bolane grabbed her personal effects, shoving them in a burlap bag. Meanwhile Ryan wrote a note in her handwriting stating that she was leaving with the troupe. Ryan and Bolane carried her out of her room wrapped in a blanket. Hearing a noise behind him, Bolane whipped out and threw a knife. A yelp preceded a thud. He had killed a dog. Ryan cursed him for a fool, now they had to get rid of the dog as well. Ryan put Maggie in the back of the buckboard while Bolane retrieved the body of the dog.

They took Maggie to Ryan's tent. Ryan tied her up and had Bolane help him pour a vial of the tonic down her throat. He was certain that she was one of his flock now.

The third day's series of shows were much shorter, consisting merely of a few bouts of trick shooting, a clown show and a demonstration with Binky the Gila Monster. There was no lecture but a special revival meeting held in a tent erected for that very purpose. Admission was confined to those who had signed pledge cards. After the last name on the list had been checked off the tent flaps were tied shut. No would be admitted or permitted to leave until the show was over. Bottles of the tonic were distributed and the audience was told to drink up.

The audience was entertained by a band singing hymns while they waited for Doctor Ryan to appear. The tonic was working when the torches were doused and then light again. The audience slowly became aware of Donegal Ryan standing on stage behind a podium. He was dressed in his white suit and white Stetson hat.

"Let me say first of all that we are in the Final Days. Six of the seven seals have been opened and the Nine Horsemen of the Apocalypse wander the landscape. While that is all sinking in, let me tell you about the miracle of transubstantiation, during the mass, the Eucharist, bread and wine, become the actual body and blood of Christ while retaining the appearance of bread and wine. We live in an age of new Miracles, New Revelations and soon the era of the New Jerusalem and its ruler the Eternal New Christ. We are the Church of the Eternal Apocalypse. which despite its dire name merely means Revelation but the shock value is quite attention getting."

Those not entirely docile laughed

"I was out in the desert one day and the finger of God touched my forehead leaving behind a mark yet it was more than a mere physical mark, my very blood had been boiled free of sin and remade. God has always sealed his Covenants with blood, from the blood of Abraham on down to the Blood of Our Savior"

I became a vessel of God's Miracles. Transubstantiation has occurred in my flesh, my blood has become that of Christ's. It flows through my veins as we speak, each heartbeat sings with the songs of Angels." Donegal Ryan stepped out from behind the podium. He took off his jacket revealed that he was clothed in a white robe. He took off his hat and placed it on the podium.

It took a few seconds for the drugged audience to react to the sight of his bloodthorns.

"They are not a self inflicted injury, these thorns are growing from inside my head outwards. They are composed of the hardened blood of Jesus Christ.

You have shared in this miracle for Dr. Ryan's Sure Fire Cure-All Tonic contains, among other ingredients, one bloodthorn in every bottle. You have been Chosen. You saw how many bottles we gave out and yet only you were affected. In every town it is the same only about one tenth of the populous is affected by the tonic, by God's flesh and blood. The rest are evidently damned unless Christ decides to forgive them but that is in His hands.

You are welcome to join our flock where you will receive as much of the tonic containing Christ's flesh you need. All we ask is that you provide your own transportation and bring what ever supplies you feel will be needed to cloth and feed you for a trip to the New Jerusalem.

"Where is New Jerusalem?" cried out one elderly woman.

Ryan felt the madness grip him, felt a wicked curse rise in his throat but he quelled it. "Normally I do not answer questions but this time I will answer it. The New Jerusalem is Zion, currently called Salt Lake City.'

The elderly woman gasped, "You're Mormons!"

"No, old sister, the Mormons have usurped Zion but we will get it back with the Armies of the Apocalypse.

"We leave at first light, be ready, or stay among the damned.

Ryan stepped off the podium and the tent plunged into darkness

The darkness remained until the tent flaps were opened and moonlight flooded the tent. The subdued audience left the show grounds filled with fear and hope.

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